The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, November 30, 1906, Image 2

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The Tribune
F M KIMMELL Publisher
The Teachers Privilege
Whatv nobler profession can there
be than that of passing on to younger
human beings the be3t there Is in us
It Is rather a strange contradiction
that while education is highly valued
in our country teaching on the whole
has less honor than It deserves It
Is a nitv that pnmmnnlv mnro rnrfi ie
had yea and that among very wise
men to find out rather a cunning man
for their horse than a cunning man
for their children We do not pay
our teachers enough for our own good
since a liberal salary attracts talent
not only in itself but because it is a
symbol of success Half a million
Americans are now engaged in doing
what they can with 20000000 younger
minds Surely no half million Ameri
cans are employed in more important
work Teach self denial said Wal
ter Scott and something might be
said of other virtues and make its
practice pleasurable and you create
for the world a destiny more sublime
than ever issued from the brain of
the wildest dreamer Teach anything
that is good remarks Colliers and
you touch the depths The ablest and
truest men and women are required
those who know life and are not
jpedants not machines with notions of
suggestion no higher than the ferule
and the copy book The teacher works
with living minds and hearts and
souls On no man or woman rests a
higher or more inspiring task
Endowed Theater for Masses
Is it to be believed that out of our
rich refined play loving population
there are not to be found those with
sufficient enthusiasm or self sacrifice
to raise whatever money is necessary
to establish at least one ideal experi
mental theater with a sixpenny gal
lery and a shilling pit all places to
be reserved and with free perform
ances at least once a week where the
best works of the best dramatists of
the world could be played by a com
pany whose primary object was not
to serve as advertisements for the
dressmaker or be mere incidents in
the scenic splendors of the carpen
ters art What is wanted is faith
and after faith organization Even in
this day of doubt and unbelief the
churches can find faith enough to cre
ate organizations which raise any
amount of cash says W T Stead in
World To Day I am loath to believe
that the theater going public is such
a godless reckless worthless set of
selfish loons that it is impossible to
raise out of their midst a fellowship
of stalwart workers and liberal givers
who will begin the democratic regen
eration of the theater
In order to ascertain how often and
for what a dollar is spent a California
society is sending into circulation a
hundred silver dollars each fastened
to a parchment tag The person into
whose hands one of the dollars falls is
requested to write in blank spaces on
the tag the date place and occasion
of the transfer of the coin to his pos
session and then pass it on in the
course of ordinary business Ten
coins will be sent out by each of sev
eral trades and professions bankers
artisans retailers and so on It is
hoped that the coins will be returned
according to directions with all the
blanks filled to the projectors of the
scheme and that they may draw
practically scientific conclusions
about the habits of American purchas
ers In school compositions The Au
tobiography of a Cent used to be a
favorite subject and those innocent
fictions are no doubt the progenitors
of these real travels of real dollars
Some point is given to the demand
of the Hungarian nationalists for an
increase in the Hungarian represen
tation in the consular and diplomatic
service of the dual empire by a late
incident which occurred in New York
says the Youths Companion A Hun
garian who came to America some
years ago without having performed
his military service was summoned to
return and serve his term of duty He
finally wrote an angry and saucy let
ter in which he asserted his indepen
dence under American law and at
ttacked the Austrian military authori
ties the foreign minister and finally
the emperor The consul general at
New York either through carelessnss
or inability to read Hungarian sent
this letter on the military authorities
with the formal and stereotyped In
dorsement Contents of memorial
agree with facts and acceptance is
According to some of the scientists
women are growing taller If this
would keep them from growing stout
er after they reached middle age it
isnt likely that many of them would
worry much over their increasing
In 1905 the natural gas produced
and sold in the United States was
worth 41562855 and the supply was
growing larger despite wasteful meth
ods The fear of a shortage of fuel
seems to have a small foundation
There are but few monuments or
memorials erected to English soldiers
in this country but a new one has
but recently been completed at Ticon
deroga This is in the form of a Car
negie liabrary which has been dedi
cated to the heroes of the famous
Black Watch regiment which played
such a prominent part in the attack
on that fortress July 8 1758 during
the war with France For eight con
secutive hours these Scotch High
