The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, December 20, 1907, Image 2

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    II 1
Why We Can Sit
A Boston schoolboy gave the follow
ing definition of the spine The spine
fcj a long bone reaching from the skull
to the heels It has a hinge in the
middle so that you can sit down oth
erwise you would have to sit stand
jT think the bees the blessed bees
Are better wiser far than we
The very Hd birds in the trees
Are wiser far it seems to me
For love and light and sun and air
Are theirs and not a bit of care
Vhat bird makes claim to all Gods trees
Vhat bee makes claim to all Gods flow
iBehold their perfect harmonies
Their common board the common liours
jSay why should man be less than these
JThe happy birds the hoarding bees
Joaquin Jliller
Presence of Mind
One of Mrs Hamilton Fishs rules
Kvhen her husband was secretary of
folate in Grants cabinet was to return
every call she received Her husband
fcvas continually holding public recep
tions and many women would come
who had no desire that Mrs Fish
Should call upon them
One such woman attended a Fish re
ception left her card and a little later
fsvas duly honored by a call from Sirs
It was a beautiful mild afternoon
The Fish equipage all a glitter in the
svintry sunshine dashed down the nar
row street and halted before the wo
mans little house with a musical jin
gle of silver chains The footman leap
ed from the box and opened the car
riage door and Mrs Fish descended
The woman of the house was kneel
ing on the sidewalk beside a bucket of
jfiot water with a scrubbing brush in
ne hand and a cake of soap in the
Other She was scrubbing the front
Bending graciously over her Mrs
Fish asked politely Is Mrs Henry
toobiusou at home
And Mrs Henry Robinson replied
No mum she aint and went on
scrubbing Lippincotts
jHer Position
An applicant for teacher in a coun
try school was asked What is your
jposition with regard to the whipping
iof children
My usual position is on a chair
jjvith the child held firmly across my
Iknees face downward was the reply
A Noisy Eater
J Ex Senator William E Chandler has
Jan admirer iu New Hampshire who
pas ideas on how tne government
should be conducted and writes Mr
Chandler about them at great length
After Chandler was defeated for the
Senate and before he was appointed
president of the Spanish claims coni
fenission the friend wrote condoling
with the senator
He said it was a shame that the na
tion and New Hampshire shouldvbe de
prived of the services of so able a man
as Mr Chandler and closed with this
prophecy Nevertheless I do not think
republics are ungrateful I am con
jfldent that your great merits will again
tbe recognized and that at no late date
Uve shall hear of you feeding again at
fehe public crib
kAII the Same to rtim
One of a party of gentlemen left his
corner seat in an already crowded rail
way car to go in search of something
to eat leaving a rjasto reserve ljis
The twenty second president of the United States also called the twenty
fourth president because of his second election after an interim of one presi
dential term was born In 1S37 at Caldwell N J lie removed to Buffalo N
T In his youth and became a lawyer lie was elected sheriff mayor nnd
governor and In 1S84 was nominated for president by the Democratic party
defeating James G Blaine Four years later he was renominated but was
fieaten by Benjamin Harrison whom he In turn defeated In 1S92 Since his
retirement he has lived at Princeton N J
place On returning ne rouna rmu iu
spite of the rug and the protests of his
fellow passengevs the seat had been
usurped by a woman clad in handsome
clothes With flashing eyes she turned
upon him
Do you know sir that I am one of
the directors wives
Madam he replied were you the
directors only wife 1 should still pro
test Ladies Home Journal
What She Was Like
Do tell me what Mrs Tewler is
like she asked of her husband
Well shes a woman of sixty who
looks fifty thinks she is forty dresses
like thirty and acts like twenty
A Nice Distinction
I fear said a country curate to his
flock when I explained to you in my
last charity sermon that philanthropy
was the love of our species you must
have understood me to say specie
which may account for the smallness
of the collection You will prove I
hope by your present contribution that
you are no longer laboring under the
same mistake
Unique Poet Holes
The foreman and his crew of bridge
men were striving hard to make an
t impression on the select board provid
ed by Mrs Rooney at her Arkansas
eating establishment
The old man sure made a funny
deal down at Piney yesterday ob
jserved the foreman with a wink at the
jman to his right
I Whatd he do asked the new man
at the other end of the table
