The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, September 14, 1906, Image 8

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Americas Greatest Weekly
The Toledo Blade
Toledo Ohio
The Best Known Newspaper in the
United States
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In many respects the Toledo Blade is the most
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Toledo Ohio
CURES catarrh of the stomach
Keurly n Million of the Ulrds Bred
In the Harz MonntuIiiH Every Yenr
Almont All ClaaneH of People There
Are In the Dnnlness
Nearly all the canaries Imported into
America are from Germany A Green
wich street bird dealer of New York
imports from 60000 to 70000 canaries
a year and estimates the total Ameri
can importations of the melodious lit
tle creatures at about 200000 annually
Everything considered the German
canary birds are more satisfactory to
most people than those bred anywhere
else They are not so hardy In this
country perhaps as the American
bred they are not so large and good
looking as the English or Scotch va
rieties nor so freakily showy as those
raised in Belgium But of all canaries
the German bred sing most satisfacto
rily and as ninety nine in a hundred
buyers of birds want them for their
songs the bulk of the business is in
German birds
The canary was first found wild in
the islands of the same name though
whether the islands were named from
the bird or the bird from the islands
nobody knows Today though canary
birds still fly about in freedom among
the tree branches of the Canary and
tlje Madeira islands many thousands
more are bred in Germany than any
where probably than everywhere else
And for some reason most German
canaries are bred in that part of Ger
many known as the Harz mountains
Perhaps there Is a climatic reason for
Harz mountain birds to be stronger
and more melodious than others per
haps the breeders there learned the
business better than other breeders
250 years ago when the birds were
first taken to Europe perhaps it just
happened so At all events there are
not only more Harz mountain ca
naries than any others but they are
the best in everything but size color
and freakishness St Andreasberg
whence came the famous full roller
songsters is in the Harz mountains
Inasmuch as the narz mountain
breeders have to supply the demand
for canaries in all parts of Germany
and some other European countries as
well as the chief part of the American
demand it is probable that nearly a
million birds are bred there every
year Oddly enough while the raising
of canaries is one of the leading indus
tries of the region no one is under
stood to be devoted exclusively to
canary breeding Nearly all classes of
people breed canaries the butcher the
baker and the candlestick maker the
farmer the blacksmith the miller and
all The most extensive breeder
known to the Greenwich street im
porter breeds only 700 or 800 a year
while many breed only a few eachc so
there must be thousands and thou
sands of breeders
The German canaries begin to reach
this country early in August and the
shipments continue all through the fall
and winter the heaviest of them com
ing in November and December just
in time for the birds to be useful as
holiday presents Importation stops in
March for the year
The birds reach this country at ages
ranging from a few months to a year
The younger ones have not been taught
to sing of course and really are not
wanted by American dealers as a rule
for teaching them to sing is a tedious
operation No importer likes to refuse a
consignment of young birds with the
demand as great as it is however for
fear some other dealer will get them
As practically every bird breeder in
the Harz mountains has some other
way of making a living besides hatch
ing rearing and selling canaries
which are thus a byproduct they are
generally bred just under the roofs in
the attics and there kept till they have
learned to sing Different breeders
adopt different methods of teaching the
Many a breeder keeps in his posses
sion as long as it lives one especially
good singing bird the young birds hear
his song and imitate it Others prefer
the canary organ a queer whistling
instrument whose motive power is a
stream of water from a pipe acting
on a little water wheel This mechan
ical melody producer is kept going con
tinuously wJien birds are being taught
to sing and the fact that it never gets
tired or falls asleep gives it one value
not possessed by the living bird
Some breeders use both the living
bird and the canary organ only run
ning the latter when the former refuses
to sing
Canaries are bred in every country of
Europe but mostly for domestic con
sumption English canaries are much
larger than the German birds one rich
orange colored cayenne pepper fed
English canary being twice or thrice
the size of the average little St An
dreasberg roller Not only do English
bred canaries for some unexplained
reason tend to grow larger than the
German breed but and for an equally
little understood reason their song
though loud and vociferous enough is
not nearly so melodious as the German
birds song
A famous English variety is the
Manchester topknot a canary with a
crest or topknot The feather foot ca
nary Is another variety and those who
fancy any of these will pay a high
price for a good specimen the range
being from S to 10 for ordinary birds
