The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, December 13, 1907, Image 1

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Is Headquarters for
Dennlson St
west of Citizens Bank
Would liko to help you solve the
Christmas problem by showing you
a well selected stock of now novelties
und the latest in toilet and manicure
sets collar and cuff boxes glove and
handkerchiof sets smoker sets bask
ets of all kinds hand bags perfume
in variety imported china pictures
toys dolls doll buggies go carts
teddy bears games etc We would
suggest the best time to do Christmas
shopping is at once from a full and
complete assortment
Respectfully yours
A McMillen Druggist
One Suberb Gift
Of all gifts which our stock contains
a camera will give the most pleasure to
the recipient Here is something you
can give to a lady gentleman girl or
boy although you may vary it as to
cost the camera will be acceptable to
any one Our stock of bright new
cameras for the holiday trade is already
in Come and look it over and see what
splendid outfits a little money will buy
We have cameras at all from 81
to 25 If you want something more
elaborate and expensive wo can order
from the factory and get it here in
plenty of time For a genuinely de
lightful gift remember the camera at
Christmas time
L W McConnell Druggist
Good Reading
We sell good ginghams 5c a yd good
muslin 5c best prints 63 c best oil cloth
15c Peerless warp 25c mensall leather
gloves ISc mens double front overalls
50c boys knee pant suits Sue mens
decent and warm suits 500 mens
heavy ulsters 8500 boys blanket lined
coats 50c Ladies coats 50 inches 8375
Izzer bed comforts S1S5 fur scarfs 75c
Wir sparen du gelt The Thompson
D G Co One price plain figures cash
Special Notice
Beginning January 1 190S The Mc
Cook Milling Co will change Its meth
od of business to a strictly cash system
No favorites everybody treated alike
From that date please do not ask for
credit as we will have to refuse it All
persons owing the Milling Company
will please call and settle on or before
January 1st 12 6 Gts
E H Doan Manager
Leon Is Disconsolate
Carrier Leon A Clark is quite dis
consolate over the death of his singing
horse This vocalizing equine thought
lessly mixed with a cow the other
day and bossy put such an assortment
of trimmings on him that Leon had to
take the fool horse and plant him
For the Babies
There are sacques shoes crocheted
bootees bibs bonnets hoods toques
mittens silk tipped stockings Teddy
bears cloth dolls embroidered flannels
dainty dimities bear skin coats and leg
gins fur setts Come in The Thomp
son D G Co
Dance and Supper A 0 U W
The members of the A O U W are
arranging for a dance and supper New
Year eve The price will be 100 for
dance and feed Plan to take it in
Choice Carnations 5c Per Dozen
McCook Greenhouse phone 91
All kinds of fruit -fresh each morn
ing at Hubers
10562 people to visit
toyland at The Ideal Store
A beautiful Xmas gift free
to Iadies i2i32ts
Wrights buckwheat flour at the
White House
Tea imported direct from Japan
and 60c Huber
Only Nine Days More
for Christmas shopping Ychi will there
fore welcome suggestions Kindly notice
Fur scarfs muffs and setts for any
lady miss or child
Handbags and purses for any lady
misB or child
Bead necklaces for any lady miss or
Gloves belts fans for any lady miss
or child
Pearl or fancy handled umbrellas for
any lady or miss
Back combs setts and baretts for any
lady or miss
High art pillow tops for any lady or
Novelty neckwear and collars for any
lady or miss
Dress goodB for wife aister or mother
Shawls for mothers and old ladies
Ribbons for school girls
Handkerchiefs for everybody
Picture handkerchiefs for children
Cloth dolls for children
Teddy bears for children and others
Neckwear and mufflers for men and
Sweatorettes and gloves for men and
Cuff buttons for men and boys
Suit cases for men and women
Let us assist you
The Thompson D G Co
The lino of gift goods in our stock all
represent desirable things Thats why
selecting is easy here Its impossible
to fully appreciate what our careful
buying means to the Christmas shopper
until you see our goods and get our
prices See if there isnt something
that interests you in the few lines we
name Books music rolls games dolls
safety razors cards shaving supplies
novelties phonographs fancy china
stationery perfumes fountain pens
kodaks pictures
L W McConnell Druggist
Pathetic Not Humorous
Hearts attuned to sympathy and
humanity felt tho pathos of - a seen
offered in front of tho postoffice last
Friday afternoon in tho vision of an
elderly man sleeping the stupor of quite
helpless inebriety the while numerous
priest and levites passed or paused in
unconcern or derision and laughter
A minion of the law finally aroused the
man and took him to a less public place
He calls Arapahoe home The Trirune
Common Sense Giving
This Christmas will no doubt be cele
brated in quite a sensible way by the
majority of givers who will find their
gifts more appreciated if consisting of
furs gloves scarfs mittens handker
chiefs cloaks shawls skirts and such
items as fill a use in addition to possess
