The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, July 03, 1908, Image 3

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Independence Bell
A Poem That Has Been Read for
Years That Is Worth Heading
Again Who Wrote It
When It became certain thnt the Declaration
of Independence would be adopted and con
firmed by the signatures of the delegates in the
Continental Congreoi It was determined to an
nounce the event by rinirinir the old State House
bell which bore the inscription Proclaim liberty
to the Undf to all Inhabitants thereof I and the old
bellman posted his grandson ut the door of the
hall to await the instruction of the doorkeeper
when to rlnsr At the word that the docu
ment had been 6itrncd the little patriot scion
rushed out and fllnttinir up his hands shouted
Ring I Rlnc RING
There was a tumult in the city
In the quaint old Quaker town
And the streets were rife with people
Pacing restless up and down
People gathering at corners
Where they whispered each to each
And the sweat stood on their temples
With the earnestness of speech
As the bleak Atlantic currents
Lash the wild Newfoundland shore
So they beat against the State House
So they surged against the door
And the mingling of their voices
Made a harmony profound
Till the quiet street of chestnuts
Was all turbulent with sound
Will they do it Dare they do it
Who js speaking Whats the news
What of Adams What of Sherman-
Oh God grant they wont refuse
Make some way there -Let me nearer I
I am stifling Stifle then
When a Nations lifes at hazard
Weve no time to think of men
So they beat against the portal
Men and women maid and child
And the July sun in heaven
On the scene looked down and smiled
The same sun that saw the Spartan
Shed his patriot blood in vain
Now beheld the soul in freedom
All unconquered rise again
So they surged against the State House
While all solemnly inside
Sat the Continental Congress
Truth and reason for their guie
Oer a simple scroll debating
Which though simple it might be
Yet should shake the cliffs of England
With the thunders of the free
At the portal of the State House
Like some beacon in a storm
Hound which waves are wildly beating
Stood a boyish slender form
With his eyes fixed on the steeple
And his ears agape with greed
To catch the first announcement
Of the signing of the deed
Aloft in that high steeple
Sat the bellman old and gray
He was weary of the tyrant
And his iron sceptered sway
So he sat with one hand ready
On the clapper of the bell
When his eye should catch the signal
The happy news to tell
See 1 see I The dense crowd quivers
Through all its lengthy line
As the boy beside the portal
Looks forth to give the sign
With his small hands upward lifted
Breezes dallying with his hair
Hark with deep clear intonation
Breaks his young voice on the air
Hushed the peoples swelling murmur
List the boys strong joyous cry
Ring he shouted Ring Grandpa
Ring Oh Ring for Liberty
And straightway at the signal
The old bellman lifts his hand
And sends the good news making
Iron music through the land
How they shouted what rejoicing
How the old bell shook the air
Till the clang of freedom ruffled
The calm gliding Delaware
How the bonfires and the torches
Illumined the nights repose
And from the flames like Phoenix
Fair Liberty arose
The old bell now is silent
And hushed its iron tongue
But the spirit it awakened
Still lives forever young
And while we greet the sunlight
On the Fourth of each Juby
Well neer forget the bellman
Who twixt the earth and sky
Which please God shall never die
Uncertainty on This Point Has Given
Rise to Two Schools of Thought
The afternoon of Fourth of July has
a strong tendency to be poky To avert
this catastrophe many devices have
been introduced One of them is to
have a picnic Now there are two op
posing and mutually exclusive schools
of thought in re the Fourth of July pic
nic The one school holds that it al
ways rains on that afternoon the oth
er denies that proposition and main
tains that those who so vividly recall
standing under a tree a tree as a
shelter when it rains pitchforks and
feather beds is the rankest kind of a
swindle and something ought to be
done about it standing under a leaky
tree and watching the little men
