The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, February 03, 1910, Image 2

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CONGKHUATIONM ll4 IllUg lit 11
and 8 oclock ol t 10
Ba ChriMtmii E lHor 7 utloc
Prayer meetitm Wednesday VHiifni
at eight oclock Tbo public is cor
dially invited to theee service
Kkv R T Haynk Pastor
Eiineoi M lnchinii rvices at Si
Albanti church at 11 a m and tMu
so Sunday -school at 10 u ni Coin
amnion 1 t Sundajs 11 a in 3rd Sun
ays74rn rn each month All nre
welcome to these Bervicob
x- E R Eaklk Hector
ATHiuc Ordwr of services Man
fcSOnm Mttb and dormou 103Jum
Evening service at b oclock Suuda
Auu2i0 p m Everj Sunday
Wm J Kirwin O M 1
Msthouiht Sunday school atlOt m
SWmons by pastor at 11 and 8 Jim-
at 12 Junior Li ague at 3 Epwnrtl
kt hguo at 6J5 Prier meeting WVil
aitvtiay night at 7Ao
MiiVvr Huvk Pa tor
Baiti t Sunday school a 0 am
Preaching view i 110 i a Kv n
imr eervi - tS0 H V I U at 700
p m A niiM cordifil mvi i i n it x
tonded to till vor iip with u
E I1 itnr
Gorman rai bun in church
uoroer ol E ami 6 li eit t every
Sunday mortiinti ai 1030 All Germane
tordiolly iuvst d
Kkv Wm Hkikukma
t7 oti - bast
Chui ti Sciknch 219 Main Ave-
tu rfuiitlrts at 1 I a m and
v at S 1 1 m UhmiHiih KMm
opei the timu Si ience literhture
On riH
tional Sundav bohool at 930 a m
Preaching at 1030 a in and 730 i nt
by pastor Junior f E at 130 m
Senior C E at 700 p m Piatr
xaeetingb ev r VednHda and Satur
day evenintrs t r30 All Germans
cordially invilfd io thet e vices
Rkv GuctavHrnkblmann
505 3rd West
kIem vtii T7jjfljB m iffir T A
Hardy Nursery Stock And Seeds
Wo have just been looking through
the excellent catalogue issued by the
German Nurseries and Seed House at
Beatrice Neb This is the 21th annual
issue and consists of 112 pages Every
page is full of interest
Tho fruit trpe depnrtment contains
Fome particularly good novelties includ
ing Currant and Gooseberry Trees
These were imported from Germany
some yews ago and proved wonderfully
successful in this country The seed
department illustrates and describes a
full lineof garden flower and field seeds
Mr Sonderegger the proprietor of
the German Nurseries in talking of the
great success of his nursery stock and
seeds in all parts of the country gives
much of the credit to the rather severe
climate of his district It produces vig
orous hardy stock that can stand the
jaw cold winters and the dry hot sum
aoers if necessary
Wo know that the company will be
pleased to send their splendid catalogue
io anyone interested in seeds or nursery
3tock To those who mention this pap
er when writing they will send a free
trial packet of their New Coreless Tom
ato seed
Mrs Paul Smith spent the week at F
C Smiths
Owens Longnecker has been disabled
or days presumably from lumbago
Louis Lorgnecker and wife going
from church on Sunday took dinner at
Eoscoe Korns
The Quigley boys hauled feed for Off
ma Longnecker on Saturday
The unannounced celestial visitor that
makes its appearance in the western sky
early in the evening the briliiancy of
Venus which enables it to be seen even
in the daytime and the probability of
soon seeing Halleys comet with the na
ked eye make it interesting to watch
the heavens as this time
LaGrippe pains that pervade the en
tire system LaGrippe coughs that rack
and strain are quickly cured by Foleys
Honey and Tar Is mildy laxative safe
and certain in results A McMillan
Mr E A Kelley Belvidere 111
writes usI am an ex engineer with 22
years active service to my credit About
three years ago my kidneys were effect
ed so that I bad to give up my engine
First I was troubled with severe aching
pain over the hips Then followed in
flammation of the bladder and specks
appeared before my eyes A sample of
Foleys Kidney Pills that I tried so
benefited me that I bought more I con
tinued to take tbem until now I can safe
ly testify they have made me a sound
and well men A McMillen
w -
F G Stilgebouer and E E Smith
from Hartley were in town on business
last midweek
S W Stilgerouer of Danbury was in
town last midweek
C 11 Aogell and wife visited at the
parental Smith home near McCook a
few days close of last week
DrBartaoIomew entertained his moth
er of Lebanon a few days last week
Mrs Pepter and children visited her
parents south of Cant ury Sunday
Edith Newberry was an over Sunday
visitor with friends in Lebanon
Mrs R E Bacon is very sick but is
