The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, February 19, 1909, Image 6

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Real Estate Filings
The following real estate filings have
beenmade in tho county clerka ofilce
since last roport
Indianola Driving Park Absq
to Kate Thomas wd to sw
qrswqr 12328 1500 00
Charles 11 King ot ux to city of
Indianola wd to pt so qr so
qr 20000
Charles II Nichols et al to Hub
ert H Nichols wd to int
se qr 5 ne qr 8 1 26 4000 00
Philip Blatt unrad to Carrie
Simons wd to lots 1 2 3 4
blk 20 McCook 1 00
Lena J Schobel et al to Caro
line G Snoke wd to lot 1 n
hf lot 2 blk 23 1st McCook 1830 00
Eugenia L Speannnn eteon to
United States wd to lots 7
8 9 blk 10 McCook 3250 0C
Lincoln Land Co to United
States wd to lots 10 11 12
blk 10 McCook 2550 00
Charles Deitchler to Dora
Deitchler wd to sw qr 1 1 29 1 00
Asa P McCord et ux to Henry
H Stodman wd to ne qr 29
3 2G 3750 00
The following letters cards and pack
ages remain uncalled for at the McCook
postoffice February 19 1909
Bcryer Mr Win D Prunly Wm
Honley Mr Frank L
Lackitt Ward 15
Norr Wm
Riggins J L
Vonkcnel Rudolph
Baker Mrs R S
Hopbine Mr C C
Harmon Fred
Moarc Mr A B
Heiu T A
Nicboles Mrs
Plntoiudes Miss
Stranser Mr C J
VauCIeave Mrs May
Miss Mabol
Jones Miss Susie
Phelps Mr Jesse
VanClcave Mr Walt
When calling for these please say
they were advertised
S B McLean Postmaster
The above is the name of a Gorman
chemical which is one of the many val
uable ingredients of Foleys Kidney
Remedy Hexnmethjlpnetetramino lb
recognized by medical text books and
authorities hi a uric acid solvent and
antiseptic for the urine Take Foleys
Kidney Remedy as soon as you notice
any irregularities and avoid a serious
malady Sold by A McMillen
Tribune Is All Printed la McCook
You will find local or county news of
interest on each of the eight pages of
this paper every week It is all printed
at home N patent print Read all
9 Question IKI
as to the fflf JJBf
Superiority l
S Bah
Receivid HijaesE Award
Worlds Pore Food Exposition
Chic go 1S07
Night or day trips
made anywhere
Prices Reasonable Good -Service
Heart Strength
Heart strength or Heart Weakness means Nerve
Strength or Nerve Weakness nothing more Pos
itively not one weak heart in a hundred is in it
self actually diseased It is almost always a
hidden tiny little nerve that really is all at fault
This obscure nerva tho Cardiac or Heart Nerve
simply needs and must have more power mora
stability more controlling more governing
strength Without that the Heart must continua
to fail and the stomach and kidneys also have
these sama controlling nerves
This clearly explains why as a medicine Dr
Shoops Restorative has in the past done so much
for weak and ailing Hearts Dr Shoop first sought
the cause of all this painful palpitating suffocat
ing heart distress Dr Shoops Restorative this
popular prescription Is alone directed to these
weak and wasting nerve centers It builds
iCstrengthens it offers real genuine heart help
If you would have strong Hearts strong di
gestion strengthen theso nerves re establish
them as needed with
Dr Shoops
One Surprise That Was the Forerun
ner of Another
That was a good old comedy bishop
who one fine day entered n large jew
elers establishment In Regent street
London to make an extensive purchase
of valuable presents He selected
them with great care as regards their
artistic value but quite regardless of
cost The proprietor and his assist
ants buzzed round his lordship The
selected valuables were packed In sep
arate parcels at his suggestion neatly
tied and sealed and he had just taken
a scat In the private oflice of the pro
prietor and was feeling In his pocket
for his check book when two men who
had been peering In at the glass door
leading to the street walked up the
shop and stood behind the bishop
They were plainly dressed sharp look
ing men and thus bluntly addressed
the jeweler
What has this man been ordering
The bishop looked up saw the men
turned pale clutched the sides of the
chair dropped his glasses and looked
as if he would bolt Before he could
stir however the handcuffs were on
his wrists
Bishop indeed said one of the
men lie was a colonel yesterday
Here bishop come along to Vine
street Bishop indeed na ha
Well thats a good un And turn
ing to the astonished jeweler he con
tinued Just copped him in time sir
lucky for you Oh by the way you
might get one of your assistants to
bring round these parcels he has se
lected We must enter them at the
police station We have a cab at the
door We have been tracking the
bishop all the morning
Without a word the bishop fol
lowed the detectives into a cab and
all three got in as the assistant came
out with the valuables
Here said one of the detectives
through the window place those in
here they will be safer and you get
od the top with the driver
