The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, July 26, 1907, Image 2

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Pr yg
The first president of the United States was born In Westmoreland county
Va Feb 22 1732 He died in 1709 at Mount Vernon Va In his sixty eighth
year He was inaugurated president April 30 17S9 In front of Federal hall
on Wall street New York city where now stands the subtreasury building
Washington served two terms as president and then retired to his farm at
Mount Vernon He was by training and choice a planter though his military
experience In youth and his general wisdom and patriotism led to his being
called to the chief command of the Continental army during the Revolutionary
war In politics General Washington was a Federalist
crap Book
And She Kept on Smoking
Aunt Chloe do you think you are a
Christian asked a preacher of an old
negro woman who was smoking a pipe
Yes brudder I spects I Is
Do you believe in the Bible
Yes brudder
Do you know there is a passage in
the Scripture that declares that noth
ing unclean shall inherit the kingdom
of heaven
Yes Is heard of It
Well you smoke and there is noth
ing so unclean as the breath of a smok
er So what do you say to that
Well when I go dere I spects to
leave my breff behind me
He who died at Azan sends
This to comfort faithful friends
Faithful friends It lies I know
Pale and white and cold as snow
And ye say Abdullahs dead
Weeping at my feet and head
I can see your falling tears
I can hear your cries and prayers
Yet I smile and whisper this
I am not that thing you kiss
Cease your tears and let it He
It was mine It is not I
Farewell friends Tet not farewell
Where I am ye too shall dwell
I am gone before your face
A heartbeats time a gray ants pace
When ye come where I have stepped
Te will wonder why ye wept
Te will know by true love taught
That here Is all and there is naught
Weep awhile If ye are fain
Sunshine still must follow rain
Only not at death for death
Now I see is that first breath
Which our souls draw when we enter
Life that is of all life center
He who died at Azan gave
This to those that made his grave
Edwin Arnold
Necessity Not Choice
A woman hurried up to a policeman
at the corner of Twenty third street in
New York city
Does this crosstown car take you
down to the bridge toward Brooklyn
she demanded
Why madam returned the police
man do you want to go to Brooklyn
No I dont want to the woman
replied but I have to Ladies Home
Extremely Rude
Delegate Flynn of Oklahoma tells
with great glee of a conversation that
took place between a Boston lady and
an Oklahoma man with reference to
things western
I take it maam said the Okla
homan that youve traveled consider
able in these parts
Quite a good deal answered the
Bostonian As far west as California
and Nevada and Ive spent some time
in Arizona
Have you ever seen the Cherokee
Strip suddenly asked the Oklahoma
Thereupon ensued a painful silence
It was plainly to be seen that the Bos
ton lady was much embarrassed Wlien
she had in a manner recovered her
composure she observed
In the first place sir I consider
your query extremely rude and in the
second place you might have been
more refined in your language by ask
ing me if I had seen the Cherokee dis
robe Lippincotts
Dividing Up
Two casual acquaintances were dis
cussing politics One announced that
he had turned Socialist
T dont know what a Socialist Is
said the other
A Socialist is one who believes in
dividing up with the other fellow
Does that mean that if you had two
farms you would give me one
Sure I would
And if you had two houses-
I would give you one
And if you had two shirts what
would you do with them
Ah gwan you know I have two
shirts Everybodys
In the Top Drawer
His mother tucked four-year-old
Johnny away in the top berth of the
sleeping car Hearing him stirring in
the middle of the night she called soft
Johnny do you know where you
Tourse I do he returned sturdily
Im in the top drawer Youths Com
General Sherman Recognized Him
Upon a certain occasion General
Sherman was the guest of honor at a
banquet after which a reception was
held says the Boston Herald
Among the people who filed in to
shake hands with him General Sher
man noticed a face that was very fa
miliar but which he could not place
Who are you he asked in an apolo
getic aside as he welcomed the guest
The man blushed and murmured be
hind a deprecatory hand Made your
shirts sir
Ah of course exclaimed the gener
