The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, December 27, 1907, Image 4

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Largest Circulation In Red Willow Co
Subscription 1 a Year in Advance
Thk primary plan of securing tho ex
pression of NobriiBka Ropublicann as to
tboir choice -for tho presidential nom
inee recommends itself to those voturs
who believe in going bnck tocho voters
tho people for such results rniher than
depending upon the machinations of
politicians who usually have personal
and ulterior objects in view It might
boa surprise to many if the peoplo are
given this opportunity All agree that
the plans and purposes of President
Roosevelt are unqualifiedly endorsed by
tho rank and file of Nebraska Republi
cans but tho question of his successor
is not n matter of such unanimity
Their choice is the man who can and
will most closely follow in tho footsteps
of President Roosevelt the man who
will most fearlessly carry out his policies
Who is tho man Who is qualified to
speak for Nebraska Republicans Cer
tainly no one better than the peoplo
themselves Republican success in tho
west depends largely upn the choice
The primary plan rests th responsibil
ity where it belongs the voters
The supreme objection to gambling
in all its forms whether in sport or
in speculative business is that it works
harm and lois to society As soon as
any practice or conduct is found to be
socially hurtful it thereby becomes
wrong whatever men may have
thought of it before Does not all mor
ality rise to consciousness through the
fact of social advantage or injury
Now the long and costly experience of
mankind baars uniform testimony
against gambling till at last the -verdict
of civilization has become as near
ly unanimous as human judgment can
be that it is an intolerable nuisance
It is a dangerous or unsocial form of
excitement It hurts character demor
alizes industry breeds quarrels tempts
men to self destruction and it works
special Injustice to women and chil
dren We may not know precisely why
morphine preys upon the nervous sys
tem and has to be labeled poisonous
The fact Is the main consideration
So with the stimulus or excitation of
gambling Grant that I profess my
self willing to pay for my fun Tho
fun is degrading like the prize fight
or bear baiting Charles P Dole in
A Remarkable Hat
A woman wants a divorce because
her husband has purchased her only
hat in twenty five years
It would be interesting to know if
there is enough of the hat left to got
on straight Cleveland Plain Dealer
Social Duty
The idea of social duty dominates
our time We are impregnated with
It It is the most urgent aspiration of
the modern conscience and in the
midst of our controversies defies all
eur ironies Georges Touchard in La
Nouvelle Revue Paris
A Case of Luck
Benevolent Lady But my poor man
if you have been looking for work all
these years why is it that you have
never found it Tramp confidential
ly Its luck mum just sheer good
Christian Bible school at 10 a m
Y P S C E at 7 p m All are wel
Episcopal Preaching services at St
Albans church at 11 a m and Sp m
Sunday school at 10 a m All are
welcome to these services
E R Earle Rector
Catholic Order of services Mass
8 a m Mass and sermon 1000 a m
Evening service at 8 oclock Sunday
school 230 p m Every Sunday
J J Loughran Pastor
Baptist Sunday school at 10 a m
Preaching service at 1100 a m Even
ing service at 800 B Y P U at 7 p m
A most cordial invitation is extended to
all to worship with us
E Burton Pastor
Christian Science Services Sun
day at 11 a m and Wednesday at 8
p m Subject Christian Science
Meetings held in Diamond block Room
open Wednesdays and Saturdays from
2 to 4 p m Science literature on sale
Methodist Sunday school at 10 am
Preaching at 11 by Rev O Moore of the
Wesleyian Uni of Lincoln Junior
League at 4 p m Epworth League at
645 New Year sermon by pastor
Watch night service New Year eve
Prayer meeting Wednesday night at
745 To all these services the public
is cordially invited
M B Carman Pastor
Congregational Sunday school at
10 a m Preaching at 11 a m and 8 p
m by pastor Junior Christian En
deavor at 3 p m Senior Endeavor
at 7 p m Prayer meeting every
Wednesday at 745 p m Sunday
night service under auspices of Mens
Sunday Evening Club Sermon sub
ject The Meeting Point of the Ages
The public is cordially invited to all
of these services
v G B Hawkes Pastor
a a Afaje
Mish Lulu Lathrop is at home for
tho holidays
Ciias W Hamilton is quite ill and
confined to bed
Fred Brewkr is at homo for the holi
days from Grand Island
Miss Budlong is in Colorado Springs
witji a sister for vacation
John Dunbar is spending tho holi
