The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, February 24, 1910, Image 5

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Time Card
j McCook Neb
lAl LINK mil
N tOmral 1tfiit 1 1 m
1 iron a m
ill A n
- nrr ilir iiiii 7i m
U a 12 v m
l V M
No I Moiiiiiniii TUuti 1221 v m
y mI2 v m
nrrrtil jmii ihi a m
13 M
is lii m
9 nrr 7 7i nan 7ki a m
No Itfi arrive Miniiifi Tun l i i m
No l7rKljHrtH 7 21 m
SfHjin dining uiil rliiiiiitf rlmtr our
iinti frcu ll trrj firitft ilil
uil huLiitfe chtckil to utiy tniint m tint Unitm
or CHtiada
tt In rtii ntSmi tfttiittat1ln irnij ii in
t imII on nr write I F Hnttr r AimiiC
MrOooV V hriMlin ir I W Wiikfln Gti rtl
ff l V I 1
I imijrr Kiii iiiiiiM iiriK
Wednesday Night March 2
FI iyd Stnricr first day trick man at
Akron vi iLeti In- folns tier- itirday
Dispatcher Jhu Murray and Hii inr
Elizibtith jiit sj i i y ith th f tmily
in Iniliiinila
Mm Elmr I nviM nn t n return d
home Sundri iv limy from visiMiii
Holdrege riIrtiivHu
Master Mi ch into Ii E Outliers m
was in Wriy tolnrado on company
business hut Suturdav
Ootid u W Ch Hol who is run
Dine nut of Rptiilicun Ci fur a svtiile
spent Sunday ut home here
E R llnncer ui of Tienton it- now
Mnploymi in rii express Ulicn here
His family accompanied hi-
A now time card on the 7th will
make the time of Nos 9 and 10 between
Chicago and Denver almost as f ist as
Nos 1 and 6
Paul Perreuoud is arranging to visit
that dear old Swilz cniini June
He has not seen thu parents ami family
for 8 or 9 cars
Giry Dole general foreman atDenver
spent Tuesday and Wednesdny in the
city on his way wa t from visiting the
parents at Tatuorn Nebraska
The shop forca as far as pnaihli was
given a holiday Washingtons birthaay
The clerical force connected with the
shops were given a holiday in the nfUr
Mr and Mrs E 0 Brills had the
pleasure last week of entertaining his
mother Mrs II F Brisjgs of O ion
Kansas and this wpek of entertaining
a bride and groom Mr and Mrs Upo yo
Wilkins of Bruning this starp the
brido being a sister of Mrs Briggs
The policy of tho BurliriLton manage
ment to tag along ic the rear of tho col
umn of improvement is strongly risptit
ed in some of the more progressiva tawns
and cities in Western Nebraska B
improvements we mean especially depitB
and freight houses Cambridyo is not
satisfied Holdrege is complaining and
McCook is not happy There are others
The Western Demurrage bureau has
adopted the uniform demurrage rules
recommended by the meeting of railroad
commissioners in Washington in Nov
ember last and subsequently endorsed
by the interstate commerce commission
The rules give shippers the privilege
of unoiding cars within forty eight
hours without penalty and also give
them in a general way the right to
average their demurrage the railroads
thus putting a premium on rapid un
loading If a jobber unloids some cars
in twelve hours thus releasing the cars
and fails to unload others in less than
forty eight hours he is given credit in
some measure for the rapid release of a
part of the cars used in handling his
Tffhieni up ihc Time
j tlivifW iniif ci dule of ilia Bur
ifiin i i h g ellfC Ftthrmiry
Si iiie ttu nn ui iii Lti nmi ho
hit i o l I r mi trains
- 9 il N -ill leiH
ii - i I v tit i t 105 i
infl r i io Iiiivt at 1 p in five
ut hi u i tin r n hours
iii i i Him i mi l r ctilirtt dia
In t H ii liiiiult Hlld DhDVIT
i rut thin ttmt nfv n iniH an hour
i litiitii n 105 iniuute
11 iii a- mitt i mil int i hum
iriuii i iui tinjf ut Ethlbound No
1 ill -- l i vi h ilf mi hour earl-
r at 93 ii in iuih in L ncnln at
120j t iii iimi riivr t Ciiicngo at
227 j i in 1 1 2 hours from Lincoln
Connotinns may he hiikIm there that
w II irtinl in il in York city the
s 1 1 inns hi of Lincoln oi 35
i mi
rti X s 5 uil 12 will be known as
7 ami 8 we t ol Oxford
Ii i if 1 1 hi in passenger ser
vc toiiv ami Kiri y via Tolucn is
if in Tniuci to Billin s No
122 will Ii v Lincoln at 215 p in
Nq 9 iii ll Will fiiaUti n i Htipn In
twien v1i rik nncl Oxfoid
Entertain B of L F E
The LwieV of thu B or L F
t K iii- icirtl at the Morris hall
i vi iiiiiL to the niHinhers of 599
H of L F E and friends A very
good tine wax eijd by all present
ami thu of 599 ai t evi ryone to
Know ihif ihi liiirj of 232 certainly
know how to entertain wheu it comes to
siowuil i v rjbody a good time
C rd i iiid oher nimes were on tap
and be t of a i were the refreshment
which were i reil i bout 11 clock In
the annual cuntesr Mrs Charles J a
cobs received the first priz and Mrs I
J Mill the boo Among those pres
ent from nu r of town were Asa Dillon
1 h Vice PrM B of L F E Downs
KHiisa7 B Wade Geul Chairman
Galehburc Illinois has Pflegor Ster
ling Colorado and W C McNown of
