The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, February 23, 1911, Image 5

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Time Card
mtwuuiv ncu ifaaagrys
Main Lice East Depart Central Time
No 6 1110 P M
16 430 A M
2 520 A M
12 700 A M
14 920 P M
Main Line West Depart Mountain Time
No 1 1235 P M
3 1142 P M
5 arr S30 p m
13 945 A M
15 1230 A M
Imperial Line Mount in Time
No 176 arrives 345 P M
No 175 departs 645 A M i
No 175 departs Wed 630 A M
Sleeping dining and reclining chair
cars seats free on through trains
Railroads Prepare for the Locusts
Nebraska railroads will experiment
with the seventeen year old locust
problem this coming year This is
the year that scientists predict the
locust eggs will hatch and that the
middle western states will again
see the plague of the insects in their
midst eating up the crops
All manner of suggestions are of
fered for dealing with the pests and
some of those may be tried out by
the Burlington railroad All the
railroads of the country are naturally
interested in the subject because if
the crops of the land are damaged
the railroads will have hard picking
with no grain to move
D Clem Deaver head -of the land J
seekers information bureau of the
Tickets sold and baggage checked to j
Burlington is now corresopnding with
Canada man asserts that ne has a
For information time tables maps ui which will effectually kill off
and tickets call on or write D F the locust The liquid may be used
Hostetter Agent McCook Nebraska a spray to protect the young trees
or L W Wakeley General Passen
ger Agent Omaha Nebraska
which the insects attack and very of-
ten kill The boring into the bark
and the laying of the locust eggs in
the trecs poions the gap Qf the yQun
1CQ9 fruit trees and the next fall they very
vt -- o An u it
iu ii ouuutt uiuuouk fu
tons of freight
often die i
ttrVhsi lnmic t nno 11 lrt
I iuv uai ovaic iiwji well
Mr and Mrs M B Harbaugh will
j yelop into a reaJ onej said Deay
move to Oxford next week
Mr and Mrs Gurney Harmon went
er Monday it is quite possible that
in spite of the amount of cultivation in
to Salt Lake City Utah last week J Nebraska the msects AVill be here in
on a visit force or migrate to this state One
Mrs T B Campbell arrived home of the reasons the locusts did not do
on No 13 from visiting her daughter c much damage in 1S94 was because in
in Kansas -Engineer
on building
Hasty is figuring
modern type
that year there were no crops to
destroy the dry weather having kill-
new residence of ed them all
Later on as the spring approaches
ithere wl probably be some scien
An 02 out of Chicago recently had
tied on behind 3000 tons Wouldnt
that make you tired
Dissatisfied with piece work eight
hundred boilermakers have been or
dered out on the New York Central
Seven car loads of ore was part
of No 70s load Sunday It was gold
silver copper and lead ore A spec
ial attended the shipment
The depot at Holdrege is completed
and occupied The company is now
engaged in building new depots at
Madrid and Whitman
Howard Perkins and wife have re
turned to Republican City he now
being a fireman on the Republican
City Oberlin passenger
It is expected that the installation
of block signals and other safeguards
will do much to reduce the appalling
number of casualties to railroad em
Over 100 oeprating officials of the
Burlington held a three dayss session
in Chicago this week looking to
increased efficiency in service All
arts of the system were represented
Mr and Mrs Frank Harris spent
the time between trains No 5 and
No 15 in the city last Saturday night
guests of Mr and Mrs A L Know
land They were enroute home to
Colorado City Colorado from a
trip to Florida The Tribune under
stands that they contemplate moving
to Florida to live
The Railway and Engineering Re
view favors the employment of a
new railroad official to be known as
a vice president in charge of public
relations whose duties shall be to
keep posted on new national and
state laws and regulations and to meet
public inquiries etc He would have
a busy day all the time The public
wants to know and there is much for
the railroad official to learn
John B Tanney general chairman
of the order of Railway Conductors
of the Burlington system organized
and instituted a new lodge of the or
der at Sterling Colorado Sunday
thus giving a lodge of that order to
every division of the Burlington
tist who will show us a way to either
kill the eggs or prevent the ones laid
this year from hatching
Important Decisions
It has been a long while since the
United States supreme court has
handed down so many decisions of
vast importance effecting railroads
and railroad men as was the case I
on Monday of the present week i
Among the questions decided are
That the passenger has no right
to buy tickets with survices adver
tising releases or property nor can
the railroad company buy services ad
vertising releases of property with
That a law regulating the size of
crews on trains within the state
which is not an obstruction to inter
state commerce but is rather enact
ed in aid of interstate commerce may
be passed by a state for the public
That the supreme court will review
the validity of an order of the In