Well a year or so ago there used tc
i be a water tank there but they took
down the tub and brought it up here tc
Cabin Creek The well went dry and
thoy covered it over It was four or five
feet around ninety feet deep and
Jplumb in the right of way Didnt
know what to do with it until along
I comes an old lollypop yesterday and
gives the old man 5 for it
Five dollars for what asked the
tnew man
Well continued the foreman ig
noring the interruption that old lolly
pup borrow bu two jacks from the traek
men and jacked her up out of there
and carried her home on wheels
Whatd he do with it persisted
the new man
Say that old lollypop mustve been
a Yank Nobody else could have fig
ured it out The ground on his place
is hard and he needed some more
fence so he calclated twould be easier
and cheaper to saw that old well up
into postholes than twould be to dig
Thereafter the new man bit more on
his food and less on the conversation
Seven Hens Cannot Lay One Egg
Daniel Webster when he was secre
tary of state was one day reading at
a cabinet meeting a draft of a message
he had written for the president to
transmit to congress He was con
stantly interrupted by one of the mem
bers with suggestions until losing pa
tience he turned to him and said
Sir you might as well expect seven
hens to lay one egg as seven men to
construct one message
Ho Tipped Them All
A New Yorker was shown to a room
in a hotel in Brussels where he found
twenty candles stuck in a chandelier
As it was dark the attendant lighted
them all but the guest put them out
In his bill next day however he
found them charged Twenty candles
10 francs
He went back to the room and took
themall but wrapped them in a bit
MyilWW WWWWWflWMMI hiwfjuih
orpapcr suppetr raem tutu uis
overcoat pocket
When he was ubout to leave the
house he found the servants drawn up
In two lines In the hall in the Euro
pean style all smiling and ready for
the expected tip Then he drew out
his package and distributed the can
dles one to each as he passed out
Allow me monsieur said he with
a bow permit me madam They
are very superior candles I assure
you I paid 10 cents apiece for them
Ladies Home Journal
Outwitting Her Lawyer
Still there are occasions when
lawyer isnt the chief beneiiciary of a
suit said Mrs Stonewall Jackson
I know of one instance A friend of
mine in Virginia sued a railroad com
pany for damages and secured a J
diet for 10C00 which was paid and
the whole amount is now in bank sub
ject to her order Her counsel didnt
get a penny of it
How was that
She found the only way of outwit
ting him she married the lawyer
Bible Authority For It
Mr Ituudlcit at one time a mer
chant in the town of Newcastle Me
instructed his clerks to strictly follow
the precepts of the Bible in all of their
One day a lady came in to buy a
piece of dress goods and one of the
clerks spent a great deal of t
ing her various cloths whi
werent good enough Tin
ie said
Tic said
he had a better piece in the rear of
the store He showed her this piece
which she had already seen but told
her it was much Oner and worth 50
cents a yard more She said that she
could readily see that it was better
and made her purchase
Mr Rundlett who had seen the
transaction censured the clerk who
replied that he could refer to the Bible
to justify his action
Why how is that j
Well she was a stranger and I took
her in
The Same Effect
There had been a brilliant company
at the home of a society leader in Des
Moines la a woman whose husband
bJKas known better for his wealth than
for his mental attainments
Well Francis she said after the
last visitor was gone it was a com
plete success wasnt it
Sure observed Francis
Did you notice Professor Billing
The man with the bandage around
his neck
Yes What an astonishing vocabu
lary he has
From the way he held his head I
thought it was a carbuncle Lippin
Long Name Short Lived
In Boston there used to be a stam
mering college kept by Professor
Graves says Governor Guild Next
door to this college was a flower store
Professor Graves method was to ask
each pupil what phrase he would like
to learn to say perfectly Then the
professor would drill the pupil on that
one phrase or sentence and when the
stammerer repeated it smoothly a cure
was pronounced One day a friend of
mine who was afflicted with the stut
tering habit decided to patronize the
professor Before he went into the
studio however he stopped to look in
the flower store at some chrysanthe
Now my dear fellow said Pro
fessor Graves is there anything par
ticular that you would like to learn to
say perfectly
y yes th there is I
like be able
s say
before the darn th thing
f fades
Miss Folia La Follette daughter of
Senator La Follette of Wisconsin was
passing a collection plate one day
