The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, March 10, 1910, Image 2

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    into the chicken business
S W Rodabaugh of Logan Kans
is visiting his son M W Rodabaugh
and his daughter Mrs Alice Blake
Howard Ruby the real estate
hustler of Danbury was in town one
day last mid week on business
Mrs A J Green and daughter
called on her parents northwest of
town Sunday p m
W H Eifert fixed up the room
over his hardware to be used as a
lodge room which was badly needed
We understand that the M W A
are talking of organizing a camp
here in the near future
Irene Marie Pearl and Winona
Ruby of Danbury were in town be
tween trains Saturday
Miss Mamel Rimberling a girl of IS
vears disappeared from her home
in Frontier county about IS miles
northwest of McCook presumably in
October of last year Miss Kimber
ling is said to have come to McCook
but no trace has so far been found
here or in this vicinity Otto Webber
of Bartley Nebr her grandfather
is most anxious to secure informa
tion of her weherabouts
New Depot for Holdrege
The railway commission has or
dered the Burlington to build a new
uassenger depot at Holdrege the
building not to be a frame structure
The railroad company must submit
plans for approval by April 10 and
then the commission will set a date
for the completion of the depot
Holdrege is the home of Railway
Cr mmisioner W H Cowgill Lin
coln Journal
Two week additional time has
been rne3 the Herbert E Gooch
company tr make its showing in
United court in resistance to
the suit brought by the Chicago
gHfcrArfrfafi ra itrrwegyagigggg
Real Estate Filings
The following real estate filings have
been made in the county clerks office
United States Hans I Peterson
Pat s2 sw 4-13-1-30
Albert Styer etux Elwin J Lurwig
wd 5S5000 se 4-25-1-29
Mary E Ritchie et al George
Ridgley q c d 100 7-S-9 in 2G In
Elizabeth Girems et al Madalene
Colling p c d 100 se 4-12-2-28
New Era Coe A J Wasson q c
d 100 nw4 3
Chester C Wasson et ux Andrew
J Wasson wd 4 00000 nw4 3
Charles F Lehn et ux Joseph R
Stansberry wd 45000 3 in 7 lst
Walter Hickling et ux Alonzo J
Van Buskirk wd 450000
in 15 2nd McCook n 10 in 24
Wiliani Byfield et ux V Frank
lin wd 3000000 1-2-3-4- n2 nw4
sw4 nw4 20 4-5-6 se4 ne4 pt n2 ne4
U S Grant Chandler et ux Leon
L Miller wd 530000 w2 ne43 pt 4
pt ne4
Elwin J Ludwig et ux Robert S
Sanders wd 400000
Alonzo J Van Buskirk et ux V
Franklin in 15 2nd McCook
William Byfield V Franklin Bill
of Sale 400000 Grain Elevator and
machinery at Red Wiliow
Henry H Stedman et ux Tamme
H Gronewold wd 450000
Lewis A Sheldon et ux William
O Thompson wd 600000 ne4 ne4
A L Metcalf et ux Elizabeth
Fletcher wd 400000 7 in 5 nw4
in S-3-26
Laura A Mitchell et ux Irving R
Andrews q c d 100 7 pt S in IS
Laura E Starr W W Barrett
Bill of Sale 20000 1 horse
G W Roop et ux James H Mc
Callum wd 500000 nw4 l 3-4-2 S
George Lang et ux Hoye J Arbo
gast q c d S0000
Elizabeth Fletcher et cons Wil
liam Parrish wd 150000 7 in S-3-
Lincoln Land Co Pearl E Mills
wd 100000 17 1S in 28 McCook
Samuel S Garvey et ux Joel T
Jones wd 220000 5 in 24 McCook
George A Johnson single Otto
Tilgner wd 450000
Henry N Graham et ux Franklin
VanVleet wd 670000
For thrity two years societies seek
ing to exalt the Lords Day in
Europe and America have asked
Gods people to observe one week in
April as Lords Day Week
Because we are in the greatest
crisis of the history of the Sabbath
board of trade to enjoin its use of m America ootn in tne united btates
price quotations on grain options anaaa tne international
incoln Journal eration of Sunday Rest Associations
1 of America ask with increased
Lady friends to the number of Inasis tnat April 6 to 10 1910 be
twenty two gave Grandma Strine a
pleasant farewell apron and handker
chief shower on Tuesday The ladies
took with them lunch baskets well
filled with dainty viands and an ele
gant dinner was spread at noon
After school the young ladies of the
rublic school paid their respects
to grandma also and left a number
of fine handkerchiefs as a token of
remembrance Grandma Strine left
Friday to make her home with her
daughter at McCook Strang Neb
The Burlington and Pennsylvania
lines jointly on October 1st 1909
inaugurated for the Adams Express
company what is said to be the long
est regular through express car ser
vice in the world A through car will
he carried daily in each direction be
tween New York City and Denver
