The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, March 17, 1910, Image 6

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    Real Estate Filings
Tbo following real estate filings have
been mndo in the county clerks office
Paul P Smith et ux to Charles X
Turner wd to 33 31 in 1 So Mo
Cook 70000
Sarah A Jurvis wid to Jonathan
3 Sams wd to shfawqr 34 in 4
and seqrneqr 1 in 5 3 28 6 000 00
Charles E Eldred etux to Cbas
II Boyle wd to hf int niifnwqr
17 4 30 400 00
P P McKenna ot ux to Chas II
Boyle wd to nwqr 20 1 30 100
George Keitter Jr to E W Harris
wd to t neqrnwqr 18 3 27 100
William Poh ot ux to George D
Stulken wd to 8 in 1 South Mc
Cook 100
Lincoln Land Co to Edward I
Flitcraf t wd to 5 in 3 7th Mc
Cook 22500
Marshal Britton to Edward G
Williams wd to w hf sw qr 28
and bf9Mir 29 2 29 1200 00
John W Daily et ux to Henry N
Graham wd nhfneqr 13 1 28 2 100 00
Rosa Roitor at cons to Thomas
J Ruggles wd tn 7 8 9 in Indi
anola 1 500 00
Irving R Andrews et ux to Ray
mond T Ely wd to 7 and s hf 8
in 18 Indianola 950 00
Charles F Lohn et ux to Adam
Frick wd to 8 in 6Gth McCook 1 500 00
Lincoln Land Co to Martha A
Jones wd to 8 in 4 2d McCook 175 00
Arthur B Wood et ux to George
S Myers wd to pt ee qr 28 3 24 9 000 00
Albert G Bump et ux to Wm F
JNioweg wd to 4 in 25 2nd Mc
Cook 50000
Ernest M Stewart to Burris H
Stewart wd to 3 4 in 11 2d Mc
Cook 1 0C0 00
George W Jones et ux to Peter
Nelson wd to 15 in 53 Bartley 3 500 00
Edith V Fowler et cms tWG
Bower wd to shfnwqr and nhf
swqr 14229 4 500 00
Jame3 J Caion ec ux to CarlosL
Padgett wd to n wqr 26 4 27 7 000 00
William Tuttle et ux to Frank
Stillman wd whfswqr 23ptne
qr 27 pt nhf 26-3-29 9 500 00
Ehz J Spencer t j James
cbaol wd to 1 iu 17 Iodianola 800 00
A Familiar Figure Is Gone
The death of Jules Merle Sun
day morning March Gth 910 re
moves a familiar figure from our
streets where his quaint greetings
have been heard for the past few
years Since early in January he
has been ailing but the seriousness
of his condition was known to few
hence his demise was a surprise to
Jules Merle was born in Lyons
France on July 1G 1831 and came
to this country about sixty years ago
He received a liberal education and
had traveled Extensively over the
world had a retentive memory and
had been a great reader before his
eyesight failed several years ago
He taught French in this country for
many years and was a most interest
ing conversationalist He was mar
ried to Mrs Emma J Bartholo
mew Evans in Oconto Wisconsin
about forty four years ago to which
union nine children were born only
one son Charles Merle of liiis city
and a step son Arthur J Evans of
Wichita Kansas survive him Mrs
Merle his wife died in Chicago in
1903 and he has made his home
with his son in this city since then
He was a communicant of the Ro
man Catholic church and a short ser
vice was held at the home Sunday
night ahout 10 oclock Rev Father
Patton officiating and his remains
were sent early Monday morning to
Elkhart Indiana accompanied by
his son Charles for interment by
the side of those of his wife and
I am satisfied that there aie 200
00000 worth of chattel mortgages
on file in the County Clerks office
which have been renewed or paid
off and the original has not been re
Now all Grantees of said mortgages
residing in Red Willow county will
please take notice that all such
mortgages remaining uncanceled on
April 1st 1910 will be added to
your Persona1 schedules according
to the laws of the state of Nebraska
County Assessor
Cj ti k iC H W IF Ife 2f
Wk Hk k
STACKER which oztends af cor
it is half way up with the load and is oper
ated with ono horso Also our Patd
PUSH EAKE and Denver Mado MOWER
Our Clients and Competitors
Acknowledge Tiiia
225000 invos tod in our factory to back onr
goods Our elegant illustratedprinted mat
ter and urices delivered at vour station
sent free for the asking
zCiy mention thi3 paper ufo
v MfciK nTTii
