The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, March 17, 1910, Image 7

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Follow this advice
Quaker Oats is the best of all foods
St is also the cheapest When such
aacn as Prof Fisher of Yale University
and Sir James Crichton Browne
IXD FRS of London spend the
Ixst parts of their lives in studying
tic great question of the nourishing
-and strengthening qualities of different
foods it is certain that their advice is
absolutely safe to follow
Professor Fisher found in his ex
periments for testing the strength and
endurance of athletes that the meat
eaiers were exhausted long before the
sen who were fed on such food as
Quaker Oats The powers of endur
ance of the non meat eaters were
about eight times those of the meat
Sir James Crichton Browne says
al more oatmeal eat plenty of it and
at It frequently 59
S WT- Nebraska Educational Assn
The meeting of the Southwestern
Nebraska Educational association in
Aixnn April G 7 and 8 promises to
be one of the best in the history of
The association The meeting will
mean much in the way of educational
aplilt and inspiration for all classes
a teachers and particularly for rur
al xeacbers
The following is a copy of a letter
tram the state superintendent on
this subject It would be well if
every school board in the county
would give two days for each teach
er to attend thia meeting
State of Nebraska Department
Ot Public Instruction Lincoln March
3 1S10
To Superintendents and School
Boards in Southwestern Nebraska
The annual meeting of the South
xsesterji Nebraska Educational asso
cialion will be held this year at Al
Esa April G 7 and S In recogni
tion of its value to the schools of
Soatbwestern Nebraska I am pleas
fd to recommend that teachers who
are willing to bear their part of the
necessary expense be granted the
privilege of attending this meeting
without the loss of time or pay Sub
jects of importance to all teachers
ami nil schools will be discussed All
Mfho attend will return to their
schools with a greater enthusiasm
or the work with a fund of new
icieas and with the ability to render
greater service Very truly yours
C C Harless who has been living
-a a farm near Stratton has re
turned to McCook and is living in
West ilcCook
Whos the
Town Booster
y Here He Is
S3is citizen who praises his own
32e citizen who encourages local
Se citizen who helps along home
12se citizen who patronizes the
hame merchants
25ie citizen who gets his job print
ms done in his own town
Sfcat mans THE T0W3T BOOST
uragh Remedy
Cares Coughs Colds Croup Grip
and Whooping Cough
We are pleased to inform our readers
lefcsG Chamberlains Cougb Remedy does
3cnfe -contain narcotics of any kind Thi
naxas It the safest and best for children
lEinaTces no difference when yon caughi
hx cold you bave it and want to get ric
jf itquickly Take Chamberlains CougL
iSvront do to fool with a bad cold
3No one can tell what the end will be
3Ptejnmonia catarrh cbronic bronchitL
ami consumption invariably result fron
n selected cold As a cure for cough
5aos colds nothing can conparc witL
CSsamberlains CcLgu xieinedy Sold
ierywuere at 23c 50c au 100
Western Union to Inaugurate a New
Service Known as Night Let
ters at Nominal Ilatcp
Announcement is made by the
Western Union Telegraph Company
that it will shortly be prepared to
handle long night messages at the
rates customarily charge for ten
word day messages
If appears tnat the Weste n Union
has a large unemployed milage of
wire at night which Is not earning
anything These wires must be
maintained in any event to take care
of the regular day business and it
is apparently the idea of the new
interests in the telegraph company
to let the public have the benefit of
them The announcement states
that a special Night Letter service
will be established as soon as practi
cable The charge for this service
will be the standard day rate for ten
words for the transmisison of fifty
words or less and one fifth of such
standard day rate will be charged
for each additional ten words or
To be taken at these rates Night
Letters must be written in plain
English language that is to say
code words or communications writ
ten in foreign languages will not be
accepted The messages will be tak
en at any hour up to midnight and
transmitted at the companys con
venience during the night for deliv
ery the following morning For the
present the new service is confined
to Western Union offices in the Unit
ed States The tariffs charged for
ed that the new service will 1 e large-
ed that eh new service will be large
ly availed of by business concerns
and others to quicken their corres
pondence by using the telegraph in
stead of the mails A Night Letter
sent by telegraph will reach its des-
tiantion at the opening of business
hours the following morning thus
saving as much as three or four days
when long distances are involved
IJakng Economy
By the use of perfect baking pow
der the housewife can derive as