when she was waved away by a man
distinguished for his wealth and par
Nothing he said gruffly I have
Take something then this collec
tion is for the poor you know
Mineral Lands
In the eastern United States the
mineral fuels have already passed into
the hands of large private owners and
those of the west are rapidly follow
ing It is obvious that these fuels
should be conserved and not wasted
and it would be well to protect the peo
ple against unjust and extortionate
prices so far as that can still be done
What has been iccHshod in the
groat nil fields of the Indian Territory
by the acni of the administration of
fers a striking pt pie of lhs thI re
sults of such a vnry In iv judg
ment the gvenmeit xhould have the
right to keep th fv if the coal oil
and gas b it vn po ro rio i
and to lease the ivjit s develop iliw
under proper ivg tu n or -e if tlv
congress vvill nl ailoist ths ineh jI
the coal depc is tl Id be
M rn Ii
limitation1 to jrorve then as pub
lic utilities thc rjt t ire be
ing separated fr un the title to thy sot
The regulations should permit coal
lands to be worked in suOcient quan
tity by the several c rporatiens The
present limitations have been absurd
excessive and serve no useful purpose
and often render it necessary that
there should be either fraud or else
abandonment of the work of getting
out the coal
First be temperate Second stay
out of doors as much as you can If
the American business man young or
old will only do these two things and
take reasonable physical exercise says
Trainer Murphy in the Saturday Even
ing Post he will soon get fit and will
stay fit to the end
sent and at
ure at Glace
Breton N K
of Ireland
ly followed by others which form
themselves into the characters of the
Morse code The operator who re
ceives the messages sent from the sta
tion at Clifden wears headgear like
that of a telephone operator It is cal
culated that only the ninetieth part of
a second elapses from the time when
the sending operator touches the key
to the time when the record is made in
the station at Clifden The question is
often asked What gives the message
direction The wizard of the wireless
science has no answer for this We
send it into space he says and it
must find its way to a point in Ire
land Mountains in the path of the
current or the curvature of the earth
does not affect the transmission of the
message If it were otherwise the in
ventor would have great difficulties to
surmount in the establishment of the
overland wireless service he expects
soon to institute between the Atlantic
and Pacific coasts of America for high
EGULAK wireless telegraphic
son ice across the Atlantic is
now an established fact Hun
dreds of messages are now
being sent across the ocean every day
and the tMO hemispheres have by this
great scientific achievement been
brought in much closer contact Com
munication being so much easier and
less expensive distance is annihilated
The stations from which messages are
which they are received
Bay on the coast of Cape
and Clifden on the coast
The station at South Well-
fleet Cape Cod Mass is to be re
fitted and equipped with the improved
apparatus lor receiving and sending
messages which has proved so suc
cessful at the Nova Scotia station The
coast of Crpe Breton at Glace Bay is
not distinguished by any marked ele
vation The site of the station is a
slight promontory not more than sev
enty feet above the sea level There
are twenty four pine masts ISO feet
high arranged in a circle of 3000 feet
in diameter The masts are wired and
connected with the four towers form
ing the center of the circle The tow
ers are wooden 21i feet high and sur
mounted by masts fifty feet in height
The main purpose of the towers is
to support a great number of wires
suspended in the air and about fifty
of these pass up from the operating
rnnm In tlu station tn crns wirps
of wires is meant to obtain a more
powerful accumulation of electric en
ergy for upon this depends tlie dis
tance to which the message may be
sent The eleitric current i generated
by alternators and tlie tension is in
creased by use of transformers The
discharge of tlie accumulated current
produces In tlie ether the electric
waves which make the recording im
pressions on the instruments at the
receiving stations
Owing to the high potential of the
current there is a Hash of light when
the operator presses the key to send a
message across the ocean and with it
a sharp musical report is heard quick-
mountains intervene Between the i
point of departure of a message at
Glace Bay and the point of its
tion at Clifden the curvature of the
earth represents a mass of land and
water more than a hundred miles high
The prevalence of high winds makes
no difference in the operation of the
