The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, September 23, 1909, Image 3

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month at 230 in Morris hall
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meets on the first and third Saturdays of each
mouth in Morris hall
I D Pennington Pres
C H Husted Sec
Harvey Division No 95 O K C meets the
eecond and fourth Wednesday nights of each
month at 800 p m in Morris ball at 304
Main Avenue S E Callen C Con
M O McCluke Sec
C W Bronson Lodge No 4S7J3 of H T
meets first and third Sundays at 230 p m and
eecond and fourth Fridays at 730 p m each
month in Morris hall C W Cobey M
E J Mooke Sec
Young America Lodge No 456 B R C of A
moots on the first and third Tuesdays of each
month ia Morris hall at730 p m
W C Stephens C C
N V Fbanklin Rec Sec
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e a h
Occonoxee Council No 16 R S M meets on
the last Saturday of each month nt 800 p m
n Masonic ball
Ralph A Hagbeeg T I M
Sylvester Cobdeal Sec
King Cyrus Chapter No 35 R A M meets
every first and third Thursday of each month at
800 p m in Masonic ball
Clabekce B Gray H P
W B Whittakee Sec
Bt John Commandery No 16 K T meets on
the second Tburbday of each month at 800 p
mM in Masonic hall
David Magneb E C
Henry E Culbeetson Rec
Eureka Chapter No 86 O E S meets the
second and fourth Fridays of each month at
800 p m in Masonic ball
Mrs C W Wilson W M
S Cobdeal Sec
Noble Camp No 663 M W A meets every
second and fourth Thursday of each month at
330 p m in Morris ball Pay assessments
at White House Grocery
Julius Kunbbt Consul
J M Smith Clerk
No le Camp No 862 R N A meets every
second and fourth Thursday of each month at
230 p m in Morris ball
Mrs Caeoline Konebt Oracle
Mes Augcsta Anton Rec
w o w
Meets second and fourth Thursdays at 8
oclock in Diamonds hall
Chas F Mabkwad C C
W C Moyeb Clerk
McCook Lodge No 61 AOUW meets every
Monday at 800 p m in Monte Cristo ball
JMWENTZFinancier RoYZiNTFdreman
McCook Lodge No 3 D of H meets every
econd and forth Tuesdays of each month at
100 p m in Monte Cristo ball
Mrs Della McClain C of H
J0BB UABmEOUliLAbtli ttBl
McCook Lodge No 407 B of 3 M I S B of
A meets first and third Fridays of each month
in Odd Fellows hall
McCook Lodge No 42 K of P meets ever
Wednesday at 800 p m in Masonic hall
H W Conoveb C C
D N Cobb K R S
odd fellows
McCook Lodge No 137 1 0 0 F meets everj
Monday at 800 p m in Morris hall
F A Denton N G
W A Middleton Sec
Mr Cook Aerie No 1514 F O T3 meets every
Friday evening at 8 oclock in Keiley building
316 Main ave
C L Walker W Pres
C H Ricketts W Sec
national association of letter cabbiebs
Branch No 1278 metJts first Mon ay of rhcIi
month at 330 p in in carriers room postoffice
G F Kinghobn President
D J OBrien Secretary
McCook Conncil No 1126 K of C meets th
first and third Tuesdays of each month at 801
p m in Diamonds hall
G R Gale F Sec Frank Real G K
Court Granada No 77 meets on the second
and fourth Thur days of each month at 8 p m
in Monte Cristo ball Anna Hannan G B
Nellie Ryan F S
Valley Queen Hive No 2 L O T M meet
every first and third Thursday evenings of each
month in Morri ball
Mes W B Mills Commander
Harriet E Willetts R K
g a b
J K Barnes Post No 207 G A R meets on
the first Saturday of each mouth at 230 pm
Morris hall
Wm Long Commander
Jacob Steinmetz Adjt
belief cobfs
McCook Corps No 93 W R C meets every
second and fourth Saturday of each month at
230 p m in Ganschow ball
Adella McClain Pres
Susie Vandebhoof Sec
l of g a b
McCook Circle No 33 L of G A R meets on
the first and third Fridays of each month at
230 p m in Morris ball
Maby Walkeb Pres
Ellen LeHew Sec
p e o
Chapter X P E O meets the second and
fourth Saturdays of each mont j at 230 m
ai wo uuuies ui lue variuus niemDcrs
Mrs J A Wilcox Pres
Mes J G Schobel Cor Sec
Try This For Catarrh
Free tests are now being supplied by mall
to all Catarrh sufferers There is no
expense no obligation whatever
Dr Shoop is combining Oil of Eucalyptus
Thymol Menthol Oil of Wintergreen etc
and is incorporating these ingredients into
a pure snow white cream like Imported
Petrolatum This Creation Dr Snoops
Catarrh Remedy gives immediate and
lasting relief to catarrh of the nose and
throat That all may first test it freethese
trial boxes are being mailed without
charge simply to encourage these tests
and thus fully demonstrate beyond doubt
the value of this combination
If Catarrh has extended down to the
stomach or bowels thon Dr Shoops
Restorative must also be used internally
if a complete cure is to be expected
Otherwise the Dr Shoops Catarrh
Remedy will alone be entirely sufficient
Write Dr Shoop Racine Wis for sample
and book Sold by Druggists everywhere
Wilch took thill I tend ycoT
No 1 On Dyspepsia I No 4 For Women
No 2 On the Heart I Kb 5 For Men
