The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, October 21, 1909, Image 2

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    A Mistaken
Somo people have an idea
that in ordor to have a
bank account tboy must
have a largo sum to deposit
that the bank does not care
to be bothered by small
Tli is however is not
true of the First National
Bank This bank welcomes
now accounts whether of
1 or 1000 and the samo
courtesy and service is ac
corded the small depositor
as thoso in more fortunate
It is our object and wish
to servo the public in finan
cial matters in a manner
that shall bo satisfactory
to all old or young rich or
We Want Your Banking
Business and will be
pleased to have you open
an account with us
Bank of Mccook
L W McConndl Giycs Facts Regarding
Although indigestion and djypepsia
are so prevalent moit people do not
thoroughly understand their case and
how to obtiiin relief There is no mi
son why jeojle should notjeit ain thing
they desire if they will only chew it
carefully and thorouehly Many act
ually starve themselves into sickness
through fear of eating every good-looking
good smelling and good tasting
food because it docs not agree with
Dieting cannot cure dyspepsia If
we refuse every nrticle of food that disa
grees with us before long we have
nothing left and find ourselves chronic
that can fur
We are so confident we
nish relief for indigestion and dyspepsia
that we promise to supply the medicine
free of all cost to every one who uses it
according to directions who is not per
fectly satisfied with the results Wo
exact no promises and put no one under
any obligation whatever Surely noth
ing could be fairer We are located
right here where jou live and our repu
tation should be sufficient assurance of
the genuineness of our offer
We want every one who is troubled
with indigestion or dyspepsia in any
form to come to our store and get a box
of Kexnll Dyspepsia Tablets Take
them homo and give them a reasonable
trial according to direction They are
very pleasant to take they soothe the
irritable stomach strengthen and invig
orate the digestive organs promote a
healthy and natural bowel action al
most immediately relieve nausea and
stomach irritation produce healthy di
gestion and assimilation and promote
A 25 cent package of Kexall Dyspep
sia Tablets furnishes 15 days treatment
In ordinary cases this is sufficient to
produce complete relief In more chron
ic cases a longer trertmont of course
is necessary and depends upon the
severity of the trouble For such cases
we have two larger sizes bO cents and
100 Kemember you can obtain Kexall
Remedies in McCook only at our store
The Rexall Stcre L W McConnell
Testifies After Four Years
Carlisle Center N Y G B Burhans
writes About four years ago I wrote
you that I had been entirely cured of
kidney trouble by taking two bottles of
Foleys Kidney Remedy and after four
years I am again pleased to state that I
never had any return of those symp
toms and I am evidently cured to stay
cured Foleys Kidney Remedy will
do the same for you A McMillen
Will Inspect Company M
Major E H Phelps of Lincoln as
sistant inspector general of the Nebras
ka national guard will inspect company
M of our city October 27th according
to the announced schedule of the state
If people with symptoms of kidney or
bladder trouble could realize their dan
ger they would without less of time
commence taking Foleys Kidney Rem
edy This great remedy stops the pain
and the irregularities strengthens and
builds up these organs and there is no
danger of Brights dispase or other ser
ious disorder Do not disregard the
early symptoms A McMillen
Dr Abemethy the great English
physician said Watch your kidneys
When they are affected life is in dan
ger Foleys Kidney Remedy makes
healthy kidneys corrects urinary ir
regularities and tones up the whole
system A McMillen
Typewriter ribbons papers etc for
sale at The Tribune office
v8l S wk 4 ftSSKylli MaLslnescake and
w8 wV A V8jm pastry light flaky biscuit
2 lm j JMmm P flllMilMJ palatable and wholesome
Rrpukicn Cindine for Rircion mMWiM 0h xWSfimmffi I f VKtSsrfwvM Ingredients round in the
Hi vKI Stm bw priccd baking pow-
iSllP W hf mM tMmS I V3 active principle ks a mm-
d I rfr8 TUMP1 Km S No lime PhoqAates
JfiP TST mfTTf trVfVr TY Hembrr of NebrasU Supreme Court anj 8 gPPSjSSf iilSsiPlll VT vS
i BMgr S3 liEF3 Prpublcan OndJatc for Re elrclon 1 it llPillllSll - -
W W a M m m I lei55iSSrai vw3h3 m m i - --
I ci Rrputlican CandiJatr for Election idol 1
Member of Nebraska Supreme Court
and Republican Candidate for
Re election
Judge John B Barnes of Norfolk
judge of the Supreme Court of Ne
braska and present acting chief jus
tice of the court has heen selected
by the republican voters of the state
as one of the candidates of the re
publican party for re election to the
place on the supreme bench which
he has so ably and honorably fdled
for the past term of six years
Judge John B Barnes is a native
of Ohio a veteran of the Civil War
