The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, March 24, 1910, Image 1

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Let Us Help You Out
if you are in doubt as to where to make
the most profitable Spring purchases
We have gone to much expense and
trouble to provide for our patrons the
newest lines of Spring articles and the
store is redolent of Easter freshnoss
Wo ask you to pay us a visit of inspec
tion which wo are sure will lead to
purchases when jou discover the kind
of rare bargains that we are now offering
to prudent and far seeing buyers
rIxok for Saturday Snaps at
JD B Doyle
Phone 47
Subject for March 27th Reality
Morning subject More Than a Vic
tory Appropriate niusc will be furn
ished Evening subject Manhoods
In the morning a special Easter ser
mon to the Knights Templar In the
evening a chorus of 25 voices will render
an Easter Cantata entitled Light Out
of the Darkness by Geibel
Morning subject Ch ist the First
Fruits of the Resurrection Specidl
Easter music by surpliced choir Easter
offering will go to the new church build
ing fund All who have Lenten boxes
will please bring them in the evening at
the 730 service
- We will begin the Easter day service
with a prayer meeting to be held at 7 a
m This will be an Easter sermon and
will be followed by the- admidistration
of The Lords Supper Special music
by choir Evening subject The Light
of the World Everybody requested
to bring a small candle to this service
Special music by the Rogers orchestra
in the evening
Rubber Hose
A good one Two year warrant
stamped on every piece by the factory
Only 14c a foot These are the only
hose we know of guaranteed for two
years Polk Bros
Eggs For Sale
Eggs 3c each or 2 per 100 from full
blood Barred Plymouth Rocks Thomp
son strain Mrs J W Burtless
Phone ash 1351 or address route 3 4
Whittaker Gray room 3 Masonic
temple McCook Nebraska 25 tf
Get Garden Seeds in Bulk
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McCook Hardware Cos
Lawn Mowers
We have the best mowers and best
prices Pk Bros
Hay and Alfalfa For Sale
by SBRankin Phone ash 3631 24 tf
The Insurance is the only absolute
ly safe gasoline stove made Impossible
to have accidents They are very
economical in fuel using only half as
much as others Ladies that have used
them will never buy any other kind
Call and see them at Polk Bros
Our complete supply of toilet requis
ites is composed of only the best articles
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fail to visit us for essentials of this kind
C R Woodworth Druggist
If you are going to buy a gasoline
stove you of course will want the In
surance You can buy them only at
Polk Bros
Typewriter ribbons papers etc of
sale at The Tribune office
Corn chops 135 per hundred at the
McCook Flour and Feed Store - Phone
McConnelPs Balsam cures coughs
A F A M Meeting
Special meeting of McCook Lodge
No 135 A F A M Tuesday Mar 29
at 8 p m Work in M M degree
By Order of the W M
C L Fahnestock Secy
ii utiiiimXMMnwuMHWWg
conclud fig stunts ---The good
was confined pretty exclusively to Miss
Margaret Felch whose work was all
For Sale
My residence on 5th street E 8 room
hoUFe furnace heat two lots Thirty
shade and fiuit trees Good barn and
hen house Fine cement walks In
quire of E H Doan at McCook Mills
or at residence Phone black 405
Silk Petticoats 399
in black taffeta of sofc finish Also
colored silk taffeta petticoats at 4 50
We buy these from i silk mill that also
makes the petticoats We save you 2 00
on every one The Thompson D G Co
Utmost value
For Sale
About 3000 feet of lumber uped in
temporary roof on cold storage building
Also few loads of black soil suitable for
filling in lawn Call quick
Chore Boy
Gasoline Engines are the cheapest help
you can buy We also have many other
real bargain in Gasoline Engines Come
let us show you
McCook Hardware Co
Lot For Sale
Fine residence lot 75x140 north end
of Main avenue Shade trees and sewer
Dr C L Fahnestock
Office Rooms For Rent
Two desirable office room in Electric
