The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, September 30, 1909, Image 1

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The New Store
on the Corner
calls your attention
to tho now goods that
aro arriving daily
4See our lino of
General Merchandise
223 Main Avenue
Phone 47
One Experience Enough
ArtPanteburg of the McCook Elec
tric Co force had an experience laBt
Thursday afternoon which nearly robb
ed hira of two syllables of his name
He was engaged on the main supply
lines between the plant and the round
house when he came in contact with
live wires carrying 2300 volts of the
fatal juice To thd fact that he only
touched the wire and his fingers or
hand did not grasp the wire he likely
owes his present good health The ex
perience gathered is sufficient for a long
while His fingers were not severely
burned and his neck still more slight
ly burned
Most hands are attractive if they are
properly cared for and the care given
showB prompt and satisfactory results
Have the necessary equipment handy
and make use of it for a moment or two
once or twice a day No matter what
you laok we have it
This is the season when the hands are
apt to need special attention This is a
good time to remember that we have
manicure goods here for you
L W McConnell Druggist
Principal Leavitt Preached
Principal Leavitt of Franklin academy
occupied the Congregational pulpit last
Sunday morning and evening deliver
ing two excellent sermons He reports
school opening at the academy with
bright prospects chough the atten
dance expected has been reduced slight
ly by crop shortage He forecast that
the academy would shortly require an
additional building and that an effort
would soon be made to secure needed
On Saturday Forenoon
of October 2nd we offer to the first ten
customers who ask ten yard cuts of fine
12 1 2 c cambric muslin for 89 cents
Not in regular stock Only for those
who ask Only one cut to customer
Only on Saturday forenoon You are
entitled to one The Thompson D G
Co Utmost value
Select Your Base Burner
or heater early and enjoy a pleasant
winter Monitor Garland Riverside
and Jewel base burners Coles Hot
Blast Estate Oak and Xmore heaters
now on display Come and see them
McCook Hardware Co
Pupils Invoice
Miss Elva Barber of Lincoln a grad
uate of Prof Clemens Movius in the
Sbriglia Paris method will receive
pupils in voice at the Norris residence
Main avenue
Weary Tired Feet
At our store you will find everything
for their relief Foot Powder Corn
Cure Corn and Bunion Plasters
A McMillen Druggist
Seed Wheat For Sale
We haye a supply of seed wheat of
excellent quality for sale at a reasonable
figure Updike Grain Co
S S Garvey Manager
Graves is an expert on sharpening
shears Shears called for and delivered
301 west 1st st
You are always welcome at Miss An
dersons so be sure and see her hats be
fore buying
McCook Neb Sept 9 1909
To save advertising fees all delin
quent 1908 Real Estate Taxesjshould
be paid by not later than October
1st 1909 C NADEN
County Treasurer
Which Will Be Presented at the Temple
Theatre on the Opening Night
October 19th
This is a musical comedy with unique
characters and situations quite as rigid
as those used by the best known pluys
without music It would be interesting
if there were not a song in it but with
a pleasant accompaniment of attractive
music sung by well trained voices viva
cious dances and a dainty chorus intro
duced legitimately The play has all
the attractive features of both musical
and legitimate comedy During the
long run at the La Salle theatre in Chi
cago it was witnessed by many of the
so called first nighters who boasted
of never having witnessed a musical
comedy before It was a daily occur
rence to hear some one say I must see
A Girl at the Helm again before it
closes nGd if asked how many timeB
he had witnessed the performance the
chances were that he would replyWell
really Im ashamed to say
There is always a reason and a cause
for success and popularity which in
this case is that the authors struck a
new idea and the producer developed it
with unusual skill
A Lady Said
Show me your better prints your
6a and 7c ones I always buy the best
Her hand rested on a piece of Simpsons
