The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, September 21, 1906, Image 2

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Brick Mason and Plasterer
Ornamental Cement
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lake Miss
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Dried Scabs etc etc Dont suffer any
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sample box TREE It will tell its own story
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A Cod and n French Cools Can Worlt
MIrnclcn The Breast of On
Chiclcen llaa Been Known to Sat
isfy Twelve Hungry Diner
It lias almost passed Into a proverb
that manj of the dishes served up la
cheap restaurants where nothing la
wasted are to put It mildly mysteries
But on the other hand most people
who patronize fashionable and more
ambitious restaurants are generally
content to accept the menu for what it
Is said to be This blind trust is some
what abused and the amount of fak
ing which goes on today in some of
the well to do establishments would
probably surprise those no tire un
initiated In the higher branches of the
culinary art
For instance by the addition of veg
etable juice just before being dished
up cod cutlets are at seasons when
salmon Is very dear set before cus
tomers as salmon cutlets and are
needless to say charged accordingly
This deception according to an ex
chef Is wisely practiced not only In
better class restaurants but also on
some of the great liners
Another popular trick as practiced
by the restaurateur is to serve a veal
beef done up overnight in salted band
ages while a skillful chef has very
little difficulty in palming off flatfish
for sole on epicures who pride them
selves on the soundness of their judg
ment of cooking
On one occasion some time ago a
dinner for seventy five people was or
dered at a well known fashionable res
taurant in the upper part of New York
A large consignment of salmon had
been previously ordered but to the
consternation of the chef the dinner
hour slowly approached and still no
salmon arrived
In despair the chef a Frenchman
decided to take the bull by the horns
and procure another fish to do duty for
the coveted salmon Accordingly he
sat to work to turn cod cutlets into salm
on cutlets and this rapid transforma
tion was soon effected by an addition
of vegetable juice The waiters who
naturally were aware of this whole
sale deception were given express or
ders to report any complaints to the
chef at once However to the intense
delight of the chef all passed off well
and on hearing that his subterfuge had
not been detected he gleefully ex
claimed Ah a cod and a French cook
can work miracles
Green peas at certain seasons of the
year are naturally a luxury quite be
yond the reach of the man of average
means while even caterers for fashion
able hotels themselves frequently have
the greatest difficulty in getting a suf
ficiently large quantity to meet the de
mand However to fake peas does not
offer any great difficulty in times of
stress and by adding vegetable color
ing matter yellow peas are quite com
monly served up as green peas along
with the duck and -flavorless new po
tatoes which more often than not
come from abroad
Boast veal served with a thick whito
sauce makes says a well known chef
a most satisfactory substitute for the
breast of chicken and therefore it does
not come altogether as a surprise to
learn that the breast of one chicken
has been known to satisfy twelve
hungry diners
The staff take good care of the
breast of a chicken was the comment
of a waiter who was being for the first
time Initiated Into the mystery of how
to feed a dozen people off one chicken
Perhaps the cleverest deception prac
ticed by eminent chefs is the art of
manufacturing the lobster patty so
dear to the heart of the epicure This
appetizing dainty would at first sight
seem to defy even the most Ingenious
cookery fakir However here again
the artful chef has overcome apparently
insuperable difficulties and many tooth
some looking lobster patties are thus
not always quite what they are said
to be
The deception is worked in this way
A common crustacean is boiled and the
meat carefully chopped off and put into
a mortar while afterward part of the
shell Is added The mixture is then
vigorously pounded as fine as possible
and on the addition of flavoring it
would tax the powers of the most
critical connoisseur to detect any dif
ference between the gastronomic mix
ture and the genuine lobster patty
The various deceptions I have told
you of remarked a famous chef to
the writer are naturally not prac
ticed every day but are only utilized
in times of emergency and these emer
gency moments arrive more frequently
than the trustful customer would like
did he but know New York Tele
Scull and Skull