theatre building Enquire at
McCook Hardware Cos
Rooms to Rent
Furnished or unfurnished 1200 2nd
st east Mrs S A Rowell
Chl Namel
Demonstration at McConnells drug
store March 29th and 30th
Just arrived a car of Minnesota Red
River Early Ohio seed potatoes
H C Phelps Co
The Insurance Safety gasoline stoves
and Dangles blue flame wickless oil
stoves are the best to have
Polk Bros
We should like to have jour name on
our customer list because we know we
can offer you what you want
C R Woodworth Druggist
Mr Price of the Iowa Homestead G
E Hall of the Twentieth Century Farm
er and H C McKelvie of the Nebraska
Farmer were all out yesterday taking
notes of the Great Combination Sale in
which W N Rogers of Shadeland will
engage April 13 14th at South Omaha
a wftffH t iiiii
A New Record For McCook
Last Saturday a new record was
established for the McCook telegraph
office of the Western Union Co
About 11 oclock in tho morning a
local special correspondent received a
rush request for a thousand word story
of our townsman Congressman George
W Norris who has been so conspicu
ously in tho limelight in Washington
for tho past week
Wire Chief C F Heber was consult
ed and ho at once commenced opera
tions to secure a direct wire to Cleve
land Ohio tho place from which
emanated tho request He was shortly
afterwards successful and the unprec
edented stunt for this office was soon
on The story was prepared and placed
in the hands of Operator W L Bass as
fast as possible By one oclock 1130
words had been telegraphed direct into
tho offko of the Cleveland office
Wire Chief Heber had the keep up
of the 1200 mile wire in personal
charge and naturally ho is well pleased
with the feat accomplished
If you have in mind some general or
special scheme for decorating the walls
of your home this season count us in
on the scheme
We Lave the papers necessary to
carry out all sorts of special plans and
can also make helpful suggestions if
you need them In papers we provide
a selection that can not be matched
elsewhere in this locality
L W McConnell Druggist
High School Tests Seed Corn
The Agriculture Class of the McCook
High School tested seed corn during the
past two weekB E ch of the nine mem
bers planted five kernels from each of
ten different ears From the fifty kern
els they counted as those sprouting as
follows Fred Amsden 49 from Clint
Hamiltons seed corn Arthur ORourke
45 from Thomas ORourkes seed corn
Ida Gordon 44 Irving Beech 44 Clar
ence Baker 40 Glenn Shields 36 Law
rence Rankin 36 John Rankin 33 and
Florence Wilson 33
For Sale
My residence at 1002 3rd street east
7 room house besides bath room and
JpSutTy -2 lots Several f rait and shade
trees Baru 16x20 ft 2 ft posts Coil
and chicken house Shop 12x14 ft In
quire of J W Wimer at the residence
Phone red 213
Military Capes Here
in catawba wine old rose and tan
broadcloths with guilt buttons tassels
and braids at 750 to 1000 The
Thompson D G Co Utmost value
Hay For Sale
Loose wild and baled hay and alf alfa
hay for sale Ed Flitcraft phone ced
ar 3682
Lost Diamond Brooch
Liberal reward will be paid for its re
turn to the Peterson Sisters cafe
For Rent
4 room furnished house lawn
shade Mrs 3 1 Lee phone 43
Come to the
the one that turns
out the most refresh
ing and sparkling
drinks in the city
The Bon Ton
Phone 126
Just Staples
Simpsons and American printH 5jc
best apron gingham Gic muslin un
bleached or bleached 5o and up best
9 quarter wide bleached sheeting 28c a
yard best table oil cloth 15c Peerless
carpet warp 25c a lb new lawns Gc and
up Mens good drill pocket blue over
alls or jackets 44o Boys double front
and seat overalls 44c boys wash suits
50c 75 100 childrens rompers 25c
39c 50c G big red hdfs 25c suit cases
125 and up mens suits 5 00 to 1000
boys 3piece suits 3 50 to 7 50 plain
Holland shades 25c childs gingham
dresses 29c white bed spreads 79c and
up stork pants for babies 25c The
Thompson D G Co Utmost value
Baptists Annual Gathering
The annual gath ring of the Baptists
