The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, December 13, 1907, Image 2

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Prompt Service
Courteous Treatment
Reasonable Prices
j I in
in a Stock Certificate of the
Building Loan
mi mSA
The twenty first president of tlie United States was born at Fairfield Vt
in 1S30 lie began the practice of law in New York in 1833 becoming con
spicuous in his profession President Grant appointed him collector of the
port of New York in 1S71 and reappointed him four years later President
Hayes removed him In 1SS0 partly as a concession to the supporters
Grant he was nominated for the vice presidency on the Republican ticket with
Garfield Upon the death of the latter by assassination Arthur became presi
dent Sept 19 1SS1 He died in New York city Nov IS 1SSG
continued fkom last week
Abolition of Tariff on AH Forest Pro
ducts Recommended
There should be no tariff on any for
est product grown in this country and
in especial there should be no tariff on
wood pulp due notice of change being
of course given to those engaged in the
business so as to enable them to adjust
themselves to the new conditions The
repeal of the duty on wood pulp should
If possible be accompanied by an agree
ment with Canada that there shall be
no export duty on Canadian pulp wood
Mineral Lands
In the eastern United States the
mineral fuels have already passed into
the hands of large private owners and
those of the west are rapidly follow
ing It is obvious that these fuels
should be conserved and not wasted
and it would be well to protect the peo
ple against unjust and extortionate
prices so far as that can still be done
What has been accomplished in the
great oil fields of the Indian Territory
by the action of the administration of
fers a striking example of the good re
sults of such a policy In my judg
ment the government should have the
right to keep the fee of the coal oil
and gas fields in its own possession
and to lease the rights to develop them
under proper regulations or else if the
congress will not adopt this method
the coal deposits should be sold under
limitations to conserve them as pub
lic utilities the right to mine coal be
ing separated from the title to the soil
The rogulations should permit coal
lands to be worked in sufficient quan
tity by the several corporations The
present limitations have been absurd
excessive and serve no useful purpose
and often render it necessary that
there should be either fraud or else
abandonment of the work of getting
out the coal
The personal recommendations of peo
ple who have been cured of coughs and
colds by Chamberlains Cough Remedy
have done more than all else to make it a
staple article of trade and commerce ovei
a large part of the civilized world
No better or safer
investment is open to
you An investment
of 100 per month for
120 months will earn
So nearly 9 percent
compounded annually
Dont delay but see
the secretary today
Subscriptions r e
ceived at any time for
the new stock just
Work on the Panam canal is pro
ceeding in a highly satisfactory man
ner In March last John F Stevens
chairman of the commission and chief
engineer resigned and the commis
sion was reorganized and constituted
as follows Lieutenant Colonel George
W Goethals corps of engineers Unit
ed States army chairman and chief en
gineer Major D D Gaillard corps of
engineers United States army Major
William L Sibert corps of engineers
United States army Civil Engineer II
n Itousseau United States navy J
C S Blackburn Colonel W C Gorgas
United States army and Jackson
Smith commissioners This change of
authority and direction went into ef
fect on April 1 without causing a per
ceptible check to the progress of the
work In March the total excavation
In the Culobra cut where effort was
chlelly concentrated was S13270 cubic
yards In April this was increased to
S79527 cubic yards There was a con
siderable decrease in the output for
May and June owing partly to the ad
vent of the rainy season and partly to
temporary trouble with the steam shov
el men over the question of wages
This trouble was settled satisfactorily
to all parties and in July the total ex
cavation advanced materially and in
August the grand total from all points
in the canal prism by steam rhovels
and dredges exceeded all previous
United States records 1274
401 cubic yards In Septe ir this
record was eclipsed and tal of
1017412 cubic yards ed Of
this amount 14S1J07 cubic were
from the canal prism and 30103 cubic
yards were from accessory works
These results were achieved in the
rainy season with a rainfall in August
of 11S9 inches and in September of
1103 inches Finally in October the
record was again eclipsed the total ex
cavation being 1SGS729 cubic yards a
truly extraordinary record especially
in view of the heavy rainfall which
was 171 inches In fact experience
