The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, December 07, 1906, Image 7

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The Quality of No 1 Hard Wheat
Cannot Be Beaten
The Canadian West in tho past five
or ten years has given a set back to1
the theory that largo cities are tho
backbone of a country and a nations
best asset Hero wo have a country
where no city exceeds 100000 and
where only one comes within easy
distance of that figure according to
tho census just taken and where no
other city reaches a population ex
ceeding 15000 Tho places with a
population over 5000 can be counted
upon the fingers of one hand and yet
the prosperity that prevails Is some
thing unprecedented in the history of
all countries past or present
Tho reason for this marvelous
prosperity is not hard to seek The
large majority of tho 810000 people
who inhabit Manitoba Saskatchewan
and Alberta have gone on to the farm
and have betaken themselves to tho
task of not only feeding and clothing
themselves but of raising food for
others less happily circumstanced
The crop of 190C although not ab
normal Is an eye opener to many who
previously had given little thought to
the subject Ninety million bushels of
wheat at 70 cents per bushel 63000
000 76000000 bushels of oats at 30
cents per bushel 22800000 17000
000 bushels of barley at 40 cents per
bushel G800000 makes a total of
92600000 This is altogether outside
the root products dairy produce and
the returns from the cattle trade the
beet sugar industry and tho various
other by products of mixed farming
When such returns are obtainable
from the soil It is not to be wondered
at that many are leaving the congest
ed districts of the eayst to take upon
themselves the life of the prairie farm
and the labor of the housbandman
With the construction of additional
railroads new avenues for agricultur
al enterprise are opening up and im
proved opportunities are offered to the
settler who understands prairie farm
ing and is willing to do his part in
building up the new country
This is the theme that Mr J J Hill
the veteran railroad builder in the
West has laid before the people in a
series of addresses which he has
given at various points during the
past few months and having been
for so long identified with the devel
opment of the West there are few
men better qualified than he to ex
press an opinion upon it Take care
of the country says he and the cities
will take care of themselves
The farmers of the Western States
and the Canadian West are more
prosperous than ever before and
when it comes to measuring up re
sults the Canadian appears to have
somewhat the better of it His land
is cheaper in fact the government
continues to give free homesteads to
settlers and the returns per acre are
heavier when the crop is harvested
Farming land in the Western States
runs from 60 to 150 an acre and up
whereas equally good soil may be pur
chased in Canada for S to 315 per
acre within easy reach of a shipping
point and much of this is available
for free homesteading The quality of
the Canadian No 1 hard wheat can
not be beaten and the returns to the
acre are several bushels better than
on this side of the line the soil and
climate of that country being peculiar
ly adapted to wheat growing
The fact is evidently appreciated
by the large number of American
farmers who have in the past two or
three years settled in the Canadian
West The agents of the Canadian
Government whose address will be
found elsewhere advise us that for
the fiscal year 1904 5 the records
show that 43543 Americans settled in
Canada and in 1905 6 the number
reached 57796 From all of which it
appears that at present there is a
good thing in farming in Western
Canada and that the American farm
er is not slow to avail himself of it
Valuable Wood Used in Mexican Struo
ture for Pedestrians and Teams
As mahogany is among the most
costly woods in the world it may be
inferred that this tropical material
is not very extensively employed in
the construction of buildings etc A
bridge constructed of solid mahogany
is certainly a rarity a curiosity
There is one claimed to be the only
one in the world built of that mate
rial This structure is located in the
department of Palenque state of Chi
apas republic of Mexico This dis
trict lies in the extreme southwestern
part of Mexico near the boundary line
cf Guatemala