of any of these types up to 100 for
unusual examples while the German
singers are worth much less 2 to
250 being a fair price for a fairly
good Harz mountain canary and 50
a top notch price for a first class St
Andreasberg roller
The Belgians produce canaries with
what Is called the Belgian shoulder
whose necks are unduly developed as
moit olrd lovers think but to the great
admiration of the Belgians The Scotch
fancy canaries develop a graceful
curve between the tip of the tail and
the top of the head that has almost
the exact sweep of the crescent Thero
are other fancy varieties of canaries
none of which are bred in great num
bers or valued much except by a few
specialists but all of which are held
at higher figures by those who like
them than the singing birds generally
are by anybody
Nobody else loves the canary as the
German does nobody else rears or
teaches the bird so skillfully and lov
ingly as he and a very large propor
tion of the canaries imported to this
country are bought by German-Americans
Both here and In the old world the
Germans form bird clubs and cany
them on with great enthusiasm study
ing the peculiarities of their favorites
assiduously listening critically to their
songs and discussing them with all the
seriousness that Is given to criticism
of the opera
Such clubs are to be found in all
cities with a large German population
In Chicago St Louis and New York
for instance and In many of the small
er Pennsylvania towns The Green
wich street dealer says the Keystone
State Is fairly speckled with them the
number of bird clubs within its bound
aries being greater than in any other
state Contests between canary birds
or at least the holding of comparative
exhibitions of their power as singers
are not at all uncommon wherever
there are German canary enthusiasts
and it is from the members of such
clubs that the importers and the breed
ers get fancy prices for fancy birds
Americans sometimes work up a de
gree of enthusiasm for canaries but
their devotion to the melodious birds
never compares with that shown by
the Germans either in degree persist
ence or if the truth must be told in
intelligence The Americans interest
in the canary to put the case flatly is
always faddish and fleeting while the
Germans is serious lasting and with
regard to the birds song of the nature
of true music worship New York
The Difficult Side Stroke ana How It
Is Accomplished
Whether a man be a swimmer or not
in taking up a new stroke he should
begin with the leg movement only In
the side stroke it is called the scissors
kick To acquire it find a place with
water at least three feet in depth where
you can use either a stationary or a
floating support Take hold of this
support and let your body rest on the
water on its side with legs straight
and well together and feet as if stand
ing on tiptoe Choose the side that
feels most comfortable Now proceed
to open the legs very slowly not frog
fashion but front and back as in walk
ing The upper should be brought for
ward almost straight the under back
bent to a kneeling position When they
are about two feet apart snap sharply
The position of the body is un
changed Lie on your side with body
and legs in a straight line both arms
perpendicularly over your head and
the palms turned slightly away from
the face Bring upper arm down
smartly keeping it rigid at elbow and
wrist palm of hand open fingers well
together Carry it through the water
just below the surface describing a
semicircle to end at the thigh then
bend arm at the elbow and bring it
forward well above water until it is
straight before you in the original posi
tion The under arm should be started
when the upper one is just about
through with its stroke and should
be brought down with force almost
parallel to it so that at the finish it
brushes the lower thigh then it is bent
at the elbow like the other and brought
forward just below the surface The
upper arm should rest on the water
at full reach while the under one re
covers until it is at the height of the
The action of the arms in the side
stroke entails a rolling motion of the
body which buries the face at every
stroke This necessitates an artificial
way of breathing which has to be
learned before the stroke can be swum
properly It is advisable to make a
special study of it Air should be in
haled through the mouth as the up
per arm is being brought down and
should be exhaled through the nostrils
under water while the under arm goes
forward Some find this impossible
even after long practice and breathe
in and out through the mouth during
the short period that the face is above
water but if one can acquire the other
way It is far the best
The legs should be opened very
slowly just as the under arm starts
its recovery they should be snapped
together when the upper arm is in the
middle of its stroke If properly timed
the side stroke gives a clean even prog
ress without a break or a check
L de B Handley in Outing Maga
The Tuileries Gardens
Early in the reign of Louis XVI the
author of a book entitled Le Parterre
Geographique et Historique suggest
ed that these gardens should be laid
out to represent the provinces of
France On Sept 4 1793 a deputation
came to the national convention and
the spokesman Anaxagoras Chau
mette said that the eyes of repub
licans would rest with more pleasure
on that former domain of the crown