of McCook will occur on Wednesday
March 30th from 630 till 10 p m
Supper will be served by the ladies
and a social hour spent until 8 p m
when the annual reports will be given
plans for the year made and officers
elected Rev S E Wilkin of Wilson
ville and Rev H O King of Holbrook
will deliver addresses on Baptist work
All members are requested to be pres
ent and all others interested in our work
invited Francis E Iams Pastor
H T Groves Clerk
Chl Namel
There will be a Chi Namel Demon
strator at our store on Tuesday and
Wednesday March 29th and 30th Do
not miss this opportunity to learn in
five minutes how to spcure a new hard
wood floor for 250 and how to have a
mission finish dining room den or sit
ting room without the expense of re
moving old paint or varnish
Any old floor oil cloth or linoleum
made to look like new hardwood any
style or grain Lessons free by in
structor Remember the day and date
L W McConnell Druggist
A Busy Fire Week
Monday the coal ohute at Hastings
were burned together with 140 tons of
coal and two cars Traffic was delayed
somewhat1 Yardmaster Harris boy lost
a foot under the wheels of a switch en
gine during the fire
Tuesday the companys bridge east
of Edison was partially destroyed by
firedelaying No 1 sevejal hours A
train was sent from here to make re
Let us show you our line Solid oak
frame Plain zinc and white enameled
lined We can suit you in quality and
price Polk Bros
You Can Apply
Keystone more easily than oil paints
and the surface will be covered without
showing laps and brush marks
A McUillkn Druggist
100 Black Taffeta 79c
One yard wide Perfect in weave and
luster A ery superior 8100 silk The
Thompson D G Co Utmost value
For Saie
Ten room house reception hall all
modern conveniences cement walks etc
Full block in fruit and shade trees A
large barn and hen houses Easy terms
A C Ebert
Quick Meal Gasoline
and Oil Stoves will solve the hot weath
er problem for you We have a large
line now ready in new things not before
shown Let us show you
McCook Hardware Co
For Sale
320 acre relinguishment and lease on
school section 960 acres in all
See L E Barger room 3 over Mc-
John Cashen Auctioneer
Indianola Nebr Dates bookod at Mc
Cook National bank
Farm Loans
Optional payments No cash com
mission required P S Heaton
Honey To Loan On Farms
See Rozell Sons at clothing store
Everything in drugs McConnell
Phone 169 if you want good seed oats
Updike Grain Co
Buy field garden and flower seeds
froniHP WaiteCo
Seth S Silver was in Sterling Colo
Wednesday transacting legal business
Good bulk coffee 7 lbs for 1 Sweet
oranges 20c a dozen for Saturday at
Obey that impulse and have your
portrait made at Kimmells Studio 1st
door north of Commercial Hotel
At the Intermission in Temple theatre
building for the Judge Norris 10c cigar
and Novum Templum 5c smoke
We have the Wedding Breakfast
syrup to go with the coffee at
Declamatory Contest Tomorrow Night
March 26
Six young people of the high school
will contest for the gold and silver med
als and the honor of representing Mc
Cook at Mtna tomorrow evening For
the last two weeks the columns of our
state daily newspaper have been full of
debating and declamatory contest news
The matter of public speaking in both
forms seems to bo growing in popularity
as a legitimate part of school endeavor
At Trenton tonight twelve young people
are contestiug for similar honors and at
Stratton tomorrow night nineteen will
strive for the same distinctions Practi
cally all of the schools up and down the
line in this part of the state are in this
work The Oxford board of education
has hired a special teacher to come out
from Lincoln for six weeks to train the
contestants for this work
Of the selections tomorrow night two
will belong to the oratorical claBS one
to the dramatic and three to the humor
ous The program will begin promptly
at 845 Two beautiful medals have
been donated by A Barnett for the win
ners Out of town people will act as
judges All patrons and taxpayers are
