The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, February 19, 1909, Image 5

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Southwestern Nebraska
McCook Nebraska
enow open
for the care of MEDICAL and
equipped with modern fittings
For rates and further information
WInnetka Hospital Association Ltd
J S Booth is now agent at Curtis
The shops went on an 8 hour schedule
Monday morning
The cylinders on the 1911 were bored
out this week and other minor repairs
Engineer and Mrs Harry Tyler and
son Harold were up from Orleans
Wednesday on business matters
The 1065 fitted with the skidoo
snowplow did some service first of the
week on the Orleans St Francis line
Railroad freight traffic was suspended
Sunday during the storm Passenger
service was delayed somewhat but was
maintained in good shape
Engineer M H Griggs who has been
running on the Republican
branch with headquarters at Oberlin
now has a main line run and with his
family is located in McCook
We mean all Winter Goods
and they are the choicest in every
line we will continue our
Results Must Follow
Over McConnells Drug Store 212l4 West Main
Just Received Rugs all sizes
and qualities Welton Velvets
first quality Body Brussels
Tapestry Brussels etc etc
25 Per Cent Off Sale
Mens Suits
1000 Suits now 7150
1200 Suits now 900
1500 Suits now 1 125
2000 Suits now 1500
3000 Suits now 2250
Mens Overcoats
750 kinds now only - 565
1000 kinds now only 750
1200 kinds now anly 900
1500 kinds now only 1 125
1800 kinds now only 1350
2000 kinds now only 1500
3000 kinds now only 2250
Also large line of Flannel Shirts
Underwear and Hosiery at One
Fourth Off
Boys Suits
300 Suits reduced to 225
3 50 Suits reduced to 265
500 Suits reduced to 375
700 Suits reduced to 525
7 50 Suits reduced to 565
Boys and Youths Overcoats
3 50 values down to 265
400 values down to 300
4 50 values down to 335
500 values down to 375
7 50 values down to 565
1000 values down to 750
1200 values down to 900
Together with a big display of
Mens and Boys Pants at the same
discount rate
Come and Participate
The prices will actually warrant
3our anticipating your needs in
our lines
the heedless care of teeth that are more harmful to the body than those
arising from neglect of the skin To hinder the first appearance of decay
is one secret of sound teeth that last for life Unless this is done the enjoy
ment of perfect teeth takes a flight which never returns The desire my
patients have to trust their teeth to my care and continuous attention is
one evidence of operations that please Make that intended call now
B 1
1 11 iir niimniriiiijiiinj iiiiu u mi
New flues on the 148 this week
A big girl baby at Jacob Scblects
this week
Engine 1248 is in roundhouse for small
repairs this week
Drivingbox and other minor repairs on
tbe 2828 this week
Conductor Andy King arrived home
first of the week from his trip to Cuba
1023 and 132 both down on their
wheels and it is a race which goes out
N V Franklin visited his brother in
Cambridge last Friday between trains
14 and 15 indulging in a party at the
The paycar Sunday was delayed in
its arrival here several hours by the
snowstorm and wind Due at noon it
did not arrive until about three oclock
F E Benedict who was agent at
Beaver City for some time left with
his family last week Wednesday for
Buckeye Texas where they will make
their future home
The Burlington has ordered five
dining cars and four club cars of the
Pullman company The club cars are
said to be of a new design These cars
are to be used in the through trains on
J the main lines in the west according to
report when the May schedule goes in
to effect The company is also negoti
ating for twenty five chair cars
Typewriter ribbons for sale 3t The
Tribune office
Time Card
McCook Neb
No 6 Central Time 1027 P M
2 500 a m
12 715 a m
14 942 p M
16 400 a m
main line west depaet
No 1 Mountain Time 950 a m
3 1142 pm
5 Arrives 835 P M
13 1025 am
15 1217 a m
imperial line
No 176 arrives Mountain Time 505 P M
No 175 departs 710 am
Sleoping dining and reclining chair cars
seats free on through trains Tickets sold
and baggage checked to any point in the United
States or Canada
For information timetables maps and tick
ets call on or write D F Hostetter Agent
McCook Nebraska or L W Wakeloy General
Passenger Agent Omaha Nebraska
Licenses to marry issued by the coun
ty judge since our last report
August Cappel 26 Osborn and Julia
M West 18 Culbertson Married by
county judge Feb 17 tb
John W Peabody 27 and Lucy L
Ebert 19 both of McCook Married
by county judge Feb 17th
Isaac Vangunda 38 Ranah Colo
and Gertrude Lowe 40 McCook
Married by county judge Feb 17th
Michael Walsh 48 and Anna J
Fritsche 38 both of McCook
GottliebgLeibbrandt 23 and Mathilda
Troester 20 both of McCook
Christian Troester 23 and Elizabeth
Liebbrandt 23 both of McCook
U S Civil Service Examinations
Competitive examinations under the
rules of the U S Civil Service Com
mission for the many governmental po
sitions in the various services will soon
be held throughout tho United States
being the regular spring examinations
If you are interested in this service
make application for forms and infor
mation to the U S Civil Service Com
mission at Washington D C or to the
Secretary of the Board of Examiners at
St Paul Minn
Successful Bean Supper
The bean supper by the G A R and
auxiliaries in tho Methodist church
basement last Friday evening was well
patronized and up to annual standard
of that event
The Womens Missionary society of
the Congregational church will meet at
the home of Mrs John Morris Thurs
day afternoon Feb 25 at 2 oclock
Mrs Hofer and Mrs Young leaders
The Christian Science friends present
ed an interesting Lincoln program last
Friday evening to a filled house Free
dom was the special topic
A Lazy People In a
Bankrupt Republic
The Infusion of Spanish blood tviX
customs Into the Gunranl has produced
a people with the faults and good qual
ities of both in about equal parts
Dark of complexion with strongly
marked Indian features essentially
