The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, April 26, 1907, Image 7

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No one would suspect Lieutenant
James Lnrkin of the Chicago detective
bureau o having once been a safe
blower Ho docs not look the part
He played tho role of cracksman on
one occasion nevertheless and if you
pin him down to it hell admit that he
can do as neat a job on a box as
any iete man in the business
The lieutenant who has the reputa
tion of knowing more safe robbers
than any other thief catcher in the
United States received a telegram one
day in July 1903 from tbto president
of an express company asking him to
go to Philadelphia where a test was
to be made of a burglar proof safe
A few weeks before that the express
company had installed a safe on one
of its cars running out of Chicago
which the manufacturers declared was
practically burglar proof An order for
several hundred of the safes was
about to be placed with the manufac
turers when the one that was made as
a sample was blown by train robbers
near Davenport la This of course
canceled negotiations toward the let
ting of the contract but the safe man
ufacturers pleaded for time in which
to make- another strong box that
would withstand the assault of all the
burglars in the land
The express company was as anx
ious to get a burglar proof safe as
were the manufacturers to make one
so the officials agreed to equip all the
companys cars with new safes if they
proved to be impervious to train rob
bers A four ton safe was built for
the experiment and as hundreds of
thousands of dollars depended upon
its being able to withstand the attack
of cracksmen expense was not spared
in its manufacture
At last it was completed and the
manufacturers notified the express
company officials that they had suc
ceeded in making a safe that all h
couldnt open unless the combination
was known The president of the ex
press company who by the way was a
United States senator began to look
around for a handy man who under
stood the gentle art of cracking a safe
He asked a few senators and some
congressmen if they knew anything
about the business and one or two of
them became indignant Failing to
get any information on the subject at
Washington he wrofe to Billy Pin
kerton explaining what he wanted
The noted detective answered the sen
ators letter recommending Lieuten
ant Larkin as the vers man for the
job A day or two later Lieutenant
Larkin received a telegram from the
president of the express company urg
ing him to start East at once The
message advised him to see William
Pinkerton and he will explain
Packing his kit or his satchel
rather the lieutenant caught a train
that night and was in Philadelphia 24
hours later The safe was waiting for
him so was the manufacturer and the
officials of the express company The
lieutenant examined the strong box
with the eye of an expert in such mat
ters It was made of 12 thicknesses
of steel
Any tools you want lieutenant
said the president of the express com
pany you can buy and have the bill
sent to me
I don- need any tools11 said Larkin
scornfully All I want is a couple of
old gurinysacks and some dy
Some dye queried the president
What do you want of dye
I guess you dont understand me
said Larkin Dy is what the pete
men call dynamite Nitro glycerin is
soup Im going to use dy as I like
it betier than soup and it isnt so
dangerous to handle
Oh I see remarked the president
winking at the other officials Youre
going to usedy as you prefer it to
soup Every man has his likes and
The safe was loaded on a truck and
taken to Washington Park a pleasure
resort a few miles outside Philadel
phia on the Delaware river On reach
ing the park the lieutenant took off
his coat and vest it being an extreme
lv hot day and he then consulted a
little book entitled Safe Blowing
Made Easy of which he is the author
I had 50 pounds of dy with me
laid the lieutenant in telling the story
at detective headquarters the other
day as I thought best to have enough
in case the first attempt was a fluke
Taking 15 of the sticks of dy I laid
them on top of the safe and then fixed
my miminauns kv aiuucu i
electric wire which I ran for a dis
tance of from here across the street
After this I filled the two gunny sacks
with sand dug it right there in the
park and laid them on top of the dy
Then I says to the bunch Now get
back to the tall grass and dont come
up till you see me at the safe again
When everything was ready I goes
to the end of the wire and pushes the
