The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, December 07, 1906, Image 3

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Biennial Report of the Deputy of In
surance Total Receipts and Ex
penditures From All Sources
Nebraska Insurance Matters
LINCOLN The biennial report by
-John L Pierce insurance deputy
shows that 327 insurance companies
iare doing business in Nebraska at
this time The total premiums re
ceived In Nebraska by all classes of
companies in 1904 was 9030559 and
4n 1905 98GG332 The total losses
pald by all classes of companies in
1904 was 3808958 and in 1905 4
1404 1005
ftebruskn stock
companies 35490455 40591717
Stk companies
other states 135018308 15CC00352
nlii 11 rAn too rT rvo tr r
Totals 215149540 254739530
Lilfe and Accident
Nebraska leal
reserve Iliu
companies 5
Xepral reserve
life companici
other states
Mutual benelit
life assns
Mutual accident
JYaternal bene
Total premiums
received by all
0710455 0453002
2C103C95 27000300
Totals CS101143 71291020
Nebraska stock
companies 523027 530430
Stock companies
other states 1824331 2009770
Mutual compa
nies C44S28 782130
Totals 29921SG
Life and Accident
Nebraska legal
reserve 1 1 i e
e pr a 1 reserve
life companies
other states
Mutual- benefit
life assns
Mutual accident
Fraternal bene
41 v O
JMutual hail and
plate glass
Fidelity casual
ty and surety
5972G8 7049S8
055340 C0193S9
53453 5 02515
383034 45SS07
9030559 9SCCS32
Railroad Gives Away Elevator
Sir Vincent who represents the
Farmers Grain company on the
Omaha Grain exchange relates the
following incident that fell under his
observation recently He was invited
to assist in a farmers jubilee in an
Icwa village on the anniversary -of the
opening of their elevator Parties
Tvere present from Lohrville la
where there is also a railroad junc
tion or crossing of two lines On the
first line of road was located an ele
vator worth probably 2500 and it
was the property of the railroad com
pany The farmers organized a grain
company and began looking for a site
Of course the new line wanted the
company to build on its property The
old line realizing that the bulk of the
shipments would go over the line pat
ronized by the farmers company of
fered the farmers tho above mentioned
elevator on its switch The offer was
accepted and the deed made out for
a nominal sum The move was a sa
gacious one There will probably be
no less than 100 cars of grain shipped
each year and the freight will be about
75 a car or 7500 annually that the
road would have lrt if it had permit
ted the farmers to build on the rival
road That railroad mar be said to
have invested 2500 in farmers
The income from hauling two cars
will pay interest at G per cent on the
investment and the rest of the 7-
500 will contain a large element of
Mr Vincent in speaking of the in
cident stated that he desired to call
attention to the fact that an elevator
is only a storage place for grain till
cars can be obtained to ship in and
since the railroads are required to
house al lother freight offered it was
his opinion that the should be re
quired to furnish the elevator to as
sist in handling and loading the grain
He remarked that the proposition ap
peared reasonable and the only argu
ment against it would seem to be that
the other system has been used so
long that it has grown familiar
Journal Stockman South Omaha
Child Burned to Death
TJTICA Near this city a death re
sulted from the use of kerosene oil by
trying to start a fire The G-year-old
girl of Will Blazing living nine miles
northwest of the city started to light
a fire in the kitchen stove by placing a
cab in tne can As she took the cob
out of the can she dropped some oil
on her clothing and as soon as she
had applied the match it immediately
set her clothing on Are She was fat
ally burned
Taken Fatally III on Train
LEXINGTON A man named O S
Noran of Creston Neb who was ill
with kidney and bladder trouble en
route over the Union Pacific railroad
for Denver was taken worse on the
train this morning and removed to the
Commercial hotel of this city where
he died
Struck Vife While Drunk
KEARNEY Dr Mansford Mott a
veterinary surgeon was fined 100 and
costs in police court this afternoon
for striking his wife
Farmers Institute will be held
Falls City December 18 19
Len Collins escaped prosecution on
charge of bootlegging at Tekamah
The state will move fish from Gib
sons to Cut Off lake at Nebraska City
Roy Patterson was thrown from a
horse and broke his arm at Platts
Gordon M Moore braheman plead
ed guilty to stealing from a car at
Fremont Hill of New York is in Nor
folk booming the Yankton Gull
The initiative and referendum prop
osition was defeated in special elec
tion at Blair
Falling from a baby buggy the In
fant son of M Rogers of Utica broke
his collar bone
The state board of public lands and
buildings let a contract for the renova
tion of the legislative halls for 400
The identity of the supposed sui
cide at Alliance has been proven He
