The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, July 19, 1907, Image 7

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Mile a Minute
How Automobilist Edge Exceeded
That Rale of Speed For a Whole
Day fed on Tabloids and Coffee
Niba The Feat of Felice Nxzro
manner In which motorists
THE beon breaking records
this summer takes the breath
away Both In this country
and Europe remarkable feats have
been performed by the automobile
speeders The worlds record was bro
ken by Felice Nazzaro who won the
Grand Prix International automobile
race at Dieppe France over a courso
of about 477 miles In 0 hours 40 min
utes 81 seconds His averago speed
was about seventy one miles an hour
Nazzaro finished third In the Interna
tional automobile cup race in France
in 1905 and competed in the Vander
bllt cup race on Long Island In 1905
and 1903 failing to finish on both the
latter occasions
Still more remarkable If possible than
the performance of Nazzaro Is that of
S F Edge In the twenty four hour au
tomobile race over the Brooklands rac
ing track at Weybridge England In
his six cjilnder Napier car Edge trav
eled 1581 miles 1310 yards during the
twenty -four hours ended on the even
ing of June 29 No other man since the
world began ever traveled so far in
one day or even came within a hun
dred miles of it A twenty four hour
automobile race was held on the Point
Breeze track near Philadelphia about
the same time but the best record
made was 717 miles for the same pe
riod in which Edge drove his car over
1500 miles At the Point Breeze track
rain and mud interfered with fast time
The Brooklands racing track at Wey
bridge was built especially for speed
ing The course Is an oval Intersected
by a straight finishing run of a quarter
of a mile at one end Two bridges
carry it over the river AVey The sur
face is of concrete and Is raised above
water level throughout To provide
for the high speed of motor cars in
rounding the curves the outer edge of
the course is elevated to a considerable
extent At the northern cud of the
r WSm
mmtt j
oval it cuts through a hill thus leav
ing a sharply rising elevation within
the oval itself This elevation forms a
natural grand stand from which the
whole course may be overlooked The
circuit of the course Is three miles and
it Is said to be the longest circular
track in the world The whole course
is inclosed in fencing and in those
parts to which the public is admitted
a double row of fencing has been erect
ed to insure ample protection against
Interference with the racers by people
crowding on the track In this way
conditions like those which caused dan
ger to racers and the public at the Yau
derbilt cup races on Long Island are
avoided In order to safeguard cars
running on the course a comprehensive
system of telephones has been estab
lished and every part of the circuit is
overlooked by a sentry located in a
sentry box furnished with telephone
apparatus and alarm bells The whole
course is thus under constant observa
tion and all occurrences can be sig
naled electrically to the proper func
Edge in his wonderful performance
undertook to cover 1440 miles in 1440
minutes in other words to travel at
the rate of a mile a minute for a whole
day He bettered this by 141 miles
Never did his speed fall under sixty
miles an hour His highest speed was
seventy two miles an hour and six
times he traveled seventy miles in the
hour He accomplished his feat in
spite of punctured tires and other road
troubles When he had to stop on ac
count of a puncture the wheel was
replaced with lightning speed by ex
pert mechanics Edge was fed while
going around the course by tabloids
and coffee nibs handed him by his
agile little mechanician Burnsidewho
climbed all over the car when it was
going at seventy miles an hour as free
ly as if its speed was only seventy
miles a day The two men had a nar
row escape once when a stone flung
up by the tires struck the glass pro
tecting Edge from the wind and broke
it Fragments hit them in the face but
luckily failed to seriously injure them
or interfere with operating the car
The Conciergo Is a Peculiar Institu
tion In Several Ways
You leave your card at the door of
the person to whom you desire to pre
sent yourself and there It is taken in
charge by that peculiarly French func
tionary the concierge says Professor
Barrett Wendell In Scrlbners At
least In Paris the greater part of
French people live in large houses con-
a common entrance and staircase
Close to the entrance door on the level
of the street are some stuffy little
rooms Inhabited by the concierge or
porter with his family Their duty
among other things is to keep strict
watch on whoever goes in or out and
To Calculate Longevity
Bacon took a deep interest In
longevity and its earmarks said a
physician and Bacons signs of long
life and of short life are as true today
as they ever were You wont live