al loudly and turning to the receiving
committee behind him he said
Gentleman allow me to present Ma
jor Schurtz
Limiting the Trouble
I suppose you will marry when you
grow up said the visitor pleasantly
No replied the thoughtful little
girl mamma says papa is more care
than the children so I guess the care
of my children will be enough for me
without the care of a husband
A Resolution
Tully Scott
of Cripple Creek in
whose mine gold has been struck in a
vein of unexampled richness 23 to
the pound or 50000 to the ton said
at a congratulatory dinner
This stroke of luck has come to me
at a time when I am able to take it
I used to know a miner whom a
lucky strike made a drunkard of He
remained a drunkard all his life Noth
ing could wean him from the whisky
A chum of his once read him by
way of warning a spontaneous com
bustion story a story of a man so sat
urated with liquor that once when he
went to blow out a candle his breath
took fire from the flame and he burned
to death
The well meaning chum at the end
of his tale looked at the reprobate
young miner and said solemnly
There Horace let that be a warn
ing to you
It will Horace answered in an
awed voice By heaven Ill never
blow out a candle again the longest
day I live
A Valuable Office Boy
The employer was bending over a ta
ble looking at the directory The new
office boy slipped up quietly and poked
a note into his hand The surprised
employer opened it and read
Honored Sir Yer pants is ripped
Yes or No
It was at an election meeting and an
excited voter shouted to the candidate
Dont beat about the bush answer
mv Question Yes or No The can-
diHatereplled But my Hear slrTlhefe
are some questions which cannot be
answered Yes or No The elector
replied rudely with the single excla
mation Bosh The candidate con
tinued Very well I will prove what
I say Now sir the question I will
put you Is this Have you left off beat
ing your wife And the meeting
shouted to the inquisitive elector An
swer him Yes or No London
There Were Others
When Sol Smith Russells daughter
Alice was a mischievous tot she was
caught red handed in one of her
pranks ner mother sent her upstairs
and charged her to pray to the Lord to
forgive her
Alice did not quite fancy the going
aloft alone but she had to obey of
course She was gone perhaps ten
minutes when she tentatively reap
peared at the top of the flight It was
observed that she was not in as chas
tened a mood as the gravity of the
offense seemed to require
Alice inquired her mother did
you ask God to forgive you
Yes mamma I told him all about
how naughty I was and asked him to
forgive me And oh mamma pitty
soon God said to me Great Scott
Alice Kussell says he theres a whole
lot of little girls a heap naughtiern
She Couldnt Very Well
An attache of one of the foreign lega
tions In Washington had become very
much attached to one of the sweetest
and most beautiful girls in the capital
society He felt quite sure that his
ardor was not altogether without re
sponse on the girls part Their meet
ings had become of tener and their ap
pearances in public together were fre
quent and the young fellow felt that
a certain ball to be given on a particu
lar evening to which they were both
invited would mean a great deal to
him So he personally selected a box
of the most beautiful flowers he could
get and writing a note addressed to
the girl gave it to his valet carefully
instructing him to deliver it with the
box in about two or three hours
The man finally reported that the
box and note had been delivered but
to the attaches surprise when he ar
rived at the ball and went straight up
to the girl he noticed that she was not
alone and was carrying some other
flowers She barely nodded to him as
he approached and during the entire
evening distinctly shunned him The
evening was a miserable one and he
went home sick at heart There he
found his box of flowers standing on
the table Mystified he summoned his
valet only to be assured that he had
personally delivered the note and box
But not that one sir he added
You pointed out quite another box
What was in the box you took
asked the young man absolutely mysti
I cannot tell sir and naturally I
did not open it replied the valet
He was sent in haste to the girls ad
dress and the box was brought back
to the young man who opened it only
to find that his valet had carried to the
girl a new lot of underwear which he
had bought that day for himself and
had sent home
And the note had read