days at his home in Hastings
Mrs W B Miils save a recital by
her pupils last Friday evening
Miss Powers is with tho homefolks
in Trenton duriug holiday weeks
E E High of Danbury had business
in tho countys capital city today
Lon Cone went down to Lincoln for a
Christmas visit with the homerolka
M ibs Edna M Temple has gone to
Nora Springs Iowa during vacation
C D Ritchie spent Christmas in
Fremont visiting relatives and others
Miss Abel of the teacher corps is at
her Red Cloud home during holidays
Miss Audrey Jones a uni student
is with the homofolks for the vacation
Roijkrt Allen is with the home folks
over holidays coming from Des Moines
Mr and Mrs Norman Silver return
ed close of last week from their stay in
Miss NellieHalligan is a guest of
her sister Mrs C J Ryan during the
Mrs Lillian Snyder is collecting
cash fares at tho moving picture show
this week w
Mrs A E Petty and son Willie of
Lincoln are with McCook relatives for
John Rice a student in the unilaw
school is spending vacation among Mc
Cook admirers
Miss Storer and sister Gladys are
celebrating the gladsome season at
home in Nelson
Oscar Grismores home is quaran
tined on account of the presence of diph
theria in the family
Mary BarbiiTtk and Leah Pennell
are here for Christmas holidays from
tho Convent schools
Mrs A P Ely went to Red Cloud
Suuday evening to spend the holidays
with tho home folks
Arthur Colfer a Creighton uni
dental school student is at home from
Omaha for the holidays
C W Browne is down from Denver
for the holiday vacation which he is
spending with the family
John Jones who is taking a business
course in a Lincoln college is home for
Christmas New Year vacation
Mrs Ona Rush is down fromStratton
for the holidays and on account of the
severe injury to her father A P Cath
Miss Rettcher went down to Lincoln
Wednesday morning to attend the ses
sions of the Nebraska State Teachers
Levi Gower of Republican who has
been the guest of his sister Mrs Robt
Koebel for a week departed last Friday
nigLt for Denver on a short visit
May Stangland a teacher in one of
Lincolns business colleges and Miss
Kittie Stangland a member of the
Bertrand teacher corps are at home
for the holidays
Supt and Mrs Thomas are spending
part of the week at Lincoln during the
State Teachers Association meeting
and will conclude the vacation days
with his parents in Harvard
Mrs Bert Lufkin and Mrs Bert
Huet are both here from Gibbon Ne
braska guests of their parents Mr and
Mrs Ben Olcott Also Mrs P V
Royse of Lincoln The Olcotts had a
family reunion
Mrs MacFarland of Red Cloud
who has been here for some time with
her daughter Mrs R E Foe departed
for home Sunday evening Her son
Ben and wife who were also visiting
briefly accompanied her
Albert Berry arrived home last Fri
day night from Chicago He is travel
ing for S A Maxwell Co in north
west territory He departed on Christ
mas night for the east Albert has a
desirable position and is making good
Wanted His Moneys Worth
Have you any choice as to the wed
ding march asked the church organ
The wedding march echoed the
father of the bride
Yes the march that is played when
the bridal procession moves down the
aisle Which one would you prefer
Mendelssohns or the march from
Any difference in the expense
Oh no
Then play the one thats the long
Holme and Philadelphia
The gridiron pattern upon which
Philadelphia was laid out was the
work of Thomas Holme the surveyor
general of Pennsylvania The design
however was Penns own Little
seems to be popularly known of Thom
as Holme although some of his de
scendants still live in the city and bear
his name but it is said that all of bis
vast tract of land and his city lots
have long since passed out of the pos
session of his family
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Copyright 1907 by Robortus Love
HEX you step under the sprig
of mistletoe hanging from
the chandelier to get jour
Christmas kiss you may not
be particularly interested in the gen
esis of the peculiar little vegetable
growth which Cupid seems to have ap
propriated for his own Nevertheless
the process of mistletoe production and
reproduction is highly interesting
In some parts of England where
most of the mistletoe of Christmas
i O- A
sA -- - v
time comes from the gardeners prop
agate the parasite artificially Mistle
toe as is well known is of the para
sitic kind taking its sustenance not
from the ground but from a tree The
apple tree seems to be its favorite
though the hawthorn the lime and the
poplar frequently carry the parasite
The scientific inoculation of trees
with the mistletoe growth is practiced
with excellent results in the north of
England The gaidener takes between
