The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, January 29, 1909, Image 6

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Chkistjan Bible school at 10 a m
Preccbing at 11 n m and 8 p m C E
at 7 p tn All are welcome
R M Ainswouth Pastor
Preaching services at St
Albana church at 11 a m and 730 p
ml Sunday school at 10 a m All
aro welcome to these services
E R Eaklh Rector
Catholic Older of services Mass
8 am Muss and sermon 1000 a m
Evening service at 8 oclock Sunday
school 230 p m Every Sunday
Wm J Kirwin O 61 1
Methodist Sunday school atlOam
Sermons by pustor at 11 and 8 Class
at 12 Junior League at 3 Epworth
League at 645 Prayer meeting Wed
nesday night at 745
M B Pastor
Baitjst Sunday school at 10 a m
Preaching service at 1100 a m Even
ing service at 800 B Y P IT at 7 p m
A most cordialinvitation is extended to
all to worship with us
E Burton Pastor
Evanoklical Lutheran Regular
Gerruua preaching sarvices in the frame
building of LhaEtist Wardjacnool every
Sunday morning ttt 1000 All Germans
and Russians cordittllyjinvited
Rev Wm Bkukggkman
607 5th St East
Congregational Sunday school at
10 a m Preaching it 11 a m and 8 p
m by pistor Junior C E at 3 p m
Senior Endeavor at 7 p m Prayer meet
ing Wuduesday evening al eight oclock
Tho public is cordially invited to these
services G B Hawkes Pastor
Christian Science 219 Main Ave
nue Services Sunday at 11 a mt and
Wednesday at 8 p m Reading Room
open all tho time Science literature on
sale Subject next Sunday Truth
Evangelical Lutheran Congrega
tional Sunday School at 930 a m
Preaching at 1030 a m aud 730 p m
by pastor Junior C E at 130 p m
Senior C E at 400 p m Prayer
meetings every Wednesday and Satur
day evenings at 730 AUGernians
cordially invited to these services
- Rev GustavHenkelmann
505 3rd street West
Real Estate Filings
The following real estate filings have
been made in the county clerks office
since last report
Elizaboth Cchooley unrad to
Glarn McKay wd to Iots5G
bJkrl 2nd McCook 1S00 00
May Martin sing to Isaac M
Smith qcd to se qr nw qr 7-3-
97- 1 00
Mary et cons to Charles A
Leach wd to lot 7 s hf lot
8 blk 3 1st McCook 125Q 00
Ruth Frost Barry et cons to
Middy Gilhouse wd to lots
11 12 blk 29 McCook 2000 00
Lincoln Land Co to Jacob J
Klein wd to lot 1 blk 6 6th
McCook 225 00
Charles Bailey to McCook
Brick Co lease to pt se qr aw
qr 30-3-29 N 1 00
P F MuKenna et ux to Austin
Dutcher wd to sw qr sw qr
29 se qr so qr 30 2 30 240 00
Philip Voiles et ux to Caroline
Voorhees wd to lot 9 blk 64
Burtley S7 00
-Philip Voiles et ux to Otto
Webber wd to lots 8 10 11
blk 64 Bartley 225 00
Edward E Smith etux to Mary
Etta Moon wd to lots 3 4 5
6 blk 1 Esther Park Bart-
ley 50 00
Roy E Walkington to Alfred
H McElroy wd to pt lot 2
blk 3 Esther Park Bartley 125 00
Alfred H McElroy et ux to
Frank A Premer wd to pt
lot 2 blk 3 Esther Park
Bartley 107 00
Eila T Webbersgl to Alvah H
Barrows wd to 3 4 in C
Esther Park add Bartley 200 00
George E Carr et ux to Alvah
H Barrows wd to 1 2 in C
Esther Park add Bartley 950 00
Hiram C Rider et ux to A L
Sikes wd to 6 in 7 Riverview
Cemetery 20 CO
William Edward McKillip to
A L Parker agr to n hlf ne
qr sw qr ne qr 5 6 in 5-3-26
and other lands in FurnasCo 12120 00
Mollie B Bump etcons to Chas
Caldwell wd to 9 in 2 Willow
Grove 20000
John Hunt et ux to J H
Thoma3 wd to 5 6 in 4 4th
McCook 500 00
R P D NO 1
Wm Brixner and wife who have
been visiting at the parental Remington
home for the pant wfek roturm d to
their home at Grafton Neb Thursday
Mr and Mrs Joseph Murphy wbo
have been visiting relatives at- Green
leaf Kansas returned home Wednes
Mr Strain and Bister Miss M E
with relatives and friends
Pierre MacFee of Oberlin Kansas
was in town tho last of the week
Several from here wont down to Leba
non Thursday night to attend tho con
test between the Lebanon peoplo to see
what ones will take pare in tho elocution
ary contest at Stratton
V A Stone and wife visited at Ed
Penningtons in Lobanon from Satur
day until Monday morning
There will be an entertainment in the
opera house by the school children
Friday evening
Operator Harris and wife are rejoicing