The mahogany bridge is construct
ed entirely of that valuable wood
except some Iron braces and nails that
are necessary The bridge spans the
Rio Michol and its total length in
cluding approaches exceeds 150 feet
while the width is 15 feet It is used
by both teams and pedestrians and
though somewhat rude and primitive
in construction it is very substantial
None of the timbers of the flooring
were sawed for in that region there
arc no sawmills but were hewn and
In that section of old Mexico there
rre several very large rubber planta
tions and mahogany trees are quite
remmon In clearing away the trop
ical forests for setting out the young
rubber trees the mahogany growths
rre also cut down and removed As
this wood is quite abundant some of
it was used in building the bridge
American Inventor
Hammocks In Sleeping Cars
In Nova Scotia the experiment has
been tried of running a train with
hammocks instead of the usual bunks
in the sleeping cars It was a great
He Has Improved Markedly of Late
Declares a Casual Observer
It seems to me that tho quality
of the boy now growing up in this
country is peculiarly fine He is not
only less obstreperous and egotistical
but clearer and cleaner minded than
the lad of twenty years ago His ad
vance physically will be manifest to
anyone who will compare the figures
In a class photograph of to day with
those of yesterday He is taller
stralghter better featured finer
haired handsomer and more like a
thoroughbred In every way writes
George Harvey in the North Ameri
can Review
The exercise to which much of this
improvement is attributable may be
no more zealous but it seems to be
less spasmodic niorp consistent and
better adapted to its true purpose
As an inevitable sequence his habits
Have become more regular improving
in turn his manners
Altogether he has beeome attractive
partially in what he might resent
being called a girlish sense as the
effect of his greater delicacy but
chiefly in a purely masculine way
since In point of reality he was neverj
before so manly or so scrupulous of
hto personal honor
His mother is the one chiefly re
sponsible for this happy evolution
Thirty years ago her prototype donned
a cap and became frankly middle
aged at marriage From that day the
principal feature of her personal ap
pearance her figure ceased to inter
est her especially and at forty she
was satisfactory to a degree as a
mother but utterly worthless as a
comrade and as a helper To day at
forty five she is her daughters equal
in appearance and usually we be
ilieve her superior in we possession of
that mysterious indefinable yet pe
culiarly fascinating quality known as
charm She has not only main
tained but enhanced her attractive
ness by growing with as well as for
her children
It is this daily association from
babyhood with her to whom instinct
accords earliest reverence that has
refined the boy The rather may have
been no less congenial as a comrade
but circumstances have minimized in
a comparative sense Ms helpfulness
as a friend Himself the product of
a generation less carefully trained
and possessing the pelf-satisfaction-of
personal success he is unable to per
ceive the desirability of a change in
method tending to broaden develop
ment Hence his patronizing atti
tude his disposition to continue to
treat as a child the son rapidly ap
proaching manhood
It is the mother persisting in being
a girl who is glad to be regarded and
treated by the boy as an intellectual
equal To her therefore belongs the
credit of a transformation which we
believe to be clearly perceivable and
which bodes the greatest good to this
vast American organism which soon
will require the finest mental and1
moral fiber yet demanded by civiliza
Bible History Up to Date
Miller Reese Hutchinson the inven
tor is a great motor enthusiast and
he has for many years bean interest
ed in their development He sold outi
his stable when he took to motoring
and in consequence his son Reese
Jr a bright little chap of three
knows little of anything in the vehi
cle line save the automobile
Before his return from his country
place in Bay Shore recently the lads5
mother was telling him several Bibli
cal stories and among others told of
the birth of the Saviour of the world
in a stable in Bethlehem The lad
was much interested and later in the
evening he awoke from his sleep and
insisted on more stories Asked what