was C Curtis whose mother lives in
Tucson Ariz
The county commissioners have
called an election in three of the pre
cincts of Polk county to vote bonds
for an electric railroad
The four elevators at Eustis are
making extensive preparations to
handle the enormous corn crc which
will be moving in a few days
George N Erickson a fifteen-year-old
hoy broke through the ice while
skating on a mill pond at Dannebrog
and was drowned He was alone at
the time
William S Noyes a former railroad
man and restaurant and hotel prop
rietor well known throughout the state
fell dead in the Bostwick barber shop
at Hastings
Word has been received at Beatrice
from Casey la that J F Burns who
formerly conducted a wholesale groc
ery house in that city had lost his
large general store by fire
Many acres of beets are still unhar
vostcd in the vicinity of Sutherland
and the ground in places is frozen too
hard to admit of digging Some of
the growers are fearful lest they en
counter serious losses as a result
Ninety per cent of the corn crop of
Cuming county is now safely cribbed
The weather for the last month has
been highly favorable for gathering
corn and every advantage has been
taken of that fact by the farmers
Rev Joseph Presson commandant
at the Soldiers Home at Milford in
his forthcoming report will advise the
erection of a cottage for the use of
the commandant and his family and
single men employed at the home
About a year ago Frank Fentress
of Polk county sold out all he had and
pulled up stakes for Washington One
year was enough for Frank and he
has moved back like hundreds of oth
ers and will hereafter stand up for
Henry Habig was shot and instantly
killed while hunting along the Platte
river in Hall county A gun in the
hands of his son-in-law Arnold Feh
renkamp having accidentally dis
charged Habig had time only to say
Arnold youve killed me
Miss Charlotte Templeton secretary
of the Nebraska library commission
has just returned from assisting in
the organization of the new libraries
in NebrasKa One is located at Nel
son where George Lyons offered a
building free of rent for a year and
the city council authorized a levy for
the benefit of the library The other
is at Geneva where a large library
has been given to the public and the
free rent of a building offered
The law enacted by the last legisla
ture to regulate veterinary surgeons
is unconstitutional according to a de
cision rendered by County Judge Les
lie of Omaha in the case of the state
against Dr D D Turner The case
was filed by Dr Ramacciotti as a test
of the law The decision will be of
interest because several other prose
cutions hinged on the outcome of this
case It is said it may be carried
to the supreme court for a final test
W H Holloway residing some miles
from Grand Island uad a strange ex
perience the other night while making
his way home from that city When
about half way between that city and
Doniphan a man jumped out from the
side of the road told him to halt
making the command good by point
ing a revolver at Holloway and
mounted the wagon Looking at Hol
loway closely the main said You are
not the man I was looking for dis
mounted and told Holloway to drive
The second distressing accident dur
ing the past week says a Shelton dis
patch happeneed when a horse ran
away with Mr Mcse Kithcart and
threw him out and broke one of his
legs between the ankle and knee The
other accident was that of Marshall
George who was just leaving his home
to move to Hampton Neb When going
down an incline near the mill race he
fell from his loaded wagon and the
team ran away the wagon running
over cne of his legs and badly fractur
ing it above the knee
F F Foster one of tho trainmen
on the Union Pacific between Loup
City and St Paul narrowly escaped
death near the fair grounds by being
struck with an engine
Nebraska will be represented and
have its snare at international stock
shows At the stock show at Chicago
next month in the exhibit of steers in
the Auerdeen Angus class Nebraska
University has entered six Christian
Lang Co of York who won prem
iums at Nebraska State fair expect to
exhibit Angus cattle at the next inter
at r5
Copyright 1002 by It F Fenno Co
CHAPTER I Continued
The men grouped themselves about
the fire Late Carscallen getting the
coldest corner Each man drew his
tobacco from his pocket and cutting
It waited for Sub factor Hume to
speak His eyes were debating as
they rested on the four Then he took
out Rose Lepages letter and with the
group looking at him now he read it
aloud When it was finished Cloud-In-the-Sky
gave a guttural assent and
Gaspe Toujours Rooking at Jeff Hyde
said It is cold in the Barren
Grounds We shall need much tabac
These men could read without diffi
culty Jaspar Humes reason for sum
moning them To Gaspe Toujours re
mark Jeff Hyde nodded affirmatively
and then all looked at Late Carscal
len He opened his heavy jaws once
or twice with an animal like sound
and then he said in a general kind of
