The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, October 28, 1909, Image 1

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Just Arrived
Now lines of Undorwear Shoes
Cais Gloves and Mittens
Wo are making prices that will
surprise you Call and see
Souvenir for Every Lady
General Merchandise
223 Main Avenue
Phone 47
On October 18th I bought the busi
cess and good will of Measrs Moore
Son the justly named White House
Mr Moore remains with me for a
time thus assuring the customer of the
same courteous treatment as in the past
I can but ask your indulgence for my
self until acquaintance permits you to
judge me impartially
I have come among you invested my
capital and hope to prove myself worthy
of your friendship and patronage
It shall be my aim to be able at all
times to show you a well equipped
stock of groceries and queensware and I
shall endeavor by square dealing and
courteous treatment to merit the liberal
patronage accorded my popular prede
cessors Call and see us We wish to
become acquainted whether you become
a patron or not Yours
Li A Paris
Constipation Is Progressive Suicide
Constipation occasions little concern
jusfc as it may appear to do little barm
let it means the planting of the seeds of
decay disease and death in the system
Sometime you will have to pay the price
of neglect It is a condition that need
never exist Rexall Orderlies are a
thorough and permanent cure They
are pleasant in their action and prompt
in results Price 10 and 25c
Li W McConnell Druggist
We Quote You
the following prices on flour feed etc
91 Patent per sack 155
Anchor Patent per sack 1 45
Pride of McCook per sack 135
Whole Wheat Flour per sack 85
Rye Flour per sack 90
Graham Flour per sack 30
White Corn Flour per sack 30
Bran per sack 110
Shorts per sack 120
McCook Milling Co
McCook Nebraska
State to Plant Fish
The state fish car started out Wed
nesday in charge of Supt OBrien of
the state hatcheries for a trip along
the Republican river and other points
on a fish distributing tour Bass crop
pies and ring perch will be placed in
tributaries of the Republican from
Benkelman east also in lakes At
Curtis bass and croppies will be planted
Died Near St Ann Tuesday
Anna Braun died Tuesday evening
near St Ann at the home of Tony
Braun Deceased was 89 years old A
daughter arrived today from Kansas
Remains will be buried at St Ann to
morrow morning
Mothers Meeting
W C T U will meet November 5th
at the home of Mrs J G Inglis This
will be a mothers meeting with Mrs
Joseph Allen as leader
Get your entertainment courss tickets
Use McMillens Cream Lotion for
chapped face and hands
McCook Milling Co 91 Patent is the
Fine high - class entertainments at
Tern pie theatre this winter for 5200
Ask McConnell about it
Get a small can of Keystona and use
it as directed and if not satisfactory as
recommended your money back
A McMillen Druggist
The swellest line of photo mounts and
folders ever seen in McCook This is
not advertizing but fact Your in
spection invited The Kimmell Photo
Studio 1st door north of Commercial
It requires two special cars to trans
port the organization which is to be
seen at the Temple theatre McCook
Neb Tuesday November 2nd in that
noted play The Royal Chef Prices
50c to SI 50 Children under 15 to
gallery 25 cents
A Big Showing of Furs
from 100 to 20 each
See our Big Values H
C Clapp Dry Goods and
Millinery Phone No 56
Ihe Royal Chef Tuesday Nov 2nd
Ono of the musical novelties which
will he seen in The Royal Chef at
tin Temple theatre McCook on Tups
day November 2nd will be an electric
lighted feather boa This is the inven
tion of Mr Gus Sohllte who produced
l ho Royal Chef for Manager Wade
The boa is UBed in the opening number
of the second act and on a darkened
stage the boaH which are worn by the
girls lighted up iu varied colors giving
a kaleidoscopic effect to the setting
Another electric novelty is the umbrella
i which is used in the last act This
umbrella is one of the trick mechan
isms of the stage Is 1G feet in
ter and descends from the flies opening
out as it comes down The audience
can see nothing upon which the um
brella is Rupported and it sails down
like a bird in its flight the girls holding
ribbons which hanjr from the spokes of
the umbrella dancing around it May
pole fashion At a signal the umbrella
lights up with 262 tiny incandescent
lights of varied colors It is one of the
prettiest elecf rieal pffnctq pvor spbo on
the stage and is one of the bright fpa
ture of the plav Prices 50o to S150
Children under 15 admitted to gallery
for 25 cents
The Bee and the Gulf Coast Country
The Sunday Bee of the 17th instant
had a page story of the development in
the coast country with views of orange