print as sho spoke We sell them and
Americans and all the best prints made
for 5c Her trouble was that she neither
knew quality nor brands Her criterion
of value was simply price She had al
ways paid 6c or 7c or more and she
thought a print offered her at 5c must be
inferior Pleased to say that we helped
her to see through and a nice bill was
the result Our cash prices will benefit
all who have the caslj The Thompson
D G Co Utmost value
Sajnt Albans Church
On Oct 3rd 17th Sunday after Trini
ty there will be services in St Albans
churqh At 11 a m Holy Communion
and sermon Whose Son Art Thou
Young Man At 730 p in prayers
and sermon Is Christ Being Crucified
Today by His Followers The offer
ings at both services will apply on the
Womans United Offering for Missions
All are welcome to these services
Our Cover All Aprons
are 52 to 51 inches long and 80 to 84
inches sweep Common sorts are 48
inches by 62 inches Our prices 65c
See the difference The Thompson D
Go Co Utmost value
Childrens Sleepers Again
Another lot of those ideal garments
just received in all sizes Price 35c
Elastic ribbed Footed Only rational
night garment for winter The Thomp
son D G Co Utmost value
Be sure and
get the best
try McCook flour and
The new jewelry firm will be known
as L C Stoll Company
Now is the time to
Little Liver Granules
use McMillens
Feed of all kinds baled hay etc at
McCook Flour and Feed Store
W C Cooper shipped a carload
hogs to market last Friday night
For Old Line Life Fire or Accident
insurance Bee L W Stayner in P O
McConnells Balsam is the largest
sold and the most satisfactory remedy
used in this locality Price 25 cents
Fred Bortfeld ths well known piano
tuner is in the city on his regular trip
and orders for his services may bo left
at H P Suttons store
The WC TU will meet a the home
of Mrs C H Boyle Friday October 8
at three oclock in the afternoon A
large attendance is desired
Announcement of receipt of Hart
Schaffner and Marx clothing means
something to the man who is posted on
the makes Rozell Sons
Quality like blood tells Quality ex
plains the well earned popularity of the
Famous Loomis High Patent Fours
Sold by McCook Four and Feed Store
Better than good enough photo
graphs at the new studio first door
north of the Commercial hotel Sitt
ings from 9 in the morning to 5 in the
Almond and cucumber cream removes
sunburn pimples chapped skin on face
and hands leaving the surface soft and
smooth 25 cents at
Woodworth Cos
Regular meetings of McCook temple
No 24 Pythian Sistersoccur on the 2nd I
and 4th Wednesday evenings of each I
month 730 oclock
Samuel Snoke passed away last
Thursday afternoon at bis home in this
city after a long illness the closing
months of it being that of absolute help
lessness with paialysis Deceased was
born in Walnut Bottom Cumberland
county Pennsylvania July 1st 1840
Howas united in marriage with Miss
Caroline Ewing January 2 1865 He
resided in Hayes county for many years
going there in 1885 and removing to
McCook about a year since For over
three years be served his country in the
3rd Pennsylvania cavalry He iB sur
vived by his beloved wife and three
children two daughters and one son
Eight children were born to this union
Funeral services were briefly conduct
ed at the residence on 5th street east
Sunday afternoon hfc three oclock Rev
M B Carman officiating after which
the remains were borne away and interr
ed in JRiverview cemetery where re
pose the bodies of most of the veterans
of the civil war interred in this city
Man friends filled the home at these
Soma handsome flowers were the tri
butes of love and respect The pall
bearers were members of the order of
engitieiaen to which the son belonged
To the bereaved wife and children
much tender sympathy goes out from
many friends and neighbors
For assistance and sympathy during
the long illness of our departed husband
and father and after death had claimed
him from his sufferings we are most
gratoful and thankful
Mrs C G Snoke and Family
The tragic death of Engineer George
F Pronger on his engine at Herndon
Kansas last Thursday afternoon was
related in last weeks Tribune There
are no additional details to relate
While his engine was taking water at
