The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, July 19, 1907, Image 1

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Correspondent Writes of tlie Contents of
the Old Court House Corner Stcne
The workmen have just completed the
destruction of tho old court house wall
and in the corner stone discovered an
oblong tin box tightly sealed contain
ing two copies of the Indianola Courier
dated Dec 30 1880 and Sept 15 1881
and many interesting articles written
by different officers of the city
The following was written by George
S Bishop then editor of the Courier
That those who may come after us
shall have some authentic record of the
rise and progress of the county of Red
Willow in the state of Nebraska up to
the present writing we pen the follow
ing Pursuant to the proclamation of
the Governor of Nebraska Red Willow
county waB organized in the month of
May 1873 tho county seat being located
at the town of Indianola Pursuant to
a stipulation to the effect the Republi
can Valley Land Association D N
Smith president deeded to Red Willow
county one hundred town lots and the
south half of block 13 in this the town
of Indianola for the use and purpose of
erecting a court house on said south
half of block 13 At a regular meeting
of the commissioners of said county in
August 1880 said town lot3 were ap
praised and put on the market G S
Bishop being appointed commissioner
for their sale During the spring of
1S81 it becoming apparent that a court
house was greatly needed and a consid
erable number of said lots having been
sold said commissioners ordered the
erection of this building the contract
for foundation being let to Otto Weber
the brickwork to Messrs Sibbett and
Crabtree and the woodwork to Messrs
McCarty and Phillips who have each
thus far performed their several con
tracts faithfully The present county
officers are Judge W H Corbin
Clerk Jas Hetherington Sheriff Mos
es Starbuck Supt of schools C L
Nettleton Treasurer B B Duckworth
Coroner Dr J S Shaw Surveyor E
S Hill Commissioners J E Berper
chairman S W Stilgebouer and fl H
The vote of the county for president
ial electors in 1880 was as follows
Republican ticket 281
Democratic ticket 148
Greenback ticket 48
The Republican Valley Railroad a
branch of the Chicago Burlington
Quincy Railroad was extended into Red
Willow county in the year 1880 and
from that time the growth and prosperi
ty of our county has been assured
George Seward Bishop
The following article was penned by
R H Criswell attorney at law
Sisle Viator Vel Aedificator
You sir who may be wandering
around these ruins in tho 20th century
know that I helped to lay out this town
in 1S73 It was a prairie dog town then
What it is now you may know and per
haps I may not
I collected and disbursed the first
public money belonging to the county
I brought the first suit in the district
court in the county
Rem possum servare meum Et
video meliora proboque sed deteriora
aequor R H Criswell
Attorney at law
Twenty years have passed and the
hands that penned the foregoing articles
have long since moulderedinto dust
Tenderly and reverently we lay aside
each relic of the past and turn to greet
the present and the future with abiding
hope and trust Apropos to the tin bos
containing tho documents two copies of
the Indianola Courier were found which
gave a definite account of our little
town of the number of business houses
then erected and the progress of each re
lative to his business etc
State Secretary Pope
Rev C J Pope secretary of the Bap
tist state convention will preach morn
ing and evening at the Baptist church
Sunday July 21 All members ex
pected to be present Strangers and
visitors cordially invited
Every Farmer Should
have a truck of some kind We have
a large line of iron and wood wheel
trucks at very reasonable prices Just
the thing for your rack or other handy
work McCook Hardware Co
Notice of Removal
Ladies desiring sewing done will find
Miss Carrie Watkins two doors north of
the Congregational church at Miss
Caroline Watkins
Mens Suits
Surprising values at 500
850 1000 81250 and
Thompson D G Co
1350 The
Special Meetlne of Council
The city council in special session
Tuesday afternoon with all members
Moved seconded and carried that a
building permit be issued to W O Bul
lard as per application conditioneu
that said building be covered with met
al roofing and that the walls be of the
regulation thickness
Moved seconded and carried that a
building permit be issued to J E Lud
wick as per application on condition
that walls foundation and roof comply
in all particulars with the provisions and
regulations of ordinance No 128
Moved seconded and carried that
city engineer be instructed to make
survey and estimate of the amount of
grading necessary and dirt to be moved
in grading the street east of the west
ward school building and filling up the
canyon directly north for the purpose of
turning water
Moved seconded and carried that the
cemetery committee be authorized to se
cure a water meter for the purpose of
measuring the water used in the city
The September Primaries
Nebraska voters are more free and in
dependent than they have ever been
Tho vest pocket boss can no longer
claim to carry the vote of his district
town or ward in his vest pocket The
boss doesnt do the nominating in a con
vention as before the private voter
does it in the voting booth Let every
water consumer get onto this and real