gm AmK
V Franklin Pres G H Watkins Vice Pres
R A Green Cshr
Franklin A McMillen R A Green
G H Walkins Vernice Franklin
The Citizens National Bank
of McCook Nebraska
Paid Up Capital 50000 Surplus 25000
liUtiJiUUULiUliJLfcUUI tAArt riuMdiJUidUUUUUiai
Everything- in L
At Live and Let Live Prices
Phone 5o
I have Residence and Business Properties for Rent
Office Phone 16
Residence Black 333
McCook Nebraska
Living expenses have advanced 50 percent in the past
few years but you can get the BEST OF ALL
Bullard Lumber Co
Phone No i i M O McCLURE Mgr
His Perfect English
Did you ever notice anything pe
culiar In Professor Ws speech In
quired a friend of the professors
Why no I dont think 1 did
Well he would never be guilty of
saying what you said just now
He wouldnt What did I say
You said l dont think I did
Is there anything out of the way
about that
Yes You didnt say what you
meant at all You didnt mean that
you didnt think but that you thought
you didut Professor W is so careful
tuat ue says exactly wuat ue means
and nothing else You do not mean
that you do not think when you say
that hut that you do think that such
and such Is not Nearly everybody
does that so It sounds queer when
people speak as the professor does and
say I think I dont instead of l dont
think 1 do as the average Individual
would say Another of the professors
idiosyncrasies is to say Til not where
you or I would say I wont All those
little ways sound queer but theyre ab
solutely correct and irreproachable
The professor uses more perfect Eng
lish than any one else I know New
York Tress
Bribery In English Elections
Bribery is a term which every candi
date for a seat iu the imperial assem
bly dreads for the law visits offend
ers against it with very heavy punish
ment and more than one politician has
realized that the game is not worth
the candle
The would be M P must be very
careful not to give lend or promise
money or moneys worth to Induce
an elector to vote for him or abstain
from voting for an opponent Neither
must lie pay the days wages of any
voter or give him money for railway
fares or loss of time If he does and
is elected the candidate loses his scat
and both he and the recipient of his
ill advised gift are liable to twelve
months imprisonment or a fine not ex
ceeding 200 Even treating the wives
or relatives of electors may constitute
an offense and the quantity is Imma
terial if the intention is corrupt
The withdrawal of custom from a
tradesman if done with a view to af
fecting the mans vote constitutes un
due influence for which the punish
ment is the same as in the case of
bribery Pearsons Weekly
The Australian Stock Whip
The stock whip in the skillful hands
of the Australian is not only an article
of the greatest utility but also a for
midable weapon Owing to its great
length the lash varies from twelve to
thirty feet aud the shortness of the
butt which measures only eighteen
inches it is an -extremely difficult and
awkward thing to wield and the be
ginner is apt to hurt himself if he does
nor exercise care when practicing A
well trained stockman however can
hit a cent every time at ten paces dis
tance and with the dreaded lash in his
hand cracking like pistol shots can
keep a mob of wild cattle in check If
used with full force it will cut through
skin and tlesh like a knife says the
Wide World Magazine but unless a
beast shows distinct vice the stockman
uses it more for the purpose of instill-
ing fear than of causing pain It can
also be used as a bolas a Patagonian
form of the lasso and an adept can
catch and hold a beast by causing the
lash to curl around its legs
Luck of Peacock Feathers
The peacocks feathers superstition
is nothing like so common as it used
to be Perhaps Whistlers celebrated
peacock room helped to break it down
At any rate peacocks feathers are or
dinary enough articles of decoration in
many happy and placid homes There
are shops in London that keep large
