The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, March 24, 1910, Image 3

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Commencing Monday March
E P Wiley Presents
TiitiiltTTr -
And His
In a Series of Intensely Interest
ing and Sensationally Scientific
Demonstrations Mingled With
an Abundance of Clean Comedy
Prices Ten Twenty Thirty Fifty Cents
Ladies Free Monday If Accompanied by a Paid Fifty -Cent Ticket
Retirement of an Old Business Man
Last Thursday night F D Burgess
retired from rhe plumbing business
in our city where he has been en
gaged in business for the past 2G
yeaTS F D has not decided what
he will do but it is safe to say that
a man of his active temperament and
iecord will no long remain inactive
and that he will soon be at work
here or elsewhere
A Great Dance St Patricks Xight
The ladies of the Catholic church
score handsomely in their dance on
St Patricks night They had a
large crowd and the financial re
turns to the guild were very satis
factory Their guests had nothing
to desire in the provisions made for
their entertainment fine orchestra
appropriate decorations etc
3IcCook People Have Found that
This is True
A cold a strain a sudden wrench
A little cause may hurt the kid
Spells of backache often follow
Or some irregularity of the urine
A certain remedy for 6uch attacks
A medicine that answers every
Is Doans Kidney Pills a true
Mrs B F Marshall living in the
western part of Arapahoe Neb
says While lifting some years ago
I strained myself and after that be
gan to have trouble with my kid
neys If I worked a little harder
than usual or caught the slightest
cold I was sure to suffer more severe
ly and at times would be forced to
remain in bed for a couple of days
My back was very sore and when I
straightened after stooping sharp
pains would dart through me I also
had frequent headaches and dizzy
spells and the kidney secretions an
noyed me somewhat by their irreg
ular action Not until I used Doans
kidney pills was I able to get relief
They went directly to the root of my
trouble and before long I was in
good health again
Plenty more proof like this from
McCook people Call at McConnells
drug store and ask what customers
For sale by all dealers Price 50
cents Foster Milburn Co Buffalo
N Y sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doans
and take no other
CURES disease with Pure Blood
Real Estate Filings
The following real estate filing have
been made in the county clerks office
Mary A Cameron et cons to
Peter Nelson wd to 1 2 3 in
8 rd McCook 3000 00
George Lelnnd et ux to Rich
ard W McDaniel wd to 1 in
10 1st So McCook 6C0 00
Frank T Walker et ux to James
E Paul wd hf inc in se qr 22
n hf nwqr27 32G 2400 00
Harry Groves to L E Barker
wd to 6 in 8 2nd McCook 1 00
Manuel Sinner et ux to C G
Orman wd to 1 2 in 4 Gth
McCook 2100 00
Tina Stalcup et al to John H
Hollenbeck wd to ne qr 33
230 2400 00
McDonald Bennett to Leonard
J Shippee wd to pt nw qr 1 1
26 100
James L Hill to J VV Sims
wd to ne qr 4000 00
Sarah M Widener etal to Jesse
D Mallery wd to 1 2 in 9
Lebanon 1620 00
United States to William A
Minniear pat to se qr 13 1 28
Edward I Flitcraft et ux to
Clarence F Dann et ux wd
5 in 3 7th McCook 1600 00
Following licenses to marry have been
issued since our last report
Robert N Wade 22 of Holbrook and
Sadie D Blanchard 22 of McCook
Married by the county judge March 9
Conrad Schaub 21 and Louisa Weir
ick 20 both of McCook Married on
March 12th by Rev G L Henkelmann
Scott E Wolf 22 and Barbara Ann
Richman 21 both of Bartley Married
by Rev C A Norlin March 16th
Wesley D Crawford 25 of Cam
bridge and Nellie J Chambers 18 of
Holbrook Married by Rev V H
Raring March 16th
Frank L Warren 25 and Fannie
Blanchard 20 both of McCook Mar
ried by county judge March 16th
Rue Thomas 22 and Zsllah Hold
ridge 22 both of Danbury Married
by county judge March 16
Thomas Frank Humphries 25 and
Ruth Gr Campbell 19 bbtfrof McCook
Married Match 20th by Rev R T
Carl E ReddicK 21 and Alma Hend
derson 22 both of McCook
Raymond W Cain 28 and Mrs Bes
sie Loughton 2S both of McCook
Married by county junge March 21st
Mesdames Ambler and Beck from
Sunny Kansas visited MrsGalusbn one
day last week
Mrs Wm Sandon of Danbury was in
town between trains last week the
guest of Mrs Stilgftbouer