much economy as from any other ar
ticle used in baking and cooking In
selecting a baking powder therefore
care should be exercised to purchase
one that retains its original strength
and always remains the same thus
making the food sweet and whole
some and producing sufficient leav
ening gas to make the baking light
Very little of this leavening gas
is produced by the cheap baking pow
ders making it necessary to use
double the quantity ordinarily re
quired to secure good results
You cannot experiment every time
of chemically pure ingredients of test
the strength of your baking powder
to find out how much of it you
shottld use yet with most baking
powders you should do this for they
are put together so carelessly they
are never uniform the quality and
strength varying with each can our-
Calumet Baking Powder is macre
of chemially pure ingredients of test
ed strength Experienced chemists
put it up The proportions of the
different materials remain always the
same Sealed in air tight cans Cal
umet Baking Powder does not alter
in strength and is not affected by at
mospheric changes
In using Calumet you are bound
to have uniform bread cake or bis
cuits as Calumet does not contain
any cheap useless or adulterating
ingredients so commonly used to in
crease the weight Further it pro
duces pure wholesome food and is a
baking powder of rare merit there
fore is recommended by leading
and fhemists It complies
with all pure food laws both STATE
and NATIONAL The goods are
moderate in price and any lady pur
chasing Calumet from her grocer if
not satisfied with it can return it
and have her money refunded
Alice in Wonderland
listened to the plaint of the lobster
You have baked me too brown I
must sugar mv hair without being
able to improve on the culinary fail
ure Many another Alice-in-the-Kitchen
has almost expected her fail
ures to reproach her when he her
self has come to the realization that
her own lack of foresight caused the
catastrophes in the baking
There are two essentials in the art
of baking a good oven and good
material The oven must be at right
temperature for the baking and the
material must be like Caesars wife
above reproach Nearly every
woman thinks that she is a born
cook and she surely is if she knows
enough to get the oven right and to
choose right proportions and right
ingredients for her work
The woman who aspires to be a
successful cook should be as familiar
with the best materials as a work
man is with his tools or an artist
with his colors She should know
that the absolute essential to good
baking is good baking powder Second-class
baking powder will bring
second class results First class
baking powder insures perfect bak
ing That does not mean the most
expensive for the best in the market
is Calumet which sells at a moderate
price Calumet Baking Powder re
ceived the Highest Award at the
Worlds Pure Food Exposition
fcn tw waf a
Curious Styles of Letter -Endings
Any one in the habit of perusing old
letters Is struck with the torn i f gre
humility and deference wtilcli per
vades the correspondence of our ances
A few specimens of the style of be
ginning and ending letters may prove
interesting as in striking contrast to
the laconic yours obediently falm
fully or truly of the present day
It would certainly be difficult to uiatcn
the following subscription of a letter
from the Duke of Shrewsbury to Sr
Thomas Ilanmer dated September
1713 I desire that you will believer
that wherever I am I shall always
endeavor to deserve and very much
value your friendship being with a
sincere esteem sir your most fait uf in
and obedient servant Shrewsbury
Frequently one meets with bellicosb
subscriptions as in the case of tt
Enris of Ilutly and Errol who in
1101 threatened awful consequences
to the magistrates of Aberdeen unless
they released certain gentlemen Im
prisoned in their city and inscribed
Yours as ye will either present peac
or weir
Arithmetic by Hand
We shall never be in danger of for
getting that our ancestors did their
sums on their fingers so long as arith
metic retains the word digits But
modern civilization knows nothing vi
the elaborate developments of thia
method It takes a Wallachian peas
ant to multiply 8 by 9 on his hands
This is how he does it The fingers of
either hand beginning with the thumb
stand for the numbers from G to 10
So the ring finger of one hand and the
middle finger of the other are stuci
out to represent 8 and 9 Counting
the fingers remaining on the side far
thest from the thumbs he finds thea
1 and 2 respectively and 1 multiplied
by 2 gives him the units of his prod
uct 2 Then he counts from tha
thumbs to the stuck out fingers inclu
sive finds them 3 and 4 adds these
and gets 7 for his tens Answer T2
All this to avoid knowing the multi
plication table beyond 4 times 4
For the Judges Information
The police court judge could not re
press a smile when his eyes rested on
a card that was lying on his desk dur
ing a session of the court On it were