and a citizen of Nebraska since 1871
when he located in Dixon county and
was admitted to the bar in 1873 en
gaging in the practice of law to
which he has since given his entire
In 1875 Judge Barnes was elected
district attorney of the Sixth judicial
district was re elected and served
until appointed judge of the district
to fill a vacancy caused by the elec
tion of Judge Valentine to Congress
was re elected for a full term and
later declined renomination to enter
upon the practice of his profession
Judge Barnes was appointed Su
preme Court Commissioner in Janu
ary 1902 serving as commissioner
until his election as a member of
the court in 1903 since which date
his service as a member of the
court has been continuous He Is
now approaching the completion of
the six year term to which he was
elected in 1903 and holds the honor
able position of acting chief justice
of Nebraska in the absence of Judge
M B Reese
Judge Barnes splendid record as
lawyer and jurist has gained for him
the confidence and approval of the
people of the state This is well evi
denced by the general support given
Judge Barnes candidacy for supreme
judge at the recent state wide
primary election
regents of the State Uni
versity the republican partv
has nominated three of the
prominent citizens of the state best
equipped to perform the duties that
fall to the board in charge of the
states most important institution of
Charles S Allen of Lincoln Wil
liam G Whitmore of Valley and
Frank L Haller of Omaha the re
publican candidates for regents con
stitute a trio of citizens who will
bring to the work they undertake al
most ideal qualifications for its per
formance Neither of these men
were or are candidates in the sense
of personally seeking for the honor
conferred by membership on the di
recting board of the University Each
is a candidate in response alone to
the insistent demands of many who
know well their exceptional fitness
for the duties involved and who have
close at heart the best and broadest
interests of the University
Member of Nebraska Supreme Court
and Republican Candidate for
Re election
Judge Jacob Fawcett of Omaha
associate justice of the Supreme
Court of Nebraska and Republican
candidate for re election is a native
of Wisconsin a veteran of the Civil
War and was admitted to the bar
at Galena Illinois in 1S73 Judge
Fawcett was appointed county judge
of Jo Davies county Illinois by Gov
ernor Oglesby and was elected to
the office at the expiration of the
term for which he was appointed
He resigned the office the following
year and removed to Omaha and
was selected as one of the lecturers
in the College of Law in the Nebras
ka State University In 1S95 Judge
Fawcett was elected a judge of the
district court of the Omaha district
and was re elected in 1S99 serving
eight years on the district bench of
Douglas county He returned to the
practice of law in Omaha in the
spring of 1904 continuing in prac
tice until appointed supreme court
commissioner in October 1907 Judge
Fawcett continued on the supreme
court commission until the adoption
of the constitutional amendment en
larging the supreme court at the last
general election when he was ap
pointed a judge of the supreme court
to serve until the general election of
this year He is now completing the
term of one year for which he was
Judge Fawcetts long period of
service on the bench eight years as
judge of the district court of Doug
las county more than a 5rear as a
Commissioner of the Supreme Court
and the past year as a member of
that court has eminently fitted him
for the distinguished service of a
full term on the supreme bench for
which he is the nominee of the Re
publican party
Messrs Allen and Whitmore are
both completing a term of six years
service on the Board of Regents a
term of service which has redounded
to their personal honor and credit in
the same full degree that it has been
of exceptional value to the growth
and prosperity of the University
Those who know best the present
and future needs of the University
are the most insistent that their ser
vice be not interrupted but be con
tinued to the great and lasting bene
fit of the ins lution In this lies the
highest praise the highest of per
sonal compliments
Mr Frank L Haller a leading
business man of the state a man of
large experience broad culture and
great executive ability completes the
trio of candidates on the republican
For fourteen years Mr Haller has
been a member of the board of di
rectors of the Omaha public library
and is at present the president of
-- r AilMM
Former Chief Justice Nebraska Su
preme Court and Republican
Candidate for Election
Judge Samuel H Sedgwick of York
Neb former chief justice of the Su
preme Court of Nebraska and republi
can candidate for election as judge of
the supreme court is a native of Illi
nois in which state he spent his youth
on the farm and in the district school
graduating later from Wheaton col
lege He studied law at the Michigan
State University and in a law office