getting along very nicely under Dr Bar
tholomews care
Dr Simons of Cedar Bluffs was in
towu Saturday on professional business
Mrs Short of Wilsonville is taking
care of her daughter Mrs Bacon
Guy Wicks was a Cedar Bluffs visitor
between trains last midweek
The DeMay Lumber Co received a
car of coal Friday night and by Satur
day evening it was all gone
Rev W Li Packard of Lincoln ad
dressed the people here last Sunday
He will hold revival meetings here this
E J Ludwsg of Fairview had two
cars of corn shipped in this week from
Butler county Nebraska
About thirty young people gathered at
the home of G T Plumb one night last
week to celebrate Patrick nineteenth
birthday The evening was spent in
playing games etc The merrymakers
left in the wee sma hours of the morn
ing wishing Patrick many happy birth
Edwiu Towle has recently rem oved
from this neighborhood
Fine weather now--with the snow near
ly all gone
Born to Mr and Mrs Harry Marsh
all Thursday Jan 27th a son
Archie Beard and Fred Bisnett of
Traer Kansas are both in McCook
expecting to go into the railroad service
H H Blunck is a new wiper in the
round house at McCook
John H Wesch who has been a B ur
lington employe for some time is Lome
on a lay off
John H Wesch and W F Everist
went out to Colorado Thursday of last
week on a land deal returning to Mc
Cook on last Saturday morning on No
SYRUP cares coughs and colds
Harry Wyrick has returned from Lin
coln where he was operated on for ap
pendicitis He is at his home south of
Bartley doing well
Howard Jones is getting along nicely
since the surgical opuration he had last
week but is not able to be up
Truman Wood has recovered from his
sick spell so as to be down town this
Will Wight has been on the sick list
for quite a while but was able to come
to town Tuesday
Fred Daniels is yet lame from the in
jury to his ankle a few weeks ago
John Wolf and wife have returned
from their Texas trip
E E Smith and F G Stilgebouer
were over to Marion on busiuens one
day last week
Charlie McKnight and family will
nrove from Gothenberg snon to afaim
west of Bartley
J F Grimes of Des Moines Iowa
has been visiting old time friends here
for a few days He is wonderfully sur
prised at the improvement in Bartley
and vicinity since he moved from here
to Iowa
George Shepherd of Indianola was a
business visitor here last week While
in town he tuned I A Lymans piano
A telegram received from Lincoln
Sunday brought the sad news that Mrs
Marts wes sinking very fast and there
a Biscuit
Hunger makes me think of yott
Thought of you makes me hungry
Between the thought and sight of you
Indeed Im always hungry
But with appetite awaiting
a nickle in hand and you
in store who could wish
for anything more
was little hope of her recovery from the
operation she bad undergone a few days
ago A postal card received today by
Mrs Cochran says Mrs Marts is grow
ing worse
On arcount of a lame back E E
Smith was obliged to walk with a cane
this week
Henry Conrad and family left Tues
day evening for St Anthony Idaho
H H Gallatin and family left for
Texas on No 10 Tuesday evening
An athletic club has t een organized
here The Jennings building south of
the bank is being fitted up and it is ex
pected that soon first class stunts will
be pulled ou in wrestliog boxing and
other sports
W B Downs and Arthur Chandler
went to Colorado Wednesday with two
cars of live stock and household goods
They will locate near Yuma Mrs
Downs and Mrs Chandler and children
will join their husbands there in a few
days We have known the parties for
several years and regret their removal
from here They are excellent citizens
and we wish them great prosperity in
their new home
Sore Lungs And Raw Lungs
Pains in chest and sore lungs are
symptoms that quickly develop into a
dangerous illness if the cold is not cured
Foleys Honey and Tar stops the cough
heals and eases the congested parts and
brings quick relief A McMillen
ghX r
in the baking
that is where Calumet
Baking Powder proves
i i ffiF m
its superiorityj its
wonderful raising power its never failing ability
to produce the most delicious baking and its
economy In the baking that is the only way
you can successfully test it and compare it with the
high price kinds You cannot discredit these
statements until you have tried
the only high grade baking powder selling at a moderate
cost 100000 is offered to anyone finding the least
trace of impurity in the baking caused by Calumet