cordially invited to attend A smal lad
mission is charged simply to help defray
the expenses of the contest 25 nnd 35
Instrumental duet
Mrs WBMills Fern Flictcraft
Francis Scott Key Joseph Moore
A Telephone Romance Alma Uraw
How the La Rue Stakes Were Lost
Gertrude Mornssey
Morning song Girls Glee Club
Our National Safeguard
Florence Wilson
The Relation of the Mosquito to the
Human Family Harold Schwab
TheColonals Experiment
Mabel Randal
Over the Sea Pupils from 7th A Grade
Decision of judges and award of
Judges Clint M Barr Hastings
Rev Gaylord G Bennett Holdrege
Esther Bailey Lincoln Referee J F
Holliday Indianola
Not Up to Expectations
The Isle of Spice as presented in
the Temple last evening was hardly up
to expectations It was piquant but
rather over epicy in spots Lots of good
comedy but some raw vaudeville in the
The Dorcas society of the Congrega
tional church will meet with Mrs C A
Rodgers next Thursday afternoon at
2b0 oclock
For sale at a sacrifice if taken soon
my residence Hot water heat modern
Investigate this bargain F S Wilcox
Garden seeds in bulk lawn and flower
seeds flour and feed Phone 25
C J Ryan
High Patent Flour at Magners for
1 35 a sack None better
Buy field garden and flower seeds
from II PWaite Co
Wall paper punts oils etc at Wood
worthsthe druggist
A McMillen prescription druggist
McConnell fills prescriptions
Fine navel oranges from 25c to
soc per dozen and for 10c extra on
each dozen purchased we give a
beautiful silver orange spoon
Ice House Much Damaged
Monday afternoon the largo west ice
house of the Burlingtdn at this place
was much damaged by fire oaused prob
ably from sparks from a lignite fed
switch engine
It required two hours of fighting
both company and city having lines of
hose playing on the flamed to control
the fire which however damaged the
building and contents to the extent of
several thousand dollars meanwhile
By stubborn work and concentrated
effort the bojs kept the flames from
communicating to the large icn house
on the east side
About three oclock Wednesday
morning fire broke out in the building
again doubtless from live embers but
the fire wat Boon extinguished
Tuesday afternoon sparks from an
engine communicated to straw and rub
bish at different points along west B
street and the department was again
called out to extinguish the flinies
which was done without any damage
worth mentioning About the samo
time a small prairie fire between the
original town and West McCook added
to the interest of the occasion
A Quiet Home Wedding
Last Sunday evening at the home of
Dispacther and Mrs T B Campbell
Miss Ruth G Campbell and Mr Thomas
Frank Humphries were quietly united
in marriage in the presence of the im
mediate members of the family and a
very few close friends Rev R T Bayne
of he Congregational churjh performed
the ceremony
A wedding supper was served after
the ceremony and the young couplo
took number 14 the same evening for
their future temporary home near Mon
rovia Kansas
The bride is the charming daughter
of Dispatcher and Mrs Campbell and is
a genuine daughter of McCook having
been born in this city She counts a
wide circle of dear friends in thiB city
The groom is a Burlington fireman high
ly esteemed by his fellow firemen andjay
the company for his sterling worth and
efficiency in the service He temporari
ly retires from the service taking a long
layoff and for tho present will reside on
the parental farm in Kansas
The Tribune voices the sentiment
of many in wishing them much happi
ness and prosperity
Your hair is falling out rapidly Is
it coming in just as fast That is the
rub If you find that your hair is
thinning as well as falling it is time
to do something Persistent falling out
of the hair is something that should be
looked after promptly especially if
dandruff or other humors are present
The best remedy is
93 Hair Tonic
It removes humors tones up the scalp
and stimulates growth of new hair
L W McConnell Druggist
Largest and Best
line of childrens rompers at 25c 39 50c
