The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 04, 1910, Image 2

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tiamce by mail to postmaster upon tjonai Harvester Co
Seward Less Than in 1880
Population figures for two counties
ai Nebraska were made public at the
census bureau today Seward countys
Oopulation of 15895 a gain of 205
ver 1900 but a loss of 245 as com
pared with the census taken in the
same county twenty years ago A
better showing is made in Madison
eounty The official figures for 1910
Ving 19101 a gain of 2125 as com
pared with the census of 1900 and
a gain of 5432 as compared with the
census of 1S90
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inflamed air passages of the head
throat and bronchial tubes It con
tains no opiates and no harmful druss
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Dysentery is a dangerous disease
Dut can be cured Chamberlains Col
ic Cholera and Diarrhoea remedy has
been successfully used in nine epi
demics of dysentery It has never
been known to fail It is equally val
uable for children and adults and
when reduced with water and sweet
ened it is pleasant to take Sold by
A McMILLEN Druggist
According to the Goodland Repub
lic work on the Gulf Northwest
ern R R is expected to begin August
1 This road- would furnish north
and south transportation through the
western tier of Kansas counties from
Liberal in Seward Co to St Francis
and connect with the Burlington at
Haigler or Benkelman Nebraska
Huher handles the Carhartt gloves
and caps also and a full line of
other makes
Everything In drugs McConnell
Has a high food value A food that children will like
and grow vigorous upon Compounded from Wheat
Oats Rice and Barley
Ask Your Grocer
New Money Order Form
After nearly a half centurys use
of the ad rice of postal money orders
it is about to be discontinued Post
master Cone is in receipt of informa
tion to this effect from the postoffice
iouartmeiiL The United States
requiring the postmaster to send
A number from this place went to
Marion Thuisday to see the hail
game between the Bloomer Girls and
Floyd Ervin arrived home Wednes
day from South Dakota where he
lias been working for the
Vlissth Iu drew an order has been perCy Bell and family from JIc
repealed A new form of domestic or- Cook spent Sunday at the M M
order has been adopted and will be
iut Into use gradually that is as
each postmaster exhausts his present
supply of forms he will be supplied
with the new style of order
Young home
B N Leisure arrived home Mon
day from Pawnee City where he
has been visiting
A crowd went over to Indianola
ics gathered show the money order - Sunday to take a cool bath in the
system as at present operated costs j swimming pool
the government about 60000 in ex- w C Shockley came home Tues
The range peddlers were in town
over Saturday and Sunday
Burr Gartin arrived home Wed
nesday night from Red Cloud Neb
where he has been working in a
H L Ruby spent Sunday with the
Mrs A V Olmstead was visiting
relatives in Cedar Bluffs Wednesday
Thomas Ball shipped two cars
cattle to Kansas City Saturday nisfc
Ray Sims is laid up with a sore
hand caused by being mashed be
tween two wagons
Burr Henton arrived home Friday
from Junction City Kas where he
has been playingball
Mrs Robert Green and daughter
Hallie left Monday for Denver Colo
They Have a Definite Purpose
Foley Kidney Pills give quick re
lief in cases of kidney and bladder
ailments Mrs Rose Glaser Terre
Haute Ind tells the result in her
case After suffering for many year
from a serious case of kidney trouble
and spending much money for so
called cures I found Foley Kidney
Pills the only medicine that gave
me permanent cure I am again able
to be up and attend to my work I
shall never hesitate to recommend
them A McMillen
Will Meyers has a niece visiting
Mr Rinck continues very low be
ing just alive the last heard
Ben King and family and Will Mey
ers and family took dinner at Louis
Longneckers Sunday
The heat of last Wednesday was
hard on the children of all ages as
there was much sickness among them
F C Smith has charge of the Far
mers elevator
Paul Smith is at present helping
his father
Mr and Mrs S C King were at
John Longneckers the first of the
The piano tuner is around There
are six pianos and nine organs in
this community
Leon Smith attended the chautauqu
at Cambridge on Tuesday
Goldie Smith is helping Mrs Tay
lor for a while
The withered arm professional beg
ger is around again
Acute or Chronic Which
No matter if your kidney trouble
is acute or chronic Foleys Kidney
Remedy will reach your case Mr
Claude Brown Reynoldsville 111
writes us that he suffered many
months with kidney complaint which
baffled all treatment At last he tried
Foleys Kidney Remedy and a few
large bottles effected a complete cure
He says It has been of inestimable
value to me a McMilleP
Nearly every body wants a state
daily during the political mix up now
going on and the Lincoln Journal
cuts its price to January 1 1911 tb2
with Sunday or 150 without You
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Republicans Adopt County Option
Plank and for a Direct
Endorse Eight Oclock
Closing Law
For 553
Against 276
Democratic -
For 198
Against 647