jumping in the lemonade tub while
the tablecloths soak into sodden rags
and the layer cake pitifully dissolves
are really thinking of the annual Sab
hath school picnic when of course it
I dislike very much to take sides on
any question I am like the politician
who was campaigning in a neighbor
hood divided on entirely non political
lines into two parties one maintain
ing that it was just foolishness to say
that the earth turned clear over every
day and the other that it must be so
because it said so In the geography
book You know about such things
they ask him Now does it It dont
does it Not clear over
We ell Ha It does a little
he said Eugene Wood in Every
Very True
Oh said Edith Louise as she saw
the soldiers getting ready to fire the
Fourth of July cannon you mustnt
go near that gun or you might get
killed and Its dangerous gettln
M 3K
British Engineer Fought Africans and
Built Road Above Clouds
Basil Tanfield Boothby bronzed
from his experience in the tropics in
the last 13 years building railroads
fighting savages and shooting big
game has arrived in America bound
for his home in England The young
engineer has helped to make history
during the long time that ho has been
away from civilization and the story
he tells Is one of absorbing interest
Ho left England for Uganda Africa
in 1895 under orders from the Brit
ish foreign office to carry the con
struction of the government railroad
from Uganda to Mombassa
This railroad was needed for
strategic reasons to hold Uganda
Boothby stayed in the African wilder
ness four years carrying out the im
portant task intrusted to him
He is enthusiastic over Uganda as
a sportsmans paradise declaring that
it is the greatest big game country
in the world Walton Harrison one
of the engineers in his party was
killed as a result of a stirring ad
venture while lion hunting with him
Harrison killed one of the beasts but
was torn to pieces by a lioness which
he had wounded
Boothby took part In many skir
mishes with the native tribes which
were hostile to his work His position
as a government engineer made him
ex oflicio a magistrate and he led one
campaign against 500 blacks who had
harassed his party poisoning the water
and waylaying stragglers and cutting
their throats This tribe was the Wak
ikuo and lived on the edge of the
Great Gift valley
This extraordinary valley is 1000
miles long running north and south
and 40 miles wide at its narrowest
point It is 2000 feet deep and
through an upheaval ages ago is 5000
feet above the level of the sea It is
full of lakes and rivers and volcanoes
and inhabited by the finest tribe of
warriors in Africa savages who eat
no vegetables or fruit but subsist on
a meat diet entirely This tribe the
Massai is allied to the Zulus
When Boothby finished his Uganda
railway in 1S99 he took an order to
build a railroad across the Andes in
South America from Buenos Ayres to
Valparaiso The surveys carried the
line over a district of lofty peaks the
pass where the divide was crossed be
ing 13000 feet above the sea level
Boothby encountered many difficul
ties aside from engineering problems
The negotiations with the Chilian gov
ernment were not successful and the
result was that only part of the line
the Argentine side was finished
In 1900 Boothby went to China to
work on the Shanghai Nanking rail
road a line which will be ready to be
opened soon The road will serve
a rich district and Boothby says that
tnus lar tne traffic is very encourag
ing The difficulties which the road
encountered with the likin the inter
nal customs bureau of which Sir Rob
ert Hart is the head are about to be
adjusted amicably
The Shanghai Nanking railroad ex
tends 200 miles and cost about 10
000000 It was built for the Chinese
Imperial railways through a loan
raised by a British and Chinese cor
Chicagos Great Subway
One of the most remarkable of lat
ter day romances of millions has to
deal with the freight subway system
of Chicago a marvel of enterprise re
quiring a staggering expenditure
While this great enterprise was not
intended primarily to economize in
time its purpose was to facilitate the
local receipt shipment and exchange
of freight to prevent congestion of
