The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 07, 1908, Image 2

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More than forty of the greatest men of the nation and the
best entertainers of the platform will contribute toward the edu
cation and the enjoyment of the people of McCook Red Willow
county and Southwestern Nebiaska
Even Asia will be represented in the person of J Moham
med Ali of Lahore India a high caste Hindu who lost place
and fortune because he espoused the Christian religion and the
civilization of the Occident
This fine orchestra is under the leadership of Prof M Witepski one of
the best musical directors in the country There are eight players every
one an artist who has plaed in the best cities of this country and Europe
We believe that the concerts given by this orchestra will alono be worth the
cost of a season ticket
5 l jS 3jCi - iJgMgAvgitffifj
them to all tastes
will want some of his fruit
Hugh A Orchard is a strong
representative of what the critics
call legitimate lecturers lie
believes in the business -as a
means to great ends His lec
tures are replete with human in
terest and abound with morals
and wholesome doctrines His
message is distinctively to the
common man in the so called
humbler walks of life Mr Or
chard takes him up to the moun
tain tops and shows him his king
dom directing his attention to
where his prospects lie
While laboring to rouse to a
state of proper ambition the dor
mant powers of mind Mr Orchard
has not overlooked the demand
for entertainment that is entitled
to consideration and weaves into
his lectures many happy diver
sions that sweeten and temper
In a word this particular Orchard is a peach You
The most pleasing and success
futmusical combination of its kind
on the platform These delightful
and talented ladies have made sever
al tours of the United States always
with the most remarkable success
The most wonderful natural talents
perfect training surprising versatili
ty to say nothing of their sweet at
tractive faces make this company a
welcome one to musical lovers
You remember now they captur
ed your hearts last year They are
the sweetest thing on the road
Delight you sure
For an hour and a half of pure en
joyment see Eldredge He is no ordin
ary impersonator but a veritable genius
in presenting a great variety of charac
ters in costume First he is a school
girl Ho disappears and returns in a i
moment dressed as David Harum then
as Widow Bedott or Samantha Allen
and so on throughout a dozen different
impersonations each one a little better
and more clever than the previous one
Buy season tickets for 200 at once as they will be sold at
the gate for 2 50 Season tickets can be secured at Tribune
office and elsewhere over the city
Season Tickets Adults 200
Season Tickets Children 100
General Admission 25c 35c 50c
Lower Rates For Children
wonted In the Year 1820 by 3 Perm
cylvania Doctor
j anougn me name uucivuonru is ap
plied to thousands of carriages few
people know how the word came to be
Back around 1S20 says the American
i Vehicle in explaining it when the
transportation of goods wares and
merchandise was almost entirely by
wagon a Dr Buck who for many
years afterward was the military store
keeper at Washington was in charge
of military stores en route to army
posts in the southwest
In east Tennessee much difficulty
was experienced by reason of the rough
roads and there were frequent mis
haps mostly from the wagons over
Dr Buck overhauled the outfit and
abandoning the wagon bodies long
boards were set directly on the axles
or hung below and the stores were
loaded in such a manner that there
were no further delays from break
downs and the stores safely reached
j their destinations In special
gency too the load could be shifted
i or taken off in a hurry
The idea was probably not new but
Dr Bucks example was followed
especially when roads were rough and
soon much hauling was done by the
use of wheels axles and boards only
Now we have the buckboard both in
carriage and Automobile forms
forming closely to the original
though few suspect the source of
San Francisco Chronicle
t 1
Yet It Did Not Prejudice His Standing
as a Witness
An important case- was being tried
before the criminal court of the Dis
trict of Columbia An old negro was
In the witness box The district attor
ney commenced
What is your name
John Williams sah
Are you the John Williams who was
sent to the Albany penitentiary for
No sah not this John
Are you the John Williams who was
convicted of arson and sent to the Bal
timore penitentiary
IlYn col
Have you ever been in any peniten
Yes sah
All eyes were now turned upon the
witness The district attorney smiled
complacently and resumed
How many times have you been in