May I hope that you will wear these
for my sake Ladles Home Journal
Men and Brutes
Now gentlemen said Sheridan as
the ladles left the room are we to
drink like men or beasts The guests
exclaimed Like men of course
Then said he we are going to get
jolly drunk for brutes never drink
more than they want
His Last Card
A certain venerable archdeacon en
gaged as a new footman a well recom
mended youth who had served as a
stable boy The first duty which he
was called upon to perform was to ac
company the archdeacon on a series of
formal calls
Bring the cards Thomas and leave
one at each house ordered his mas
ter After two hours of visiting from
house to house the archdeacons list
was exhausted
This is the last house Thomas he
said Leave two cards here
Beggin your pardon sir was the
reply I cant Ive only the ace of
spades left
Nature Study
With a heart attuned to nature
study a little Hungarian girl in the
Canadian northwest exclaimed Yah
teacher its certain beautiful on our
prairie where the birds and the small
sheep run about raw It is this girls
brother who states Plumage is the fo
liage of a parrot or hen Century
Tho Humorous Governor
When Wolcott was governor of Mas
sachusetts his youngest son Oliver
was In trae of the primary classes of
a school The teacher was one day
asking questions of her little pupils to
give them a chance to show what they
knew about one thing and another for
the entertainment of a lady who was
visiting the school and she finally in
Can any one tell me who is the gov
ernor of Massachusetts
No one could tell not 7Ten lltne
The teacher then told every one of the
pupils when he got home to ask his
father so as to be ready to tell her the
next day Accordingly when the class
assembled the following morning she
gave out the question calling on Oliver
to see what he might have to say about
it Oliver answered
Pa says hes the governor But I
dont believe it cause hes always
making fun of evers thln
Water Supply
Two Gigantic Engineering Projects
Inaugurated by Los Angeles and
New York City One Enterprise Is
to Cost 25000000 the Other
About 161000000 J
T the two edges of this continent
work has just begun on two
of the most gigantic engineer
ing projects for city water sup
ply ever conceived by man New York
and Los Angeles 3000 miles apart
are the cities to be served For New
York an additional water supply of
more than 500000000 gallons a day is
to be brought down from the CatsklUs
150 miles by aqueduct and tunnel
through fertile valleys under tho Hud
son and the East rivers and beneath
the Narrows through whicli the ocean
liners pass to Staten Island From
the high rampart of tho Sierra Ne
vada range Los Angeles is to bring
down an extra water supply capable
of supporting a city of 1000000 people
200 miles under mountains across des
erts and through beautiful orange
groves to the city
The New York project is to cost
about 101000000 and the Los Angeles
undertaking approximately 2000000
The California city expects to have its
aqueduct completed within five years
New Yorks project Is not promised
complete before 1930 though it is ex
pected the upper parts of tho great
city will be served with water from
this source several years earlier
Mayor McClellan a short time ago
broke ground for the initial work on
the New York project Seven gigantic
reservoirs are to be built in the Cats
kills on the east side of the Hudson
river and one on the other side at
Kenslco N Y A dozen villages with
8000 people and nearly 1000 houses
must move out for their sites will be
The eight reservoirs will have a com
bined area of 1G05G acres with a hold-
ing capacity of 257220000000 gallons
The largest reservoir the Ashokan
will cover 10120 acres and hold 170
000000000 gallons The dam required
to create this artificial lake will cost
20000000 and will be the largest in
the world Built of earth rock and
cement it will he half a mile thick at
the base and 300 feet high The spill
way over the dam will be a cataract
more than a hundred feet higher than
the waterfall at Niagara
The mighty aqueduct which is to
carry the waters to the great city will
require a wonderful siphon drop un
der the Hudson to be cut through the
solid rock GOO feet below the surface
of the river and 1000 feet below the
surface of the high ground where the
cut is made The plans for the crea
tion of this great water supply system
have been made under the supervision
of a board headed by the well known
