The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, September 28, 1911, Thursday Evening Edition, Image 1

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A l3
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201 Main
Father of Mrs C E Pope
Farragut post of the G A R
conducted the funeral services of
V T Alowbrav at the Grace
Rebekahs Sixtieth Year
The sixtieth anniversary of the
organization of Rebekah lodge
was celebrated on Tuesday of this
week by the local lodge The
i f tiio T O O F were
invited to participate with the
Rebekailis in a fine supper
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Two Well Known Young People
Happily Wedded
The marriage of Miss Deborah
Catherine Ilecknian daughter of
Mr and Mrs Geo C Ilecknian
to II Virgil Barbazettc was cele
brated at 11 a in Wednesday
September 20th at the home of
the brides parents 89 Elberon
Ave Cleveland Ohio Only the
members of the two families wit
nessed the ceremony at which
Rev Dr Moulin Dean of Trinity
Cathedral officiated
The home was prettilv but
simply decorated The living
room the scene of the wedding
was trimmed entirely in green
and white southern smilax palms
and ferns were used as a back
ground in a large bay window
where they were married beneath
a bower of smilax covered with
brides roses and white carna
tions with streamers of white
The pretty young bride who
was given in marriage by her
father wore a simple gown of
white crepe de chine trimmed
with fillet lace over white satin
j She carried a shower bouquet of
white roses and lilies of the val
iley The groom wore the eon
lventional black They were un-
attended The bridal party ap
proached the altar to strains of
Lohengrins Wedding March
shey Lmcon couuu -- point
brother Mass Virginia and Mr
George Ilecknian violin
Master Forrest the little broth
er of the bride was ring bearer
carrying the ring buried in the
heart of a rose
After the ceremony the wedding
dinner was served in the dining
room where the color scheme was
the same as that carried out in
the other part of the house Fes
ootns of smilax hung from the
chandelier to the corners of the
table fastened by large bows of
white ribbon roses and carna
The couple left during the af
ternoon for their wedding jour
ney to Niagara Falls They will
be at home after November 1st
Council Doings
The mayor and city council met
in regular session Monday even
ing in the new quarters under
the public library Present May
or McAdams Councilmen Brown
Woods and Middle ton and City
Clerk Stoll Minutes of previous
meetings were read and approved
Dr Hare gave the report of the
board of health Chief of police
was instructed to arrest any par
ities who negectecl to clean up
premises after notice had been
Councilman Middleton offered
the following resolution which
was adopted
Be it Resolved by the coun
cil of the City of MeCook that
the Mayor be empowered to
a committee of two or more
for the purpose of inspecting city
water plants at various places
with the object of ascertaining
the proper improvements neces
jsary for the water works plant
I nt TU7Cnok and cost of same Be
t i I it further resolved that the ex-
That tendency to stoop which fm sueh inspections be
you have noticed in your child- frQm thj water fund
ren is very apt to be increaseu M appainted Councilman
during the school year The ten- Knddleton 0n this committee The
dencv should be overcome at once
Theres more than personal ap
pearance to be thought of Too
round shoulders lessens breathing
capacity and retard development
Have your child wear
The kind we sell No discom
fort but will quickly overcome
the stooping tendency keep the
shoulders back and give plenty
of room for lung expansion
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meeting adjourned until call ot
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next Monday October 2nd with
Mrs Willetts The study will be
Dantes Divine Comedy The
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Thursday Evening Edition
The preliminary program of
the convention opened with a
meeting of general officers Mon
day evening
The executive committee occu
pied the morning and afternoon
sessions of Tuesday commencing
with a devotional led by Mrs
Heald Roll call minutes of gen
eral officers meeting and mid
year executive committee intro
duction of uew members general
busir rs matters and noontide
pra closed the mornings
In the afternoon the
wc v us
ual devotional was followed by
completing unfinished business
taking up constitutional and or
ganization matters and final ad
journment for the evening ses
Tuesday morning in the First