To the Barren Grounds But who
Jaspar Hume was writing on a slip
of paper and he did not reply The
faces of three of them showed just a
shade of anxiety They had their
opinions but they were not sure
Cloud-in-the-Sky however grunted at
them and raised the howl of his pipe
toward the Sub factor The anxiety
then seemed to be dispelled
For ten minutes more they 3at so
all silent Then Jaspar Humo rose
handed the slip of paper to Sergeant
Gosse and said Attend to that at
once Gosse Examine the food and
blankets closely
The five were left alone
Then Jaspar Hume spoke Jeff
Hyde Gaspe Toujours Late Car
scallen and Cloud-in-the-Sky this
man alive or dead is between here
and the Barren Grounds He must
be found for his wifes sake He
handed Jeff Hyde her letter Jeff
Hyde rubbed his fingers before he
touched the delicate and perfumed
missive Its delicacy seemed to be
wilder him He said in a rough but
kindly way Hope to die if I dont
and passed it on to Gaspe Toujours
who did not find it necessary to speak
His comrade had answered for him
Late Carscallen held It inquisitively
for a moment and then his jaws
opened and shut as if he were about to
speak But before he did so the Sub
factor said It is a long journey and
a hard one Those who go may never
nrmio Ruf fTiic man tirno wnrlr
fN Vlll UUif bUld UAUU 11 IT WA IV
ing for his country and he has got a
wife a good wife He held up the
letter Late Carscallen wants to
know who will lead you Cant you
trust me I will give you a leader
that you will follow to the Barren
Grounds To morrow you will know
who he is Men are you satisfied
Will you do it
The four rose and Cloud-in-the-Sky
nodded approvingly many times
The Sub factor held out his hand
Each man shook it Jeff Hyde first
and he said Close up ranks for the
H B C CH B C meaning of
course Hudson Bay Company
Once more Jaspar Hume spoke
Go to Gosse and get your outfits at
nine to morrow morning Cloud-in-the-Sky
have your sleds at the store
at eight oclock to be loaded Then
all meet me at 1015 at the office of
the Chief Factor Good night
Left alone the Sub factor sat down
to the pine table at one end of the
room and after a short hesitation be
gan to write For hours he sat there
rising only to put wood on the fire
The result was three letters the
largest addressed to a famous society
In London one to a solicitor in Mon
treal and one to Mr Field the Chief
Factor They were all sealed carefully
Then Jaspar Hume rose took out his
knife and went over to the box as if
to break the red seal He paused
however sighed and put the knife
back again As he did so he felt
something touch his leg It was the
dog Jaspar Hume drew In a sharp
breath and said It was all ready
Jacques and in another three months
I should have been in London with it
But it will go whether I go or not
Whether I go or not Jacques The
dog sprang up and put his head
against his masters breast
Good dog good dog its all right
Jacques however it goes its all
Then the dog lay down and watched
the man until he drew the blankets
over a fighting but masterly soul
At ten oclock next morning Jas
par Hume presented himself at the
Chief Factors office He bore with
him the letters he had written the
night before
The Factor said Well Hume I
am glad to see you That womans
Have you anything to propose I
suppose not he added despairingly
as he looked closely Into the face of
the other
Yes Mr Field I propose this
i that the expedition shall start at noon
I to day
Shall start at noon to day T
In two hours
J3ut who are the party
Jeff Hyde Gaspe Toujours Late
Carscallen and Cloud-In-the-Sky
And who leads them Hume Who
With your permission sir I do
You Hume You But man con
sider the danger And then there ia
there is your invention
I have considered all Here are
three letters If we do not come back
in three months you will please send
this one with the box in my room to
the address on the envelope this Is
for a solicitor in Montreal which you
will also forward as soon as possible
this last one is for yourself but you
will not open it until the three months
have passed Have I your permission
to lead these men They would not
go without me
I know that I know that Hume
I hate to have you go but I cant
say no Go and good luck go with
Here the manly old Factor turned
away his head He knew that
Jaspar Hume had done right He
knew the possible sacrifice this man
was making of all his hopes of his
very life and his sound Scotch heart
appreciated the act to the full But
he did not know all He did not
Know that Jaspar Hume was starting
to look for the man who had robbed
him of youth and hope and genius
and home
Here is a letter that the wife has
written to her husband in the hope
that he is alive You will take it
with you Hume And the other she
wrote to me shall I keep it
stood in front of the store on which
the British Hag was hoisted with an
other beneath It bearing the inaglc
letters H B C magic because
they have opened to the world rofflone