streets and in this way to insure a
more prompt transaction of business
in the second largest city in the
A swifter transaction of the business
of the great city has been the result
so that this expenditure of 30000
000 for 45 miles of tunnels beneath
Chicagos streets may be charged up
to the world wide fight to gain time
In its simpler commercial aspect this
subway system is a 45 mile network
of underground conduits to facilitate
the movement of freight from depot
to depot from warehouse to ware
house from factory to store and from
merchant to consumer
Every street within an area nearly
two miles square is duplicated ex
cept as to buildings at a depth of
from 25 to 40 feet underground each
street intersection name and direction
below corresponding to the same on
the surface
China Building Railroads
In China during the last year
through traffic was resumed on the
Alanchurian railways The Hsinmintun
Mukden line has been redeemed by
China at a cost of 1G66000 The
Shanghai Nankin railway has been ex
tended to Chinkiang and should he
completed within a few months to
Nankin the Kalgan railway built en
tirely by Chinese of which the first
section was opened on September 30
190G has been steadily pushed for
ward the Chentung Taidan branch of
the Pekin Hankow line was opened on
December 6 the construction of the
182 miles having taken three years
and three months while another
branch from Kalfeng to Chenchou
was opened earlier in the year Work
on the Canton Kowloon railway Is also
being pushed on rapidly
Canadas New Line
Canadas new transcontinental rail
way from Moncton on the Atlantic to
Prince Rupert on the Pacific a dis
tance of rather more than 3000 miles
Is fully under way and is to be com
pleted by December 1 1911 at a coBt
of 200000000
Story Is Vouched for by Two Men of
Good Reputation Recognition of
Friends Seemed to Please
MOST remarkable in
stance of ghostly appari
tion occurred In the
yards of one of the big
railroads running into
during the win
ter of 189G
Engine No 587 was
one of the largest and
best on the division and
had been relegated to
the switch yards for bad
behavior so the yardmen
said Ever since No 587 had been
built it had been run by Mr W one of
the oldest engine drivers on the rail
road The iron horse was a beauty
large powerful and the pride of
every one who had anything to do
with it
Soon after the big strike of the A
R U Mr W died very suddenly and
No 587 was of course turned over to
other engine drivers The old engine
went all right for a while but it was
not long after Mr Ws death that it
began kicking up and playing all sorts
of pranks It ran off the track one
night and came near ditching a whole
train of freight cars If it had run
off the track but once nothing would
have been thought of it hut the per
verse monster kept running off the
track every few weeks and smashing
things so badly that it was in the re
pair shops nearly a third of the time
The superintendent of course al
ways laid the blame on the engine
drivers and more than one man was
laid off for it
Finally No 5S7 was transferred to
the switch yards where it worked all
right for a while then it began smash
ing things again At last it was
turned over to one of Mr Ws old
friends Mr N an engine driver of
exceptionally good record who prided
himself on never having had a wreck
but even he could not keep No 587 on
the track
The weather had been bad for over
a week the tracks were slippery and
the engine driver on No 587 always
was on the lookout that he kept to
the track all right One night it was
raining hard and was as dark as pitch
No 5S7 started down the tracks after
a bunch of cars There was a lot of
freight to be pulled out that night and
the switching was unusually heavy
The fireman had filled the firebox with
coal and had settled himself on his
bench for a rest Mr N had his head
out the window and was backing up
slowly when he felt a cold hand laid
on his own which was on the lever
The coldness of the hand startled
him but he thought of course it was
the fireman who had clutched his
hand to warn him of some danger
turning his head to see what was the
matter he beheld to his horror Mr
Ws apparition looking as natural as
though he were alive and about to
