The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, September 22, 1910, Image 4

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Better Start
An early start and a defi
n te plan goes far toward
assuring success to the
young man or woman
starting out in life No
need of being otingy
neither should you be a
spender The sensible
and easy method of creat
ing a fund for your future
needs is to open an ac
count with this bank de
posit whatever you can
each week or month
Stick to it and in time
your success will be as
sured Better start now
you will never regret it
McCook Nebr
Largest Circulation in Red Willow Co
Entered at postoflicc McCook Nebraska as
second class iuntter Published weekly
For United States Senator
For Governor
For Lieutenant Governor
For Secretary of State
For Auditor
For Attorney General
For Land Commissioner
For Treasurer
For State Superintendent
For Railroad Commissioner
For Congressman 5th Dist
For State Senator 29th Dist
For State Representative Goth Dist
For County Attorney
For Commissioner 3rd Dist
The Democrats of Utah have a
statewide prohibition plank in their
I am blessed with enemies is the
droll way that T R puts And with
a multitude of friends too
And Wyoming that outer circum
ference of the limit of standpat cor
poration controlled Western baili
wicks endorses one Richard Ballin
The Republican legislative ticket
is one that should command every
Republican vote in the district John
F Cordeal candidate for senator is
a young man of ability good business
judgment and an excellent gentleman
Cambridge Clarion
Progressives won in three of the
twenty five congressional districts of
Illinois last week Uncle Joe was
renominated in the Danville district
by a reduced but liberal majority
Henry S Boutell the well known
standpatter fell by the wayside Lee
ONeill Browne of Lorimor infamy
and 22 of 32 Democrats who voted for
Lorimor for U S senator were re
nominated for the legislature
Too high value cannot be placed
upon integrity and unimpeachable
character The writer has person
ally known Frank Moore for a quarter
of a century and has the first in
timation or insinuation to hear con
cerning his character His life has
been an open book His Impulse to
do the right in every situation has
been generous and just He should
be frankly and freely supported for
the office of state representative at
the coming electionBuEtiieJtepubli
cans of Red Willqwgqunty nd that
will be sufficient to reelect him by
a geab ana jadaiiiaTe innjoyil o3SC
Omaha Jim
Rattlesnake Pete Arizona Jerry
Texas Tom and Wild Bill have passed
into history but now comes Omaha
Jim as the nominee of the Democratic
party by grace of Republican assist
ance for governor of Nebraska Prob
ably no one political party anywhere
could be induced to knowingly accept
Omaha Jim as its candidate for the
chief office in the state but the
change made in the primary ballot
two years ago provided an induce
nient for jumping across party lines
and here we are presented with a
Democratic candidate who oves his
primary victory to the votes of friend
ly Republicans
Some Democrats feel that a con
sederable percent of the Republicans
who assisted in Dahlmanizing the
Democratic party did so for the
pose of putting a load on Nebraska
Democracy that would swamp it but
the accuracy of his view cannot be
known now and can only be guessed
at after the November election The
interesting question is Will the main
body of Nebraska Democrats stand
for the Omaha Jim candidacy Red
chips red liquor and red lights may
form an issue of paramount import
ance to Omaha voters but how is the
Democracy of the rest of the state
going to feel about the situation af
ter it has time for deliberate consid
Will Nebraska Democracy consent
to become responsible for the exec
utive acts of Omaha Jim What sort
of people would he appoint to office
Who would be the superintendents
at the Kearney Geneva Milford Has
tings Beatrice and other institutions
Whom would Omaha Jim install as
his advisers Remembering the
Sioux City waterways convention
what might be expected of Omaha Jim
if he were called on to attend great
public gatherings as governor of Ne
braska Geneva Signal
The county attorney is in no prop
er sense the fiscal agent o a coun
ty It is not his special duty as pros
ecuting attorney to make the fees of
his office pay the expenses of the
office and that will not be the high
est aim and object of a county attor
ney who seeks to enforce the laws
and to prosecute proper public litiga
tion rather than to save the county
money by failing or refusing to pros
ecute The people of Red Willow
county like those in any other coun
ty are interested in having in charge
of the legal department of the county
business a man who by training and
education and experience is equipped
and competent to perform all the le
gal and advisory duties demanded by
the business and people of the county
It does and it should cost the coun
ty money to enforce and prosecute
the laws The fact that any county
attorney should fall heir to fortuitous
circumstances rendering the cost of
conducting the business of that office
at a small cost is no proof that the
officer is competent or that lie has
discharged his duties in that office