stocks of them and you may buy these
bringers of misfortune at a shilling a
bundle Did the superstition originate
because of the reported pride of the
peacock on the pride shall have a
fall theory or is it that the eye
of the feather is supposed to see un
desirable happenings which somehow
get published upon the housetops One
rather feels that the beautiful tail was
natures compensation to the bird for
giving it the most abominable of all
voices London Chronicle
An Insinuating Missive
He was a German student and this
was the letter he addressed to his un
Dear Uncle A very strange thing hap
pened yesterday I went to see a friend
of mine at the bank who knows your
handwriting very well and he thought
you were ill as I had not lately presented
any checks signed by you He begs to be
remembered to you as also do I and you
might let my friend see your signature
again If you are very busy you might
send a blank check and I will fill it in
Yours affectionately KARL
Dont you like the book
No I think the heroine Is a most
impossible creature
Is that so
Yes She doesnt appear to have a
tingle gown of some simple material
that enhanced rather than hid her
graceful figure Exchange
The Worried Manager
Whats the trouble asked the im
presarios friend
I cant keep my people down to
their own lines of work The prima
donnas will kick and the ballet wont
Washington Star
The Installments
Patience They say she got all her
furniture on the installment plan Pa
triceShe did She has had four hus
bands aud she got a little furniture
with each one Yonkers Statesman
The man who cannot blush and who
has no feeling of fear has reached the
acme of Impudence Mennnder
When John Brown Wouldnt
Pol Manear Is a favorite cast near
Balmoral castle and was nlwajs held
as tlie special preserve of John Brown
who was the personal attendant of the
late Queen Victoria John was an en
thusiastic and Inveterate fisher and
often the royal larder was indebted to
his prowess for Its supplies of spring
salmon when the rods of the other fish
ermen failed to bring them to the bank
It is authentically reported among an
glers on Deeside that when the queen
wanted John he was Immediately at
her call except when angling and at
such times she would not disturb him
The tacit understanding between them
is said to have arisen in the following
fashion Her majesty one day sent an
imperative message to the riverside
desiring John to Immediately wait
upon her
Tell her majesty replied John In
his usual Doric that I am rinniu a
salmon and I canna come
The messenger came back to him in
hot haste saying that the queen de
sired to see him the very minute
Well tell her majesty this time that
1 am riiiniii ti salmon and I winna
come And that settled It
Albatross and Magpie
Birds play a great part in good and
bad auguries at sea The albatross is
regarded as a harbinger of good for
tune and has been immortalized as
such by Coleridge in
the Ancient Mariner
The Rime of
whereas the
magpie is a bad omen
A friend of Sir Walter Scott travel
ing by coach to London entered Into
a conversation with a respectable
looking seaman who remarked I
wish we may have luck in our journey
Theres a magpie
And why should that be unlucky
I cant tell you that but all the
world agrees oue magpie bodes ill luck
two are not so bad but three are the
evil one himself I never saw three
magpies but twice and once I nearly
lost my vessel and afterward I fell
from my horse and was hurt
Many seamen still believe in water
spirits or sprites In Bohemia the fish
ermen are afraid to assist a drowning
man for fear of giving offense to the
water sprite
Berlhollet and Robespierre
It is said that the celebrated savant
Barthollet in the most dangerous times
of the republic sustained his fearless
love of truth Some days prior to the
ninth Thermldor a sandy deposit was
found in a barrel of brandy intended
for the army The contractors sus
pected of poisoning were immediately