over a visit from the stork January 24
a baby boy
Mrs John Remington and daughter
Sylvia of Atwood Kansas visited with
relatives the first of the week
Will Sandon left last week for Den
ver to recuperate
Martin Wilson and J II Wicks of
Marion were in town on business
Herbert Watkins and family departed
Tuesday evening for Whiting Kinsn
where they expect to visit with relatives
until March 1st
The boys took their skates and went
to Cedar Bluffs Tuesday night to roller
Mrs Ed Eno who has been danger
ously ill is improving slowly
Willard Dutton was in this part
tho country Friday buying calves
W S and M E Hartman delivered
some cattle in McCook Monday
Master Lynn Wade has been tquite
sick for the last week with measles but
is improving at this writing
Roy Albrecht and family visited rela
tives north of McCook over Sunday
Mat Hafner and family of Herndon
Kansas visited a few days last week at
home of Joshua Rowland Mrs
ner is Joshuas sister
Miss Gertrude Hartman visited at
home over Sunday She is teaching
school south west of here
Don L Thompson has lost quite a
number of cattle in the stalk fields
Andrew Anderson and family will
leave in a few days for Kingsburd Cali
fornia Last Thursday the 22id a
number of the friends and- neighbors
surprised them and spent the day very
pleasantly Toe ladies took well filled
baskets and about 2 oclock the tabb
was spread and all partook of a bounti
ful feast Altogether it was a very en
joyable alTair the only drawback being
the fact that we are so soon to lose the
Andersons They have lived in this
neighborhood for over 20 years and we
are sorry to see them leave but we all
wish them a safe journey and a happy
and prosperous life in their new home
James Beebe returned from Omaha
last Friday
A W Campbell is expected home
this week from his Oklahoma trip
Mrs Geo Younger is visiting in
Kansas this week
Mrs Reese Harrison is entertaining a
brother from the east
R C Harrison who hes been here
helping to take care of his father who
has been very sick returned to Denver
last Friday
The special meetings will continue
this week The earnestness of Rev
Rubottoms preaching has created quite
an interest among the people and if
there are no souls saved it will be
through no fault of his
Cecil E Matthews of Bartley late
Democratic candidate for state senator
has taken charge of the Review at Riv
erton this state And Cecil will
speak for himself
Only this month can vou secure the
unparalleled bargains at the Hub Stem
Mrs Edwards of Mohaska Ivansis Stomach trouble is but a symptom of and not
i j in itself a true disease We think of Dyspepsia
spenta few days witn her daughter Heartburn and Indigestion as real diseases yet
r a Philins tn ntfpnil tha f imoral they aro symptoms only of a certain speclfio
Mrs U A rnilips 10 aitena tne luneral Nerve SiCkne53 nothing else
of Badv Philips and to visit the daugh 1 was this fact that first correctly led Dr Shoop
ui uj r a
in the creation of that now very popular Stomach
ter brieflv I Remedy Dr Shoops Restorative Going direct
Mr Bergquist of Kansas was the nnd favor to Dr Shoop and his Restorative With-
guest of C G Coghzer hrst of week
G H Barthel of Eastern Nebaaska
was a visitor at the home of JG At
Roedel first of the week
G C Smith has moved onto tho
Evertsou place
Carrie Flechtner has been at horce
during tho illness of her mother
Henry Calkins spent Thursday-Mon
day in Lobanon ir -
uuif LliUU uiguiui mill lliiiij YihiipiuiuyiCfUU
such lasting accomplishments were ever to be had
For stomach distress bloating biliousness bad
breath and sallow complexion try Dr Shoopi
Restorajtivfi rJShJsteor Liquid--and see for yonr
Kelf what it can anaw ill dJ We sell and cheer
fully Tecommend
Dr Shoops
Show Him Carrots and Bread
Lead the Way to His Den
Escapes of animals from their cages
Id zoological gardens taud menageries
are fortunately rare When they tlo
occur the work of recapture Is set
about in a businesslike fashion and
the prison breaker Is generally cap
tured before anything is known out
In tho nnrlodlonl Issued 1v tlio
Strain departed Friday for Dea Moines aeraent of thQ uresiau garden an
