The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 26, 1909, Image 8

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    Our Loss But Your Gain
Taking a Loss on Womens arid
Misses Wash Suits and Dresses
Thats What We Are Doing
Its the merchant like tiling to do Their companions
were sold at legitimate profits and now as the season wanes
the remainders are treated as REMAINDERS Women
who have the economic instinct will buy now at these prices
Any 5 co Wash Suit left we will sell for 300
Any 600 Wash Suit left we will sell for 350
Any 7 00 Jumper and Jacket we will sell for 450
Any io 00 Jumper and Jacket we will sell for 625
Any 12 50 Dress and Jacket we will sell for 875
Airy 2000 Dress and Jacket we will sell for 1250
Any 6 50 or 700 Dress we will sell for 375
Any 900 Lingerie Dress we will sell for 575
Any 17 50 Lingerie Dress we will sell for 900
Any 1000 Worsted Jacket Suit we will sell for 700
Buy a White Linen Skirt While
They Are Going At These Prices
Skirls worth 1 50 are going now for 95
Skirts worth 200 are going now for 125
Skirts worth 2 50 are going now for 150
Skirts worth 300 to 350 are going now for 200
Skirts worth 450 and 500 are going now for 300
Anything in Summer Dress Goods White Goods Embroid
eries Laces and Ladies Waists you can buy cheaper next
week than you ever have seen these goods before
New Fail Hats New Fall Suits New Fall
Coats New Fall Dress Goods New Fall Silks
are now on display
McConnell for drugs
Kodaks and kodak supplies
Just Received
New Shipment
Becker Mayer
The unequaled
clothing for boys
at a usable price
Come in and
see them
The Leading Clothiers
Call and see these New Things
Exclusive Dry Goods Millinery and Ladies Furnishings
noil druggist
Kamo BraDd at the White House
Grocery Phone 30
Before making a loan see Earl Barger
the real estate and loan man
Try our crackers in tin boxes You will
never use any other HUBER
McConnella Blackberry Balsam for
diarrhoea and cholera morbus
We hare the finest line of Olives and
Olive 011 in HcCook The full Reld Mur
doch line HUBER
This week W H Harmon moved his
second hand goods store from the old
location to the old Coleman building
second door east
The best of every thing in pure foods
are packed under Kamo Brand and
label For sale at the White House
Grocery Phone 30
Kamo to the housewife means the
choicest of foods and table delicacies
that the worlds markets afford For
sale at the White House Grocery
Phone 30
For breaMast we have buckwheat Ral
ston andAflvo pancake flours and maple
syrup and mapleine to go with them
tw n i 7m
Ordinance 97 relating to and regu
lating the keeping and harboring of
dogs by imposing a license tax on the
keepers and owners will be strictly en
forced Persons interested will do well
to see to the securing of license tags for
their dogs immediately as the city
marshal has been ordered to dispose of
all unlicensed dogs at once
By order of Mayor and City Council
Pays the Best Price
If id t CDftofonfiAn r lrrrkirr TTVri
you brine your cattle and hoes to Mc-
Cook you can every day get the highest
price the market offers The fact that
D C Marsh is in the business of buy
ing cattle and hogs assures this import
ant matter Yon can find him at the
Nelms feed store phone 186 or at hie
residence ou north 1st street phone red
143 Try him
Do you have corns Use McMillens
Sure Corn Cure
Typewriter ribbons for sale at The
Tribune office
We are now agents for the Famous Car
hartt Overalls and Jackets also for their
Gloves and Caps HUBER
We have in stock a large line of all
standard Talcum Powders especially
useful atthis season for delicate skin
of infants and older ones for prickly
heat and nettle rash
iCk - CyXZf EiaKtD BT 3
The Ingenuity That Is Shown by
the Woman Thief
The Satchel With a False Bottom and
the Slit In the Dress Near the Belt
Some Schemes Successful Because cf
Their Very Simplicity
As uiiMiLioiis as they are ingenious
aiv tlic tricks of the modern shoplift
ers declare store detectives It keeps
the detectives tmsy to get on to the
de vires of the men and women who
live ly their wits in stealing from
stores For tricks that are canny few
classes ot criminals it is said ai
proach them
The method of stealing by using the
satchel with a false bottom Is one of
t ho cleverest of the tricks
Well disguised tho shoplifter enters