grape fruit and fig orchards It also
describes the Taf t ranch of 350000 acres
and the land we advertised last week of
the Nebraska company The president
of the road running through this land is
Mr C B Rogers formerly superintend
ent of the Burlington at Wymore The
company is represented at McCook by
A G Bump
A Hint to Amateur Photographers
A good drug store is the best place to
buy good photographic materials A
competent druggist is by nature and
training careful a3 to the quality of the
goods he sells Quality counts in pho
tographic supplies We look after thil
department very carefully and wils
guarantee the reliability of anything ia
this line we supply It pays to have
the kind of supplies you are sure to find
here L W McConnell druggiBt
Top of the Market
Every Btockman and farmer naturally
seeks to secure for his stock the highest
and best price the market affords Mc
Cook is well situated in this respect in
having a dealer who deals squarely with
those who bringhogs -and cattle here
foriaTeT D C is thoroughly
acquainted with the stock proposition
in southwestern Nebraska He knows
the worth of stock and pays the right
full price ail the time
How Is Your Range
or cook stove Are you burning up the
price of a good one each year in excess
coal over what you would use with a
Majestic Come and let us tell you
about the Majestic and fit you out with
one and settle the question
lUcUook Hardware Uo
Its Your Own Fault
if your bread isnt the best ever if you
dont buy thb famous Loomis high
patent a the McCook Flour and Feed
Store G F Smith proprietor
Seed Wheat For Sale
We have a supply of seed wheat of
excellent quality for sale at a reasonable
figure Updike Grain Co
S S Garvey Manager
Bed Blankets
at 39c 59c 75c S100 81258150 S190
S235 S275 S350 8500 8600 S700and
S900 Actual cash values The Thomp
son Dry Goods Co Utmost value
Dont Postpone The
heating of your house Let us fix you
out now with a good base burner or a
heater so you can enjoy the long winter
McCook Hardware Co
Shampoo Parlor for Ladles
I have opened a Shampoo Parlor for
Ladies at No 205 Main avenueup3tairs
Phone red 275 Mks Thomas
For Rent
A well improved farm of 320 acres
200 acres under cultivation one mile
and a half from McCook S Cordeat
J H Woddell Auctioneer
I will be in McCook the last ten days
of each month to cry sales Make your
dates at the Citizens National Bank
For Sale
My residence Hot water heat Mod
Call and look it over
F S Wilcox
Graves is an expert on sharpening
shears Shears called for and delivered
301 west 1st St
John Cashen Auctioneer
Indianola Nebr Dates booked at Mc
Cook National bank
Money To Loan On Farms
See Rozell Sons at clothing store
McConnell fills prescriptions
Get your entertainment course tickets
If you want a good loaf of bread try
Anchor Patent
For 320 acre homestead or farm loans
see L E Barger room 3 over McCon
nell s store
Boys dont change your shirt until
you have seen me about those 320 acre
homesteads Get some land of your
own for land is the basis of all wealth
The first thing Bradstreet- wants to
know is is he a property ownerand how
much is he assessed at L E Barger
room 3 over McConnells store
Two years ago I asked for your votes
for county clerk promising that I would
give my entire time to the oflico and
give the best possible service I was
elected by a small majority and have
held the oflico since January 9 190S
One of the most bitter fights was
waged against my election but I took
possession of the oflico determined to
treat every man in a like accommodat
ing manner regardless of whether be
supported me or opposed me regardless
of his political affiliation creed or any
thing else I was determined that the
men who fought me the hardest should
receive just as good a service at my
hands as the ones who supported me
It is not for mo to judge if I have suc
ceeded in all of this but it is up to the
voters next Tuesday to say whether I
did well enough to be retained for an
other term My record is the sole issue
I am making for a re election I have
not said and am not saying a word
against my opponent Mr Hofer He is
a gentleman and as far as I am able to
learn he has made a clean campaign
against me
But 1 do want to call your attention
to the dirty and slanderous
some of bis supporters especially the
Red Willow County Standard are mak
ing upon me I have lived in this coun
ty for over twenty years coming here
before I was twelve years of age and
have held the respect of even those who
fought me two years ago It remained
for the editor of the Standard before he
has been here two months to discover
that I was a crook and could not be
The article in his last paper is full of
hidden attacks upon me He says that
