The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, July 25, 1911, Tuesday Evening Edition, Image 2

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A large number of Mr Norris
friends urged him to enter the
race against Mr Burkett and the
Sun is now of the opinion that
Iiad he been the nominee we
would have had another republi
can senator How the conditions
tis year compare with last year
involves a comparison of the
strength of Senator Brown and
Mr Burkett The one disagree
aWe feature is a fight in the pri
maries and with advantage of
his position Mr Brown would be
k hard man to defeat
AYhile for the above reason
there might be a question as to
who is the stronger man at the
primaries we are of the opinion
that George W Xorris is the
strongest man in the state today
at a general election Clay Cen
ter Sun
Chas Skalla county clerk of
Red Willow county calls out at
tention tc the fact that neither
JU XI v 1 1111 All J1CH s Ul lltJl
any county funds except such as
are allowed by law Mr Skalla
will have no opposition at the
primary for a third term which
indicates that the republicans of
his county believe he has been
an efficient clerk Cambridge
The chief of the bureau of
chemistry of the Department of
Agriculture is loved for the en-
mies he has made because of
services that are to his credit
ft is to be expected President
taft will spare Dr Wiley but
it must also be said that there
are wiser men As the result of
long observation and with no
idea of joining forces with the
patent medicine folks or anybody
else it is to be recognized that
there seems to be no more per
sistent personal advertiser in
Washingotn that Dr Harvey W
credited to him that get curren
cy in the newspapers are extreme
to the point of silliness His
trouble is like unto that of the
old ladys parrot who talked too
much and his weakness long ago
reached the point of wearying
31 a mi
readers Springfield
Tft McSoofc TWfame
Largest Circulated Newspaper Published in Red Willow County
Entered at postoffice McCook Nebraska as second class mat
ter Published Tuesdays and Thursdays
I To Be Split Up Says Atty Genl 3
Hancock Iich July 21 Big the value of the supreme court
combinations like the standard
Oil company and the tobacco
trust are going to be split up
into a number of separate and
distinct parts without connec
tion or monopoly powers This
was the prediction made in an
address here today by Attorney
General Wickersham answering
people who are saying the decis
ions of the supreme court do
not really mean anything Dont
believe any such talk the at
torney said to the crowd assem
bled here for Hancocks home
coming celebration
Criticisms seeking to minimize
decisions came largely he added
from those who would like to em
barrass the administration with
the sort of general assault on
all business which would compel
every business man to turn to the
other party for relief
Incidentally Ir Wickersham
took occasion to trace the guid
ing hand of President Taft in the
policy of the department of jus
tice concluding his speech with
the remark that no matter who
should be the head of that de
partment so long as William II
I aft is president no other policy
could be obtained
M S Poulson has resigned as
superintendent of the Nebraska
anti saloon league to become ef
fective August 1st Resignation
lias been accepted by the head
quarters committee
The Hastings Democrat hesi
tatingly admits that they occas
sionally find a Republican who
places the Almighty first and the
Republican party second in enu
merating the blessings of this
land of the free but doesnt at
tempt to successfully displace the
Republican party as a good sec
Honorable C E Eldred of Mc
Cook Republican candidate for
the nominationof district judge
was a Bartley visitor last Satur
day and made our headquarters
a pleasant call Mr Eldred in
forms us that he is meeting with
flattering encouragement in his
canvas of the district He has
been a resident of Red Willow
for over twenty years and
has a host of friends over the dis
trict who hope to see him success
ful in the race Bartley Inter
It is more than a passing pleas
ure to The Tribune to note the
large number of favorable com
ments by the press all over this
district relating to our candidate
for district judge C E Eldred
He is a lawyer who enjoys the
fullest confidence and respect of
the bar His long training as a
lawyer his exceptional judicial
temperament and his untarnished
character afford ample guarantee
that he will ably discharge the
functions of judge of this district
Can anyone give a logical reason
why Mr Eldred who 4s so emi
nently qualified and deserving of
election should not be secured
for our next district judge Ne
braska is helping to regenerate
the Republican party through the
Wiley the pure food expert and efforts of such great men as Con
that some of the observations
gressman lion ieo W j orris
Senator La Follette and others
who are serving the people in
various capacities and the elec
tion of such men as Mr Eldred
simply means another step in the
elevation of our standard of pol
ities and political morals to a
hgiher plane than it has ever be
fore occupied