that seemed destined never to know
the touch of civilization The few
Inhabitants of the Fort had gathered
the dogs and loaded sledB wore at
the door The White Guard were
thero too all but their leader It
wanted but two minutes to twelve
when Jaspar Hume came from his
house dressed also In the white
blanket costume and followed by his
dog Jacques In a moment more ho
had placed Jacques at the head ol
the first team of dogs They were to
have their leader too and they testi
fied to the fact by a bark of approval
Punctually at noon Jaspar Hume
shook hands with the Factor said a
quick good bye to the rest called out a
friendly How to the Indians stand
ing near and to the sound of a hearty
cheer heartier perhaps because none
had a confident hope that the five
would come back the March of the
White Guard began
It is 18 days after In the shadow
of a little island of pines that lies in
a shivering waste of ice and snow the
White Guard camp They are able to
do this night what they have not done
for days dig a great grave of snow
and building a fire of pine wood at
each end of this strange house get
protection and something like comfort
They sit close to the fires Jaspar
Hume is writing with his numbed
fingers The extract that follows is
taken from his diary It tells that
days life and so gives an idea of
harder sterner days that they have
spent and will spend on this weary
December 25th This is Christmas
day and Camp 27 We have
marched only five miles to day We
Well Drink to the Day When W Sea Them Again
No sir I will keep it if you will
allow me It is my commission you
know And the shadow of a smile
hovered about Jaspar Humes lips
The Factor smiled kindly as he re
plied Ah yes your commission
Capt Jaspar Hume of of what
Just then the door opened and
there entered the four men whom
we saw sat around the Sub factors fire
the night before They were dressed
in white blanket costumes from
head to foot white woolen capotes
covering the gray fur caps they
wore Jaspar Hume ran his eye over
them and then answered the Factors
question Of the White Guard sir
Good was the reply Men you
are going on a relief expedition one
in which there is danger You need
a good leader You have one in Jas
par Hume
Jeff Hyde shook his head at the
others with a pleased 1-told-you-so ex
pression Cloud-in-the-Sky grunted his
deep approval and Late Carscallen
smacked his lips in a satisfied man
ner and rubbed his leg with a school
boy sense of enjoyment The factor
continued In the name of the Hud
son Bay company I will say that if
you come back having done your
duty faithfully you shall be well re
warded And I believe you will comp
back if it is in human power to do
Here Jeff Hyde said It isnt for
reward were doin it Mr Field but
because Capt Hume wished it be-
ceuse we believed hed lead us and
to his chin and sleep drew oblivion for the lost fellows wife We wouldnt
have said wed do it if it wasnt for
him thats just called us the White
Under the bronze of the Sub-factors
face there spread a glow mors
red than brown and he said simply
Thank you men for they had all
nodded assent to Jeff Hydes words
Come with me to the store We will
start at noon
letter was on my mind all night i And at noon the White Guard
are SO miles from Great Fish river
and the worst yet to do We have dis
covered no signs Jeff Hyde has had
a bad two days with his frozen foot
Gaspe Toujours helps him nobly One
of the dogs died this morning Jacques
is a great leader This nights shel
ter is a godsend Cloud-in-the-Sky
has a plan whereby some of us will
sleep well We are in latitude 63
degrees 47 minutes and longitude 112
degrees 32 minutes 14 seconds Have
worked out lunar observations
Have marked a tree JH 27 and
and raised cairn No 3 We are able
to celebrate Christmas Day with a
good basin of tea and our standby of
beans cooked In fat I was right about
them they have great sustaining pow
er To morrow we will start at ten
The writing done Jaspar Hume puts
his book away and turns toward the
rest Cloud-in-the-Sky and Late Car
scallen are smoking Little can be
seen of their faces they are muf
fled to the eyes Gaspe Toujours is
drinking a basin of tea and Jeff Hyde
is fitfully dozing by the fire The dogs
are above in the tqnt all but Jacques
who to night is permitted to be near
his master The Sub factor rises takes
from a knapsack a small tin pail and
puts It near the fire This operation is
watched by the others Then he takes
five little cups that fit snugly into each
other separates them and puts them
also near the fire None of the party
speak A change seems to pass over
the faces of all except Cloud-In-the-Sky
He smokes on unmoved At
length the Sub factor speaks cheer
ily Now men before we turn In
well do something In honor of the
day Liquor we none of us have
touched since we started but back
there in the fort and maybe in
other places too they will be think
ing to us so well drink a health
to them though its but a spoonful
and to the day when we see them
