The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, December 27, 1907, Image 2

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Miss Mattle told him she thought
that was noble of him
Red took as medicine
subject with speed to practical affairs
lie asked Miss Mattie how much mon
ey she hud and how she managed to
make out Now it was one of the
canons of good manners in Fairfield
not to speak of material matters per
haps because there was so little ma
terial matter in the community but
Miss Mattie doomed to a thousand
irksome petty economies had often
longed for a sympathetic ear to pour
into it a good honest complaint of hat
ing to do this and that She could not
exactly go this far with Cousin Will
but she could say it was pretty hard
to get along and gave some details
She felt that she knew him so v
well in those few hours Red heard
with nods of assent He had scented
the conditions at once
It aint any fun skidding on the
thin ice said he when they had con
cluded the talk Ive had to count the
beans I put In the pot and it made me
hate arithmetic worse than when I
went over yonder to school Well I
them days have gone by for yon Mat
tie He readied down and pulling
out a green roll slapped it on the cen
ter table Blow that in and limber
up and remember that theres more
behind it
Miss Matties pride rose at a leap
Will shraid I hope you dont
think Ive toiu you this to get money
from you
He leaned forward put his hand on
her shoulder and held her eyes with a
sudden access of sternness and au
And I hope Mattie said he that
you dont think that I think anything
of the kind
The cousins stared into each others
eyes for a full minute then Miss Mat
tie spoke No Will said she I
dont believe you do
I shouldnt think I did retorted
Red What in thunder would I do
with all that money Why good
Lord girl I could paper your house
with 510 bills Now you try to fly
them green kites like I tell you
Miss Mattie broke down The not ful
ly realized strain of fifteen years had
made itself felt when the cord snap
ped I dont know how to thank you
I dont know what to say Oh Wil
liam it seems too good to be true
What you crying about Mattie
said he in sore distress Now hold
on Listen to me a minute Theres
something I want you to do for me
What is it she asked drying her
For dinner tomorrow he replied
lets have a roast of beef about that
size indicating a washtub
The diversion was complete
Why Will What would we ever
do with it said she
Do with It Why eat it
But we couldnt eat all that
Then throw whats left to the cats
You aint going to fall down on mo
the first favor I ask Avith mock seri
Etomach Will said Miss Mattie with
a recovering smile
I lniAe a good stomach thats al
ways done the right thing by me when
Ive done the right thing by it said
Red And rnoreo er just look at the
constitution I have to support But
say old lady look at that pointing
to the clock EleAen thirty time de
cent people Avere putting up for the
The Avords brought to an acute stage
a wandering fear which had passed
through Miss Matties mind at inter
vals during the evening Where was
she to look for sleeping accommoda
tions for a man She revolted against
the convention that in her own mind
ns well as the rest of Fairfield forbade
the use of her house for the purpose
Long habit of thought had made these
niceties constitutional It was almost
ns difficult for Miss Mattie to say Ill
fix up your bed right there on the
sofa as it Avould have been for Red to
pick a mans pocket yet Avhen she
thought of his instant and open gen
erosity and Avhat a dismal return
therefor it would be to thrust him out
for reasons which she divined would
have no meaning for him she heroical
ly resohed to throw custom to the
winds and speak
But the difficulty was cut in another
Theres a little barn in the back
yard that caught my eye said Red
and if youll lend me a blanket Ill
roll it- tliovo I
Sleep in the barn loull not do
any such thing cried Miss Mattie
Youll sleep right here on the sofa or
upstairs In my bed just as you
If its all the same to you Id rather
not So help me Bob Id smother in
here Had the darnedest time coming
since T was inim 7i contour me 1
mustnt move but I told him Id chuck
just as I say
Well I think thats just dreadful
said Miss Mattie Id like to know
