The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, March 10, 1910, Image 6

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Ben King had corn shelling dono on
Mrs Hill Sr returned to McCook
on Monday night
Louis Longneckor and Lewis Elmer
holpod Ben King shell corn
Will Meyers moved to his now place
on Thursday
Mrs Louis Longneckor helpod Mrs
King cook for corn shelters and on Fri
day assisted Mrs Meyers with her mov
Mr Byfield made a farowoll visit to
his old settler friends Mr and Mrs
John Longneckor tho first of the week
h m
Office Phone 16
Residence Black 333
Phone No i L
It is hard to sever tho ties of a warm
friendship beginning over 38 years ago
and continuing through frontier experi
ences and vicissitudes of time
Mrs Earl Hill of McCook visited Mrs
F C Smith the latter part of tho week
Louis Longnecker shelled corn on
Send In Your Corn
Tho high school pupils aro engaged
in testing samples of corn as to their
germinating qualities several samples
aro now in process They will appre
ciate it if tho farmers of Eed Willow
county will send them samples for test
Notice to Delinquents
The Publisher is removing from his subscription list the
names of all subscribers who are owing for a year or longer
This is done for two good and sufficient reasons
First we cannot afford under present exorbitant prices
to carry subscribers longer than that time
Second because the government prohibits sending at
pound rates to subscribers who are delinquent for more than
one year
If you miss your paper this information will explain
Our terms are 100 per year payable in advance
McCook Neb Feb 24 1910
IS THE SUCCESS of our Pafd
M STACKER which extends after
it is half -way np with tho load and is oper
ated with ono horse Also our Patd
PUSH HAKE and Denver Mado MOWER
Our Clients and Competitors
Acknowledge This
225000 invested in our factory to back our
goods Onr elegant illustrated printed mat
ter and prices dolivered at your station
sont freo for tho asking
Kindly mention this paper
Trees and Seeds That Grow
For the past 24 years we have sunnlied mir nnstnmprs
J -11 Olt lit m r rr r
m uu ouues wnii irees ana seeas tnat grow we
carry a most complete line of Fruit and Orna
mental Irees Berry Bushes Roses Peren
nials Bulbs etc at low prices Apple
oc num izc unerry loc jf each
oc ail Duaaea trees Con
cord GrantiSS2sn ner
100 We nav dxEBfS from
V Franklin A McMillen R A Green
G H Watkins Vernice Franklin
McCook Nebraska
Dlete stock
of all kinds of
Farm Garden and
Flower Seeds to select
Write for our large 112
freight on 0fsS3mR0 Pae catalog and Garden Guide
10 or- apBf e m same free of charge to anvone
ders MjmKKP interested also sample package of our New
joreiess lomato the imest of all Tomatoes
IVVffivyWyFfrifWf I iiiiftftiliili pyi iiTilVivrvH
V Franklin Pres G H Watkins Vice Pres
R A Green Cshr
Ike Citizens National Bank
of McCook Nebraska
Paid Up Capital 50000 Surplus 25000
Everything in Lumber
At Live and Let Live Prices
Phone 5o
I have Residence and Business Properties for Rent
Living expenses have advanced 50 percent in the past
few years but you can get the BEST OF ALL
Bullard Lumber Co
i M O Me CLURE Mgr
Experiment to Be Made on an
urban Line In Oregon
An Innovation in electric railway
transportation tbat is said to be uniquo
In America is about to be tried on an
interurban road running out of Port
land Ore to Salem the state capital
and other Willamette valley points
This is the serving of a free lunch on
the interurban trains at mealtime
The inauguration of a regular dining
car service would be cumbersome and
mean handling an additional heavy
car but by putting on a buffet ob
servation car lunch can be served with
little Inconvenience
Porters on the cars will serve the
lunch without charge and it is be
lieved the new service will prove very
popular Regular charges will be made
for observation car seats but this toll
will include the luncheon so the pas
senger will have the unique experi
ence of getting something for nothing
from a railroad company
The trolley road has recently been
completed by New York and Philadel
phia capital and is already one of the
best equipped interurban lines in the
west Cars uniform with the best
Pullman equipment will be used with
smoking compartments buffet and ob
servation platforms affording all the
comforts of modern travel even for tin
comparatively short distances covered
Actress Would Lead Subscription to
Feed and Shelter Animals
Anna Held has undertaken to head a
movement for the relief of the elks in
Wyoming that are unable to get food
because of the deep snow To secure
Immediate relief and give substantial
impetus to the movement she agrees
to head a list of subscriptions with
2j0 providing there will be ninety
nine others giving a like sum the dis
position of the money so raised to be
determined along the most practicable
lines for distributing fodder and pro
viding shelter for the animals
Miss Held addressed a communica
tion to John U Sammis exalted ruler
of the Benevolent and Protective Or
der of Elks at Lemars la seeking
co operation of the fraternity she re
gards as naturally interested from hu
manitarian and sentimental reasons in
the welfare of the American elk out
lining her plan and suggesting that
under her proposition any lodge of
Elks will be regarded as an indi
vidual in making contributions
Chicago Storekeepers Want to Prevent
Return of Goods After Being Used
Chicago department stores have de
cided to stop the buying of opera
