The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, June 22, 1911, Thursday Evening Edition, Image 4

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J JMJMft frikp
Largest Circulation in Red WillowCo
Entered at postoflice McCook Nebraska as
second class matter Published weekly
What has become of the Nelson
Clothing -Co and Johnson Bros of
Holdrege Partial or complete eclipse
It is the tragedy of reforms of
every character that so many selfish
crooks seek shelter and source of
operation under its skirts
Is it Just a coincidence All this
Judson Harmon publicity among the
Nebraska weeklies A remarkable
vogue Whole pages in Republican
weeklies My countrymen Even to
Harmon epigrams But they havent
the peerless flavor
V 3 V
The Standard this week publishes
the formal announcement of C E
Eldred of McCook as a candidate for
district judge Mr Eldred is a suc
cessful attorney and the press of
the district speaks very favorably
of his qualifications for the bench
Oxford Standard
our Holdrege friends will just
calm down a wee The Tribune has
no misgivings that McCook would
enthusiastically endorse our spright
ly neighbor up on the brave loess
divide for the location for the tuber
culosis hospital But come out of
it boys
The McCook Tribune for the past
thrity years always one of the best
weekly newspapers in the state has
just launched into the semi weekly
class and there is no question but
that Editor Kimmeil will keep his
semi weekly up to the standard of
the former weekly Trenton Register
J 5 I
An exchange says Iceland has no
jail no penitentiary there is no
court and only one policeman Not
a drop of alcoholic liquor is made on
the island and its 7SS00 people are
I hereby announce my candidacy for
the nomination of county treasurer on
the Republican ticket subject to the
Primary Election August 15th 1911
Barritt Huahes Wedding
On the evening of June 14 1911 at
the home of the brides parents Mr
and Mrs Walter W Barritt occurred
the marriage of their only daughter
Miss Hazel to H Guy Hughes At
the hour of nine Miss Stella Mathes
took her place at the organ and as
the sweet strains ofThe Bridal Chor
us from Lohengrin pealed forth the
happy couple attended by Mr Lloyd
Barritt and Miss Francis Hughes a
brother and sister of the bride and
groom took their places before a
beautifully decorated window Carna
tions and ribbon in the brides colors
blue and white were used making
beautiful decoration
a dainty and very
tion In the presence of nearly thir
ty guests Rev Harry M Mitchell of
Indianola spoke the words which
made this worthy couple man and
wife The bride was most becommg
lv dressed in a gown of white silk
messaline and with her bridal wreath
looked very sweet indeed The groom
wore the conventional black
Immediately after the ceremony a
dainty two course lunch was served
by Mesdames Ruby and Mathes and
Misses Maysie Light and Stella
The bride is the only daughter of
Mr and Mrs Barritt and has spent
most of her life in southeastern Ne
braska but during the past three
years she has lived in McCook She
has won a host of friends The
groom is the eldest son of Mr and
Mrs S D Hughes an intelligent and
industrious young man of the firm
of Jennings Hughes They were
the receipents of many useful and
beautiful presents such as checks
cut glass hand painted china and
silver ware
The guests from out of town were
Mr and Mrs B F Newlon of Pal
mer Neb Mr and Mrs D M New
lon of Central City Neb -uncles of
total abstainers since they will not FJora aiid Mol
Tiormit nnv linnnr to be imported I nf
There is not an illiterate person on
the island not a child ten years old
unable to read the system of public
schools being practically perfect
The announcement of C E Eldred
of McCook for the nomination of
judge of this the 14th judicial dis
trict subject to the will of the repub
lican electors at the coming primary
election appears at the head of this
column Mr Eldred needs no intro
duction to the voters of this county
from this paper as he has practiced
good law in this district for the -past-twenty
years and is eminently quali
fied to fill the responsible position to
which he aspires Trenton Register
The McCook Tribune want ads
line Most people read them
i rf rvi tril CltV lOll US UL
the bride Mr Wilcoxon of Lincoln
and Mrs Ray of Norton Kansas un
cle and cousin of the groom
The same evening a merry crowd
of young friends of the bride and
groom accompanied them to No 3
Amid laughter and a shower of well
wishes they left for Denver and other
points in Colorado After June 24th
they will be at home to their many
friends on West 2nd street
Wants for rent for sale etc 5c
line in The Tribune
McCook Nebraska
Examinations free Office at 324 1st
street west Phone black 258
I That New Buggy
4th of July
So you can go out in good
shape You need not postpone it
longer Our large beautiful line
AND FLYNETS makes it con
venient for us to fit you out
Velie Buggies Give Satisfaction
because they are the best made and that is
1 why our trade has grown so THE PEOPLE