Baptist church conferences were
held by the Loyal Temperanee
Unicn Young Peonies Branch
w va JLJL l AJV 11
-- -------- 1 i l
istruction The workers in charge
firul with her assistants
Two Hundred Delegates and Officers Representing
Forty Counties Are In Attendance
Address by Mrs Mary Armour of Georgia an Interesting Feature of the
Meeting List of Officers Elected Notes of the Session
Tomorrows Program Ends Convention
l A 7
E church at 2 30 p m yesterday piayKi oy pie ricie s sister ana md for Scientific Temperanee In
Interment took place at Wyuka
Mr Mowbray formerly lived at
3111 0 street and died at the
home of his son J R Mowbray
at San Antonio Tex He is sur
vived bv four daughters and two
sons Mrs C E Pope of Denver
Colo -Mrs J R Sircoloumb of
Sheridan Wyo Mrs S W Lee
and Mrs A 1 Hadley of Flor
ence Col T R Mowbray of San
Antonio Tex and W B Mow
bray of Ogden Utah The rela
tives present were Mr and Mrs
J R Sircoloumb Mr and Mrs
C E Pope J R Mowbray and
W B Mowbray Mondays Lin
coln Journal
Wool Sweaters 50c
Childrens wool sweaters in sizea in MeCook
95 rl 24 for 50c Made of wool
With good strong 4 hole pearl
buttons too Others at 65c 8oc
100 and 125 Full line for
hoys and girls men and women
See us first The Thompson D
G Co Utmost value for cash
of this important and interesting i
section were Mrs Harriet Vance i V1S1
Mrs Lela G Dvar and Miss
Josie Sullivan
A very interesting feature of
the early part of the Tuesday eve
ning session was the reception
tendered in the First Methodist
church to the general officers of
the convention to the delegates
and the MeCook public school
teacher corps Many attended
this function and informally of
fered their greetings
At the close of this portion of
the program and a short devo
tional led by Rev L E Lewis of
the First Methodist church the
chief speaker of the convention
Mrs Mary Harris Armour of
Georgia was introduced This
change from the regular program
was made necessary because Mrs
Armour had to make some dates
in Kansas and Missouri at once
and she left for those states im
mediately after her address on
No 14
Mrs Armours Address
Mrs Armour devoted herself
to a defense of prohibition and
to a scathing denouncement of
the liquor traffic of the land
Mrs Armour is a Georgia lady
bred and born and with the
warm and ardent characteristics
of the women of the south land
Shr is evidently not Llven to
nice little parlor talks and she
went at the topic in hand like a
southern cyclone She may be
called with considerable proprier
ty Carrie Nation minus the hatch
et and makes no bones about
a disposition to use the hatchet
under certain given provocation
Ilers was a passionate appeal of
is desperately
a live woman whose heart
perately in earnest She had the
enthusiastic support of most of
her audience
Over 1000 Pledged
After the address the matter ot
taking pledges for the state
work was takenup and conducted
bv Mrs Ileald state president
she very
evenings program the greetings
and responses
Tn lio nhsATiee ot Mayor
Adams Congressman G W Mor
ris delivered the greeting for the
city in whiclv he paid a glowing
tribute to the invaluable worth
of public opinion as inspired and
dirpRtpf bv the earnest and de
voted women of- the W C T U
Greetihgrin earnest mood were
given hy Rev L E Lewis for the
churches Mrs J C Moore for
the local union There was no
response for the city schools on
account of the absence of the su
perintendent from the city una
A brief but heartfelt response
to greetings was made by Rev
Alice Ruth Palmer of Grant
which brought to a close an eve
nings program full of inspiration
and enthusiasm
Wednesdays Sessions
Wednesday mornings session
opened with almost 200 delegates
present Following the devotion
al led by Mrs Nesbitt of Pawnee
City was the seating of the con
vention by counties About 40
counties were found to be repre
Committees were then appoint
ed and renorts of several enmnit
toes were heard executive and
constitution committees especial-
By a unanimous standing vote
nV 4-
yjL uimi vein ion a resolution
was adopted protesting with all
igainst Secretary Wilson
ouLiuy us Honorary cnairman or
vice president of the Brewers
congress to be held in Cliicago
next month also against Secre
tary Knox serving in some simi
lar capacity in a foreign gather
ing Mrs Dr Johns and Mrs E
M Correll of Omaha were ap
pointed to present this matter to
President Taft when he appear
in Omaha and Mrs Ileald Mrs
Jay Mrs Pomerene and Miss
Jackson were named for a similai
purpose when the president is in
In the Memorial Hour a score
or more who have gone on be
fore were remembered Mrs