start on his night run
Of course his account of the appari
tion was met with scoffing and con
siderable chaffing upon the part of
the railroad men about the yards and
the engine driver began to think that
it might have been a delusion after
One night however about a month
after Ws apparition made its first
appearance in the cab of No 5S7 the
engine driver had his head out of the
window waiting for the signal to back
up The fireman was fussing about the
firebox Suddenly as before Mr W
put in his appearance again and stood
there with his hand on the throttle
Both engine driver and fireman saw
the figure
If the engine driver had been fright
ened at Mr Ws apparition the fire
man was paralyzed with fear crying
out with chattering teeth Its Ws
ghost and no mistake about it
The recognition from his two old
friends seemed to please Hie phan
tom for he nodded his head smiled
pulled open the throtVe and backed
the engine As toe engine driver said
afterward I didnt know whether I
or W ran No 5S7 that night
All to Save a Minute
What is the value of a minute ol
time Do you think 1000000 too ex
travagant a figure
Considerably more than this is be
ing paid by some of the big railroads
of the country in their efforts to van
quish Father Time In order to save
about 30 minutes in reaching the heart
of New York the Pennsylvania rail
road is spending about 60000000 to
burrow under the Hudson river That
is paying 2000000 a minute
When the New York Centrals plans
involving an expenditure of 70000
000 are completed engineers figure
that the running schedule of cjach
train will be reduced six or eight min
utes Not all of this vast sum for im
provements can be charged to a desire
to save time however Still every
minute lopped off will cost very near
the high water mark
Have Changed Countries
It is a curious coincidence that Can
adas greatest railroad man Sir Wil
liam Van Home is a native of the
United States and that the greatest
railroad builder of the United States
James J Hill is a native of the do
Fast Travel In England
The Bristol to Paddington Eng
express covers 118 miles In two
County Commissioners Proceedings
McCook Nebraska June 21 1103
The county board of equalization met pur
suant to adjournment present I S Lofton C
H Gray nmlS lremer commLsMoncr T A
Endsley and Clia Skalla clerk
Thecciunlizntioiiof at Hsmcnts was contin
ued throughout the dny
In the matter of the assessment of the unim
proved laud in Coleman precinct a motion was
made by lremer seconded by Gray that the
valuation of the following unimproved land in
said precinct be reduced from li per aero to
10 per acre
Seventy acres in nv r of 0 owned by Jacob
Uctz IM acres in sw ir of 15 owned by Edward
L Grimes lJO acres in ne rof 7 owned by
Florena 1 Walters- 40 acres in nw jr of se r of
7 owned by Florena I Wat srs 10 acres of sw
qr in so ur erf 7 owned by Florena I Walters
35 acres in the cast hf of se qr of 7 owned by
Florena I Walters 100 acres in nw qr of 7
William H Hublcr120 acres of sw qr of 7 own
ed by Melvin Choat M acres in e Vt of no qr of
J owned by A J Drake 30 acres in se lOowned
by John 15 Smith CO acres in ne qr of 11 owned
by George Ii Hoar 100 acres in nw qr of 11
owned by George I Hoar CO acres in sw qr 11
owned by John 15 Smith 40 acres in u hf of no
qr of 17 owned by John N Smith 10 acres in
south hf of ne qr of 17 owned by John N Smith
40 acres in north hf of se qrof 17 owned by
John N Smith 10 acres in north hf of nw qr of
17 owned by Hoyle it Eldred CO acres in north
half or Itie qr 18 owned by Florena I Walters
20 acres in north hf of nw qr 18 owned by J S
liriihli SO acres in west hf of sw qr 1 owned by
Asa E Schlegel 120 acres in lie qr of 20 owned
by Mary E Simpson W acres in seqroT20
owned by Wesley M Hozelle 70 acres in sw qr
of 21 owned by Wesley Jl Itozcllc acres in w
hf or ne qr of 2 owned by Wesley M Uozell b
acres in east hf of ne qr or 2 owned by Wesley
Al Itozell 0 acres in west hf of nw qr of SO
owned by Dalls J S Schlegel W acres in north
M or sw qr of ow ned by Clinton Schlegel 70
acres in e liT oT ne qr 33 owned by Annie Coyle
80 acres in east hf oT sw qr r 33 owned by Pat
rick Coylo M acres in w hT oT v qr 33 owned
by Patrick Coyle 80 acres in west hf oT nw qr
