The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, July 31, 1908, Image 3

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HIb Plain Blunt Straight to the Point
Talk to His Wife
Mrs Lambert I think wo will have
to cut down expenses remarked Mr
Lambert timidly
To his intense surprise she made no
replj Then he grew bolder
And I am certainly of the opinion
that you are spending too much money
on gowns and hats
Again no answer Ills bravery jump
ed up another notch
And Mrs Lambert I must say fur
thermore that we will have no more
teas or receptions
Silence Mr Lambert grows daring
It is simply an outrage the way you
lavishly expend my hard earned mon
ey You have no consideration and al
low your extravagant ideas to carry you
off your feet Do you realize that wc
are living beyond our means
No answer
Do you know that I am making
100 a mouth and you are deliberately
spending 200 Cant you see the fam
ily hi bound to land In the poorhouse
Silence Mr Lamberts fortitude Is
I have stood your Impositions ions
enough Mrs Lambert Do you under
stand You have henpecked mo until
life is now unbearable Now I Intend
to take hold of the reins I will man
age affairs and you will obey
There was a sudden crush then a
yell Mr Lamberts head came into
contact with the bedpost as Mrs Lam
bert shook him furiously and she ex
Cant you keep your mouth shul
when you are asleep What in tlic
world are you dreaming about any
way It is simply barbarous the way
you disturb my rest after I work so
hard all day keeping the house in or
der And you know I am worn out
from tea this afternoon yet
And Lambert realized it was all a
dream and began nursing the slowly
swelling bump on his head Bohemian
It Has the Poorest and Happiest People
In the World
It is estimated that a quarter of a
million people in Naples live from
hand to moutli and there are hundreds
of children who subsist out of the gar
bage boxes and who sleep in churches
and on doorsteps
The taxes in to provide war
ships and to keep the nation on a war
footing with the other powers are real
ly stupendous There is a tax on ev
erything says the Delineator grain in
the field fruit on the vine old bottles
Fuel and foodstuffs are very dear
Only labor is cheap For the very poor
meat is a luxury unheard of and even
macaroni Is too dear to be indulged in
often There are any number of per
ambulating street kitchens where va
rious kinds of soup cakes and fruits
are sold in portions costing 1 cent
And yet these people seem very happy
Bands of musicians are always play
ing in the streets the guitar and the
mandolin are to be heard every where
on the boats in the hotels and the
stranger is lulled to sleep by a soft
serenade under his balcony
The story teller thrives in Naples as
there are so many idlers there He col
lects a little crowd around him and
proceeds in the most dramatic way
gesticulating wildly and working his
face into the most excruciating ex
pressions to relate stories of adven
ture or other events much to the edi
fication of his hearers who to show
their appreciation are often betrayed
Into giving a sou which might have
been better spent for bread or polenta
The public letter writer is another
street dignitary of importance and in
great demand especially with timid
and buxom maids of all work who
have themselves neglected to learn
the art of writing Of such the public
letter writer holds all the secrets of
their loves and is often their adviser
as well as amanuensis
Pineapple Juice
Garlic eaten raw will cure a cold in
the head grip or influenza in the first
stages but in cases where prejudiced
people refuse to test its virtues Irish
moss lemonade made after the well
known flaxseed lemonade recipe and
taken for both meat and drink stands
next on the list
Pineapple juice will relieve inflamma
tion of the throat in the most advanced
and chronic cases and will cure all or
dinary attacks In both membranous
croup and diphtheria pure pineapple
juice either raw or from the canned
fruit will cure when the entire apothe
cary shop has been tried and found
wanting National Magazine
Von Huttens Misery
Very sad was the fate of Ulrich von
Hutteu one of the greatest writers
Germany has ever produced Unable
to earn a living he was reduced to