that station the Angel of Death came
unannounced and unbidden be died at
his post of duty without so much as a
word of farewell to dear ones or friends
Nothing otan unusualnature had trans
pirod The human engine quit beating
and George F Pronger had passed on
befor the way of all flesh
George F Pronger was born in Utica
New York September 28th 3857 At
the tender age of two years he was taken
by his parents to Plattsmouth this
state Here he afterwards railroaded
for three years coming to McCook in
1887 and since which time has been an
enpicjur on the McCook division
He is servived by his wife and four
ch ren The daughter Mrs Myrtle
MacKain lives in Helena Montana
Tho three younger children Arthur
RoV and the baby James Frederick
live with the mother on the farm near
Trenton Hitchcock county Deceased
has a sister Harriet living in Omaha
and two brothers James T of Denver
now visiting in England and John
E of Sydney Nebraska
The remains were shipped here for
burial where he had spent the most of
the years he had worked on this divi
sion and on Sunday afternoon at half
past one oclock brief service were held
by Rev M B Carman in the Method
ist church after which the body was
buried in Longview cemetery
Departed was not without his faults
but by his friends and those who knew
him well and best he will be remember
ed as a big hearted fellow with a rough
Though formerly a Mason he retired
from the order some time since
We desire to express our heartfelt
thanks to the friends who so kindly
aided and comforted us in our late be
Mrs George Pronger
Harriet Pronger
Arthur Pronger
For Rent
A well improved farm of 320 acres
200 acres under cultivation one mile
and a half Irom McCook S CoRDEAr
Ladles 54 Inch Coats
The nobby and desirable things in
coats from 5 to 815 at The Thompson
D G Cos Utmost value
Ladles Jacket Suits 1250
to 25 High values Moderate prices
The Thompson D G Co The utmost
For Sale
My residence Hot water heat Mod
ern Call and look it over
F S Wilcox
For Sale
Fairbanks wagon scale Second hsnd
A bargain
Gasoline Accidents
M J Cordeal M will not happen if you send your stove to
and Edna Stewart M of R C Graves for repairs 301 west 1st st
W B 110 ll llf fe
A Farewell Social
The farewell social tendered their re
tiring pastor Rev M B Carman by
members of the Ladies Aid society of
the Methodist church last Friday eve
ning drew a large and enthusiastic
company of parishioners friends and
admirers to the church The occasion
disclosed a strength of friendship for
the retiring pastor perhaps never before
entertained for any pastor in the history
of the church
The league parlor was prettily and
appropriately decorated and arranged
for the occasion and in this room was
given the music literary program of the
evening as follows
Piano solo Mrs W B Mills
Vocal solo Miss Minnie Viersen
Vocal solo U Floyd Miles
Vocal solo Miss Lenora Dougan
Piano solo MisB Deborah Heckman
Vocal solo Miss Florence Rosebush
These were followed by brief talks by
Rev Edker Burton of the Baptist
church H E Culbertson O E Pear
son Supt C W Taylor F M Kim
After this brief program Rev Car
man responded briefly to the friendly
sentiments expressed by the speakers
of the evening and refreshments were
announced in tho basement
One of the incidents of the evening
was the presentation to the retiring pas
tor of a purse of generous proportions
In toto it was a splendid expression of
the high regard of many friends within
and without the church a compliment
to any citizen
E C Hill served graciously as chair
man of the evening
The boys who broke into the old pow
er house of McCook Electric Co and
took out porcelain receptacles parts of
metors and other electrical supplies
had better return them to the compa
nys office and there will be nothing
done Parents knowing their boys to
have this material in their possession
will do well to see that it is returned
otherwise they will be arrested and ex
amples made of them
McCook Electric Co
Jwptember 24th 1909
Do it gently and gradually but do it
Round shoulders area menace to health
In children especially the tendency to
stoop should be promptly corrected be
cause lack of lung capacity means re
