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The McCook Tribune
F M KIMMELL Publisher
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First Visit Paid to American Soil
for Many Months Diaz and
Members of Family Soon
to Sail Away
Juarez Before another month
passes it is probable there will be
changes in the personnel of the gov
ernors of nearly every one of the
twenty seven states of the Mexican re
public This was the declaration ol
Francisco I Madero jr to the Asso
ciated Press representative He said
that the installation everywhere of
provisional governors soon would be
followed by state elections Original
ly it was understood that the Mader
tsts were to name governors for four
teen states but that a more sweeping
program would be considered in the
future conferences between President
de la Barra and Senor Madero at Men
Ico oCity Messages to Senor Madero
from his friends in the new cabinet re
port perfect accord with President de
ia Barra and optimism for a success
ful administration
Senor Madero visited American soil
for the first time in several months
He was a guest at luncheon of friends
in El Paso and with his staff attend
ed a dinner given by the El Paso city
officials to the United States army of
ficers stationed in that vicinity
General Diaz accompanied by
Benora Diaz Porfirio Diaz jr and his
wife five grandchildren and other
members of the family will go aboard
the steamer Ypiranga Wednesday af
ternoon bound for Spain
Tobacco Trust Hard Hit
Washington The government won
a sweeping victory over the so called
tobacco trust when the supreme
court of the United States held the
American Tobacco company and its al
lied corporations to be operating in
violation of the Sherman anti trust
law By directing that the combina
tion be forbidden the privilege of in
terstate commerce or be placed in the
hands of a receiver unless it is disin
tegrated in harmony with the law
within six or at the most eight
months the court is regarded to have
dealt with the tobacco corporation
more drastically than with the Stand
ard Oil company of New Jersey whose
dissolution was ordered two weeks
Military Mass for Dead
Washington Military field mass for
the Spanish war dead was celebrated
in the shadow of the Washington mon
ument before fully 25000 persons
President Taft members of the cab
inet the diplomatic corps and of con
gress -were present Monsignor Rus
sell celebrated the mass while a
trained chorus of 125 voices sang thg
Curtis Gets Agricultural School
Lincoln The state board of public
lands and buildings on the thirty third
ballot selected Curtis as the location
for the new agricultural school to be
established in southwestern Nebraska
under the provisions of the Eastman
bill passed at the late session of the
Washington The capital of Okla
homa will remain at Oklahoma City
so far as the supreme court of the
United States is concerned That tri
bunal has declined to hold that the
Oklahoma statute enacted last Decem
ber to remove the capital from Guth
rie was unconstitutional
Washington Seventeen year lo
custs are said to be ravaging vegeta
tion in the eastern states this sum
mer The vanguard of the invaders
have appeared in Alexandria county
Va and the prediction is made that
within a week or so the plague wiU
be common
Killed by Ammonia Fumes
Columbus O Edwin L Hopkins
was killed by ammonia fumes -when a
bolt of lightning caused the explosion
of a fifty gallon tank in an ice plant
Harry Miller and John Thomas work
ing with him were overcome but were
Chicago Hay sold at wholesale ia
Chicago Monday for 27 a ton de-
clared to be the highest price ever
reached for the staple in this city A
short crop last year Is said to be the
Musical Congress
London The fourth congress of the
International Musical society was for
mally opened Tuesday with interest
Ing ceremonies at the University of
London Representatives of many of
the countries of the world were in at
Carroll la Kate Shelly who pre
vented a loaded Northwestern passen
ger train from going into an open
bridge near Boone twenty years aeo
is at the point of death in a local nos
Personal Political Foreign and Intel
ligence of Various Kinds Inter
esting to the General Reader
Given in Condensed Form
The first of the postal savings bank
bonds will be issued soon
The house was not in session Thurs
day Many ofxits special investigat
ing committees however were busy
President Taft has signed a procla