the county officers choose to place their
statements upon the county records and
lock them up in a vault where they are
seldom seen My understanding is that
it is the duty of the county officers to
place them on the county records and
also keep them in a safe vault What
does he expect them to do Carry the
records in their pockets or scatter Uiern
out on the streets Another thing the
doors to the county clerks office and to
its vault are open every work day in the
the year from 8 oclock in the morning
to 530 in the afternoon with the excep
tion of the noon hour Three fourths of
of the time they are open at 7 oclock in
the morning The records are here for
public inspection and I have never re
fused to let anyone no matter who it
might have boen to examine the rec
ords and the only time that the editor
of the Standard wanted to kuow any
thing I accommodated him as well as 1
would have my best friend to get all the
information for him that he wanted
He further says that two years ago I
made the promise of economy I did
and I have kept my promise I was as
diligent as possible to order only sup
plies that were actually needed by the
various officers and some of the big rec
ord printing concerns at Omaha have
found out so to their sorrow It was
only at the recent primary that all the
concerns that print poll books and elec
tion supplies engineered a graft on each
county in the state by getting a set of
6 poll books one tally book for each one
of the five parties and one register 6
for each precinct I made a kick on
thi3 seeing n o necessity for having
more than one book for each clerk of
election They entrenched themselves
behind the attorney general and secre
tary of state claiming that those officers
insisted on the form as they prepared it
Instead of submitting I cancelled the
order for this county and ordered spec
ial books made for this county They
made the books as I wanted them 46
books instead of 276 books as they in
sisted and as every other county in the
state used and the books were used in
this county at the primary to the great
satisfaction of the election boards and
at a great saving to this county I have
been just a3 careful in all other purch
ases for the county as far as I had any
thing to do with them and I have re
turned several shipments of inferior
stuff and have refused to O K the
claims for same and they never were al
lowed and paid
The Standard says that the salary of
the deputy was raised 8100 That is the
truth Her salary was raised from 8700
to 8S0O the first of this year and I have
no apologies to make for that If a
competent deputy does not earn 6S0O a
year she does not earn anything at all
If I am rightly informed she gets just
as much a year as the county attorney
and she does a hundred fold as much
work for the money as he does
The Standard further says that now
It is the policy of the First National
Bank to avoid all speculative ventures
and to keep its funds in assets always
readily convertible into cash
that it is noces ary to do some cam
paigning another assistant has been
put on This is a lie and the editor of
Standard knows it is There has been
an assistant in this oflico besides the de
puty for the list six years with the ex
ception of the first two months this
year During a few months each in
1906 and 1907 while my predecessor
held this office the work of the office
required a second assistant makirg
four persons altogether and this second
assistant was no one else thau the follow
who is now making these charges against
me and who claims that ho has the
promise of the deputy ship from my
present opponent George Lellow asso
ciate editor of the Standard The fact
is that the work of the oflico required
that force at that time and does now
and will in the future require 3 persons
to attend to it and keep it up to date
Neither Mr Hofer nor any one else can
run this office with less help than it ib
run at present and if he says that he
can in order to get your votes he is
talking of something which he knows
nothing about
The other assistant has not been put
on because there is campaigning to do
as the Standard says She has been
here all the time since March 1st and
has been busy And I want to say
right here regardless of the Standard
people or anyone else who finds fault
that the two young ladies who are
among the very best to be found in Mc
Cook or anywhere and who are above
the insults of the editor of the Standard
or his associate will if I am re elected
stay right herein their present position
during the next two years
The Standard is further mistaken
when it complains of the expense of
keeping the office help This office is a
fee office and does not cost the county