gentle when unrestrained or not un
duly excited careless of the morrow
poor and honest hospitable and gen
erous indolent and uncultured strong
ly Catholic in theory but generally las
In religious performances as to dog
masthis is i rough sketch of the na
live people of Paraguay Asuncion
the capital and even the smaller
places Villa liiea San Pedro Villa del
Pilar Villa Conception have their
aristocratic families of which the
daughters and sons are sent to Europe
to be educated and which maintain an
delusiveness that must be almost iso
lation But in general the people min
gle readily
In he early morning In the streets
of Asuncion the women gather In their
long white dresses and barefooted to
sell their wares The younger women
judged by our standard are beautiful
and from carrying baskets and water
jars on their heads have attained an
erect and graceful carriage which oir
young women could well imitate Be
sides when they laugh they show two
rows of pearls and their speech in
soft Guarani patois is worth going far
to hear
When you see Asuncion you see Par
aguay for it is the most advanced
city in the republic Its streets are
poorly paved it has mule cars which
run at long intervals and low spen
and the hotel accommodations are not
exceptional but there is a kind of lazy
happy-go-lucky gayety about the c ity
that represents the national feeliur
Paraguay is hard up yes almost storo
broke The currency is paper and the
value so small that for a hundred dol
lars one receives a basketful of ragtcd
stuff printed in Germany to represent
some nebulous indebtedness of the re
public Gold does not stay long In
Paraguay nor does It often enter the
country Van Norden Magazine
Best Way to Destroy Gunpowder and
The best way to destroy ordinary
black gunpowder is to throw it into a
stream under conditions that prevent
any harm coming to human beings or
animals through the dissolving of the
saltpeter If no suitable stream is
available the gunpowder may be stir
red with water in tubs or the dry gun
powder may be poured out on the
ground in a long thin line and ignited
with a fuse at one end
To destroy dynamite cartridges the
paper wr nings should be carefully
removed i ie bare cartridges laid in a
row with their ends in contact and the
first cartridge ignited with a fuse with
out -a cap Even with these precau
tions a simultaneous explosion of the
entire mass may occur so that It is
wise to retire to a safe distance The
row of cartridges should be laid paral
lel with the wind and ignited at the
leeward end so that the flame will be
driven away from the mass
Frozen dynamite should be handled
with special care as its combustion is
peculiarly liable to assume an explo
sive character A small quantity of
dynamite may be destroyed by throw
ing it in very small bits into an open
fire or the cartridges may be exploded
one by one In the open air with fuses
and caps
Dynamite should never be thrown
into water as the nitroglycerin which
it contains remains undissolved and
capable of doing mischief Other ex
plosives which contain nitroglycerin
should be treated in the same way as
Ammonium nitrate explosives may
be thrown in small fragments into an
open fire or if they do not contain ni
troglycerin may be destroyed by means
of water Explosive caps should be ex
ploded singly with pieces of fuse Sci
entific American
His Vocabulary
He was an only child They were
very particular about his manner of
speech constantly correcting him so
that he would use beautiful English
He however was allowed now and
then to associate with other children
He played with a neighbor boy a long
while one day and when he came
home there was an ecstatic smile on
his face
I like that boy mother he said
I like him very much He swears
beautifully He knows every word
New York Press
Getting In Deeper
Who is that singing so dreadfully
out of tune
It is my wife
Perhaps the accompanist plays out
of tune
She is accompanying herself
Meggendorfer Blatter
One Recompense
That sheet iron clothing a chap had
to war during the middle ages must
havg been far from comfortable
Stin a fellow could have a perma
nent crease put in his trousers Lou
isville Courier Journal
Not a Bark
Then you dont have any dog
watch on this craft Inquired the
anxious passenger according to a
writer in Life
No This is a catboat
For artificial evils for evils that
spring from want of thought thought
must find a remedy somewhere Low
jLiP8nmvyMmnmitirnsn riwvv iwyrrrWitinv1iwiiTfWvr viy
A good servicable Rug fine
colorings size
30x64 inches
See us about larger
sizes in Rugs
Spring Hats
Spring Suits
C L DeGroff Co
rJTVivtv lrTtfliyiiTv LIVE AND LET LIVE T WTVWy VTV ntViv r Prf
Nature haslwisely arranged matters that a man can neither pat Lis own back nw
kick himself for tliereare times he would abuse himself
- a
3 Y
if 9
Our friend Lem dropped in this week for a
little chat and got off the sayings that you see
bordering this add We thought they were
good enough to publish and let everybody
read We also think that we can not say too
much about the stock we have to sell If you
are going to repair your fence or build a house
or use building material in any manner then
you will make money by seeing our stock If
good quality and a live and let live price is
nothing to you keep away I have had years
of experience in all lines of the lumber busi
ness selling and building Let me help you
arrange the home that you intend to build I
have made this a study Maybe you think
that you can not afford to build I might
show you where you can cheapen the job so
that you can afford to build that house or
barn that you have been figuring on It will
cost you nothing to drop in and talk it over
and I will do all in my power to please you
Stansberry Lumber Co
a 3i
- 9
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if 5 f
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no sua aqs puu aitu JOq ubujiw b 3js not J JOwstiB itiiunj js hai nu h
hV tULi Itfi illitrir -- mnn vitf g
THE TRIBUNE Office for Office Supplies
White House Grocery
Phone 30
Moore Son