during the last two rainy seasons dem
onstrates that the rains are a less seri
ous obstacle to progress than has hith
erto been supposed
Work on the locks and dams at Ga
tun which began actively in March
last has advanced so far that it is
thought that masonry work on the
locks can be begun within fifteen
months In order to remove all doubt
as to the satisfactory character of the
foundations for the locks of the canal
the secretary of war requested three
eminent civil engineers of special ex
perience in sucli construction Alfred
Noble Frederic P Stearns and John
U Freeman to visit the isthmus and
make thorough personal investigations
of the sites These gentlemen went to
the isthmus in April and by means of
test pits which had been dug for the
purpose they inspected the proposed
foundations and also examined the
borings that had been made In their
report to the secretary of war under
date of May 2 1907 they said We
found that all of the locks of the di
mensions now proposed will rest upon
rock of such character that it will fur
nish a safe and stable foundation
Subsequent new borings conducted by
the present commission have fully con
firmed this verdict They show that
the locks will rest on rock for their
entire length The cross section of the
dam and method of construction will
be such as to insure against any slip
or sloughing off Similar examinations
of the foundations of the locks and
dams on the Pacific side are in prog
ress I believe that the locks should be
made of a width of 120 feet
Last winter bids were requested and
received for doing the work of canal
construction by contract None of
them was found to be satisfactory and
all were rejected It is the unanimous
opinion of the present commission that
the work can be done better more
cheaply and more quickly by the gov
ernment than by private contractors
Fully SO per cent of the entire plant
needed for construction has been pur
chased or contracted for Machine
shops have been erected and equipped
for making all needed repairs to the
plant many thousands of employees
have been secured an effective organ
ization has been perfected a recruiting
system is in operation which is capa
ble of furnishing more labor than can
be used advantageously employees are
well sheltered and well fed salaries
paid are satisfactory and the work is
not only going forward smoothly but
it is producing results far in advance
of the most sanguine anticipations
Under these favorable conditions a
change in the method of prosecuting
the work would be unwise and unjus
tifiable for it would inevitably disor
ganize existing conditions check prog
ress and increase the cost and lengthen
the time of completing the canal
The chief c linoer and all his pro
fessional as 1 are firmly con
vinced that to oiThty tive ft level
lock canal v h they are c u Grueling
is the best t could 1 e deciied Some
of them had doubts 01 this point when
they went to the istis As
plans have developed under their di
rection thr dorhts have leei dis
pelled Whie they may reside upon
changes in etail as on tK tai ad
vances the are in hearty accord in
approving the osi p n They be
lieve that it prov s canal nt only
adequate to all demands that will be
made upon it but superior in every
way to a sea levol canal I concur in
this belief
Postal Affairs
I commend to the favorable consid
eration of the congress a postal sav
ings bank system as recommended by
the postmaster general The primary
object is to encourage among our peo
ple economy and thrift and by the use
of postal savings banks to give them
an opportunity to husband their re
sources particularly those who have
not the facilities at hand for deposit
ing their money in savings banks
Viewed however from the experience
u flt
of the past few weeks it is evident
that the advantages of such an institu
tion are still more far reaching Tim
Id depositors have withdrawn their
savings for the time being from na
tional banks trust companies and sav
ings banks individuals have hoarded
their cash and the worklngmen their
earnings all of which money has been
withheld and kept In hiding or in the
safe deposit box to the detriment of
prosperity Through the agency of the
postal savings banks such money would
be restored to the channels of trade to
the mutual benefit of capital and la
Extension of This Service Advisable
Especially in Rural Delivery
I further commend to the congress
the consideration of the postmaster
generals recommendation for an ex
tension of the parcel post especially
on the rural routes ThcrV are now
oS213 rural routes serving nearly 15
000000 people who do not have the
advantages of the inhabitants of cities
in obtaining their supplies These rec
ommendations have been drawn up to
benefit the farmer and the country
storekeeper Otherwise I should not
favor them for I believe that it is
good policy for our government to do