tramping through the country begging
food and shelter from the peasants
One bitter winters night both were re
fused and next morning he was found
frozen stiff and cold in the drifting
Enow outside the village The only
thing he died possessed of besides the
rags he wore says his biographer
Zuingliu was a pen
The Nub of the Thing
Man runs to cliques audibly rumi
nated a grizzled citizen He thinks
pretty well of his country of his stale
or province of his town of his own
street and then we get at the nub of
the thing the man thinks pretty well
of himself Kansas City Newsbook
When a man is being operated on by
a barber it is best for him to keep his
mouth shut The case is different when
the patient is in the dentists chair
A Physician Says This Is Ono of tho
Causes of Panics
The panics that start In Wall street
often begin In the morbid financial
fears of overstrained bruins psychas
thenic Psychasthenla makes panics
writes Dr Clarence riughes In the
Alienist and Neurologist
We once knew a mind overburden
ed brain overstrained man suddenly
conclude he was coming to want and
would not be able to pay his tuxes
when his Income was -10000 annual
ly lie milked his own cow he har
nessed Ids own horse and cared for it
sold the others dismissed all his
servants and his wifes and had in
somnia but finally recovered complete
ly Others with less income or more
fall through bruin overtax into the
same morbid way of feeling and think
One kind of insunoid is a man
who under mental stress of any kind
acts as though he were insane but has
not the disease of real insanity to ex
cuse ills actions
He hovers on the verge but does
not pass over into real mental aberra
tion as he appears to be going He
does and says such odd unreasonable
and annoying tilings that his friends
often wisli lie would pass into genuine
insanity so that he might bo properly
and lawfully restrained or that he
might happily extinguish himself by
suicide Sometimes he does commit
suicide or become really insane and
wo then know where to place him
The Old Man Was Not Very Well
Posted on the News
In the midst of the heated dissension
on points connected with certain his
torical sensations which their teacher
had sought to impress on them tho two
grandchildren appealed to their grand
father who sat musing and puffing his
pipe In the corner for support
Grandpa cried the eager brother
who was it killed Caesar Cassius or
Brutus I say Cassius
Waal replied the grandfather sud
denly becoming grave and taking his
pipe from his mouth it war ono or
tother Let me see Yes I guess
twar th man you said
And sis says it was Marie Antoi
nette who got put to death in France
again cried the youth triumphantly
glancing toward his sister but I say
it was Mary queen of Scots
Now you may be right there too
ventured the involuntary vindicator
after fidgeting in his chair Come t
think of it twar Mary queen of Scots
that war electrocuted in France
At this the young girls eyes flashed
Grandpa declared she stepping be
fore him and eying him sternly you
dont seem to know anything about It
The old mans head went up as if
shocked Th truth is children he
then admitted as he passed his free
hand over his head helplessly your
grandfather aint read th newspapers
very careful this week Im a leetle
mite behind Bohemian Magazine
An Unwelcome Gratuity
An American merchant bitterly op
posed to the custom of tipping public
servants for each inconsequential serv
ice was astonished to find the practice
in Europe more general than in Ameri
ca While in Loudon he had occasion
to employ a cab and upon being driven
to the desired destination drew forth
a handful of change counted out the
exact fare and tendered it to the
Beg pardon sir exclaimed the cab
by in a tone of injury Ow long ave
ye been saving up for this oliday
Suppressing his annoyance at the
drivers effrontery the tourist sought a
restaurant and upon receiving the din
ner check again tendered the exact
amount of his bill The waiter bowed
assisted his guest into his coat then
selecting a bright new sixpence of
fered it to his patron with
Beastly weather sir Eres coach
fare Lippincotts Magazine
The Rat
The rats sins are manifold The
damage which he does in a year to
crops cargoes stores granaries poul