mation establishing the Colorado na
tional park in Mesa county Colorado
Henry L Stimson of New York has
been sworn in as secretary of war
succeeding Jacob M Dickinson re
Indications point to the fact that
Taft and La Follette will be candi
dates for the republican nomination
for president
A protest against the passage of the
Canadian reciprocity bill will be made
by a number of South Dakota men to
the senate finance committee
John Sharp Williams of Mississippi
nas Warned congress that the south
could not support federal supervision
of senatorial elections though favor
able to direct popular vote
Dispatches received from the Mexi
can capital state that persistent ru
more were in circulation there of the
existence- of a plot to attempt the life
of Madero upon his arrival
Interest that is quite as keen as
that felt in the decision of the Stand
ard Oil case is being manifested in
congressional circles over the forth
coming decision in the tobacco case
The senate has fixed June 12 for a
vote on the joint resolution providing
for the election of United States sen
ators by direct vote of the people The
resolution already has passed the
Weekly reports of enlistments for
the United States naval recruiting
Btatibns for the week ending May 20
show that of 1154 applications there
were 900 rejections and only 226 ac
Japan it is stated in official circles
is prepared to participate in negotia
tions for a general treaty of arbitra
tion with the United States England
and France and is willing to submit
proposals for such an agreement
General News
An early morning fire at Coney Isl
and caused a loss estimated at be
tween two and three million dollars
Five members of the family of Gar
stens Struve residing near Manning
Iowa are ill from the dread disease
trichina v
A 150000 fire with a big tank full
of gasoline in the middle of it kept
firemen busy for several hours at
New York
A tornado struck Pekin 111 Sunday
killing two people and causing prop
erty damage that will amount to thou
sands of dollars
Russia is conceding the right of en
try into that country of American
Jews visiting the czars domains on
business missions
The brotherhood of railroad train
men have decided on San Francisco
as the place of the Tiext convention
to be held in 1913
Johnny Simpson a 13-year-old boy
at Webb City Mo is in line for a
bravery medal for saving the life of a
drowning boy at the risk of his own
The annual meeting of the trans
Mississippi commercial congress set
for September next will be held in
Kansas City instead oi Oklahoma City
Master boilermakers from all over
the United States and from Canada
Mexico and other countries are in
Omaha for the international conven
Resolutions favoring reciprocity be
tween the United States and Canada
were adopted by the annual conven
tion of railway claims agents at Mon
Francisco I Madero jr in a mani
festo to the people of Mexico lias re
signed the position of provisional pres
ident conferred upon him by a con
vention of the revolutionists at San
Luis Potosi last October
King Frederick received in audi
ence Rear Admiral Chas J Badger
who was accompanied by the mem
bers of his staff and the captains of
the four battleships composing the
second division of the United States
Atlantic fleet now visiting Denmark
Will Rogers and Joe Wiggins the
confessed kidnappers of Baby Wildo
Rogers at Las Vegas N M on March
0 last have been convicted the for
mer getting five to twelve years and
the latter seven to twelve years In
the absence of a statute for kidnap
ping in New Mexico the men were
prosecuted for burglary
Carrying several carloads of freight
consigned to Kansas City merchants
the steamer Chester left New Orleans
Monday for the Missouri city It is in
tended as a revival of the river traffic
between New Orleans and Kansas
- Mexico has changed presidents
without any demonstrations of anar
chy of which the Diaz government
had expressed apprehensions
Announcement is made that the
Iowa City high school has won the
Interscholastic championship of the
United States incidentally taking the
John Jacob Astor cu3
wru ivuian
It is said a plot to overthrow and
kill Francisco Madero was frustrated
by the arrest of the conspirators one
of whomfwas an American
Because of the high temperature
eight babies died Monday at Cleve
land O making twenty four deaths
of babies in four days attributed to
the heat
Edward S Whitaker formerly chief
of the New Orleans police was sen
tenced to serve ten years in the state