or 33 owned by Peter Xel ou 110 acres in so qr
of 35 owned by Kester Peers IK in nw of 3T
owned by Win H Hryant Motion carried
A motion was made by Gray seconded by En
dsleythat a valuation of 2000 be placed on the
SO acres of improed land on the ne quarter of
section 10 Coleman precinct of John 15 Smith
which had been misled by the assessor Mo
tion carried unanimously
A motion was made Ly End ley seconded by
Premer that ail real estate in Gerver precinct
without the improvements be raised 40 per
cent Motion carried unanimously
A motion was made by Endsley seconded by
Skalla that all real estate in Grant precinct
without the improvements be raised twenty
per cent Motion carried unanimously
A motion was made by Gray seconded by
Premer that all real estate in Tyrone precinct
without the improvements be raised fifteen
per cent Motion carried unanimously
A motion was made by Gray seconded by
Premer that all real estate in Missouri Hidgc
precinct without the improvements bo raised
live per cent Motion carried unanimously
A motion was made by Gray seconded by
Premer that all improved land in Rondville
precinct without the improvements be raised
ten per cent Motion carried unanimously
A motion was made by Premer seconded by
Endsley that the valuation of all real estate
and the improvements in Perry precinct be re
duced 20 per cent Motion carried unanimously
A motion was made by Endsley seconded by
Premer that the valuation of the east hT of the
nw tir of section 8 Valley Grange preciuctbe re
duced 40 being owned by R D Rodgers- and
that the valuation of the w hf of the ne qr of
section 8 same precinct of E J Baker be re
duced 300 Motion carried unanimously
A motion was made by Gray seconded by
Premer that the valuation of all real estate and
improvements in Willow Grove precinct except
that part of sections 32 33 and 34 which lies
south of the Republican river and except all
parts which are platted and laid out into town
lots be reduced thirty per cent Motion car
ried unanimously
On motion board adjourned to meet June 25
19U3 F S Lofton Chairman
Attest Ciia Skalla County Clerk
McCook Nebraska June 25 VMS
The county board of equalization met pur
suant to adjournment present F S Lofton S
Premer and C B Gray commissioners T A
Endsley assessorand Chas Skalla clerk
The board continued the equalization of as
sessments throughout the day
In the matter of the assessment of the im
provements on lot 6 block 10 original town of
McCook E Rishel owner having been notified
and appeared before the board a motion was
made by Premer seconded by Skalla that the
valuation of said improvements be raised from
4000 to 5000 Motion carried unanimously
In the matter of the assessment of the im
provements on lot 11 block 27 original town of
McCook or Elizabeth Balbridge notice haing
been sened a motion was made by Skalla sec
onded by Gray that the valuation o said im
provements be raised from 2000 to 30OJ Mo
tion carried unanimously
In the matter of the a eminent of the im
provements of W B McCIain on lots 1 and 2
block 8 and oT the improvements ot T F En
right on lots 3 4 and 5 block S all in the 1st
addition to McCook notice to owners having
been sered a motion was made by Gray sec
onded by Skalla that the valuation or the im
provements in each case be rai ed from COO
each toS00 each Motion carried unanimously
A motion was made by Premer seconded by
Endsley that the valuation of all real estate
without the improvements in Iudianola pre
cinct be raised thirty per cent Motion carried
It was ordered by the board that the clerk be
instructed to notify the following named own
ers of real estate in Iudianola city to appear
before the board on July 7 1WS to show cause
why they should not be raised on their assess
ment or said real estate
Harry C Whitmore east hr of se qr section
7-3-27 Marion Powell w hfne qr and sw qr or
ne qr or section Walter W Wilson part
The clerk further was instructed to notify Ed
Jeffries to appear before the board on July 7
K0S to show cause w by the assessment of his
real estate in the se qr of the no qr of section
29-3-29 should not be raised
A motion was made by Gray seconded by
Skalla that the valuation of all the lots and