landers charged Montcalms entrench
ments The regiment is still a fa
mous one in the English army and
its officers have placed in the library
building a memorial tablet to the
members of the regiment killed In
that engagement
The tablet which is of marble
framed in bronze is placed over the
fireplace In the east wall of the build
ing The stone that was found with
the remains of Lord Howe and which
served to identify the bones as those
of that unfortunate officer has been
presented to the library by Frederick
B Richards and enclosed in a hand
some glass case occupies a conspicu
ous place in the historical alcove
The library building was erected at
a cost of 7000 of which 2000 was
for a historical annex
The original name proposed for the
building was the Carnegie Public Li
brary and Black Watch Memorial His
torical Building but as that proved
too cumbersome for every day use the
whole building is known locally as the
Black Watch Memorial and this is
carved in stone over the entrance and
a bronze tablet on the front of the
building beside the entrance will
read Carnegie Public Library and
Historical Building
This incident recalls the tragic
death of Colonel Campbell of Inver
awe at this battle and the peculiar
story connected with it
In the middle of the eighteenth cen
tury the chief of the Campbells of In
verawe had been giving an entertain
ment at his castle on the banks of the
Awe The party had broken up and
Campbell was left alone He was
roused by a violent knocking at the
gate and was surprised at the ap
pearance of one of his guests with
torn garments and disheveled hair
demanding admission I have killed
a man and am pursued by enemies
I beseech you to let me in Swear
upon your dirk upon the cruachan
or hip where you dirk rests swear
by Ben Cruachan that you will not
betray me Campbell swore and
placed the fugitive in a secret place
in the house Presently there was a
second knocking at the gate It was a
party of his guests who said Your
Cousin Donald has been killed where
is the murderer At this announce
ment Campbell remembered the great
oath which he had sworn gave an
evasive answer and sent off the pur
suers in a wrong direction He then
went to the fugitive and said You
have killed my Cousin Donald I can
not keep you here The murderer
appealed to his oaths and persuaded
Campbell to let him stay for the night
Campbell did so and retired to rest
In the visions of that right the blood
stained Donald appeared to him with
these words Inverawe Inverawe
blood has been shed shield not the
murderer0 In the morning Campbell
went to his guest and told him that
further shelter was impossible He
took him however to a cave in Ben
Cruachan and there left him The
night again closed in and Campbell
slept and again the blood stained Don
ald appeared Inverawe Inverawe
blood has been shed shield not the
murderer On the morning he went
to the cave on the mountain and the
murderer had fled Again at night he
slept and again the blood stained
Donald rose before him and said In
1 m urn mn y w I
a -
verawe Inverawe blood has been
shed We shall not meet again till
we meet at Ticonderoga He woke
in the morning and behold it was a
dream But the story of the triple
apparition remained by him and he
often told it amongst his kinsmen
asking always what the ghost could
mean by the mysterious word of their
final rendezvous
In 1758 there broke out the French
and English war in America which
after many rebuffs ended in the con
quest of Quebec by General Wolfe
Campbell of Inverawe went out with
the Black Watch the Forty second
Highland regiment afterwards so fa
mous There on the eve of an en
gagement the general came to the
officers and said We had better not
tell Campbell the name of the fortress
which we are attack to morrow It
is Ticonderoga Let us call it Fort
George The assault took place in
the morning Campbell was mortally
wounded He sent for the general
These were his last words General
you have deceived me I have seen
him again This is Ticonderoga
The story romantic in itself was
the more impressive from the fact
that Ticonderoga was a name familiar
to me from the monuments in the
south aisle of Westminster Abbey to
two officers killed in that disastrous
affair One is to Lord Howe erected
by the province of Massachusetts
Bay not yet the state of Massachu
setts The other is to Colonel Town
send with the fortress carved on the
monument and two red Indians under
neath it
Fun for the Neighbors
Virgil P Kline the noted corpora
tion lawyer of Cleveland in an ad
dress upon ambition said Ambi
tion is an excellent thing Without it
the world would not progress But
there are worthy and unworthy am
bitions silly and wise beneficent and
maleficent ones Then there are the
peculiar the distinctive ambitions
such as we sea in childhood Thus
I once knew a little boy who had ani
ambition to be a letter carrier and
finding in a cedar chest in the attic
a great bundle of love letters that
his mother had been prerrving since
the days of her courtsliip he packed
them in a leather school satchel and
distributed them from nouse to house
throughout the neighborhood
Evil in High Hats
A French physician has been taking
notes on the temperature in high hats
