The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, July 11, 1911, Tuesday Evening Edition, Image 2

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Tfte McGooit THttti
Largest Circulated Newspaper Published in Red Willow County
Entered at postoffice McCook Nebraska as second class mat
ter Published Tuesdays and Thursdays
Willow Grove 1st Pre 2d Ward
The Republican voters of the
1st precinct of the 2nd ward of
Willow Grove precinct are here
by requested to meet at the court
room of the county court house
on Wednesday July 12th at S
oclock p m central standard
time for the purpose of electing
eleven delegates to the county
convention to be held at Indiano
la on the 19th day of July 1911
E S IIOAVELL Committeeman
Willow Grove 2d Pre 1st Ward
A caucus of Republicans of the
2nd preefnct 1st ward Willow
Grove will be held in McMillens
harness store July 12th at 730
oclock for the purpose of elect
ing delegates to the Republican
county convention to be held in
Indianola July 19th 1911 and
for such other business as may
properly come before such caucus
AB AYOOD Committeeman
Perry Precinct
Republican caucus for Perry
precinct will be held Wednesday
evening July 12th at 7 oclock
at C II Ilarmans residence for
the purpose of selecting delegates
to the Republican county conven
tion to be lield in Indianola July
t9th and for suoh other business
as may propeitfv some before the
1SG1 The future baiter of czar-
Hfe w 5 HRI
Representative oth Neb District
like presiding officers worked on
the farms of the neighborhood fo
The funny man is still with
us The Grand Island Democrat
charges one Teddy Roosevelt with
being responsible for the present
dry conditions in the western
part of Nebraska By way of
emphasizing his sense of the rid
iculous he attempts to prove his
statements too
Hastings Neb School boys
in Greater New York are putting
in a great deal of time studying
aeroplane building and aeronaut
ics generally says Sunday Mag
azine of June 25 and this is prob
ably accounted for by the fact
that so many exhibitions have
been given in the east The en
gagement of the Glenn II Curtiss
aviators for an exhibition at
Hastings by the Hastings Cham
ber of Commerce will give Cen
tral Western young America a
chance to study the bi plane first
hand as this exhibition will posi
tively be pulled off in Hastings
on July -18 and 19
It has been announced that
James J Ward the famous Jim-
mie who startled the world
with his daring at different meets
over the United States will be
present and will fly during the
Hastings Nebraska meeting
Observe the date after your name
on The Tribune Notch it Up
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CURES and Purifies in- Blood
Famous Nebraska Insurgent
Is Fifty Years Old Today
George W Norris famous in 1 his summer amusement and went
surgent republican was born in I to school in winter In this way
Sandusky county 0 Julv 11
he worked through the grades
and through several years in Bald
win universitv and the Normal
school of northern Indiana
He wanted to study law and
taught school while he carried on
his studies In 1S83 he was ad
mitted to the bar but continued
his pedagogy to get together
enough money for a law library
A few years later he came to
Nebraska and settled in the west
ern part of the state ne was
prosecuting attorney for Red
Willow county for three terms
and became judge of the Four
teenth district in 1895 That of
fice he held with dignity for sev
en years
A year later a pronounced polit
ical tendency took him into - the
campaign for congress and he
was elected to represent the Fifth
Nebraska district in the Fifty
eighth district Since then for
eight years he has been a con
gressman and is now being men
tioned prominently for the senate
Omaha Bee
Durability the Test for Paint
paint that holds to the surface like a nail protects the
THE and lasts for years is the old fashioned kind made of
pure linseed oil turpentine and pure white lead They
should be mixed on the premises by the painter each in the proper
proportion for the particular surface to be covered Use
Pure White Lead
It has stood the test of years and is
used by the best painters
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f -
A Write for Circular No B It gncs particulars tHg lgf x YWr
JA 722 Chestnut Street St Louis Mo B iKB
- t
It Must Bo Pretty Good Stuff to Pass
the Government Tests
The men of the Uuited States army
come uearer knowing to a certainty
what they are buying in the way oZ
cloth than do any other consumers in
the country says Mary Heaton Vorse
in Success Magazine When tlie gov
ernment gives out a million dollar
cloth contract it scorns to it that ic
gets material according to specifica
tion The specific contracts for vari
out sorts of cloth are elaborate and go
Into the technical side of the matter
the number of threads to be used to
the yard the kind of wool to be used
in the manufacture for the United
States soldier has tobe well dressed in