ize his power Remember he third of
September and take a hand in the
The Water Consumers League
The McCook Gas Company expects
to have its plant completed and in
operation by Sept 15th Special rates
on service connections will be allowed
the first 100 customers signing contracts
for gas ranges Those wishing to se
cure the special rates should place or
ders at once For particulars see P S
The McCook Gas Company
No Introduction Needed
It would be unnecessary for us or any
one to tell the people of McCook and
vicinity about the good qualites of the
Heath Milligan paint It is well
known all over the country for its dura
bility and freshness of color The fact
that it is being used on some of the
largest buildings about McCook this
season proves its reputation Wood worth
Co Druggists sell it
Notice To Teacheis
A special teachers examination will
be held at the brick school house on
August 2nd and 3rd during the Red
Willow County Teachers Institute
which is in session from July 29th to
August 3rd
Flora B Quick
County Supt
Two Inches and More
Two inches of rain and in some in
stances more fell all over this part of
the state Monday night and being of
great value to the corn and other crops
There was some damage to roads and
bridges in this county but the credit
side far overbalances that
Just on the Quiet
For those who do not know it Hesss
Instant Louse Killer is a wonder for
destroying lice on poultry fleas on dogs
bugs on vines and worms on flowers
25c at Woodworth Cos
Shoe Bargains at The Model
Special prices in tan oxfords patent
oxfords gun metal oxfords gents tan
oxfords gents tan shoes They will go
quickly Call promptly
Ideal Waists
More attractive than ever The best
fitting waists made Our line of them
is large in lawns mulls nets and silks
75c to 8500 each The Thompson D G
Model Shoe store Special Prices
on tan oxfords patent oxfords gun
metal oxfords gents tan oxfords gents
tan shoes A shoe opportunity for all
Nice Lawns 5c
Ten or twelve very pretty patterns
left of our line of 5c lawns The Thomp
son D G Co
On and after Sunday June 30 1907
the charge for Sunday dinners will be
50 cents Commercial Hotel
Attention Farmers
I will buy hogs on Tuesdays and
Wednesdays ONLY during hot weather
D H Shepherd
Grain Bags 21 i 2c
American A 2 bu seamless 16 oz
grain bags 21c The Thompson D G
Monday Nights Rain
There fell within the city limits of
McCook last Monday night two and
four hundredths inches of rain as mea
sured by the railroad gauge at the
depot It will interest water users to
learn that this rain deposited within
the city limits 106634880 gallons of
water This is almost one third of the
yearly pumping of McCook water plant
and if figured at 30 cents per thousand
gallons comes to 83909046 but it is
supplied free In fact water is a free
element and is never charged for All
water rates are in tact pumping rates
The water pumper doesnt buy the
water nor pay for the water He sinks
wells and runs mains if permitted and
uses coal and labor and through him
to the consumers comes this free ele
ment of nature A fair remuneration
should be his and a fair honorable com
munity will see to it that he haB oven
liberal returns But wo wont stand
for graft not a minute Business is
business but graft is graft
The Water Consumers League
J M Tomllnson
Oxford Neb July 14 J M Tom-
llinson an old and respected citizen
seventy two years of age dropped
dead of heart failure on one of the
streets of this city where he was
found by W C Kneeshaw at a late
hour last evening He had been in
apparently usual good health and his
death came as a shock to the com
munity Besides a wife he leaves
three sons all well known in Burling
ton railway circles William S claim
agent at McCook Harry B express
agent at Hastings and for fifteen years
station agent at this place and James
O express messenger also of Oxford
The interment will occur tomorrow
Western Union Telegram
Received at 3 sx Ra 10 Paid
Q Denver Colo 7 18
McCook Elec Light Co
McCook Neb
If convenient please favor us with
check account June shipments
ParkdaleFuel Co
3 p m
The above was received today Thurs
day if your light bilJ isnt paid please
help us McCook Elec Light Co
A R Scott Mgr
Small Farm For Sale
48 acres about 20 acres of upland 8
acres under the Kelley Ferguson Irri
gation Ditch balance pasture about 6
miles s w of McCook two miles south
of Perry Nebr Good county bridge
across river This tract of land will
make a fine chicken ranch near to a
good market See
R W Knowles Agent Culbertson
or C W Kneeland Owner McCook
Corn Remored Patient May Die
Hastings Neb July 17 G W Mc
Carty of Juniata a veteran of the civil
war who acted as clerk of the senate
during the last legislature had his leg
removed below the knee yesterday
He is reported in a dying condition
He had a corn removed in Lincoln and
gangrene resulted He is a pioneer citi
zen of Adams county
Chicago Quartette Makes Good
The entertainment by the Chicago
quartette Tuesday evening met all
reasonable expectations Every number
was encored and there were several
additional recalls The gentlemen sing
well play well and sketch well and pro
duce a very satisfactory evenings enjoy
Capsules That Comfort Aching Heads
that cure every kind of headache and do
it without causing bad after effects are
McConnells Headache Capsules
They are entirely free from dangerous
drugs and are therefore safe for anybody
to take
Dont Forget
to call at my new location for reading