and other points in Iowa for a visit amusing story Is told of an incident of
this kind Some years ago on n fine
autumn morning just after the gates
were opened thero was n loud knock
ing at the pay window andin reply to
the inquiry of the money taker wbo
presented himself a man In a state of
great excitement said that as be wa
walking on the Oder bank be bad seen
through the palisading a large bear
loose in the grounds Greatly obliged
to you sir was the reply We know
that already that bear goes for a walk
every morning and returns to its cage
before the visitors come In
The man went away quite satisfied
The official who knew the real state of
the case at once ordered the gates to
bo closed and the director was at once
informed that the bear was loose It
was a serious matter for the bear bad
killed the keeper in a raveling menag
erie and for that reason was sold to
the zoological garden Moreover vi
a mate had been put in with hni - ie
soon fell a victim to bis bad ten i
While the authorities were considering
the best steps to take to recapture the
bear for they were loath to shoot such
a fine animal the keeper whose negli
gence in leaving a door unfastened bad
caused the trouble made bis appear
ance nis only reply to the reproaches
of the director for allowing the bear to
escape was Well we shall have to
get him in again1 t
lie went off to the storeroom filled
bis apron with carrots and bread and
then sought the bear When he saw
the animal be called out to attract its
attention and by throwing down food
enticed it to the back of the bear dens
Here the man entered through a small j
door by which new arrivals were put
into the cages He was closely follow
ed by the bear but reached the middle
of the cage before it bad scrambled
through the small opening Then be
dropped on the floor the rest of the
food he had in bis apron and made his
way out of the cage which was at
once securely fastened in front and at
the rear Thus the incident which
might have bad serious consequences
ended happily for those on whom the
responsibility rested Loudon Field
Warned In a Dream
On the occasion of a fatal accident
to a lift in a Paris hotel some years
ago a lady who was just going up
in it started back saying Ob there
is that dreadful man again and
tried to induce her husband to come
off it too but be refused and was
among the killed The dreadful man
to whom she referred she bad seen in
a dream which the niece of the friend
wbo told me tho story had heard her
relate a day or two before the acci
dent It was of a funeral drawn up
at her door so pompous as to produce
a great impression on her presided
over by a big dark man in a strange
sombrero hat This man she saw or
believed she saw in the lift and the
coincidence terrified her from going
up in it London Notes and Queries
Ladies and Gents
When I was younger kids were kids
in Kansas or in Cadiz Now all the
boys are gentlemen aud all the girls
ladies Where are the kids wbo climb
ed the trees the tousled young ca
rousels who got their faces black with
dirt and tore their little trousers
Where are the lads who scrapped by
rounds while other lads kept tallies
the maids wkojnade their pies of mud
and danced in dirty alleys Theyre
making calf love somewhere now ex
changing cards and kisses Theyre
all fixed up in Sunday togs and they
are sirs and misses Heal kids have
vanished from the world which fact
is surely hades and all the boys are
gentlemen and all the girls are la
dies Walt Mason in Emporia Ga
A Difficult Examination
Candidates at the Royal Veterinary
college London must pass examina
tions in English grammar and composi
tion Latin mathematics and either
Greek a modern language or logic
horse sense This from the Matric
Find the center of gravity of a uni
form wire which is bent in such a way
that it forms three sides of a square
One1 in the candidate for V S has to
cover chemistry physics biology bota
ny histology physiology bacteriology
materia niedica toxicology hygiene
dietetics clinical medicine meat in
spection and horseshoeing Horses
Horsemen and Stable Management