button There jvas a tremendous ex
plosion that shook the earth and that
box which the manufacturer said
was burglar proof turned inside out
It was the prettiest job of safe blowing
I ever saw There isnt any of them
that you cant blow if you only know
how I used to know but I forgot
Arithmetical History
A teacher was instructing a class of
young pupils in history says a writer
in the Philadelphia Bulletin She
asked one of them how many wars
England fought with Spain
Stx the little girl answered
Six repeated the teacher Enu
merate them please
One two three four five six
said the little girl cheerfully and con
From Tho Chicago Tribune
Noted Physician Tells How to Prevent
and Cure Rheumatism Kidney
and Bladder Troubles
By Geo Edmund Flood M D
If you would avoid Rheumatism and
Kidney and Bladder Troubles be mod
erate in the consumption of heavy
rich foods substitute as far as possible
soups broths fresh milk and drink
water lots of water Take plenty of
time to eat and dont eat after you
have had enough even if it does taste
good If your work is confining take
a moderate amount of exercise each
day in tho open air
Of course neither diet water rest
nor exercise will cure these afflictions
I advise them as preventives only For
the benefit of the readers of this arti
cle who are now afflicted with Rheu
matism Kidney Bladder or Urinary
trouble and desire to be cured quickly
I give below complete in every detail
the famous prescription which has
made me so successful in the treat
ment of these diseases It is the most
certain cure for these diseases that I
have ever used It is pleasant to take
it is not expensive it can be filled by
any druggist and I believe it is the
greatest prescription for Rheumatism
Kidney and Bladder Trouble ever writ
ten It is also a valuable spring tonic
and blood purifier If you are a suf
ferer save this take it to your drug
gist and have it filled or get the in
gredients and mix them at home
Fluid Extract Cascara Aromatic
Concentrated Barkola Compound 1
Fluid Extract Prickly Ash Bark
Aromatic Elixir 4 ounces
Adult dose take one teaspoonful
after meals and at bedtime children
one fourth to one half teaspoonful after
After you are cured follow the ad
vice I have given you in regard to
diet exercise and water and you will
not need the services of a physician
again for these ailments
Other faiers art frivileced to cofv
Ten years ago a farmer put his ini
tials on a dollar bill The next day he
went to the nearest town and spent it
with a merchant Before the year was
out he got the dollar back Four times
in six years the dollar came back to
him for produce and three times he
heard of it in the pocket of his neigh
The last time he got it back four
years ago He sent it to a mail order
house He never has seen that dollar
since and never will That dollar bill
will never pay any more school or
road tax for him will never build or
brighten any of the homes of the com
munity He sent it entirely out of
the circle of usefulness to himself and
his neighbors
Patronize your local merchant who
helps you to pay your taxes support
your schools and churches and lends
a helping hand in times of sickness
and trouble
Out of His Line
A man living in the country far
from any physician was taken sud
denly ill His family in great alarm
not knowing what to do sent for a
neighbor wno had a reputation for
doctoring cows
Cant you give father something
to help him asked one of the sons
Wa al I dont know nothin about
doctorin people
You know more than we do for
you can doctor cows Now what do
you give them when they are sick
Wa al I allers give Epsom salts
You might try it on him
How much shall we give him
inquired the son
Wa al I give cows just a pound
Your father is a quarter as big as a
cow give him a quarter of a pound
Not at All Necessary to Operate i
Many Cases
Automobiles and Appendicitis scare -
nnnni Viofnro thpv arfi hit I
J3VJ111C pcupiC uvwx ww
Appendicitis Is often caused by too
much starch in the bowels Starch is
hard to digest and clogs up the diges
tive machinery also tends to form
cakes in the cecum Thats the blind
pouch at entrance to the appendix
A N H girl had appendicitis but
lived on milk for awhile then Grape
Nuts and got well without an opera
She says Five years ago while at
school I suffered terribly with consti
pation and indigestion Too much
starch white bread potatoes etc
which she did not digest
Soon after I left school I had an at
tack of appendicitis and for thirteen
weeks lived on milk and water When
I recovered enough to eat solid food