In the early morning when the doc
tor was walking in the Bois de Bou
logne while the shade temperature
was 77 degrees the instrument inside
the hat registered 9C degrees At
noon when the outer air was at 90
degrees the temperature ipslde the
hat was 108 degrees In the evening
with a cool breeze at 68 degrees blow
ing the top hat temperature was SS
degrees The doctor is to read a pa-
per before the academy showing that
this unnataural heating of the head
causes many nervous diseases and af
fections of the brain
Singing Records
The singer at the end of the
tice aria panted heavily
I sang 196 notes that time he
said without once taking breath
indeed That must be a record
No The record is held by Courtice
Pounds Pounds sang 316 notes with
out respiration in 1898 The record
previous to that was held by FarinelH
with 300 notes Norman Salmond has
sung 287 notes in this way
It is wonderful what lungs trained
singers have The average man could
hardly sing 50 notes without breath
ing whereas to the singer 200 would
be nothing
-- - q m ii mi ii n i in a
ji Tn rrJLAXxiybAtofcrrtAr - - - jm
r inr
Good Things Borowed from French
Cooks Chestnut Salad Worthy a
Place on Any Table Prep
aration of Grape Juice
Here is a dish taken from our
French neighbors and one that is
especially now timely Peel off the
inside skin of chestnuts then steep
in boiling water until the Inner skins
can be readily removed Throw as
fast as peeled into a bowl of cold
water Put two ounces of butter in
a saucepan with two tablespoonfuls
flour Stir until blended then pour
in one cup or more of clear broth
stirring until smooth Salt to taste
add chestnuts and simmer gently un
til soft Serve with roasted meats
or poultry especially turkey
skin on one side of large chestnuts
and put in a pan with a perforated
bottom Stand over a moderate fire
shaking often until tendei Wrap
in a cloth for ten minutes to steam
then serve with salt and butter
pound large chestnuts into a sauce
pan of boiling water and parboil
Plunge into cold water until the skins
loosen then remove them Dry
thoroughly then put into a frying pan
with hot butter and toss and shake
intil gold color Sprinkle with salt
mixed with a little cayenne and serve
either hot or cold as preferred
with a penknife in the outer skin of
three dozen large chestnuts Put into
a saucepan of hot water and boil
20 minutes Drain and plunge into
cold water until the skins loosen
Peel cut into quarters and dust with
salt and pepper Peel four large sour
apples core and cut into pieces of
similar size to nuts Cut some of
the dark meat of a cold roasted tur
key or duck into pieces of the same
size and arrange on lettuce leaves
in the salad bowl or in individual
plates Sprinkle over them two
tablespoonfuls chopped mixed pickles
and dress with a French dressing of
oil and vinegar and serve
GRAPE JUICE While grapes are
at their cheapest it pays to put up
plenty of grape juice for home con
sumption There is no beverage
more refreshing or wholesome in ill
ness than the unfermented juice of
the grape while in hot weather it is
one of the most cooling of drinks Put
up at home a pint bottle costs scarce
four cents while the lowest price at
the drug store is 23 cents To pre
pare the grape juice cut the bunches
of grapes a little trimming off super
fluous stems and taking out the un
sound berries Put in a granite ware
or porcelain lined kettle covering
with water for two or three inches
The proportion of water is about three
quarts to IS pounds of fruit Cook
until the grapes burst and the juice
exudes crushing ocasionally with a
wooden spoon Put a colander ever a
large jar and cover Avith a square of
cheesecloth Turn fruit and juice
into this drain measure and return
to a clean nreserving kettle Let it
come to a boil and skim Now add
sugar to taste a half cup to each
quart is a good proportion stir un
til dissolved then cook five min
utes skimming carefully Have ready
cans or bottles sterilized and heated
in pans of boiling water Fill with
the hot juice then seal If bottles
are employed be sure the corks are
sterilized as well as the bottles them
selves The most convenient bottles
to use are the self sealing pop or beer
bottles Keep in a cool dark place
If preferred the grapes may be
cooked without water then diluted
when ready to drink
Excellent Salad Dressing
For those who dislike the taste of
oil the following salad dressing is
very good Mix together one tea
spoonful each of salt sugar and mus
tard and one half teaspoonful of
white pepper add the well beaten
yolks of two eggs and stir until thor
oughly mixed and smooth Melt two
tablespoonfuls of butter in half a
cupful of hot vinegar and add it slow
ly to the eggs Stir in gradually one
cupful of sweet milk scalded and mix
all well together Cook in a double
boiler until thickened but do not al
low the dressing to boil or it will
curdle Let cool then whip in the
beaten whites of the eggs Thin with
a little cream when ready for use
Cover tightly and put in the refriger
ator This is a delicious dressing for
various kinds of salad
Sweet Cucumber Pickle
The following will be found an ex
cellent recipe for sweet pickles made
with ripe cucumbers Pare and quar