tarded development and lower vitality
We carry a line of shoulder braces we
believe to be the best on the market
They draw the shoulders easily firmly
and gradually into the proper position
L W McConnell Druggist
We Qnote You
the following prices on flour feed etc
91 Patent per sack 165
Anchor Patent par sacs 155
Pride of McCook per sack 145
Whole Wheat Flour per sack 90
Rye Flour p6r sack 95
Graham Flour per Back 35
White Corn Flour per sack 30
Bran per sack 110
Shorts per sack 120
McCook Milling Co
McCook Nebraska
A Cough Is Like A Mule
Youve got to coax ic to get it to go
We have a cure that will start the most
stubborn cough going and quickly make
it disappear entirely We have witness
ed its effectiveness in hundreds of cases
and guarantee it will stop your cough
McConnells Balsam Price 25 cents
There is Satisfaction
in the possession of a real likeness of a
friend or member of the family This
is heightened when there is present
also the touch of taste and art At the
new photograph studio first door north
of the Commercial hotel
After September pay day all coal
bills must be paid in full the following
pay day and the first of the month
Barnett Lumber Co
by J L Shirey Local Manager-
For Sale
A four horse Olds gas engiuo
as new Can be seen in our yard
Mccook red willow county Nebraska Thursday evening September 30 1909
sell at a bargain
Shampoo Parlor for Ladles
I have opened a Shampoo Parlor for
Ladies at No 205 Main avenueupstairs
Phone red 275 Mrs Thomas
J H Woddell Auctioneer
I will be in McCook the last ten days
of each month to cry sales Make your
dates at the Citizens National Bank
Whose Head Aches
Havent you heard about our guaran
teed headache cure
L W McConnell Druggist
Ladies Dress Skirts
Largest line from 2 to 10 Altera
tions free The Thompson D G Co
Utmost value
v V
Praise From Chicago Dallies
The most marvelously enthusiastic
notices over given by the Chicago news
paper critics to any play since the first
theatre was built in the Windy Cityare
accorded the musical comedy A Girl
at the Helm which was presented to
capacity audiences for 300 performances
at the La Salle theatre The book and
lyrics are Robert B Smiths and Ray
mond Hubbells authors of A Knight
for a Day
Percy Hammond of the Evening Post
and Chicagos foremost critic said A
Girl at the Helm is far and away ahead
of the copious output of the Adams
Hough and Howard outfit authors of
A Stubborn Cinderella and Honey
moon Trail Its characters are more
attractive its story being more interest
ing and consistent and its wit more spon
taneous The piece is beautifully dress
ed in bilk and satin and its dancing
numbers thanks to Mr Al Holbrook
are without exception poetic and grace
Mr Burns Mantle of the Chicago
Tribune agrees with Mr Hammond in
the following words A Girl at the
Helm is in every way a decided ad
vancement upon any other musical com
edy born in Chicago Its story is charm
ing the girls were gorgeously arrayed in
a series of costumes that would shamo
anything but a rainbow and all in all
the grand old word gorgeous is none
too good to use in referring to it
A Girl at the Helm will be seen at
the Temple theatre McCook Oct 19th
Father Works Hard
for the income Father ages every day
Consideration for father should prompt
a thoughtful economy in the spending
of the income For example home made
bed comforts should not cost above
185 Mens Stetson hats should be
secured at our price 3 69 The usual
1 00 black taffeta Bilk one yard wide
should be obtained for our price 69c
Ladies good stylish jacket suits at our
price 12 50 to S25 Yard wide muslins
for 5c Best calicoes 5c Best table oil
cloth 15c 24 inch suit cases 125
Mens all leather caps with inside fur
lined turn down 75c Bed blankets from
39c to 89 a pair And large assortments
of everything that people wear Rem
ember father Yours for trade The
Thompson D G Co Utmost value
Take Over the Building
The Masonic Temple Craft board of
directors met with Contractor Borgolte
of Waterloo Iowa Tuesday and Wed
nesday and with Architect Boiler of
Kansas City Mo on same dates Final
settlements and payments in full were
made with both gentlemen and the
building was taken over by the board
for the stockholders in McCooks and