S W Stilgebouer of Danbury was
a business visitor in town betwen
trains last week
Several from here attended the box
supper at the White Hall school house
northeast of Danbury Friday evening
George Jackson of Oberlin came last
Thursday with a crew of men and his
moving paraphernalia to take a part of
the grain elevator and place it on the
foundation of the new mill for Powell
A H Redfern of Fairview returned
Thursday from a ten days trip in Texas
and southern parts
Frank Fields is having an addition
built to his house Grandpa Rodebaugh
doing the work
t E Galasha cemented a large istern
for Chas Wilson last Saturday
Clarence Reed of Fairview was at
Flagler Colo the first of the week
with a view of taking a claim
S H Stilgebouer and family visited
at H A Creasman8 north of town
L D Gockley arrived home Monday
from a two and a half months visit
with their daughter at Haigler Neb
and their son near Laird Colo
Mrs Ellen Plumbi returned frpm her
western trip last week
Claire Plumb Hope and Josephine
Bull who have been stopping at the J
H Wicks home for some time left last
week for Greeley Colo where Mrs
Bull is now residing
Mesdames Morgan MoDonald Noe
Adams and Crosby of Danbury attend
ed the W C T U meeting here
Mrs W F Van Pelt and sister
Blanche opened a new millin3ry store
one door north of the Enterprise office
last week
Pneumonia follows a cold but never
follows the use of Foleys Honry and
Tar which stops the cough heals the
lungs and expels the cold from the sys
tem A McMillen
Our Longmont Colorado canned veg
etables are now in This years crop of
peas beans and tomatoes at Hubers
Former Heavyweight Champion Vfeds
Sweetheart of His Youth
The marriage recently of John L
Sullivan former heavyweight clinm
lion of the world to Miss Katharine
llarkius has revealed a pretty ro
mance Years ago Miss Elarkins
might have been Mrs Sullivan hud
not Sullivan angered her by becoming
a pugilist As the Boston strong boy
he was tried out at the old Cribb club
w idling i
m F9WJfcjBrg n
riApiyivfTsrL 1
In Boston and soon was making so
much money that being disappointed
in love didnt seem to matter A few
years ago however when he was
threatened with blindness she cared
for him and nursed him back to health
Jumping Beans and a Hot Plate Pro
vide Much Amusement
Cyril Maude the noted British actor
is gaining fame in a new way abroad
and had be need of a press agent that
gentleman would have some rather
novel material with which to keep his
employer in the limelight A few
- w ii i or iyRscwi - i
months ago the actor was hurrying
home from a rehearsal when a street
peddler with a tray of Mexican jump
iug beans caught his eye and he be
came intensely interested iu watching
the little curiosities
A few days later it occurred to him
that much pleasure might be derived
with them and he has invented a
game that has spread all over Eng
land and is now being introduced iu
this country The game is played with
the jumping beans and a warm plate
on which circles have been drawn
with a pen The owner of the bean
which tirst jumps beyond the outer
circles takes the pool The accompa
nying illustration shows a game in
Berlins Fair Mercuries Make Good
Time on Their Wheels
All Germany is interested in an ex
periment being tried in Berlin which
will no doubt be adopted in other
tries if it proves successful This is
zz kS J a Wi W t i
to employ girls to do the work of the
messenger boys and so far they have
managed surprisingly well making
quicker time as a rule in delivering
messages and proving more obliging
and respectful than their predecessors
Marriage i
Take no thoughts as to whom you
shall marry Marry whom you please
anu you wm discover ttiat you have
somebody else Smart Set
Music In the Air
Which would you prefer your wife
to do play the violin or piano I
lin It would be easier to chuck out I
of the window Bon Vivant
Literature gives life to the Ideas
of tlu moment and poetry crystallzes
Ideas Into forms that can bo remem
Al the Bottom of It
W t started him on the road to
succe Well Im not sure but
I think his parents had something to
do with it In not bringing him up
lrom in the idea that lie
was one of the marvels of the age
Swing of the Pendulum
Many works of the highest literary
excellence went begging among the
publishers said the reminiscent per