One of the Most Valuable of All Toilet
The uhos and virtues of olive oil nro
many not only from a culinary point
of view but as a medicine and an ad j
junct to the toilet
For Internal use ollvo oil Is
Jy valuablo In many cases being as
good If not better than cod liver oil
and far more palatable while as a
beauty specific It Is of more value
than many high priced cosmetics and
jSkln foods both of which last virtues
it unites in itself
With respect to skin food and cos
metics no animal fat or any cream
Laving such as a base should ever bo
used for the face as It has a tendency
to encourage that most fatal foe to
womans beauty superfluous hairs
lOllve oil however being a vegetable
product has no such Injurious effect
and can be used with safety by almost
anyone except perhaps those with
greasy skins
But particularly those who have ar
rived or are arriving at the much
talked of and dreaded uncertain ago
should not neglect the regular use of
olive oil it helps In a wonderful way
to preserve the soft nothings of chin
and throat
Some people advocate pure glycerin
but this sticky stuff is absolutely ru
inous to the skin and should neer bo
used alone olive oil on the otlu r
lliand is most beneficial
As to the method of its employment
simply wash the face well and then
gently rub the oil in with linger tips
using an upward motion for the
cheeks till the skin has absorbed as1
much as it can then wipe off with
clean wadding lint or a piece of old
Material Practically Indispensable for
the Housewife
A weak solution of soda will revive
4the color in a dusty carpet Keep
flowers fresh by putting a pinch of
soda in the water Add a little soda
to the water when boiling out enamel
saucepans and it will help to cleanse
Jhem A spoonful of soda added vt
water in which dishcloths are washed J
will keep them a good color and
en them One large teaspoonful of sal i
soda will bleach a kettleful of clothes
Hair brushes need a weekly cleansing j
for -this purpose add one tablespnnnful j
of soda to a quart of hot water dip the
bristles not the back into this and J
Shake well until perfectly clean j
rinse and stand on edge to dry
When the waste pipe is clogged with
grease pour down a gallon of boiling
water in which has been dissolved aj
cupful of soda Repeat this until all
the impurities are removed In conk
ing gooseberries add a pinch r ko k
size of a pea to each quart of fruit
le s sugar will be required to svi Ten
it Add a teaspoonful of soda to the
water in which you wash silver -
fore using glass fruit jars the serondi
time wash with soda water and riis
in order to sweeten them Dam pen
soda and apply when bitten by any
poisonous insect The Housekyjer
Steak Bernaise
As the delicious French sauce re
quires close attention in its making
it is safer to have butter creamed
and the egg beaten before commenc
ing to broil the steak The rest of th i
process can be attended to while the
meat is cooking Rub in a small bowl
four rounded tablespoonfuls of butter
until creamy adding a sifting of pap
rika and half a teaspoonful salt Beat
the yolks of four eggs in a small sauce
pan and set one side In another
saucepan put four tablespoonfuls each
hot water and tarragon vinegar with
a slice of onion and cook until reduced
one half Strain out the onion add
the hot vinegar to the beaten ctr
yolks little by little set the pan
over the fire in a hot water bath and
stir rapidly as the egg thickens A
soon as creamy and thick take from
the fire add a portion of the creamed
butter incorporate thoroughly add
moro of the butter and so on until all
is in and well blended Then po ir
at once over a hot broiled sirloin or
tenderloin steak When fresh tarravnn
cannot be obtained a little of the line
minced herb is added just before serv
ing Minced parsley or chives an
also sometimes used and garlic may
be substituted for the onion
Empress Cake
Have ready six ounces of butter and
the same of caster sugar three eggs
nine ounces of flour half teaspoonful
f baking powder grated rind of
lemon and four ounces of glace cher
ries cut into halves
Line a cake tin with buttered paper
Cream together the butter and sugar
Well whisk the eggs Sieve togetver
the flour and baking powder and edd
the lemon rind to it
Next add alternately some flour and
ess to the butter and sugar till all
mixed in Poar half of the
the tin then sprinkle in a layer
A the cherries cut in halves
Next add the rest of the mixture
Bake first in a quick oven then in a
cooler one for about three quarters of
an hour
Hemstitched Guimpe
An easy and very quick way to
make quite an elaborate guimpe yoke
to draw the thread suflicienTly
form 16 of an inch wide stripes at
nrh and a half distances Hemistich
ooth edges and embroider some prer f
simple vine or else featherstirch ii
tine effect on the parts between T p
Iravrn lines can end at graduated u
lances to form the yoke as exacIy a
Dossible the size to show aove h
jress edge and thus avoid any extra
ir wasted work t