terstate Commerce commission even
though the two year limitation on the
life of the order has expired
That a railway system may not es
cape regulation as an instrument of
interstate commerce because one of
its constituent parts is a wharfage
company and its dominating power ov
er the wharfage company rests in the
fact that it is a holding comapny
That the Interstate Commerce com
mission does not possess the power
to reduce a rate unjust and unreas
onable merely because the rate is
inequitable under some circumstanc
es as in cases where railroads induce
shippers to enter the field by offering
rates as low as to be unrenumerative
and later increases the rates
The court further held constitu
tional a state statute providing that
no contract of relief benefit or in
surance should be a bar to the right
of a railroad employe engaged in the
operation of a railroad to sue the
employer for damages resulting from
injuries received in the course of his
We have a few good remnants of
Wall Paner left for small and med-
tem at Lincoln Omaha McCook Al- ium sized roooms You can save
liance Sheridan and wymore au money by buying now
the conductors at Sterling belonged tc
the order but held membership else
rea hats
A McMILLEN Druggist
Subscribe for The Tribune 100
We now have showing a
nifty line of
Tailored Hats
for the early spring wear
our trimmer is here from
St Joe and our work
room force is already busy
with the production of the
latest creations of tasteful
fashionable millinery
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Wiv5ffi 5
tir tiw
i L
cm rmzmm vu
ttiAxyssyir i
-- tTOfetf j
I AlUfc
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s5ssC rvfaSt
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The Death of John Stevens
The many old time friends of John
Stevens will be pained to learn of
his death in Denver last Thursday
morning He went to work in the
CS shops Denver Tuesday morning
in usual health Shortly afterwards
he was taken ill and removed to a
hospital where he died enlargement
of the heart being the cause
John Stevens was employed for
years in the Burlington shops of Mc
Cook on the force of machinists He
was a good mechanic and every inch
a man
The remains were shipped through
McCook Saturday morning on No 2
for Michigan City Indiana where in
terment was made Monday morning
At this point the A O UW pre
sented Mrs Stevens with a hand
some emblem The Machinists union
of Denver also sent a fine floral em
Mrs Stevens and son Ralph are
particularly thankful to the local
Workmen for their tribute
Approximately 1250000 is to be
expended during the present year by
the Union Pacific and Southern Pa
cific railroad systems in advertising
their facilities and the industrial de
velopment of the west This program
the confdence in the pros
perity cf the country on the part o
the Harriman management was deter
mined upon at a meeting of some
fifty of the passenger officials of the
Harriman system Following closely
on the heels of the announcement by
President R S Lovett that the sys
tem is prepared to spend 75000000
in double tracking its lines through
to the Pacific coast the decision to
increase the advertising appropriation
last year by approximately 300000 is
regarded as one of the most remark
able indications of industrial optim
ism that the year has brought forth
Some of the shopmen since Tues
day have been working on an eight
hour schedule So we have whistles
at 4 5 and G p m
Washington Day was a holiday at
the shops for everybody but the few
absolutely necessary to keep things
James Powell formerly yard sec
tion foreman here was in town yes
Advertised List
The following letters cards and
packages remain uncalled for at the
Ackerman Mr M M Cory Mrs
C H Dawis Mrs S W Gregory
Walter Hall Maggie Myrtlae Hall
Miss Ana Leach Mrs Fanchin Mor
gan Mrs F F Oneal Mr Russell
Mr C H Shaw Mrs Belle Tilgre
Otto Turner Mrs James
OBusch Mr Willie Baker E E
Casey Miss Mabel Fuller Miss Ber
nice Imm Miss Eva Madriskia
Stzy Perry Mr Creed
When calling for these please say
they were advertised
LON CONE Postmaster
8000 per month straight salary
and expenses to men with rig to in
troduce our Poultry Remedies Dont
answer unless you mean business
Eureka Poultry Food Mfg Co In
corporated East St Louis HI
The McCook Tribune It is 100
the year in advance
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irv w nrjjv r 7 AiHIHrTnilSITl X I - fT fc EX
lummmM mmm is m m m
mmmmmm Jmik m m
j1HEfivuJuAllll afl J 0C TaTT Mi
J s rv y
- y y7 f
are now at the very lowest ebb
we shall sell at such low
prices that it will pay
yoo to buy and carry
over until next year Yet
there is much of wmter
to come and yon can
still get long wear oat of
things you now bay for
short prices Last call
Phone 62 for anything in meats
Phone 62 for anything in meat
McConnells Balsam cures coughs
Postmaster Cone spent closing day
of last week in Lincoln
S W Hockett of Harvard was up
last week looking after his affairs
Miss Ruby Fitzgerald is in Beaver
City this week doing stenographic
D C Marsh was on the St Joe
market this week with a shipment
of cattle
Mrs William Lewis entertained her
club ladies Washingtons birthday in
the afternoon