there was nothing that would agree
with me until a friend recommended
Grane Nuts
When I began to eat Grape Nuts I
weighed 98 lbs but I soon grew to 115
lbs The distress after eating xeit me
entirely and now I am like a new per
A little Grape Nuts dissolved in hot
water or milk would have been much
better for this case than milk alone
for the starchy part of the wheat and
barley is changed into a form of di
gestable sugar in making Grape Nuts
Name given by Postum Co Battle
Creek Mich Read the little book
The Road to Wellville in pkgs
Theres a Reason
Tells a Story of Awful Suffering and
Wonderful Relief
Mrs J D Johnson of 603 West
Hickman St Columbia Mo says
Following an operation two years
ago dropsy set in
and my left side was
so swollen the doctor
said he would have to
tap out the water
There was constant
pain and a gurgling
sensation around my
heart and I could not
raise my arm above
my head The kid
ney action was disor
dered and passages of the secretions
too frequent On the advice of my
husband I began using Doans Kidney
Pills Since using two boxes my trou
ble has not reappeared This is won
derful after suffering two years
Sold by all dealers 50 cents a box
Foster Milburn Co Buffalo N Y
Bret Hartes Great Poem Result of an
The war correspondent Frederic
Villiers has recorded a talk with
Bret Harte apropos of the poem
Dickens in Camp We all felt his
loss most keenly in the States said
On hearing of his death I sat
down about three in the afternoon to
write an editorial on the great au
thor I wrote one and then tore it
up Then another after much pains
was written This did not please me
so I tore it up I wrote yet another
and threw it into the waste paper
basket it would not do It was get
ting late and I was now keeping the
paper waiting for press I was drum
ming on my desk absolutely without
another thought in my head I had
run dry Suddenly I mechanically
began to write and the result avus the
thing you seem to like so much Well
Mr Villiers you are not far out l
like it too
Gives Advice and Tells of Simple
Home Mixture
At this time of year says a well
known authority the Kidneys become
weak clogged and inactive failing to
filter out the poisons and acids which
sour the blood causing not only facial
and bodily eruptions but the worst
forms of Rheumatism Nervous and
Stomach troubles Backache and pain
ful annoying Urinary afflictions
It is worth anyones time now to get
from some good prescription pharmacy
the following ingredients Fluid Ex
tract Dandelion one hiHf ounce Com
pound Kargon one ounce Compound
Syrup Sarsaparilla three ounces Mix
by shaking well in a bottle and take
in teaspoonful doses after your meals
and at bedtime
This simple home made mixture will
force the Kidneys to normal healthy
action so they will filter and strain all
uric acid and poisonous waste matter
from the blood and expel this in the
urine at the same time restoring the
full blood count that is 95 per cent
red blood corpuscles which is abso
lutely indispensable to perfect health
Never Would They Lay Anything but
the Freshest of Eggs
There is a German dairyman and
farmer whose place is not far from
Philadelphia who greatly plumes him
self upon the absolute superiority of
his products above all others in the
On one occasion he personally ap
plied to a Germantown housekeeper
for a transfer of her custom to him
self I hears dot you haf a lot ol
drouble with dot dairyman of yours
he said Yust you gif me your gus
torn and der vill be no drouble
Are your eggs always fresh ask
ed the woman
Fresh repeated the German in
an indignant tone Let me dell you
madam dot my hens nefer nefer lay
anything but fresh eggs
Spent 300 on Doctors and Remedies
but Got No Relief Cuticura
Cures in a Week
Upon the limbs and between the
toes my skin was rough and sore and
also sore under the arms and I had to
stay at home several times because of
this affection Up to a week or so ago
I had tried many other remedies and
several doctors and spent about three
hundred dollars without any success
but this is to day the seventh day that
I have been using the Cuticura Reme
dies costing a dollar and a half
which have cured me completely so
that I can again attend to my busi
ness I went to work again to night
I had been suffering for eight years
and have now been cured by the Cut
icura Remedies within a week Fritz
Hirschlaff 24 Columbus Ave New
York N Y March 29 and April 6
Important to Mothers
Prnmlnn carefully every bottle of CASTORIA
a safe and sure remedy for infants and children
and eee that it