cloaks and party dresses on approv
al to be worn once or twice and then
returned as unsatisfactory A gen
eral campaign with this end in view
is to be begun it was learned recent
ly following the announcement that
one department store has adopted a
patent device intended to reduce these
abuses The device is a glaring red
tag about two inches wide and four
inches long On it is printed in large
black letters the statement
This article will not be accepted if
this ticket is detached
But instead of having the tag tied
to the artiole it is attached in a con
spicuous place by a lead seal similar
to those used to close mail bags and
money bags The only way to get
the tag off is to cut the string
New Kind of Bone Fracture
The second days session of the Med
ical Society of the State of New York
in Albany was devoted recently to the
reading of a large number of papers
Dr William S Thomas of New York
in a paper on The Chauffeurs Frac
ture declared it an occupational dis
ease caused by the slipping of the
crank handle of an automobile If the
handle strikes the chauffeurs arm it
causes a fracture which Dr Thomas
found to be of a peculiar character He
told of several cases where chauffeurs
with dangerous fractures from being
struck by a crank handle have driven
their machines for miles after the acci
dent without knowing that they were
badly hurt
Back to the Land
Back to the land is the cry today back to
the dear old farm
To the fields and the brook and the wind
ins lane back to their sylvan charm
Back to the little attic room which in
boyhood days you knew
Where the raindrops pattered upon a roof
and sometimes pattered through
Get up each morn before the sun and milk
the lowing kine
And carry the oats and hay and corn to
the horses sheep and swine
Bring in the wood and the water too
enough to last all day
Then breakfast eat by candlelight and ho
to the fields away
Follow the plow from morn till night
scatter and sow the seeds
Then get the hoe and hurry along and
chop down all the weeds
Hunt for eggs in the old hayloft and take
your weekly turn
A helping along the women folk by work
ing the butter churn
But oh for the glorious harvest time
when you gather the wheat and rye
With the mercury ninety in the shade and
the sun in a cloudless sky
Sou reap and mow and garner the crops
and never mind the sun
nd eat your supper by candlelight when
the harvest day is done
Gather the autumns golden fruit from
the orchards loaded trees
Husk the corn that the frost has nipped
till your hands begin to freeze
Off to the woodland day by day while the
weather still is good
Mauling the rails to mend the fence chop
ping the Winter wood
Then do the chores that you did at raorn
and after the stock is fed
Wind up the clock and put out the cat
and then youre oft to bed
Back to the land all ye who will but Ill
go back no more
For I got all that was coming to me when
I was there before
New 5Tork QToild
3ims -T
V Ajje
Idaho Senator Would Open Up
the West Now
Governments Policy Really Wasteful
He Holds Drives Settlers to Cana
da To Save Coal and Timber He
Urges Development of the Water
Power Sites
During a short stay in New York
city recently United States Senator
William E Borah of Idaho who has
a bill before congress authorizing the
issue of 3j00l000 in government
bonds to raise money for the reclama
tion of arid lands of the west talked
on the question of conservation as fol
lows before he left for Washington
Western people are just as thor
oughly devoted to the principle of con
servation as are people in the east
But as we understand it conservation
means the use and development of our
natural resources Conservation that
has for its basis the tjing up of these
resources for an indefinite time is
Why one third of our state is in
the forest reserve When Governor
Hughes went west last summer he
said in a speech Youd be surprised
to know that we have in New York a
forest reserve of 1000000 acres Some
enthusiast spoke up and said Youd
be surprised governor but weve got
in Idaho a forest reserve into which
we could put the whole of New York
state and lose it There are 20000
000 acres of such laud in Idaho
On that land there are thousands of
dollars worth of timber that must be
used every year or else go to waste
but you cant get a dollars worth of
lumber from a forest reservation for
less than you can buy it from the
lumber trust Out there we say Tie
up the forests so as to prevent waste
ful extravagance destruction by tires
and the monopolization of timber
That is all right But we want these
reservations put under such regulation
and control as will make them serve
the needs of the living generation of
Wants Immediate Use of Power Sites
With regard to the water power
sites we feel practically the same way
It has been demonstrated that there is
enough available water in the Snake
river in Idaho to furnish power for all
the industries west of the Mississippi
and water power is as unexhausted
after you have been using it 1000 years
as when it is just harnessed Everv
conceivable view from a common sense
standpoint suggests immediate devel
opment and utilization of power sites
When you do this you have done more
toward preserving our coal and timber
for future generations than you could
by any other plan
Again we would subscribe to any
law however drastic which would
keep the power sites out of the hands
of monopolies but the plan which
merely ties up resources on the ground
of some absolute nonsense about fu
