The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, March 24, 1910, Image 2

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Ftfjf Years
the Standard
1 H
Made from
Makes the food of
superior Iiealmfulness
and finest quality
Lll I - irfci I
r urn mi I i i rr3
r -
Congregational Preaching at li
and 8 oclock Sunday school at 10 a
m Christian Endeavor 7 oclock
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
at eight oclock The public is cor
dially mviied to these services
Rev R T Bayne Pastor
Episcopal -Preaching services at St
Albans church at 11 a m and 730 p
tn Sunday Bchool at 10 a m Com
mucion 1st Sundays 11 a m 3rd Sun
days 745 a ra each mouth All are
welcome to these services
E R Earlk Rectory
i -
- Catholic Order of services Mass
g30 am Mass and sermon 1030 am
Evening service at 8 oclock Sundaj
echool230 p m Every Sunday
Wm J Kipwin O M 1
Mbthodist Sunday school at 10 am
Sermons by pastor at 11 and 8- Class
at 12 -Junior league at 3 fEpwortb
Leagueat 645 Prayer meeting Wed
nesday night at 745
t i Bryant Howe Pastor
Baptist Sunday school at ten oclock
am Preaching at 11 a m and745
p m B Y P U 645 p m Prayer-
meeting and Bible study on Wednesday
at 8 p in A most cordial invitation is
extended to all to worship with us
Francis E Iams Pastor
Evangelical Lutheran Congrega
tional Sunday School at 930 a m
Preacbing at 1030 a m and V30 p m
by pastor Junior C E at 130 p m
Senior C E at 700 p m Prayer
meetings every Wednesday and Satur
day evenings at 730 AJ1 Germans
cordially invited to these services
Rev GustavHenkelmann
505 3rd street West
Chrbtjan Science 219 Main Ave
nue Services Sunday at 11 a m and
Wednesday at 8 p m Reading Room
open all the time Science literature
on sale
Evangelical Lutheran Regular
German preaching services in church
corner of E and 6th street east every
Sunday morning at 1030 All Germans
coruiuUy invitpd
KkvWm Brueggeman
607 5rh st East
Leading Educators to be Present
A number of the leading educat
ors of tthe state as well as some of
the leading public men will take
part on the program of the South
western Nebraska Educational asso
ciation at Alma April 6j 7 and 8
Governor Shallenberger State Sup
erintendent E C Bishop Director
J L McBrien of the University Exten
sion Dr George E Condra Superin
tendent W M Davidson of Omaha
Superintendent N M Graham of
South Omaha besides a full evening
concert by the Steckleberg Concert
In addition to these people for
leading parts there will be programs
suited for both the grade and rural
teachers The last evening will be
given over to a declamatory contest
between the leading schools in
southwestern Nebraska The contest
will be divided into three classes
oratorical dramatic and humorous
McCook Holdrege Alma Benkile
man Stratton Trenton Culbertson
Oxford Beaver City Bloomington
and Wilcox will have teams in the
contest 4 t r I
All in all the program promises
to be one of unusual worth and
merit for all school people Pro
grams can be had of County Super
intendent Bettcher at McCook
sings cougs ana coias
UlflJiJf 1
Grapes fe
ygrs SrrrrTL iggffSvBg
ii Sv
Norris stock is above parCannon Bal
Irnger and Burkett stock greatly depre
ciated in Bartley
Twenty members added to the A O
U W Tuesday night
Bartley is to have a street sprinkler
and keep some of the dust down-
Mrs Moe King is quite sick this
G W Jones was operated on Sunday
by Drs Kee of Cambridge Mackechnie
of Indianola and Arbogast of Bartley
The operation was successful and Mr
Jones is doing well rt thiatime Tues
day afternoon
Miss Minnie Reimsrs marriage in
Council Bluffs Iowa to Mr Ray A
Stansburg of New York is pleasant news
to her many friendsain Bartley Mrand
Mrs Stansburg will reside in Omaha
John Helm was a Bartley caller on his
return from the McKillip sale Mr H
bought a fine cow and heifer said to be
some of the finest stock sold
James Sipe is in S E Colorado look
ing at the country in Prowers county
Mr and Mrs Hodges of Cambridge
visited here last week
Miss McNeil of Indianola visited here
with Miss Sallie Minnick Saturday and
Mr cultivated the trees in the
town purt this week
Mr Lohrhas been making some im
provements around the opera house this
C M Babbitt will rut in a fine soda
fountain soon
F F Stilgebouer sold the la d north
west of town which he recently bought
of Dan Richmond to Tinnis and Fausen
for a nice profit in the deal and yet the
parties got a bargain in the purchase
The marriage of Scott Wolf and Bar
bara Richmond was the union of two
among our best young people and all
join in wishing them prosperity and
happiness They are located on a farm
north of Bartley about 8 miles
R F D No 1
A short series of revival meetings
closed last Friday evening at the Calk
ins school house Rev L L Epley pre
siding elder of the United Brethren
church preached and took into the
church six converts
Mrs Fred Wagner Sr arrived home
Inst Saturday from Immanuel hospital
Omaha where she has been for several
Charles Downs moved Jast week to a
farm seven miles from Culbertson
Mrs W F Satchell returned to her
home at Imperial last Thursday morn
Miss Daisy Younger is on the sicklist
this week
The TJadies Aid Society will meet at
Mrs J A Modrells Wednesday of this
Rev Tyler commenced special meet
ings at Garden Prairie this week
Would Have Cost Him his Life
Oscar Bowman Lebanon Kentucky
writes I have used Foleys Kidney
Remedy and take great pleasure in stat