a store Her eyes run over the coun
ters She perceives the object she
wants usually something small and
valuable sometimes a purse a custom
er has left lying on rlie counter
Over the object the shoplifter places
her satchel Pretending to delve into
the satchel to extract a purse or hand
kerchief the thief lifts a false huttom
in the bag reaches under it draws in
side the desired article adjusts the
false bottom closes the satchel and
walks away
Rut this is only one of many clever
ruses employed declared a detective
the other day The women especially
arc ingenious Their dress of course
belps them
One of the methods of stealing is
for the shoplifter to have a slit in her
dress near the belt As she stands near
the counter she can deftly seize the
article desired be it a piece of lace
or costly fabric or a bit of jewelry
and slip It into the skirt The folds of
the skirt are voluminous and conceal
the thing stolen-
Some tricks are successful because
of their simplicity A fashionably
dressed woman may walk into the
clothing department look over coat
suits pick up one fold it neatly up
place it under her coat and walk
If she is detected she will indig
nantly declare that she bought the suit
some time before and that she has
brought it back to be altered
Or a woman her hands glittering
with rings and dressed in the latest
style may walk into the store some
winter day She wears only a rich
coat of dark fabric
In the coat department she will ask
to see some fur lined coats Oh she is
very particular and tries on one after
another Other customers come up and
the saleslady gets busy with them
while madam is trying to suit hersejf
While the saleslady is turned she
puts on one of the richest sable trim
med coats turns on her heel and
walks away Perhaps the salesgirl
may not notice the loss until there is
an account of stock
Each month from fifty to sixty ar
rests are made in the average large
department store The detectives must
be extremely careful for a false charge
would precipitate a suit for damages
which would mean many thousands
Certain departments hold especial
lures for shoplifters The jewelry de
partment is invariably guarded When
the furs come in we have sleuths who
keep their eyes open for the woman
who likes to take a fur to the window
to examine it then running for the
door the woman with the false skirt
and the woman who puts a fur on and
audaciously walks away
Although the sales departments and
the detective departments work to
gether there exists between them a
spirit of justifiable rivalry If a de
tective perceives some one getting
away with goods it casts discredit on
the person behind the counter from
which the goods were stolen There
fore the sales folk keep an alert watch
for shoplifters
One might imagine that goods are
dumped pellmell on the counters of
the big stores As a matter of fact the
efficient saleslady will have everything
so arranged thai she will notice the
disappearance of an article almost im
If a saleswoman suspects a person
she immediately notifies the head de
tective If it is a woman i woman
detective is usually put on the job It
is said store managers usually find
women more efficient than men
Few arrests are ever made in rhp
stores as an arrest gives only unde
sirable publicity The detective usual
ly follows suspected prrsuns from the
store and arrests him r her outside
It is said that arrests tor shoplifting
in New York exceeii iu a rear In
that city a full lecntn of ati shop
lifters eauulu are scti t tin- Itetail
Dry Coeds assnriaiiun which in -turn
distribute the infoi iu m the va
rious members
Only by com eriei aition and with
hiirhly organized 7s detectives
tan the stores eope with the ingenious
The detective system of the bij
stores however N now so perfect
that it is dangerous to attempt shop
lifting Even the cleverest shoplifter
faces a louujail term in the pursuit of
her nefarious work
More than that if a shoplifter for
any reason should escape paying the
penalty of crime in one city she may
not be so fortunate in another De
scriptions of all suspected persons are
sent out broadcast and arrest in an
other city may mean a jail term even
though the thief may have escaped
punishment previously Philadelphia
North American
- Official Abstract of Red Willow County Vote at Primary Election Aug IT 1909 J
I S3 S S Q BBS SI VvlloWOrve g 2