London on American Clothes
Observes the London Chronicle In
London the man who demands respect
has his clothes made for him But no
New 1 ork man who is not a millionaire
or near it buys anything but store
clothes And the ready imide clothes
are so standardized that you have but
to confess your inches and you aro
clothed In America
An -Eternal One
Tough Looking Customer Im tired
of this blamed town and Im going to
leave it I want the longest journey I
can get for -11 cents
Ticket Seller Go and spend it for
chloroform Chicago Tribune
A scholar without good breedings a
pedant the philosopher a cynic the
soldier a brute and every maa
There Vere Lively Times on
He bears misery best who hides it
most Shakespeare
When the Big Monkey Got Himself
Mixed Up With Hot Pitch and Gun
Cotton and Took a Trip Aloft
We were making passage from Nor
folk Vu to Lisbon Portugal in the
United States steamship Alliance It
was shortly after 4 oclock I had just
gone to mj room for a pipeful of to
bacco when the sailmaker came to my
door with a scared face Got any wa
ter in your room Mr Du Bois he
Yes heres a pailful
For Gods sake give it to me quick
The sail rooms afire but dont say
anything Ill have it out in a min
I handed him the pail of water but
was not going to take any chances of
a fire on a man-of-war with fifteen
tons of powder not six feet away so
I ran to the ships bell and rang the
fire alarm as furiously as I could In
less time than it takes you to read this
hand grenades were being thrown and
water was pouring into the now sti
fling mass of burning canvas Men
jumped in among the great bundles of
furled sails and passed them out and
when one could not endure the smoke
any longer another look his place At
last the danger was over and I began
to look around and take stock of the
I had often wondered what I would
do in case of a fire on the ship I
would save ray watch A watch Is
never used at sea so it hung from a
hook over my desk I would be sure
to take along my best girls picture
and there were a few other little be
longings which must not be parted
with Well when the thing was over
what had I gathered together Not
my watch not my best girls picture
not anything that I had thought I
would but I had filled my pockets
with extract of beef and nothing else
Dumb instinct not a thought of any
thing but of something good to eat In
dire extremity
How did the fire start The sail
maker whose duty it is to keep the
sails in good order is privileged to go
to the sail room at any time but be is
supposed to always carry a peculiar
lantern consisting of a common candle
set in a globe of horn sufficiently
opaque to give enough light for his
needs there The candle does away
with any danger from oil that might
be spilled and catch fire and the globe
being of horn instead of glass pre
cludes a possibility of breakage Thi
time the sailmaker desiring a little
more light had taken out the candle
It bad dropped from his fingers away
down into the bight of a furled sail
and the cloth had caught fire There
was a terrible mess of burned and
smoky sails in there and they were
all hauled up on deck and spread out
in the sun to dry and to find out just
what the damage was In the bottom
of the room on the floor one of the
men found the stump of candle and
put it in his pocket The sailmaker
was a favorite on board and the offi
cers never found out how the fire
started They thought they knew
The captain broke the sailmaker
that is reduced him to the decks But
he couldnt prove anything So after
a week or so he restored him to his old
We came near having another fire
once and while it might have been
very serious it was really funny
We bad several hundred pounds of
gun cotton on boa d and fearing that
it might have gathered dampness the
gunners gang got up the cases from
the magazine pulled it all out and
spread it on the warm decks far aft in
the sun to dry Away forward the
boatswains mate and his gang were
with tar pots and ropes putting
some of their stuff in order
We had on board a mascot in the
shape of a monkey one of the largest
I have ever seen He would stand
quite three feet high and ho was the