Mrs Sam Diamond and children ar
rived in the city on No 1 Wednes
day from Chicago
Mr and Mrs G A Webber of
Hastings are guests of her sister
Mrs W E Hart this week
Mrs W N Rosebush and baby and
sister Miss Estella Faus leave tonight
for the old home in Cherokee Iowa
on a visit
Mrs French and Mrs Pade are
entertaining the ladies of the Bap
tist society this afternoon at the
French residence
Mrs S C Beach will join her hus
band this week in his work The
children will go to York and attend
school in the convent there
Mr and Mrs J J Crouse received
a visit from Sir Stork yesterday and
they have a little Martha Washington
at their home who is doing nicely
A Galusha left Tuesday night for
eastern ipart of the state to be absent
until early next week on A O U W
business at Omaha Grand Island and
other points
State Senator Cordeal came up
from Lincoln last Friday night after
the adjournment of the senate
and remained with the family and
in consultation with frienls until
Monday morniijg when he reurned
to his legislative dutitn on No 2
Mr John V Smith of Hayes Center
and Miss Kathleen Cecelia OBrien
of Wallace were married by Father
Haggerty Wednesday morning at nine
oclock They went from here to
Omaha and Lincoln on a short wed
ding trip and will reside in Hayes
Center upon their return
Thss is the last call on low prices Tkiey
County Attorney C D Ritchie de
parted last evening for Iowa on bus
Mrs Otto Pate went up to Palisade
first of last week on a visit to
Miss Florence Jacobs went up
Culbertson yesterday on a visit to
hei sister
George Howell has returned to
his farm northwest of the city from
Hebron this state
George Howell is up from Hebron
looking after some affairs in old
Red Willow county
Mr and Mrs Barney Hofer en
tertained the Thursday Whist club
last Thursday evening
relatives at Udal Kansas
now remains
While in
New Line
V r m
A D Baker of Cambridge had bus
iness in the city Monday
Mr and Mrs J W Wimer who
have been spending the winter m
Iowa arrived home last Friday night
irom uxiora navig spent an
t0 j able time among relatives and friends
in the old home state
Miss Bessie Rowell of Afton Iowa
a niece of Mrs S A Rowell spent
part of the week in the city guest
of her aunt and other relatives Miss
Rowell is on her way home from vis
iting a brother in Leadville Colo
rado and will depart on Saturday
morning eastward
Dr J O Bruce expects to close
his office here first of the month
at least temnorarilv Hftexneets to
W C Jcoper arrived home last Sat
look over the ospects the higlt
urday on No 13 from his visit to j
line Maywood and adjacent points
We hope the doctor may resume his
E E Magee of The Magee Clothing practice here which has been verj
Co Aurora Nebraska spet Sunday satisfactory
and Monday Avith the children in this
Mr and Mrs Hubler of Stamford
Nebraska spent Sunday evening with
Mr and Mrs C C Heskett and fam
Mrs Augusta Anton spent part of
last week in Denver during the illnes
of John Stevens assisting the sorrow
ing wife
County Supt Bettcher was in Lin
coln last Friday and Saturday on
business before the state educational
J H Woddell is here from Iowa
to auction the sale at the Droll farm
today and look after some other bus
iness matters
A R Scott went into Omaha on
Tuesday morning to receive treat
ment for an ailment that has been
annoying him for some time
Frank Wells now with Galusha
Son expects to go on the road with
a shoe line about March 10 Frank is
a live wire and will make good
Supt Chas W Taylor has been
appointed as delegate to the Nebras
ka Conservation Congress which
meets in Lincoln the last of this
week Mr Taylor received his ap
pointment from Chancellor Samuel
Avery of the University
Miss Ada Himelrich of St Joseph
Mo arrived in the city this week
Wednesday and is in charge of the
trimming department at Mrs J
P Nies Miss Himelrich has been a
successful trimmer in St Joseph for
several seasons past
FOR RENT Farms with 4 room
house barn and granary wells and
cisterrs Inquire of G W Trimper
Culbertson Neb
FOR RENT Dwelling house Phone
cedar 983 or 25 tf
FOR RENT My residence fumis
ed 207 2nd street east Phone black
170 Mrs F J Martin
FOR RENT Two furnished rooms
with heat and light Phone red 281
Call at 319 1st st west
Nice new clean rooms to rent
furnished or unfurnished and for light
housekeeping Inquire at 112 west B
street 16 2t
FOR SALE My residence on 1st
st E Also a dwelling on 2nd st E
Phone black 109
FOR SALE 10 hole Columbia drilL
W T Spencer Phone black 272-13-3
FOR SALE Modern five room cot
tage 711 1st street west
FOR SALE- Lot 2 block 7 4th
McCook Write Ray E Benjamin at
Fairbury Nebraska
LOST A pocket book containing a
considerable sum of money and two
receipts one of them from the Minr
neapolis Threshing Machine Co Tea
dollars reward will be paid for returc
Temple TheatreMarch 2
Wm T Gaskell Edwin W Rowland offer George iMiddletons Dramatization
of Meredith Nicholsons Novel
As produced for one year at Dalys and the Hackett Theaters
New York and Garrick Theatre Chicago
The audience at the Garrick liked the play and many many audiences will go wild over
itAmy Leslie in Chicago Daily News
Prices for this engagement 259 35 50 75 100 I
uu1iIiiiiiii j n