printed two stanzas under the title
The Perfect Man and he could not
but look at the motley gang of pris
oners who sat before him And be
did not think the card had been drop
ped accidentally The verses read
There is a man who never drinks
Nor smokes nor chews nor swears
Who never gambles never flirts
And shuns all sinful snares
Hes paralyzed
There Is a man who never does
Anything that is not right
His wife can tell just where he is
At morning noon and night
Hes dead
Indianapolis News
Pleaded an Extenuation
An Indiana youth had called with a
cab to take the judges daughter to a
dance scarcely two blocks from hef
home The judge entered the room
where the youth was waiting Pac
ing across the room a couple of times
with his head bent and thoughts con
centrated he came short about in
frout of the youth and declaimed
Young man this cab hiring to go
two blocks is foolish unwise un
thoughtful misguided unreasonable
lavish a prodigality a a 1 am sur
prised My daughter is flesh and
blood and she wont melt and if her
gown should be ruined I bought it
and I can buy her
Thats all right judge but my
father is paying for that cab Wo
mans flome Companion
The Curse
An Irish authority thus defines as
an expert the effects of a well deliv
ered curse The belief among the an
cient Irish was that a curse once pro
nounced must fall in some direction
If it has been deserved by him on
whom it is pronounced it will fall on
him sooner or later but if it has uot
then it will return upon the person
who pronounced it They compare it
to a wedge with which a woodman
cleaves timber If it has room to go
it will go and cleave the wood but if
it has not it will fly out and strike the
woodman himself who is driving it be
tween the eyes London Globe
Strict Women Who Love
The strictest women are at times the
most loving When this happens their
attachment is as strong as death their
fidelity as resisting as the diamond
They are hungry for jvotion and
athirst for sacrifice Their Jove is a
piety their tenderness a religion and
they triple the energy of love by en
shrining it as a duty Henri Frederic
The shadows of the mind are like
those of the body In the morning of
life they all lie behind us at noon we
trample them underfoot and in the
evening they stretch long broad and
deepening before us
An Exception
She protestinglyi Thats just like
you men A man never gets into
trouble without dragging some woman
in with him He Oh I dont know
How about Jonah in the whale Bos
ton Transcript
A Mean Retort
Bertha Im sorry you asked me to
marry you It pains me to refuse Will
cheerfully Oh dont worry Perhaps
you know best what Im escaping
The highest exercise of charity is
charity toward the uncharitable
A Mean Thrust Schoolboy Logic
Ten thousand dollais for a dog ha Should women have votes for pnr
exclaimed as he looked up from his Ilament Give your reasons Tor and
newspaper Do you belief any one- agalust This was a question asked
ever paid any such price Maria of schoolboys lu a recent examination
Im sure I dout know James she lu England Oue boy replied No
returned without stopping her because if they did they would want
work even for a moment Does tlio to get Into parliament and then they
paper say that much was paid would pass a lot of silly laws such
Yes Theres an article on valuable as that a man was not to smoke be
dogs and its speaking of one that was fore his wife or that wives were to
sold for 10000 1 dont believe it have Wednesdays and Thursdays off
It may be true James she salil and then the men would liave to stay
quietly Some of those high bred an
imals bring fancy prices and theres
no particular reason why the paper
should lie about It
I know that Maria but Just think
j of It just try to grasp the magnitude
of that sum In your weak feminine
mind You dont seem to realize it
510000 for a dog Why hang It
Maria thats more than Im worth
I know that James but some are
worth more than others
She went on calmly with her sewing
while he fumed and spluttered for a
moment aud then dropped the subject
especially the weak feminine part of
Quick Time Music
A music teacher in Chicago was re
cently approached by a lady from the
Interior who confided to him her inten
tion of taking piano lessons and In
quired as to terms etc These proving
satisfactory she went on to explain
that she was desirous of accomplish
ing a rapid course The professor as
sured her that she might learn a great
deal in twenty lessons
Good said the woman Ive got
only a limited time in Chicago so I
must contrive to get the twenty les
sons Into that
How long are you to be here she
was asked
Three weeks
Twenty lessons In three weeks ex
claimed the astonished teacher You
could never do that
Oh yes 1 could returned the wo
nt home and miud the children
A logical answer to the question
Why does a kettle sing was fur
nished by a boy who wrote Mecause
If It did not you could uot tell when
the kettle was boiling Asked to ex
plain the initials U O D one boy
