The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, July 10, 1908, Image 3

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li rfiCTira
Address of Temporary Chairman
of the Democratic National
Special Attsntion Given to Platform
Adopted at Chicago
Attitudes or thu Democratic Parly
Toward tbeltcgulation of Trans
portation Com pun en Elec
tion of Senator
Theodore A Hell of California upon
taking the chair as temporary chair
man or lie Democratic national con
vention spoke in part as follows
We have assembled at a time when
the public conscience is demanding
honesty of purpose In the men who
undertake to direct the affairs of the
state The public eye is keenly sen
sitive to every political movement and
our proceedings here will be approved
according to the degree of sincerity
appearing in the Avork of this conven
tion There is a widespread belief
founded upon evidence of a convincing
character that the party in power has
not been true to its trust that it has
betrayed the common interest into the
hands of the enemies of good govern
ment thereby forfeiting its right and
destroying its ability to rule in the
name of the people
Apparent to eveiyone is the fact
that way down deep in the heart of
the Republican convention at Chicago
there was a feeling of anger and re
sentment over the popular clamor for
reforms and it is equally patent that
there is no bona lido intention on the
part of the Republicans of granting any
reforms if the machinery of that party
can be retained in present hands Its
paper platform divided like ancient
Gaul into three parts barren prom
ises makeshifts and evasions it is
Loped will make a good campaign
transparency but no one seriously be
lieves the Republican party indorses
that neutral manuscript which held
the convention together until it could
ratify the nomination of a presidential
Approaching our great task in a
manly dignified manner imbued with
the loftiest sentiments of patriotism
ambitious to throw every safeguard
around the liberties of our people de
termined to stamp out the abuses that
are consuming the substance of the na
tion let us proceed to our appointed
tduty with the sustaining consciousness
that we are responsible alone to God
and to our country for the justice of
our cause
There are three tilings that this
convention should do It ought to
present in a plain and intelligent man
ner the serious industrial and present
conditions that are disturbing the
peace and happiness of our country
We should then proceed to a courage
ous exposure of the Republican policies
that are co operating with private
greed in the general oppression of the
people Most important of all Ave
must exhibit a readiness and an abil
ity to grasp the problems of the hour
and to effect their solution in a man
ner that Avill satisfy the sober com
mon sense of the multitudes whose in
terests are at stake
Among the great evils that afflict
the country at the present time is th
abuse of corporate power At first
the advancing1 aggressions of the cor
porations are not discernible to the
common eye for every move is caro
lully covered up until sufficient politi
cal strength is attained to defy the
protests of the people Thus the con
stant and insidious invasion of the
peoples rights finally results in a
species of arrogance and defiance so
formidable in its appearance that the
body of the people in fear of even
worse aggressions hestitate to exer
cise their rightful authority over these
colossal enemies of the commonwealth
And so avo behold a subversion of our
free institution5 a government volun
tarily subordinating itself to selfish
private ends special privileges resort
imr to cunning bribery and intimida
tion to maintain its unholy power
while the masses timidly ask that
when avarice has at last reached the
point of satiety it Avill then
ly permit the people to resume their
rightful share in the government them
The Democratic party is not an ene
my of all corporations It recognizes
their great A alue in the industrial
world Through the agency of incor
poration scattered wealth is brought
together and given a driving force thai
it would not otherwise possess Great
enterprises are thereby undertaken
and the undeveloped resources of the
country added to the wealth of the
world No rational man can be op
posed to corporations as such and the
assertion that the Democratic party is
waging an indiscriminate Avar against
this convenient form of transacting
business has no foundation in fact It
is the abuse only of corporate pow