stories he especially desired he re
plied seriously
Oh I dont know I think I like
that one about the garage in Bethle
What Tuberculin Is
Tuberculin is the result of many
experiments to obtain a curative anti
toxin or serum for tuberculosis It is
a product of the growth of the tuber-
Ie organism in artificial cultures says
Farming but it is a perfectly harmless
product when properly used It will
neither cure nor cause the disease to
spread in an affected animal neither
will it injure a healthy one in any
way In skilled hands it is almost in
fallible and with ordinary judgment
the errors are only a few per cent In
Pennsylvania 4000 animals that had
given characteristic reactions were
slaughtered and examined and the
presence of the disease was demon
strated in all but eight
The Eye Game
Captivating shades are coming in
with the liking for candle light at din
ner parties One of the prettiest
shades is of white satin embroidered
with silver thread Candfe shade
games will be popular One is called
the eye game Every shade bears
a reproduction of the eye of a dis
tinguished man or woman painted on
mica which lights up Pencils and
cards are passed around at desert
and guesses as to the owners of the
original eyes are written down The
diner who makes the largest number
of correct guesses gets a prize
Gloria Mundi
Speak of me quoth the novelist
magnanimously as frankly as if I
had been dead 100 years
If you had been dead 100 years I
shouldnt be speaking of you at all
replied the critic taking prompt ad
vantage of the dispensation Puck
Its often difficult to get even with
people who owe you money
Mr IVlnsIon fl Soothing Syrnp
For children teething eoften the gum reducR In
LammaMon alloy pain euro wludcollc IBc a bottle
Almost any one can be a power for
evil but it takesja man among mei
to be a power for good
more goods brighter colors with less
work than others
About the only difference between a
family jar and a family row is that
tho jar is a trifle smaller
Lewis Single Binder costs more than
other 5c cigars Smokers know wu v Your
dealer or Lewis Factory Peoria 111
Enmity of your enemies is less un
certain than the friendship of your
National Pure Food and Drugs Act
The Garfield Remedies meet with the
highest requucnienls of the new Law
Take Garfield Tea for constipation
I hear Mrs OFiannagan that your
husband is very strong in his convic
tions Yis sor but hes wake in his
Defiance Starch Never sticks to the
iron no blotches no blisters makes
ironing easy and doss not injure the
Cost of the Taj Mahal
The Taj Mahal at Agra would cost
ten millions if built to day It was
begun in 1629 and finished in 1648
Important to Mothers
Examlno carefully every bottle of CASTORIA
a safe and sure remedy for infants and children
and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
In TJso For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Boagut
Will Study Irish Language
The education committee of the Lon
don county council has decided to rec
ommend to the council that classes for
the study of the Irish language and lit
erature be opened in the public ele
mentary schools of Finsbury Islington
St Pancras and Stepney
Sheer white goods in fact any fine
wash goods when new owe much of
their attractiveness to the way they
are laundered this being done in a
manner to enhance their textile beau
ty Home laundering would be equal
ly satisfactory if pnmer attention was
given to starching the first essential
being good Starch which has sufficient
strength to stiffen without thickening
the goods Try Defiance Starch and
you will be pleasantly surprised at the
improved appearance of your work
Depew Writes Reminiscences
While Senator Chauncey M Depew
was enjoying his long rest at
he did a good deal of
work on his reminiscences He is not
sure that they will ever be published
his idea being that they might be of
interest to his son In his fifty years
of public life Mr Depew has known
a great many prominent personages
and his reminiscences can hardly fail
to bo exceedingly readable
Checked Attempt at Monopoly
Trusts were sometimes dealt with
summarily in old England For in
stance the records of the Brewers
company show that on Monday July
30 1422 Robert Chichele the mayor of
London sent for the masters and 12
of the most worthy of our company to
appear at the Guildhall for selling dear
ale After much dispute about the