replied that they stood for collector
of debts and a second said cod liver
oil drink
Another enterprising youth describ
ed a sleeping partner as a man who
goes to sleep when playing bridge
Asked how he would mend a puncture
in a bicycle tire a boys answer was to
the point I would get a box of stufr
that you do It with aud stick it on
Importance of a Word
If you should write a letter to the
man who is chief magistrate of this
republic you are ut liberty to address
him as The President Washington
D C That will be sufficient ne is
not his excellency as Is the supreme
executive magistrate of Massachusetts
nor his high mightiness a title
which they say sounded pleasing to
the ear of the Father of His Country
But if you should write a letter to
the secretary of state of the United
States whom the plain president
appointed to the job prepare to dip
your pen in honorific Ink While the
chief magistrate Is plain president
without any titular epaulets his secre
tary of state is the honorable secre
tary of state It will not do to ad
dress him as the secretary of state
simply He is something more than
man Couldnt I Marie turning to that The etiquette of the state de-
a friend for support 1 could takej partment requires that the word hou
two lessons a day or perhaps I could
take the whole at once Twenty les
sons one after another would only
take ten hours St Paul Pioneer
Face of the Typical New Yorker
London is a friendless city enough
heaven knows to those who are not
able to conquer but she seems to me
mild benignant even In comparison
with New York The face of the Lon
doner is very often overcast with the
thought of how to get a living in the
keen competition of the people in that
mighty capital but the London face Is
tranquillity embodied in comparison
with the face of the typical New
Yorker Keen hatchet shaped anx
ious absorbed such is the face you
see everywhere around you And this
keenness of face Is accompanied by a
terrible spirit of self absorption You
seldom see people talk much while
they are traveling in the elevated rail
way or in the subway as they call the
underground train there T P OCon
nor in London M A P
Napoleons Temper
A story is told of a sudden rage into
which Napoleon 1 fell one day as he
was at dinner He had scarcely par
taken of a mouthful when apparently
some Inopportune thought or recollec
tion stung his brain to madness and
receding from the table without rising
from his chair his small stature per-
orable be prefixed to the word
retary Boston Globe
Fire Prevention Among Pines
Pines protect themselves against for
est fires in a remarkable manner For
four or five years the stems of the
infant trees attain a height of only
as many inches above the soil Dur
ing this time their bark is extraordi
narily thick and that alone gives some
protection But In addition the long
needles spring up above the stem and
then bend on all sides in a green cas
cade which falls to the ground in a
circle about the seedling This green
barrier can with difficulty be made to
burn while the shade that it casts
prevents inflammable grass from grow
ing near the protected stem The offi
cers of the forestry service at Wash
ington are of opinion that it is owing
to this peculiar system of self protec
tion which the pine seedlings bave de
veloped that the growth of evergreen
oaks in Florida has been restricted in
regions where Gres have raged while
pine forests have taken their place
Harpers Weekly
When Wives Were Sold
When the war between Britain and
France ended in 1815 many of the Eng
lish soldiers found that their wives
had married again in the belief that
they were widows The formal sell
ing of the wife was regarded among
the icnorant as a lesal solution to thel
mitted that he uplifted his foot dash problem thus presented and It is said
went the table crash went the dinner that the authorities of the day deemed
and the emperor sprang up intending it best to shut their eyes at the pro
to pace the room Quick as a flash his ceeding A certain amount of formal-
waiter scratched a few magic symbols ity had to be observed however be-
on a bit of paper and the emperors fore the sale was considered iegal even
check had grown more than double J by the most ignorant A Yorkshire
Napoleon appreciated the delicacy ol writer mentions two conditions which
his attendant and said Thank you must be carried out to make a
my dear Dunand with one of his In 1 factory sale the price of the wife
imitable smiles The hurricane had must not be less than 1 shilling 24
blown over I cents and she must be delivered to
Decimals and Duodecimals
Herbert Spencer offered a character
istically original system of reckoning
He clung to the duodecimal system
mainly because twelve can be divided
by three and four as ten cannot But
he suggested that all the advantages
of both systems might be combined by
making twelve the basis of calculation
inventing two new digits to take the
places of ten and eleven and making