ing beauty No better place to secure
the right thing can be mentioned than
The Thompson D G Co You are cor
dially invited
Just a Word
in regard to our holiday perfumes Each
odor nas been selected because of its
delicate and lasting fragrance Wo
carry only the specialties of several
American and French manufactories so
you cant help getting the best
Woodworth Co Druggists
Sporting Houses Closed Tuesday
By order of the city authorities for
which thanks doctor the sporting
houses of the city were closed Tuesday
The Tribune hopes the lid will have
enough weight on it to keep it down
too There is a prospect for McCook
being half way decent yet
The Beautiful Snow
will call for those fine sleds at The Mc
Cook Hardware store and then they
have coasters and pump wagons for you
when the snow is gone Yours for a
merry Christmas Santa Claus
The Cards Are Out
Christmas eve is the date set for the
wediing of Miss Cora Jeffries and Mr
Roy Hiler and the event will take place
at the home of Mr and Mrs H E
For a Young Man
We suggest a suit case one of ours at
135 S1G5 8225 S325 S500 to 8S00
The Thompson D G Co
Silverwear and Cut Glass
in all the latest patterns at the McCook
Hardware Co Goods that are sure to
Welleretta cigars sold only in drug
stores the best 5 cents will buy For
sale at Woodworth Cos
Remember A G Bumps new location
room 2 over McConuells drug store
Wrights buckwheat flour at the
White House
Fresh fruits at the White House
mmo miwt mi
For Treatment
The condition of Mrs S J Miller
who has been ailing for several weeks
with a severe case of nervous prostra
tion became so baffling and extreme
last week that it waB thought advis
able to remove her to Hastings for
treatment in the state institution at
that place She was accompanied to
that point Friday night last It is
sincerely hoped her physical well being
and mental poise may quickly be con
A Little Accommodation
As has been our custom always we
now for the tenth successive holiday
season in McCook make this serviceable
proposition Any dress pattern cut off
for a gentleman to be given as a present
may afterwards be exchanged by the re
cipient for any other in the stock if done
by January oth You see how thor
oughly this secures satisfaction We
invite your consideration of this plan
The Thompson D G Co
A Victory for Civic Pride
The bill boards on the west front of
block 10 Main avenue have been taken
down Thanks The bank fronting
Main avenue has also been terraced and
the space between sidewalk and street
parked All to the marked improve
ment of the new Carnegie library build
ing now about completed
Permit Number 47
Permission is hereby given to all
householders to protect themselves
against the winter cold by the use of
Izzer home made bed comforts to be
had for S1S5 to 300 each at The
Thompson D G Cos exclusively
Puss in Boots
at the McCook Hardware store is caus
ing considerable excitement among the
little folks in fact the have many nov
elties in toys which are glad to
have you look over whether you buy or
We wont neglect your drug wants
during the holiday rush Every thing
in modern pharmacy at your service at
Woodworth Cos Druggists
Imported From Vienna
Barney Hofer has received another
crate of tho fine imported souvenir
china with views of McCook thereon
Just the thing for presents
A Handy Receipt Bock
Bound duplicate receipt books three
receipts to the page for sale at The
Tribune office
Fur Driving Gloves
with gauntlets extra warm lined 8125
The Thompson D G Co
Girl to work in Bakery kitchen
Wrights buckwheat flour at the
White House
Tribune Remains ioo a Year
On account of the currency stringency and other unfav
orable conditions of business the Publisher has decided to
recall his notice that The Tribune would advance its sub
scription January ist 1908
The Tribune will remain at one dollar a year
Tne only difference readers of the paper will discover
after January ist 1908 will be a determination to improve
the paper in every particular possible that personal attention
of the publisher can bring to pass
The subscription will be as heretofore strictly in ad
vance F M Kimmell Publisher
Every Kind of Gifts Here
Our assortment provides an almost
limitless selection of desirable gifts
To attempt a description of the various
lines would be doing them an injustice
and we prefere to have you see them
rather than to try to tell about them
Next to the magnificence of our as
sortment the chief characteristic of our
stock is its universal high quality
Whether the price of a gift be high or
low its quality decides its acceptability
and we make you safe in this regard
In all your Christmas thinking keep
this thought uppermost buy early
there is every possible disadvantage in
putting off the choosing of gifts until
you have to pick from a depleted stock
in a crowded store and amid all the
bustle and confusion that attends the
last few days before Christmas The
goods that would please you most are
here now but a little later may be sold
Every day will count from this on
every day things you would have liked
best will be leaving the store Dont
delay seeing them Come at once and
