The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, April 19, 1907, Image 7

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Generalities Are Meaningless t the
Public Why the Mall Order Man
Wins Try the Plan
If you Mr Merchant would compete
with the mail order houses there are
three main essentials to success the
Roods the prices advertising
The last of these Is quite as
as either of the others
In the great majority of cases the
local merchant has the goods and he
makes the prices but in very many
cases he either fails to do the adver
tising or what he does do is not effec
tive In the eamo way that the mail
order mans advertising is effective
The writing of effective advertising
Js not an art it Is not a business that
requires years of study to learn A
few hours of study and comparison
win give you every essential detail1
that you will need
It is comparatively safe to say that
75 per cent of the advertising carried
by local merchants In the local papers
1s worded in generalities only Such
advertisements as the following are
found in every paper
Hardware Stoves and
The mail order mans advertising is
different It is specific and ivhile the
glowing descriptions given are often
should quote in his advertisement j
giving bargains they should be prices
that would compare favorably with the
prices of the mall order catalogues
and he should impress it upon the
public that he not only shows them
what they are buying before they pay
for it but that the purchaser has no
freight to pay and does not have to
wait an Interminable time for the
goods he buys as when ordering of
the mail order houses
It is specific advertising that draws
The advertiser who describes in de
tail the goods he has to sell and
quotes the price he asks for it will
attract the favorable attention of the
public far more often than the one
who deals only in generalities It is
this kind of advertising that pays It
is this kind of advertising that is at
tracting the dollars from the smaller
cities and towns and farms to the mail
order houses of the city It is this
kind of advertising that drew 200
000000 Into the coffers of the Chicago
mail order houses alone last year and
it is this kind of advertising on the
part of the local merchants that the
mail order houses fear more than any
other one thing
But Mr Merchant whether your
line be hardware dry goods groceries
clothing or other commodities it is
well to go further than your newspa
per advertising though this is the
foundation of success Go to the local
printer and have him make you little
catalogues of your own They do not
need to be large affairs but small
folders of four eight or 16 pages Put
into these folders the descriptions and
prices of the goods you are carrying
or leaders in the line Be sure that
the prices quoted are right then put
one of these into the hands of every
customer keep them circulating
throughout the community and make
a practice of getting out a new one
every few weeks
You Mr Merchant can make adver
WHHnCtftr TBiSiM Wl wFit tvlfJRSvK itllHiilAr Jzm
HWiflHKM w3tt wtXVl vnirai u k
i flat niifn YW lijiBS life
By the aid of the editor the home merchant can ride the
magnate out of the home community on the rail of publicity
is advertise advertise systematically and persistently Tell
what you have to offer and tell it so they will understand
misleading a thing which Blanks ad
vertising should never be they at
tract the attention of the reader and
possible purchaser because they tell
about some one thing that he may pos
sibly want
The mail order man makes a run
on a few things which he is willing to
sell at a close margin of profit in or
der to attract trade in his general line
on which heavy profits are made
Blank should advertise hardware in
inuch the same manner the mail order
man advertises hardware and he has
this advantage he can invite the peo
ple of the community to visit his store
arid see the goods for themselves so
they will know just what they are buy
If instead of expressing meaning
less generalities in a two inch space
Blank had used a little more space
and properly displayed an advertise
ment something like the following he
-would have been sure to have at
tracted attention to his store and in
all prohability would have been sur
prised at the drawing power of his ad
M if 9 e
During Thursday Friday and
Saturday of this week
C j jr for a s year cuaranteed best quality
Iuy Clothes Wrineer the Kins of Wrinz
crs Solid rubber rolls steel spring and patent
ruide board
fit iQ for a fcood American clothes wringer
4U io inch rolls hardwoodtframe
7 AC tor cenuine No Sac Curtain Stretchers
74 Center brace and will not sac
for extra heavy copper rim and bottom