everything possible to aid the small
town and the country district It is
desirable that the country merchant
should not be crushed out
The fourth class postmasters con
vention has passed a very strong reso
lution in favor of placing the fourth
class postmasters under the civil serv
ice law The administration has al
ready put into effect the policy of re
fusing to remove any fourth class post-
I masters save for reasons connected
Avith the good of the service and it is
endeavoring so far as possible to re
move them from the domain of parti
san politics It would be a most de
sirable thing to put the fourth class
postmasters in the classified service
It is possible that this might be done
without congressional action but as
the matter is debatable I earnestly
recommend that the congress enact a
law providing that they be included
under the civil service law mid put in
the classified service
Oklahoma has become a state stand
ing on a full equality with her elder
I sisters and her future is assured by
her great natural resources The duty
of the national government to guard
the personal and property rights of the
Indians within her borders remains of
course unchanged
I reiterate my recommendations of
last year as regards Alaska Some
form of local self government should
be provided as simple and inexpensive
as possible It is impossible for the
congress to devote the necessary time
to all the little details of necessary
Alaskan legislation Road building and
railway building should be encouraged
The governor of Alaska should be giv
en an ample appropriation wherewith
to organize a force to preserve the
public peace Whisky selling to the
natives should be made a felony The
coal land laws should be changed so
as to meet the peculiar needs of the
territory This should be attended to
at once for the present laws permit in
dividuals to locate large areas of the
public domain for speculative pur
poses and cause an immense amount
of trouble fraud and litigation There
should be another judicial division es
tablished As early as possible light
houses and buoys should be establish
ed as aids to navigation especially in
and about Prince William sound and
the survey of the coast completed
There is need of liberal appropriations
for lighting and buoying the southern
coast and improving the aids to navi
gation in southeastern Alaska One of
the great industries of Alaska as of
Puget sound and the Columbia is
salmon fishing Gradually by reason
of lack of proper laws this industry
is being ruined It should now be tak
en in charge and effectively protected
by the United States government
The courage and enterprise of the
citizens of the far northwest in their
projected Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposi
tion to be held in 1909 should receive
liberal encouragement This exposi
tion is not sentimental in its concep
tion but seeks to exploit the natural
resources of Alaska and to promote the
i commerce trade and industry of the
Pacific states with their neighboring
states and with our insular possessions
and the neighboring countries of the
Pacific The exposition asks no loan
from the congress but seeks appropria
tions for national exhilits and exhibits
of the western dependencies of the
I general government The state of
Washington and the err of Fcattlo
have Fhown the character western
enterprise Li I irge for the
conduct i f iio e c Mii in which
other slates are ieidig generous as
The rirriutc fttre ff tho
ping W t the t vrin of the t
has grctv r ilio oeitof
passengers lclween Hawaii vzid the i
mainla d UIors the ccg cr i pre
pared by n vii v eonirgeit to
secure proper facilities i the way of
shipping Letveen IIii aid the
liuuiuiwj 11 1 vi ll 1 IK iiiiJi
laws should 1 o so fur ved as to I
prevent Hawaii ruffering it is now
suffering I again call yo r attention
to the capital importance from every
standpoint of making Pearl harbor
available for the largest deep water
vessels and of suitably fortifying the
The secretary of war has gone to the
Philippines On his return I shall sub
mit to you his report on the Islands
wwnww w wxm i
1 1 in Porto Rico
A bureau of mines should be created
j be given the interior department to be
thirteenth census The establishment
of the permanent census bureau af
fords the opportunity for a better cen
sus than we have ever had but in or
der to realize the full advantage of the
permanent organization ample time
must be given for preparation
The Public Health
There is a constantly growing inter-
nnfnwii in
gain recommend that the rights of obeyed onir by the honest and disobey-
unship be conferred upon the cd by the unscrupulous so as to net
only as a penalty upon nonesi iih h
Moreover no such law would hamper
an unscrupulous man of unlimited
1 fr Wn
under the control and direction of the
I- - i 1 -- I ofllce There is a very radical