his thumb and forefinger one of the
little berries of the mistletoe crushes
it so that its sticky juice oozes out and
sticks it upon the surface of a branch
of the tree Usually he selects a young
branch on which the bark is soft and
easily penetrable If an older branch
be chosen the bark is slightly scraped
on the surface The berry is mashed
flat against the bark The seed which
it contains is thus held in place by Its
own gum
Late April or May is the proper sea
son for inoculating The seed soon
sends through the bark a little feeler
or root and a small twig bending in
toward the branch of the tree appears
After a considerable period this twig
which looks like a small fishhook
sticking in the tree from the top of
the hook falls off The u nitiated
thinks it is all over but the experi
enced gardener knows better He
knovs that after a time the branch
will begin to swell at the point of in
oculation gradually rising to a little
fF Zijry -
f VH
j Osv v
yPtr tgmyt
By ROTiERTlS love
f ap w
urmL i
peak at the place where the hook has
been This tip gets green and shiny
a bud pushes up and in a few weeks
an unmistakable twig of mistletoe is
visible with a stem and a long leaf or
After this the mistletoe comes rapid
ly into its kingdom and takes posses
sion The close observer will see other
little swellings and peaks along the
branch the thin roots of the
1 toe having traveled under the bark to
sprout up in fresh places Thus it
travels along until sometimes the whole
tree is in its possession fine bunches
of the Christmas hanger growing abun
When once the mistletoe takes pos
session of a fruit tree the effect upon
the fruit is quite noticeable The mis
tletoe takes its nourishment from the
tree to which it clings That is the
soil in which its roots live and thrive
Naturally this reduces the amount of
substance which formerly went into
the fruit If the captive be an apple
tree the apples become small and
scraggly The mistletoe has stolen
away their sweetness and plumpness
Man grows by1 what he feeds on So
does mistletoe And as the pork eating
man visits the penalty of death upon
the pig so does the penalty of wither
ing and souring fall upon the apple
whose progenitor feeds the spreading
parasite Nature is full of wonders
and the growth of mistletoe is one of
the most wonderful when adequately
Mistletoe grows naturally in parts
of England and Scotland being propa
gated by birds In some of the north
ern counties of Scotland no mistletoe
is found This is believed to be due
to the absence of the mistle thrush
- WUfVj St ir wrr jr r
from those counties The thrush ol
this name is exceedingly fond of the
mistletoe berry After eating its fill
the bird ilics to another tree Being
cleanly it uses the branch of the tree
upon which it arts for a nankin
wipins its tik bill thereon Fr
quentlv a mist e oe eei i thu de
posited and giiied to the br T
the reproductive process follow
An wjicial huvi t wnorhT
mistletoe is still t be foin l oi oi
trees a in DrnHVal days resulted ii
the discovery c vorpl on- in
county of nnsil htring the pri
site But olt i Htlstoc Iit n
to b uni -a iv u thn Druidical
When the mist a- tic plus
the mister gt i Iv pr positions
the result riy - - with khs
Well 7ili - -1 Uncle Ned who
sometimes talked slangy suppose
you had a hot time on
I shd say I did lepiied Willy
Santy Claus HUcA my sor ks so full
that they fell douu into th fireplace
an ketched on lire an I got up f
gether up the scraps that wuz left an
found paw there tryiu t do th same
thing an I got m hands an arms
Not As It Read
A certain M P as proud and fond
as a man should be of his beautiful
young wife was Just about rising to
speak in a debate when a telegram was
put into his hands He read It loft
the house jumped into a cab drove to
Charing Cross and took tho train to
Dover Next day he returned home
rushed Into his wifes bedroom and
finding her there upbraided the aston
ished lady in no measured terms She
protested her ignorance of having done
anything to offend him
Then what did you mean by your
telegram he asked
Mean What I said of course
Wbat are you talking about
Read It for yourself said he
She read I flee with Mr X to Do
ver straight Pray for me
For the moment words would not
come Then after a merry fit of laugh
ter tho suspected wife quietly remark
Oh those dreadful telegraph people
No wonder you are out of your mind
dear I telegraphed simply I tea with
Mrs X in Dover street Stay for
When Does Reason Dawn
As there must be a point back along
the line of our descent where con
sciousness began consciousness in the
animal and self consciousness in man
so there must be a point where rea
son began If we had all the missing
