The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 24, 1906, Image 4

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Largest Circulation in Red Willow Co
Subscription 1 a Year in Advance
It certainly trioa ones faith in man
kind to read Sballonbargers utterances
on the rate question in Nebraska The
clever creation of railroad political man
ipulation his statements on that score
seem hollow and meaninglesa indeed
It is hardly possible that Shallenbarger
will succeed in fooling any large num
ber of Republican or Populist voters
this year His parentage is too palpable
Republican Senatorial Convention
Tlio republicans of the 29th senatorial district
of the statu of Nebraska aro hereby called to
meet in convention at tlio court houso in Mc
Cook Nebraska at 2 oclock p in on Thurs
day Septombor 20 1900 for the purposo of pla
cing in nomination one candidate for senator
from the 29th district stato of Nebraska and
for the transaction of such other business as
may regularly como beforo said convention
The said convention shall consist of delegates
chosen by the republicans of the respective
countios of said district apportioned as fol
lows Ono delegate at largo from each county
nnd ono dolegate for each 125 votes or major
fraction thoreof cast at tlio last general elec
tion for tlio Hon Charles B Lotton for judgo of
tho supremo court Said apportionment en
titles the counties to representation in said con
vention as follows
Chase 3 Frontier 7
Dundy i Furna9 9
Gosper 3 Hayes 3
Hitchcock 5 Red Willow 7
It is recommended that no proxies bo admit
ted but that the delegates present bo permitted
to cast the lull vote of their county
E J Wilcox Chairman
J E Kelley Secretary
Christian Sunday school at 10 am
Communion at 12 a m and Christian
Endeavor No preaching services this
Catholic Order of services Mass
8 a m Mass and sermon 1000 a m
Evening service at 8 oclock Sunday
school 230 p m Every Sunday
J J Loughban Pastor
Christian Science Pottys hall C
H Meeker C S first reader Sunday
morning service 11 oclock Subject
Man Wednesday evening meeting
8 oclock
Baptist Sunday school at 1000 a m
Evangelist A F Green will preach
Evening service evangelistic The ordin
ance of baptism will be administered at
the close of the evening service
Episcopal Services on Sunday at 11
a in Holy communion and sermon at
8 p m prayers and sermon Sunday
school at 10 a m The Rector will offi
ciate All are welcome to these services
E R Earle Rector
Methodist Sunday school at 10 am
Sermon Our Bible at 11 a m Class
at 12 m Epworth Leagne at 7 p m
Serman The Blood at 8 pm Pray
er meeting Wednesday night at 8 pm
Sunday school at 2 p m and sermon at
3 p m in South McCook
M B Carman Pastor
Congregational Services will be
as follows Sunday school at 10
am Preaching by pastor at 11 a m
and 8 p m Christian Endeavor at 7 p
m Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
Sunday nights subjectRetrospect and
Prospect with solo by Mrs L Suess
A cordial invitation to all these services
is extended Geo B Hawkes Pastor
Souvenir Postal Cards
The McCook Souvenir Postal Cards
printed by The Tribune are on sale at
A McMillens
The Ideal Store
The Tribune Office
L W McConnells
The Post Office Lobby
Ten different views printed
Other designs are in preparation
Price Two for five cents
Cash Received on Account
Charge Paid Out and other cash
register printed supplies at The Tribune
We are anxious to have every
Republican in close touch and work
ing in harmony with the Republican
National Congressional Committee in
favor of the election of a Republican
The Congressional campaign must
be based on the administrative and
legislative record of the party and
that being so Theodore Roosevelts
personality must be a central figure
and his achievements a central
thought in the campaign
We desire to maintain the work of
this campaign with popular subscrip
tions of One Dollar each from Repub
licans To each subscriber we will
send the Republican National Cam
paign Text Book and all documents
issued by the Committee
Help us achieve a great victory
James S Sherman Chairman
P O Box 2063 New York
CURES catarrh of the stomach
Worship of springs
Mow It Prevuiled Anions Early Peo
ple In the Southivetit
Springs are rarely found in the south
western part of the United States and
for thhi renson they have been from
ancient times prized as a most valued
possession Tho people who dwelt In
this region says Walter Ilough in
Records of the Past saw In these
sources of life giving water the founts
of continuance and well being and
near them they located their pueblos
Save air no elements of nature are
nearer to hivnau life than those com
bined into the primitive fluid which
must always be within reach of men
who put themselves into the grasp of
the desert The primary knowledge of
the tribes who were the pioneers and
of every human being who has since
made his home in the great American
desert was complete as to the location
distribution and idosyncrasies of the
water supply
Spring water is naturally more prized
by the inhabitants of those desert soli
tudes than that from living streams
because it is always drinkable and al