what folks will think of me to hear
I turned my own cousin out In the
barn Her voice trailed off a little
at the end as the gist of what they
might say if he stayed in the house oc
curred to her Well she continued
I if youre set I suppose I cant object
Miss Mattie was not a good hand at
playing a part
Im set said Red
Get me a
tion of the soft nirr jniil fillpd flic lin
Youre ready for most
Sure said Red Now good night
old lady lie bent dOAA n in so nat
ural a fashion that Miss Mattie had
kissed him before she knew what she
was going to do
DoAvn to the barn through the soft
June eA eniug Avent Red Avhistling a
Mexican love song most melodiously
Miss Mattie stood in the half opened
door and listened Without Avas balm
and starlight and the spirit of flowers
breathed out in odors The quaint and
pretty tune rose and fell quavered
lilted along as it listed without re
gard for law and order It struck Miss
Mattie to the heart Her girlhood with
its misty dreams of happiness came
back to her on the Avings of music
Tmir filg7 ns Mattie knelt mid sent
I up her niodust petition to her Maker
1 and got Into her little white bed
In the meantime Reds actions would
have awakened suspicion He hunted
around until he found 11 tin can then
lit n match and rummaged the barn
amid terror stricken squawks from the
inhabitants the hens
One two three four he counted
Reckon I can last out till morning on
that Mattie shes white people Just
tho nicest I ever saw but she aint
used to providing for a full grown
no stepped to the back of the barn
and looked about him Nobody can
see me from here he said In satis
faction Then he scraped together u
pile of chips and sticks and built a
fire filled the till can at the brook sat
and shifted the V Jj dJ 2 Wmself a cigarette and waited A
utiu 0 w large yellow tomcat came out of the
more I speak for the barn Mattie
anfl ha green lieulghts
and I speak real loud that Is I mean
to say Im going to sleep In the barnv
on him meaowlng tentatively
Hello pussy said Red You
unless theres somebody a heap larger
wat n mImitean1
than you on the premises Now there s - be UKitJ j
no use for you to talk Im gong to da
i greedily came closer and begged for
more The tin can boiled over Red
popped the eggs in puffed Ids eiga
I rette to a bright coal and looked at his
watch by the light Gee Ten min
I utes more now said he Hardly
seems to me as If I could wait lit
pulled the watch out several times
j Whats the matter with the d 11
thing I believe its stopped lie
growled But at last Time he
shouted gleefullj kicked the can over
I twl irn flirt- iirt If c f iroCiitirni tti 1
As she came in with this T T l -
ul IC
he added Say Mattie could you let
iV lovr Mr Cat were going to do
in t -
iuu no s i lutii ui uuuui x k -1
habit of wanting something to eat in
the middle of the night
Certainly Dont you want some
butter with it nere Ill fix it for 3011
on a plate
No dont Avaste dish Avashlng Ill
show yoa how to fix it no cut t 1
loaf of bread in half pulled out a poly
some real eating said he Just sit
right down and make yourself at
home This is kind of fun by links
Doavh Avent the ogs and down went
the loaf of buad in genet us slice
never forgetting a fair share for the
Woosh I feel better cried Red
And now for some slev lie sa ting
Into tho Imoft the bhin
P spread
with butter There we are and
kot oa tin fragrant old hay and
nothing to bother with afterward
roled Iseir In trice
Thats up a
a right smart notion Will
l li1 a tur wIlen l
but vouIl a cain on
want a knife
llpre he If onI
l hivc
In answer he drew out a leather case
from his oue relation shes a dandy so pretty
breast pocket and opened it
and quiet and nice Shes a marker
riss Mattie stood in the half opentd door
and listened
Within Avas knife fork spoon and two
flat boxes for salt and pepper You
see Im fixed said he
Isnt that a cute trick she cried
You shall have the roast of beef j admiringly
Pears to me that youre fond of your j anything
for all Ive got is Mattie
The cat came up purring and mak
ing bread lie sniffed feline fashion
at Reds face
Foo Shoo Go way pussy Set
tle yourself doAvn and avoII pound onr
ear for another forty miles I like you
first rate Avhen you dont Avalk on my
1 face He stretched and yawned enor
I mously Yes sir Matties all right