WANT A VELIE and wont take anything else
Come look them over and make your selec
tion now We will fit you out satisfactorily
Information for the public concern
ing the postal savings bank to be
opened in the McCook postoffice on
June 27th
The postal savings system is estab
lished for the purpose of providing fa
cilities for depositing savings at in
terest with the security of the Unit
ed States Government for repayment-
The faith of the United States is
solemnly pledged to the payment of
deposits made in postal savings de
pository offices with accrued interest
as provided by the postal savings act
Who May Deposit
Accounts may be opened and de
posits made by any person of the
age of 10 years or over in his or her
own name and by a married woman
in her own name and free from any
interference or control by her hus
band No person can have more thai
one account at any one time
No person may open a postal-savings
account at any post office who
is not a patron of that office
All accounts must be opened in
nerson bv the depositor or his auth
orized representative After opening
an account a depositor may forward
subsequent deposits to the post of
fice by mail
Deposits will be accepted only from
individuals and ho account will be
opened in the name of any corporatioi
association society firm or partner
ship or in the names of two or more
persons jointly
No account will be opened in the
name of one person in trust for or
on behalf of another person or per
Service Free
The service of the postal savings
system is free and no charge or fee
is collected or required in connec
tion with the opening of an account
or the withdrawal or money deposited
Privacy of Accounts
No person connected with the post
office department or the postal ser
vice is pormitted to disclose the nami
of any depositor or give any informa
tion concerning an account except to
the depositor himself unless direct
ed to do so by the Postmaster Gen
How to Open An Account
When a person applies to open an
account he must furnish the neces
sary information for the posmtaster or
his representative to fill out an
plication which he will then be re j
quired to sign If the applicant
signs by mark his signature must be
witnessed by a disinterested person
Deposits are evidenced by postal
savings certificates issued in fixed
denominations of 1 2 5 10 20
50 and 100 each bearing the name
of the depositor the number ot ins
account the date of issue the name
of the depository office and the date
on which interest begins The post
master or his representative will
mairfi out a duplicate of each certi
ficate issued which the depositor will
be required to sign and which the
postmaster will retain in his records
No account may be opened for less
than 1 nor will fractions of a dollar
be accepted for deposit
No person is permitted to deposit
more than 100 in any one calendar
month nor to have a total balance to
his credit at one time of more than
500 exclusive of accumulated interest
Savings certificates cannot be
transferred or negotiated and will
be payable only to the person to
whom issued
On opening an account a depositor
is supplied with an envelope in which
he may keep his savings certificates
On this envelope is printed informa
tion for his guidance and also a
blank ledger record on which to keep
an account of his deposits and with
In case a savings certificate is
lost or destroyed the depositor should
notify the postmaster If deemed
proper a new certificate will be is
sued upon compliance by the deposit
or with the necessary requirements
Postmasters are not permitted to
receive savings certificates for safe
Savings Cards and Stamps
- m
CcDyrisiit Eart SchaCaer Marx
In the County Court of Red Wil
low Countv Nebraska In the Mat
ter of the Estate of Robert B Wil
son deceased To all persons in
terested in said estate
You are hereby notified that on
June 5 1911 Joseph D Wilson filed
his petition in the county court of
said Red Willow county praying that
letters of administration be issued
to D Y Dorwart upon the goods
chattels rights and credits of Rob
ert B Wilson late ot said county
deceased and that a hearing win De
had upon said petition at the county
court room in the city of McCook in
said county on June 20 1911 at the
hour of nine oclock A M
Dated this 5th day of June 1911
Seal County Judge
First publication June 6 1911 6t
Notice to Creditors of Estate
State of- Nebraska Red Willow
rrTir ca Tn Pmmtv Court In
JUUUlJi jfcj Vw w
I jx 1 ntn rf
Amounts less than 1 may
ed for deposit by the purchase of 10- j c jioore County judge of
cent postal savings cards and adhes said county in said state hereby
havincr claims and
ive 10 cent postal savings stamps
Each postal savings card contains
blank spaces to which savings stamps
may be affixed from time to time as
purchased and a postal savings card
with nine 10 cent savings stamps thui
affixed will be accepted as a deposit
of 1 either in opening an account
or in adding to an existing account
Savings cards and stamps will be
redeemed only by the issue of savings