er that we seek to eliminate
We are confronted with the in
quiry what assurance lnis the Repub
lican party given that it will use the
forces at its command to restore the
people to their rights In its Chicago
platform it did not make even a decent
pretense of championing the peoples
cause and the proceedings of that con
vention are glaringly insincere It
was noted tbat the elements were pres
ent Jh that gathering one -with suf
ficient Aotes to adopt a platform and
name its candidate for president the
otlier powerful enough to unwrite that
platform and tie the hands of the nom
inee The distinguishing feature of
the Chicago platform is its oft repeated
premise to do a lot of thlijgs that the
Republican party has heretofore failed
to do That parly Avent to Chicago
fresh from the halls of comrress when
an overwhelming Republcan majority
in both branches enabled it to jiropuse
to and adopt any legislation that it
chose Dots the Republican party be
lieve that it can be absolved from its
dereliction of duty by an empty prom
ise to do In the future Avhat it lias
wilfully failed to do in the past
Some one suggested that thN con
vention should publish an indictineii
against the Republican pnity We can
probably expedite the jroco dings by
entering the plea cf guilty that is con
tained in the Chicago jihitfonn simply
changing the words We -will to the
words We did not to conform to th
admitted facts We then have the fol
ICAving confession of guilt
We did not revise the tariff
We did not amend the wiiti trust
laws to secure greater effectiveness in
the prosecution of criminal monopdic
We did not add a single line to
the interstate commerce law giving
the federal government supervision
over the issues of stocks and bonds by
Interstate carriers
We did not exact a currency
measure that Avould mitigate the evils
of a financial panic such as has recent
ly protracted the country under x Re
inihlican administration
We did not limit the opportuni
tles for abusing the Avrit of injunc
We did not establish postal sav
ings banks
We did not establish a bureau ot
mines and mining
We did not admit into the union
the territories of New Mexico and Ari
zona as separate states
The last congress Avas in session
during a finacial crisis Avhen innumer
able banking institutions prefering a
holiday to a funeral closed their
doors and filled the nvnds if the
millions of depositors Avith anxiety an i
fear The sentiment in favor of postal
savings banks which had been steadily
growing m this country became al
most universal during the recent panic
So insistent 1ecame the voice of the
people that the president sent a special
message to congress urging the estab
lishment of postal savings banks
where the earnings of our people
might be safely deposited under the
direct control and responsibility of
the federal government and Avhere no
speculating bank cashier or any mem
ber of the ooard of directors could eat
up the savings of years
The United States senate shOAved
its hearty sympath with this popular
demand and its profound respect for
the president by adjourning the senate
while the message was being react
while over In the house of represent
atives they refused to suspend the roll
call of the house to receive the com
munication which had been sent there
from the White House
Tile Chicago platform points with
prido to the passage of a child laboj
law for the District of Colombia Let
the Republican party go further than
the enactment of penal laws and in
the name of humanity use its vast
energies for the removal of the con
ditions that are forcing our children
into the labor market It is the reign
of monopoly that is emptying our
school houses and filling the sweat
shops Avith child labor and this same
system of monopoly is fast limiting
the opportunities for independent liv
lihood among those avIio are forced
into the industrial field and thus it i
doubly blighting that hope of youth
which in former stages of our national
growth opened an avenue of honor
and independence to every child upon
bur soil
The most palpable instance of the
insincerity of the Chicago platform is
found in its declaration respecting the
issuance of injunctions It would have
been entitled to more respect if it had
omitted all mention of it At session
after session of congress labor ha
pleaded for relief from the abuses of
injunctions but its appeals have fallen
on deaf ears and there has been no in
dication that remedial legislation ol
any character avouUI be enacted The
oligarchy in house and senate has de