twelve times twelve the hundred
Spencer scornfully remarked that the
decimal system rests solely on the fact
that man has ten fingers and ten toes
If he had had twelve there never
would have been any difficulty
A Quaint Epitaph
Here is an epitaph wbich may be
read in an English churchyard attach
ed to Leamington church
Here lies the body of Lady OLoo
ney great niece of Burke commonly
called the sublime She was Bland
Passionate and Deeply Religious also
she painted in water colors and sent
several pictures to the exhibition She
And of such is the kingdom of Heav
He Beat It
Where did you steal that mat
from demanded the policeman as he
seized the tramp
I didnt steal it said the tramp
A lady up the street gave it me and
told me to beat it Judges Library
Leisure Hours
Dr Johnson had scant sympathy with
inconsistent and arrogant industry
Xo man sir is obliged to do as much
as he can A man should have part of
his life to himself
Cheerfulness is like money well ex
pended in charity the more we dis
pense of it the greater our possession
Victor Hugo
her purchaser with a new halter around
her neck The same writer records the
case of the woman who zealously pre
served the receipts for herself as a
proof of respectability
Humor and Morality
We have extirpated gross humor
from our modern literature but we
must not suppose that we are there
fore more moral than the Elizabethans
whose literature was full of gross hu
mor It may be that we are only more
afraid of ourselves and each other
This kind of fear is destructive not only
of gross humor but of humor of all
kinds In its essence humor is brave
as it is honest but with cowardice and
dishonesty rhere come base substitutes
for it substitutes that make fun of
noble things with a humorous air and
so bring humor itself into discredit
London Times
A Great Mystery Solved
How many hairpius does a woman
use when doing her hair The hair
pin editor has investigated and makes
this report She uses just as many
was the intimate friend of Lady Jones as she has If she has only two hair
pins she makes ner hair stay up with
two but if she Gnds twenty In the top
bureau drawer she uses all of them
Atchison Globe
A Sensitive Patient
Dr Emdee Feet go to sleep That
shows your circulation is bad Editor
Thats all you quacks know 1 sup
pose if my corns ached that would
show that advertising patronage was
falling off
The Best of It
Mrs Gadby She says frankly that
she cant play bridge but that isnt
the best of it Mrs Bungwats What
is Mrs Gadsby She doesnt try
Somerville Jourbal
An even disposition is the best pilot
on the sea of life
ji tuku - 4
Thats All
Hut wo can moot your
ovory need in these
linos from our largo
and compluto stocks
in all grades
Barnett Lumber Co
Phone 5
i2 1
Mike Walsh
Old Rubber Copper and Brass
Highest Market Price Paid in Cash
New location jnst across TnCrttr
Btreetin P Waleh building llUUIV
stwynv f inr yfw v tnti wfj
Dr J O Bruce
Telephone 55 McCook Neb
Office over OlecrlcTIicatreon Main Ave J
fLtjililliJjiajl iMrt dt il MdtriAilJi
Dr Herbert J Pratt
OHlco 21214 Mnln a v over McCoutiells
Drug Store McCook Neb
OHIco 100
Residence BIncxI131
R H Gate wood
j Office Room 1 Masonic temple J
JF Phono 163 McCook Nebraska 3
tfrVMMti YVtfiitfirtM
Office over PIcAdams Store Phone 1 90
Dr J A Golfer
Room Postokkick Building
Trade Marks
Copyrights c
Anyone sending a ket rh and description may
quickly ascertnln our opinion free whether an
invention Is protmbly patentable Communicn
tiomxtrictlyconlldcntlal HANDBOOK on Patents
sent free Oldest auency for securlnsr patents
Patents taken throuch JIuan Co receive
vptclal notice without charge in the
Scientific American
A handsomely IIIiitratPl wpekly I nrcct clr
dilation of any gricntltlc Jnurtial Terms fi a
year four months tt EoliI byall newsdealer
MUNN New York
Branch Office G25 F SU Washington 1 C
SYRUP cures coughs and colds
To Jonathan J Sam- C K rritrhfield Heir
of Storm BrahW Heir- of Rirhanl E Hatcher
Sarah A Heir of Taylor K QnUjIey
Mae Patterson Irene Patter on Murphy Enoch
A Sexi on John Lompiecker Heir- of Noah
Saivver John B Dunlap Pfafbe J Taylor and
K li Taylor and to all whom it may concern
The Commi ioaer appointed to locate a road
commencing at the northeast corner of th
northwest quarter of section thirty three
Township i Ranee 2 in Fritch precinct Red
Willow County Nebraska ronnintr thence
three miles on the half liiu through
33 4 2S and sections 4 and 9 in Town
ships Ranee and terminating at the
corner of the sonthwe t quarter of action
nine 9i Township i Range ha reported in
favor of the location thereof al o that the pub
lic road running north andonth for three mile
between sections SJ and SI in Township4 Range
li and section- Sand I and 9 and 10
S Range 2 be vacated and all objection
thereto or claims for damages mu t be Sled in
the County Clerks office on or before noon of
the second day of May 1910 or said road will
be established without reference thereto
2t 4t5 Cha3 Skalla County Clerk