ways at hand while the watercourses
which for the greater part of the year
are sinuous reaches of dry sand furnish
at flood a quickly disappearing supply
of thinned mud which will not be touch
ed by man or beast except in the dis
tress of thirst
One is not surprised therefore that
a primitive people will regard these
springs as sacred In fact the Indians
of the southwest are not peculiar in the
worship of springs The sentiment is
worldwide has had a vast range of
time perpetuates itself In the folklore
of the highest civilizations and presents
in its manifestations a most Interesting
body of myth and fancy But in the
southwovSt the arid environment has so
Intensified thisoature of primitive cul
ture that no spring in the region is
without evidence of many offerings to
the deities of water
It is small wonder then that the Pu
eblo Indians came to regard springs
with special veneration that they wove
around them myth and tradition and
made them objects of religious worship
To one acquainted with the environ
ment and its radical needs this seems
to have been a natural even though
unconscious generalization Perhaps
offerings to springs will not admit of
such simple explanation Perhaps the
mystery of the underground source of
water welling up from unknown
depths impressive always even to the
observer who believes himself free from
the trammels of superstition has also
had a powerful effect on the mind of
the Indian leading like many other
natural phenomena to an attitude of
worship of unseen powers behind these
masks New York Tribune
What happy lives farmers lead In
story books
Never judge a man by the opinion
he has of himself
A dozen men may make a club but
one woman can make a home
When a man borrows trouble he puts
up his peace of mind as collateral
Men and women should look during
courtship and overlook after marriage
Happiness has a peculiar way of ap
pearing and disappearing unexpect
Its an easy matter to sympathize
with the poor when your pockets are
Try to be agreeable There are too
many disagreeable people in the world
as it is
Its so hard for some men to save
money when single that they dont
think it worth while trying after they
What a man and his wife say to
their guests and what they say about
them after their departure are differ
ent quite different Chicago News
Wisdom of the Ancients
To the ancients for wisdom Dr
Pinches at the University college in
London brought out in a lecture some
advice of general interest given by a
certain little known king of the As
syrians On one of the monuments in
the British museum is the following
Inscription The eggs of an owl given
for three days in wine bring on a
drunkards weariness The dried lung
of sheep taken beforehand drives away
drunkenness The ashes of a swal
lows beak ground up with myrrh and
sprinkled in the wine which is drunk
will make secure from drunkenness
Horus king of the Assyrians found
this out The convivial monarch did
not drink in vain if he found these
things out
Pnttlne Out a Fire
When trying to put out a fire re
member that one gallon of water at
the bottom of the blaze will do more
to put it out than ten gallons at the
top Play low is the motto to follow
while fighting fire A few gallons at
the bottom of the flames will rise in
clouds of steam when the fire is rising
and quench it A big blaze on the lee
ward side looks fearful but play low
with the water on the bottom of the
fire on the windward side and you
have the speediest way to quench the
flames and will not require a river
RouKh on the Count
Lord Freelunch Ah count did you
make a favorable impression on the
father of the heiress Count Broken
Favorable Why when I told him
I was looking for his daughters hand
he said he thought I was looking for
a handout Chicago News
Perfectly Sccnre
An old farmer once excused him
self for sleeping under the rectors
sermons by observing Lor sir when
you are in the pulpit we know it is all
right London Standard
Dr Jonquin A Snbnco President of
Pan American ConRrcxii
It Is customary for the president of
a pan American congress to be a citi
zen of the republic in which it is being
held In accordance with this prece
dent the conference which met on July
23 at Rio Janeiro chose a Brazilian for
its presiding officer In the person of
Dr Joaquin Aureilo Nabuco de Araujo
ambassador of Brazil to the United
States The choice was recognized as
an appropriate one and as complimen
tary to the United States In view of his
being accredited to it as ambassador
He is one of the ablest statesmen of
Brazil and a diplomat of wide experi
ence and varied knowledge
Dr Nabuco Is not only a statesman
and a diplomat but also an author and
a scholar of unusual attainments In
his writings he has expressed senti
ments of special friendliness toward
the United States and for this reason
his appointment as the first ambassador
of Brazil to this country was most
pleasing at Washington When a young
man he graduated from tho law de-
- TTv
f m
partment of the universities of St
Paulo and Pernambuco and went to
Europe to round out his education He
began his diplomatic career in 1S76 as
attache of the first class to the Bra
