The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, January 06, 1910, Image 4

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Bank of Mccook
is thu oldest NATIONAL BANK
in Southwestern Nebraska
unci in point of Cubital
- Surplus and Undivid
ed ProfitsS90003
tho strongest
We give you iv personal inv 1a
tion to make this bank your de
pository whether you have a small
sum or a largo one to lay aside for
safe keeping
n P WAITE V Pbes
ftp MtWk pifctqp
L i rjjebt Circulation in Red Willow Co
Entered at postollice McCouk fcuLrasjka
matter Published weekly
ascription 1 a Year in Advance
O D- Ritchie weut up to 1 rentoi
Tuesday on legal business
A A Fish was home with tho famil
during part of the holidays
F L Wolff went up to Curtis on tl
high line Tuesday on legal matters
Miss Fern Solomon of Culbort
visited McUook friends last Saturd
Miss Mamie Miesen is home aftH
visit of some length with relatives
Misses Lillian Rdby and Lkn
Fitzgerald were at home during t
Mks Fiiank Bus hY arrived hon
last Wednesday from her trip to B
sey Iowa
Mr and Mrs C W McMillin h
a fine Christmas gift in the person oi
bouncing baby boy
Miss Millicent Slaby briefly visit
Rev and Mrs Ilawkes in Sutton cl
ing days of last week
Miss Elva Bakber returned earh
the week Iron her visit home in Y
during the holidays
V C Bollard waB out from Omat
early in the week on business connect
with his local interests
Miss Florence Anderson the nib
ner is taking a trip through Cahforn
for her health and recreation
Mr and Mrs Mills entertained
company of friends at dinner last Tbut
day evening with cards following
P E Reeder returned to Kans
City last Friday night Mrs Reed
will remain with her mother for sever
T H Brittain of Haigler a form
South Side farmer was in the city la
Saturday evening while on his wh
east on a visit
Mrs Jacob Matz of Norton Kansa
was the guest cf Mrs Peter Meis1
close of last week They expect shortl
to return to McCook to live
Will DeMay Jr was over from Mat
ion during some of the Lolidays B
father has sold his lumber yard in tin
place to E C Caine Co
L H Lindemann was down fron
Dener close of last week with tbi
folks He returned west on Mondaj
Mrs Lindemann will remain some ween
W C McCarty of Colby Kansas
epent Tuesday in the city visiting rela
tives and friends on his way honii
from a visit in Hastings He left foi
Colby Wednesday morning
Misses Lottie and Pearle Beatty
returned January 1st from Falls City
Miss Lottie will visit until the spring
suit season when she will return and re
sume herworkjthere
Mis Grace Rowell has gone to
Benkelmanwberesbeexpects to have
a class in music and to do such work in
the publicschoolsof thattown as well
as inStratton and otherjpoints in that
MrTand MrsIOliver Rees of Carl
ton Nebraskaarrivedin town last Sat
urday and are speeding the week here
visiting relatives aud friends They
have been visiting their daughter Mm
Premer a few miles north of Bartley
and will again visit her on their return
home expecting togo on next Saturday
J Eskimo Dogs Se m to Have Laws of
Their Own
lu his voyage ot polar exploration
Commander Kin In ohserved among Ms
dogs a son or government quite Inde
pendent of Hint of their Keepers They
were of the KsUimo variety autl were
trained to work in teams In tlieir
genera eoudtiet however they acted
as a community and their rules had
reference to th oinmoii good There
was no penalty less than that ot death
During the period or darkness we
lost eight dogs Three of them splen
did large animals were killed by their
companions The other live either wan
dered off on the young ice and were
blown away or were killed liy the pact
at a distance rrom camp livery dog
was known by name
It is a curious fact that when one
dog has antagonized the others the
only way to save him from destruction
later on Is to chain him Then the
other dogs let him alone Unfortunate
ly for us the dogs that seemed to m
cur the enmity of their fellows were
the large strong animals the bullies
and lighters
There seemed to be a degree of jus
tice in their Judgments Krom close
observation 1 found that the dogs gen
erally forgave a bite ou the head or
body but that an attack on the legs
seemed to be considered foul play and
must be paid for by the lite of the of
fending canine The whole pack unit
ed in his execution Youths Compan
One Man Who Now Has an Argument
Handy For His Wife
The wife of a Topeka man objects
strenuously because her husband is a
confirmed smoker He is uever happy
without a cigar or a pipe The other
morning she gave him a ten dollar bill
and told him to buy several things for
her He pushed the bill iuto his coat
pocket and rushed out of the house to
catch a car
He found that he had to wait a few
minutes at the corner for the cars
were off schedule that morning and
then he proceeded to light a cigar But
he found no matches all of his pock
ets were bare of them Suddenly be
happened to think that he also missed
the ten dollar bill A hurried search
disclosed that it was gone
lie turned right about and retraced
his steps lust as he got in front of
his home he happened to look into the
street and there was that ten tum
bling around in the wind His wife