If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
And make allowance for their doubting too
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting
Or being lied about dont deal in lies
Or hpinrr hfioi rlrmt orivp wv to lintinrr
i And yet dont look too good or talk too wise
If you can dream and not make dreams your master
If you can think and not make thoughts your aim
If you can meet with triumph and disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same
If you can bear to have the truth youve spoken
Twisted by knaves to mak a trap for fools
Or see the things you gave your life to broken
And turn and build them up again with worn out tools
y M i you can talic with crowds and Keep your virtue
Or walk with kings nor lose the common touch
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you
If all men count with you yet none too much
If you can fill each unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds worth of distance run
Tours is the earth and everything thats in it
And which is more youll be a man my son
- - MP - VMmMmk
iBllli v B
- - llil Jill
WmMt 1111111
MMm Jlllllilll
Republican Candidate Supreme
I hereby announce myself a
candidate for the office of sher
iff on the Republican ticket sub
ject to the decision at the pri
mary election August loth
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for the nomination of
County Treasurer subject to the
will of the Republican voters at
the primaries to be held August
15th If nominated and elected
I will endeavor to conduct the of
fice in such a manner that none
will have cause to regret having
supported me
The Lincoln State Journal
neither had the nerve nor the
grace to publish Red Willow
countys Republican convention
resolutions which the standpat
Bee and the Democratic Star
gave in full Perhaps they did
not have enough asbestos in their
shop on which to print them
The Associated Advertising
clubs of America will be in con
vention in Boston August 1st to
4th The Nebraska Publicity
League Avill attend this gathering
going to Boston by special train
which will leave Lincoln July 27
at 430 They hope to make this
one of biggest publicity stunts
tor Nberaska ever attempted An
loyal Nebraskan who believes in
Nebraska and is a booster will
be welcome on that train
The cable reports the destruc
tion by fire on Sunday of over
2000 houses in Stamboul the
distinctively Turkish section of
Constantinople Stamboul covers
the whole area enclosed by the
Theodosian walls of Constanti
nople It is the Mohammedan
part of the city Within its wall
are the Seraglio the principal
mosques the mausoleums of the
sultans the baths the bazaars
the public offices of the govern
ment and the remains of ancient
j j
Subscribe for the Trlbun j
Try a
Tribune want ad and watch
J R MeCarl is with the poli
ticians in Lincoln today
William Hillers the insurance
man is at home at present
That promised 500000 hotel
would come very handy for the
greater McCook
The city council did not meet
will hold a sessionn this after
last evening as expected In
noon we are advised
E II Silvers of Perry is load
ing a car at that station prepar
atory to returning to Fillmore
county we understand
We hear a rumor that the
Spring Creekers and DeGroffs
had a classy foot race Sunday
but particulars are lacking
In 1908 the management of the
state fair built an auditorium
with 5000 comfortable seats in
which tired sightseers might rest
and enjoy several concerts each
day by onne of the best bands to
be secured in the United States
September 4th to 8th this year
the wonderful A Liberatis New
York City Military band and
Grand Opera Concert Company
of 41 instrumentalists and 20
singers some of whom are the
best Italian Grand Opera Solo
ists to be found in the country
will be heard in concerts at
1030 a m and 130 and 400 p
m The name Liberati explains
the merit of this musical organ
isation to music lovers
Threshing is a small job this
year taking only hours instead
of days to thresh a crop
Candidates are visiting the
farmers in a genial way
Mrs Sexson and Mrs Wilson
and children spent Friday after
noon with Mrs Louis Longnecker
Mr Cramer of Indianola took
dinner with his daughter Mrs
Lewis Elmer on Wednesday
Red Willow beat in both ball
games at the picnic
Fred Fritch is doing the thresh
ing in this neighborhood
Choke cherries and green ap
ples combined make a good sub
stitute for better fruit and the
farmers wives are busy prepar
ing it for winter
Walter Helm lost a fine mare
first of last week
Campbell Bros sent an adver
tising car up the line on the pas
senger one day last week
A small ad that is bringing
in the money is Wolgast
If the frog was too big for the
hen could the turkey gobbler
Miss Myrtle Boyer was operat
ed on for appendicitis at the Im
manuel hospital at Omaha Mon
day She is getting along as well
as could be expected
Miss Dorotha Hill and Adsia
Smith of Beaver City are visit
ing with the McDonald girls
Prof Leavitt of the Franklin
academy was here on Wednesday
and spoke at the Congregational
church for the interest of that J
Clifford Smith of Wilsonville
visited last week with his uncle
Webster Dowler