cided that nothing shall be done tc
weaken any ad antage that corpora
tions have gained in labor disputes
The charge that the courts art
being assailed is simply made for the
purpose of diverting attention from
the real issue Heretofore it has no
been considered treason or an unwar
rantable attack ujon the honor of the
courts to define their jurisdiction pre
senile their procedure restrict theii
processes and generallv to fix the
bounds Aviti Avhk h judicial fr tifiU
shall be exercised
It makes no V Terence whethei
the couiN are acting In excos of tiiei
jurNuitici or stiictly within thei
delegate power In eiHser case tin
people have a righ to throw addition
aounl human liberty
There can ns in
ton up ri til
honesty of the i the passage o
a measure that vl inline the ejuit
powrs of tnc fe Ir rii judi iary
hounds is the eoIe of the Tn
ted States th orgh tlie legisativ
branches of their goenieit may de
termine This Poii
must formally an 1
pledge itself to sj
Avill jsreven the wrl
from being euiveiv
inent of oppression
We have soniot In
legislation as
ivjtietr i
to an
to do in this
convention besides pointing out evil
and taking the Republican party to
task for the part it has played in cre
ating and perpetrating abuses Dem
ocracy is once more called to the
front to battle for the secret principles
of self government It must wage an
uncompromising war for the return of
the government to the hands of the
people and this means that the
iihalanx of special Interest must be
broken With the power and oppor
tunity to carry out Democratic prin
ciples we will be called upon to revise
Dur tariff laws In the Interests of the
tvhole people This Issue cannot be
ilisposed of by the assertion that the
Reimblican party also stands for tariff
reform Republican revision and
Democratic revision are two different
The Democratic idea is that Avhere
tariff enables the trusts to maintain a
system of extortion the duty should be
removed from all trust made goods s
that competition from abroad
comiel reasonable prices to our own
people There is a vast difference be
tween the irotection of American in
dustries and the protection of criminal
The expense of our government
even Avhen most economically admin
istered avIH always require substantial
tariff rates for the customs duties Avill
always be our chief source of revenue
The amount and distribution of these
rates must always be delivered along
equitable lines keeping in view the
greatest hajipincss to the greatest
number and particularly Avithholding
the shelter of the tariff from those avIio
use it not for legitimate self protec
tion but for the criminal purpose of
extorting the last dollar from the
American consumer
The corrupt use of large sums of
money in political campaigns is largely
responsible for the subversion of the
peoples Avill at the polls The masses
are nvakening to a realization of the
great power of gold in contests that
ought to be determined according to
the character of nominees and tht
soundness and morality of political is
sues and there is a general demand
for publicity in the collection and use
of campaign funds so that our citizens
may know Avhcther a political party
has purchased its Avay into office fr
has Avon its victories by honest means
In the Chicago convention a minor
ity report of the committee on resolu
tions containing a declaration in favor
of publicity Avas overwhelmingly de
feated upon a roll call of the conven
tion and the Republican party placed
itself squarely upon record in favor
of concealing the names of the con
tributors and the amounts of their
It is eminently proper that this
convention should define the Demo
cratic attitude toward the regulation
of transportation companies and call
the attention of the country to the in
disputable fact that it was only after
years of Democratic effort that an
amendment Avas made to the inter
state commerce laAv authorizing the
commission to establish reasonable
rates whenever it appeared that an
existing schedule was unjust and un
reasonable The national platforms of
the Republican party remained silent
upon this great question for years and
the fact that the necessary change was
advocated by a Republican president
who succeeded only through the aid of
the Democrats in both branches of
congress in placing the amendment
upon our statute books does not affect
the credit to which our party is en
titled for having worked persistently
for such an enactment Further
amendment to our laws giving the fed
eral government supervision over the
issuance of railroad stocks and bonds