piped belted in pink and blue checks
in linen color in blues plain and dotted
with and without collars short and long
sleeves The Thompsou D G Co Ut
most value
Princess Dresses Here
iu soft mulls trimmed with valenciennes
laces galore Pink lavendei light blue
white 400 to 6 00 The Thompson
D G Co Utmost value
March 29th and 30th
L W McConnell Druggist
Household Goods For Sale
All my household goods are for sale
Phone 124 AC Ebert
For Quick Sale
5 room house S E Corner
See L E Barger
Furnished Room
to rent with bath Phone black 379 or
407 2nd street east
Try Anchor Patent if you want good
You can buy good seed oats of the
Updike Grain Co Phono 169
Drink Wedding Breakfast coffee
and be happy At Hubers only
Corn chops 135 per hundred
McCook Milling Co
field garden and flower seeds
HPWaite Co
Use McCook Flour and patronize the
home miils 91 Patent and Anchor Pat
We are quoting reduced prices on
Carpets and Rugs and offer an extra
large assortment of the new patterns for
you to choose from Come and see
Drew Furniture and Carpet Co
214 west B street
f I
The Man Who Starts
in Business Today
must have monoy or crodit
to bo successful ho should
havo both
Tho real starting point of
any business is Thotimoat
which ono begins systematic
saving If he begins right
ho opens a bank account and
gradually builds up both his
account and his oredit
If you begin now it will
bring your duy for starting a
business of your own that
much tho nearer
Open an accoun t with us today
Mccook national
P Walsh President
C F Lehn V Pres
C J OBrien Cshr
J J Loughran P F McKenna
Seed Corn Tests
The agriculture class of tho Mc
Cook high school would appreciate tho
favor if a number of farmers would
bring in some representative seed corn
for the class to test If tho corn is
brought in ears the ears will bo return
ed to the owners The class will strive
to make an accurate test and give a
trustworthy report to those thus help
ing them out Captain Wuseon has
brought in a selection of seed corn
which is being tested now The State
Department is sending out pamphlets
to the members of agriculture classes
who are willing to do this practical
Beaver City Won
The Beaver City high school debating
team won over the McCook team at
Beaver City last Friday evening
Albert O Walktfhirudge Tibbets both
of Lincoln and Principal McCormick of
Atwood Kansas were the judges
From all reports the debate was a credit
to both schools in every way Judge
Tibbets after the debate was over said
that of several hich school debates he
had heard this stood out as the very
best Adaline Koller Ray Scott and
Helen Schwab represented McCook
Miss Cora Scott and Mrs Koller went
with our team
The board of education has installed
six new drinking fountains two each in
the three buildings They are all thor
oughly sanitary
Miss Esther Bailey of Lincoln has been
employed to teach in the high school
Mis3 Bailay will be graduated from the
University of Nebraska in June She
will then have completed both the teac
her course in the university and the
course in literature science and the arts
She has been a supply teacher in the
Lincoln hih school the past year Miss
Bailey is expected to be a strong and
efficient member of the high school fac
For a Crude 011 Burner
or an auto ride or delivery see me Also
i sell or exchange land Have for rent a
six room house and fifteen acres of land
six acres in alfalfa in South McCook
Call and get prices G A BRUNKE
Flower and garden seed Kentncky
blue grass and white clover for your
lawn Fresh new stock seeds are fine
Polk Bros
Majestic Ranges are better than ever
Dont you need one now
McCook Hardware Co
The McCook Business College make3
special rates for a spring and summer
course 24 2
91 Patent 145 per sack
McCook Milling Co
Pure Gold means good bread Try it
You can secure this flour at Magners
Buy field garden and flower seeds
from II P Waite Co
Us 91 Patent
cause it is the best
What for Be-
Try Eas em for tired feet 25c at
Special programs for Saturday
Matinee and Saturday night