long Bacon pointed out if you have
soft fine hair a fine skin quick
growth large head early corpulence
short neck small mouth brittle and
separated teeth and fat ears Your
life barring accidents will be very
lengthy if you have slow growth
coarse hair a rough skin deep wrin
kles in the forehead firm flesh a large
mouth wide nostrils strong teeth set
close together and a hard gristly ear
Dogs That Worry
If you have ever seen a dog that has
lost its master in a London street you
will wonder whether even the lower
animals have not the elements of wor
ry to disturb them But the man wor
ries about many other things than
bones or masters and the dog never
suffers from insomnia through fear of
a future life or the state of his bank
ing account Reader
Wasted Sympathy
Benevolent Old Man I am sorry
Johnny to see you have a black eye
Promising Youth You go home and bo
sorry for your own little boy hes got
two Illustrated Bits
Daughter of Railway Magnate Is Good
Whip and an All Around Athlete
The prominence of E H Harriman
in the railroad world and the attention
his doings have excited in various
ways of late make his family of Inter
est to many besides those who happen
to have their acquaintance Mr Harri
man Is very fond of his two daughters
Mary and Cornelia who are of an ago
tainlng a number of apartments with i when they can be boon companions for
him and their liking for the same
things In which he takes most pleas
ure outside of business hours results in
their being much in his society Mr
Harriman is very devoted to his coun
try estate at Arden Tuxedo Park N
Y The Misses Harriman are fond of
at least one of them often the porters outdoor life and Miss Mary Is especial
wife or half grown daughter Is always
at hand
The chief peculiarity of their temper
ament seems to be insatiable appetite
At whatever hour of day or evening
you call on a concierge you are sure to
find somebody eating or just risen
from table and the ate mhere inhab
ited by this bustling p jonagc seems
Immortally laden with e fumes of
something recently boileii
No matter whether you call on a
friend who lives in some unpretentious
out of the way place or on one who
inhabits something like a palace the
concierge Is always about the same
You can detect little difference be
tween those in charge of important
doors and of Insignificant They are
as like as house flies Of course there
are private houses in Paris with regu
lar domestic servants such as you
would 2nd anywhere but these grand
or simple are so unusual that you re
member the concierge as everywhere
standing between you and further hu
man Intercourse
In response to your card which the
concierge duly sees delivered comes a
card often with a note in return If
as is generally the case this acknowl
edgment of your existence contains an
intimation of when your French ac
quaintance may be found at home ei
ther habitual or for your special bene
fit you make your second visit at this
appointed time and thus enter into real
personal relations
Otherwise your intercourse has limit
ed itself to a polite exchange of cards
Generally speaking you never expect
or attempt to see French people socially
except when they have asked you to
one of their regular days of reception
or have made a definite appointment
To call on a person at any other time
to do more than leave your card with
the concierge would be an intrusive
pretense to intimacy
You can waste a good deal of time
telling how reliable you are
You never say a man wont listen to
reason if he agrees with you
A boy Is liberally abused if he isnt
polite but how many say Thank j ou
to a boy
No one seems to have as hard a time
earning money as the woman who mar
ries for it
The average mans idea of religious
liberty is the privilege of staying home
from church
Having good judgment and being a
fool for luck are frequently the story
of a single financial success told by
different parties
How poor are they who have no
patience What wound did ever heal
but by degrees Who is the author of
the above It is not important wheth
er you can remember the author if you
can soberly accept the lesson taught
Atchison Globe
The Value of Diamonds
The value of the diamond is at so
much per carat and up to a certain
limit the value per carat increases as
the size of the stone iucreases When
a carat diamond is quoted at 125 a
diamond weighing a half a carat is
counted at the rate of 75 per carat
three quarter carat diamonds at 100
per carat one and one quarter carat
diamonds at 140 per carat one and
one half carat diamonds at 350 per
carat one and three quarter carat dia
monds at 1S0 per carat and two carat
stones at 200 per carat Stones weigh
ing more than two carats sell at about
the same rate as that quoted for two
carat stones and do not increase as
rapidly owing to the more limited de
mand for the larger sized stones New
York Herald
ff f j Zj f7swWnL lf YffyjjwslQBKUmFB