is demanded
We search in A ain for one syllable
in the Chicago platform pledging the
Republican party to retrenchment and
reforms and it is no mere coincidence
that has given us a billion dollar ses
sion of congress en the eve of a na
tional election and the possible revision
of the tariff
So long as we maintain the pres
ent method of electing United States
senators Ave cannot hope that the up
per chamber of congress Avill reflect the
popular Avill The Democratic party
will continue to labor for the direct
election of United States senators and
it appeals to the voters of all America
to elect members of the different state
legislatures A ho will pledge themselves
to vote for no candidate for the United
States setiate that is not in favor of
this reform The affirmative position
of the Democratic party rjon these
great questions Avill bo made i lear dur
ing the imjiending campaign and dis
daining all subterfuges it Avill speak
in a language that cannot be
Its A oice will ring Avith a genu
ine love for humanity and the charge
of insincerity will never be brought
to its doors Let our party declaration
in this convention present the strong
contrast between that AA hich Ave here
propose and that Avhich was declared
at Chicago Let any man take the
temperature of the Chicago platform
and discover if he can any sign of
human warmth Not a single senti
ment is there to redeem it from the
materialism permeating it through and
This national convention meets at
a time when the angel of peace is h v
ering over the entire world and the na
tions of the AAorld each day are
strengthening those ties of friendship
and common interest that will render
war less frequent and permit man
kind to turn their hands to the peacea
ble pursuits of life rather than to the
destruction of one another
The Democratic party realizes the
part that America must inevitably play
in the affairs of the world and that avc
cannot escape participation in the set
tlement of every world problem that
arises but Americas weight and in
fluence must ever be on the side of
peace on the side of justice on the
side of the oppressed and if the Avill
of the people shall commit to our hands
the sceptre of power it will be used
for the realization of the high Amer
ican ideals that raise our own people
to loftier and better things and through
our precepts and examples contribute
to the Avell being and happiness of all
A Chat Between a Male Heathen and
Two Native Ladies
Some of the traditional observances
in the polite society of other lands af
ford In addition to amusement con
siderable opposition to the free inter
course to which modern conditions
ba e accustomed us Mrs Speedy
one of the first English ladies to visit
lvassala gives a good instance of thia
In her Wanderings In the Sudan
when relating how she and her hus
band received their first callers Their
patroness was an Italian lady who had
long been a resident of the city
In the morning a rap came to the
door writes Mrs Speedy and on
opening it I saw madame Avith tAVO
Arab Avomen standing outside She in
quired cautiously if Charlie were with
in and on my saying that he was she
made a sign to the two ladies who
drew the thickly concealing shawl still
more closely over their hidden faces
and moved off to one side in the pas
sage turning their backs to the door
She then explained to me that they
were of very high rank and of a very
strict sect and must on no account be
seen by a strange man especially not
by one avIio Avas of another nation and
an infidel They Avere however very
anxious to see me and had come to do
me that honor and if Charlie would
not object to go below or into some
other room for a few minutes they
would make their visit very short
I represented the state of the case
and he at once consented to absent
himself his only regret lining that he
should not have a chance to converse
with these ladies as there were many
things which he wished especially to
know and which he was not likely to
have any opportunity so goad as the
present for ascertaining In turn I
represented this side of the question
to madame and after much hesitation
and Avhispered conversation in the pas
sage a compromise was effected
It Avas arranged that completely
veiled the ladies should enter the
room not venturing to turn their heads
in the direction of the masculine hea
then and tbat he should before they
entered turn his back to the direction
by which they Avould come in
This Avas all strictly carried out and
thus back to back and a considerable