try and game dairies and outhouses
foundutions walls and drainage can
not be calculated exactly but it must
be enormous He is ubiquitous He
swarms iu fields hedges coverts farm
yards cellars sewers docks and ships
ne is clever in getting out of difficul
ties extremely courageous able to
exist on almost any kind of food and
horribly prolific London Spectator
The Retort Direct
See here cried the artist who had
come to complain about the materials
he had bought I cant imagine any
thing worse than your paints
Thats strange replied the dealer
Dont you ever use your imagination
on your painting Exchange
We wish madam to enlist your aid
in influencing your husband for the
public good He holds the key to a
very interesting situation and
I dont see how I can be of any as
sistance to you John never could find
a keyhole Houston Post
Frenzied Arithmetic
Teacher Now Tommy if your fa
ther had twenty dozen eggs in his
store and found that eighteen of them
were bad how much would he lose
Tommy Nothin You dont know pa
The Mean Part
Phil O Sopher Dont worry old
man Chickens always cflme home to
roost you know Discouraged Friend
Yes after they have laid their eggs
In some other fellows barn Judge
miimini limtlimi lyiiTfT mi
If You Want to Try It This Will Tell
You How to Proceed
Having sutisfied myself that some
people really would see hallucinatory
pictures in a glass ball or in water I
examined the ethnological side of the
question I found by studying works
of travel and anthropology that many
savage and barbarous races gaze into
water polished basalt rock crystals
and so on for the purpose of seeing
distant events foreseeing the future
detecting criminals and so forth If
docs not seem to me credible that so
many and so widely separated peoples
should agree with ancient Greeks and
the races of western Europe iu staring
away if they did not see hallucinatory
pictures So I believe that some peo
ple do see them Nor is this fact now
denied by professors of psychology
I huve never been able to foresee
from character complexion habit of
mind and other indications what per
sons would prove capable of descrying
even fancy pictures in a glass ball
The best gazers of my acquaintance
those who hit on pictures coincidental
with actual events unknown to them
or with the secret thoughts of a com
panion are both of them not unfamil
iar with other curious experiences
But I have tried with the glass ball
two or three other friends who have
seen what are vulgarly culled ghosts
in haunted houses and in the glass
ball they can see uothiug while people
who never saw ghosts do see coinci
dental pictures in a glass ball
If any readers cure to make experi
ments they can begin by purchasing
a bail or of course a glass jug of wa
ter will do or own a teaspoonful of
Ink in some cases but both are incon
venient and may spill Having got the
ball it is best to go alone into a room
sit down with the back to the light
place the ball at a just focus in the
lap on a dark dress or a dark piece of
cloth try to exclude reflections think
of anything you please and stare for
five minutes say at the ball That is
all If after two or three trials you
see nothing in the way of pictures In
the ball you will probably never suc
ceed Andrew Lang
Circumstantial Evidence
During a discussion in regard to cir
cumstantial evidence a lawyer told of
a remarkable case which he said ap
pears in the Virginia reports It was
A man was discovered drawing a
knife from the prostrate form of an
other man near a roadside The wit
nesses rushed upon him and took the
weapon from him It was still drip
ping with the warm blood of the vie
tim He Avas accused of the murder
but asserted his innocence He claim
ed that he had happened along the
road but a few moments before and
saw his alleged victim struggling with
another man Before he could come up
the unknown had driven his knife
home and had fled into some brush
close by Seeing tho knife still in the
breast of the fallen man he stooped
over and drew it forth just as his ac
cusers came on the scene That was
his story The knife being identified as
the property of the accused no cre
dence whatever was placed in his tale
He was tried convicted and hanged
A year later the man who had really