price and quantity of malt wherein
Whityngtone the late mayor declared
that the brewers had ridden into the
country and forestalled the malt to
raise its price they were convicted In
the penalty of 20 100 which ob
jecting to the masters were ordered
to be kept in prison in the chamber
lains custody until they should pay it
or find security for the payment
A New Drink to Replace the Old Time
Apple Jack
Twenty five years ago the custom of
making New Years calls was a de
lightful one for all concerned until
some of the boys got more egg nog
or apple jack than they could suc
cessfully carry
Then the ladies tried to be charit
able and the gentlemen tried to be
as chivalrous as ever and stand up at
the same time
If anyone thinks there has not been
considerable improvement made in the
last quarter of a century in the use
of alcoohlic beverages let him stop
to consider among other things the
fact that the old custom of New Years
calls and the genteel tippling is nearly
The custom of calling on ones
friends however at the beginning of
the new year is a good habit and an
other good habit to start at that time
is the use of well made Postum in
stead of coffee or spirits
A States Island doctor has a sen
sible daughter who has set Postum
before her guests as a good thing to
drink at Yule Tide and a good way
to begin the New Year Her father
My daughter and I have used
Postum for some time past and we
feel sure it contains wholesome food
I shall not only recommend it to
my patients but my daughter will be
most pleased to give a demonstration
of Postum to our Christmas and New
Years callers Read The Road to
Wellville inpkgs Theres a reason
Hair All Came Out Under Doctor
Three Months and No Better
Cuticura Works Wonderc
Mr A C Barnett proprietor of a
general store in Avard Oklahoma
tells in tho following grateful letter
how Cuticura cured his son of a ter
rible eczema My little boy had ec
zema His head was ono solid sore
all over his scalp his hair all cama
out and he suffered very much I
had a physician treat him but at the
end of three months he was no bet
er I remembered that the Cuticura
Remedies had cured me and after
giving him two bottles of Cuticura
Resolvent according to directions
and using Cuticura Soap and Oint
ment on him daily his eczema left
him hi3 hair grew again and he has
never had any eczema since Wo
use the Cuticura Soap and Ointment
and they keep our skin soft and
healthy I cheerfully recommend tho
Cuticura Remedies for all case3 of
eczema A C Barnett Mar 30
Wife Desertion Alarms
So many Cincinnati wives have been
deserted by their husbands of late that
the city council has taken steps- to
ward putting a check on such run
aways It has been found that mort
gage loan sharks are contributing fac
tors in a great many cases A mans
ability to mortgage his furniture with
out the knowledge of his wife is a
strong temptation to husbands of weak
will An ordinance has been intro
duced making such mortgage of no
avail unless they bear the signaturo of
both -husband and wife
Keep in Good Health
There aro many thousands of peo
ple all over the world who can at
tribute their good health to taking one
of two Brandreths Pills every night
These pills cleanse the stomach and
bowels stimulate the kidneys and
liver and purify the blood They are
the same fine laxative tonic pills your
grandparents used and being purely
vegetable they are adapted to children
and pld people as well as those in
the vigor of manhood and womanhood
Brandreths Pilis have been m use
for over a century and are for sale
everywhere plain or sugar coated
Japans Empress Popular
It is doubtful if any royal consort
more loved by her people than is the
empress of Japan Educated accord
ing to feudal ideas and skilled In all
the accomplishments befitting one of
her social eminence her majesty
strongly favors the broadness of the
new education for women and from
her private purse gives large sums
toward the maintenance of womens
schools and universities During the
war with Russia the empress visited
the hospitals many times and every
day passed hours making bandages
The effect of these bandages upon the
wounded soldiers has been of deep In
terest to medical and scientific men
for the soldiers honored by them
seemed to rally under a peculiar men
tal influence All other bandages were
destroyed after their first use those
made by the empress were sterilized