the penitentiary
Twice sah
In Baltimore sah
How long were you there the first
About two hours sah
How long the second time asked
the attorney rather crestfallen
An hour sah I went there to
whitewash a cell that was wanted for
a lawyer who had robbed his client
The attorney sat down amid the
laughter of the spectators
The Effort of His Life a Failure
W S Gilbert had a novel experience
before he wrote for the stage when
he was a barrister waiting for his first
brief It was long in coming and
when it did come Mr Gilbert deter
mined of course to make the effort of
his life
He was intrusted with the prosecu
tion of an old Irish woman for stealing
a coat and when he began the speech
that he had prepared and rehearsed so
carefully the old dame at once began
to interject Oh ye divil sit down
Sure now hes a loier yer honor Sit
down ye spalpeen Hes known to
all the perlice yer honor After some
minutes of this abuse Gilbert asked
the recorders intervention but that of
ficial was too busy laughing So the
effort of his life was not a success
Present Giving Worse Than Tipping
The trend of the times makes itself
felt in the matter of presents and
present giving In the days of our
grandmothers these tokens of affection
were few and far between and were
marked by a stern simplicity But we
have changed all that and the up to
date riot of presents means a deadly
drain on our bank balances
The tipping tax is bad enough but
the burden of countless presents can
give it points and a beating London
In a Bad Way
You seem much upset my good
raan remarked the curate who hap
pened to call when Murkie was laying
down the law somewhat emphatically
to his family circle
Hupset bellowed Murkie I
should think I am hupset Our bless
ed kids just set isself on fire an
blowed if the missus ere aint bin
an put im out with my pot o beer
an me stony broke too London An
A More Advantageous Time
Why do people always say Kiss
and make up I thought people usu
ally were friends before they kissed
Well you see its a good deal more
satisfactory to kiss before the make
up is put on Chicago News
A Simple Remedy
My cocoas cold sternly announced
the gruff old gentleman to his fair
Put your hat on she sweetly sug
gested Harpers Weekly
Alvays In Print
Do you subscribe to the theory that
Mars is inhabited
No I dont subscribe But I buy it
every month at the news stands
Washington Star
The Prohibition Party Ita
Candidates Chafin and Wat
kins Its Platform and Its
-- -- --
HE national ticket placed In the
field by the Prohibition party
this year occasions more than
usual interest because of the
importance the dry movement has
assumed in some parts of the country
especially in many states of the south
and southwest Tor that matter the
temperance tidal wave has been felt
In other countries besides our own
The wave as President Samuel 7 Bar
rows of the international prison com
mission said recently is making itself
ieir in Kngland Franco Sweden Fin-
land Itussia and Switzerland as well
as in Illinois Oklahoma and the black
The American Prohibitionists in their
national convention at Columbus O
adopted a platform which contained a
plank calling for the immediate pro
hibition of the liquor traffic for bev
erage purposes in the District of Co
lumbia in the territories and all places
over which the national government
has jurisdiction the repeal of the in
ternal revenue tax on alcoholic liquors
and the prohibition of the interstate
traffic there The question of mak
ing the District of Columbia dry ex
cited a good deal of attention in con
gress last winter and spring and be
came a very live issue In the states
themselves the nation could act on this
question only through the submission
by congress to the several common
wealths of an amendment to the fed
eral constitution prohibiting the man
ufacture and sale of spirituous liquors
for beverage purposes throughout the
Union and this the Prohibitionists
pledge themselves to do in case of
their attaining success in a national
Their platform favors popular elec
tion of senators income and inherit
ance taxes postal savings banks and
guarantee of bank deposits regulation
of corporations a tariff commission
enforcement of the laws against the
11 V -T fc
Sw - JmMSk
chafin and aafon
social evil and against child labor
woman suffrage and preservation of
the countrys natural resources Mrs
Carrie Nation made a speech declar
ing that the candidates must be men
who did not use tobacco but the plat
form makers did not embody dec
laration against the fragrant weed in
the resolutions which were adopted at
The Prohibitionist nominee for presi
dent Eugene W Chafin of Chicago is
a well known temperance advocate
and a lawyer He was born in Wal