Southwestern Nebraskas biggest enter
prise ever attempted by private capital
and person
Carl Fahrenbruck Injured
Carl Fahrenbruck fell off a load of
hay Tuesday afternoon in East Mc
Cook sustaining terrible injuries about
the head His life has been despaired
of but his condition is apparently im
proved somewhat at this printing His
wagon was slightly overloaded on one
side and turned over on sidling place on
the road
A Rally Social
The Christian Endeavor Society of
the Congregational church held a social
in the church last Friday evening of
encouraging and pleasant particulars
The society is lining up its forces and
stimulating its energies for a successful
fall and winter campaign and invites to
its meetings all young people not else
where affiliated
New Fleeced Wrappers
and kimonos both long and short just
received in all gades The new empire
kimonos are very attractive both long
and short The 1 wrappers are of good
warm flannelette The Thompson DG
Co Utmost value
Are Your Stoves in Good
condition We will furnish repairs for
any make of stove and for the small
cost you can afford to have your range
cook stove or beater in first class condi
tion all the time
McCook Hardware Co
After the September pay day all coal
bills must be paid in full the following
pay day and the first of the month
Barnett Lumber Co
by J L Shirey Local Manager
Frontier County Fair
The Frontier County Agricultural
society is holding its annual fair this
week The dates are September 29th
and 30th and October 1st at Stockville
Makes Initial Bor
The new Democratic weekly The
Red Willow County Standard made a
belated appearance last Saturday The
editor is Lewellyn Smith
qjjij mjws
Do you know that thoro are
dozens of opportunities to be
come wealthy lying all about you
Do you realize that thoro are in
vestments for largo sums and
small ones which will doublo your
capital in a few years But you
must have the capital to start
with If you havent it then
there is but onu thing to do
save your money until you have
enough to invest
Start nn ac
count with us ndd to it when
you cun and you will soon be ablo
to grasp the Hying chanco
Start a Bank Account
Today With
P Walsh Prosidont
C F Lehn V Pres
C J OBrien Cahr
J J Loughran P F McKonna
His Farewell Sermon
Rev M B Carman addressed his peo
ple and friends last Sunday morning
and evening in the capacity of pastor
for the last time before departing for
his new field of labor as pastor of the
Methodist church of Minden Upon
both morning and evening tho church
was well filled tho evening audience
crowding the edifice The sermons
were naturally of a most feeling sort
especially that of the morning when
the pastor found himself too full for
utterance Tho evening sermon was
a characteristic and earnest one The
Tribune joins with a host of friends in
wishing him a full measure of success
in his new field
The Law Requires
people to go clothed That pleases us
for we sell clothing Mens suits from
5 00 to 15 00 Young mens suits 350
to 1500 Boys 3 pieco suits from
350 to 750 Boys knickerbocker
Buits 175 to 5 00 Correct styles
good materials and durable make for
actual cash prices The Thompson D
G Co Utmost value
After September pay day all coal
bills must be paid in full the following
pay day and the first of the month
Barnett Lumber Co
by J L Shirey Local Manager
I have my now optical room completed
and am prepared to take care of all new
patients as well as former ones Remem
ber the place west of Citizens bank
L C Stoll
Twenty five per cent discount on all
Wall Paper In stock until October 15th
Whittaker Gray 107 West B Mc
Cook Nebraska 25 tf
Farm Loans
Optional payments No cash com
mission required P S Heaton
Is your money working for you
Are you insured against hard luck or
hard times
Now is the time to save part of your
Deposit it at interest in The First
National Bank of McCook
At the
New Studio
you can secure not only
a good likeness but
an artistic portrait in
the latest styles and
shapes and fancies of the
photographers art
900 to 500
Special attention to
trait work and to chil
drens photographs
Every reasonable effort
to please and satisfy
E Schell Kimmell
First Door North
of Commercial Hotel