committed tho crime while on his
deathbed confessed that he was the
murderer and told how he had stolen
the knife from the iunoeent man who
had been sent to the gallows
A Perfect Marriage
Most people know and admire the
work of the versatile William Blake
poet and artist but few people know
the story of his perfect marriage for a
perfect marriage it was indeed In
17S0 Elake fell in love with a pretty
girl called Clara Woods but she did
not care for him and the blow was a
severe one to the impressionable young
man He left London and took up his
abode at Richmond whore he loilgc d
with a nursery- gardener n imed
Mr Boucher had a beautiful daugh
ter Catherine and aho became tli
confidant of the poets love affair and
her generous sympathy chccTl
Blakes mental JtifTariiigs tliar io
fell in love with the gutk g
His aCection ws warmly rcturnc I
and Catherine Ir icr maril Wil
liam Blake on A j IS 1TS2 It was
an ideal union The yenr ssjd
took a deigat in iO cLi3 his wife
who was a I e scrnc to learn aa
the modest diirlitor be
came eventually a cultured vosaar
who was an ardent hero worshiper ol
her clever liiyban i and who cheered
his life more thm any one else could
Mrs Blake learned to color her hus
bands dravi rr J was extraordi
narily adept in ie work
Disccvcry cT Cclcrpslhy
The man wh recovered orteopnlhy
was a grcit smVaror from iu adacli
said a man who claims to know lie
tried every remedy on earth almost
but could get no permanent relief One
day he had a terrijle hsadache and
went out nto his front yard to lie un
der the shade of a big tree and rest his
throbbing herd on the cooling grass
Suspended from a limb of the tree was
a rope swing used by the children
The man lay under this swing for
awhile and finally put the rope under
his head io act as a support In a few
moments he was surprised and pleased
to find that his headache was much
better la half an hour the pain had
gone He began an investigation ne
discovered that the rope swing pressed
on the nerve in the back of the head
This pressure stopped the headache
With more study he decided that many
pains could be relieved if nerves could
be given the proper treatment a mas
sage He started an osteopathic school
and has made a grand success
Nashville Teunesseean
Quail Form a Dense Circlo With All
Heads Facing Out
The nightcap preparations of tho
chubby liitlo quail are very interesting
Each evening the covey forms iu a new
place and this selection of the spot
entails serious efforts Bobwhlte nev
er quite loses remembrance of the
many dangers which make his life in a
wild state one great fear A white
throated male with soft clucks calls
together a dozen of Ills comrades and
for a few minutes they all huddle to
gether but soon from the farther eud
of the aviary a clear Whew bobwhite
rings out and off scurry the whole
band this time perhaps to settle for
the night in the new place a dense
circle of little forms heads all facing
out just as In their native stubble they
rest facing in every direction so that
at the first hint of danger from any
point of the compass the covey may
explode and go booming off in safety
Poor little fellows their wild life is
strenuous indeed Well for their race
that every nest holds from ten to eight
een eggs instead of three or four
The woodpeckers sleep resting upon
their tails even the flickers invariably
following this custom although during
the day the flickers spend much of
their time perching in passerine man
ner crosswise upon a twig Small
birds such as thrushes and warblers
sleep usually upon some small twig
with heads tucked behind wings in
orthodox bird fashion but they occa
sionally vary this in a remarkable way
by clinging all night to the vertical
wires of their cages sleeping apparent
ly as soundly in this as in the usual
position of rest A bluebird in a small
cage slept thus about one or two nights
out of each week Any explanation of
this voluntary and widespread habit
among perching birds would be difficult
to suggest
The little hanging parrakeets derive
their name from their custom of sleep
ing always in a reversed position and
when distributed over their roosting
tree they resemble some strange pend
ant green fruit rather than sleeping
birdsOuting Magazine
Why Should He Be Selected as Cane