The republican state platform re
cess of receipts from same source day from Manhattan Kasf where he views achievements of the party and
This is a small deficit compared with I has been taking medical treatment
the deficit from handling registered Mrs J A Clouse and children ar
mail second class mail and rural rived home Friday from Ohio where
ausmess Still it is proposed to they have been visiting the last
place the money order and all other couple of months
departments upon a paying basis and j Danbury is going to organize a
me nope is tnat tins end will be at- base ball team Saturday nieht
tained in the course of the present
year The new order will consist of a
eceip for remitter a coupon to be
filed with paying office and the order
itself which will be treated as a
voucher for settlement of accounts be
tween postmaster and auditor A
card system record of all orders paid
will therefore be kept by pasing office
But the paying postmaster will have
no advance information of orders
3rawn upon his office The saving to
She department by the discontinuance
of advice will be nearly half the ex
Dense of handling the order itself Of
eourse it will not change the cost of
window work handling of funds etc
Tint it will save envelopes for mailing
advise and the work of handling the
other blanks iuid a great amount of
clerical work
Advertised List
The following letters cards and
packages remain uncalled for at the
Advertised 3 uly 28 1910
Mr T H Barns Mr Leonard Cran
dall A M Campbell Mr P Hens-
aiard A P Mare J RPeterson Mrs
Jas Richardson W H Shuman Mr
Alexender Volker
Mrs J R Cbamberlan Mr John
Fee Mr Jn Forney Mrs Mary Hove
h B Jeep Mr- Maggie Leacb Mr
Lester Nick Is Mr t hris Roope Miss
Veale Woodard
When calling for these please say
they were advertised
LON CONE Postmaster
endorses the work of its leaders
Favors the creation of a
board of control for state insti
Endorses county option
Favors redisricting the state for
legislative purposes
Endorses direct legislation
The republican party of Nebraska
has declared for county option This
fall It will go before the people of the
state with its candidates endorsing
that issue as a further regulation of
the liquor traffic and pledging the re
publican candidate for governor to
sign if he is elected The party also
United States Senator from Nebraska
insistence on needed legislation The
county option plank was recommend
ed by the committee as was also the
administration plank and the non-partisan
board of control The direct
legislation plank came before the con
vention as an appeal from the major
ity of the committee
The convention- was absolutely in
the hands of the county optionists
Little had -been heard about direct
legislation but when the appeal from
the committee came it secured almost
as strong endorsement as the county
option plank Two days of hard work
by the men who would have had a
compromise or would have had the
platform silent on the liquor question
did not move many of the delegates
from their position Two hours in
the committee on resolutions failed
to move the majority of one member
from an insistence on a straight plank
declaration Speeches in the
tion against the measure were listened
to with much impatience The word
ing of the lank which was adopted
the night before the convention as a
sane and moderate one was finally
forced through the convention by an
overwhelming majority and amid
scenes of wild excitement and en-
-I T i j 1
vention would refuse to touch the
matter or would take a pronounced
attiture At times it was impossible
for Chairman Brown to maintain
order W W Young of Stanton coun
ty tried to argue in favor of a silent
platform but was interrupted and
roasted until he quit the platform
vanquished but smiling
Although the motions which re
sulted in the test vote were so twisted
by parliamentary practice that no
meant yes and vice versa the dele
gations made no mistakes and the
trln Trnn niinAJ3 L
stinated take a lna nf n J ulc Ytt uy eacn county
UCWUill3 lth
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before retiring and you will feel all
right in the morning Sold by
A McMILLEN Druggist
energy and clearness
When Douglas county announced
that It cast ninety four votes against
the county option plank the enthusi
roached such heights that the roll call
was temporarily suspended Likewise
when Judge Frost of Lancaster an
nounced clearly that fifty six votes
from Lancaster county were on the
DEMOCRATS AT GRAND ISLAND county option side pandemonium
REPUBLICANS AT LINCOLN broke loose Delegates threw up their
iiats and cheered Old men shook
hands oer the backs of seats Others
As inserted in the platrorm the
county option plank read For the
further and better regulation of the
coin by Senator King of Osceola and
accepted by the county option leaders
The Omaha members had stood in
committee for Websters draft which
related to the liquor question
Congressman Norris had been
turned down for chairman by a vote
f 2 to 1 and had come to the plat
form at the invitation of his success
ful opponent Senator Brown and had
declared that the utmost harmony and
understanding prevailed between him
self and the senator While the reso
lutions committee was reporting he