penitentiary for crimes involving
young girls
Hundreds of Mississippi farmers
have petitioned Governor Noel to
place a premiuip on buzzards in a cru
sade to exterminate the birds as a dis
ease spreader
The village of Groscher situated on
Pamir plateau in west central Asia
has been overwhelmed by an ava
lanche One hundred and twenty eight
people were killed
The Mohonk Lake conference heart
ily indorsed treaties of unlimited arbi
tration with Great Britain France and
other countries and wish speedy suc
cess with such treaties
A section of the Buffalo Bill wild
west show train was wrecked about
eight miles from Lowell Mass Four
men connected with the show were
injured All will recover
From July 1 19 OS the Japanese en
tering the United States numbered 7
051 against 14197 leaving the IJnited
States In Hawaii there were 4348 ar
rivals and 6266 departures
The expected rupture between the
church and the government is now an
accomplished fact as the result of a
protest issued by the bishops at Lis
bon against the separation law
William Carren former manager of
a St Louis theater pleaded guilty to
charges of embezzling 22000 of the
theaters fund and was sentenced to
five years in the penitentiary
Four persons were killed and a large
number were wounded by soldiers in
a riot which developed when inhabi
tants of Zacatecas gathered to cele
brate the signing of the peace pact
Measures for the ultimate disposi
tion of the insurrecto army and for
the payment of the costs of the war
were the first matters to which the
newly created Mexican executive de
voted his official attention
The new New York library of white
marble throughout which has been
twelve years in building and cost
morefhan 10000000 was dedicated
Wednesday by President Taft Gov
ernor Dix and Mayor Gaynor
The funeral of Henri Maurice Ber
teaux the French minister of war who
lost his life in the aeroplane accident
at Paris on Sunday was made the oc
casion of an impressive national dem
onstration at that place Friday
Clear Lake Iowa has been offered
as the summer capital of the United
States a site having been presented
to President Taft for his home during
the hot months The offer -will be
communicated to Washington at once
Five persons were killed among
whom were Mr and Mts Jerry Kauf
man formerly of Kearnej Neb and
one injured fatally at a railroad cross
ing near Rivers Cal in a collision be
tween an electric car and an auto
Bert Connors and Mansel Parks are
under arrest at Los Angeles charged
with being implicated in an attempt
to wreck the new county hall of rec
ords last September some weeks be
fore the blowing up of the Times
Armed Shoshone Indians led by the
eldest twentj three years of age
from Duck valley reservation are in
Little High Rock canyon Nevada to
avenge the killing of the Indian band
that murdered four Washoe county
stock men last February
The second division of the United
States Atlantic fleet composed of the
Louisiana flagship of Rear Admiral
Badger the Kansas New Hampshire
and South Carolina have arrived at
the fishing village of Gilleleleje forty
miles from tie Danish capital
Porfirio Diaz for whom during thir
ty years all Mexico has paid defer
ence secretly left the capital at 2
oclock Friday morning Only a few
frienA whom he trusted followed him
to the station He was bound for
Vera Cruz to take ship for Spain
Some blame is laid on American so
cialists for the continuance of a cer
tain phase of the Mexican trouble b
government officials of that country
College students in Ohio will not be
permitted tovote in college towns un
less they make oath that they expect
to make their permanent residence in
these towns
Mrs Elizabeth Smith Miller suffra
gist and advocate of the bloomer cos
tume is dead at Geneva N Y at the
age of eighty nine
One hundred giris had a narrow
cape when fire broke out in the Paper
Stock companys building at St Louis
They jupmed to the roof of an adjoin
ing building and were rescued by fire
men -
The national Steamship line steam
er Taboga struck a reef off Punta Mala
on Tuesday and sank a short time
afterwards Of the hundred passen
gers on board only forty are known to
tiave been saved
Revelations concerning the election
of Senator Lorimer of Illinois may be
expected as the result of a second in-
vestigation into the bribery charges
against him if the predictions made
by Senator Lorimer in his argument
In support of his resolution of inquiry
are realized