certificates and are not valid for
postage They will not be received
in exchange for postage stamjps nor
will postage stamps be accepted in
exchange for postal savings cards or
TJie Citizens National Bank has
been designated the postal savings
bank depository for this city
nntifv -ill TiprsnnK
demands against the said Stephen
Bolles deceased that I have set
and appointed the following days for
the reception Examination and adjust
ment of said claims and demands as
provided by law at the county court
room at McCook Red Willow Coun
ty and state aforesaid to wit June
29th 1911 and December 30th 1911
And all persons so interested in said
estate will appear at said time and
place and duly present their said
claims and demands in the manner
i omiirori hv kw or show cause for
not so doing and in case any of said
claims shall not be presenteu Dy tne
29th day of December 1911 the
same shall be forever barred
Given under my hand and the seal
of the county court of said county
this 27th day of May 19H
Seal County Judge
First publication June l 4ts
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ji JUr rT TT SSrJJ
and distribution of said estate made
It is ordered that notice of the
time and place of said hearing be
given to all persons interested in
said estate by causing a copy of this
order to be published in the Mc
Cook Tribune a newspaper printed
andi published in said county for
three successive weeks prior to the
date set for said hearing
Dated this 7th day of June 1911
Seal County Judge
C E ELDRED Attorney
First publication June 8 1911 3t
1 X
J f OM
When you buy a blue
sergeyou have the sat
isfaction of knowing
that you are right
We have them in all styles
hues and weaves Prices range
In straws the Yacht is still
the dressy hat We have
them in all prices
Soft shirts with detachable
collars are what you need to
make you comfortable Either
in plain or figured material
The Bright Spot In McCook
notce to creditors
In the County Court of Red Willow
County State of Nebraska In the
matter of the estate o James B
Wade deceased
Notice is hereby given tnat uiv
time limited for the presentation of
claims against saia estate is -
months from and after July 1 1911
and any claim not presented by that
time shall be forever barred that I
win nfr tho nnuntv court room in
TVTrrVnlr in cmijl PnimtV On the 2nd
day of January 1912 at the hour of
ten oclock a m to examine ad
just and allow the claims against
said estate and that the time limited
for the payment of debts is one year
from June 3rd 1911
Dated June 3rd 1911
Seal County Judge
First publication June G 1911 3t
State of Nebraska County of Red
Willow ss
To all persons interested in the
estate of Ira H Harrison deceas
You are hereby notified that on
the 7th day of June 1911 Margaret
J Harrison and Reason O Harri
son executors of the last Will and
Testament of Ira H Harrison de
ceased filed in said court their fin
al account as such executors ana
petition for a distribution of said
estate and for their discharge tnat
snifi ncnnnt and netition for dis
tribution and discharge will be heard
on the 2Sth day ot June rj at
the hour of nine oclock A M at
the county court room in the city of
McCook in said county
You are hereby cited to appear at
the time and place above designatea
and show cause is such exist why
State of Nebraska County of Red
Willow ss
To All Persons Interested in the
Estate of Eva A Tomlinson Deceas
You are hereby notified that on
the 16th day of June 1911 William
S Tomlinson executor of the last
will and testament of Eva A Tomlin
son deceased filed in said court his
final account as such executor and
netitinn for his discharge that said
account and petition for discharge
will be heard on the 8th day of July
1911 at the hour of nine oclock a
m at the county court room in the
city of McCook in said county
You are hereby cited to appear at
the time and place above designated
and show cause if such exist why
said account should not be allowed
and such executor discharged
It is ordered that notice of the
time and place of said hearing be
said account should not be allowed given to all persons interested in
said estate Tt causing r nrr rr of
The McCook Tribune
the year in advance
fclMtsrtrpyiili i i i ii y i i y i IlTti ii P imiT I I V i7Tr TV iHyyit f ffWW
by a copy
this order to be published in the Mc
Cook Tribune a newspaper printed
and Tiiihlished in said countv for
i -
I three successive weeks prior to the
date set for said hearing
Dated this 16th day of June 1911
Seal County Judge
C E ELDRED Attorney
First publication June 20 6ts
It is 100
When Visitors Come and Theres Not a Thing 1
m me uouse
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you desire will be delivered in a hurry But better still
have a case of our goods on hand at all times and a few
bottles on ice then you are ready for emergencies Our
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ditions of scrupulous cleanliness
IfrfAWAM iW tUW th tL b LM
rvr Pp Iwrniri into Tri c p lnrv Tlrvw CPdai