very Old Nick for mischief ne was a
great nuisance that monkey and must
always be doing what be saw any of
the men doins
Well Mr Monkey saw the men with
tli warm tar and nothing would do
but he must have a hand in the job
literally so he ran forward and dipped
his bands into the pot and in a minute
was all besmeared with the sticky
stuff then he bolted aft as fast as he
could scamper aud rolled in the gun
cotton trot himself well covered with
it and ran aloft into the riggimr Sail
ors have a saying The devil to pay
and r o pitch hot but the pitch wa5
hot tlis time and tho condition wn
actuary appalling Some of the men
ran a t him but it was imposibl to
catch Mm He was too shrewd for
that The gunners gang gathered up
that gtii cotton as men never did so
fast in their lives before and put it
back into the cans for had that fool
monkey dropped from aloft into it he
would have blown the ship to king
dom come They got it out of the way
without disaster but for several hours
that creature sat up there nicking gun
cottnn from himself and throwing it
overboard As 1 said the episode
would have been comical had it not
been fraught with so much danger It
might have been another sea mys
tery but it was not Stanley Du Bois
In Los Angeles Times
Druins Sharp Teeth Bit Through tha
Copper Sheathed Woapon
I Twice In my chase of bruin I have
Ouenching a Blaze In a Humy On made use of a bear spear as my
RnarH n War Vnecol i on of attack writes Count Eric von
j Rosen and I may take this
t niry to maintain that the use of a
PRANK OF A TRICKY MASCOT1 BPear entflIls no greater cruelty than
j any other mode of attack and that
every hunter should be armed with
Deck one in reserve since these powerful
beasts have a vitality that triumphs
over a stray bullet or more unless
lodged In a vital region and when
wounded their retaliation Is redoubta
ble and easily fatal In Karelia Fin
land the bear Is jet regarded as a
noxious horror The great black haired
slagbjorn or killing bear Is still ram
pant there and a couple of winters
back I was able to wreak justifiable
vengeance on some beasts that had
killed over a score of cows and nine
horses News had been brought me
that some of these rascals were hiber
nating on a small marsh bound island
We found no difficulty in locatiug
their lair and I took up my post at
the entrance to it armed only with my
spear I may explain that a bear spear
consists of an ash staff some two
yards long and about a couple of
inches in diameter There is a blade
of steel about twelve inches in length
and the shaft is copper cased as a pre
vention against the teeth of bruin As
soon as my gentleman appeared I tried
to stick him in the throat but be par
ried adroitly and I missed I made
another lunge and succeeded in
ing my spear point through his breast
He started roaring furiously and
snapped at my copper cased staff then
made an attempt to strike at my arm
with his huge fore paw so that I
might drop my weapon The powerful
brute hung on to my spear at the one
end while I as grimly held on at the
other end His bites went through the
copper plate and he started shredding
the wood beneath Strenuously I
checked his further advances and
gradually for his wounds began to
tell his resistance weakened and he
dropped at last over the aperture of
bis den
I pulled out the spear but so much
strength still remained in him that he
seized the blade and bit It with a
force that left deep indentations In the
steel My companion then finished
him off with his own weapon This
struggle from start to finish covered
five minutes
Babies as Well as Windows Used to
Help Swell the Revenues
In 1G93 a tax of 2 shillings had to be
paid by the parents of every little
stranger born in England except by
people in receipt of alms Curiously
enough a measure proposing a tax on
babies was introduced some time ago
in the local parliament of the German
princedom of Iteuss by which it was
proposed that the parents or mother
when registering the birth of a child
should in each case contribute a sum
amounting to 10 cents
Some time ago a good deal of merri
ment was aroused by a measure in