secretary of the interior the bureau to
i ihave power to collect statistics and
1 1
ukiku investigations 111 an iiiiuifra our
taining to mining and particularly to
the accidents and dangers of the In
dustry If this cannot now be done at
least additional appropriations should
ure which would I believe work i
substantial improvement In our sys
tem of conducting a campaign al
though I am well aware that It will
take some time for people so to famil
iarize themselves with such a proposal
as to be willing to consider Its adop
tion The need for collecting largo
fllwlt MTtlllfl Wllltvll if OIl
lions for the prevention of fraudulent -
e gress provided an improinumuii
iimniug schemes for carrying on the- v
1 the proper and legitimate expense
wuiK Il liiiiiipiiij uiu milling uiMiniin
each of the great national parties an
methods of
for studying minimizing
appropriation ample enough to meet
the accidents and dangers in the in- l 7
1 the necessity for thorough
dnstry in short to ad in all proper J V
t 1 tlon and machinery which requires a
I ways the development of the mining
1 hen the
I large expenditure of money
industry l i 1 if
KUpilUIUOll hllUMIU IJU llliiwi hi 11
I he Hermitage y recevinf tanpiKn funds from
I strongly recommend to the con-
j than
thJ treasury shollhl atceIt IIlore
to provide funds for keeping
gress up u fixc1 amolIIlt from iny individual
The Hermitage the home of Andrew
SIllSCrILr or lonoI necessary
Jackson these funds to be used for rceirts and exnonditures
through the existing Hermitage couid Without diiliculty be provided
ciation for the preservation of a his-
A NaI Gallery of Art-
toric building which should ever be
I dear to Americans I There should be a national gallery
1 r n e nvl iMlulioil in 10 ri nihil CitV
Vicksburg Natonal Park
Qf hIs coimtry Ths s miMrtsiIlt not
I further recommend that a naval I lllerey to tlie artistie but to the ma
monument be established in the Vicks 1 terIa AVcirire of ti country anil the
burg National park This national
are to e tOIIKnituiatel on
park gives a unique opportunity for faet tmt the moveiueilt to establish
commemorating the deeds of those gal- sueh a KIIey Is taking definite form
hint men who fought on water no less muler Uje gMailce f the Smithsonian
than of those who fought on land in lnstitution So far from there being
the great civil Avar
Tho Thirteenth Census
Legislation should be enacted at the
a tariff on works of art brought into
the country their importation should
be encouraged in every way There
present session of tlie congress for the have been no sufiicient collections of
objects of art by the government and
what collections have been acquired
are scattered and are generally placed
in unsuitable and imperfectly lighted
est in tliis country in the question of I Its Great Work In Behalf of Our Agri
the public health At last the public
mind is awake to the fact that many
diseases notably tuberculosis are na
tional scourges The work of the state
and city boards of health should be
supplemented by a constantly
cultural Interests
The biological survey is quietly
working for the good of our agricul
tural interests and is an excellent ex
ample of a government bureau which
ing interest on the part of the national conducts original scientific research
government The congress has already
provided a bureau of public health and
has provided for a hygienic laboratory
the findings of which are of much
practical utility For more than twen
ty years it lias studied the food habits
I There are other valuable hnvs relating of birds and mammals that are inju
1 to the public health connected with the
various departments This whole
branch of the government should bo
strengthened and aided in every way
Governmental Commissions
I call attention to two government
rious or benefioial to agriculture hor
ticulture and forestry has distributed
illustrated bulletins on the subject and
has labored to secure legislative pro
tection for the beneficial species The
cotton boll weevil whif h lias recently
nrornrnni1 llirw r ntfmi nt nf TcViis
commissions which I have appointed
and fe steadJI extomU ils is
and which have already done excellent
sad tQ cauS an annua Iogs of JlIjout
woik xiie ihsl ut inusu nis iu uu
Avitii the organization of the scientific
work of the government which has
in consequence
3000000 The biological survey has
ascertained and given wide publicity
to the fact that at least forty three
n up wholly without plan and is
mls of bins luis dcstrut
so unwisely distributed t -- -e
nvi rr m r liv vniitni lrio ttrMic 4Ii
tlve insect It lias discovered that
1u V qf ty seven species of birds feed upon
1I1U111 UL 1LE UULXl 1 JU2L 1UI 111U JHJll
of proper co ordination This commis
sions chief object is to introduce a
scale insects dreaded enemies of the
fruit grower It has shown that wood-
rirfl r m i clnsi In- 7octinvtn tin