and was admitted to the bar at Green
Bay Wis in 1S74 since which time
he has given his entire attention to
his profession
Judge Sedgwick removed to York
Neb in 1878 and entered at once into
active practice in which he was emi
nently successful Serving one term
as judge on the district bench he was
laler supreme court commissioner and
was subsequently elected a justice of
the supreme court at the general elec
tion in 1901 serving as chief justice
in the closing two years of his term
At the close of his first term Judge
Sedgwick was a candidate for renom
ination but was defeated in the pri
maries by Judge M B Reese who had
been denied a re nomination some
years previously the republican voters
of the state seeming to desire to right
without delay the wrong done Judge
Reese at the previous period In thfr
decision no one acquiesced more
cheerfully than Judge Sedgwick al
though feeling that patient faithful
work fairly entitled him to a second
Since the expiration of his term
Judge Sedgwick has successfully con
tinued the practise of law at York
The splendid vote cast for him at the
recent primaries evidences the desire
of his fellow citizens of Nebraska to
return him to the supreme court upon
which he rendered such distinguished
and meritorious service
the board Mr Haller is also presi
dent of the Nebraska public libran
commission a position which he ha
held since the resignation of Chan
cellor Andrews from the commission
in 1906 He is a member of the ex
ecutive committee of the Omaha
Commercial Club and a moving spirit
among the directors of the National
Corn Association
A graduate of the Iowa State Uni
versity he has long taken a particu
lar interest in the Agricultural Col
lege of the Nebraska University and
will bring to the Board of Regents
a ripe experience in business affairs
and a broad general knowledge that
will be of the utmost value to thf
continued progress of the University
Mr Haller is of German dsctnt
and has spoken the language from
childhood In addition to university
training he has broadened his edu
cation by extensive travel in this
country and Europe
is one overwhelming reason why the Republican partv can successfully appeal to all the peo
ple for support at the ballot box for the candidates of the Repu ican party It is this The Repub
lican party has given the state Responsible Effective Economical and Intelligent Government in
every department Executive Legislative and Judicial whenever entrut l with authority by the people
The record is before the people and it is a good record You can trust the Party which has proven true and
responsible In every test On that record the party asks the support of the voters of Nebraska for its
candidates for the Supreme Court Judges Barnes Fawcett and Sedgwick all of whom have served on
the Supreme bench with ability honor and fidelity to the interests of the people and asks also for the
approval of its candidates for Regents of the University Messrs Chas S Allen W G Whitmore and F L
Haller the first two of whom have served with distinguished ability and usefulness on the Beard of Re
gents for nearly six years past the last named an able prominent and business man of the state
who has long given much attention to the University School of Agriculture The candidates of the repub
lican party have responded to every test of citizenship every test of official duty The party they represent
as candidates in the coming election has proven true to the people in every emergency On this broad
fottiiuation of performance of duty well discharged the republican party asks for its candidates the con
fidence and support of the voters of Nebraska
The highest medical authority
on foods
Sir James CricMon Browne LLD FRS
of London
gives the best reasons for eating more
In an article published in the
Youths Companion of Septem
ber 23rd 1909 Dr Browne the
great medical authority on
foods says about brain and
muscle building
There is one kind of food
that sems to me of marked
value as a food to the brain and
to the whole body throughout
childhood and adolescence
youth and that is oatmeal
Oats ace the most nutritious
of all the cereals being richer
in fats organic phosphorus and
He says oatmeal is gaining
ground with the well-to-do of
Great Britain He speaks of it
as the mainstay of the Scottish
laborers diet and savs it
duces a big boned well-developed
mentally energetic race
His experiments prove that
good oatmeal such as Quaker
Oats not only furnishes the best
food for the human being but
eating it strengthens and en
larges the thyroid gland this
gland is intimately connected
with the nourishing processes
of the body
In conclusion he says
It seems probable therefore
that the bulk and brawniness of
the Northerners meaning the
Scotch has been in some
measure dim to the stimulation
of the thyroid gland by oatmeal
porridge in childhood
The Scotch eat Quaker Oats
because it is the best of all oat
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