financier J Edward Simmons
This supply of 500000000 gallons of
water daily in addition to the present
supply Is required by the growth of
New York city It is estimated that
the city will have 7000000 people by
the time the work is completed The
present population is about 4300000
Los Angeles now has about 275000
people but is growing so rapidly that
a vastly larger water supply is impera
tive Some years ago Fred Eaton who
has bean city engineer and mayor of
Los Angeles conceived the idea of
bringing the pure water of the Owens
river from the Sierra Nevada across
the desert to the city His plan has
been adopted and bonds for 25000
000 have been voted to build the aque
duct Twenty three miles of canal will
be dredged In the mountains Then a
conduit of thirty seven miles lined
with masonry will be built Sis miles
more of aqueduct with five miles of
tunnel through rock will bring the
waters to the bad lands of Jawbone
canyon About eight miles of tunnels
a mile of steel flume two miles of steel
pressure pipe in inverted siphon con
struction then sixty seven miles of
aqueduct across the Antelope valley
desert with a few more mile3 of tun
nel through ranges will carry the
melted snow water to big reservoirs
near Los AngeJes to be piped through
the city and supplied for irrigation
purposes on the outlying farm and ox
Chard laifds
County Commissioners Proceedings
McCook Nebraska July 8 1007
The board of County Commissioners mot
pursuant to adjournment prvsvnt C H Grny
F S Lofton mid S Ircmer commissioners
P K Keeder attorney mid K J Wilcox
The minutes were read and on motion approv
Moved by Premer seconded by Lofton Hint
claim of Hubert Hnker for 177 10 services in the
SpnuldiiiK case bo alloued at 10000 on roll call
ircmer anil Lofton voted ayu and Jray nay
On motion tho county attorney was instructed
to commence suit against thu bondsmen of cx
county treasurer J II Hew for shortage and
interest sis shown by the final report of tho
county treasurer examiners
On motion tho board commenced checking
tho accounts of E J Wilcox county clerk and
continued same throughout tho day
Tho petition of Henry Corcoran et al asking
for the location of a public road was road and
considered Tho board find that all tho require
ments of the law have been complied with and
tho public good requires it on motion petition
was granted and road established as follows
Commencing at tho north east corner of section
lr township range X in lied Willow county
thence south on tho Mction lino to tin south
east corner of said section and terminating
thereat and clerk was instructed to notify over
seer of highways to open said road On motion
damages were allowed on above road by reason
of tho establishment of same as follows
James Doyle 2000 claimed rt00 Williston
II Smith 2000 claimed 000 Ceorgo Trapha
i gan 1000 claimed 11000 and overseer of road
j district was directed to pay tho same out of any
funds belonging to tho district as by law pro
Neb Telcp Co telephone rentals tolls 27 00
Kloppifc Hartlett Co supplies 0 00
SN Wilson livery J3 so
Eli D Akcrs labor on court house 00
C L Fahnestock salary us county phys iO 00
J E Ludwiek jail furnituro 0 00
P E Hceder salary second quarter 200 00
James Doyle shade trees 3 00
Stephen Holies delivering trees 0 00
W C Kullard coal for Tuttle pauper 0 00
J C Puckett mdse Mrs Vandervoort
Pauper 18 73
J II Grnnnis mdse Sam OConnor pan IB 00
On motion board adjourned to meet July 0
1S07 Attest
EIJ Wilcox C H Gray
Clerk Chairman
McCook Nebraska July 9 1W7
Tho board of County Commissioners met
pursuant to adjournment present C H Gray
F S Lofton and S Premer commissioners P
E Heeder attorney and E J Wilcox clerk
The minutes of previous meeting were read
and approved
On motion the treasurer was instructed to re
fund to tho Republican Valley Hail Koad Co
the sum of 2015 the amount of taxes assessed
by the county assessor on the following lots and
paid by them under protest
Lot 3 in 29-3-29 r 84
Lot4 samo 2 75
Lot8 4 it
Lot9 535
Lot 3 in 30-3-29 2 30
for the reason that said lots have been assessed
by the State Board of Equalization for tho year
190 as part 0f tbe depot grounds
On motion Board adjourned to meet July 10
1907 Attest
E J Wilcox C B Gray
County Clerk Chairman
McCook Nebraska July 10 1907
The board of county commissioners met
pursuant to adjournment present C B Gray
F S Lofton and S Premer commissioners
P E Reeder attorney and E J Wilcox clerk
The minutes of previous meeting were read