appeared a second time the only di
rect parts he took in the convention
He asked permission to introduce an
amendment to the platform as signed
by the entire committee that relating
to the national administration He
read it as follows
Every protest against the wrong is
insurging for the fight We are un
alterably opposed to the system knowa
as Cannonism and are in hearty sym
pathy with the insurgent movement in
and out of congress We herewith
urge our senators and representatives
to continue to use their votes and in
fluence along progressive lines in the
Roll call was asked- for but the
chairman finally put it viva voce and
declared- it carried
The democratic platform en
dorses the last democratic na
s tional platform and state plat
declares that the people should have forms of 1S08 and 1909
a right to vote on a constitutional
amendment referring to direct legis
lation or initiative and referendum
non partisan control of state institu
tions and the hearty endorsement of
the activity of President Taft in his
1 Grand Island Nebraska democrats
have wrested the leadership of their
state organization from William J
Bryan on the issue of county option
By decisive votes they registered their
unbelief in his present policies afatr
listening to an impassioned appeal
from Mr Bryan who declared the
liquor interests were in an organized
attemput to secure political control of
the state The minority plank sub
mitted by Mr Bryan was brief and
to recede fromb his former radical at-
tlfitrTo Ttf lii Ti rTloTc nrrnitip fTr I
grieved because I have been sold out
and that he felt called upon to pre
vent the political burglary of tho
The republican party and the pop
ulist party of this state have adopted
county option said -Mr Bryan in con
clusion if you do not adopt it it bo
comes an issue Your speakers pay
the tide is turning toward democracy
in national issues then make your
fight on them not in defense of the
liquor traffic
Mr Bryan made no comment after
liquor traffic in Nebraska we favor the vote and in answer to questions
the passage of a county option law referred to Ills speech in which he
by the next session of the legislature proclaimed his fealty to the demo
and nledse our candidate for coventor cratic party and its platform
if eleeted to sign such a law on that j AinId a tumult of cheers from the
Democrats Reject County Option and subiect as the legislature mav enact former followers of William J Bryan
This was the plank brought to Premanent Chairman Smythe of tho
democratic platform convention today
read the result of the test vote from
the gathering which practically took
from Mr Bryan the democratic leader
ship of Nebraska which he has main
tained for twenty years
The vote came on a motion made by
Congressman G M Hitchcock a can
didate for the senatorial nomination
anl in effect was to eliminate the in-
Governor of Nebraska
troduction of platform planks with
accompanying speeches unless sub
mitted as a section of the majority
or minority report of the committee
on resolutions
Mr Bryan seated as a member of
Condemns the Aldrich Payne J the Lancaster county delegation was
tariff bill
Favors conservation of na
tional resources
Endorses the signing of the
proves his administration -
Favors biennial elections 3
non partisan board of control of Re
state institutions and the
ative and referendum
I unon his feet at once with 1 nrnfosi
j and proffered an amendment that
j would modify the intent of the
tnal motion
The temporary organization was
made permanent and Chairman Smythe
ernor Shallenberqer and an-
i luer a unet speecn selected a com-
nittee on resolutions Mr Bryan
was among the first two of the com-
i mittee of seven named Congressman
i Hitchcock made his motion to re
strict discussion The opponents of
Mr Bryan asserted that if individual
introduction of platform planks had
been permitted with a speech or
speeches on each one it would have
materially delayed the progress of the
body While they asserted their wil
lingness that he should speak on the
minority report which he was expect
ed to introduce the action practically
prohibited any other speech from him
in the convention
Governor Shallenberger received a
I great ovation He said the big con-
vention was a forerunner of victory in
his opponents declared was an effort yrnamUnr
November a democratic
jovernor was
I so rare in Nebraska that he was not
amazed that others like Mayor Dahl-
county option plang were unappeased
o ci man also wanted the honor He too
J loved a Sht He had never won
Mr Bryan speaking from the plat- any-
l AV iV
f I thing without one The governor said
form in behalf of the minority plank a 7
llo tTl
that the tariff
alone would defeat the
t j utlcaL lt
presented by him was greeted by
Lc i 1 f republicans m - Nebraska this year He
defended the acts of the last legisla
in wo cnvi ot
If I have advocate that which is
not good for the state let me feel your
wrath If you find I have done any
thing that is not for the good of the
democratic party I do not ask your
Who less than I could desire to
disrupt the democratic party Am I
not aware what a repudiation at your
hands will mean to me It has been
said that I am making this fight be
cause 1 am not a candidate Nothing