No 3 On the Kidneys 2to6 0aBhemsatiSB
Their Wonderful Webs and an Experi
ment In Weaving
It Is Interesting to know the prac
tical uses to which the webs of a large
Madagascar spider might be applied to
replace silk for woven fabrics said
Fisher S Williams of London who Is
Interested In the manufacture of silk
I know from visits fo the interior
of Madagascar that the webs spun
many feet across the walks or shady
avenues of gardens are sufiiciuntly
strong to hang thereon a light bam
boo walkinir cane At the Paris ex
position of 1000 a whole piece of
rlc eighteen yards long and eighteen
Inches wide was exhibited which was
woven out of this web for which It
was necessary to provide 100000 yards
of spun thread of twenty four strands
For Its manufacture 25000 spiders
had to be brought Into requisition and
these were procured by offering the
natives so much a hundred but not
knowing or ignoring the purpose for
which the insects were required and
having a desire they
brought them In by basketfuls mostly
dead It was found necessary for the
winding off machines to go to the spi
ders Instead of calling In the spiders
to the filatories However the piece
of cloth was completed and was of a
shimmering golden yellow color
The idea of obtaining silk from the
spider Is an old one as distinguished
men in France discoursed on the sub
ject as long ago as 1710 but the first
study of this Madagascar spider came
up some ten years ago and the spin
ning of its web was then undertaken
It is only the female that spins The
first difficulty in obtaining the thread
direct from the insect consisted in con
triving how to secure the living spider
so as to wind it off by some mechan
ical process from the insect This was
originally performed by confining spi
ders in empty matchboxes with the
abdomen protruding The extraction
of the web does not apparently incon
venience the Insect although care lias
to be taken not to injure it Wash
ington Herald
Some College Spelling
No one can blame the colleges of this
country if they demand as one of the
requirements of admission the ability
on the part of the student correctly fo
spell words with which he would ex
press his thoughts Essays submitted
by 2o0 students contained an average
of five mistakes to each pupil Nearly
fifty men made the mistake of placing
an unnecessary e at the end of a
syllable as departement develope
ment A very common error was to
transpose the vowels ei and ie
Relieve and receive were the words
most sinned against Preceding and
succeeding offered difficulties to
many while offered and preferred
proved troublesome Why principal
and principle should so often be in
correctly used by college students is a
mystery There are a few simple rules
for spelling which should have pre
vented at least half of the mistakes
Before the age of fourteen these rules
should be part of the educational outfit
of the student in the grammar schools
Professor W B Bailey of Yale in
New York Independent
A Crooked Parallel
It was decreed by the convention of
1818 and the treaty of Washington of
1840 that the boundary between the
United States and Canada from the
Lake of the Woods to the Pacific a
distance of 1270 miles should follow
the forty ninth parallel The survey
ors who have lately completed the lo
cation of the boundary have found
that the astronomical parallel varies
from a direct circle around the earth
and Professor Otto Klotz explains the
curious fact that the line instead of
being straight is at one point S00
feet south of the direct circle and at
another place GOO feet north It was
decided that the astronomical parallel
or line through places wher the pole
is 41 desrref from the zenith should
be the accepted boundary This deci
sion was followed but local attraction
in some pla es deflects the plumb line
and therefore the zenith and the as
tronomical forty ninth parallel proves
to be a quite irregular line Cleveland
Plain Dealer
The London Police
The London policeman aside from
the matter of pay has every advan
tage over his New York contemporary
He is looked up to with respect His
slightest command is obeyed In the
public streets He takes himself very
seriously and is grave and solemn un
der the weight of his responsibility
I never saw a London policeman laugh
or even smile except in one instance
and he was an Irishman and possibly
might be considered too human for his
office His relation to the people is
entirely different from that of the
New York poi lan The greatest
power over him is that of parliament
and all political parties are friendly to
him He is occasionally investigated
bj royal commissions which investi
gation is impartial and if anything
friendly to him It is their hope to
find everything as it should be Wil
liam McAdop in Century
Snails as Delicacies
One thing which the English visitor