Ask your Grocer and insist that you get Calumet
Received Highest Award Worlds Pure
Food Exposition Chicago 1907
Mrs Phicbe Heath of Portland Ore
gon came Wednesday to help care for
her sick father
William Kelley and family came home
Wednesday from Cambridge where they
have been visiting for some time
S W Stilgebouer was a Marion vis
itor Wednesday
Fred Bcehner came Thursday Ho
has been on a business trip to Arapahoe
The comet is getting farther away and
is very dim
Chiisline Ashton and Beth McDonald
went to Lebanon Wednnesday night to
see the Home Talent play
A B Gibbs and son Lloyd of Leb
anon were up Saturday
Mrs Wm Thiesson of Pawnee City
came Friday to see and care for her
sick father and mother
A large number of friends gathered at
the home of Mru Wm Nutt and gave
her a great surprise the occasion being
her birthday Lunch was served and
after a late hour all departed wishing
her many more happy birthdays
Ed loung is among the ailing this
R8v W L Packard will conduct a
series of meetings at Marion this week
George Bastian made a professional
business trip to Lebanon Sunday night
There seemed to be a little disorder in
town Thursday night from the way
things were found out in the street and
some window lights knocked out
There was a well pleased audience out
to hear Clyde Cordner speak Saturday
Dan Hupp of Lebanon was up on
business Saturday
Mrs Addie Sewell who has been gone
for a number of months came home
Miss Maime Nelson of Lebanon was
up and Sundayed at the James Nelson
More people are taking Foleys Kidney
Remedy every year It is considered
the most effective remedy for all kidney
and bladder troubles that medical sci
ence can devise Foleys Kidney Remedy
corrects irregularities builds up the
system and restores lost vitality A
Application has been made for the
organization of the First National Bank
at Imperial with a capital of 82500000
The incorporators are JFJohnston
F J Taylor E F Bailey S D Hicks
and C N Cottrell
Only Half Price
A quarter will pay for The Lincoln
Daily News until April 1 1910 just
half price and the paper will stop then
unless you send in money to renew it
This is one paper that dont try tn force
itself upon people Not a name is put
on the list unless paid for and every fel
low is cut off when his time is up
Youre not helping to pay for other
peoples papers We dont have solicit
ors and other expense methods but
do business through Uncle Sams mails
which is the cheapest way The News
is a live one Youll like it no matter
whether you are satisfied with things or
are a kicker The News is plain frank
and fair Its not afraid of tramping on
somebodyrt toes Goes right to the bot
tom of things Invest this quarter and
youll bo more than satisfied Send di
rect to the publisher or give to your post
master Dont ever let somo smooth
canvasser come around and work you
with some premium scheme You can
trust your money with your postmaster
Effecting- Rural Routes
The postofnee department has issued
the following order In view of the ex
tent to which the practice of placing
loose coins in boxes by rural patrons haB
grown and the delay in the delivery and
collection of mail and the hardship im
posed on rural carriers incident thereto
yo j are informed that commencing Feb
uary 15 rural letter carriers will not ba
required to collect loose coins from rur
al mail boxes Patrons should enclose
coins in a envelope wrap them securely
in a piece of paper or deposit them in a
coin holding receptacle so they can be
asily and quickly taken from boxes and
carriers will be required to lift such
coins and where accompanied by mail
for dispatch attash the requisite
In Justices Court before W B Whittaker
Justice of the Peace
CLrinB wil1 take notice that on the
14th day of January 1910 W II Whittaker a
justice of the peace of Red Willow county Ne
braska issued an order of attachment for the
sum or 190u in an action p ndinf before him
wherein iersen Osborn is plaintiff and V G
Uiurnins is defendant and that propertyof the
ethat conS1Srtln of money due andT owing
m the hands of the Chicago UurlinBton i
Qumcy Railroad Company garnishee
of labor performed by said defendant for said
Kailroad Company has been attached under
said order of attachment er
u1 hasKen continued for hearine to
day of February 1910 at ten oclock
in i j mm
T 1 I J i iHCN E 112
Office Rooms 3 and S Walsh Blk McCook
SYRUP cures coughs and colds