distance apart an edifying conversation
Avent on for half an hour questions
being put in bland inquiring tones and
dulcet replies given Avhich appeared to
be quite satisfactory to both parties
The Longest Straight
To the Bueuo3 Aires and Pacific
railway belongs the peculiar distinction
of having ou its system the longest
straight stretch of railway in the
world The length of this is 201
miles and it is situated on the main
line between luS and 3G31 miles from
Buenos Aires The straight was for
merly broken by reverse curves form
ing a detour around Lake Soria The
longer portion Avas then 175 miles long
and A as even then the worlds record
The lake haA ing howe er practically
dried up the company suppressed the
curves and the cutoff was opened to
service on Oct 13 1907 It seems that
when the line was set out in the sev
enties at Avhich time the country was
in the hands of the Indians after leav
Ing Junin which Avas a military out
post and the last point of contact Avith
the Buenos Aires civilization a course
of aboutwest nortliAvest was set and the
line run straight across the fiat pampas
until it met another line about sixty
miles long Avhich was pushed out east
Avard from the Avesteru terminus Villa
Mercedes There were no obstacles of
importance to aA oid and hence the
phenomenal bee line Engineer
Cains Wife
I never discuss marriage said the
late General Fitz Hugh Lee without
thinking of an old colored preacher in
my state Avho was addressing his dark
skinned congregation Avhen a white
man rose up in the back of the build
Mr Preacher said the white man
Sir to you said the parson
Mr Preacher you are talking about
Cain and you say lie got married in the
land of Nod after he killed Abel But
the Bible only mentions Adam and
Eve as being on the earth at that time
Whom then did Cain marry
The colored preached snorted with
unfeigned contempt
nuh he said You hear dat bred
eron an sisters You hear dat fool
question I am axed Cain he Avent to
de laud o Nod just as de good book
tells us an in de land o Nod Cain
gits so lazy an so shifIess dat he up
an marries a gal o one o dem no
count pore Avhite trash families dat
de inspired apostle didnt consider
fittiu to mention in de holy word
Departed Glories of Fez
Fez the fertile the Rome of the
western Arabs still retains traces of
the magnificence which made her in the
middle ages the riA al of Mecca In the
twelfth century the holy city to which
Avhen the road to Mecca was closed
pilgrimages were made contained as
many as 700 temples fifty of which
were adorned Avith marble pillars In
those old days the city was the haunt
of philosophers physicians and astron
omers A mere formal pretense ot
study is now all that is practiced
They have Euclid in folio volumes a
traAeler Avrites but neither copied
nor read The teacher sits crossleg
ged on the ground and repeats In a
drawling tone between singing and
crying words which are echoed by the
scholars sitting around him Fez how
ever is honest enough In one respect
she does not believe in outward show
In the interior of the houses are apart
ments decorated with paintings and
arabesques while the outside walls
are often built of mud
How the Crazed Empress Curso Came
to a Fulfillment
General Henrico dAlmonte Avas from
lSGIJ to lSUU the ambassador of lliu
peror Maximilian of Mexico to the
court of Napoleon III The most Inter
esting and most jmthetlc episode to
which DAlmonte was a witness and
which Is vividly described In his
memoirs is the meeting between the
scheming French emioror and Maxi
milians wife the beautiful and ambi
tious Carlotta who shortly before the
catastrophe at Queretaro had come to
Paris to Invoke Napoleons aid for the
tottering throne of her husband But
Napoleon III Avho for his own per
fidious purposes had by promises and
allurements induced Maximilian then
archduke of Austria to aecejt the re
stored throne of Montezuma faith
lessly abandoned the unfortunate
prince to his cruel fate as soon as he
realized his schemes to be impractica
Even at her arrival in Paris Carlot
tas mind was already in such a high
state of irritation that it was deemed
advisable to have General dAlmonte
at her side during the meeting with Na
poieon wmeii toou place in tnc em
lress apartments at the Grand Hotel
de Paris
What lends sjecial interest to that
interview Is the fact that the empress I
crazed by desperation and fear for her I
husbands safety and by Napoleons
unsympathetic attitude hurled a curse
at the latter Avhich In time was indeed
fulfilled to the very letter