Andrew Carnegie and family have
sailed for their summed vacation in
Eight hundred students are on strike
at Ohio Northern university at Ada as
the result of the expulsion of nine
students for participating in a pugilis
tic combat
ai -
i ln
Trains Met Head on in a Fog and
Equipment Caught in the Heavy
Impact Was Demolished
Long List of Injured
McCook Two Burlington trains
met head on two miles west of Indian
ola at 710 Monday morning and six
teen are dead and twenty two injured
as a result Passenger trains Nos 9
and 12 are carded to meet at Red Wil
low No 9 was a few minutes late
and No 12 eastbound is a superior
train It is said that orders should
have been issued at McCooksfor No
have been issued at McCook to No
that they were not issued No 12 did
not wait passing Red Willow practi
cally on time Two -miles west of In
flianola near a curve and in a fog the
two passenger trains running perhaps
fifty miles an hour met Lives snuffed
out passengers and employes maimed
and a mass of demolished equipment
piled high resulted Four enginemen
who were in charge of the opposing
trains are dead and their story will
never be heard The death list
The Dead
Mrs H H Culbertson of Brimfield
or Wyoming 111
R D Wilson of Tobias Neb
Harry McCall of Denver
A G Turamo of Palisades Colo
Hiram Feekin of McCook
Tom Gateley the wrestler of
Grace Dean of Minden
Robert Shepherd of Holdrege trav
eling man for a hardware company
Clarence Hilsabeck of Holdrege
Engineer John W Hyder of 2209 B
street Lincoln
Fireman W J Damron of 121 South
Fourteenth street Lincoln
Engineer W T Leahy of 1113 H st
Fireman T H Bowers
Fireman A J Olson of 737 North
Fourteenth street Lincoln
George Freer of McCook baggage
Express Messenger Frazier
The list of injured
List of Injured
Bert Keeley of the Omaha baseball
James McGill Denver
W H Harris Max Neb
G N Carpell Perry Neb
H B Snipen Aden Colo
Samuel Davis Williamsburg Colo
W W Mark Omaha Neb
L O Noble Oxford Neb
O H Anderson mail clerk on train
12 2731 Q street Lincoln
H H Culbertson Brimfield 111
Maggie Sentence McCook Neb
Gerazem Gorz Bender Colo
E B Kent Lincoln Neb
W R Dean Minden Neb
A C Higbee McCofik Neb
B I Irvine Omaha Neb
Irving Steff cut and bruised a trav
eling salesman Pontiac Mich
Brakeman Dave Burnett of McCook
Neb broken arm and other injuries
Mrs Feekin may die
Five of the victims who met death
m the wreck were from Lincoln All
of the Lincoln men were well known
most of them having been in the em
ploy of the company for a number of
General Superintendent Allen of the
Burlington who has been conducting
an investigation at McCook of the
cause of the wreck telegraphs that it
was due to the failure of an operator
to deliver a meeting order to the crew
of No 12 Both train and engine
crews are therefore Innocent of all re
sponsibility for the accident
Murders Four Then Suicides
Pawnee City James Fielder Mon
day morning murdered E A McVitty
Mrs E A McVitty and their five-year-old
daughter all living about six miles
south of this city A few hours later
he shot Sheriff Fuller three times and
then committed suicide The deed
was committed about 3 oclock in the
morning the murderer having entered
the house by means of a window He
used a hammer to accomplish his pur
The crime is the worst in the his
tory of this section of the country
The only motive that can be assigned
for the deed was Fielders crazed de
eire for revenge upon the parents
whose consent to his marriage with
their daughter Jessie he had been un
able to obtain
Porum Okla Standing in his door
fvay of his home here Pony Starr
with his friend Joe Davis killed one
man and dangerously wounded five
more of a masked -posse supposed to
haye been composed of thirty mem
bers of the antl horsethief association
Starrs wife stood by his side during
the conflict and loaded his rifles
Peruvians Are Expelled
Santiago In consequence of a seri
ous conflict between Peruvians and
Chilians at Iquique Chile resolutions
were prepared at a meeting held here
demanding the forcible expulsion of all
Peruvians from the Chileans capital
The consul of Peru has placed the con
sulate here in charge of the American
Oklahoma City has been agreed
iinon hv the committee as the nlace I
of meeting for the seventh annual 1 one
Baotist convention next year t I
ti iH m
IM Mi i n nnimanm mm
Crops in Nebraska
Crops in Nebraska promise says
an Omaha paper a golden harvest
next fall if they are in as good con