wireless transatlantic service either a
matter of importance when it is con- j
sidered how a windstorm interferes
with the ordinary telegraphic service
on land The Glace Bay Marconi j
tion is the property of the Canadian
Marcom company and is estimated to
have cost 100000 exclusive of the ex-
pense of experiments incidental to the
efforts to make practical use of the in
At the Asylum
Why does that man over there lie
flat on his back staring upward
That man Oh he imagines he is
enjoying an automobile ride on a coun
try Toad Detroit Free Press
Those Railway Croakers
Yes thats the great railway man
Why does he look so gloomy
Hes trying to make himself think
that hard times are coming Cleve
land Plain Dealer
Tisi jaaiSssa
Stnto of Nebrnskn Red Willow county ks In
the county court
To nil persons iiitorosted in llui estato of
Lewis hdKur Cnmi clcuiiaou on nro JitTuly
not Hied that on the 4tli lav of Ucciiiilier 1UI7
leauuetto R Cauu widow of said Lewis Kdcnr
Ciiiiii deceased filed her etitiou in the county
court of snid county for the appointment of
I Sylvester Cordeal as administrator of the estate
I of Lewis Kdtftir Cauu late of stud county dc-
i ceased and that the same will be heard iu the
county court room in the city of Alctook in
said count on the 2ird day of December 1U7
J at the hour of one o clock p in It is further
ordered that notice of said heariiiK be kimmi to
all persons interested in said estate by the pub-
i lication of this notice for three successhe weeks
iu the McCook Tribune n newspaper published
printed and circulated in said county
Dated this fourth day of December lit
siai J C Mooiti CountyJudKe
Defendants the unkurmn heirs devisee- and
legatee of Hannah Seliult r deceased will take
notice that on the 18th day of Decern er lirt7
Wilson ilocr plaintill tiled his petition in tl e
district court of Red Willow county Nebrnskn
against ou the object and prijer or wind are
to obtain a decree of this court in faor of
I plaintill and against said defendants quit ting
I ins line in una to me souin nan 01 nenortn
I east quarter and the north half of the south
i east quarter of section fifteen township two
north of range twenty nine west of the sixth
1 principal meridian in said count tuning the
claims and demand- of ilefendaud at d each of
them that the cloud east upon plaimif s title
by the claims of defendants and each of them
be remoied and each of them be decreed to
1 hae no title in or to said hind but that the
same be decreed to be in the plaiutil discharg
ed of till the claims or demands iu law or iu
i equity of defendants or any of them for costs
i and for general relief and that on the ISih day
of December 11M7 said court ordered that -it-ice
be made upon juii bj publication au are
1 required to answer said petition on or before
i the twcnty seenth da of January 1JOS
I Dated December lit 1107
j Wilson- Iiovik Plaintiff
By W S Morlnu hi attorney
The Stale of Nebraska Red Willow county ss
In the county court In the matter of the es
tate of Sarah 7 Cooley deceased
To tlie creditors of said estate You are here-
by notified that I will sit at the county court
1 room in McCook in said count on the 211th da
of June 71418 nt one oclock p m to examine
all claims against said estate with n iew to
their adjustment and allowance The timo
I limited for the presentation of claims against
said estate is six months from the 14th day of
Jiecemoer a ij tjoi ami tlie time limited lor
i ii n I payment or debts is one jenr from sniii Ilth da
tween the towers This multiplication of rwemhor ik7
gmlM1 gLta M VU1T iTT
Witness my hand and the seal of said county
court tlu lltli day or December 1HI7
7 Mooui County Judge
Boyle ct Eldrcd Attorneys 12-20-1 ts
- ifVirfrr
The best of every
thing in his line at
the most reasonable
prices is Harsh s
He wants
trade and
hopes by merit to
keep it
The Butcher
Phone 12
Not How Cuenu but How Good with Us
Office and Shop west of First National Bank
Steel Ceilings Sold Put Up and Decorated
V FRANKLIN President A C EBERT Cashier
JAS S DOYLE Vine President
-- - w wV
h u m m ip
Paid Up Capital 50000 Surplus Si 2000 f
n n b a b
i 1
Make your friend a present of some
C s w JVi V ix cSg m
i H
in a Stock Certificate of the
Building Loan
We have an excellent line of samples from
which you can choose embossed in one
or two colors or in bronze or gold any
letters or combination of letters Call and
see samples of the monograms and stock
The TRIBUNE Office
A iA M JUJ fl Ik ill 1M M i i
No better or safer
investment is open to
you An investment
of ioo per month for
120 months will earn
So nearly g percent
compounded annually
Dont delay but see
the secretary today
Subscriptions r e
ceived at any time for
the new stock just