Bearer to Satan
It is said and believed by many that
all the blue jays disappear every Fri
day and not one can be seen until the
next day and this disappearance is ac
counted for by the statement that the
birds are under a compact with Satan
and that they devote each Friday tc
delivering him a supply of sand to
heat his caldron at the point of tor
But why should the blue jay be select
ed as sand bearer to Satan when there
are so many birds of stronger and
fleeter wing There are many super
stitions that have a reasoning basis
but this particular one has nothing
whatever to go on
The origin of it lies in the fact that
the blue jay is a most particular home
builder He knows how to build his
house and he takes a great pride in it
ne doesnt hang his nest to a limb nor
glue it lo a tree
Instead lie selects a substantial fork
or crotch of a limb lays down a few
twigs of goodly size and strength and
on these he superimposes a strong
foundation of cluy with layers of pa
pers between and when his nest is fin
ished it is as substantial iu proportion
as one of our modern steel structures
Thus fitted and finished it is admi
rably adapted to the rearing of a
strong and healthy brood and the blue
jay goes about his business with the
earnest energy that characterizes all
his movements
He raises his young and leads them
about from tree to tree and from bush
to bush until they have tried and
found their wings and then his re
sponsibilities being over he proceeds
with his career of gayety a veritable
practitioner of rough fun and stage
humor Uncle Remus Magazine
Pounds and Weights
Here is a question that will tax tho
arithmetical powers of a youth Sup
pose that for some reason or another
a shopkeeper who sold goods by
pouuds and half pounds but never in
quantities exceeding twenty pounds at
a time was told that he must transact
all this business with four weights
only what must these four weights
be The answer is half pound one and
a half pound four and a half pound
and thirteen and a half pound With
these it will be readily seen that any
weight from half a pound to twenty
pounds may he determined in pounds
and half pounds Gateway Magazine
Pleasant Anticipation
The Rev Dr C M Lamson once
president of the American board of for
eign missions was called as a pastor
over a parish and was undergoing ex
amination before a council when the
question was asked him Do you be
lieve in a hell
The retiring clergyman of the parish
sat beside him and giving him a nudge
said Tell them yes If you dont now
you will before you have been here six
months Argonaut
Just the Other Way
Fortune Teller Beware of a short
dark woman with a fierce eye She is
waiting to give you a check Visitor
despairingly No she aint Shes
waiting to get one from me Thats
my wife Baltimore American
Carries Weight
Fa said Freddy what is a social
Generally speaking replied pa Its
a place where they weigh money
Bohemian Magazine
Advising Is easier than helping
Tho following pronoiod junontunent tc
the constitution of the State of Ne
braska as hereinafter set forth In fall
is submitted to tho electors of tho Statr
of Nebraska to bo voted upon at tht
general election to bo hold Tuesday No
vembor 3rd A D 1908
tions two 2 four I five 5 six l
and thirteen 13 of Article six G ui
the Constitution of the State of Ne
braska relating to Judicial Power
Bo it Resolved by tho legislature of tht
Stato of Nebraska
Section 1 Amondmont proposed Thai
Section two 2 of Article six C of tlu
Constitution of the State of scbra Ki
be amended to read as follows
Section 2 Supremo court judges
jurisdiction The Supremo Court slial
consist of seven 7 judges and a ma
jority of all elected and qualified judge
shall be necessary to constitute a
quorum or pronounce a decision Tht
Supreme Court shall have jurisdiction ii
all cases relating to the revenue cll
cases in which the state Is a part
mandamus quo warranto habeas corpus
and such appellate jurisdiction as may
be provided by law
Section 2 Amendment proposed That
Section four 4 of Article six of ih
Constitution of the State of Nebraska be
amended to read as follows
Section 4 Supreme court judjos
election term residence The judvi s ol
the Supreme Court shall be IceWd 1
the electors of the state at large uno