Sculls and skulls are really one
word in origin and both at various
times have been spelled capriciously
with a c or a k Pepys the diarist
tells how he went on the Thames at
one time in a scull at another in a
skuller The origin of the word is
skulle or sculle a bowl or goblet
While the cranium was obviously bow
like in shape a distant resemblance to
a bowl was also detected in the scoop
ed out blade of a scull as opposed to
the flat blade of an oar proper
Talking Behind Her Back
Dont you know dear said his
wife sweetly that it is wrong to talk
behind a persons back
He was trying to button her waist
at the time and really there seemed
to be provocation for his remarks
Philadelphia Ledger
In the court of his own conscience
no guilty man Is acquitted Juvenal
A Woman Who ITa Won Success a
Actress and Author
It Is seldom that a person achieves
any great success in more than one
profession Miss Clara Morris may
properly ha numbered among the com
paratively few Becognized as ono
of the mo3t talented emotional ac
tresses of the American stage she has
developed no mean ability as a writer
When 111 health compelled Miss Mor
ris to retire from the mimic world and
she took up the pen the stage going
public or a large proportion of it at
first read her magazine articles for
old associations sake She was a bril
liant actress therefore she might have
something interesting to say Miss
Morris did not disappoint her readers
Copyright 1906 by Vander Weyde
She did have something Interesting to
say and she had a very interesting
way of saying it
Born in Toronto Canada in 1849 her
childhood was spent in Cleveland
O She began her stage career Id
the Academy of Music that city in
1861 Her advancement from an ar
tistic viewpoint was rapid but for
many years her salary was a small
one and it was with difficulty that she
supported her mother and herself In
Cleveland Cincinnati and with Dalys
Fifth Avenue company New York
she met nearly all of the prominent
stars of the American stage and many
from England who came to this coun
Leading an exemplary life herself
she finds much good In the lives of
others to describe or about which to
relate incidents Miss Morris married
Frederick C Harriott In 1874 and they
have a pretty home at
Besides contributing to
magazines and newspapers Miss Mor
ris has written several novels
I shall never forget my excitement
says Miss Morris in speaking of her
childhood when mother brought home
to me a cheap copy of Shakespeares
works The print was so small that it
was necessary to employ a magnifying
glass to read it and the paper was of
the cheapest and thinnest quality But
it was precious gold to me and Is to
day for I have the volume yet
The Ex Tammany Chieftain and His
Irish Home
Richard Croker the ex Tammany
chief says he expects to come to
America In 190S and cast a vote for
William J Bryan for president He
met Mr Bryan during the latters visit
in Ireland and though he once opposed
the noted Nebraskans ideas is now an
enthusiastic advocate of his nomination
by the Democratic party for a third
time In the next national campaign
He disclaims any intention of resuming
activity In politics in this country how
ever It is five years since he left the
United States to reside abroad and he
has only returned for brief visits in
connection with deaths in his family
WxkO -
He has spent a great deal of money
recently In the improvement of Glen
calrn castle his Irish estate A new
Yorker who visited him at Glencalrn
a short time ago described the former
Tammany chieftain as lamenting that
on revisiting the United States he
would find so many of his friends of
a lifetime dead He was sauntering
about the grounds of his castle in a
sack coat and knickerbockers his fa
vorite collie at his heels He had a
big watering pot with him with which
he was refreshing the beds of flowers
on his lawn Everywhere within the
castle were vases filled with flowers
The castle haa a tall tower from the
flagstaff of which the stars and stripes
are usually flying The stables are
very elaborately furnished and in the
center of the yard is a marble statue
of the famous horse Dobbins on which
Mr Croker is said to have won about
VubIls by the Acre Exhibited at the
Biff London Docks
One of the sights of London is the
great Ivory floor at the London docks
where previous to and during the pe
riodical sales Ivory may be seen liter
ally by the acre for the tusks are laid
out in lots on the floor of one of tho
great warehouses for inspection by in
tending purchasers For weeks previ
ous to the actual sale the special staff
of the ivory department has been busy
preparing the various consignments
and arranging them according to the
sizes and quality and classing them
into the various grades each of which
has some particular use for which it is