planned and orderly development and
arvae Qf wood bori ilisect s Jinj sr
operation in the place of the ill assort
od and often ineffective grouping and
methods of work which have prevail
ed This cannot be done without leg
islation nor would it be feasible to
essential to tree life that it is doubtful
if our forests could exist without them
It has shown that cuckoos and orioles
are tlie natural enemies of tlie leaf
oitin ivitfrriillfirc flnctrnv mil
deal in detail with so complex an ad- sha1r
and fruit trees tliat our
ministrative problem by specific pro
visions of law I recommend that the
president be given authority to concen
trate related lines of work and reduce
duplication by executive order through
transfer and consolidation of lines of
and sparrows consume annually hun
dreds of tons of seeds of noxious
weeds that hawks and owls as a class
excepting the few that kill poultry
and game birds are markedly benefi
cial spending their lives in catching
I ffrocclinnnnrc irttrf oinl tlmr Tinctc
The second committee that on do- 7i at
that prey upon the products of
u uuucuiu handry It has conducted field expert
vestigate and eport upon the changes - - -
needed to place the conduct of the ex
ecutive force of the government on
the most economical and effective ba
sis in the light of the best modern
business practice The committee has
made very satisfactory progress An
tiquated practices and bureaucratic
ways have been abolished and a gen
eral renovation of departmental meth
ods has been inaugurated All that
can be done by executive order has
ments for the purpose of devising and
perfecting simple methods for holding
in check the hordes of destructive
1 dents rats mice rabbits gophers
prairie dogs and ground squirrels
I which annually destroy crops worth
many millions of dollars and it has
published practical directions for the
destruction of wolves and coyotes on
the stock ranges of the west resulting
during the past year in an estimated
saving of cattle and sheep valued at
iuuuv uuuii or win oe
uccompusueu 1 7 n n
- - - ui mu I upward of a million dollars
iuc tutu tucti 111 lue ucui iiiiuiu xilli
work of the main committee and its
several assistant committees has pro
duced a wholesome awakening on the
part of the great body of officers and
It has inaugurated a system of in
spection at the principal ports of en
try on both Atlantic and Pacific coasts
by means of which the introduction of
lmvirmc mmnmols oI Tiwlc n
tTT1 J2ITe teu thus keeping out the mongoose
work In nearly and
every department
office there has been a careful self In
spection for the purpose of remedying
and certain birds which are as much
to be dreaded as the previously intro
duced English sparrow and the house
any defects before they could be made
rats and mJ
Z 77 - CTU1C 71- XT I In the intercst of Panie Protection it
tif Ttn 1- StUdyas -operated with local officials in
of which they were en-
state n the
gaged and this study has resulted m
to ote uniform islatIon n tbe
WL eaicl their re- several states has rendered important
Ispective ines of work There are rec J
service in enforcing the feeiaI aw
mmendations of special zmportance
regnlatIns interstate traffic in game
from the committee on the subject of
an1 has shown ho protection
personne and he classHicatxon of
be made to a
8 f to the state a revenue amounting in
rnn wr
1 T Le5 the case of Illinois to 312S000 m a
tiniiii iiiir
the congress in the near future a spe
cial message on those subjects
y UIU5 OI1UII1U D Iuousnu
I Under our fonn of government vot
flng is not merely a right but a duty
and moreover a fundamental and nec
essary duty if a man is to be a good
citizen It is well to provide that cor
porations shall not contribute to presi
dential or national campaigns and fur-
the more to provide for the publication
lof both contributions and expenditures
There is however always danger In
laws of this kind which from their
very nature are difficult of enforce
ment the danger being lest they be
1 -
lhe biological survey has explored
the faunas and floras of America with
reference to the distribution of ani
mals and plants It has defined and
mapped the natural life areas areas
in which by reason of prevailing
Corporations Should Not Contribute and matic conditions certain kinds of
1 rri ciij i ri tiri i i mais i i
and plants occur and has point
ed out the adaptability of these areas
to the cultivation of particular crops
The results of these investigations are
not only of high educational value but
are worth each year to the progressive
farmers of the country many times the
cost of maintaining the survey which
It may be added is exceedingly small
I recommend to congress that this bu
reau whoe usefulness is seriously
handicapped by lack of funds be
granted an appropriation in some de
gree commensurate with the impor
tance of th work it Is doing