platted additions to Iudianola city and the im
provements thereon be raised twenty per cent
Motion carried unanimously
A motion was made by Gray seconded by
Premer that a valuation of 700 be placed on
the improvements or Ed Jeffries on his real
estate in the ne qr of section 29-3-29 which had
been missed by the assessor Motion carried
A motion was made by Gray seconded by
Premer that the valuation of the following de
scribed land in Driftwood precinct the owners
of which had been notified to appear before the
board be raised from 40 to 60 per acre to wit
The ne qr of section 1 owned by William S
Fitch nw qr of section 1 owneQ by S B Ran
kin se qr of section 1 owned by I H Wasson
e hf of the sw qr of section 1 owned by I H
Wasson se qr of section 12 Willrfrd G Dutton
a hf of the ne qr of section 13 owned by Will- j
ard G Dutton s hf of the sw qr of section 1211
S Hileiiati ne qr of the uwqrof section 13
owned by US Hileman and that the valua
tion of the no qr or section 12 same precinct or
Joseph Schmitz e raised from 10 per acre to
0 jHsr acre Motion carried unanimously
In the matter of the assessment of the im
provements or Patrick Walsh on lots 1 and 2
block 21 original town t McCook presented
to the board by P Walsh a motion was made
by Gray seconded by Endsley that the valua
tion of said improvement bo reduced froml
000 to 20LJ0 Motion curried unanimously
In the matter of the assessment or the block
in part or the sw qr of the sw qr or section liKI
29 in McCook City owned by A Ebert notice
having been served on A Ebert and he haing
appeared be f oris the board a motion was made
by Lofton by Sknlln that the valua
tion or said block be raised ViO Premer act
ing chairman put the motion and it carried
A motion was made by Skalla seconded by
Premer thnt the assessment f the Hamilton
Lumber Co should stand as returned by tho
assessor Motion carried unnnimoul
In the matter r tho assessment or the person
al property or 1908 a motion was made by En
dsley seconded by Premer that the folIowiuK
additions be made to wit
Coleman precinct ten per cent on hor es
Lebanon precinct 21 per cent on hordes Leb
anon village 25 per cent on horses Mis ouri
Ridge precinct ten per cent on horse- Ierry
precinct 10 per cent on horsosTyrone precinct
10 per cunt on horses Willow Grove precinct
10 per Server precinct 10 per cent
on cattle ierver precinct 10 per cent on cuttle
Gerver precinct 20J per cent on agricultural
implements Gerver precinct 2U0 per cent on
household furniture Grant piecinct 10 per
cent on cattle Grant precinct 200 per cent on
agricultural implements Grant precinct 200
per cent on hou ehold furniture Motion car I
ried unanimously
A motion was made by Skalla by
Gray that no more complaints shall be iieard
by the board and that the board now adjourns
to meet on July 7th 1908 to hear the Tour
parties who were notified to appear that day
Motion curried unanimously
F ri Lorrox Chairman
Atte t Chas Skalla County Clerk
By virtue or an order or sale is ued rrom the
district court ofKcd Willow count Nebra ka
under a decree in an action wherein August
Nothnngcl is plaintiff and the unknown heirs
of ieorge II Castle et al are defendant- to me
direcied and delivered I shall offer at public
sale and sell to the highest bidder for ca h at
lite cast door oT the court Iiou e in McCook
Red Willow county Nebraska on the 27th day
oT July IKIS at the hour of one oclock p m
the following de cribed real estate to wit The
inrthwest quarter of section twelve in town
ship two north of range twenty nine we t of
the sixth P M in Red Willow cuiiit Nebras
Dated this 20th day or June 1908
II L Pin lkson Sheriff
By virtue or an order or sale to me directed
by the clerk or tho district court oT Red Willow
county in the State of Nebraska on a judg
ment rendered in said court in the cau e where
in Ludwig Suess was plaintiff and Sallie F
DeGroffct al were defendants on the twenty
ninth day or June li08 for the partition and
sale or the following described real estate to
wit Lot seventeen in block twenty seven of
the original town of McCook Red Willow coun
ty Nebraska I will offer for ale to the high
est bidder for cash on tho fourth day of Au