to Paris detests according to a French
newspaper is the edible snail which
Is becoming a greater favorite among
the Paris gourmets Returns show
that in 1907 5G000O kilograms of snails
passed through the markets in the
French capital A similar quantity
was consumed last year and the re
turns up to the present indicate that
the quantity eaten will be still greater
There seem to be fashions In gastron
omy as well as in millinery so we
learn that the frog is becoming Ies3
popular in fact few are eaten today
London Globe
For Regents of University
Aluit H Hlnt
William Vyemmkh
Regent of University to 1111 Vacancy
L A ScinajiEvuK
For County ludco
U A Folden
Vote Tor G A Flden Sv 1st Candi
date for County Judjje
In last weeks issue of Thk Tin
nuNK wo defined socialism as being in
its essence the embodiment of democracy
in its completed signification or rather
demouraey in its com pip test sense is
socialism in its fundamental aspect and
explained that socialism sought to
establish among men n system of govern
ment in which the voice of the people
that 19 a majority of all the people
should be the supreme ruling force in
every detail of that government with
direct power through their ballots to
propose such laws as they desired and
with the right to annul such laws as
they do not desire by the same method
of and with the power to make the tenure
office dependent on the will of the peo
pie That is to say that the primarj
features of the government sought to be
establibbed by the socialists is that n
an unrestricted right of franchise The
initiative and the referendum with the
imperative mandate These we stated
are the fundamental demands of social
ist For with tbee safpguards in thi
hands of the people we pointed out
that it would be impossible to force up
on the people any vicious or harmful
legislation and would place within the
hat ds of the people an effective meanf
for dealing with recreant or unfaithful
public officials
socialism rurtner demands as a sec
ondary proposition that as soon as the
people have acquired these fundament
al powers of democracy above referred to
that all the people by their majority
may devise means for bringing uodt r
this same democratic management such
public utilities as are necessary to the
life liberty and happiness of all or an
considerable part of all the people for
it is clear that if that proposition en
unciated by the declaration of
nee that men are endowed with ll
alienable right to life liberty and th
imnir of hHppineue ar d that to th
end governments are established among
men is a righteous proposition and if
the further proposition set forth by the
Fame document that governments de
rive their just powers from the consent
of the governed is a right concept of
what a righteous human government
si ould be it is also clear that the peo
ple party to any such government
should be esteemed to be eearly within
i itn oi njtir inhi rent rivals nil
mand to have a supreme voice in th
anagement of all these industrial ir
titutions which t fleet the conditions o
fe and happinese of all or any consider
ble part of all the people Thus th
iiilitte lnlifv nch indutrinl ins
as should become the subject of
ownership and government manage
ment would by their very nature be
come manifest For the test to be
oppliea in every instance would be
iietner the thing to be taken over b
he people and made a part of thei
-stem of government in its potentia
tture contributed to tbe means ot
fe or in any serious manner effecter
he liberties and happiness not of
ne individual or a family or som
1 II group of ir dividunls bn
rather of all or a considerable number of
u the people Thus under a socialist
orra of government we the people of
be United States of America very
nturally would at first take such insti
utions as our collocial corporations and
rusts whose operations effect the meth
ds by which vast multituds of our peo
fl mut live and since these multi
tudes must live by the operation of these
iiaiituuuns and tiuce the quality ot
lfe and its abundance are prime factor
f happiness in the human economy
uch cause would inevitably bring thesp
nstitutions within the range and scope
if those inalienable human righJs
vhich the declaration of American in-
lependence proclaims to be inherent
nnd just cause for the institutions of
How any man can who subscribs to
the righteousness of the propositions
quoted from the declaration of inde
pendence rest content until all these
vast resources with their means of pro
duction of essential necessities to human
ife aud happiness are brought within
he province of government ownership
s beyond our power to conceive
Monarchy differs from democracy
mly in that it claims as the inherent
rht for but a part of all the people
to dptrminp how all the people shall