worth county Wis in 1Sj2 attended
the public schools and as a vouth
worked on the farm by the month to
defray his expenses while at the Uni
versity of Wisconsin from which he
was graduated in 1S75 For twenty
five years he practiced law in Wau
kesha Wis He was a candidate on
the Prohibition ticket for attorney gen
eral of Wisconsin and in 1S9S was a
candidate on that ticket for governor
In 1S91 he removed to Chicago and
for several years was superintendent
of the Washingtonian home He was
a Prohibitionist candidate for congress
in 1902 and for attorney general of Il
linois in 1904 Mr Chafin was grand
chief templar of the Wisconsin Good
Templars in 1SSG 90 and of the Illinois
Good Templars in 1904 and 1903 He
is the author of Lives of the Presi
dents A Voters Handbook Presi
dential Cabinet History Cards and
Lincoln the Man of Sorrows
The Prohibitionist nominee for vice
president is Aaron S Watkins an edu
cator of Ada O
On the 21st of April last the people
of Illinois voted to close 1H00 saloons
and 500 more were closed on the same
day In Michigan Colorado and Ne
braska Superintendent Baker of the
National Anti saloon league has esti
mated that in the whole country not
less than thirty saloons a day will be
closed during the coming year or 200
a week at least Allowing an average
of thirty feet front for each saloon
this would mean that fifty nine and
one third miles of saloons are to be
closed during the coming twelve
Save the Womans Life
Fluorine Is
A icn
You exf t y
Couldnt Recall Who Told It
I heard a very funny story the other
night ubout Horace Walpole said
Mrs Blake I wish 1 could remember
who told It Henry can you remem
ber Was it Mr Sellers
No said Blake stillly It wasnt
I wonder If It could have been Mr
io repeated Blake It wasnt
Before Mr Blake had a chance to ex
press an affirmative or negative opin
ion of that hazard as to the source of
the Walpole anecdote Mr Barton came
in Mrs Blake being by that time
sure of herself tried on him her rec
ipe for winning universal affection
Oh Mr Barton she said I am
very glad to see you I have hardly
stopped laughing since I saw you the
last time
Mr Barton a cadaverous man with
solemn oyes looked rather foolish
Indeed he said May I ask what
Over that funny story you told
about Horace Walpole said Mrs
Horace Walpole stam
mered Mr Barton I am afraid you
must have got me mixed up with some
body else I dont know the first thing
about Horace Walpole and if I did
know anything funny about him I
couldnt tell it To tell a funny story
is beyond my powers Even if It was
funny to start with it wouldnt be by
the time I got through with it
Mrs Blakes spirits were somewhat
dashed by her fiasco in finding an
owner for the Walpole story but she
bore up courageously and later when
Mr Markham came in she drew him
out of earshot of Mr Barton and dilat
ed on the pleasure his story of Horace
Walpole had given her Mr Markham
was not cast In the funeral mold that
gave to Mr Barton his grave aspect
but he protested himself totally Inca
pable of telling a funny story about
Horace Walpole or anything else
Presently Mrs Blake left the room
to prepare the sandwiches Mr Blake
followed her
For the love of the Lord he said
dont make a fool of yourself again
by trying to get some other idiot in
there to father that Walpole story I
told you that yarn myself
Mrs Blake stood still with carving
knife poised in air
You she said incredulously
it was so clever too New
a Rabid Gas That Nothing
Can Resist
The fury of the chemical world is
the element fluorine although strange
ly enough it exists peacefully in com
pany with calcium in fluorspar and
also in a few other compounds
Although this element was known
and named a good while ago it long
resisted the efforts of chemists to iso
late it that is prepare it in a pure
state unmixed chemically with other
substances for the instant the com
pound containing it was torn apart
the free fluorine attacked and combined
with whatever substance composed the
vessel containing it It was finally
isolated by the great French chemist
Fluorine is a rabid gas that nothing
can resist It combines with all met
als explosively with some or if they
are already combined with some other
nonmetalhc element it merciiessly
tears them aAvay from it and takes
them to itself
In uniting with sodium potassium
calcium magnesium and aluminium
the metals become heated even to red
ness by the fervor of its embrace
Iron fillings slightly warm burst into
brilliant scintillations when exposed to
it Manganese does the same Even
the noble metals which at melting
heat proudly resist the fascinations of
oxygen succumb to this chemical siren
at moderate temperatures
Glass is devoured at once and water
ceases to be water by contact with this