A demagogue seeking votes may
dodge and evade and run away from
the performance of his sworn duties
and thus fool the voter by the spe
cious claim of saving the county mon
ey An able and honest and indus
trious official in that office in tho
discharge of his duties may not be
able to save the county money in tha
manner but he may do more and
better he may enforce the laws and
his intelligent advice and counsel may
be of great value to the other offi
cers of the county especially to the
county commissioners
So we repeat it the question be
fore the voters of Red Willow coun
ty and to be settled at the coming
election is not who can save the
county the most money but who can
render the best and most efficient
service for the county and the people
Charles D Ritchie the Republican
nominee comes from Nebraskas uni
versity and its law school thoroughly
trained and equipped for the practice
of law This training has been tried
and seasoned by several years of ex
perience and active practice in the
courts Add to this the gratuitous
assistance of his partner Mr F L
Wolff and you have no need for fur
ther proof or argument Your deci
sion will be that of The Tribune that
Mr Ritchie offers the people of Red
Willow county the most valuable and
efficient service and that he should
be elected this fall by a nice ma
Governor Shallenberger has an
nounced that he left the field open
to Dahlman so far as he Shallen
berger is concerned
Caleb Powers has been nominated
for congressman in the 11th Ken
tucky district by a majority of 11280
votes Powers was three times tried
and convicted of the murder of Gov
ernor William Goebel in 1900 The
fourth trial resulted in a disagree
ment Governor Wilson afterwards
his maorltyymlicates that tiff
whStlfre sought lc cszt i
JinnZi nriiili lJii SaiiZ
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H l 1 vS If r1vwjsy
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V v- f lf tt C J
yv y Ji0tx gy3vv JvJ rvvV mwrf vJWff
Refuses to Support Dahlman
Arapahoe Pioneer Demo
Believing confidently in ihe princi
ples of the Democnui3 rarty and
that in the carrying out of those
principles depended the success and
perpetuity of our free institutions
the welfare and happiness of our peo
ple we have ever done all in our pow
er to contribute to the success of the
Democratic party at the polls We
now surrender none of our Democracy
by refusing to support the candid
acy of James C Dahlman for gover
nor Mr Dahlman in no sense repre
sents the Democracy of Nebraska
His nomination was not brought about
by Democratic voters of the state
He represents no important tenet of
Democracy which makes it the duty
of any Democrat to support him and
the only claim that he can put forth
in asking for the support of the bet
ter element of the party is the fact
that his name is on the ticket We
are compelled to make a choice be
tween two evils Dahlmanism and Re
publicanism as represented by Chester
H Aldrich Dahlmanism means de
bauchery and booze uncontrolled To
us the principles represented by both
are obnoxious Aldrich however to
gether with his pernicious Republi
canism stands for respectability and
the protection of society from the
baleful influence of booze and im
morality while Dahlman is reputed
the chosen champion of the devotees
of vice and immorality We have
always admired the man who stayed
by his party candidates We believe
in party fealty but in this instance
in view of the fact that of Mr Dahl
mans twenty seven thousand votes
three fifths were Republicans We
have no hesitancy in saying that such
a candidate has little claims to the
support of the decent Democracy of
the state
State Representative E A Brown
of University Place is the latest Dem
ocrat of standing to announce his
fixed purpose to vote for Aldrich for
Just what does Governor Shallen
berger mean when he writes Chair
man J C Byrnes of the Democratic
state committee in language as fol
This is going to be a Democratic
year and I want to see Nebraska in
line with the nation and the
Cpjanizatipja ygu jsp
to win- arsweepingylctoryidoibeustate
thisfalkii aiih st azizs Cim
oaj r
- 9
Aldrich is Metcalfes Choice
Lincoln Neb Sept 17 1910 Hon
Chester H Aldrich David City Neb
Dear Sir I intend to give you my
support in your candidacy for the of
fice of governor of Nebraska I have
known your opponent Mr James C
Dahlman for more than twenty years
and would net join in any personal
disparagement of him On the con
trary I respect him for certain sterl
ing qualities I know him to possess
But his nomination was secured
through the active and notorious
interference in Democratic primaries
of the liquor interests and he repre
sents admittedly everything the li
quor interests desire in the way of
legislation He promises to approve
a bill repealing the 8 oclock closing
law and to veto a county option bill
and in every way stands as the frank
outspoken champion of the most ob
noxious of all the special interests
It would be difficult to make an
issue clearer than the one that has
been forced upon the people of Ne
braska through the bold and undis
guised edict of the liquor trust It is
a bigger question than 8 oclock clos
ing and a more important one than
county option Beside it the person