gust 1908 at the east front door of the court
house in said county at two oclock in the
afternoon the above described real estate
Dated this thirtieth day of June 1908
P E Rkedei Referee
T2Qft7r 1 lrr o n 1 T r r rr
v ULLU11 lUUCL U11U XrillllJii
C C Everts William WeiKont William Wy
Ktiit S T Rldgitley Math A Stewart Mattlmu
Stewnrt A II William Elizabeth AComptoti
Sallio F Hamilton Jeut io Hell Turner Cora L
Campbell J a mo L Campbell Uy A Ketch
and William Ketch defendants will takunotie
that William plaintiff litis tiled hi
IHtition against Hid defendants in the district
court of Red Willow count Nebrn JvH Iho ob
ject and prnjer of which are to quiet the title
or the plaintiff in the norheift quarter and
tho north half of the uorthwot quarter and
the southeast quarter of the iiorthet qimrter
and the west half or tlie wmtlieHit quarter of
section four I tow u hip four hrtmxe
t29 in Red Willow county NebrakH
ami the southeast quarter I the
quarter and the west hair or iho
quarter iff section twenl i27t and the
northeast quarter and the lorth hair or the
southea t quarter hi il the quarter ut
the Muitheu t quarter of thirty thruii
133 and the northeast quarter and east hair of
the northwe t quarter ai d iHt half of wnitli
east quarter or stction thirtj Tour ill all in
township live 5 range twenty ninn O in
rroatier couity Nebraska aid for a decree
that the defendants and each iff them be de
creed to have no intcre t in r any claim lieu
or title to said premises or nil wrt thereof
and that the plaiutitls title thereto is Kood and
valid and that the defendants and each and all
iff them be forever i njoiued from asfrtinKor
claiming any right to or right of po HKiiHi of
said premises or nil part thereof
You are required to answer said petition oh
or before Monday the iluv of Jul II
Dated this 10th day or Jm
Wiiii m Jkiis Plaintiff
By Bole A Eldred his
Tho state of Nebraska Red Willmv county
In the county court In the matter of tho mm
tato ir fame- II Short deceased On reading
and tiling the petition or Mrs Lena L Ghuriug
praying that administration of said estate may
be granted to her as administratrix Ordered
that July 11 D isus at one oclock p m in
as iguei Tor hearing -aid petition when all
per-on- interested in -aid matter mny appear
at a count court to 1m held in and for -aid
county and -how cau c why the praer of je
titiouer should not be granted and that notice
of the iKMidcucy of said petition and the hear
ing thereof he given ty all per ons iuterttsted
in said matter by publi hiug a copy of this
order in the McCook Tribune a weekly news
paper printed in -aid comity for three success
ive week- prior to said of hearing
Dated this I3th day of June VAS
0-20-3 J C Mookk County Judge
State of Nebraska Red Willow county ss In
the matter of the estate of Jacob Crocker
Notice is hereOy given to all persons
having claim- and demand- again t Jacob
Crocker late of said county deceased that the
time tixed for filing claims against -aid estate
is six month- from the Itb day of July 190 S
Allsuch per-on- are required to pro eat their
claim- with voucher- to the county judge of
-aid county on or before the Ith da of Janu
ary 1909 or the same -hall he forever barred
All claims tiled will be examined and ad
justed ly the county judge of said county at
hi otlicc therein on the 0th da of January
1HI9 at one oclock p m It is ordered that the
above notice be published in the McCook Tri
bune a weekly new paper publi hed in said
county for four weeks Given under my hand
and seal of the county court this 1st day of
July 1908 J Mooki Count Judge
I ma i
We The McCook Waterworks Company a
corporation by its Pre ident and a majority of
the Hoard r Directors hereby give notice that
the amount or all the existing debts of said
corporation is Thirty four Thousand Ten and
no 100 Dollar-
Dated this twent sccond day of June 1908
A B Minoic lre ident
J C Dkwiisk Director
J W Hatkmu Director
J E Kiiiky Director
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Buying Elsewhere
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or anything pertaining to Cement Work see
Or at Yard Two Blocks East of Main KOOIII 8
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