and approved
On motion the Farmers Merchants Bank of
Indianola was designated as a county deposit
ary On motion tho depository bond of the
Farmers fc Merchants Bauk of Indianola Ne
braska was approved
Tho semi annual statement of Flora B Quick
county superintendent was examined approved
and ordered placed on file
Tho board having made a careful examination
of the accounts of E J Wilcox county clerk
find that he has received as fees from January
2 1907 to June 30 1907 both inclusive 179327
The board having made a careful examination
of the accounts of J C Moore county judgo
find that ho has received as fees from January
2 to June SO 1907 both inclusive 42325
On motion board adjourned to meet July 11
1907 Attest
E J Wilcox C B Gray
Clerk Chairman
McCook Nebraska July 11 1907
Tho board of county commissioners met
pursuant to adjournment present C B Gray
F S Lofton and
S Premer county com
missioners and E J Wilcox clerk
The minutes of previous meeting were read
and approved
The board having made a careful examination
of tho accounts of R W Devoe clerk of the
district court find that he has received as fees
from January 2 1907 to Juno 30 1907 both
inclusive the sum of 53145
The board having made a careful examination
of the accounts of H I Peterson sheriff find
that he has received as fees from January 2 to
June 30 1907 both inclusive the sum of 10301
The petition of J E Kclley et al asking for a
public road was read and considered tho board
find that all owners of land along line of pro
posed road have given their consent thereto in
writing and on motion same wa granted
establishing a road as follows commencing at
the north east corner of section G tp 2 N R 29
W running west on section line with slight
curve to north on dam at north end of lake in S
E H 31-3-39 thence south west to inter ect
present road running west on section line Also
vacating road No MS commencing about sixty
rods south of said north east corner of section
C running et 120 rods north 60 rods to point
where above road meets section line and clerk
was instructed to notify overseer of highways to
open said road
The following claims were audited and allow
ed and on motion clerk was instructed to draw
warrants on the county general fund in payment
thereof a- follows
McCook Water Works Co water 15 00
Geo LeHew service county treas oilice 9 00
Geo Jackson guarding jail 5 38
JO Easton watching for Spaulgsuspt 15 00
Ted Cain same 8 00
Western Union Tel Co telegrams 8 44
R W Devoe salary second quarter 50 00
A L Cochran expenses 70 12
L W Stayner circulars for sheriff 3 50
J C Moore office expense 4 65
Flora B Quick salary and office expenses 21G 45
McCook Elec Light Co lights June 10 55
Geo Fowler salary as janitor 45 00
McCook Republican supplies 29 41
Lon Cone witness fees 2 00
H I Peterson money advanced taking
Boyer et al to pen 32 63
H I Peterson salary to July 1st 206 93
Jones Finnegan Co mdse pauper 20 42
Perry Bee supplies 41 SO
T B Harris services Spaulding case
claimed 2500 allowed 2 50
H Winans livery hire claimed 1050
allowed I 50
C B Qray salary as commissioner 13 00
S Prenior wimo 32 00
FSLofton 1180
On motion tho board adjourned to moot July
19 1M7 Attest
EJ Wilcox C HGray
County Clerk Chairman
ft The Security Abstract
and Realty Company
jfr Farms Wild Lauds and City W
Property at owners prices
fit ProHrties of non residents
looked after Write for J
to mation
if H
Mike Walsh
and EGGS
uiu iiuDDcr tupper mm rsrabb
Highest Market Price Paid in Cash
Now location just nrrois street in P Walsh I
building a
flcCook - Nebraska J
g3S Earn More
SZ S Busineti nd Short
hand Count i taught
by Most Exptriencsd Teach era in tho weat
Positions for graduates Work for Board Halp
for deserving students Addraas
Mosher Lampman College
Information fre 1700 Tamam St Olliu Mil
lumber and
gleam Fitter
Iron Lead and Sewer Pipe Brass
Goods Pumps an Boiler Trimmings
Estimates Furnished Free Base
ment of the Postoffice Building
WANTED AH kinds of laundry
help at good wages
in modern airy well lighted plants
Climate unsurpassed Mountain air
and sunshine Address
1211 loth Street Denver Colo
McCook Nebraska
Studio upstairs in new Kishel building
south of Post Office
Real Estate
and Insurance
First door south of Fearns gallery
McCook Nebraska
C H Botle
C EEldeed
Attorneys at I aw
Long Distance Pone 44
Rooms 1 and 7 second floor -
Postoffica Building MCLOOK Keh
DENTIST phoke ii2
Office Booms 3 and 5 Walsh Blk McCook