Otto Puelz has a new windmill
erected where his old one blew
Miss Hazel Logan departed on
Monday evening for Elmore Ills
for a visit
Mrs Marf Maser and daugh
ter Carrie and son Ralph left for
Orleans Neb for a visit before
going to Colorado to make their
Miss Myrtle Triggs is visiting
her parents at Grand Island
Lon Olmstead of Cedar Bluffs
visited his father A V Olmstead
Mrs C W Rogers and daugh
ter Marguerite visited at the M
M Young home Thursday after
Elmer Devoe was up from Le
banon Thursday on business
People are very busy these
days playing croquet
Geo Harbor had the misfortune
to have a mule killed in a cyclone
at Dresden Kan Tuesday
Gus Samuelson of Omaha visit
ed with the Bastian boys last
W M Greenway returned on
Saturday after an absence of a
few weeks
Some of the young people from
here went down on the evening
passenger Monday to take in the
circus at Beaver City
The McCook Tribune want ads
line Most people read them
Everything in drugs
W B Mills
Happiest Girl in Lincoln
A Lincoln Neb girl writes I
had been ailing for some time with
chronic constipation and stomach
trouble I began taking Chamber
lains Stomach and Liver Tablets
and in three days I was able to be
up a nd got better right along I am
the proudest girl in Lincoln to find
such a good medicine For sale by
all dealers
or THE
McCook Co operative
Building Savings Assn
Certificate No 11
of McCook Nebraska oa the 0th day
of June 1911
First Mortgage Loans 137700 00
Stock loans 3675 00
Cash 3034 82
Delinquent interest 11G 27
Expenses and taxes paid 63 07
Delinquent assessments US 50
Total 165290 56
Capital stock paid up 157449 02
Reservofund 3069 44
Undivided profits 4603 50
Prepaid dues and interest 168 00
Total 165290 56
Receipts and expenditures for the year ending
June 30 1911
Balance on hand July 1 1910 g 3895 67
Dues 30803 50
Interest premiums and lines 15117 48
Loans repaid 26825 00
Tax Sale Redemptions 457 35
Total 77104 00
Loans 31875 00
Expenses 726 81
Stock redeemed 4033154
Cashonhand 3084 82
Int on matured stock 623 03
Tax Sale Certificates 409 75
Total 77104 00
State of Nebraska Red Willow County SB
I F A Pennell secretary of the above named
associationdo solemnly swear that the forego- 1
ing statement of the condition of said J
tionis true ana correct to tno oestormy Knowl
edge and belief F A Pennell Secretary
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 10th
day of July 1911 C H Boyle
Approved J A Wilcox j J
Just the thing for scouring the many
enfcrent parts so hard to get thoroughly
clcnn by ordinary methods Old Dutch
Cbcnccr is quicker easier and more
elective Milk will not become tainted
if you clean your separator regularly
wiln this modern Cleanser You can
use it with absolute safely Does not
roughen the hands
cs caustics and
ccics arc sure to
Sifter Can
JO cents
For special on sauer Jiraut by the
gallon see Magnes
Lily Pateat Flour when once use
none other will satisfy you
Foley Kidney Pills are composed
of ingredients specially selected for
their corrective healing tonic and
stimulating effect upon the kidneys
bladder and urinary passages They
are antiseptic antilithic and a uric
acid solvent A Mcllillen
For summer diarrhoea in children
always give Chamberlains Colic Cho
era and Remedy and cas
tor oil and a speedy cure is certain
For sale by all dealers
Heating PlumbiDg
Are prepared to fur
nish estimates on
short notice They
keep a complete line
of Bath Tubs La
vatories Sinks and
other plumbing mater
ial including a good
line of lawn hose and
Phone No 182 - McCook Nebr
for all kinds
Temple Building
Kansas City Post 5c week
i m
Thats All
But we can meet your
every need in these
lines from our large
and complete stocks
in all grades
Barnett Lumber Co
Phone 5
Smith bought some pigs from
his neighbor Jones The price
came to 642 Smith paid
Jones in cash but as usual
neither had the proper change
and Smith said Just make It
even money Smith lost 8
c ents Jones bought some pigs
from his neighbor Johnson The
jrice came to 642 Jones haJ
nis money in the bank ana
gave Johnson a check for the
exact amount Jones did not
lose a cent This is only one
of the advantages of a check
ing account Come in and let
us explain further
The First
National Bank
of McCook Neb
Quality and price courtesy and
promptness In delivery are making
for success at the McCook Flour and
Feed Store
Teacher of
Piano and Organ
910 First Street West McCook Ne
to do Paper Hanging Light Car
penter Work and Inside Painting
Leave orders with C C Brown
at Ideal Store or at 910 1st St
West McCook Neb
We now handle the best
grades of Colo and Penna
coals in connection with
our grain business
Give us a trial order
Phone 262
Real Easterday
Mike Walsh
Old Rubber Copper and Brass
Highest Market Price Paid in Cash
New location nt acr rnCrrtr
street in P Whleh birldiog ltWUUK
Osborn Kummer Co
All kinds of Hauling and Trans
fer Work promptly attended to
Your patronage solicited
Office First Door South of DeGroffs
Phone No 13
I Fire and Wind I
Written in First Class
White line Transfer
Elmer Hawkins
Specialty of moving Household
Goods and Pianos Only covered
van in city Phones Office 68
residence red 456