arrested and the scaffold was already
prepared Berthollet however exam
ined the brandy and reported it free
from all adulteration
You dare maintain said Robes
pierre to him that that brandy does
not contain poison
As his reply Berthollet drank off a
glass saying I never drank so much
You have plenty of courage ex
claimed Robespierre
I had more when I signed my re
port replied the chemist and here
the matter terminated
Fiddling and Skating
The celebrated violinist Joachim I
during a winter residence in northern
Germany was in the habit of watch
ing the skaters on a fine piece of water
beneath his windows until one day it
occurred to him to try the exercise
himself As he had never yet donned
a pair of skates he put himself into the
hands of a man who provided skates
and instruction in the art on the brink
of the water and was soon equipped
and started on the ice the master lead
ing his pupil
Finding no difficulty in keeping his
balance under these circumstances
Joachim felt sure he could go alone
desired his leader to leave him and
the next minute was sprawling on the
ice on his back
Aha said the teacher triumphant
ly as he raised his prostrate pupil
You see it is not quite so easy as play
ing a fiddle
The Bridal Wreath
The bridal wreath is usually formed
of myrtle branches in Germany It is
made of orange blossoms In France as
well as in the United States In Italy
and the French cantons of Switzerland
it is of white roses In Spain the flow
ers of which it is composed are red
roses and pinks In the islands of
Greece vine leaves serve the purpose
and in Bohemia rosemary is employed
In German Switzerland a crown of
artificial flowers takes the place of the
Not the Usual Kind
What a fool exercise fencing must
be for women
Why so I always understood it
was fine
Here Maude Binks is taking lessons
and she told me yesterday she was
learning how to feint Baltimore
Where Authority Ends
Rogers is a born leader of men
Thousands of them would follow him
into the jaws of death
Yes but he cant make his two-year-old
boy so much as sit in a chair
Harpers Bazar
A Long Minute
Ill be ready in a minute she said
to her husband
You neednt hurry now he called
up some time later 1 find that I shall
have to shave again Detroit Free
No Indeed
You Hamericans say we ave no
umor said the loyal Britisher but
Ill ave you understand sir that
Henglish jokes are not to be laughed
Back to the Farm
The greatest advertisement over given to western farm lands is contained
in the present discussion regarding tho high cost of living Our population nd
its demands has increased beyond tho ratio of increased soil products 33r
man who owns a farm is surer today than ever beforo of its future valufe and
worth to him Nearly a million immigrants come annually to this country
The west is increasing in population at tho rato of half a million a year Th
man who owns a 50 or 10 acro worn out farm in Europe is considered indepena
ant yet
The West Offers You 320 acre Tracts of Mondell Land Or
80 acre Tracts of Government Irrigated Land At a Price
That Conies Near Being a Gift
With tho absolute certainty that thoso lands will bo beyond tho reaeh of rt
homesteader in a few years
It Will Pay You to Get Hold of a Western Farm
for yourself or your son beforo it is to lato Get in touch with anfc
D CLEM BEAVER General Agent
LandSeekers Information Bureau
Room 6 Q Building Omaha Neb
There is a Heap of Solace in Being- Able
to Depend Upon a Well Earned
For months McCook readers have
seen the constant expression of praise
of Doans Kidney Pills and read ahout
the good work they have done in this
locality Not another remedy over pro
duced such convincing proof of merit
Samuel Garret Main St Minden
Neb says My wife Buffered from
kidney trouble for a number of years
despite all her efforts for relief Dull
pains in the small of nor back would at
times seize her and make it almost im