ing that it cured me permanently of kid
ney diseaseJSwhich certainly would have
cost me my life A McMillen
Legal Blanks Here
This office carries all kinds of legal
btenfc fcrms and maues special blank
to order promptly snd accurately
Entertainment Course
An Entertainment Course has a certain definite value to a
community worth cultivating though such courses are not per se
intended or expected to be a source of profit financially to individu
als or community They present a quality and character of enter
tainment and education not obtainable through any other source
available to smaller communities more or less remote from large
cities and centers of culture McCook has a distinctive position and
a responsible standing in this part of Nebraska and cannot well
afford to let pass the opportunity Let us give the matter deserved
attention and be in line to take on a course beginning with coming
fall It simply requires the interest of more citizens Can we have
a geuuinelyand actively
i Just Business
Is it true thatthe government of the City of McCook is a mat
ter ol uusiiiess solely A plank in the platform adopted in the city
caucus ol last Friday everting so claims Just sordid business Only
dirty dollars The Tribune thinks not There are moral consider
ations in clean government fie making of just and righteous laws
and their proper enforcement are involved in the matter besides dol
larsjust business McCook needs law enforcement civic purity
more than it needs just business methods of municipal govern
ment Business has its prominent place too
In all matters effecting the public purse the spending of the
peoples money The Tribune has always advocated publicity Not
that we mean to reflect upon the integrity of officials past or present
but simply because we consider that the people are justly entitled to
know how their tax money is expended Not for long would the
people of Red Willow county rest content and satisfied were no pro
ceedings published of the business and accounts of the county It
has never been quite clear to the writer why there should be any
reluctance on part of city or school board to officially publish their
proceedings and to make full financial showings of the public affairs
of the people For several years by caucus resolutions the voters
have expressed their wishes in this matter In the case of city
councils we believe the law is explicitly mandatory about financial
reports The Tribune hopes the board of education will take the
people into their confidence especially as a large and unusual sum
has recently been expended in building a new high school structure
he pride of our city
Let the People Rule
The purpose of the initiative and referendum may be expressed
in a few words Let the people rule America is the cbuntry
on the globe in which the people are supposed to make the laws
which govern them The initiative and referendum is designed to
make the rule by the people easier more direct and more effective
Hence it shculd receive the support and votes of all fair and pro
gressive citizens Do the people want a certain action taken in
some important matter if their lawmakers and executives fail or
refuse initiative and referendum provides the people with the means
of securing the relief or change by a direct appeal to the ballot Is
-there some obnoxious or undesirable or dangerous law or ordinance
in force in a city the initiative and referendum offers the people if
they so desire the opportunity of repealing the same Does some
city official fail or decline to do his duty to enfurce the laws or ord
inances he has solemnly sworn to do the initiative and referendum
places it with the people at any time by petition and ballot to rem
ove such official from office li gives the people a direct and effect
ive way of handling its disposal of valuable franchises of voting or
withholding bonds of passing on municipal ownership propositions
etc It is intended to give the people the quick direct and efficient
weapons against corrupt or negligent officials to remedy bad laws
and to enact progressive measures for the common good Of course
lawbreakers those who do want certain laws enforced and those who
commercially or politically profit from both of these classes may not
desire that the people shall be equipped with this powerful instrum
ent but this fact should not blind the people to the value of the law
and should not deter them from securing its benefits When you
vote for city officers April 5th fellow citizens dont fail to vote for
the adoption of this law Remember too that it provides always
that the majority shall rule
Only One Opportunity
Some citizens of McCook are evidently led by the activity of
the saloonmen against the initiative and referendum proposition to
believe that it is the sole and only purpose of this proposed measure
to secure an opportunity to vote on the saloon question Such is
not the case The saloon question is but one of many opportunities
the law affords the people to express by ballot their desires and for
the majority to rule
In the Limelight
In leading to a successful issue the great fight against the house
rules Congressman Norris of this city and of the Fifth Nebraska
district has by one meteoric spurt burst forth into the limelight of
national importance The committee on house rules will hereafter
consist of ten menbers six of the majority and four of the minority