Colo on the fast exclusive mail and
express trains of the two roads The
avoidance of transfer enroute and
connections thus insured will mean
much to impress shipping merchants
in the vast territory served fcy these
two great systems of railways
JL02 iis
far cftUdrsnf sat J sure A o opiate
observed as Lords Day Week The
liquor and other powers cf evil
knowing that if the Sabbath be de
stroyed Christianity will perish are
attacking this divine gift as never be
Mrs J A Bruce of McCook who
ran a nail in her foot about three
weeks ago is recovering from the in
jury Her condition was very serious
for a few days on account of blood
poisoning Bertrand Co Holdrege
The women can do much Would
to God they could vote How long
would the saloons stay if they had
the right of voting on this matter
John R Anderson of Cambridge
Miss Margaret Heagney of Geneva
visited McCook friends briefly on her
way to her new home in Pine Bluffs
E W Harris of Wray Colorado
assumed charge and possession of
the Indianola roller mills Monday
- r ft - if iii
-fill Mii from 5imps sSH
lVrtt Highest award Chicago tm
KK lmyKKiB in
Ray Rodabaugh and family from
near Cedar Bluffs visited at E E
Blakes Sunday
A C Furman of Fort Collins
has purchased the Marion
Citizen of J H Wicks recently We
welcome Mr Furman in our midst
and wis him success
Powell Nilsson shipped out 2
cars of sheep and one of cattle on
Tuesday evenings stock train
Rev Orley Miller of Garnett
Kan took Tuesday evenings train
for his home having visited his
father and family W V Miller since
last Friday
Powell Nilsson began the exca
vation for a large alfalfa mill to be
put up here as rapidly as possible
Albert Kemp left here Monday
evening for his claim near Brush
Colo via McCook
George Adams left here Tuesday
to live with Guy Smith southeast of
Danbury Geo contemplates going
One Moment Please
Whos the
Town Buster
9aaa waB7 aiT1
The citizen who sneers at his own
The citizen who belittles local en
The citizen who scoffs at home im
The citizen who buys his household
goods by mail
The citizen who gets his job print
ing done outside
How often do you
eat this food
A short time ago there appeared in
the columns of one of the prominent
magazines an article on building brain
and muscle by the proper selection of
the foods you eat
A good many people were surprised
to find oatmeal placed at the top of the
list of foods recommended but if the
article had appeared in an English or
Scotch paper every reader would have
expected to see first place given to
good oatmeal
As a matter of fact Great Britian
and Europe come to us for tremendous
quantities of Quaker Oats because it
represents to them perfect food being
the richest in flavor and best in clean
liness and purity of all oatmeals
Americans should eat more Quaker
Oats the results would soon show
themselves in improved conditions of
health and strength 55
Capt Bpgardus Again Hits the Buils Eye
The world famous rifle shot who holds
the championship record of 100 pigeons
in 100 consecutive shots is at present
living at Lincoln Illinois Recently in
terviewed hesuid I have suffered a
long time with kidney and bladder trou
ble and have used several well known
kidney medicines which gave me no re
lief until I started taking Foleys Kid
ney Pills Before taking Foleyss Kid
ney Pills 1 was subjected to severe back
ache and pains in my kidneys with sup
pression and oftentimes cloudy voiding
While upon arising in the morning I
would get dull headaches Now I have
taken three bottles of Foleys Kidney
Pills and feel 100 per cent better I am
not bothered with kidneys or bladder
and once more feel like my old self All
this I owe solely to Foleys Kidney Pills
and I always recommend them to my
fellow sufferers
Following licenses to marry have been
issued since our last report
William M Rambeaux 22 and Ruby
F Hanna 19 both of McCook Mar
ried by the county judge March 7th
Foleys Kidney Remedy will cure any
case of kidney or bladder trouble that is
not beyond the reach of medicine No
medicine can do more A McMlllen
Legal Blanks Here
A few St Patricks TJav nost Tnis omce carries all kinds of legal
caraa leu ami xor Baie at ine Xxitatum l mean forms ana manes special DlanH
cgicgjftgjy - a to order promptly ana Rscurately
rssffrBrsnarft ag
Expressmen Explain Why Rates Have
Ri3en on Womens Headgear
Willi an apprehensive group of man
milliners looking on the other after
noon the express companies struck a
telling blow at the mushroom hat in