as often thereafter as you can
L W McConnell Druggist
Annual Meeting of Association
The annual meeting of the McCook
Driving Park Association will be held
Friday evening December 13th at the
Commercial Club room in McCook at
eight p m for tho election of officers for
the following year and to transact such
other business as may come before the
meeting The date for the next Race
Meet may be set if those attending do
sire co do so A large attendance of the
stock holders is desired
For the benefit of those who may not
attend this meeting the following state
ment is attached At the close of the
fall meeting in 1906 a little over 1000
remained in the treasury Tho July
meeting in this year netted a little less
than 5G00 Statements of the above
meetings were rendered the board of di
Received from concessions 325 00
Gate grand stand aud quarter
stretch Thursday 399 75
Same on Friday 489 85
Same on Saturday 851 GO
Score card receipts three days 127 00
Entrance fees by horsemen 1270 00
Stall rent 78 00
Collected for merchants purse 3G8 50
3709 70
Advertising 191 61
Frank JamesStarter 200 00
Band music 220 00
Auto races - N 40 00
Street entertainment 40 00
Running expenses including im
provements buildings all ex
penses for holding Ssptember
meeting 457 S9
Purses including Dr Tom 3015 00
4167 52
Loss 457 83
Other orders issued since above
statement was made brings
loss on September meeting up
to about 500 00
Bal on hand in 1st Natl bank 1116 58
A Barnett President
C B Gray Secretary
In considering the matter of holiday
presents we wish to remind you that
nearly every item in our sundries de
partment is of a gift character No
matter for whom you seek a present or
what you wish to pay you are certain to
receive a score of ideas on the subject 1
by inspecting our present stock
are among the best gifts that can ever
bo selected Call when you can and
see the display
L W McConnell Druggist
When your subscription to any paper
or magazine expires let us renew them
for you also when you want to subscribe
for a daily paper to be delivered or come
by mail or for any magazine published
call on us and we will save you money
Will meet terms and prices of any re
liable publisher or subscription agency
Dont send away or give your orders to
strangers but go direct to the old re
liable B Htfer
McCook News Depot
More Evenings at Home
Many wives do not realize that it is a
matter of competition that gives them
the company of their husbands of even
ings or sends them down town Com
fort is the word Comfort is the essen
tial No better scheme do we know
than the easy chair or lounge made just
right for ease with plenty of pillows
The right line of pillow tops is at The
Thompson D G Co
You Will Surely Want
a set of silver knives and forks or some
spoons for your Christmas outfit or a
carving set for the turkey and you will
find these goods at The McCook Hard
ware Co at prices that are right
Our store will be open evenings until
after Dec 25th All invited
Woodworth Co Druggists
Blaine M Tait 22 and Bertha E
Smith 19 both of Otoo county this
state secured a license before Judge
Moore December 9th 1907 and on the
same date Rev Edker Burton of the
Baptist church united them in marriage
Sears Roebuck Co Indicted for Fraud
The United States courts have indict
ed Sears Roebuck Co the large mail
order house for using the United States
mails for fraudulent purposes Undo
Sam is now busy protecting the public
from deception and fraud through the
advertising of such concerns
Sears Roobusk Co have been in
dicted on three counts Much more
evidence is already in the hands of gov
erment officials
Three Ladles in a Runaway
Last Saturday the horse of Engineer
F E Whitney became frightened and
ran away throwing Mrs Perkins Mrs
Whitney and her sister Mrs Longhagen
violently to the ground It was thought
at the time no one was hurt beyond a
bad shaking up but later it was found
Mrs Longhagen had sustained a badly
sprained wrist She is doing nicely at
the present time at her brothers homo
in West McCook
City Authorities Put On the Lid
The city authorities put tho lid on
the social evil Tuesday by closing tho
several houses in the red light district
On Wednesday night the inmates to
the number of about a score departed
tho city going both east and west there
departure calling for tho presence at the
train of the police force not to men
tion several and sundry admirers from
the city and from adjoining points It
was a sad sight my countrymen
In the Library Basement
For the present the basement of tho
Carnegie Library building is being uti
lized by tho public schools to accommo
date one grade of the system the Sixth
which has been made up from the over
plus of other grades Miss Claudia
Hatcher is in charge and will teach un
til the first of the year This relieves
the situation temporarily
Haben Sle Gekauft
Have you bought your cloak yet If
not we can use you handsomely in the
matters of style quality fit price and
satisfaction From our cheapest at
S375 for ladies to our best at S2000
every number is a winner of praise and
patronage Childrens from S175 to