ality of candidates sink into insignifi
cance Shall the people of Nebraska
surrender political power into the
keeping of the liquor trust shall they
put the stamp of approval upon that
trusts executed threat to destroy a
governor who dared to go counter to
its wishes That is the issue as I
understand it
I respect every mans opinion on
this question But I am unable to see
it in any other light than that a vote
for Mr Dahlman is a vote to deliver
Nebraska into the merciless keeping
of an institution tSat is responsible
for too many tears and too much sor
row to be entrusted with the govern
ment of this great state
As a Democrat who from boyhood
days has served his party I am re
luctant to do anything that would
even temporarily separate me from
party organization But the Demo
cratic primaries recently held were
controlled by Republicans voting un
der the leadership of the liquor in
terests rather than by Democrats and
if we must follow Republican leader
ship then I prefer to choose the sort
of Republican leadership I am to have
In the exercise of this privilege
I choose you as my candidate for gov
pernor and I am at your service
i Yours truly
Clothes Made
null man iiuiuuui wjiuni uie ne 1
publicans nominated for state senator
will be the surprise of the coming
election His majority will be the
biggest thing in the district Stock
ville Faber
Congressman G W Norris will
speak on the issues of the day at the
Hitchcock county fair Saturday His
Democratic competitor Mr Suther
land will also be present on that
day ad will speik
Real Estate Filings
The following real estate filing
have been made in the county clerks
office since our last report
Clara L McBride et cons to
Edith G Kelso w d to lot
1 block 9 Fourth McCook 1900 00
O Grismore vs John H Tho
mas m lien on lots 5 and
G block 4 Fourth McCook 21G0 00
Ada M Hotze to Charles A
Hotze w d to part of se qr
se qr 7-3-27 300 00
To a Last Weeks Article in the
County Papers Signed and Certi
fied to by Charles Skalla Under
the Seal of the County Clerks Of
fice but Really by Skalla and Rit
chie Entitled Keep the Record
In which Charley says among other
things in the case of the State vs
Hall plead guilty prosecuted by
Cordeal McCarl Now Charley
you know that is false That case
was not prosecuted in the district
court at all but that and two more
cases were compromised by the coun
ty attorney and W S Morlan their
attorney in which they plead guilty
and paid a fine of 75000 and costs
And you say the case of State vs
Brown was prosecuted by Darnell
which is also false Darnell had noth
ing to do with the case except to as
sist a little while on the day ofi trial
with no expense to the county and
left before the case was through
And you forget to say that Mr Brown
was found guilty in that case and
paid a fine into the county treasury
of 50000 and costs and you knew
it was tried at a regular jury term of
court and you have charged the jury
of that whole term which amounted
to 21250 to that one case which ycu
know is misleading and meant to de
ceive as the jury is drawn by the
county commissioners or the whole
thn Stein Bloch make
This is the reason back of
our choosing the Stein
Bloch label for ours We
have absolute confidence
in them and in their mak
ers We tell you that no
better ready - to - wear
clothes are made in the
world than Stein Bloch
Smart Clothes They
satisfy you in fit in style
and in service Their
price is reasonable more
than that when their
quality is considered
Prices 20 to 30
W B St
R F D No 1
G V Korell is advertising a pub
lic sale Sept 30th He has rented
his place to the Creagers and will
move to Culbertson The Creagers
expect to put in an acreage of su
gar beets
Marriage Licenses
The following licenses have been
issued since our last report
Freddie W Breaker 21 and Nel
lie Iona Reatherford 22 both of
James W Walsh 27 of Wymore
and Mary Agnes Williams 26 of Mc
Newman E Austin 32 of Stevens
Neb and Edna M Coffey 19 of Ce
dar Bluffs Kas Married by county
judge Sept 3rd 1910
September 30th
at opera house
Try a Tribune want ad and watch
term to try civil as well as criminal
cases and is paid by the county com
missioners the expense of which is
no part of my department
And in the case of Riley and also
of Purdy you have charged 20400
at costs in the cases which were ex
penses incurred after conviction and
are no part of the costs of prosecution
and you have charged the jury of that
whole term amounting to 16605 to
those two cases which you knew to
be misleading and meant to deceive
Now with your jury fees of two
whole terms of court charged to
those three cases you have a total
of 47855
And expenses after convic
tion of 20400
Which makes a total of 68255
besides numerous other small items
of costs which are no part of the
costs in the prosecution of criminal
cases and are only put in by you to
mislead and deceive without any re
gard to the truth
The amounts of fines and costs
that I have printed In those circulars
were obtained from the district
clerks office which will neither lie
nor deceive any person and are cor
rect and the cases were all conducted
by the county attorney with no ex
pense to the county for attorneys
fees and besides there was some
one convicted