saw him go and pick it up and she de
manded an explanation He promptly
told her how looking for a match had
caused him to discover that he had
lost the bill
Now tell me there isnt any virtue
in smoking he snorted as he puffed
out his chest Kansas City Journal
Where Women Do All the Work
The smallest dependency of France
is the lie dHoedie situated at the east
of Belle Isle its population is Jul
They do not speak French except the
cure and the schoolmaster but Celtic
and they are provided with tood at au
inn maunged by the women Fishing
is the principal industry The profits
are shared out each year among the
iuhabitauts The men live ou soup
and tisb and smoke pipes with lobster
claws for stems The women do all
the hard work get in the harvest look
out for wreckage and gather seaweed
from which they extract soda The
towu has no streets The houses are
of mud The islanders have a yearly
feast in the early part ot October lhe
island possesses a good water supply
The governing body is composed of
the ten ancients of the place uuder
the direction of the cure
The Villains Teeth
The two ets of false teeth looked
just alike but one ser cost S1U more
than the other There is a lot of
extra work on those expensive teeth
said the dentist They are made tor
au actor who always plays the part of
heavy villain in melodrama and he
has to have teeth that he cau hiss
with 1 experimented on three dif
ferent sets ot teeth before I got the
combination Somehow the nice even
teeth that I usually turn out wouldnt
permit the sibilaut ss sses that he
deals in to escape with sufficient ven
om You wouldnt believe how much
tinkering it takes to lick teeth iuto
shape for the sdeatbs and ods
bloods to sound just right Of all the
people I ever made teeth tor the heavy
stage villain is hardest to fit New
York Tress
What Is a Gentleman
Ill have to give you tue real defini
tion ot a real gentleman A man
thats clean inside and out who neither
looks up to the rich nor down on the
poor who can lose without squealing
and who can win without Dragging
who is considerate of women chil
dren and old people who is ton urave
to lie too generous totcheat and who
takes his share of the woral and lets
other people have theirs New York
He Was Wise
It seems queer that she ever took
H faucy to tutu tie isnt at all the
kind ot mau one would expect her to
1 know but he always had a way
of noticing it when she happened i
have on ji new hat or a nowu that had
just come from the dressmakers
Chicago Record Hera id
Tommys Question
Tommy Papa when a thing la
bought it goes to the buyer doesnt iti
Tommys Papa Yes my son Tommy
-Then how is it that when you buy
soal it goes to the cellar
Terrible Experience of tho Crew of tho
III Fated Jeannettc
When Ross In IMS touched at Ktah
the Esks thought they were being vis
ited by ghosts With her white sails
appearing ou the horizon where the
sky melts Into an abyss of ocean
what else could the ship be but some
great white winged ghost and what
those strange creatures on her decks
but lost souls They thought she a
great bird had Mown from the moon
where wood was abundant and when
they saw her close her wooden belly
and her masts they whispered llou
much wood there is In the moon how
very much Wood Is like gold to the
Esks -
One of the unhappy crew of the
Jeannette writes 1 put some mercury
to freeze and beat it out on the anvil
Our frozen brandy looked like black
topaz We divided meat oil and bread
with a hatchet loshua forgot to put
on his right glove In a moment his
hand was frozen The poor devil wish
ed to thaw his lifeless hand in warm
water It was immediately covered
with pieces of ice The doctor was
forced to cut the unlucky mates hand
off and he died next day Toward the
middle of January a caravan of Esks
came to ask us for some dried tish aud
brandy We added a little tobacco to
these presents which they received
with tears of joy The chief a feeble
old man told us that the week before
he had eaten his wife and two sous
Cold more terrible than the white
wolf and bear seizes Its victims un
awares Instantaneously fatally The
cold purities the blood sharpens appe
tite favors digestion and stomach It
soothes to sleep by bringing death in
the midst of beautiful dreams This
intense cold so dry so pure stops pu
trefaction sweetens the air by greatly
increasing its density and purities wa
ter Cold takes the place of cooking
for it makes raw meat raw tish arid
tallow eatable
A Roman nosed people could not
hold their own in the arctic A Roman
nose would be too often frozen off
The Esk flat nose is less exposed The
name Eskimo or raw food eaters is a
nickname given by the Labrador In
dians Their true name in their own
tongue Is Inoit and means man If
patriotism be a virtue the Esks have it
surpassingly Never was a land of
verdant groves golden harvests and
willows mirrored in the streamlets aud
silvery waves better beloved than their
snow fields and ice hills and gloomy
stinking tents and igloos New York
It Blooms Says a Florist Every Twenty-five
to Forty Years
The regular century plant said an
expert in floriculture is not a cactus
It belongs to a family by itself It hav
a large broad leaf sometimes two or