dition all summer and fall as now
Recent rains with the warm sun on
following days have brought out the
corn and spring grains and shot up
the stalks in marvelous ways Fruit
blossoms are also out and with dan
ger of frostj past this state will have
a good crop of fruit this year
Wheat in places has been injured
and the winter crop will show small
heads and a little thin in spots where
the rainfall has been less than was
needed Spring wheat is coming out
of the ground and the rains have pro
duced acreage where many farmers
had given up -hope of the grain
Dry winds and the necessarily dry
soil delayed the pastures and mead
ows up to Sunday The crops will
be a little later but no real damage
has been reported Burlington and
Northwestern crop reports show that
timothy and alfalfa were badly in
need of rain last week and that pas
tures for cattle were short but the
downpour of the first two days of this
week has been ample
Veteran Engineer is Dead
Jefferson County A message has
been received in Fairbury announcing
the death of Luke Lee at Horton
Kans Mr Lee was well known
among all the railroad men of Fair
bury having been employed as an
engineer on that division for twenty
years Several years ago owing to
ill health he was compelled to take
a leave of absence and never return
ed to work Since then he has been
making his home at Horton For
many years he hauled the local pas
senger trains between Fairbury and
Horton and was a member of the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
of this city Death was due to heart
failure Mr Lee was regarded as
one of the oldest engineers in the
country having been working in this
capacity for nearly fifty years He
commenced his career in England
Shelton to Have New School
Buffalo County The people of
Sheltons school district again voted
on the issue of 30000 of school
bonds for the purpose of building and
furnishing a new school house and
there were 307 votes cast 266 for and
39 against the issue The building
will be rushed from this time on
No Mail Sunday
Lincoln County Beginning Sun
day no delivery of mail will be made
from the postoffice windows although
the lobby will be opened all day for
those who rent postoffice boxes and
the mail will be distributed A vote
was had a few weeks ago upon the
question as to whether or not the de
livery of mail should be had on Sun
day and 8q per cent of the votes cast
were in favor of Sunday closing
Writer Gains Fame
York County One of Yorks popu
lar story writers has become expert
in describing the life and experience
of printers and editors in small towns
His latest story entitled How the
Courier Swallowed the Chronicle
was so cleverly written that the writ
er Eugene Bemis a young newspaper
man of York has received many
offers from publishers of periodicals
and magazines
Acquitted of Murder
Buffalo County A jury brought in
a verdict of not guilty in the case of
Patrick E Cooney charged by the
state with the murder of Elmer Mer
cer in Kearney the night of Dec 31
The jury was out two hours Four of
the most prominent lawyers of this
part of the state were engaged by
Coorfey while the county attorney
and the city attorney of Kearney con
ducted the prosecution
Y M C A Building
Hall County At a meeting In
Grand Island of the board of directors
of the Young Mens Christian asso
ciation which board has recently
been increased from five to fifteen
members the matter of inaugurating
a movement for the construction of a
Young Mens Christian- association
home was discussed
Killed by the Cars
Douglas County Asleep under a
freight car with his body across the
track Albert Monroe 50 years old
was killed at Omaha when a Union
Pacific switch engine pulled the car
away Monroe was employed at The
Only Way Transfer companys barn
as hostler Just how he happened to
be under the car asleep could not be
Bankers Close Session
Lancaster Cqunty Group No 1 of
me Nebraska Bankers association
closed its session at Lincoln electing
the following officers E J Wight
man York president E E Good
Peru vice president C E Bowlby
Friend secretary
Stores Burn at Blair
Washington County The meat
market of C Hansen and H Peter
sons barber shop were destroyed by
fire and are a total loss The meat
market was insured for 1500 and
the barber shop was also insured
Now a Salaried Position
Madison County The Norfolk Com
mercial club last week elected A W
Howkfns a prominent traveling sales
man as secretary of the club The