live and the means and method by which
ach shall find his source of happiness
nd the extpnt of liberty vouchsafed
to each and it is by this system of
government that monarchy has always
bestowed much on the few and toil and
misery on the many and this it is that
democracy seeks to rectify by placing
within the power of all the people the
sore right to institute and maintain gov
ernments among men and to the con
summation of democracy in all the
earth is the socialist party pledged
i There is no thought in the mind of any
Good Clothes are a
Good Investment
It pays to get clothes that look
stylish not only when they are iew
but also when they are old
It is an investment sure to bring
handsome returns
All -Wool Clothes
look spick and span and shapely as Guarantee of all wool of long life
long as they last and they cost no
more than common clothes
A fine Clothcraft suit for 10
the finest for 25 and a Signed
ithttio useless idlers who now Iev
tribute on the productive efforts of a 1
Socialists declare their abiding faith
in the rectitude of tho proposition that
to the producers alone belong tho full
value of the thing produced and that
any government which does not guaran
teed all who labor the full measure of
the proceeds of their effort to the end
that all who give their energies to pro
ductive occupations may bo assured a
place of habitation food and raiment
the absolute prerequisite to life liberty
and happiness is deficient in the first
purposes for which organic forms of
governments should be had
Socialists believe that righteous just
tice demands that the able who will not
labor to produce shall not have the
proceeds of anothers toil
GA Folden
Socialist candidate for county judge
do rr now
McCook People Should Mot Walt Until
Its Too Late
The appalling death rate from kid
ney disease is due in most cases to the
fact that the little kidney troubles are
usually neglected until they become ser
ious The slight symptoms give place
to chronic disorders and the sufferer
goes gradually into the grasp of dia
betes dropsy JBrights Disease gravel
or some other serious form of kidney
If you suffer from headache back
aches dizzy spells if the kidney secre
tions are irngular of passage and un
natural in appearence do not delay
Help the kidneys at once
Doans Kidney Pills are especially for
kidney disorders they cure were others
fail Over one hundred thousand peo
pie have recommended them
Heres a case
Mrs I H Kust living in Red Cloud
Neb says Some years ago 1 used
Doans Kidney Pills with such good re
sults for kidney trouble and have lately
A Narrow Escape
Edgar N Bayliss a merchant of Rob
insnnville Del wrote
A McMillen I
Better than good enough photo
graphs at the new studio first door
north of the Commercial hotel Sitt
ings from 9 in the morning to 5 in the
Piftnre frnrrnntr Trtp Tdpal Rtnrp
started taking them for rheumatism i
which has caused me considerable suf
fering I am pleased to state that I
nave so lar touna tne remedv to be verv
beneficial and I am fully convinced that
I will obtain a permanent cure through
its use
Plenty more proof like this from Mc
Cook people Call at a drug store and
ask what customers report
For sale by all dealers Price 50
cents Foster Milburn Co Buffalo
New York sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doans and I
take no other r
About twotC
and of shape holding goes with each
You lose money and opportunity
if you overlook Clothcraft
C L DeGroff Co
of any scheme of dividing up
the natural resources or the accumulat
ed wealth of any country on the face of
the globe but the socialists do desire to
call a halt on the present method of
dividing up the proceeds of the toilers
Mike Walsh
Old Rubber Copper and Brass
Highest Market Price Paul in C2si
Nhw locaciuu just acro is rC trVe
street in P Walsh liuildintr
Plumber and
Steam Fitter
Prompt Service
Courteous Treatment
Reasonable Prices
Grain and Coal
years ago I was thin and sick and a ful1 stock of both Colorado and
mi iuu iiuiu n - v -
uuugueu auu x uiu noi
have consumption it was near to it I
commenced using Foleys Honey and
Tar and it stopped my cough and I am
now entirely well and have gained j
rwenty eight runcisi all due
to the
ooa results trom taxing t oteys nooej i
and Tar
We have just added coal to our
business and have now in our bins
Chandler Canon
Sunshine Maitland
Baldwin Nut and
Susquehanna Anthracite
Your orders will be appreciated
and given prompt attention
iron Lead and S jwer Pipe Brass
Goods Pumps an Boiler Trimmings
Estimates Furnished Free Base
ment o tht Postoffice Building
Office First Door
South of DeGrofPc
Phone 13
i ruin nniff1
9 flitt B In flj H h BE Is v
All Rectal Diseases cured without a surgical j
operation No Chloroform Ether or other gen
eral aneasthetic used CURE GUARANTEED
to last a fre
Bee Building Omaha Nebraska