three feet long and several inches
thick where they branch from the cen
ter There are two varieties one the
variegated and the other green The
only difference is that the variegated
has a white stripe aloug the outer edge
of the leaf Both bloom every twenty
live to forty years A stock perhaps
eight or ten inches in diameter shoots
up from the center to a height ot fif
teen or twenty feet and around this
stock cluster small blossoms They are
neither pretty nor fragrant They were
formerly supposed to bloom one in a
hundred years
The nearest thing to a century
plant is a night blooming cereusi It is
a cactus and blooms once in about
every twenty five years or so The
flower is large very beautiful and has
a delightful odor One plant mauave
several blossoms but each flower lasts
only one night
There is no such plant as a century
cactus The cactuses that many have
mistaken for century cactuses will
bloom in four or Ave years if kpt uu
der glass or about seveu years if not
iu a hothouse Because they are so
long in blooming I suppose they have
been called century cactuses anu the
name has been handed down until it Is
considered the proper term for tnem
They bloom yearly after the first blos
soms appear They are just an ordi
nary cactus but they have a preitT
fragrant flower Seattle Times
The Canny Scot
In the differences that would some
times arise between members of his
tenantry the Duke of Argyll whs often
invited to arbitrate upon the flatter in
dispute and he used to tel a charac
teristically Scottish story o one of the
occasions Two tenants bving waited
upon him and asked him o decide the
question at issue the duke put what he
always regarded as a ery necessary
preliminary question Will you abide
by my award
Well your grace was the reply of
3ne of the hard iKided old disputants
Id like to ken tirai what it is Lon
don Chronicle
The Othur Way With Him
Riinemlie olr that you owe some
thing to your constituents said one
mem her oC ft town council to another
Humps0 said the other If you
owe auy Jjing to your coustituents all
Ive got lo say is that youre lucky
Why there are uot half a dozen voters
tn my ward that have not borrowed
money from me Stray Stories
Pitfalls of Slang
Host in India i -Do you see that fa
natic over there He has sat on that
corner and in that posture without
moving for six months Traveler
from America Ope thats going
some Chicago Tribune
Little minds are tamed and subdued
by misfortune but great minds rise
above it Irving
tt 7ktt7tvti
Col E D Snell of Cambridge was an
Indianola visitor Wednesday
Frank Doak was a Bartley visiter en
Mrs Harry LeBaron of Arapahoe is
hpre visiting her parents Mr and Mrs
Elmer Thompson
Mrs Arnold returned home Monday
night from Champion where she has
been visittng her son T A Arnold
Scboc1 started Monday after a two
peeks vacation
Quite a large crowd of young people
skated to Bartley Sunday returning
fc CPIT3Tr V- T i
Thursday January 13 1910
On thebove date commencing at 10 oclock a m I wilioffer at public auction at
my store in Box Elder a
Complete Stock of
General Merchandise
invoicing atrnearly 3000 Store building and fixtures to be offered a1 private
sale Willlalso offer at public auction lhe followingL
Live Stock
d9 rCClij Civ
Three head of cattle four head of horses one endgate seeder one 1 -horse cultivat
or one 2 section steel harrcw one hundred reds of chichen wire about tons of
baled alfalfa hay two lumber wagons one spring wagon one single buggy two
sets single harness one set double harness one saddle one combination garden
seeder and wheelhoe and a great variety of hand tools
TpriTlQ8 Allsumsof 10 and under cash on sums over 10 a credit of eight
lvllll3 months will be given purchaser to give bankable paper drawing 10
percent interest from date
ViM W m TZrr7Zh K rUtW rlAMoi ll
Only Fifty Suits
all Knickerbocker style made for Fall and Winter 1909 and 1910
Every garment to be sold
950 Suits now
from regular selling price
home on No 5 that eening
The Christian Church is holding re
vival meetings this week
A few of the jouner people attended
thp play at Bnrtley Friday night
Paul Hatcher Frank Brahler and
Fred Kircher left Tuesday night for
Denver to attend the Stock Show
Jess Hadley returned home Saturday
from Iowa where he has been visiting
The Odd Fellows hold their semi-annual
installation of officers on Tuesday
The thermometer registered 10 degrees
below zero Wednesday morning
Sizes range from 3 to 15 years
If you have a boy in your home you should visit this store as
early as possible Nothing reserved in this sale and it will be the
last boys clothing we will ever offer
10 All -Wool Boys Overcoats
12 years to 20 years at less than original cost Splendid bargains
Drebert Clothing Co
Good Clothes Merchants
Can Save You Money
We can save you some money and a
little time if you will order your news
papers and magazines through us for
the coming year Bring in jour lists
and let us quote you figures Just a
few weeks to New Year Do it now
Pneumonia Follows a Cold
but never follows the use of Foleys
Honey and Tar which stops the cough
heals the lungs and expels the cold
from joursjstem A McMillen
McMillena Cough Cure is effectiv
and pleasant