could be more untrue
Mr Bryan here referred to the po
litical battles he had waged and de
clared that he had been fearless when
his own future seemed at stake
Continuing he said I have been
called a dictator for expressing my
opinion Your candidates here today
have expressed their sentiments By
what law am I compelled to remain
silent When I feel that the good
name of my state is at stake
It has been said that I am
ture and said that of the 207 bills
passed a republican court had only
declared three unconstitutional He
said the democratic administration
dha reduced taxes and by bringing in
property not previously on the tax list
it had saved the people a million
1 lars a year
Lincoln We rejoice that the Is
sue for which we have so long stood
is the dominant issue in Nebraska pol
itics This was all the state conven
tion of the prohibition party had to
say Tuesday about county option in
an official way In several addresses
count- option was spoken of in a dis
paraging manner It was called a
half way measure based on practical
politics rather than conviction D B
Gilbert the chairman of the state cen
tral committee in a stirring exhorta
tion for party loyalty said If we can
get 50000 votes this fall on the pro-
by the liquor interests of my own hibition ticket instead of 8000 polled
state I have been sold out bv these at the last election we will An mr
i ir other matters of political import liquor democrats in my own state and good than all the county option wind
uaviuji ueeu suuoraimiiea to tne one saved by the votes of self respecting
umei ibue me wimest scenes of en 1 republicans who refused to aid in it
remain silent when a band of politi
cal assassins attack me
The speaker then attacked the seat
ed delegates of Douglas county de
claring that they were not the choice
of the democrats of the couify
I am not willing to admit that this
Is a final settlement of this ques
tion continued Mr Bryan and on a
moral question I am not afraid to ex
press my opinions and stand on it
if I have to stand alone
Plot to Betray the State
Mr Bryan declared that he had
learned on his return from South
America of the plan to betray Nebras
ka Into the hands of the liquor inter
ests He said that the election of
United States senators and state
asm of that side of the discussion cials was a part of the conspiracy
While the platform committee was
drawing up a report the convention
ulUMaMU aua energy were witnessed t exnect to fte in nolitics for manv listened to several nr1lrcn r
during the discussion which touched j Vears yet I expect to aid in the work Birmingham who has filed foV the
on the subject and during the roll call of the democratic party and will not United States senatorship on three
was to decide whether the con
tickets made the following state
ment Local option is not sufficient
to solve the liquor problem If all
the states in the union were dry and
the District of Columbia wet under
our present interstate commerce laws
the whole country would be flooded
with whisky from that territory Be
sides we need to make Washington a
clean city and at present it is not up
with even Lincoln
Lincoln Representatives of the so
cialist party in NebraslCa passed light
ly over the county option question in
their state convention but adopted a
lengthy platform declaring for radi
cal governmental steps emhodying the
community idea
Real Estate Filings
The following real estate fillngf
have been made In the county clerks
offico since our last report
J L Sargent et ux to Sam
uel TJ Rnyer et al wd to
so qr 350000
William Edward McKillip to -
A L Parker and A A wd
to sw qr ne qr 1-2-5-6- In
539G 12120 00
P D Fisher ot ux to C E
Schutz wd to ne qr 2 3 20
shf 35-4-30 20000 00
Julia A Ryan sing to John
Eckman wd to 2 in 4 4th
McCook 400 00
John C Puckott et ux to Chas
Shumaker wd to 5 6 in G
Indianola 650 00
Lincoln Land Co to William
Stoinbrecker wd to 2 in 10
7th McCook 225 00
Stephen D Taylor et ux to
Lynn Lamphere wd to jio qr
22-1-30 3000 00
Be sure and take a bottle of Cham
berlains Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy with you when you start on
your trip this summer It cannot be
obtained on board the trains or steam
ers Changes of water and climate
often causes sudden attacks of diar
rhoea and it is best to be prepared
Sold by A McMillen
Office 212 Main av phone 195
Residence 1012 Main av phone red
Physician and Surgeon
Local Surgeon B M
Phones Office 163 residence
black 124 Office Rooms 5 6 Tem
ple building McCook Neb
Phono 55
Office over Electric Theatre out
Main Ave
Phone 112
Office Rooms
building McCook
and Walshi
Phone 37S
Room 4 Postoffice buildmj
Cook Neb
Phone 163
Office Room 4 Masonio temple
McCook Neb
Phone 190
Office over McAdams store Mc
Cook Neb
Attorney at Law and
Bonded Abstracter
Agent of Lincoln Land Co and of
McCook Water Works Co Office la
Postoffice building McCook Neb
Phone 34
Office Commercial ham MeClGQj
Residence at Indianola Nebraska
Phone 105
Will cry sales anywhere any time
at reasonable prices Dates made at
First Natl Bank or phone Red 381
Plumbing Heating
and Gas Fitting
Phone 33
Estimates furnished freeBasemenfc
Postoffice buildinir
Real Estate
and Insurance
Office 302 over Woodworks drug
v- l