dustry It happened at the interstate
commerce commission inquiry into the
rates for transporting millinery be
fore Commissioner lames S Harlan at
In the last two years the express
companies have been putting up the
rales on hats until they are nearly
twice what they were in 1100 Tin
hut makers were before the commis
sion to lind out why C W Stockton
who did most of the talking for the
express companies said
When first began making rates
on womens hats the hats were small
neat compact affairs that looked like
a pat of butter and were fastened to
the weareis head with a bit of string
We charged by the pound at that time
Since then the hats have been grow-
steadily in width height length
and the fourth dimension but they
havent grown an ounce in weight
Why five years ago you could get
from 000 to 3000 womens hats into
an ordinary express car Now you
have to take out the double doors to
get one in
Another thing These hat people
have been coming to us demanding
damages for dents which our oxpress
meu make in these hats occasionally
Why everybody knows that the more
dents a hat has in it the better hat it
Lecturer Advocates Their Use
Rural Free Delivery
Aeroplanes for use in rural free de
livery was the plan advocated the oth
er night by Wilbur R Kimball in a
lecture on aeronautics at the West
Side Young Mens Christian associa
tion in New York city
There has been a remarkable devel
opment within the last few months in
aeroplanes said Mr Kimball and
today their practicability has been ful
ly established There is no reason
now why the aeroplane should not be
used in delivering mail in the rural
free delivery system
The government has gone to great
expense to establish our present rural
free delivery but it is subject to de
lays especially in the winter months
because of the storms which make bad
roads With the aeroplaue however
the farmers hard earned free delivery
would be above poor roads His mail
would be dropped in front of his door
in a little leather pouch from the aerial
delivery wagon which would then
speed on to the next farmhouse to
deliver its packet
Mail could also be collected by areo
plane mail wagons in the rural dis
tricts with an arrangement by which
the aerial chauffeur could lower a
hook and catch up packets of mail
Warning of the Great Inundation
Lightly Treated
Paul- W Linebarger of Milwaukee
Wis formerly a judge in the Philip
pines who was in Paris when the re
cent flood began to show itself re
turned to New York the other day
Mr Linebarger noticed that the pop
ulace as a whole was inclined to make
light of a warning from the hydro
graphic bureau to be prepared for an
unusual flood Parisians stood on the
bridges over the Seine and made friv
olous remarks about the bureau some
saying to each other Look out or
youll get your feet wet
In the provinces the warning was
heeded and at one town Mr Line
barger saw a dike built chiefly of coal
to check an expected invasion of wa
New Comets Speed
Forty one miles a second measures
the speed at which Comet A 1910 is
traveling from the earth according to
a telegram recently received at the
Harvard college observatory in Cam
bridge Mass from the Lick observa
tory The telegram states that Mr
Albrecht photographed the spectrum
of the comet and found the sodium
lines displaced thus indicating the
motion of the luminary
So far as known the new comet can
not be identified with any other comet
that has ever visited us and it is
likely that it is moving in a parabola
which is an open curve that does not
return into itself It is one of the
tramp family of celestial wanderers
and seems to have had no special
discoverer but was discovered by
about everybody
Signaling Military Balloons
A device for sigualiug to military
balloons at night has been fixed on
the tower of the railway station at
Spandau It consists of a large hori
zontal wooden ring provided with
thirty eight big electric incandescent
lamps Such lighthouses with inter
mittent lights for aerial navigation are
also to be erected at Nauen and Pots
dam Experiments have recently been
made with the intermittent lights on
the tower at Spandau
Ridding Kansas of Coyotes
The war on the coyotes in Kiowa
county Kan is showing good results
The county commissioners were called
on recently to vote 73 to pay for as
many scalps It is known that more
than thirty scalps were not turned in
which would swell the death rate to
more than a hundred A few years