son Yes answered the man who
doesnt care for best sellers But the
publishers appea to have learned
their lesson Nowadays they seem
willing to put almost anything into
WiU Clean It
Easier quicker and
better than soap soap
powder scouring brick or
metal polish Just you try
it and see This new handy
all round Qeanser does all
kinds of clean
mt m rr
3 O B B S 43 0 53 i
Milk pails separators
glassware cutlery floors
woodwork bath tubs paint
ed walls pots kettles cook
ing utensils brass nickel
3 steel and metal surfaces etc
etc in a
New and Better Way
Wet the articlesprinkle
with Old Dutch Clean
ser rub well with cloth
or brush rinse with
clean water and wipe
dry Nothing equals
for quick easy and
hygienic cleaning
I Forlarje Sifter Can
Almost Any One May Secure
Splendid Growth of Hair
You can eaily find out yourself
if your hair needs nourishment if
it is thinning getting dry harsh and
brittle or splitting at the ends
You simply have to pull a hair from
the top of your head and closely
examine its root If the bulb is
plump and rosy it is all right if it
is white and shrunken your hair
is diseased and needs nourishment
We have a remedy for hair trou
bles that cannot be surpassed It has
a record of growing hair and curing
baldness in 03 out of 100 cases
where used according to directions
for a reasonable length of time It
will even grow hair on bald heads if
the scalp is not glazed and shiny
That may seem like a strong state-
inent it is and we mean it to be
and no one should doubt it until
j they have put our claims to an actual
We are so s re that Rexall 93
Hair Tonic will completely eradicate
dandruff prevent baldness stimulate
the scalp and hair roots stop falling
hair and grow new hair that we
personally give our positive
tee to refund every penny paid us
for Rexall 93 Hair Tonic in every
instance where it does not do as we
claim or fails to give entire satis
faction to the user
Rexall 93 Hair Tonic is as pleas-
ant to use as clear spring water It
is perfumed with a pleasant odor
and does not grease or gum the hair
We have it in two sizes prices 50
cents and 100 We urge you to
try Rexall 93 Hair Tonic on our
I ecommendaticn and with our
guarantee back of it You certainly
take no risk Remember sou can
obtain Rexall Remedies in McCook
only at our store The Rexall Store
L W JlcConnell
-T - --
We Make Portraits
That are Different
Styles Up-to-date
Methods Modern
Kimmell Studio
1st door north
Commercial Hotel
Phone red 428
acssrsaNjsavjBarvassj7xia ra
Plumber and
Steam Fitter
iron ead and Sewer Pipe Brass
Goods Pumps an Boiler Trimmings
Estimates Furnished Free Base
ment of the Postoffice Building
CW DEWEY Auctioneer
McCook Nebraska
Will cry sales anywhere any tunc at
reasonable prices Dates mvIo at the
First National Hank or xhonc lied SI
Ufli Ui Jb uUilsl
DENTIST ink in
Orhco Rooms 3 aw Walah Blk McCool
Miss Beth McDonald was i Heaver
City visitor Tuesday last
Last Tuesday S G Uastin moved
his stock of goods into the Robins on
Robinson brick building
Mr Rue Thomas and Mins Zella
Holdridge were married at M Cook
Wednesday by County Judge Moore
Joe Greenway and famih fiom Iowa
came Tuesday for an indchmle visit
with his brother William of thiH placo
Chas Wick from Husbey Iowa came
Thursday for a visit and to h a lew of
the Wick light plants here
The meat market is having a new coat
of paint put on
Alvin FJow and Phyllis Sargent of
Indianola were over for a visit Thurs
There was a St Patricks dance out
to Mrs 1 E Dolphs Thursday nigit
J L Leisure of Pawnee City Neb
was called here Thursday to his
sick mother
Burr Gartin and Will Harris wenr to
Wilsonville Tuesday night to hear th
band practice
W A Stone came home from Omaha
Guy French of Herndon Kas was
down Friday and rode D C Hoyera
motorcycle back home
Maxwell Ralsten of Lebanon was up
Saturday on a business trip
Tom Austin had an emigrant ear of
goods shipped here Friday He is
moving on their place
There was a surprise part or Mar-
ion Gentry Thursday night
Oberlin high school will give a con
test in the opera house Friday night
Dora Greenway came home Satur
day from Oxford where she is teach
S W Stilgebouer was a Marion visit
or Wednesdav
My Property On Lower
Main Avenue
S3oooOnethird Cash
Balance on Easy Terms
Write For Particulars to
2322 Walrond Avenue
Kansas City Mo