ture generations doesnt appeal to us
Urges Irrigation of Arid Lands
Another phase of the situation is
that we have in the west 23000000
acres of arid lands uutaken Vast
tracts of this have been withdrawn
from entry waiting for the govern
nient to put water on it Tho most
effective results of conservation poli
cies would be obtained by the gover
ment putting water on this without
delay But the fact is that while dis
tinguished leaders of conservation aro
discussing before the public this great
question the poor settlers are being
driven into bankruptcy by the govern
ments delay
Why in the lands withdrawn by
the government are lSOOOOO acres cf
cur school land and it is a question
whether the state will not lose that
Then look how rapidly we are losing
possible settlers It is estimated thai
70000 Americans will ero s the border
into Canada this year looking for
homes They will take with them an
average of 1000 apiece Besides the
loss of such good thrifty farmers that
means that 970000000 of good Amer
ican money goes out of the country
this year and all because the Cana
dians have framed their land laws on
a liberal plan
Back to the Farm
Tho greatest advertisement over given to western farm lands is containod
in the present discussion regarding tho high cost of living Our population ana
its demands has increased boyond the ratio of increased soil products
man who owns a farm is surer today than over boforo of its future value- ana
worth to him Nearly a million immigrants como annually to this wun7
Tho west is increasing in population at tho rato of half a million a year Tho
man who owns a 30 or JO acro worn out farm in Europe is considered mdopond
ant yet
The West Offers You 320 acre Tracts of Mondell Land Or
80 acre Tracts of Government Irrigated Land At a Price
That Comes Near Being a Gift
With tho absolute certainty that these lands will bo boyond tho reach of tho
homesteader in a few ears
It Will Pay You to Get Hold of a Western Farm
for yourself or your son boforo it is to lato Got in touch with mB
D CLEM BEAVER General Agent
LandSeekers Information Bureau
Room 6 Q Building Omaha Neb
Mrs Austin Dixon who has been visit
ing her sister Mrs F G Lytle returned
to her home at Alma Tuesdny
Mr and Mrs Charles Masters came
up from Indianola Saturday to visit
F G Lytle and family and attend ser
vice at the church
Spring Creek was well represented at
Box Elder Sunday they came in tho
morning and remained until after the
evening services
Rev Burress of Indianola filled the
pulpit at this place Tuesday and Wed
nesday evenings of last week
S D McClain and wife and Miss
Sweeney and Rev Howe came out from
McCook Friday evening and Rev
Howe filled the pulpit tbat evening
Rev Tyler organized a class for the
young people at the parsonage last
Monday evening
The sisters of Mr and Mrs N II
Tubbs who were visiting them Lave
returned to their homes
J C Ball and family from near Mc
Cook and Mrs J K Gordon and
daughters of McCook were among those
who came from a distance to the closing
services of the special meetings which
hava bren held the past three weeks
During the meetings there were eight
een conversions and fourteen accessions
to the church
The revival meeting at Box Eider
closed last Sunday night after three
weeks btrenous work with 18 conver
sions and Id accessions to th church
The churiIi was ivil tw utmost all
day Sunday Folks b ought their din
nor and ate with each other Truly old
time love seemed to hover over the
meetings In the afternoon an old time
love feast was held and the old time
power seem to fall on the congregation
at night the pastor spoke on Con
science to a crowded house The
church has been awakened A ladies
id Gociety organized tho Epworth
Lnane reorganized and a c ass for in
struction formed of the new converts
A Night Alarm
Worse than an alarm of fire at night
is the mfltHllic of croup Careful
mothers keep Foleys Honey aDd Tar in
the house and rivi it at the first sign of
danger Folejs Honey and Tar has
saved many little lives
No opiates A
Wafebly and Weak
Solid and Strong
mmi 35
rj0i T ctJi
Water cant rise above Its level
Nor can a community rise above the
level of its citizenship
If the citizens are lukewarm limp
and lazy the town will be wishy
washy wabbly and weak
If the citizens have VERTEBRA
VIM AND VIGOR the town will bs
substantial solid and strong
Lets all brace up and make this
town of ours a place of energy ambi
tion and enterprise
Oilico over Electric Theutro Rooms 6 7
Dr W B Ely M D
Practice Limited Specialty
Diseases of tho Rectum
Piles Fissure Ulcer etc
Ollice Hours 9 am to 4 p m Phone I26
McCook Nebraska
J3Agent of Lincoln Land Co and of McCook
Waterworks Office in Postofflce baildlnff
Micklleton Ruby
All work guaranteed
Phone 182 McCook Nebraska
Real Estate
and Insurance
Room Two over McConnells drag
store McCook Nebraska
F E Whitney Walter Hosier
Prompt Services Courteous
Treatment Reasonable Prices
Office First Door
South of DeGrofPs
Pi mm
1 t r S0
f svjrz v to 1
Phones I3n4
Black 244
will cry your
sales any
time any
Bills pool
ed in the
Sappa coun
try and tin
cups f u r
nished for
your free
lunch with
o u t extra
Terms 10
first S1000 or
less 1 per
cent on all
sales run
ning over 1000 Dater made by The
Danbury News Danbury Nebr
The Updike
Grain Co
sells the
following coals
Nigger Head Maitland
Canyon City Lump
Canyon City Nut
Baldwin Lump
Iowa Lump
Pea Coal
Wier City Lump
Wier City Nut
Sheridan Egg
Rex Lump
Pennsylvania Hard Coal
S S Garvey Manager
Phone 169
- m
1 1