matter stationery postcards souvenirs
candy gum fresh roasted peanuts
cigars tobacco pipes base ball goods
toys etc Barney Hofer
McCook News Depot
Water Meters
We have on hand a supply of approv
ed water meters which we will instal
promptly on application Under Wood
worth drug store Phone 182
Middleton Ruby
Ideal Skirts
Voils batistes Panamas mohairs
chiffon broadcloths and tub skirts
S150 to 700 Alterations free The
Thompson D G Co
Boys Suits
Knee pants suits S125 to 8500
Three piece suits 8400 to 8950 The
Thompson D G Co
Sanltas For Walls
For pantrys kitchens and bathrooms
17jC a yard at The Thompson D G
Mrs Ida May Amick wife of Otlur
B Amick who lives 14 miles northeast
of Palisade died last Thursday morn
ing atthe home of Dr Dodge in Pali
sade where she had been brought for
treatment some time ago She had
been very ill since last January She
leaves a sorrowing husband and three
children to mourn her departure They
have the sympathy of the community in
their great loss of their wife and mother
Ida May McMullen was born in
Huntington county Pa July 27 1871
She was married to Otlur B Amick in
1891 and their home has been in Mc
Cook and Hayes County most of the
time since until her death She was
reared in a christian home and was her
self an earnest believer in Jesus as Sav
iour and Lord To one with such faith
death has no terror
The funeral services were held at the
Methodist Ridge church one mile
from her home where the body was
laid to rest Services were conducted by
Rev N U Hawkins pastor of the
Congregational church of Palisade
New Masonic Lodge at Indianola
McCook Lodge No 135 A F A M
was well represented at the instituting
of Endeavor Lodge No 262 at Indianola
last night every officer of the lodge to
gether with a number of other members
and visiting and resident Masons here
going down on 16 The delegation num
bered about twenty five
Grand Custodian French and Deputy
Grand Master King had charge of the
ceremonies throughout the evening as
sisted by various visiting brothers
The event was in part a public one and
was greatly enjoyed by such friends of
Endeavor lodge and Masonry in general
as had gathered to witness the beautiful
and impressive sight
After the lodge was duly instituted
refreshments were served to those in
attendance The visitors then wished
for the new lodge a well rounded devel
opment and a harmonious existence and
Noilce to Clean Alleys and Premises
All citizens of McCook are hereby
requested to at once clean up their al
leys and premises Tho following rule
will be enforced from this date
You are prohibited to throw refuse
offal garbage manure ashes straw
slops or any other refuse matter into
any street or alley or vacant lot within
the City of McCook For the viola
tion of any of the above provisions
the person found guilty will be fined
not less than 8100 nor more than 850
and pay the costs or stand committed
to the city jail until fine and costs are
The householder whether renter or
owner will be held responsible for
allowing any such refuse matter to
remain on premises more than fiye days
after service of notice 5 17
J R Pence Chief of Police
By order of the Mayor
Voters Attention
You are hereby informed that a spe
cial election can be called by one fifth
of the votors of the city to take up and
decide any matter whatever of public
import This right is one of the most
valuable ever placed upon our statute
books and in the matter of securing a fair
living price for water it stands guard
between us and the over reaching of
water companies It is our intention
to distribute copies of this law to all
the voters of McCook at an early date
The Water Consumers League
Gauze Underwear
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Boys ditto 50c Boys S D 25c
Extra sizes for stout people The
Thompson D G Co
Buys Indianola Bank
Cambridge Neb July 13 W A
Reynolds of this city has purchased
the Farmers Merchants State bank
of Indianola The bank commenced
about a year ago and was owned by
Homer McAnulty of Fairbury
Natures Best
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lighting of Main avenue the city park
and other portions of tho city recently
inaugurated by the city authorities
Some of the beautiful new colors on
the Bradley Vrooman Paint color card
should be looked at if you intend
painting To be seen at Polk Bro3
The east dial of the town clock in the
court house which was demolished a
few weeks ago in a severe electrical and
wind stormis being repaired this week
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Congregational C E Society at 7 pm
Sunday evening Subject Present Day
Applications of the Last Six Command
ments Ex 20 23 17 Every body in
vited to help us
Mrs A E Reagor and Mrs Conner
Shotwell of Cambridge aro in McCook
with season tickets for the Chautauqua
Those wishing season tickets can get
them either from Mrs Reagor or by
sending to Central Telephone office at
Cambridge The sale of tickets closes
at the opening of the Chautauqua
We call attention to the ad of the
Whipple Humane Horse Collar
which appears in this issue The farm
ers of Red Willow county will no doubt
be interested in this new collar if it
will prevent sore necks and shoulders
as the manufacturers claim as every
farmer has too much pride to use horses
that are sore and galled if it can be
prevented They should come in Sat
urday and learn about the Humane
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t -