j said he A-a-a-11 ri And Chantn
Scechee Red Avas in the land of dreams
j Here back in Gods country Avithln
tAventy miles of the place Avhere he
was born the Avanderer laid him down
1 again and in spite of raid and foray
whisky and poker cards Avear and
tear hard times and hardest test of
all sudden fortune he Avas much the
same impulsive honest generous
devil-may-care boy avIio had left there
tAventy four years ago
Avhen Red
gold were
Isnt that a SAveet tuns she said j back on em but they aint got the
vrith a lump in her throat j fram these fellers have
She Avent up into her room and sat Bud in hand he walked beneath Mis
doAvn a moment in confusion trying to Matties AvJndows and he was the
grasp the reality of all that had hap- first thing her eye fell upon
pened In the middle of the belief nor startled exclamation made him
that these things Avere not so came the
regret of a sensitive mind for errors
committed She remembered Avith a
sudden sinking that she had not thank-
HE next morning
aAvoke arrows of
shooting through the holes In
iszj me out nam ana outsuic tin
bird life the tAvittering and chirping
I the fluent Avhistle and the Avarble the
j cackle and the pompous croAv Avere in
full chorus
Where am I at this time said he
as he took in the amcaw Oh I re
member and his heart leaped Im
in my own home by the Lord
He went doAvn to the brook and
washed drying hands and face on the
silk neckerchief which is meant for
use as well as for deco ation
In the meantime Miss Mattie had
awakened Avitli a sense of something
delightful at hand the meaning of
which escaped her for the time And
then she remembered and sprang out
of bed like a girl She went to the
open the shutters and
let the stirring morning air Aoav in
This had been her habit for a long
time The windoAv faced away from
the road and no one could see Avho
was not on Miss Matties OAvn prem
But tins morning Red had wandfred
around Stopping at the rosebushes
he picked a rose
That has the real old time smell
he said as he held it to his nose
SAveetbriers are good and I dont go
look up before she had time to with
Hello there he called joyfully
How do you onen un this lav Yo
ed him for the necklace And the look prettv aa cII lie added with a not
ey lay even now on the parlor table 0f admiration Miss Mattie had th
where he had cast it This added the wavy air wIlicll is never In iPtter
physical fear of thieA es Down she order than when left to its own de-
Avent and got the money counted out vices Her idea of coiffure was not
to her unmitigated astonishment 300 the most becoming that could have
and thrust it beneath her pilloAv Avith foeen selected as she felt that a
a shiver She Avished she had thought young style of hairdressing was
to tell him to take care of it But sup- foolish for a single Avoman of her
pose the thieA es Avere to fall on him years Now with the nrettv soft hm
as he slept Reds friends Avould haA e flying her eyes still humid with sleep
peiit i mpauiy on me tniees ana a touch of color in her face from
She rejoiced that the money AA as the surprise relieved against the fieecy
Avhere it AA as Then she tried to re- shawl she had throAvn about her shoui
member Avhat she had said throughout dors she was incontestable- both a dis
the CA ening creet and pretty picture Yet Miss
Weil I suppose I must have acted Mattie could not forget the bare feet
like a ninny she concluded But and nightgoAvn although they were
isnt he lust snlendid And as Cousin hiriio rm nocrnun i
on that oyer was hotels Little white J handsome face with its daring and plaster and she was embarrassed
IUU111S ILH nans uiuiub in ui Kma eyeS CatUC tO lier AlSlOll SUe IClC Still With nil tlm umorccifi
you Worse than rattlesnakes for keep
ing a man awake Reminds me of the
hospital Horse fell on me once aad
smashed me up so that I had to be
sent to get puttied up again and I
neA er struck sugh a month as that
comforted I dont believe but what j cies Miss Mattie had a strong back
hell make every alloAvance for hoAv bone of New England common sense
exciteu i was saiu sue iie seems j sue answered that she felt verv Avell
to understand those things for all hes indeed and to cover any awkward-
sucu a large man en it aoesn t
seem as if it could be true With a
ness inquired what he had in