The empress says General dAl
monte pleaded partly on her knees
and in the most beseeching terms with
the stony Frenchman to no a ail Then
t was that I Avitnessed the most har
rowing and dramatic scene of my life I
Frantic Avith grief and excitement the i
empress witli drawn mouth and flash 1
Ing eyes sprang to her feet extending
both her hands toward the retreating j
emperor j
Leave me she yelled In a voice
which cut through me like a sword I
leave me but go laden Avith my curse
the same curse that God hurled at
the first murderer May your own
house and throne perish amid flames
and blood and Avhen you are humbled
In the dust powerless and disgraced
then shall the angel of revenge trum
pet into your ears the names of Maxi
milian and Carlotta
At Sedan and by the revolution in
Paris Sept 4 1S70 the unhappy Car
lottas curse was fulfilled to the letter
Captain Charles Kiener in Los An
geles Times
The collection of coins and medals In
the British museum consists of over
250000 specimens
The stntiMif Nibrukn Itid Willow county s
la tin- county court In matlcr of Ukj r
tuttMif Jnine II Sliort IitciimhI On rtflmc
mid lllinj the iM tilion of Jr Inu L ilww
prnjiMK Unit administration of -aid estate mmr
lit Krniitwl to Iut us iiduiini tratri 0lKYtf
that July II A 1 IWi t oie ocIH k ji uit
itiiiifi for lifiiriiiK wild petition ln all
lterxui iuteresttii in mucI mutter mny wir
nt u county court to ln hdcl in nml far 3I
county ami show ciiiimj wlij the irajor of
should not he u rnntel ninl iliiu ttwi
or the ixMidcncy ofwuil petition and the hmr
niK thereof Iipkiwii to all hmoiis ItilerwDrrt
in Mild uiiittnr by uliliiifiK a ropy of ttAm
order in tliu McCook Trilium a vtrxkly mjiM
jMiper printed in nid count for three uicwr
u Iflllli O UHIDI iteHrmjc
Dated tlif
lJtJi Inv of June 1WW
I Mookk h
Stiite of XeuniMlii Ked Willow county Km
the mutter of the entitle of Jacob Crocter
Xotiee is herel y Khun to nil itermia
having claims and demands naint ful
Trucker late of Miid county that Wcw
time Used for liling claims aKniuit -aid tetany
i nix mouth from the ft It day of July KMi
All blicli peryoiis are required to pre oul tlxc
with ouchers to the coiiuy jiHlip
hnid county on or liefore the Itli day of Jaait
arv lKW or the same hall he forer ImiwL
All elainii m tiled will ho examined ami ad
justed by the county judw of -aid couutyttc
hisollicc therein on the itli day of Jattn
IM at one oclock p in It U ordered thattfcft
above notice be iubli hfd in the McCook TVS
bune a weekly new paper published in mmV6
county for four weeks iien under my hiMt
and eal of the county court this Kt day
July iuk J C Mookk County Jutliie
iai 7--Its
Hy virtii of an order of -ale ined from tfie
district court tf hd Willow county Xebrada
under a decree in an action wherein Aim
XohiuiKcl i plaintill ami the unknown rs
of ieore II Castle el ul are defendants in
directed and delivered shad otter at jKtMic
sale and -ell to the billies r bidder for ca ha4
the east door of the court hou e in McCtk
ited Willow county Ncbra kii on the 27th thxt
of July Hi IS tit the hour of one oclock p mu
the following described real estate to nit 75k
m rihwest tpuirter tif seetn n twelve in toon
ship two north of ran re tueiity nine west jT
the sixth I M in Ked Willow county Xeitm
Dated tlnVJtltli tiny of June tJOS
II I IKTKMsow SlteriJL
IJy virtue of an order of sale to me direci
by the cletk of the district court oT Hcd Willow
county in the State of Xebra ka on i jixlir
incut rendered in said court in the eause whuwr
lu Ludwii Suess was plaintilT and Salli PL
DeOrotret al were defendants on the tweitfjr
ninth day of June lJOS for the partition mixk
-ale of tin following docribed real estate
wit Lot sewnttenin block twenty--eve i
the original town of McCook Ited Willow ovtet
ty Xebras ka I will otter for salt to tli Imk
est bidder for iih on the fourth tlav of
livb at the ea t front door or tlie oowrt
hoiise in said county at two oclock iu ttt
afternoon the above described real estate
Hated this thirtieth day of June VJUb
p j Uiidii Refer
Realism In Art
Two artists were boasting how tm
could paint Do you know said or
I painted a sixpence on the grooiaL
one day and a beggar nearly broke feis
lingers trying to pick It up Thale
nothing to what I did said the ether
I painted a leg of mutton on a stene
and it was so realistic that a dog ate
half the stone before he found out ids
CURES catarrh of the stomach
See Bullard Before
Buying Elsewhere
Attention minders I i
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