party with the speaker conspicuous for his absence from the com
mittee Few political events in late years measure up tv this one
in importance and intensity of interest The victory came after
days of consuming interest and parliamentary conflict and the end
projected Congressman Norris into the political sky as a star of the
first magnitude and a prominent candidate for advancement
Uncle Joe would doubtless rather be right than on the house
rules committee
Temperance or moral issues of any kind were not mentioned
in either city caucus
Min Hastyis said to be not unwilling to succeed Ed Allen as
postmaster of Arapahoe
After a mild1 bluff at regularity the Democrats in Saturdays
caucus quite dropped the bars endorsing several of Friday even
ings nominees
The larger interest in both caucuses was in the school board
and we believe women voted for the first time in a McCook caucus
on school board nominees of course
The resolutions adopted by last Friday evenings caucus and
the fact that man Democrats participated in the caucus without
objection places the city campaign again where it has been for years
entirely outside political or partisan lines
Since Bryans pronunciamento in favor of county option Gov
Shallenbarger seems to less and less in love with the idea Well
if the governor wants to line up with Mayor Dahlman and his tribe
he will lose more than his self respect and record
With the certainty of the nomination for congress an increas
ing call to stand for the United States senatorship others suggesting
his special fitness for governor of Nebraska and now still others in a
wider circle mentioning his name in connection with the presidency
it is all well calculated to carry off his feet our townsman Congress
man Norris He doubtless is familiar with the wooden horse of the
1 R
Salem Ore Sept 19th Special
The Willamette Valley peach crop is a
revelation this yenr even to the growers
who are accustomed to big crops and
big profits In the orchard of Alexand
er Lafollette in the Mission Bottom
country north of Salem the yield is so
heavy that it was necessary to place
hundreds of props under the trees to
keep the branches from breaking off
Lafollette picked 2000 boxes from 87
trees thiB year and his son Clyde at
Wheatlandon the west side of the river
has 15 acres which brought him in this
year about 1000 an acre
W H Eagan a veteran grower fre
quently has peaches on the market for
four months during a single season by
growing several varieties His crop this
year is large W Al Jones will have
about 7000 boxes and the price will av
erage better than 8100 a box
William Wright last year cleared
31500 off 10 acres of peaches the first
crop from the trees The acreage of
peaches is increasing faster relatively
than that of any other fruit grown in
this section L n McMahan is setting
thousands of young trees on the old
Judge Hubbard place in Mission Bot
tom and others are going into peaches
extensively From Oregonian Septem
ber 19th 1909
H r
is sold
t -
Capt Bogardus Again Hits the Buils Eye
The world f imous rifle shot who holds
the championship record of 100 pigeons
in 100 consecutive shots is ut present
living at Lincoln Illinois Recently in
terviewed he said I have sufftred a
long time with kidney and bladder trou
ble and have used several well known
kidney mpdicinps which gave me no re
lief until started taking Foleys Kid
ney Pills Before taking Foleyss Kid
ney Pills 1 was subjected to severe bnck
acbe and pains in my kidneys with sup
pression and oftentimes cloudy voiding
While upon arising in- the morning I
would get dull headaches Now I have
taken three bottles of Foleys Kidney
Pills and feel 100 per cent better I am
not bothered with kidneys or bladder
and once more feel like my old self All
this I owe solelytojFoleys Kidney Pills
and I always recommend them to my
fellow sufferers
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For the past 24 years we have supplied our customers
in an estates wnn irees ana aeeas tnat grow we
manlsl Tnat Row K Dom Dnn rfSTA OiPtiluHMJ LlOm
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Klni27 rr nJton this paper
Salem Peaeh Orchards Yield Big- Sums
Thousands of Trees Are Being Planted
on River Bottom Lands Near
the Capital City
Eighty Acres of Younjr Apple Trees Sold
to Eastern Han
Portland Ore August 14 Sixty four
thousand dollars was the price paid to
day for an 80 acre orchard of young trees
by Henry C Peters a capitalist of Cin
cinnati Ohio Mr Peters purchased the
property which is situated in the heart
of the east side apple belt from Willis
Vanllorn one of the VanHorn brothers
who have the biggest orchad land hold
ings in the valley
The land purchased by Peters is ia
three -year -old
Spitzenberg Newtown
Pippin and Ortley trees and the price
per acre was 500 It adjoins the large
tract recently bought by aPniladelphia
man for which he paid 96000 It is
the intention of the purchaser to erect a
fine dwelling on the place and make it
his summer home Portland Journal
Strawberries Are a Profitable Crop at
Montesano July 20 C E Wagner of
Oregon has a prize patch of strawber
ries from which he sold this season 600
crates at an average price of 2 a crate
or a total of 1200 for the crop There
are two acres in the patch and no spec
ial treatment was given tho plants save
a small smudge plantwhich was brought
into use to prevent damage from frost
at a COSt of ahnn T
vtj iurtiana Jour
I nal