Wj more Nebraki
Splendid Success
Tim Miichinirtl lnU Washingtons
Birthiay evening was very largely at
tended and voted a gioat success soc
ially and fiea icially The bvll xvns held
in Mt nird ti h II which was crovded
Those participating name it among the
great s icial affairs of the winner
The following letters cards and pack
nges rofnain unfiled for at the McCook
postotlicp Feb 22 1910
Dillon Mrs O C Johnson Miss Louisa
Kennedy Mrs Lila
Branch Mr ChasW2 BnlTinBton Mr George
Burney Mr Earl Gunber Mr J E
Johnson Mr Elmer 2 Lowe W G
Lowman R F Mikins Miss Pearl
Williams -2
Proctor Mr George Tuttle Mr WilL
When calling for these please say
they wpre advertised
Lon Conk P M
Kaffee Kiatsch Affair
The ladies of the KafTee Kiatsch en
tertained their husbands and invited
guests Monday evening at a colonial
affair of much interest and pleasure
The Monte Cristo hall was decorated
with bunting flags pictures of George
Washington etc The ladies were coif
ured and gowned a la colonial style
There was a grand march dancing and
cards Light refreshments were served
The favors were hand decorated hatch
ets About 60 participated
Legal Blanks Here
This office carries all kinds of legal
blank forms and makes special blanks
to order promptly and accurately
E C Hill has been out on store house
business part of the week
BjjjnnnjmiPirninarTr i nrrr rrTT t iiiiiiii ii jmmuiiiiiMiiiitiea
Bring this advertisement with you and we will
give you the following REDUCTION ON ALL
SHOES to make room for our Spring Oxfords
which have already arrived the nicest that
ever came to the city
50 C on all shoes priced at 400 and up
35 C on all 200 to 400 shoes
2iO C on all others
This is good on shoes only until March 20
Everyone needing a pair of shoes for spring
wear come now and save a bushel of corn
Bring Your Repair Work
But For Them All Green Plants Would
Vanish From the Earth
Few persons can realize at tlrst
what an Immeuse number and variety
of microbes there arc not onl around
us In the air and dust and water but
also in us and on us and in and on
every living thing The work the
huge syswni or hemlcal change and
the circulation or the element-carbon
oxygen hydrogen nitrogen and
sulphur which they carry on is in
cessant varied and complex Thoe
five elements are the main and essen
tial constituents of all living thit
Supposing there were no microbes
then would he no putrefaction im
breiliig down of the deail bodies of
animals and plants which wer once
alive Into gas and substances soluble
in water
They by a series of steps in which
different kinds of bacteria or microbes
are successively concerned convert
the protehls and the fats and sugar
of dead plants and animals into less
elaborate bodies organic acids aro
matic bodies and other compounds
some highly poisonous to mam ami
at last when what were highly com
plex combinations of hundreds of at
oms In each molecule have been re
duced by the action of first one and
then of another kind of microbe into
comparatively simple substances of
twenty or thirty atoms to the mole
cnle the coup de grace Is given ti
certain special microbes which con
vert these later compounds into still
simpler combinations namely ammo
nia and nitrates which are fairly sta
ble so that the whole elaborate chem
ical fabric of living matter in a few
hours or days after death is broken
down until it readies the stable miii
era condition practically carbonate
and nitrate of ammonia smelling
If there were no microbes this would
never occur The earth would lie
cumbered with the dead bodies of past
generations of animals and plants un
deeomposed And very soon all the
organic elements all the carbon and
nitrogen if not all the hydrogen and
oxygen on the face of the earth would
be fixed in these corpses and the
green plants would perish from the
whole world for want of sustenance
for it is the green plants which feed
on and absolutely must have as their
food the carbonic acid ammonia and
nitrates into which the microbes re
solve all living things when dead It
is the green plants which from those
simple compounds build up again the
more complex molecules the sugars
fats albumens and proteids and pro
vide for the nourishment and increase
of the most complex of all the living
matter hidden in protoplasm Sir Ray
Lankester in London Telegraph
The Perverse Comma
That curious and now stereotyped
blunder of punctuation which gives
us God rest you merry gentlemen
as an inferior substitute for the
quaint old greeting God rest you
merry gentlemen turns up regularly
every Christmas It is a pity for the
ancient formula to be thus perverted
since God rest you merry or Kest
you merry was a recognized form ot
salutation in Elizabethan days and