gas which combined with its hydro
gen at the same moment forms the
acrid glass dissolving hydrofluoric acid
and liberates ozone
Even hydrofluoric acid eats into and
destroys every known substance ex
cept platinum and lead Exchange
It has been dunonstrated that the
glacier des nt imvi in one block
but Hjv itscf to the
channel in wlih i it nuves Professor
Tyndal pnd a row of sticks in a
straight line across a srlaciw and after
a few days the tine had heroine a
cresrent with the
shov i te p
moved faster tl3
a river tl ki
iiimi ity uwarl
f of Vw eiet
t i m
b ttm a
good mrn
The mothers f p JV
He io not 1 rv
made nnv er rfy No I ikld
I shall have to e if he attains
only a moderate become a
very rich man or something like
that Puck
A Scratch
How does Mrs Sleigh get on in the
Oh she always comes up to the
Of course she does the cat Kan
sas City Newsbook
Some people only believe half of
what they hear and then invariably
select the wrong half New York Tel
Christian Bible school at 10 n m
Preaching at 11 n m and 8 p m CE
at 7 p m All aro welcome
R M Ainswobth Pastor
Episcopal Preaching services at St
Albans -church at 11 a m and 730 p
m Sunday school at 10 a m AF
aro welcome to these services
E R Eakle Rector
Catholic Order of services Mass
8 a m Mass and sermon 1000 a m
Evening service at 8 oclock Sunday
school 230 p m Every Sunday
Wm J Kikwin O M I
Baitst Sunday school at 10 a na
Preaching service at 1100 a m Even
ing service at 800 B Y P U at 7 p m
A most cordial invitation is oxtended to
all to worship with us
E Burton Pa3tor
Christian Scienck Services Sun
day at 11 a in nd Wednesday at 8 p
m Meetings held in the Morris block
Room open all the time Science litera
ture on sale Subject for next Sunday
finNfiKEOATioxAL Sunday school at
10 a m C E at 7 p m Prayer meet
ing every Wednesday at 8 p m The
public is cordially invited to these serv
ices No preaching Aug 2 9 and 16
G B IIawkes Pastor
Methodist Sunday school atlOam
Preaching by the pastor at 11 and 8
Epworth League at 7 Prayer meeting
Wednesday night at 8 A cordial wel
come to all
B Carman Pastor
The novel of today is the novel of to
day because it can never be the novel
of tomorrow
Another invoice of new books is at
hand and will bo placed upon the shelves
this week The list follows
Fiction The works of Honore De
Balzac complete in eighteen volumes
The works of Charlotte Bronte complete
in six volumes
Poetry and Drama Shelleys Com
plete Poetical Works Miltons Paradise
Lost and Paradise Regained Popes
translation of the Iliad and the Odyssey
and Christopher Marlowes Dr Faustus
Standard Literature The Works of
Plato three volumes The Thoughts of
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Josephus
History of the Jews
General Works Pools Index 1902
1906 Crams Standard American Rail
way System Atlas
We have also received a large package
of documents from tho Bureau of
American Republics through tho kind
recommendation of Hon G W Norris
The pamphlets contain much interest
ing information concerning the sister
Republics on the south The Land of
wB uliD nmoia ui me weeK we
note Mr William A Luke Student
Field Secretary for Doane college who
presented the library with a copy of the
Doane Annual The Tiger Mr Chas
H Duboc representative of the Library
Bureau of Chicago was a recent caller
also He expressed himself as much
pleased with the new library building
and its furnishings and gave some help
ful suggestions as to the conducting of
the library work
Real Estate Filings
The following real estate filings have
been made in the county clerks office
since last report
Lincoln Land Co to I L Rod-
strom wd to lot 2 blk 2 1st
J L Sims et al to Mike Sullivan
wd to se qr 8 ne qr 17-1-29
United States to Joseph Booze
pat to s hf of sw qr 21-1-30
United States to Augustus S
Broughton pat to nw qr 11-2-28
United States to Jacob C
Foutz pat to sw qr 33-2-23
United States to Wilbert F
Stockton pat to ne qr 1-1-23
United States to Michael J
Carey pat to ne qr 20-1-30
Stull Bros to Farm Land Co
wd to s hf sw qr 21-1-30
John Erenning and wife to
vin T Iliil wd to pt lots S 9
McCook Cement Stone Co to
the public article of incor
230 00
60OO 00
10 blk 30 2400
Uha3Skalla to Oliver Type
writer Co lease to 1 machine
John W Jolly et us to John
Kaiser wd to pt ne qr se qr
1 00
G7 50
1S00 00
Marriage licenses issued since our last
Gary Hayden 27 and Ida Arnold IS
both of Kersey Colorado Married by
county judge on August 4th
Walter W Shoemaker 21 and Mary
county judge married
them on AUr lf
C aire E Hickman 19 and Lulu
Shoemaker 19 both of Bartley
Merle Craven 20 Kencsaw
Porter 20 of McCook
and Fav
Bound duplicate reelp7books threa
receipts to the
page for 5ale
Tribune office
li y 1
t 1