their teims of office except as lnrinatier
provided shall be six years And saw
Supreme Court judges shall during theii
term of office reside at the place where
tlie court Is holden
Section Amendment proposed Thai
Section five 5 of Article six f tht
Constitution of the State of Nebaska in
amended to read as follows
Section f Suprome court judges
election term chief justice That at
the general election to be held in tie
state of Nebraska in the year 11VJ a tt
each six vearx thereafter there shall U
elected three judges of the Supreme
Court who shall hold their office tor th
period of six years that at the genfra
election to be held in the state of Ne
braska in the year 1911 and eacn si
vears thereafter there shall be elected
three C judges of the Supreme ourt
who shall hold their office for the period
of six years and at the general election
to be held in the state of Nebraska in
tim venr ml and each six years there
after there shall be elected a Chief Ju
tice of the Supreme Court who shal
hold his office for the period of s
years Provided that the member of tht
Supreme Court whose term of uffic ex 1
nires In January 1U14 shall he On- f
County Commissioners Proceedings
McCook Neb July S3 jyjs
The county Imnrd of eipudintion mot puKu
ant toSndjotirtiiucut Present F S loficmS
Preiner and C H Ory cimiiiilMtoiior VI
EndleyJcounty rtfotwor P K Kcoder n U
attorney and CJintOkitllii county clerk
The iiiiiiutftior the lut iiiretintr were il
and on mot ion npprnud
Tin tale board of cquali7iition not irofra
made itn report to the county the county tru
adjourned ti lmiut AugiihtS IK
V S Lop ion diMfaurut
Attest CiiAnii h Skaiia Clerk
McCook Nebraska July SH 1W4
Tie board of county conimiionor iimtjiu
sunlit to adjournment Present F S IoftuS
Ireiner anil C H Cray ctimuiiiVuon xxdi
Cluis Skfilln county clerk
The minutes of the hist meeting were ronJil
and on motion approved
Tho semi annual report of the county stlx
iutendeut on the rondition of the county iil
tuto fund was examined ami approved aui
ordered plan d on file
On motion K F Ncwlou who apHtintet ur
stable of Willow Jroe precinct to 1111 vaoMtey
The following claim was audited iiihI i8
Jovtcd and the clerk win instructed to ilnw
warranlsou the road fundi of tho rttttpeotite
commi Monc r districts as follows
H V Harry Mfg Co 71 inch culvert 21
feet WtiQ
Henjiiuiiii Schamel road work W
Thomas Plumb snme K3I
J E Dodge same supplies rorTro5sctiJtt0
FM Yeater road work
T F iocklcY same
Frank iockluy same
W T Clark same
Cha Hoiihnm same
BertMoore same
Recce Arnold same
C Kiuni ou same
Frank Premer same
TF Stroud 2 Liicfc
T F Stroud ii Co t buck
T F Stroud t Co t buck
U A Folden palatini signs ou bridges
51 A
On motion board adjourned to meet Augvxtl
150 s F S I on o Chairman
Attest CitAs SkaxIa Clerk
Iy virtue of an order of sale to me iireete
by the clerk of the district court of Red Wittww
usuce ui in- ouii vwv ctv the siale of Nebraska on a Jo
i 1 winn nl I1IC riVlll III - -
lime uiiin me i ii nui i - - i menr rendered in said court in the cause wla
office And provide furt or Iiat upon n juiK Sll Ulv piahitiir and Saltif
nn n nntimi ni inoM iiiieiiiiuie ii- i in- i - r - I r I 1
iic ----- - ii n
electors oi wie u1 t niiitli iliiv ol lata
iieitoiiaiiis iiu lju7
IWIS for the
immediately upon Issuing Ills au of ie following d riied real estal
tion declaring said amendments aaopteii T l stlttii in block tuciiU Mw
appoint four I judges of the buprenu j tmn r McCofc lied Willow
Court two t oi wuum siuu ue i
pointed to hold said office until their
successors shall be elected at the general
election in 1900 and have qualified am
the other two 2 shall hold lb oris
until their successors shall be lee ted at
the general election held in 1911 and
have qualified
Section -1 Amendment proposed Thai
Section six C of Article six C of the
Constitution of the State of Nebraska be
amended to read as follows
Section C Chief justice The Chlfl
Justice shall serve as such during all the
term for which he was elected le shail
preside at all terms of the Supreme
Court and in his absence the juiges
present shall select one of their number
to preside temporarily
Section 5 Amendment proposed That
Section thirteen 13 of Article six 0 oi