position henceforth will be a salaried
11 tiftwf3su0wfc
Asks for Redress
An appeal for redress has reached
Attorney General Martin from Ralph
Noetzelmann a Kinkaid homesteader
near Lewellen Garden county who
claims to have been pulled off his
horse and beaten by two ranchmen in
the same vicinity Noetzelmann says
he has tried to prosecute his assailT
ants but the county judge refuses tq
issue warrants for their arrest unless
a bond for costs is furnished He
wants to know if the attorney general
can not help him to obtain justice as
he is a poor man and unable to give
the bond
State School Apportionment
Superintendent Crabtree will soon
apportion 37546163 among the differ
ent counties for the support of
schools This is the amount nowj
available in the temporary school fund
in the state treasury This fund is
distributed semi annually in May andi
December The total last May was
423266 The increase for the semi
annual period this year is due to an
Increase of interest received on school
and saline lands sold and interest on
bonds held by the state as an invest
ment for the permanent school fund
Are Prizes Prohibited
Deputy Food Commissioner Jacksoa
has been asked whether or not the
sale of a package of popcorn and a
small paper fan attached to the pack-
age is a sale contrary to the anti-
free gift enterprise The same
tion has arisen in another case in t
volving the right of merchants to selE
a package of baking powder with a
dish that is not attached to the pack-
age The questions have been re-
ferred by Mr Jackson to the attorney
Mr Barton Just Sawing Wood
It is not impossible that Senator
Norris Brown will find that his op j
ponent in the primary fight next year
or at least one of his opponents will
be Silas R Barton present state audi
tor Mr Barton has nothing to say on
the subject although he has not en
tered a denial but rumors of his en j
trance into the fight are persistent
and within the last few days have be
come numerous locally
State Fair Will Be Record Breaker
Secretary Mellor of the state board
of agriculture is of the opinion that iff
the other departments of the state fair
show up as well as the speed depart
ment the next fair will be a record
breaker In the early closing races
this year 233 horses have been named
while the highest number ever before
entered was 187 The increase is more
than 20 per cent over any previous
Farmers Are Short Handed
Labor Commissioner Guye has ap
plications for three farm hands which
he will be delighted to turn over to
men who want the work A man at
Winneton wants a farmer who knows
something about scientific farming
Another at Edholm is willing to pay
25 and keep a man while another
at Bellwood offers 250 a day during
the harvest season after June 20
More Militia
Adjutant General Phelps has gone
to muster in a new company of the
state guard The company will be
known as Company H It has been re
cruited by R O Allen formerly of
the regular army Six men are on the
company roll The company will be
come a part of the first regiment
Governor Aldrich has appointed
Mrs M D Cameron of Omaha mem
her of the board of trustees that con
trols the state school for deaf at Oma
ha and the state school for blind at
Nebraska City She will succeed C
R Sherman of Omaha resigned Mrs
Cameron is president of the womans
club of Omaha
Will File for Senator
It is reported in Lincoln that Con
gressman George Norris will file as
a candidate for United States senator
In the 1912 primaries before June 1
The senatorial primaries are April 19
1912 less than eleven months distant
Must yStamp Net Weight
In a series of test cases the supreme
court has sustained the net weight
provision of the Nebraska pure food
law holding that packages of food
must be stamped with the net weighl
or measure
The principal cases were against
the National Biscuit company and in
volved the legality of sales of pack
ages by retailers sales from one point
to another ia the state and sales by
a retailer who had bought his goods
from another state
Will Go to the Court
The peaceful conclusion of the al
leged shortage of former Bookkeeper
Stewart of the Institute for the feeble
minded at Beatrice has been post
poned by warlike measures Land
Commissioner Cowles received notice
from E O Kretsinger of Beatrice that
he had been retained as an atorney in
the case Itr appears that the responsi
bility for the shortage of 1337 and
the repayment of the money to tha
state will now be threshed out in
if -