links In the chain no doubt we might
approximately at least determine the
point or the form in which it first
dawned The higher anthropoid apes
which are no doubt a lateral branch
of the stem of the great biological tree
that bore man show occasional gleams
of it but reason as we ascribe it to
the lower orders is more a kind of
symptomatic reason a vague foreshad
owing of reason rather than the sub
stance itself For a long time the child
is without reason or any mental con
cepts and all its activities are reac
tions to stimuli like those of an ani
mal It is merely a bundle of instincts
but by and by it begins to show some
thing higher and we hail the dawn of
reason and its development from the
animal plane into the human John
Burroughs in Outing Magazine
Percentages In Shopping
There goes one of the 5 per cent
said a conversational floorwalker in a
big department store as he indicated
a slender active woman who was mak
ing rapidly for the street
You must be right of course re
marked his visitor but what do you
Why I divide women shoppers Into
four classes first those who do not in
tend to buy second those who intend
to buy but dont know what they
want lird those who know what
they A -it when they leave home but
become absolutely confused when they
get among the goods and fourth
those who know all the time what
they want go direct and get it and
St out as soon as possible
The fourth class dont yon know
constitute only about u per cent of the
whole and that womans one of them
They are a blessing in a way but un
fortunately they dont turn in as much
money as classes two and three
New York Globe
Attractive Show
nere are a few selections from a
circus poster recently displayed in Am
bala India
1 Some horses will make as very
much better tricks
2 The clown will come and talk
with that horses therefore the audi
ence will laugh itself very much
3 Boys will jump and roll in the
4 One man will walk on wire tight
he doing very nicely because he is
professor of that
o Then will come the very much
better dramatic
Notice No sticks will be allowed
In the spectator and he shall not mak
ing the smoke also we dont make it
only the fourth class
N B The circus is the very much
better therefore he come to see that
The Giraffes Neck
Lamarck thought that the giraffe ob
tained its long neck by transmission
of parental stretching to reach the
leaves of trees and that each new gen
eration literally began where the last
left off r say literally because the
young giraffe was conceived so to
speak as continuing at the branches
which its parents could just reach
and then stretching its neck to reach
leaves inaccessible to the parents So
to say it began eating where the par
ents left off Pall Mall Gazette
Aiming and Hitting
Mr Kidder I think a womans club
to be successful should aim at some
thing far removed from female suf
Miss Strong 1 dont agree with you
sir That should be its sole object
Mr Kidder Yes but its more likely
to hit that object if it aims at some
thing else Philadelphia Press
At least the audience didnt hiss
remarked the playwright after the un
successful first night
No replied the manager sadly
they were too sleepy Lippincotts
Eloper in a loud whisper Are you
sure the rope ladder is firmly at
tached Eloperess Oh yes I wont
fall Papa and mamma are at the top
holding it Cleveland Leader
It may be the census idea that a
woman who is merely the mother of a
family has no occupation but the job
Always the
C Baking
Powder jf
t Tho onl hlh crado j
9 Uoklnj P wilor oM 4b
d nt a moderate price 3h
This Bank
has safely handled the funds
of its patrons fnr over 22
years If you are looking for
a strong safe and conserva
tive bank ono that has near
ly 89000000 of Cnpititl Sur
plus and Undivided Profits
and soveral times this amount
of persona responsibility be
hind it then you cannot do
bettor than place your busi
ness with
First National
of McCook
Is BelieyiBE
If you will figure with us and
quulity of material s any object
you will bo easily convinced that
we out class all competition
jUlUlJllJ IU
Lumber Coal
Home of Quality
and Quantity where
Are you thinking of
building If so it f ion
to one our figures will
please ou
Phone No 1 Manager
Ask your IrnrTt for A
DIAMOND HKAVn Ttt t c zrrr I A
metallic boxes scaled with TUiir
Taec no OTnnrt TimrnCnnA
nnd ink CIirCIIKS TKIfS V
BIAMOX1 BKANO PILLS for twcnty fivC
years reijarded as Best Safest Always Reliable-
and Builder
Repairing and Remodeling
Buildings a Specialty
Shop Pbone 324
an then paw licked me fer gittin up i keeps her pretty busy just the same BEGGS CHERRY COUH
so early on Chrisimis jHomin I Indianapolis ews JVRUP Cures BRONCO iitf