the Constitution of Nebraska be amended
to read as follows
Section 13 Judges salaries That
liwlfresj of the Sunreme Court shall eacn
receive a salary of 4500 and the Judge
of the District Court shall each receive
a salary of 3000 per annum payable
Approved April S 1907
I Geo C Junkin Secretary of State
of the State of Nebraska do herebj
certifv that the foregoing proposes
amendment to the Constitution of tht
State of Nebraska is a true and correct
copy of the original enrolled and en
grossed bill as passed by the Thirtiet
session of the legislature of the State of
Nebraska as appears from said original
bill on file in this office and that said
proposed amendment is submitted to the
qualified voters of tho state of Nebraska
for their adoption or rejection at the
general election to be held on Tuesday
the 3d dav of November A D 1903
In testimony -whereof 1 have hereunto
set mv hand and affixed the Great Seal
of the State of Nebraska Done at Lin
coln this loth day of July In the year
of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred
and Kight and of the Independence of
the United States the One Hundred and
Thirtv third and of this State the Forty
Seal Secretary of State
In the county court of Red Willow count v
Nebraska In the matter of the estate of James
H Short deceased
Notice is hereby given that the creditor- of
the said deceased will meet the administratrix
of said estate before me county judge of Red
Willow county Nebra ka at the county court
room in said county on the ifcth day of Janu
ary 1909 at one oclock p in each day for the
purpose of presenting their claims for examina
tion adjustment and allowance Six months
are allowed for creditors to present their claims
and one year for the administratrix to settle
said estate from the 11th day of July lWS
This notice will be publi Iied in the ilcCook
Tribune for four weeks successively prior to
the 18th day of January 1909
Witness my hand and seal of said court this
11th day of July A D lOS
sual J C Iooke County Judge
Hard and Soft Paper
in convenient sizes for desk use in fig
uring and making notes at the Tribune
office Very reasonable price
rW - xrz
partition uetf
ty Nebraska I will olfer for sale to the ife
est bidder for cash on the fourth day of
IHiS at the east front dour of tlR oosrt
house in said county at two oclock in tiw
afternoon the feal cstatb
Dated this thirtieth day of June VMS
P E RiiioEi Referea
In justice court before II if Perry justicari1
the peace O W Dewey defendant will tat
notice that on the nd day of June lJs 1L IL
Perry a justice of the peace r Red WiHo
county Nebraska ijsued an order of attach
ment Tor the sum of irU in an aclioit vwlnt
before him wherein Royell i Hnrcer are iJaia
tilTs and O W Dewey defendant ami that
property of the defendant consisting of iiKnej
due and owing iu the hands of the Chicago
Rurlingtou and Qtiincy Railway Company
garnishee as wages for work and labor tor
formed by -aid defendant for said Railway
Company has been attached under said order
of attachment Said cause has Iwen contiiiHed
for hearing to the 8th day of August 190S at
U oclock a ni
L E Baihjex
In the county court of Red Willow county
Nebraska State of Nebraska county of Rel
Willow To Frank Magner Hattie Morris
fieorge Thump on anil toall persons interested
iu the estate of Penelope Thomp ou deceased
On reading the iKtition of Nellie Weston pray
ing that the admiui tratioii of said estate li
granted to her or to such per on a- sh e map
de ignate as administrator It is hereby order
ed that jou and all persons intere ted in sait
matter mav and do appear at the coHHtf
court to be held in and for -aid county on the
1 th day of August A D IOM at one oclock p
in to show cause if any there he why the
prayer of the imtitioncr should not be grantL
and that notice of the pendency of said i titioi
and that the hearing thereof be given tost
per-on- interested in said matter by publi hijtc
a copy of this order in the JlcCook Tribune a
weekly newspaper printed in said county far
three successive weeks prior to said day eC
Witness mv hand and seal of said court this
22nd day of July A D lJO i
J C Moore Couny AwvT
John C Stevens attorney for petitioner
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