ago it was a common thing to see
nark rf 1 dozen covotes but now ow
ing to the bounty they rarely are seen
r packs
i5 SsSH3MHp
Declare They Are tiis Only Real
Object to Bill For Federal Control of
the Air Say Their Small Instru
ments Can Send Messages Only a
Short Distance They Blame thfc
Hired Operators
Alarmed by a resolution Introduced
in congress on Dec 17 last calling
for the appointment of a board or
experts to prepare a comprehensive
system of regulations to govern the
operation of all wireless plants the
amateur wireless operators are pre
paring to defend what they consider
their rights The editor of a publica
tion devoted to the Interests of the
wireless amateur has received 0000
letters from amateurs protesting
against the restriction of wireless
rights to government and commercial
stations which they fear will be the
outcome of the resolution
It is on the ground that the wireless
has been largely perfected by ama
teurs that the latter base their claims
to consideration They say that they
are the only ones actively interested
in experimenting with new apparatus
because they can do so on a small and
inexpensive scale
Individuality In a Spark
In fact the amateurs twit the profes
sional wireless men with being behind
the times and declare that the much
talked of interference with the work
of the regulars by amateur senders is
very largely a myth They say that a
really good wireless man finds indi
viduality in a spark just as he would
in a voice and that just as a man in a
crowd where many are speaking can
distinguish and understand the words
spoken by the particular voice in
which he is interested so a good wire
less man can concentrate his attention
upon the particular message which Is
meant for his ear A good operator
say the amateurs has no difficulty in
reading through six messages
Even if this were not so say the de
fenders of amateur air line rights the
invention of the loose couples or
induction tuner enables the operator
to cut out from his receiver all but the
particular message which he wishes to
take The amateurs suggest that the
expense of installing really up to date
apparatus in the commercial stations
may have something to do with the at
There are estimated to be about 00
000 amateur wireless stations in the
United States New York has at least
1000 and the number is growing rap
idly The value of these plants ranges
from 10 to what you please and the
business of supplying materials neces
sary for their construction is a consid
erable one so that the amateurs are
being marshaled for the fight by the
interested dealers
The Air Nuisance
One of these dealers said recently
that he had begun the work of supply
ing wireless apparatus to amateurs in
1004 and that in a way he felt that he
was largely responsible for what the
regulars have termed the air nui
sance This man said that to trans
mit a wireless message sixty miles re
quires a plant costing at least 37
and that the majority of the amateurs
were content with a 10 plant which
while capable of receiving messages
sent within a radius of 200 miles can
not transmit one more than one or two
miles The ability of the amateur to
receive messages sent from long dis
tances of course makes privacy for
official messages impossible unless a
code is used The amateurs say how
ever that there have been no com
plaints on this head They say that
a majority of the complaints aside
from those which they believe are in
spired by commercial companies seek
ing a monopoly come from inefficient
commercial or government operators
One amateur who says that he knows
personally twenty five such operators
declares that not four of the men
were able to draw a diagram showing
how their instruments were connected
up The amateur says that his pro
fessional brother isnt interested in the
game and doesnt care to learn and as
a cover to his inefficiency blames all
his shortcomings on the innocent
amateur whose weak spark cannot
as a rule be heard half a mile
As a final plea to be allowed to ex-
ist the amateur associations say that
the amateur wireless plant is a One
thing to keep boys at home and out of
Course In Poetry
A course in writing poetry is to be
established at the University of Mis
souri in Columbia Mo It will be un
tler the direction of Dr It II Miller
of the English department A prize
of 100 for the best poem has been
offered for several years at the uni
versity but no poem regarded as of
sufficient rierit to win the prize has