ter the cucumbers removing all the
seeds cover with salt and water and
let them stand over night then drain
and boil in good cider vinegar when
tender remove the vinegar and place
in jars Make a sirup of one quart of
vinegar one heaping coffee cupful of
sugar and one tablespoonful of cinna
mon half a tablespoonful of cloves
half a teasponful of cayenne pepper
Boil 20 minutes and turn while hot
over the pickles
Prune Cake
Cream a half cupful of butter with
a cupful and a half of sugar add a
cupful of milk and the stiffened whites
of five eggs alternately with -two and
a half cupfuls of prepared flour or
enough to make a light batter Fla
vor with a few drops of essence of
bitter almonds and bake in four layer
tins When cold put the prune filling
between the cake layers
The Man from Oklahoma Thought It
Was a Woodpecker
Charleys uncle from Oklahoma was
up town being shown the sights he
having come in the day before with
a few loads of steers and Charley was
doing the honors
They were walking along on Grand
avenue discussing the tall buildings
when all of a sudden one of those
rackety riveting machines began ham
mering away at high speed on a top
story of a steel skyscraper building
The old man stopped as if hed run
against something Ho turned his eyes
in the direction of the sound but
could make out nothing When ho
turned to his bewildered nephew his
eyes were fairly popping
Great Scott he exclaimed But
Id like to see that woodpecker It
must be a whopper Kansas City
Spread Rapidly Over Body Limbs
and Arms Had to Be Bandaged
Marvelous Cure by Cuticura
My son who is now twenty two
years of age when he was four
months old began to have eczema on
his face spreading quite rapidly until
he was nearly covered We had all
the doctors around us and some from
larger places but no one helped him
a particle The eczema was something
terrible and the doctors said it was
the worst case they ever saw At
times his whole body and face were
covered all but his feet I had to
bandage his limbs and arms his
scalp was just dreadful A friend
teased mo to try uuticura and I be
gan to use all three of the Cuticura
Remedies He was better in two
months and In six months he was
well Mrs R L Risley Piermont
N H Oct 24 1905
Reception Was Costly
Mrs Augustus Heaton of Washing
ton some time ago changed from the
Episcopalean to the Roman Catholic
church and by way of celebrataing
the event decided to give a reception
in honor of the bishop of her diocese
She decided however that her already
famous drawing room was not suffi
ciently resplendent to serve as a place
of reception for the bishop who was to
come and congratulate her There
was yet time in which to make the
room more attractive and Mme Hea
ton with true artistic taste had
everything taken out of the room ex
cept the old furniture and a few art
objects The walls before had been
covered with tapestry but that was
not enough for a reception for the
bishop After much thought she
finally decided on drab silk wall cov
ering What with this and other ex
tensive changes in the room without
the purchase of furniture Mrs Hea
ton got rid of 9000
Z7 1
gj i1rT Tin nniaii miTTni H i i nmirr
The Old-Monk-Cure will
straighten out a contracted
muscle in a jiffy
Dont play possum with pain
but tends strictly to business
n Price 25c and 50c
S10IC lilWliE
cannotoe equalled 2tany price y
To Shoe Dealers
W L Douglas Job
bing House Is the most
complete in this country
Send for Catalog
Positively cured by
these Ijittlc lilis
They also relievo Dis
tress from Dyspepsia In
digestion and Too Hearty
Eating A perfect rem
edy for Dizziness Nausea
Drowsiness Bad Tasto
In tho Mouth Coated
Tongue Pain In the Side
regulate tbo Bowels Purely Vegetable
Genuine Must Bear
Fac Simile Signature
You cant afford
to buy any other
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you want
and long
These and many
other go o d p oints t
are combined in
6i If
l J I
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P vsa
MWt tI m TOniSgs
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are made you would then understand
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wear longer and are of greater value
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Wherever you live you can obtain W L
Douglas shoes His name ami price is stamped
on the bottom which protects you against high
prices and Inferior shoes Take no substl
tute Ask your dealer for V L Douglas shoes
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Fast Color Eyelets used they will not wear brassy
VIte for Illustrated Catalog of Fall Styles
WL DOUGLAS DeoU 12 Brockton Mass
BSS Thompsons Eye Water
wrote you for advice writes Lelia Hagood
of Sylvia Term about my terrible backache and
monthly pains in my abdomen and shoulders I
had suffered this way nine years and five doctors
had failed to relieve me On your advice I aook
Wine of Cardui which at once relieved my pains
and now I am entirely cured I am sure that
Cardui saved my life
It is a safe and reliable remedy for all female
uiseaseb bucn as peri
odical pains irregulari
ty dragging down sen
sations headache diz
ziness backache etc
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