I NAMES 8 f I g g qg f f a g f j f 7 g 7 f
S CANDIDATES r n 1 7 2 I
I 1 i i h i I 2 2
Suprkmr J nnoe
Frnricis G Humor R
Edward ltDuUic R
John O Yoier R
Samuol II SudKwirk R
Elisha C Calkins R
John H Harnos li
Jacob Fawcott K
Joseph E Cobbov R
James R Dean J
Keujundn F Good D
John J Sullivan D
James R Dean P 1
Benjamin F Good P I
John J Sullivan P I
K L Hianle 1
A G Wolfciibarrfer P
Im Rkobnis
Charles S Allen R
V G Wliitmore R
Charlos T Knapp D
DC Cole PI
Frank E Linch P
John II Von Stoen P
Albert 1 Uunt5
Wm Wcmmer S
Ernest HecbtS
Uni Regent vacancy
tranic U tfnller it
H E Nowbranch D
H E Nowbranch P I
A L Schiermeyer S
County Clkkk
Chas Skalla R
C W McMilliu R
Barney Hofer D
County Treasurer
C haden R
A L Miller D
County Juduk
JCMoore R
SRSmith R
Norman J Campbell R
Simeon R Grisell D
G A FoIdenS
County Sncuirr
HIPeterson R
S D McClaiu R
J L Sims D
Ii M Higcins D
Josiah Sullivan D
County Sutt
Elizabeth Bettchor R
Audrey Leila Jones D
County Commissioner
Samuel Premer R
Chas M Goben R
Edward Sughroue D
Better than good enough photo
graphs at the new studio first door
north of the Commercial hotel Sitt
ings from 9 in the morning to 5 in the
Driving brass and other repairs are
being put on the 1910 this week
Mrs H M Tyler of Orleans was in
the city between trains last Friday on
business matters
The 175G damaged in a collision on
the west end recently is about ready to
go into service again
The heating and steam plant here will
be materially improved soon and room
provided for the fourth boiler
Mrs F W Bosworth came down from
Denver Tuesday on 10 and is the guest
of Mr and Mrs R J Gunn
Galen Perry spent part of the week in
the city on a force from Lincoln which
has been checking up the McCook yard
Men from Lincoln were here this
week checking up the yard mileage
here which is about 16 miles outside
the main line
Henry WeichelmaD tne Burlingtons
night watchman at Hastings was run
down by a switch engine Wednesday
evening and killed He leaves a wife
and young daughter
Thomas Arnold a Burlington fire
man of 1423 T street Lincoln is work
ing spare time on an aeroplane model
and is said to be nearly ready to give a
demonstration The model is about
two feet long and is operated by clock
Dispatcher and Mrs Campbell and
Miss Ruth departed Wednesday morn
ing for Eau Claire Wis where they
will be the guests of Mr and Mrs A
P Bonnot for a while They will visit
in Chicago and in Lincoln before return
ing home
I 1 m
a 10 b aj a 0 a i a a a a i 7 a w w Jf g I 1
7 14 15 7l 2 12 2 10 1 H 5 25 4 7 11 4 0 J 82 12 l I
14 f 8 13 8 12 10 7 1 4 111 15 2 ti 10 s M b 2
5 20 o o j i is 12 8M w ai 2 7 a ii a i 2 2jj vi M xp fi M
10 l 12 7 20 4 812 ai 0 1 2 a It 2 ti T IS 4 lit 2iU
4 G 10 2 1 2 13 3 10 3 l 3 20 10 1 1 a 10 1 9 42 12 37 It 229 W
8 21 1 fli 3 4 1 2fi 2 2 1 a 20 4 3 C 0 B 1 4 i 8 2 1 BI
5 21 17341 27 2 2i 3 21 S 2 15 7 5 t 473 1 1 Wj j M
u 24 1 G S 3 215 2 i1 3 21 1 2 G 5 5 G i 6 4 9 3 1C1 lb M
ii ii i I m
i i ii i i i m
iii1 i
11 y 27 13 4 30 11 33 13 9 6 47 37 7 9 10 23 9 18 117 V 103 33 GT2 2 i
2 33 24 14 4 29 13 33 2 9 3 48 37 7 8 9 2G 8 17 113 GO 105 27 Ml Wl M
9 1 1 6 3 5 3 2G 2 3 3 23 7 2 G 7 V G 4 C S 10 15G lr 4 m
1 111 4 J A
2 1 3 3 m
11 2 2 -
1 2 1 i 1 S
I 2 4 A
11 32 25 15 5 34 12 M 12 10 6 54 38 7 9 11 2G 10 18 121 S 114 3 702 702 j V
8 SI 17 3 4 3 2G 12 3 3 1 5 2 5 7 5 G 4 G 5 8 5 171 14 jM
2 5 2 l 9 9 j M
17 32 32 S 8 12 41 11 G 7 G7 39 12 11 11 33 12 12 GG 31 GtJ 23 590 195 SS
17 7 16 1 12 5 4 4 4 20 7 G 3 1 9 103 57 82 37 395 M
a si z 7 a a si 1 a so 1 a u 0 n iw
16 46 17 G 43 15 42 15 10 G 74 45 9 9 15 32 13 21 145 Ti 12S 43 857 857 M
4 1 1 Z - 1 1 11 M
13 315 10 16 5 29 9 30 8 7 7 49 31 7 8 7 22 12 IS Gl IK G8 19 510 101
2 2 6 2 3 a 4 8 24 1 1 2 1 8 7 2 ft 1 2 V
2 14 17 6 2 13 5 G 1 4 17 14 2 10 G 1 4 103 53 78 13 40G M
6 22 2 6 3 5 2 18 2 3 3 17 5 2 3 G 5 6 41 6 5 9 3 113 113 t4H
2 13 3 MM
13 37 24 8 5 30 5 42 9 5 18 5 8 8 19 10 17 105 53 81 44 C25 31S t fl
1 10 10 14 2 12 7 9 2 XI G 2 2 7 12 1 4 00 35 62 18 7 MM
2t 2 2 1 1 2 12 1 1 3 3 3 4 4 1 4 3 70 M
9111 2 1 30 1116 4 1 3 1 5 11 11 72 2 HOW
114 3 11 1 2 221 4 3 6416
12 27 13 G 36 13 39 12 S 7 GO 11 7 9 11 27 12 1G 134 70 12 37 757 757 MM
8 24 2 7 3 5 3 29 2 3 3 21 5 1 G 7 4 G I G 1 9 2 HW 164 H
17 43 5 27 5 15 109 2 4 1
3 11 48 6 18 86 i MM
9 25 2 22 C 5 69 fAwM
For County Coroner Dr J D Hare R and Dr H J Arbogast D received 10 votes each