especially adapted
There is practically no waste in the
manufacturing of articles from ivory
The smallest chip is not thrown away
but carefully preserved to be utilized
for some purpose Even the shavings
from the turning down of a billiard
ball have a market value for use in In
laid work Consequently the lots in an
ivory sale by no means consist of
tusks and sections of tusks alone but
include the residue from many previous
sales Buyers purchase the particular
class that they require for their own
Individual Industry and subsequently
return what In most other materials
would be waste to be resold to manu
facturers of a different class of goods
Though there is no waste oddly
enough the most important considera
tion from a buyers point of view is
how much waste will a certain lot
produce in the course of transforming
It into his own particular line Thus
a lot that would be dear to one would
be a gift to another and vice versa
The most valuable class of ivory is
that suitable for making billiard balls
To conform to the requirements the
tusk must be perfectly sound and
solid without the slightest suspicion
of a crack or flaw and moreover they
must measure only a trifle more than
the regulation size billiard ball or
they will cut to waste from the manu
facturers point of view On the arriv
al of a consignment of unworked ele
phant ivory from abroad the first prep
aration for the sale floor consists of a
thorough cleaning of the interior or
hollow part of the tusk This is done
by means of wads attached to long
sticks The exact length of the hollow
is thereby revealed and In addition
cracks and flaws that cannot be ob
served on the exterior are at times dis
closed Soundness is the one thing
that sways every class of buyer flaws
mean waste waste means resale at a
lower figure per pound
They started the first foreign mis
sionary society hi the country
They started the first home mission
ary society in the country
They started the most effective city
missionary society in the country
They started the greatest Christian
young peoples movement of this coun
try or any other country
They started the first college in the
They started the first theological
seminary in the country
They started the first religious news
paper in the country
They published the first hymn book
In the country
They started the town meeting the
initiative and referendum
They started the first temperance so
ciety In the country
They have given to America the three
greatest evangelists it has ever had
Chicago Advance
An Avaricious Woman
A woman who carried love of money
to an incredible extreme was Lady
Margaret Jardine sister of the first
Duke of Queensbury Although her
husband was a rich man Lady Mar
garet would actually carry foot pas
sengers across the little river Annan
for a halfpenny and whenever there
was a fair or market day she would
sit on the banks of the stream all day
long waiting for customers She usu
ally wore rags to save her clothes but
on the rare occasions when she visited
anywhere she packed up a few decent
garments which she slipped on before
entering the house exchanging them
for her dirty ones when leaving Lon
don Queen
The Point of View
Zangwill the noted writer had an
experience which convinced him that
in deciding what constitutes real great
ness a good deal depends upon the
point of view At a political meeting
he fell into conversation with a man
who knew all the speakers and pointed
them out as they sat on the platform
There he said sits Senator Lodge
What exclaimed Mr Zangwill Do
you mean Henry Cabot Lodge the lit
erary man the great historian No
sir ee replied the other with distinct
contempt Thats Henry Cabot Lodge
United States senator from the great
state of Massachusetts
Now Tommy said the boys
mother giving him final instructions
you must remember how to behave
at the party If youre asked to have
something and you want it you must
say Yes thank you and if you dont
want it you must say
You neednt bother about that part
of it ma interrupted Tommy
The ainneuverlnff Mamma
The maneuvering mamma Is prac
tically extinct The modern daughter
has an almost free hand in managing
her love transactions The mere love
marriage which was so disturbing a
thought to the mother of even twenty
years ago is seldom heard of In May
fair In these altered circumstances
says the London Graphic
Barber Shop
Bath Booms Rear Citizens bank
Office Rooms 3 and 5 Walsh Blk McCook
and Surgeon
Office Residence 524 MainAvenne Office and
Residence phone 53 Calls answered niftht or
J M Rupp
P O Box 131 McCook Nebraska
- 1S
Farm Buildings a Specialty
McCook Neb
Trade Marks
Copyrights c
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention Is probably patentable Communica
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