It was not far to Vine street but as
usual the traffic was congested in Ox
ford circus and the cab had to halt
occasionally It was however soon at
the police station The assistant jump
ed off the drivers seat and opened the
The cab was empty Strand Maga
the lives of his parents corroborate
the theory that presentiments of good
and evil do come to persons unawares
I will mention two of them
late at night was returning to his farm
from the little town of Malton He
had stayed unusually late When he
reached the farm all was quiet Re
moving the harness from his horse he
proceeded to the carriage house and
hung it in its place
He came out and closed the door As
he did so he heard the harness fall It
was very dark He went back into the
house and found the harness still hang
ing in its place The same occurrence
took place agaiu ne went bade again
and found it in its place
When the third time he heard the
sound of falling harness he did not
go back
Several weeks later his barn burned
and it happened that the same har
ness was in the barn loft a valuable
set He attempted to save it The
staircase burned behind him and he
was compelled to jump for his life
from a window His previous experi
ence came to him vividly He scved
the harness but at the risk of his life
Another vivid incident I recall Avas
my mother fitting by the fire with a
sick baby The nurse was present
too and both were wide awake Her
father appeared to her and advised her
as to the babys treatment and other
family matters lie vanished as quick
ly as he had come The next day she
heard of his death London Tit Bits
A Rurl Enoch Arden
In our little town in a western
state said Brown there was a half
witted sort of fellow named Bill
Willcc One day Bill took to the rail
road tracks and never reappeared for
about six years In the meantime his
wife Bettie took in washing and sup
ported the family One day Bill came
back He went around to the kitchen
door softly opened it stuck In his
head and said Bco Bettie Bettie
turned around from her washtub Te
hV said Bill I scared ye didnt I
Bettie Whenever I see a stage hus
band return to his family I think of
Bills greeting after six years absence
Boo Bettie I scared ye didnt I
New York Times
Messina furnished early in the nine
teenth century a new word for the
German language It was from there
that oranges were first shipped to
Germany and the fruit was known
for a long time after its advent as
apfel aus Messina apple from Mes
sina After many years apfel aus
Messina degenerated into apfel Mes
sina and finally it became apfel
sine the name by which oranges are
still known among German speaking
Quite Sufficient
Mrs Jones inspecting a milliners
window I dont see what it Is that
keeps those womens heads turning
around all the time Mr Jones Why
my dear just a bonnet itself is
m b q a a i m r j Jrni r
Mil II II H III lllll II IM I mMaMaMaMaW
How East Side London Plays on
Boxing Day
All Cockneyland Flocks to Historic
Hampstead Heath Where Hilarity
Fast and Furious Rules From Early
Morning Till After Midnight
Boxing day is a great institution in
England The day after Christmas is
Boxing day so called because in the
old days it marked the occasion of the
actual giving of Christmas boxes Now
it is a national holiday Besides being
the last in the year it has to suffice
Londoners at all events until Easter
Monday Its a great day In Cockney
land and the east end crowds to
Hampstead heath the picturesque open
space in the northwest of Loudon
All roads lead to the heath Soon
after daybreak the procession begins
Fully loaded traps and donkey barrows
are the principal items in the vehicular
traffic but the majority are on foot
singing and shouting for the holiday
Ere yer are Sir Enery shouts a
womau pushing a tin squirt filled with
water into your face Ere yer are
Sir Enery all the fun of the fair
Two a penny Ave a couple will yer
The London street merchants have
the habit of giving prospective custom
ers a title presumably on the theory
that a Londoner likes to have you be
lieve that he is some well known man
Should you be persuaded into buying
a couple the chances are a moment
later you will be face to face frith
Arriet She wears a large hut trimmed
with large feathers of brilliant hue
has a hair fringe down over her fore
head and a bright colored velvet dress
Probably several will be in a line each
with an arm around the others neck
and a mouth organ in the other hand
There is battle in their eyes and be
fore you are aware of it a stream of
water will be running down your face
The best thing to do is to retreat for
if you should give battle you are sure
to retire defeated with your collar
like a wet rag and a most uncomforta
ble feeling of dampness down your
Once on the heath the cocoauut
nitches will first claim vour notice
Incidents In Which Coming Events
j Ere yer are kernel seven skies a