possible for her to move When she
stooped she would become very dizzy
and spots would appear before her eyes
She was restless at night and during the
day would feel tired and worn out Last
fall Doans Kidney Pi Is were brought to
my attention and I procured a box for
my wife advising her to use tLem She
did so and was restored to health and
Plenty more proof like this from Mc
Cook people Call at McConnells drug
store and aak what customers report
For sale by all dealers Prico 50 cents
Foster Milburn Co Buffalo N Y solo
agents for the United States
Remember the name Doans and
take no other
Mr and Mrs Will Randel went from
Sunday - school last Sunday and took
diuier with Owens Lougntcliuis folks
Walton Randel was sick with the pro
vailing cold
Mrs Louis Longnecker and two child
ren spent the latter part of the week
with Mrs Lewis Elmer returning home
on Saturday evening
Mr Rider was over on Friday getting
wheat for sowing
Little Alice Longnecker has been quite
sick witn enlargement of the liver but
is bettor now
Bellair has sold his place to Frank
Foleys Kidney Ri nipdy will cure any
case of kidney or huider trouble that is
not beyond the reach of medicine Xo
medicine can do more A McMillen
Do Yoa Wast to Help
Boom This Town
C0N5TRcTED j M g
If you do youll subscribe for this pa
per regularly and advertise In it
If you dont youll sneer at our efforts
for town improvement
If you dont youll order your job
printing from some outsider
If you dont youll borrow your neigh
bors copy of the paper to read
If you do joull assist the editors in i
advertising the place
If you do youll patronize home j
tries including the printer
r1nnHnyl V filXOi1t QpDIC I
la yogff garden
No mattcrwhat ebe youve decided to plaatUtcse
five should certainly find a place In your zardeiu
Kwect Corn TTliHo Stcitcnn Just as sw5tjji J
fine In flavor as tho cU BlacI Mexican without its J
objectionable color Goodyleldcr matures early stj
remains caioc lunccr jhm
Vol a Cabhact Never equalled for uniformity a
Growth shape of head ind hardness Hasfew osts2a
reaves Set out la July will mature soH
headsin October iUcalur price IC w
Musk joon iluncarlan Pineapple Finest Ca
vored sweetest and most aromatic of all muaJc
melons Flesh deep red Kcsularprlcelcw
Klondike Onrumber a to 7 Inches long extrenaety i
early very proline DarK crcen sooa snape naosc
prolltable sort for shipping lleeular prleo 1 Be J
Neiv Corelexs Tomato Lanje size kIodo snaps
bright red strong grower and big cropper Avepg
weight 12 ounces Itccular price lOo
55c collection for 39c
This excellent assortment Is worth 55c butwo wfij 1
send it to any address postpaid for SSc 1
rnmnlctc line of best quality vereeafete t
and Hover seeds Nebraska I
growncAlfalfa and all varieties of Clovsr I
ana urass sccas nonaera stuwusew
potatoes etc
Write to day for free catalogue
v i ijtjr irv j Mm
A Night Alarm
Worse than an alarm of fire at night
is the metallic cough of croup Careful
mothers keep Foleys Honey and Tar 5a
the bouse and give it at the first sign of
danger Foleys Honey and Tar has
saved many little lives No opiates A
Office overEIectric Theatre Rooms 6 A 7
Dr W B Ely M D
Practice Limited Specialty
Diseases of the Rectum
Piles Fissure Ulcer etc
OHico Hours 9 a in to 4 p
Phone 126
McCook Nebraska
BftAent of Lincoln Land Co and of Me Cools
Waterworks Office in Postoffice building
Midclleton Ruby
All work guaranteed
Phone 182 McCook Nebraska
Real Estate
and Insurance
Koom Two over McConnells dron
store McCook Nebraska
F E Whitney
Office First Boor
South of DeGroffs
Walter Hosier
Prompt Services Courteous
Treatment Reasonable Prices
Phones I3ana
Black 244
will cry you
sa 1 e 9 aay
tim any
Bills post
ed in tbo
Sappa coun
try and tin
cups fnr
nished for
your free
lunch with
o u t extra
Terms 310
first 1000 or
less 1 per
cent on all
sales r u li
ning over 31000 Dater made by Th
Danbury News Danbury Nebr
stoos the ccmglx and Heals Iang
r rd
v v