Bears the
Signature of
In Ilea Tor Over 30 Years
The Kind Too Have Always BooghL
Discovery of Alcohol
Alcohol was discovered in tha thir
teenth century
Mrs tVlmlotvA Soothing Syrup
For children teething softens the- guru i rcducn U
flxmtnstlon allay pIn cures wind colic 22c a botUs
A bird In the bush is worth three in
the hand from the birds viewpoint
Old Sofas Backs of Chairs etc can
be dyed with PUTNAM FADELESS
DYES fast bright durable colore
No conquest is so severe as his wno
labors to subdue himself T a Kem
Lewis Single Binder cigar richest most
satisfying smoke on the market Your
dealer or Lewis Factory Peoria 111
The Lutheran church has recently
Issued t call for 1000 new ministers
to fill vacancies in that denomination
Take Gariield Tea in the Spring it will
pave you many days of headache lashitude
and general ill health This natural laxa
tive purifies the blood cleanses the sys
tem and establishes a normal action of
liver kidneys and bowels
His Occupation
What is your occupation the
magistrate asked John White the
other day in the Westminster police
court London N I steal pewter pots
replied the candid Mr White
Famous Book Free
Evcrv reader of this paper can get free
of charge one of Dr Coffees famous books
which tells cf a now method by which
persons afflicted with Deafness Head
Noises Sore Eyes Failing Sight from any
cause can cure themselves at home at
small expense -
Write a letter immediately to Dr W O
Coffee SCO Century Bldg Dcs Moines la
Beet Sugar in the Front
One hundred years ago the West
indies supplied about one half of the
worlds sugar but the industry is on
the decline The worlds crop of beet
sugar is now about 6800000 tons
Owin to modern methods of living
hod one woman in a thousand ap
proaches this perfectly natural change
without experiencing- a train of very
annoying- and sometimes painful
This is the most critical period of
her whole existence and every woman
who neglects the care of her health
at this time invites disease and pain
When her system is in a deranged
condition or she is predisposed to
apoplexy or congestion of an organ
the tendency is at this period
likely to become active and with a
hostof nervous irritations make life a
burden At this time also cancers
and tumors are more liable to form
and begin their destructive work
Such warning symptoms as sense
of suffocation hot flashes headaches
backaches melancholia dread of im
pending evil palpitation of the heart
irregularities constipation and dizzi
ness are promptly heeded by intel
ligent women who are approaching
the period of life when this great
change may be expected
Mrs Fred Certia 1014 So Lafayette
Street So Bend Ind writes
Dear Mrs Pinkham
Lvdia E Pinkhams Vegetable Com
pound is the ideal medicine for women who
are passing through Change of Life For
several months I suffered from hot flashes
extremo nervousness headaeho and sleep
lessness I had no appetite and could not
sleep I had mado up my- mind thero was
no helo for mo until I began to uso Lydia
E Pinkhams Vegetable Compound my
bad symptoms ceased and it brought me
safely through the danger period built
up my system and I am in excellent health
I consider Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetablo
Compound unsurpassed for women during
this trying ieriod of life
Mrs Henry Lee 60 Winter Street
New Haven Conn writes
Dear Mrs Pinkham
SU11C1 lli LUILUiU lUiOt Jf AVA bUlW
years during Change of Life I heard of
Lydia JB rinknams vegetaoio uompouna
I wrote you of my condition and began to
take Lydia E Puikliams Vegetable Com
pound and followed your advice and to day
I am well and happy I can now walk any
where and work as well as anyone and for
years previous I had tried but could not get
around without help I consider your medi
cine a sovereign bairn for suffering women
Women passing through this critical
period should rely upon Lydia E
Pinkhams Vegetable Compound If
there is anything about your case
you dont understand write to Mrs
Pinkham Lynn Mass for advice It
is free and has guided thousands to
When a medicine has been successful in restoring to health
actually thousands of women you cannot well say without trying
it I do not believe it will help me It is your duty to yourself
and family to try Lydia ft fmrnms vegetable uompound
300 Mm S350 SHOES
Mens Shoes S3 to S150 Bojr8 Shoes S3 to 125 Womens
chnig S4 to S150 Misses Childrens Shoes S2S5 to SIOO
WL Douglas shoes are recognized by expert judges of footwear
to be tho best m etylent ahdTvearprodncedintnis country