ly noted as a whip She is a daring
horsewoman an enthusiastic golf
player fences skillfully can handle an
automobile like a veteran chauffeur
and is good at most anything in the
way of athletics Her adventures have
been numerous Once she was on a
railway trip in Arizona with her fa
ther and started on a horseback trip
about Phenix when she became en
gaged in a fierce battle with the
broncho she was riding She was no
sooner in the saddle than the animal
began to buck With great cleverness
Miss Harriman kept her seat as the
vicious horse reared and side leaped
ner father ran to her rescue and other
men tried to assist him but could not
get near the broncho Miss Harriman
did not appear to be scared in the least
She sat like a veteran broncho buster
until the horse slipped and rolled over
her She escaped with only an injured
She was speeding once on Riverside
drive New York in her motor car
when her chauffeur was arrested for
exceeding the speed limit She ac
companied him to the police station
When she told the police sergeant she
would give bail for the appearance of
the chauffeur and the officer asked
what security she could offer she re
My home at 1 East Fifty fifth
street giving its value as 150000 The
sergeant gasped a little and realized
to whom he was talking Miss Harri
man mistaking his hesitation for un
willingness to accept the security
said she could give railroad stocks and
bonds if the real estate wouldnt do
The sergeant assured her that there
would be no difficulty about releasing
the chauffeur under the circumstances
One Used by Haywood Defense Shows
Miner Bound to a Pole
One of the things put In evidence in
the Haywood trial in Idaho by counsel
for the defense was a photograph of a
miner named Henry Macki bound to a
telegraph pole It was during the labor
troubles in the Telluride district when
so many outrages were committed by
both parties to the conflict This man
was seized by the militia and put in
the famous bull pen So little tender
mercy was shown him that his hands
froze while ho was confined in the cruel
manner illustrated The photograph
tells the story better than words It
was used by the Haywood defense to
ndd to the weight of the contention
lhat all the acts of brutality and crime
iommitted fiurlng the war between the
jnlners and their employers were not
lone by the workingmen
Dans Father Said Ho Never Would
Set the River op Fire
Several years before the discovery of
oil at Plthole an Irishman named Mc
Carthy and his son Dan came to this
country from the Emerald Isle Dan
was a jouug man of twenty but his
father looked upon him as a mere boy
and seemed to take delight in ridicul
ing him before people
Yis Dan Is a good by he would
say sarcastically but Danny mo by
yezll nlver set the river on Are
This was his stock witticism and It
annoyed Dan very much but he did
his best and soon surprised the old
gentleman by securing a lucrative job
Yis Danny has a job all right ho
said Its 150 a day but the by Ml
niver set the river on fire not he
When oil was found at Plthole Dan
hurried to the scene and was soon
earning unusually large wages as a
teamster All the petroleum was
drawn in barrels and teams were in
great demand lie saved his money
bought an acre of land and soon had a
well drilled that was producing 100
barrels of oil per day at 10 per barrel
The elder McCarthy joined him saw
the well received a liberal gift of mon
ey and then shook his head ominously
TIs a good thing Danny he croak
ed ye re doin well but mark me
worruds yezll niver set the river on
fire me by
A few days later a flood wrecked one
of Dans small wooden tanks the oil
ran down the river and there was
great excitement As Dan and his fa
ther stood on the bank watching the
oil float away Dan drew a match and
lighted It
Father he said coolly the next
toime yez say Oill niver set the river
on fire plaze remlmber that Oi had a
chance wanst and and didnt do ut
Then he blew out the match
The Tragedy In the Life of a Russian
Military Officer
Lieutenant von Lemsberg of the Rus
sian guards endured thirty one years
of penal exile and penal service in Si
beria He was in his day a fine looking
and highly accomplished officer Like
many of his fellows he borrowed mon
ey from City Councilor Wlassow an
old good natural bachelor Young von
Lcmsbergs notes continued to grow
and the old money lender threatened to
sue unless some of them were redeem
ed Then the joung lieutenant became
engaged to the daughter of Count To
dleben and called on Wlassow to tell
him tho news and to ask for time
You wait said he in a sneering way
Ill give you a wedding present to be
remembered Believing this to have
been a threat the lieutenant called at
the house the next day and deliberate
ly cut his throat He opened the old
mans desk to find his promissory notes
and discovered them neatly tied up
marked Paid and a document by