anything except for work actually done
for the county The fees that the law
allows us up to a certain amount are
all the pay that we get and any amount
above the legal sum is turned over to
the treasurer the first of the year I
paid 836175 to the treasurer last Janu
ary 1st after paying all the office help
If he fees fall short the county does
not pay a cent to make up We are
simply that much short on our salaries
Of course if there would be no assistant
the fees to be turned over would be that
much heavier but did it ever occur to
the Standard that these fees represent
work and a lot of work dono by some
body for nothing The fair minded tax
payer does not expect the servants of
the county to work for nothing and the
commissioners who were elected by the
people of this county should know
better how many people it takes to do
the work in this office than do Smith
The Standard further insinuates that
the poor cuss who pays the taxespays
my campaign expenses This is another
lie My campaign has not cost the tax
payers one cent and will not It is true
I have taken from one to two days a
week for the last six weeks for cam
paigning but I am making up for that
by working here many evenings and
have for the last two years worked hero
many evenings I further want to say
that I pay more taxes in the county in
one year than the editor of the Stand
ard and his associate have paid in their
lives They are not even on the assess
ment list for this year but they are the
self chosen champions of the poor tax
Tho Standard and its editor have a
right to vot9 and work for whom they
please and ask for votes for their men
but they have no rght to tell lies and
make insinuations not in the campaign
nor outside of a campaign about me or
any one else To elect your men to
office simply by running down others
might work all right but it is dirty
politics and you cant make it anything
else no matter how you howl Mr
The voters of this county are too in
telligent to be fooled by these two fel
lows when they make their decision
next Tuesday and I am sure that the
slanders and slurs thrown out the last
minute will be disregarded by the voters
In the 22 months that I have held this
office I have done no official act of
which I am ashamed and of which I
would not have most cheerfully allowed
the editor of the Standard to observe
In conclusion I will say that if re
elected this offce will be run for the
next two years the same as it has been
the last two and every one will be treat
ed accommodatingly and to the best of
my ability and the best interests of the
county will be looked after at all times
Chas Skalla
Ladies of the Congregational church
will hold a bazaar in the north stoie
room of the Masonic temple building
November ISth
7 jyjjt f
Tho following letters cards aud pack
ages mmain uncalled for at tho McCook
postoffice October 29 1909
Harms Kd Harriett Mr Enos
Clark UuorKc V Elberse Mrs John
Fnrber Chris Farroil John
Highland Hobort McDonald Mrs A D
McDoiiKnl Mrs Kiniua McClnro Mrs N V
Murphy Mrs Josio Simonds Mr F M
Van Deest Mr Win
Adams II R Adams Vera
Harder Mr Harry Honnott Mn M L
Hrock Mr O E Rntco Mr C O
Clark J C Cltrk Mr W
Clark OeorKO W Clovenjcr R F
Douton Mis Mollio Dunnock Clyde
Eijman Jako Uohcun Sam Y
Hamilton Mr C E IfciKor Mr II
JuiTries P K Lewis Mr W O
Melius L O Merchant Mr M E
Nichols -Mrs L O Reed Daniel J
Simonds F M
When calling for these please say
they were advertised
Lon Conk P M
The Kellogx Halnes Singing Party
Who are they
Leottu Fahlen soprano
Mrs Alice M Monctietf contralto
John Eichenberger tenor
William James Breach pianist
William A Goldberg baritone
They give a program so varied and
yet ho connected by appropriate selec
tions that the result is one of the most
charming evenings you can imagine
Tho costumes are very beautiful
They open the entertainment courses
at Lincoln York and McCook this year
November 5th is the McCook date
Tickets at McConnells
A Word ot Appreciation
I wish to express our thanks and ap
preciation to the gentlemen of tho Mc
Cook Commercial club the Masonic
Temple Craft association Mr II P
Sutton and orchestra and to all others
who assisted financially and otherwise
in making the farmers institute the
childrens exhibit and contest the fine
success it was
Claudia B Hatcher
County Superintendent
A Girls 4 Long- Coat
Cloth a good warm melton Color
London smoke with an indistinct stripe
Trimmings Mohair and tinsel soutache
braids Broad lapels Collar med
ium wide bui toning up snug to throat
A dressy warm comfortable winter
garment for 84 Others from 175 to
S900 The Thompson Dry Goods Co
Utmost value
Ladles Sweater Coats
White ones at SI to 8375 - Grey ones
at 125 to 8650 Red ones at 150 to