For County Surveyor C W Kelley R received 27 votes and Andy Barber D 13 votes
Total vote cast 1273
Closing Them Out
I have moved my stocks of clothing
shoes hardware and groceries down
from Culbertson and Beverly and will
close them out at cost the people of
McCook and vicinity get the benefit
and I stand the loss I have rented
the O F Lehn building in the rear of
the C L DeGroff Co store and will
be ready to offer you these bargains
beginning with Saturday August 28th
Remember the place and the date and
dont fail to call and get some of theee
bargains A Brcnke
Licenses to marry issued by the coun
ty judge since our last report
William Haptonstall 39 of Pierce
Colo and Katie Maisel32of Iadianola
William A Colling 2G and Emma L
Howard 23 both of lodianola
Cured Hay Fever and Summer Cold
A S Nusbaum BatesvilJe Indiana
writes Last year I suffered for three
months with a summer cold so distress
ing that it interfered with my business
1 bad many of the symptoms of hay
fever and a doctors prescription did
not reach my case and I took several
medicines which seemed only to aggra
vate it Fortunately I insisted upon
having Foleys Honey and Tar It
quickly cured me My wife has since
used Foleys Honey and Tar with the
same success A McMilIen
Learn To Trim Hats
in a roomy up-to-date work room under
an expert trimmer of years of experi
ence We have room for two more ap
prentice girls Apply at once
H C Clapp
Painting and Grading
The east ward brick has received
needed paint and the grounds about the
buildings have been graded up
School Annuals for Sale
The TuiBUNEhas a few schocl
annuals for sale at the regular price
25 cents each
Graves is an expert on sharpening
shears Shears called for and delivered
301 west 1st at
To be satisfied use Kamo
Everything in drugs McConnell
Mrs J Jackson nurse Phone red 251
McMillens Cream Lotion will remove
tan and sunburn
Feed of all kinds baled hay etc at
McCook Flour and Feed Store
McMillens Cream Lotion is effective
in removing tan sunburn and irritation
of tho skin
Before you start on that trip see Ro
zell Sons about a trunk suit case or
traveling bag
The Wilson pool hall and equipment
at Benkelman has been purchased by J
M Eidt of this place
We have a full line of California Canned
Goods in both the Advo and J M brands
Nothing superior HUBER
McConnell fills prescriptions
Mary Harrison nurse Phone black 286
Of course you know Huber keeps the
Wedding Breakfast Coffee
Patronize home industry by smoking
Commercial Club 10 cent cigar and
the Siroke 5 cent cigar
Guard against tho suffering and dan
ger of acute bowel troubles by keeping
a bottle of McConnells Blackberry
Balsam in the house
Monarch Silver Bell and
White Satin spell success in good
Oread and cake baking Buy the best
McCook Flour and Feed Store
This week Truman West sold eleven
loads a carload of hogs to D C
Marsh who shipped them to market
They averaged 250 pounds each
Wilson Bros spells the acme in shirt
ing making There sizes are always
regular and full In white and colors
Eozell Son
Quality like blood tells Quality ex
plains the well earned popularity of the
Bamous Loomis High Patent Fours
Sold by McCook Four and Feed Store
If you do not like olive oil in salads
it is because you have been using an
inferior grade Our olive oil is pure
and sweet as cream Try it
L W McConnell Druggist
Protect your horses milch cows and
stock against flies mosquitoes etc with
our Fly Skidoo and you will got good
interest on your money in increased
work milk and beef
L W McConnell Druggist
- ti - sZ ifff v all
WmrnzmBMR gM
JrT wJwi gZiV
WE all get fooled in these days of automobiles and strango
v noises but it is wicked
to fool your good money away for
high priced low heat unit coal when you can get the best for th
same price Stop and think there is Coal Good Coal Bfttpr
Coal then the Best Coal and they all bring about the samo
price in McCook It would make us blush to say that wo with
the only ones in town that had
tho best but we say and say it
hard that there is none better in McCook then our Economy
and Black Xugget Quality Service and a satisfied customer
is building our lumber business away beyond our expectations
and we promise you that wo will handle our coal busint 33 in
the same manner ask our customers null said
jgj Stansberry Lumber Co 1
a 1