and used again for the simple reason
of their effect on the recovery of the
ladies but get rid of the dis
ease wnich is the cause or
most of womans nervousness
viz female trouble 1 was
Pavcry nervous writes Mrs
T L Tones of Gallatin
Tenn and suffered she years m
with every disease peculiar to
mv sex I had headache
SM i
spj backache and acute female
is inflammation I took threes
bottles of Cardui and it cured
me I gained 35 pounds in
weight I tell my husbaadj
m was worth its weight in gold E
iM to me and I recommend it to Sg
II all women M
1 At all Druggists M
Quaker yts
p 011
i r -
mv 1 r rrfi i f j - o iTVlJJJTsg
Canadian Government
Free Farm
of wheat from the hanf t 190o means jjood
money to the farmers of V extern Caia ia ner
the world has to be fed Cattle Rilling Dairy-
ing and Mixed FartnmjjEre aloprofnai e cail
ings Coal wood and water tn abundance
churches and schools convtutent markets eavy
of access Taxes low
For advice and information address the Si per-
intendent of Immigration Ottawa Canaan or
anv authorized Canadian G riment Aefiit
W V BENNETT 801 New York Life
Omaha Nebraska
package guarantees the purity and
quality of the oats on the inside
ft Ltpw
When you can buy the large sized FamSiy
Package of Quaker 0at3 containing one of these dain
tily decorated dishes at same price you pay for common
rolled oats 25c there is no reason why you should rt
use the best rolled oats made
JKe Quaker Qats Qmpany
Quaker Best Cornmca cools better ami it better titan any other
corawcal made 3 pouuil sealed package 10c
25 gubicqs fas 25 Gents
The original 2 ounce
can Others have copied
SrifB J the can but K C quality
has never been equaled
g at any piiLc
AiVMitrva hj m l jgjtfnuin km ij mmwnnvi - TMurev
A substitute for and superior to mustard or any other plaster and will rot
blister the most deiicate skin The pain alamg and curative qualities of
the article are wonderful It will stop the toothache at once and relieve
Headache and Sciatica We recommend it as the best and safest external
counter irritant known also as an external rerredy for pains in the chest
and stomach and all Rheumatic Neuralgic and Gouty complaints A trial
will prove what ve claim for it and it will be founo to be invaluable in the
household and for chtlcren Once used no family will be without it Many
people say it is the best of all your preparations Accept no preparation
of vaseline unless the same carries our label as otherwise it is not genuine
pa waij wi vi - u Miiia i m - ui irr
In every large sized FamaSy Package youll find a
handsome semi porcelain china dish The dishes will
please every housewife The Quaker Oats will give genu
ine satisfaction to every member of the family
Every family
ought to eat the
best rolled oats
that means
Quaker Oats
The Quaker on
the outside of the
Paid f vr tle pro- of any misrepresenta
tions 11 cur Literature about
in the GULF COAST COUNTRY IN SOUTH TEXAS Our Fa mers make crops of from
S5000 to 300 00 per acre and tvro or three crops a year SUFFICIENT RAINFALL PRODUC
like in the Pan handle Land sells NOW at rtro to 25 00 per acre on easy t rms WRITE TO
DAY for FREE LITERATIRE and LATFST TEXAS MAP Advertisina Department D
1 - irr rT
t J XM hrfciTimi J Li 1 i wrrT j siffm
llli SLOP ill MOSS Ofl
Over 200fO0 American
larrners who hae nes
tled in Canada dun 5
tte past few vear testi
fy tothe fact that
m i t voml question
Ihe greatest farming lard in the wcrd
fllfrK relFTY
en ists fnr four years yonc vrcix of ttooil
ciaracu r ind sound jars tal condlion be
tween t c isresor I and J5a apprentloe sa
mn 1 jrtun ties for aarar cement pay
SIC to 4U a monii IXL ctncian tua thin- p
biacui itt s coitersm tns yeomen csrfcs
dtp liters stijinttes tirenicn n usetacs
doss e oetween 21 and 5 yeas enisted
iipc a I nunsT1 vrasmtao pjiit hosp a
app ea c s 1j to 23 vca s Uetlrenfnt en
t a is pay a d aliowanors af er Ji
yetri service Appi cants must bt Aacrtcan
F rst c caSt freer recrui C n
Isohare Tvei aowane cenu ppr m e
i tee f ctiisttnenr is nufuuriii nibs pay
and in w n -e-e st siem w tan
oi rn mIsi Sison re OlHces a i
aidXI - kiNfira k t A so mirtir r cr
a U s M - l i T I t j e
ATbTTPQ of thcacr
111 i iiJ s nrc to cy any-
s jes or im
turc advertised n
shculd irsist upon having
as tc rerusing all
JTrTwraJMTpfgE if- TTTTTtf
9 Its cslurrns
5 3 w at they
8ALE8MEN S W N U 0MAHA N 43 1906