S750 Tho Thompson D G Co
A Priceless Snow iesterday
That little stunt of Jupiter Pluvius
yesterday in sending us eight or ten
inches of wet snow is a priceless bless
ing to the fall wheat And today it
about all sank away into tho dry and
needy ground
A Ten Cent Coupon
with each dollar cash purchase at The
McCook Hardware Store will enable
you to get many useful presents abso
lutely free Ask about them
Guaranteed Paints
Yon can get a fully guaranteed paint
The Lincoln absolutely pure at Mc
Millens drug store
Dill pickles at the White House
Bulk Mince Meat at the White House
Hinbeshs 1908 year I ooks best on the
market For Sale by B Hofer
McMillens cough cure is just what
its name indicates A Cure for Cough
Colorado canned irrigated tomatoes
peas and beans Unequaled without
a rival Huber
If you want to see a nice sssortment
of holiday slippers step in to Diamonds
Family Shoe Store
Steve Wilson has added a splendid
two 3eated automobile to his livery barn
equipment Try it
Every day is bargain day at H S
Godfrey Cos the popular leaders in
selling flour feed and hay
If it is from Marshs its the best ob
tainable Anything and everything
taining to the meat market business
Thf a will be a merry Christmas in
tb aome that secure an Edison A
jsting pleasure to all
L W McConnell Druggist
Is there a more appreciated gift than
a beautiful pair of well fitting shoes like
the kind you will find at Diamonds
Family Shoe Store
You con secure a dressed pig a Mag
ner Stokess meat market free Take
a number with every cash purchase
until Christmas night
Santa Claus stocks up at our store
this year Tell the little folks and bring
them in to see the games dolls and a
score of other things that gladden little
peoples hearts
L W McConnell Druggist
A useful and artistic piece of furniture
is a thing of beauty and joy forever
Make the whole home a present this
year of a large leather rocker something
that will last your lifetime Ludwick
can supply you
t Alt
Thoro is a feeling of secur
ity and satisfaction in having
your money in this bankwhich
carrying about the person or
concealing about the homo can
nevor give Possibly you are
now doing businens at this
bank If not wouldnt it bo
well for you to start in at onco
Rugs at Ludwicks
McConnell for drugs
Dill pickles at the White House
Everything in drugs McConnell
Bulk Mince Meat at the White House
Greens Christmas Neckwear 25 to
Lettuce radishesceloryyoung onions
Get your Christmas nuts at the White
Toys toyn toys
Cos Druggists
at Woodworth it
Appropriate Christmas Gifts at the
Diamond Family Shoe Store
A G Bump has moved his office into
room 2 over McConnells drug store
For Christmas you want the BEST
You will find it at the White House 3
SPECIAL AH Queensware at one
third off at Ludwicks Furniture store
Green is the real Santa Claus Call
on him at Greens New Clothing Store
west of Citizens bank
Please your boy or girl with a nice
camera for Christmas 2 up at Wood
worth Cos Druggists
McMillen the druggist has a largo
and complete line of bibles copyright
books and childrens books
Tho ditch along the south side of rail
road street is being deepened and clear
ed of its accumulated rubbish
Before you buy see McMillens large
assortment of doll buggies and go carts
shoo fly horses and toys of all kinds
Buy a pair of shoes at Diamonds Fam
ily Shoe Store and take a chance on the
beautiful doll displayed in their window
M B Carman delivered his lecture on
Buys and Girls at Palisade Tuesday
night Mrs Carman accompanied him
Ten thousand post cards colored
views of McCook made in Germany
just received at B Hofers Price 2 for
5 cents
T M Phillippi had an exciting runa
way in McCook last Friday but no one
was hurt The vehicle was damaged
You will get a number on that dress
ed pig with every cash sale at Magner
Stokess meat market from now until
Christmas night
A full and complete line of rubbers
and overshoes including such celebrated
brands as the Selz and Boston at Diam
onds Family Shoe Store
Rev Wilson presiding elder of the
Holdrege district will preach and con
duct the usual communion next Sun
day evening at Box Elder
Your Christmas shopping will not bo
complete this year if you do not pass
up and down the aisles of Ludwicks
furniture store Nuff said
Magner Stokes will give away a
dressed pig You will secure a number
with every cash purchase at their market
from now until Christmas night
Gifts of pictures or china are lasting
gifts Select such goods from our stock
We have a magnificent showing of the
latest styles
L W McConnell Druggist
Last Sunday afternoon Rev G B
Hawkes of the Congregational church
of our city conducted the funeral ser
vice over the remains of a man named
White burial being made on the Sappa
about fourteen miles southeast of Dan
What can make better Christmas gifts
than nice pieces of furniture Ludwick
is showing some very suitable pieces
this year Look over the line of rocking
chairs so many of them all kinds
library tables sectional book cases
ladiesdesks cellerettes pedestalsmusic
cabinets India seats Look through
the stock you may find exactly what
you have been looking for