Cast Their Shadows Before tanner knocks
t Every one yer dahn
Coming events cast their shadows be- yer ave Theyre all milky Loiflies
fore them The writer is led to be- an iciqs -way
lieve this because several incidents in j Tuen tIlis sconu will meet T0Ur OVG
Outside a large tent stands a raised
platform On it are half a dozen men
stripped to the waist with arms fold
ed across their chests One of them
In the summer of 1ST my father j evidently the proprietor twists a large
rattle which gives forth a most deaf
ening noise Aty last it stops and he
Loidies and gents I wants ter hin
terduce to yer notice some of the best
boxers in the world lm at the end is
Felix Seott of Liverpool Ell fight
any man in the crahd and if he dont
put im aht in three rahnds ell give
Mm a quid Nah then wholl ave em
on with the champion
Some one accepts the inviting offer
and a rush is made to pay the admis
sion fee and get into the tent
A company of traveling actors is as
sembled ou the platform outside the
next tent all made up in their war
paint The piece to be performed is
Othello The price of admission is
a penny A reserved seat an empty
box will cost you another penny And
the house soon fills
Outside you will find every form of
outdoor amusement in full swing
Aunt Sallies swings roundabouts
skipping and donkeys The latter are
greatly patronized Young men and
maidens old men and women all have
a pannorth of donkey ride A fat
womau clings to one poor beasts neck
Ooer Im sure Im falling Dont
make im go so fast Ho look at me
at Lemme get off Im sure yer
Mtting Mm
When the dust has cleared away she
Is seen lying in the road panting
I knowd yer done it on purpose
At last the journey home is begun
everybody happy and tired yet not too
tired to link arms the men wearing
the girls feathered hats and pearl but
toned coats and the girls wearing caps
and hats and wondrous masculine
jackets All are singing different
songs but every now and then they
break forth in unison with popular
songs of the moment In the saloons
they drink beer out of one pewter and
swear undying love and friendship till
the voice of the proprietor it now be
ing 1230 in the morning and closing
time is heard calling Time gents
please and a final start is made
This may answer the question why
the average Cockney worker always
wants a second day off to get over
Boxing day New York Times
Wanted to See Them
When Helen aired four for the first
time accompanied her mother to
church she was given some money for
the collection box it was carefully
explained to her that this money was
for the poor
Helen sat patiently through perhaps
a third of the service when she star
tled her mother by rattling the coins
between her cupped hands and inquir
ing in a loud voice Mamma when
are the poor coming around My 8
cents is getting all hot and sticky
Lippincotts Magazine
Good name in man or woman is the
dent to turn any womans head Lip- Immediate jewel
I plncotfs Magazine i Shakespeare
3Ms Mfc -
of their souls
A Rather Roundnbout Wcy to Pvova
tho Proposition
Men suy women are uuscIb women
say women are cuts Lot U3 pauee a
moment and reason upon this thing
If women are angels however that
does not seem to be the proper start
ing point Let us try again
If angels are cats but no that 13
hardly reasonable for angels have
wings and cats do not fly We must
begin again
If women are cats but that Isnt
possible for cats do not talk and how
could a dumb animal express an opin
ion in words of a woman Whatever
cats may think they never say a word
about a woman while women well
women are not cats
Now let us return to the first propo
If women are angels they wouldnt
say women are cats Angels dont
talk that way
Once upon a time a man married a
woman He said she was an angel
the women said she was a cat Happy
man not to know tho difference be
tween an angel and a cat
Men say women are angels and by
this token women say angels are cats
Therefore angels being cats cats
must be angels and both bejng the
same women are women
Which is precisely what they are
W J Lampton in Lippincotts
That Portion of Northern
Spain Got Its Name
The country now called Mexico was
not so called till 1S10 when the revolt
against Spain began Up to independ
ence the country was called New Spain
and was divided into the same number
of provinces -as Spain each with a
name of a province in Spain with the
prefix of new but New Mexico was
nnr Innlndod in this division It cot its
I name In this way
In 15G1 Francisco Ibarra was in
charge of an expedition of exploration
into what is now northern Durang j
and southern Chihuahua and discov
ered an Indian village near where San
ta Barbara now stands in which the
houses were whitewashed and the peo
ple made and wore cotton cloth rais
ing the cotton in the neighborhood
He wrote an account of his discovery
to his brother in the City of Mexico
telling him he had discovered una