troduced in the legislature of New
Jersey by which it was proposed to
tax beards but even this is not an
original proposal Queen Elizabeth put
a tax on every beard of a fortnights
growth while a couple of centuries
ago Peter the Great insisted that all
nobles who wore beards should pay
100 rubles for the privilege
As chancellor of the English ex
chequer Pitt rendered himself very un
popular by the extraordinary means
to which he resorted in order to im
prove the state of the countrys ex
chequer lie It was who first intro
duced the Income tax and he also
levied a tax upon horses which caused
a certain farmer to use a cow for the
purpose of riding to and from market
Even more dissatisfaction however
was caused by Pitts increase of the
window tax first imposed in the year
that the tax on babies was enforced
This window tax caused property own
ers to wall up as many windows as
possible in order to reduce the amount
for which they were liable Philadel
phia Ledger
Buddhist Ceremonies
Some Buddhist ceremonies present a
striking analogy to certain Christian
rites An old missionary says The
very titles of their intercessions such
as goddess of mercy holy mother
queen of heaven with an image of
the virgin having a child in her arms
holding a crescent are all such strik
ing coincidences that the Catholic mis
sionaries were greatly stumbled at the
resemblances between Chinese wor
ship and their own when they came
over to convert the natives to Chris
tianity London Standard
Despite the Jokesmiths
Grocers never put sand in sugar
Architects often build houses within
the original estimates
Coal dealers usually give a little
Telephone girls are nearly always
Salesladies ditto Washington ncr
A Recommendation
Ever1 been in jail
Countless times But thats no det
riment to a man in my business
And what is your business 7
Im a chaulTeur Louisville Courier-Journal
Like a Streak
Was his auto going so very fast
Your honor it was going so fa3t
that the bulldog on the seat beside him
looked like a dachshund Houston
Jr - r
See to Your Order or Lodge Card
The Tkiuune has for somo time been
printing a lodgo and order directory
free on the promise that the cards
would be kept corrected as to facts
officers eto by the several lodges and
orders As wo devote 810000 a year
free to this purpose we expect those re
ceiving tho benefit to keep tho cards
corrected A glance at the directory
reveals many errors and we roust insist
upon the proper officers bringing in the
facts Otherwise we shall discontinue
the cards which wo find incorrect
Look to your cards
rc wp iiwt F rviw i i iw vii w
Dr J O Bruce
Telephone 55 AlcCook Neb
Office over ElecrlcTheatre on Alain Ave
gtiiri4AiiiJi ijiAiiiiiJ iJititilttLtLi4jltiJJi
Office over NcAdams Store Phone 190
118 SI
Phcnb 112
Ofllro Rooms 3 and 5 Walsh Blk McCook
Br J A Golfer
Room Postoffick Building
R H Gatewood
Office over McMillens drug store
-10 Arn i xti i
ir x uoho iuo lUuouuK iuuniKi
jkttMtl ykkt il iilili 1 ail lUUUfwLiULtWtUliJLI
McCook Nebraska
lijjAgent of Lincoln Land Co and of McCook
Water Works Office in Postollice building
C H Boyle
C EEldbed
Attorneys at I aw
LongDistuuco Sone 14
Rooms 1 and 7 second floor
PostofLce Building
Real Estate
and Insurance
Room Two over McConnells drug
store McCook Nebraska
WWniiWVJfVYWVtirmiVli VWliM
Real Estate Farm Loans
and Insurance
Ofiico nvor Mnrsli s Tfit Mirkff
kui j a m lUirfi u iii iii i1 tiifil jtiiiuiqaiiJi
Miclclletoii Ruby
All work guaranteed
Phone 182 McCook Nebraska
Updike Grain Co E2
Phone 169 S S GARVEY Mgr
Prompt Service
Courteous Treatment
Reasonable Prices
Office First Door
South of DeGrofPs
Phoiu 13
ma JS3B
Fresli ReliaW Pure
Guaranteed to Please
Ert rj Cr i npr and
PUnprI u lttt e
supcriir irientetfOur
Sor r nOrbv
we vta1 send postpaid our
1 rr CO Dar Tomato S9
I plf f rinrrn KiJHh IGo
1 yspliJrowtnc Celery 20
1 pkT Earl Jrrowheart thbac lSe
1 ft fullerton Market 10a
aImi 12 t arietles Choice FIoer Sed
Vtr to today Sead 10 cent to tnip r T pige ui
packing ard reteiTe tbeabme Fano Cietivn v
jtlh w th rnr Jw and IntfnictTe Ciien tiuuie
SS9 Rose St Rockford Illinois