part of tho shoo and overy detail of tho mating is looked alter
and watched over by skilled shoemakers without regard to
time or cost If I could take you into my larco factories at
Rrtvliton Mass and show vou howcarefttllv V L Douelas I
jSf Those bfeb
Jm who believe in qualttyk
Mr v
M 25 ounces for 23 cents Mj f
I KO 1 ace frm Pure carekMy testec m
Makes all baking healthful B J
fesjffl Why pay more for inferior BT
j9JISk powders F a
ivicIl fl gsatfr l
afg SnBkfaiHflr TAOUES MFG CO I
vSSEES XISHPn rhtnsirn 9 NAVl
shoes are mado you would then understand why they hold their shape lit better
Wear longer uu il g ui aiw Tuuonuau uaj uuci lujuca
TV fJKncliurannnaprl U stamped on the bottom widinroitrtsthevrrarrracaSnrt asHi
price aroHnfenorplHV lliU So MnliitftDl Sold liy tho lw dice Calrrs everywhere
Fait CoUr ivelcir used exclusively Catalog mailed Jrtu W A UOUCILAb iirockionMu
mumnm Miiti inntiiiiwnniiiLiiL ji
i ui - -U i
lLW o
Protective Paint
Pure White Lead Paint protects
property against repairs replacement
and deterioration It makes buildings
look better wear better and sell bet
ter Use only Pure Linseed Oil and
Pure White Lead made by the
Old Dutch Process which is sold in
kegs with this Dutch Boy trade mark
on the side
This trade mark protects yoa
against fraudu
lent White Lead
adulterations and
give valunblo infor
mation on the paint
abject Sent free
upon request
All lead packed In
1307 bears this marie
In whichever of the follow
ing cities is nearest you
New York Boston Buffalo Cleveland
Cincinnati Chicago St ixuu rnnauei
phla John T Lewis 4 Bros Co Pittsburgh
National Lead Oil OoJ
ange of Life
Sensible Advice to Women from Hrs Henry Lee
firs Fred Certia and firs Pinkham
gn Sj
timk f fsihfeajUtoWigH
ni HI I h SI ptiH n wVti iJ IKv 5Jlv f
mm imWMmm
iw imi sin a vmwmfrc
IS Si I iNrolPfal
aM Beautifying tbeSIan
Scalp Hair and Hands
BSttUartbS siua ScaiP Hair and Hands
Canadian Government
w I- n cs i n i a s r
vm MI a Baa m mey r S5H CfcHI B es 5 5 mmbi
ma m
K7 0s 5H J1
Free Farms
Over 200000 Am erica a
farmers who have iiet
tled in Canada during
the past few vears testi
fy to the fact that Cana
da is beyond question-
the greatest farming laud ia the world
of wheat from the harvest of 1906 means good
money to the farmers of Western Canada when
the world has to he fed Cattle Raising Dairy
ing and Mixed Farming are also profitable call
ings Coal wood and water in abundances
churches and schools convenient markets easy
of accos Taxes low
For advice and information address the Super
intendent of Immigration Ottawa Canada or
any authorized Canadian Government Agent
W V BhNNbll qui new ions uie ouuaing
Omaha Nebraska
To convinco any
woman that Vux
tine Antiseptic will
Improve her health
and do all wo claim
for It Vo will
3end her absolutely free a larco trial
box of Pastino with book of instruc
tions and giminu testimonials Send
your name and address on a postal card
and heals
m e m
fections such as nasal catarrh pelvic
catarrh and inflammation caused by femi
nine ills soro eyes sore throat and
mouth by direct local treatment Its cur
ative power over these troubles is extra
ordinary and gives Immediate relief
Thousands of women are using and rec
ommending it every day CO cents at
drucgLstsorbymail Remember however
it costs you OTir i r to try it
It PAXTON CO Boston Jttaag
fyil H Hfl
ir HOT oto tm tou toiw I win D Toy
p nrp samm rouMau
rf rl I thnamcf yo0sMr
Put up In 23c COc and SIOO Cans
Security Remedy Co
enlists for four rears young men of good
character and sound physical condition be
tween the ages of 17 and 25 as apprentice sea
men opportunities for advancement pay
S16 to J70 a moctn Electricians machinists
blacksmiths coppersmiths yeomen clerks
carpenters shlpntiers Bremen musicians
coots etc between 21 and Zi years enlisted
in special ratings with snitable pay hospital
apprentices 18 to 28 years Retirement on
three fourths pay and aliowauces after 20
years service Applicants mast be American
First clothing ontfit free to recruits upon
discharge travel aUowance 4 cents per mile to
place of enlistment llonns four months pay
and increase In pay npon re enlistment within
loar months or discharge Offlces at Lincoln
and Hastings Nebraska Also during winter
at DsMolneard Sioux City Iowa Address
of this paper de
siring to buy any-
ij tmnzaveruseain
its columns should insist upon hariruf
whet they ask for refusing all suasti
tutes or imitations
Snton wreck ud sarjilahor on firms TWASOV
FEV WIOK te X ATfV IC EME rawtLjrm3m
CiraihnxUD C rt 11 BUlfrw KwlntemttM