wash boilers
infer s dozen of the - first Quality Clothes
4L Pins-
jftr for io Ioot wbte Cotton Braided Clothes
Rfr ioT hardwood folding Clothes Bar of ex
3y ceptional size for the money
tor nl sized very best quality Wash
rr for medium sized calvanized iron Wash
JO Tubs
heavy calvanized iron water or
o a c tor is qt
4C i0T 1est snality fiDer Water Pail of
ceptional merit
ffC for an excellent quality of ironing boards
y that will not warp
eirIorin extra large heavy willow Clothes
- The prices given here are of course
mere fiction but the prices Blank
mail order
The moral
the public
Using pay larger returns than the
mail order man secures you can make
it the mainstay of your business and
you can make it the means of killing
the mail order competition in your
community And when you do this
do not begrudge the publisher the
reasonable price he asks you for ade
quate space in his columns He will
give you better value than any other
commodity you can buy
Josephine Daskam Writes in Tribute
of the Golden Rule
I believe myself to be notably for
tunate in my relations with my do
mestic employes During a period of
eight years in which I have employed
household labor in four widely differ
ent places I have never once been ad
dressed with intentional disrespect by
any person in my employ says Jose
phine Daskam Bacon in the American
I have never been left a day with
out my regular staff of employes
which has varied from one to five
that is to say that I have never
been left suddenly or without suffi
cient notice to supply the vacancy
I have never had a satisfactory
worker leave me except for what I
considered a good reason in the ma
jority of cases an advantageous mar
I have never lost an unsatisfactory
one except by my own dismissal I
have never to my knowledge or even
suspicion suffered the loss of a pen
nys worth by theft and my record
for breakage is such that it produces
utter incredulity
In three cases out of four I have
had services willingly and frequently
offered me along lines where it was
not expected or requested I have
had extra money offered by me to off
set extra work occasioned by sickness
refused on the ground that at such
times all the household expected to
share the trouble
And as a climax I am able to state
that once at least on my offering a
raise in wages to express my appreci
ation ct competent and devoted serv
ice I was met with the astounding sug
gestion that as my expenses were
heavy at the time and likely to in
crease I had better not consider it
Mans Queer Jumble of Words War
ranted the Inference
Prof William Lyon Phelps of Yale
recently told this story at New Ha
vens chamber of commerce banquet
A hard drinker was told by his doctor
that he could bo cured If every time
ho felt that he must have a drink he
would immediately take something to
eat instead
The man followed the advice and
was cured but the habit of asking for
food had become so fixed with him
that once he was nearly locked up as
a lunatic He was stopping at a hotel
and hearing a great commotion in the
room next to his he peeped over the
transom to see what the matter was
He saw and rushed madly down to
the office and shouted to the clerk
The man in 153 has shot himself
Ham and egg sandwich please
Easily Prepared at Home and Harm
less to Use
This Is known as Blood Cleaning
Time especially among the older
folks who always take something dur
ing this month to clean the blood of
impurities and build it up
The following is the recipe as given
by a well known authority and any
one can prepare it at home
Fluid Extract Dandelion one half
ounce Compound Kargon one ounce
Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla three
Get these simple ingredients from
any good pharmacy and mix by
ing well in a bottle The dose is one
teaspoonful after meals and at bed
Everybody shquld take something to
help the blood which becomes impov
erished and almost sour after the win
ter season especially those who are
subject to Rheumatism Catarrh Kid
ney and Bladder trouble
It is said that one weeks use of this
mixture will clear the skin of sores
pimples or boils
This is sound healthy advice which
will be appreciated by many readers
Unlucky Mans Modest Request for
Pecuniary Assistance
Raymond Hitchcock the comedian
while in New Orleans a few months
ago took the opportunity of going to
the races During the afternoon he
cashed several tickets the result of
good guesses He was feeling happy
after the last race and started for
the automobile which was to convey
him back to his hotel As he was
about to climb into the machine he
felt a hand on his arm and a man
shouted in his ear
Hello Hitchcock how are you
Hear you put a crimp in the bookies