clothes that will stand the strain of
weather and of work On Governors
island New York city there is a test
ing laboratoryVfor cloth A specification
of the weight per linear yard of each
kind of cloth is mentidned Each bolt
of goods is weighed and if it falls
short of the proper weight it Is thrown
out Next the question of wear and
tear is considered and again the speci
fication is stated that each special kind
of cloth will stand a strain of so many
pounds to the inch work way and so
many rfounds to the inch Hing way
So after weighing the next et is to
cut a sample and try in a machine the
strength of the cloth If it wont
stand this test the cloth is thrown out
After the cloth has been pronounced
perfect for weight and strdngth the
dye tests are made It must stand two
acid tests for perspiration and the ma
terial must stand boiling for ten min
utes in a certain soap solution show
ing that it will stand washing with
strong alkalis and finally comes the
weather test the material being ex
posed thirty days on tbo roof without
changing color appreciably If the
cloth has passed its examinations suc
cessfully each yard of each piece of
cloth is inspected being run over ma
chines for the purpose while inspec
tors watch for any imperfections in
the weave An eighth of a yard for
each imperfection is charged to the
So when tbo cloth is finally sent to
the contractor to be made into uni
forms it is known to twvof really cood
material Each spool of thread each
button each lining each filling used
in ho clothes of soldiers has its own
special tost
Figs For Melancholia
Dr William Bulleyn of the same
family as the unfortunate Anne
Boleyn was a contemporary of Sydney
Raleigh Drake Hawkins Grpnville
Spenser and the rest of that famous
galaxy that illuminated the Elizabeth
an era The leading itnysicifsn of hi
day he took great interest in vege
table remedies and his Hook of Sim
ples was an honored auJuority for
generations lie recommends the freo
Ue of sage tea and of tUs saying
Figges be good against melancholy
and the falling evil -epilepsy to be
eaten Figges nuts and herbe grnsse
do make a sufficient medicine against
poison or the pestilence- Fignes make
a good gargarism to cleanse the
throat Charles Winslow Hall in Na
tional Magazine
Not Loaded
No other language under the sun is
open to so many interpretations as the
English language as witness the con
versation between two Sharon Hill
girls the other evening
Oh May said the first one Jim
and Bill tried to fight a duel over me
now romantic What happened
It was terrible I aaio into the
room and those foolish boys wore
pointing big pistols at caih
Pistols Heavens Were they
Not a bit That is just what made
it really very serious They both were
sober Philadelphia Times
The Importance of the Beard
The importance of tbo beard was ful
ly rocoziied in flip middle ages Here
is a ptige quoted by J A F Or
baan in ixtino itoup from a letter
of the writor 3n frJooo Catena It
is well that thosp have to lead
and govern should have a long and flue
beard And I can assure yoji that the
government of cities and provinces na
been given to more limn one nrelato be
cause he had a long and fine beard
otherwise he wro not worthy that
Do they teach dosnem tciene at
your college inquired the of
the freshman
Only sewing replied Use freshman
Good idea said the visitor And
what do you sew chiefly
Wild oats replied the fre shnuui
Harpers Weekly
Took It to Heart
Didnt you hear all of th
fessors lecture
Why no He began by saying tbat
sleep is the secret of right living
then I came home and went lo lied
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Terminological Inexactitude
Itis what mighjlhe called a termi
nological inexactitude to aay that a
man is inclined to bo bald As 1
rufc fo become bnld Is absolnrrJ
against a mans Inclination
Home Training
Mother Robert come hero to mo in
stantly Robert Aw shut up Mother
Robert how dare you talk to meIiJio
that Say Mamma be quhr
They are slaves who dare not be la
the right with two or three Lowell
Terms of District Court 1911
Chase county April 24 and Novem
ber 13
Dundy County March 6 and No
vember 20
Frontier county March 20 and Oc
tober 2
Furnas county February 20 May
A and October 23
Gosper county January 30 and
September 25
Hayes county March 13 and Sep
tember 18
Hitchcock county May 1 and No
vember 27
Red Willow county February 6
May 15 and October 9
Robert C Orr district judge
Hastings Neb When Glenn
LI Curtiss brings his world fam
ed aviators to this city on July
18 and 19 the wbole of Central
Nebraskas population will be in
terested in giving them a rousing
welcome for this will be the first
big aviation meet ever held in
Central Nebraska and the big
gest enterprise ever attempted by
any commercial organization in
the central west This meeting
is under the auspices of the Hast
ings Chamber of Commerce whici
will insure all visitors a square
deal in the matter of giving a
full bonafide program of feats
by these bird men