may be found in the works of Shake
speare and of many contemporary
writers while for the modernized
form which obscures the original
sense of the phrase there is of course
no authority whatever If any one
will have the curiosity to look up the
old Christmas carol which begins with
the words in question he will find
them correctly punctuated London
Alaskan Glaciers
An interesting fact about Alaskan
glaciers is that some are dead and
others are alive Davidson glacier
which is really a tongue of the jluir
glacier has been ascended by travel
ers for a number of years It is a dead
glacier having a moraine of several
miles between it and the sea Looking
at it from the boat it represents a
kaleidoscopic appearance as the sun
shines upon it and the surface seems
scratched with tiny pin lines These
are in reality deep crevices which
must be approached cautiously foi
they are lurking pitfalls for the un
wary Vancouver Providence
A Man of Straw
Many years ago in England men
could easily be found to give any evi
dence upon oath that might be re
quired and some of these person
walked openly in Westminster hall
with a straw in one of their shoes tc
signify they wanted employment a
witnesses This was the origin of the
saying He is a man of straw Hut
the custom has high antiquity
writer in the Quarterly Review a -that
such wow countiin in Greece
C io on f Km
Pardon me said a genieman at
the entrance to a downtown restau
rant I have sotnetsitg mi you
And may I ask wlnt i UY
My e IIenih
His Pcirt of View
What part of the railway train t
you regard as the must dangerous
inquired the nervous man
The dining carl answered the dyspeptic-
Washington star
Lawyer Am I to understand tha
your wife left your bed and board
TJncIe Ephraim Not xactly bo s Sin
dun tuk mah bed an bod along wit
her Puck
Fight todays temptation as it
comes is good advice And if it
seems to be only trifling fight it the
agyyswpgggapjryiwjjr irKyKj
XI f D
m Ha
in ft
m 7 u
Mfc dbUhnn if
fill B A yf M
for misses and women
H if H
1 m m aW
i miABmnjn jmi wt
I his week reveals Izisruiorsnuost authentic
mtiiks in
w bprrasr
The strictly tailored model is our ilct of what w9T lm llie most iur
While it is accepted by all authorities that coats are lo be shorter the form which they
are to take varies nffoiilmg a wirier scope than iuriij iisc previous season
Our Style Craft womens and misses StuiniisuJlsMssMl coats are nmv displayed for 0t11
Effective models original clever creations fovrnioiiious color mid weave effects
throughout One beautiful continuous hue from collar no wiist also from shoulder to bosom
These garments are full of chic and cluinu ami Uut good tailoring a id finishing prodwre
the unexcelled fitting and wearing qualities
Easy buying prices have been placed on all onr -Ladies Suits that preach m
eloquent sermon on tnottev saving opportunities for you
SUITS 1500 to 2500
CHILDRENS CAPES beautiful designs 500 and 600
Phone 22
McCook Neb
TTai M 1 y rrga in mmaswiiiH7rx2JaMaBBtBKSEBEZt4xjimt4
Wm Colling died at Hastings Sun
day and waa brought here for burial on
Mrs T M Fry of Lincoln arrived
Saturday night called by the illness of
her niece Mrs Henry Crampton
Preston Rollins was a Bartley social
visitor Tuesday evening
Dr Hart was a Bartley visitor Tues
George Colling of Hastings arrived
Monday to attend the funeral of his
Margaret Dow of Colorado is visiting
her uncle C W Dow and family this
Misses Nori Silverua mn3 Myrtle
Suiter were McCook visjtcwsSri5TJrday
C S Quick is transacting business in
St Joe this week
Mrs Harry LeBaroE leijfe9day ev
ening fer her hom i in Ka son a Kansas
W A Reynolds was a McCook visitor
Friday evening
Andy Locke of Pawneti nas a busi
nes visitor Monday
The Christian church bld a bazar at
the Masonic Temple Tuesday evening
Supper was served and th JadieB sold
tha Indianola Ccok Books A good
time was enjoyed by all preswri
Dr S AAiken of Camb7Jd vena an
Indianola visitor r Tuesday sTening
wBnrrwx i ill hiiiipijui jwinjwwpwiwjiwjiai irr
K7zjv jsxfrz
The College
Mrs Lew Ties nnd Mrs Colling of
McCook Sunday evening at the
home of Mrs Chas Colling
Alice TtUitibulI and Lucilu Trant of
Cambridge spent 1 uesday in our city
Neal Quick was a McCook pleasure
a etter Tuesday
Claudia Hatcher was a passenger ore
local freight to McCook Monday
Arch Curmiehael and James Ryarc
were county seat visitors Monday
Wednesday Night March 2
Our Lonymont Colorado canned veg
etables are now in This years crop of
ppa beans and tomatoes at Hubers
Walter E
Last Number Citizens
Entertainment Course
Opera House March 2
Program replete with bright and
amusing novelties Special cos
tumes have been provided for each
feature All members of company
are stars
i -