when it produced objects of prime ne
cessity Would it not be better to
grow plants which were needed for
the hospitals than to leave there stat
ues box trees and other
objects which ministered to the lux
ury and pride of kings Notes and
Queries 1
At my plnce 11 miles southeast of McCook 8 miles north wost of Marion 1
mile west and 3 milos south of Gorman Lutheran church beginning at 10
oclock sharp on
Monday Sept 1 X
I will offer the following property for sale to the highest bidder
10 Head
of Horses
1 gray team weight 2800 1 bay
mare weight 1200 1 brood mare
weight 1150 1 three-year-old mare
weight 1000 1 horse colt coming
three 1 horse colt coming two 2
horse colts coming two-year-old trot
ters sired by Judge Kent 1 saddle
ciy church announcements
Christian Sunday school at 10 am
Christian Endeavor and Communion at
11 a m
Catholic Order of services Mass
8 a m Mass and sermon 1000 a m
Evening Bervice at 8 oclock Sunday
school 230 p m Every Sunday
J J Loughran Pastor
Christian Science Pettys hall C
H Meeker C S first reader Sunday
morning service 11 oclock Subject
Reality Wednesday evening meet
ing 8 oclock
Baptist Sunday school at 1000 a m
Preaching services at 11 a m and 8 p
m The ordinance of baptism will be
administered at the close of the evening
service A F Green Pastor
Episcopal Services on Sunday at 11
a m Holy communion and sermon at
8 p m prayers and sermon Sunday
school at 10 a in The Rector will offi
ciate All are welcome to these services
E R Earle Rector
Methodist Sunday school at 10 am
Sermon good music and Lords Supper
at 11 a m and 8 pm Class at 12 m
Junior League at 4 pm Epworth League
at 7 p m Prayer meeting Wednesday
night at 8 pm Sunday school and ser
mon in South McCook in the afternoon
M B Carman Pastor
Congregational Services will be
as follows Sunday school at 10
am Preaching by pastor at 11 a m
and 8 p m Christian Endeavor at 7 p
m Prayer meeting every Wednesday
at 8 p m Next Sunday has been set
apart as Bible Study Sunday and will
be so observed by us An invitation is
extended to you to attend any and all of
these services
Geo B Hawkes Pastor
Marriage licenses granted since last
Clifford Naden 29 Danbury Neb I Sept 7
Daisy Dolpb 21 Danbury Neb f 1906
Earl W Peacock 23 Wileonville Neb Sept 7
Ella May Dolpb 18 Danbury Neb j 1906
James L Wade 22 Holbrook Neb Sept 12
Bertha C Stueber 19 Holbrook Neb
Married by Judge Moore
It arouses energy develops and stim
ulates nervous life arouses the courage
of youth It makes you young again
Thats what Rocky Mountain tea will
do 35 cents tea or tablets
L W McConnell
Remember you will find Mike Walsh
just across the street from his old loca
tion ready to buy your poultry eggs
old rubber copper brass at the highest
cash market price
63 Head
of Cattle
Mostly Shorthorns
21 cows 7 milkers others fresh soon
13 heifers 1 to 2 years old 10 steers
1 to 2 years old 14 spring calves 1
roan bull calf 1 thoroughbred Her
ford bull 2 years old
McCormick binder Buckeye mower new McCormick rake Fuller Loo disc
drill 12 foot Craver header 2 header boxes 2 good farm wagonss truck wagon
2 hay racks Hero feed grinder four horse power stalk cutter spring wagon
single buggy sleigb sulky cultivator walking lister stirring plow three section
harrow hand corn sbeller two row disc cultivator 2 tanks one row corn sled
weed cutter barrel cart pile old lumber double barrel shotgun 2 roll portable
corn crib 2 rolls hog wire 3 sets work harnes 2 single work harness single bug
harness saddle Empire cream separator No 2 about 30 tons millet about 15
tons prairie hay about 10 tons of cane 8 acres of Kaffir corn in field a few doz
en Plymouth Rock hens some blacksmith tools household goods and other
articles too numerous to mention
Terms of Sale
Twelve months time without interest if paid when due If not paid when
due 10 percent interest from date of sale All sums of S10 and under cash
over 10 5 percent discount for cash
A P DAY Anctioneer
During Carnival and Won
derful Electric Street Parades
September 26 to October 6
Buy a round trip ticket fare
cut out this offer and bring it to us
and we will refund the entire amount
on the purchase of any new piano in
our store
Over 600 pianos in stock all tha
leading makes including the Stein
way Steger Emerson Hardman A
B Chase HcPhail Kurtzman Mueller
and over 20 others Special rock bot
tom prices marked in plain figures on
each instrument Used upright pianos
for 85 95 105 and up on terms to
Save from 75 to 150 and deal with
a reliable firm
Free information and parcel stand
Make our store your headquarters
Free parade seats
Dealers and Makers of High Grada
jt 1311 1313 Farnam Si
Still Hammering Away
Gn Bargains
3Sc Granite Pails 28
15c Granite Pans 09
SloORugs 93
20c Granite Pails 14
8c Dishes 04
15c Plates 10
8135 Set Bowl Pitcher 117
98c Nickel Lamps 75
GOc Glass Lamps 39
Japanese Ware at Very
Reasonable Prices
The Ideal
Bargain Depot
McCook Nebraska
JaSAgent of Lincoln Land Co and of McCook
Water Works Office in Postoflice building
Hocky Mountain Tea Nuggets
A Busy Medloine for BoHy People
Brings Golden Health aad Benewed Vigor
A specific for Constipation Indigestion Live
Sd Pimples Eczema Impure
Blood Bad Breath Sluggish Bowels Headache
and Backache Itfs Rocky Mountain Tea In tab
let form So cents a box Genuine made by
Holubter Drug Cojipa t Madison Wis
v 41
V 1