8275 Some with belts some long- like
suit jackets some with pockets others
plain Also very desirable childrens
sweaters from 35c to 150 The Thomp
son Dry Goods Co Utmost value
Boys Shirts 25 Cents
Boys double sewed full cut soft shirts
for everyday aud school with collar at
tached for 25c Also selling a very
dressy percale shirt for boys without
collar for 35c The Thompson Dry
Goods Co Utmost value
Boost the Ticket Sale
Every business man and citizens of
McCook generally should boost sow on
the sale of season tickets for the Citi
zens Lecture and Entertainment Course
Remember boost now The course is
most worthy and excellent
Nine to Five
Last Saturday Seth Taylors football
team and Traver Gatewoods bunch met
on the grid When the doins were
over Seths boys had the better of the
score of 9 to 5
Residence For Sale
Wishing to move to Colorado I desire
to sell my residence 906 1st street east
at once 11 L Kennedy
Sweet Apple Cider
For sale at the Morrisey ranch Phone
black 292
Everything in drugs McConnell
Mary Harrisonnurse Phone black 286
Get your entertainment course tickets
McMillens Little Liver Granules will
do you good
Drink Wedding Breakfast coffee
and be happy At Hubers only
Hubers have everything in olives
plain and stuffed from 15 cents to 81
a bottle
Lincoln A P mixed paint is fully
guaranteed for dnrability A McMil
len druggist
At the Intermission in the temple
theatre building for tho Judge Norris
10c cigar and the Novum Templum 5c
Quality like blood tells Quality ex
plains the well earned popularity of the
bamous Loomis High Patent Fours
Sold bv McCook Flour and Feed Store
W II Khoads will hold a public sale
of stock implements etc Wednesday
Nov 3d Free lunch at noon Usual
tortus Farm five miles northwest of
Box Elder
Thats the swellest mount I ever
saw declared a young man the other
day while looking at one of our photo
mounts the kind intended for wall or
den decoration You will agree if
you see it Come in Kimmell Studio
1st door north of Commercial Hotel
Get Our Prices 011 Mil
linery B4U Buy H
C Clapp Dry Goods and
nillinery Main avenue
Idle Money
You work hard for your money
shouldnt your money work hard
for you Dont lot it lie around
doing nothing Every cent repre
sents an effort on your part
Mako that money oxert itself
When It Works
It Earns
More Money
for you in interest Put your
money in this bank where it will
earn interest for you Start your
monoy at work today Wo pay
1 percent on Timo Deposits
P Walsh President
C F Lehn V Prcs
C J OBrikn Cshr
J J Loughran P F McKonna
Are due November 1st become
delinquent December 1st Should
be paid during the month of Nov
ember to save interest Notices
will be mailed out on or about the
10th of Novemger C NADEN
Treasurer of Red Willow Co
Huber handles the Carhartt gloves
and caps also and a full lino of other
The Sundsy school is already at work
on a Christmas program a concert
Bishop Graves is expected to visit
this church latter part of November
From this time on the rector will be
in town to give confirmation instruction
to candidates after each eiening serv
The rector will hold services at Ind
ianola Monday November 1st at 730
p m Bartley November 2 same hour
Cambridge November 3 same hour
Subject of morning sermon next Sun
day at 11 The One Foundation In
the evening at 730 Appearances
Morning subject 20th Century Spir
ituality Evening CharacterStudy
of Judas
In commemoration of Dr Martin Lu
thers church reformation begun on
October 31 1517 there will be two serv
ices both in the German language
next Sunday October 31st preaching
at 10 a m and S p m
Rev Burton will conduct tho closing
services of his pastorate at the Baptist
church Sunday Every member of the
church is requested to be present both
morning and evening and the friends of
the church are most cordially invited to
Rev S E Wilkin of Blakesburg la
will speak at the Baptist church Sun
day afternoon October 31 at 3 p m to
men only Subject Caleb or Human
Sunday school at 10 a m Preaching
bv pastor ac 11 a m and 8 p m
Morning subject A Prayer Answered
Because Works Followed Evening
A Trap for the Other Fellow But
Caught Himself Junior League at
3 p m Epworth League at 7 p m
Mrs Wm Raine will lead Subject
Poor Rich and Rich Poor Praye
meetir g every Wednesday night at 8 p
m Every body welcome to all our ser
You can secure the city
styles the latest devel
opment of the
phers art at half the
price charged for simil
ar Avork in the city at
The New Studio Also
those who prefer them
can have the soot and
white - wash with every
eyelash sharply defined
sort of pictures Why go
to the city in order to pay
more for the same thing
E Schell Kimmell
Main ave McCook
First Door North
of Commercial Hotel