which he would have become the heir
of the man he had murdered Over
come by remorse he surrendered to the
authorities and was sentenced to life
servitude in Siberia Because of good
conduct his irons were taken off after
seven years he married a woman who
went into voluntary exile to be near a
relative started a vegetable shop in
the penal settlement which grew until
it became a great mercantile establish
ment and when the war with Japan
broke out he volunteered became an
officer was decorated for bravery and
received a full pardon
The Old Stagecoach
Those who are accustomed to look
back with longing eyes to the good
old days will find it interesting to
learn that in the middle of the eight
eenth century the common carrier be
tween Selkirk and Edinburgh a dis
tance of thirty eight miles required
two weeks to make the journey In
177S it took a day and a half for a
stagecoach to go from Edinburgh to
Glasgow only forty four miles away
About the same time the swiftest stages
seldom covered the road between Edin
burgh and London 310 miles in less
than two weeks an average speed of
about twenty two miles a day St
Louis Republic
The Bride Wins
At Yarmouth in St Nicholas church
one of the most curious objects is
known as the Devils Chair It is
formed out of the huge jawbone of a
whale and stands at the west end of
the church When fisher lasses get
married they think it good for the
newly wedded couple to race fiom the
chancel and they believe that whoever
reaches the Devils Chair first will rule
the roost in the little household they
are about to set up London Graphic
A Canine Secret
You can always tell the people who
are unhappy from the look of their
faces said the tired woman but if
you look out into the court of a morn
ing you never can tell which dog It is
that has cried all night and kept you
awake Xew York Press
A Social Catastrophe
Was no one injured in the railway
collision fount
No but nevertheless it was a most
painful situation First second third
and fourth class passengers all min
gled together Simply unheard of
Fliegende Blatter
Traveling For Health
My doctor recommends Europe
Dunno yet My lawyer seems to
think Canada will do Louisville
Courier Journal
The confession of evil works is the
beginning of good works Augustine
No Tyranny of Circumstances
Can Permanently Imprison a Determined Will
If you are really determined to get ahead to accumulnto some
thing to be one of the solid financial men of the community you can do it
Just n Itttlo self denial and the conserving of your incomo until
you have enough to make an investment then koop your monoy work
ing for you
Even if your present incomo is small you can start a bank ac
count and build up for tho investment Start now
Safety Deposit Boxes 1 per Year
First National Bank -- McCook Nebraska
Make your friend a birthday present of some
Learn the Cause ot Daily Woes and
End Them
When the back aches and throb3
When housework is torture
When night brings no rest nor sleep
When urinary disorder sets in
Women 3 lot is a weary one
Doans Kidney Pills cure such ills
This is one Kansas womans testi
Mrs Mellissa A Love of 211 Hen
dricks street Fort Scott Kan says
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grip and it effected my kidneys so that
I suffered for a long time afterwards
with pain and lameness in the small of
the back I had felt this trouble com
ing on all during the fall and a cold I
took was the final means of bringing it
to a climax If I swept the floor or
exerted myself in any other way I had
to go and lie down but the dull heavy
aching would commence again as soon
as I got up and stirred around My
son urged me to try Doans Kidney
Pills and I got a box at T W Atkins
drug store and began using them I
found such gratifying relief that I con
tinued tho treatment until the trouble
had entirely disappeared My exper
ience certainly warrants me in recom
mending Doans Kidney Pills to others
For Sale by all dealers Price 50
cents Foster Milburn Co Buffalo X
Y sole agents for the United States
Remember the name Doans and
take no other
We have arranged with The Weekly
Inter Ocean so that our patrons can
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our own at the exceedingly low price of
5103 for one year This is a rare op
portunity and should be taken advant
age of
About the thinnest thing in the world
is the film of a soap bubble It would
take about 50000000 of them to
1 ure one inch
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which you can choose embossed in one
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letters or combination of letters Call and
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The TRIBUNE Office
Afeqfcfefebfe fefefefefe
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a a
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w iiicS
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