to day
Hitchcock blushed and shook hands
sheepishly not recognizing the man
and not wishing to show it
Say I want to speak to you con
fidentially said the stranger
All right what is it asked the
Well I am up against some hard
luck to day They cleaned me and I
want to get home Now dont let
any one of these people see you but
slip me enough for car fare will
Sure said Hitchcock placing his
iand in his pocket Then he pausfid
and queried Where do you live
Vancouver was the answer
Hitchcock took a flying leap for his
machine and unless the visitors at
New Orleans are more gullible the
Impecunious one is still looking for
car fare Harpers Weekly
The Land Made Famous by Philpotts
Philpotts has made us familiar with
romantic Devonshire in his fascinating
novels The River Children of the
Mist etc The characters are very
human the people there drink coffee
with the same results as elsewhere A
writer at Rock House Orchard Hill
Bideford North Devon states
For 30 years I drank coffee for
breakfast and dinner but some 5 years
ago I found that it was producing indi
gestion and heart burn and was mak
ing me restless at night These symp
toms were followed by brain fag and
a sluggish mental condition
When I realized this I made up my
mind to quit drinking coffee and
having read of Postum I concluded to
try it I had it carefully made accord
ing to directions and found to my
agreeable surprise at the end of a
week that I no longer suffered from
either indigestion heart burn or brain
fag and that I could drink it at night
and secure restful and refreshing
Since that time we haye entirely
discontinued the use of the old kind of
coffee growing fonder and fonder of
Postum as time goes on My digestive
organs certainly do their work much
better now than before a result due
to Postum Food Coffee I am satisfied
As a table beverage we find for all
the members of my family use it that
when properly made it is most refresh
ing and agreeable of delicious flavor
and aroma Vigilance is however
necessary to secure this for unless the
servants are watched they are likely
to neglect the thorough boiling which
It must have in order to extract the
goodness from the cereal Name given
by Postum Co Battle Creek Mir
Read the little book The Roa6 or H
Wellville in pkgs Theres a reat
The Way in Which a Swan River Far
mer Became Wealthy
Swan River Manitoba Nov 21 1906
Two weeks ago wo gave an account
of the prosperity of a farmer in West
ern Canada and this week we repro
duce another
I have been asked regarding this
years work on my farm and I here
with willingly submit the following
ihree years ago I purchased an
improved farm of ISC acres on Sec
tion 9 Township 36 Range 27 west
ot the First Meridian two miles from
the town of Swan River
I plowed and cropped 122 JA acres
of land during this year 1906 80
acres in wheat 30 acres in oats and
12 1 acres in barley
The cost of putting in and taking
off this crop this season is as follows
Cash paid for blue stone 150
Cash paid for binder twine 3900
Cash paid for hired help 12501
Cashpaidfor threshing 17500
Total 34000
Receipts for the year as follows
80 acres of wheat yielded 30
bushels per acre Total 2400 bu
30 acres of oats yielded 46
bushels per acre Total 1200
1 stack of oats in sheaf 200
12y2 acres barley 4S bu per
acre 600
Crop potatoes 300
Hay tons 15
1168 bu wheat at C2c 72416
1232 bu wheat in granary at
300 bu barley at 35c 10500
300 bu barley in granary at
35c 10500
1200 bu oats in granary at
25c 30000
100 bu potatoes at 30c 3000
200 bu potatoes in root house
at 30c 6000
1 stack of oats in sheaf for
15 tons of hay at 300 4500
Garden roots and vegetables 3000
x otal 9 J JlouO
Cost of above besides my
own labor 34050
Balance 187250
I have in all 125 acres ready for
crop next year including 10 acres
cleared and broken this season
Total Assets
186 acres land with house
stable and outhuildings
etc 500000
Implements 50000
4 head of horses and harness 80000
15 head of cattle 37500
20 pigs 20000
Receipts of this seasons crop 187200
Liabilities are
Total assets 774750
I have made the above amount by
farming in Manitoba I think it has
paid This is my standing to day I
am a single man a Canadian and 26 j
years of age
For particulars how to secure low
railway rates to the free homesteads
of Western Canada apply to any Cana
dian Government agent
One of the things you cant buy on
credit is experience
Dissertation on Henpeck
An Ohio man is reported to bo at
the point of death from blood poison
ing caused by henpeck This is
rather queer There are many men
in and around Eskrldge who are hen
pecked a thousand times a year and
whilo it makes the blood boll no
poisoning has set in Wabaunseo