nueva Mexico a new Mexico another
Mexico meaning that he had found
another town like the City of Mexico
and thereafter all this portion of north
ern New Spain was known as Nueva
Mexico that is New Mexico which
name It has retained though nov
much reduced in extent Las Vega--Optic
Muskrats For Meat
Of all animals that supply meat to
man the muskrat has been the most
abused and the lenet understood savs
the Baltimore Star Its name had bred
in the public raiud a prejudice that
has been almost unconquerable but
truth will prevail in spite of fate As
a fact the muskrat is one of the neat
est and most delightful of animals It
is a crank in cleanliness It dines with
the care of an epicure It cats only
the whitest and tenflerest morsels
And its flesh has qualities that can W
compared only to terrapin Indeed
there are good people along the Chesa
peake where all the best things live
and grow who find In the well served
muskrat satisfaction that is equal to
the diamondback Only the ignorant
and the prejudiced think differently
and they may be educated
Ripening Bananas
It is a familiar fact that bananas
are imported green but it came as a
new thing to a visitor to the banana
district in Colombia to find that ba
nanas are not permitted to ripen on
the plant even down there They are
cut and set to hang somewhere until
they wither ripe as the phrase is
Bananas do not have to be yellow to
be ripe That is cnly the color of the
skin when it has dried up To the
person who is accustomed to eating
bananas ony when they are yellow it
seems odd to peel them when they are
green and find that they are perfectly
ripe within and fit to eat New York
The Prisoners Retort
It is a prison chaplains duty to give
a departing prisoner good advice and
to exhort him to be a decent and hon
orable man in the future In the
course of one of these interviews a
chaplain said Now my friend 1 hope
youll never have to come back to a
place like this
The prisoner looked at him thought
fully and then asked I say chaplain
you draw a salary here dont you
When the chaplain replied in the af
firmative the prisoner remarked Well
say if me and the other fellows didnt
keep coming back youd be out of a
Didnt Need a Doctor
Let me kiss tljose tears away he
begged tenderly She fell in his arms
and he was busy for the next few min
utes And yet the tears llowed on
Are you suffering Can inching stop
them he asked breathlessly sad
No she murmured Its only a
cold you know But go on with the
treatment Ladies Home Journal
Cheering Her
Macdougal to his new fourth wife
The meenister doesna approve o my
marryin again an sae young a wife
too But as I tellt him I canna be
ave buryin buryiu Punch
In this world it is not what we take
up but what we give up that makes
us rich Beecher
invltfaigMpgaatjme i Xtt ufj
A pure wholesome
reliable Grape Cream of
Tories Baldng PowileF
Tc cream o tarlar nsed in Dp Prices Baiting
Powder is in fce cxac form and composition in
xvhich it cccnrs in the luscious healthful grape
and adds to
fulness o
Jo Aam
the flavor
the health-
the food
Jfo lime
If Greasa B fll
jUmMVPiHiMiiE nHn iy iiili ill Vii i i
Its in the Packing
Soak a juicy sirloin in ice water
a week then cook and serve it
Would it taste as itshould Neither
do oysters treated that way
taste right have all the peculiar
delicacy of oysters you get at the
shore because no ice or -water
touches them no preservative is
used or needed
The ice is packed around the
sealed galvanized steel cans
Sealshipt Oysters are clean
fresh thoroughly palatable always
New ways of preparing oysters are
given in Sealshipt Sense an interest
ing book about oysters Ask any of the
following dealers for a copy and try a
pint of Sealshipt Oysters today
No water All solid meats
v- wfiztoJ23J teaSir3r i 3r - k
February and March
Special Rates
and April only 2500 for one way colonist tickets to the coast good in
through tourist sleepers
THROUGH SERVICE Daily through standard and tourist sleepers to California
via Denver Scenic Colorado and Salt Lake City through train via direct
northwest line to Spokane Seattle and new North Bank Columbia River
scenic line to Portland
ALASKA-YUKON-PACIFIC EXPOSITION Seattle summer 1909 Very attractive
rates next summer embracing the whole coast tour the grandest railroad
journey in the world PLAN NOW
ASK THE AGENT for rates variable routes and attractions of the coast tour
yjinnj i i mua
D F IIostettkk Ticket Agent McCook Neb
L W Wakelky G P A Omaha
150 Value
for 100
jjtlifti TiGSS9
JAS S DOYLE Vice President
a b n
Paid Up Capital 50000 Surplus 15000 f
b a a
ifc aav atttv3v9kTi
5 -X TFT w fcifssvJ T f
The genuine Sealshipt Oysters are always sold from
White Porcelain Display Case bearing the Sealshipt trade
mark in blue This is for your protection look for it
ments will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law