For summer dianrhoea in children
always give Chamberlains Colic Chcl
era and Diarrhoea Remedy and cas
tor oil and a speedy cure Is certain
For sale by all dealers
just W
Cuts fhc Urease
lrarziM 5w
Agateware Gramteware
Because it quickly and hygienic
ally removes all discolorafions
corrosions and grease without
scratching or injuring the surface
ooap cleaning leaves a sticky film
lhat catches more dirt
Many other uses
and Full Directions on
large Sifter can IO
McCook Co operative
Building Savings Assn
Certificate No 11
of McCook Nebraska on the liOtli day
of Juno 1911
First Mortgage Loans 3 lTTTOO 00
Stock loans 3675 00
Cash 3034 2
Delinquent interest 116 27
Expenses and taxes paid G30 97
Delinquent assessments Si 50
Total S1G3290 56
Capital stock paid up 3 157449 62
Reservefund 0G9 44
Undivided profits 40M 50
Prepaid dues and interest 168 00
Total 1S 165290 EC
Receipts and expenditures for the j ear ending
June 30 1911
Balance on hand July 1 1910
Interest premiums and fines
Loans repaid
Tax Sale Redemptions
Stock redeemed
Cash on hand
Int on matured stock
Tax Sale Certificates
3893 67
30SOS 50
13117 48
26825 00
457 65
Total 77104 00
31873 00
726 81
403S4 54
3084 82
623 08
409 75
Total 7710100
State of Nebraska Red Willow County ss
I F A Pennoll secretary of tho above named
associationdo solemnly swear that the forego-
ing statement or tno condition or saiu associa
tion true and correct to tho bestof my knowl
edso and bolief F A Pennell Secretary
Subscribed and sworn to before mo this 10th
day of July 1911 C H Boyle
seal Notary Public
Approved J A Wilcox
F M Kimmell
W B Mills
The republicans of Red Willow coun
ty are hereby called to meet in con
vention in the city of Indianola on
Wedesday July 19th at 2 oclock in
the afternoon for the purpose of
electing eight S delegates to the
republican state convention to be
held at Lincoln on July 25th 1911
and for the purpose of electing a
county central committee and for
the transaction of such other busi
ness as may properly come before
said county convention
The convention shall be made up
of delegates chosen by the republi
cans of the respective precincts of
the county on the basis of one dele
gate at large for each voting pre
cinct of the county and one delegate
for each 15 votes or fraction thereof
cast for C H Aldrich republican
candidate for Governor at the gener
al election held November Sth 1910
which basis of representation en
titles the respective voting precincts
to the following number of delegates
Alliance 3
Box Elder 4
Driftwood 4
Gerver 3
Lebanon 5
Perry 3
Valley Grange 4
Beaver 5
Coleman 2
East Valley 7
Grant 2
Missouri Ridge 2
Red Willow 5
Bondville 2
Danbury 5
Eritsch 3
Indianola 7
North Valley 3
Tyrone 3
Willow Grove
1st Ward 1st prceinct 13
1st ward 2nd precinct 9
2nd ward 1st precinct 11
2nd ward 2nd precinct 5
It is recommended that no proxies
be allowed but that the delegates
present from each precinct be author
ized to cast the full vote of such pre
It is ordered that precinct caucus
es to elect delegates be held on
Wednesday July 12th at such hour
and place as the precinct committee
men shall designate and that the
several precinct committeemen shall
at nce call such caucuses and give
notice thereof by posting or publica
it is suggested fiat the precinct
caucuses nominate precinot officers
at these caucuses and that such bus
iness be included in the call for
the caucus
Dated this 26th day of June 19M
By order of the County Central
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1000 50c
Heating Plumbing
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nisn estimates on
short notice They
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ial including a good
line of lawn hose and
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Temple Building
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But we can meet your
every need in these
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and complete stocks
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A i if ntv mmmntm
Smith bought some pigs from
his neighbor Jones The price
came to 642 Smith paid
Jones in cash but as usual
neither had the proper change
and Smith said Just make it
even money Smith lost 8
tents Jones bought some pig3
from his neighbor Johnson The
7rice came to 642 Jones ha
nis money in the bank ana
gave Johnson a check for the
exact amount Jones did no
lose a cent This Is only one
of the advantages of a check
ing account Come in and let
us explain further
The First
National Bank
of McCook Neb
Quality and price courtesy and
promptness In delivery are making
for success at the McCook Flour and
Feed Store
Teacher of
Piano and Organ
910 First Street West McCook Ne
to do Paper Hanging Light Car
penter Work and Inside Painting
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West McCook Neb
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van in dity Phones Office 68
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JVC -V -I mi
t i
1 I