Whether you be men or women yon
will never do anything In the world
without courage It is the greatest
quality of the mind next to honor
James Allen
1or constipation biliousness liver dis
turbances and diseases resulting from im
pure blood Uikc NatureH remedy Oar
field Tea It is made wholly of health
giving herbs
Every man Is valued in this world
as he shows by his conduct that ho
wishes to be valued Bruyere
Lewis Single Binder straight oc ci
Made of extra quality tobacco Y
dealer or Lewis Factory Peoria III
Lots of folks do a thing
order to get it done once
twice in
Mm Wlnslown Soothlnfr Syrnp
For children teething eoftens the gim roducei In
flammation allayspaln cures wind colic 2Scabottle
Cupid sometimes grafts a peach on
an old shrub
similaiing ifteFoodandReguIa
ting k SiomacIisandBciwIsof
MMrisPMraq FTTf ci
Promotes DigeslionOieerfijI
ness and RestContains neidier
OpiimiMorpIiijie norMneraL
wot Narcotic
Ihvpkin Seed
ClariGttl Suijgr
ADerfecrRemedv forConsM
ncss andloss op Sheer
Facsimile Signature of
Guaranteed under th
Exact Copy of Wrapper
- t
The Proved Remedy
For Over 50 Years
Price 25c and 50c
DEFilHCE Gold Water Siarch
makes laundry work a pleasure ir jt pkjr 10c
Ill niMi WW I UiilH
Ssgi I sJllLj for Infants and Children
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
Signature Jx
y For Over Use
Thirty Years
You can file on 40 0 13 or ICO
acres of public Irrigated land In
Idaho Richest land and most
successtn J Irrigated tractlntbe
world 24U0OO acres settled intwo
Easy payments FlrstoponlntjAprll 22 Others to follow Cheap power from Shoshone
balls Industries wanted Act at once or yon will bo too late WrJtel22i FlrstNatlonalBankmdKChicaBo
The General Condemnation of SoCalled Patent
or Secret Medicines
of an injurious character which indulge in extravagant and unfounded pretensions
to cure all manner of ills and the
National Legislation Enacted to Restrict Their Sale
have established more clearly than could have been accomplished in any other way
The Value and Importance o Ethical Remedies
Remedies which physicians sanction for family use as they act most beneficially and
are gentle yet prompt in effect and called ethical because they are of
Known Excellence and Quality and of Known Component Parts
To gain the full confidence of the Well informed of the world and the approval of
the most eminent physicians it is essential that the component parts be known to and
approved by them and therefore the California Fig Syrup Company has published for many
years past in its advertisements and upon every package a full statement thereof The per
fect purity and uniformity of product which they demand in a laxative remedy of an ethical
character are assured by the California Fig Syrup Companys original method of manufacture
known to the Company only
There are other ethical remedies approved by physicians but the product of
the California Fig Syrup Company possesses the advantage over all other family laxatives
that it cleanses sweetens and relieves the internal organs on which it acts without
disturbing the natural functions or any debilitating after effects and without having to
increase the quantity from time to time
This valuable remedy has been long -and favorably known under the name of
Syrup of Figs and has attained to world wide acceptance as the most excellent of
family laxatives and as its pure laxative principles obtained from Senna are well
known to physicians and the Well Informed of the world to be the best of natural
laxatives we have adopted the more elaborate name of Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Senna as more fully descriptive of the remedy but doubtlessly it will always be
called for by the shorter name of Syrup of Figs and to get its beneficial effects
always note when purchasing the full name of the Company California Fig Syrup Co
plainly printed on the front of every package whether you simply call for Syrup
of Figs or by the full name Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna as Syrup of Figs
and Elixir of Senna is the one laxative remedy manufactured by the California Fig
Syrup Company and the same heretofore known by the name Syrup of Figs which
has given satisfaction to millions The genuine is for sale by all leading druggists
throughout the United States in original packages of one size only the regular price
of which is fifty cents per bottle
Every bottle is sold under the general guarantee of the Company filed with the
Secretary of Agriculture at Washington D C the remedy is not adulterated or mis
branded within the meaning of the Food and Drugs Act June 30th 1906
Louisville Ky
San Francisco Cal
Xondon England
New York N Y