been submitted by a student
Vegetable Banquet
As an expression of dissatisfaction
with the prevailing high prices of
meats the executive committee of the
Vermont Ilotel Mens association has
Toteci to hare a vegetable it
the annual dinner in llontpelier yt
on Feb 18
Avoid Cheap and BlCan Baking powders
The cheap baking powders have dug
one recommendation they certainly give
of powder for hia
the purchaser plenty
money but its not all baking powder
the bulk is made up of cheap materials
that have no leavening power These
powders are so carelessly made from in
ferior materials that they will not make
light wholesomo food Further these
cheap baking powders have a very small
percentage of leavening gas therefore
it takes from U oto three times as much
of the powder to raise tho cake or biscuit
as it does of Calumet Bnking Powder
Therefore in the long run the actual
coat of the cheap powders is raor than
Calumet would be Cheap baking pow
ders leave the bread sometimes bleached
and acid somotimes jollow and alkaline
and often unpalatable They are never
of uniform strength and quality
Why not buy a perfectly wholesome
baking powder like Calumet that is at
the same time moderate in price and one
which can be relied upon Calumet is
always tho same keeps indefinitely
and gives the cook the least trouble
Congregational Preaching at 11
and 8 oclock Sunday school at 10 a
m Christian Endeavor 7 oclock
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
at eight oclock The public is cor
dially invited to these services
Rev R T Bayne Pastor
Episcopal Preaching services at St
Albans church at 11 a m and 730 p
m Sunday Bchool at 10 a m Com
munion 1st Sundays 11 a m 3rd Sun
days 745 a m each month All are
welcome to these services
E R Eable Rector
Catholic Order of services Mass
330 am Mass and sermon 1030 am
Evening service at 8 oclock Sunday
school 230 p m Every Sunday
Wai J Kirwin O M I
Methodist Sunday school at 10 am
Sermons by pastor at 11 and 8 Class
at 12 Junior League at 3 Epworth
League at 615 Prayer meeting Wed
nesday night at 745
Bryant Howe Pastor
Baptist Sunday school at ten oclock
am Preaching at 11 a m and 745
p m B Y P U 045 p m Prayer
meeting and Bible study on Wednesday
at 8 p m A most cordial invitation is
extended to all to worship with us
Francis E Iams Pastor
Evangelical Lutheran Regular
German preaching services in church
corner of E and 6th street east every
Sunday morning at 1030 All Germans
cordially invited
Rev Wm Brueggeman
607 5th st EaBt
Christian Science 219 Main Ave
nue Services Sunday at 11 a m and
Wednesday at 8 p m Reading Room
open all the time Science literature
on sale
Evangelical Lutheran Congrega
tional Sunday School at 930 a m
Preaching at 1030 a m and 730 p m
by pastor Junior C E at 130 p m
Senior C E at 700 p m Prayer
meetings every Wednesday and Satur
day evenings at 730 All Germans
cordially invited to these services
Rev GustavHenkelmann
505 3rd street West
No Substitute
Accept no substitute for Foleys Honey
and Tar It is the best and safest rem
edy for coughs colds throat and lung
troubles Contains no opiates and no
harmful drugs Remember the name
Foleys Honey and Tar and accept no
substitute A McMillen
Wonder of Mechanism
A German shoemaker spent 15 years
of his leisure moments in constructing
a clock of the grandfather shape near
ly six feet high made entirely of
straw The wheels pointers case and
every detail are exclusively of straw
The most remarkable fact is that it Is
reported to keep perfect time though
the durability of this strange piece of
mechanism is a matter of doubt
Riches In Aspirations
An aspiration Is a joy forever a
possession as solid as a landed estate
a fortune which you can never ex
haust and which gives year by year a
revenue of pleasurable activity To
have many of these is to be spiritual
ly rich Robert Louis Stevenson
vAJuamjWiiUjfH1 O
Cough Remedy
Cures Coughs Colds Croup Grip
and Whooping Cough
Phased to inform onr readers
that r
Chamberlains Cough Remedy doe
not contain narcotics of anv kind Thi
makes it the safest and best for children
It makes no difference when
yon caught
that cold you have it and want to get rid
Remedv of it quickly Take Chamberlains Cou
It wont do to fool Trith a bad cold
0 one can tell what the end will be
Pneumonia catarrh chronic bronchitl
and consumption invariably result from
a neglected cold As a cure for cougS
ChamDertains Congu Kemetiy sola
everywhere at 25c 5Qe ana U0