M Smith of Aurora was
charge of this service
An interesting feature was the
presentation of flags and penants
to Star county and union win
ners For six points of excel
lence but two qualified Clay
county and Polk unions They re
eeived flags For five points of
excellence the list was quite long
Auburn Pawnee City Beaver
City Beatrice Clay Center Lin
coln Central Champion Exeter
Fairfield Fremont Fairbury Gib
bon Guide Rock Harvard Mar
ion Ord Pleasant Hill Pawnee
Red Cloud Sutton Stromsburg
Shelby University Place to the
latter pennants being awarded
The report of the treasurer indi
cated that department to be in
prosperous condition
1M nnnmitonii naiimtjfl nvdl1
400000 pages of temperance liter
ature distributed during past
During the morning session
the ladies of the local committee
Avere introduced to the conven
tion and received with warmth
Mrs J C Moore Mrs J G In
glis Mrs II A Roueh Mrs S E
Routine business consumed the
rest of the morning department
gleanings etc and after adjourn
mont tkore was ioint meeting of
quickly pledged 103800 for that general officers and county pr
work and oU tor xne iuovuuiv iaeni3
lftMil union to assist them in de- The Evening Session
a nil i i - -v - run c r f i iiiai
fraying the expenses oi me auuress ui i
taininff the state convention For dent Mrs Frances B Heald ot
the state work Mcuook
nledired 50
union usceoia ana hk xuai onuio
about forty county presidents oo
fJreetinffS cunied the
center ot Vie stage
The work of securing pledges and were the i absorbing attraction
over the audience was in ot the evening guiuieuiiB
iP mood for the rest of the j presidents message was complete
and replete with recommenua
tions It was adopted by the con
infirm without dissent The
snap shots indicated the wide
range of the temperance work
undertaken and the splendid re-
suits- attained along all lines
Some of these fine reports elicit
ed ereat enthusiasm
The opening item of the even
ing service was the Loyal Tem
perance Legion Exercises by the
Continued on page
Those Army Worms i
Considerable interest has been j
shown in this city and vicinity
by the presence of what have
been called army worms One
of the MeCook public school chil
dren took personal interest
enough in the matter to write the
university people about them and
the following reply was received
The University of Nebraska
Lincoln Sept 20 1911 Miss
Lena C Falliek MeCook Neb
raska My Dear Miss Falliek
Your very interesting letter in
which you give an account of a
green worm or caterpillar that is
destroying things in MeCook has
been received I like the way
you describe it and the manner
in which you tell me about its
habits Without seeing specimens
of this caterpillar I was able to
tell that you were writing about
the young of the Beet or Russian
thistle Web worm which has been
very common in some parts of
middle and southwestern Nebras
ka during the past summer This
insect likes weeds better than
grass Sometimes it has eaten all
the weeds and then attacks al
falfa and clover as well as garden
plants These caterpillars will
soon dig into the ground and
they will change to little brown
things which we call chrysalids
and will live over winter in that
form Next spring they will come
out as light colored motlis
I do not think that they will
do any damage next year because
there are a number of kinds of
other insects that kill the cater
pillars Some of these are called
parasites These parasites live in
side of the caterpillars and chry
salids and when the parasites are
full grown the caterpillars are
dead Birds also like to eat these
worms and help to destroy them
Yours Aery trulv
Passed Away Tuesday Evening
Buried This Afternoon
The news of the death of Mrs
Ben King Tuesday evening will
be received with sadness by man
friends Her sickness was short
Funeral services are being held
this afternoon in the First Bap
tist church Rev D L McBride
officiating after which the body
Avill be interred in Riverview cem
Mrs King was a daughter of
John Snow who lives a few miles
northeast of MeCook and the
family divide with the stricken
husband and family the genuine
and tender sympathy of a large
circle of friends
Alice Show was born July 26
1877 at New Hartford Iowa
Game to Nebraska in 1884 settled
at the old home near MeCook
where sh resided until her mar
riage to Ben King August 31
1898 In 189G she joined the Bap
tist church at MeCook Four chil
dren were born to this union one
having passed on before some
years ago
She was a bright cheerful and
obedient daughter a kind affec
tionate and dutiful wife and
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