zilian legation in Washington where
he remained for three years He was
afterward minister to England and
envoy In a special capacity to Italy
Ho was for some years a member of
the Brazilian congress and it was dur
ing that period of his career that he
took an active part in the abolition of
slavery In the republic He is popular
with his countrymen and with the
diplomats of the two Americas and on
this account and because of his knowl
edge of affairs Is considered especially
well qualified to preside over the delib
erations of the pan American gathering
now in session
Sumpel Gonipers nnd His Worlc For
Wase Earners
Much attention has been given to the
declaration of the executive council of
the American Federation of Labor call
ing on members of union labor organi
zations to go into politics for the pur
pose of electing men friendly to their
cause to seats in the house of repre
sentatives Samuel Gompers who as
chairman of the executive council and
president of the Federation of Labor
signed this document and helped to
prepare it speaks for an organization
mm w
JEPupoyBostok jpy Jf z sr
of over a million members and the in
fluence this organization possesses is
largely due to his efforts during the
many years he has been at its head
He was born in England in 1850 but
most of his life has been spent in this
country His father was a cigarmaker
and at the age of ten he went into the
shop and in time became a journey
man working at the making of cigars
for twenty six years His hngers have
not lost their cunning and the president
of the Federation of Labor can still
roll as good a cigar as any one need
wish to smoke He was once asked
regarding the income he received as the
chief officer of a great labor organiza
tion and In reply stated that though
he had been president of the federa
tion for more than twenty years he
had not grown rich on his salary dur
ing that time For the first five years
he received no salary working at his
trade to support himself and doing his
work of organizing unions at night or
on holidays At the end of that period
he gave up cigarmaking and devoted
his entire time to the federation at a
salary of 1000 a year Gradually the
salary was increased until it reached
2100 and It was only about two years
ago his compensation as head of the
order was made 3000
BXarketa and Fnlrn In Churchyards la
Early England
It may safely be asserted that from
the time of the Conqueror 10C0 10S7
Sunday trading received much atten
tion In early ages markets and fairs
wero held on Sundays and frequently
In the churchyards
In 1303 the inhabitants of Cocker
mouth presented a petition to
ment as their market was fast declin
ing through the inhabitants of Cros
thwaitc dealing In corn flour beans
flesh flsh at their church on Sunda3s
and that thereby they were unable to
pay their tolls to the king Edward i
An order was issued for closing the
church market at Crosthwaite
At Bradford Yorkshire during the
same reign the market was held on a
Sunday doubtless in the churchyard
The toll yielded 3 per annum
In 128 a statute was passed enact
ing that henceforth neither fairs nor
markets be held in churchyards for
the honor of the church
In 1312 a market was granted to the
town of Sedgefield Durham to he held
on a Friday but was soon changed to
In 13G7 the archbishops of Canter
bury and York delivered charge-
among other thing that
firmly forbid any one to koc
ket in the churches the
the cemeteries thereunto belong
other holy places on the Lords y
other holy festivals Notes
The Procens of Mnlwinjc It Discover
ly an Accident
A woman said a paper 11
vented blue paper It was by
that she did it though Before he- i
all paper was white
She was the wife of William Ki
one of the leading paper maker-
England in the eighteenth century Ii
passing through the paper plant oie
day she dropped a big blue bag iuto a
vat of pulp Eastes was a stern ch
and so since no one had seen the acci
dent Mrs Eastes decided to say noth
ing about it
The paper in the vat which should
have been white came out blue The
workmen were mystified Eastes en
raged Mrs Eastes kept quiet The
upshot was that the paper was sent to
London marked damaged to be sold
for whatever it would bring
But the selling agent in London
was shrewd He saw that this blue
tinted paper was attractive He de
clared it to be a wonderful new inven
tion and he sold It off like hot cakes
at double the white papers price
Eastes soon received an order for
more of the blue paper an order that
he and his men wasted several days
in trying to vainly fill
Then Mrs Eastes came forward
and told the story of the blue cloth
bag There was no difficulty after
that in making the blue paper This
papers price remained very high the
Eastes having a monopoly in it
Philanthropic Spnrroivs
An incident which the writer de
clares raised the pugnacious sparrow
several degrees in his estimation is
described In Outing It shows that the
sparrow has other good qualities be
sides his sturdiness and self reliance
For several days four or five sparrows
had visited a certain place on the roof
near my window They always brought
food for another little fellow who
never tried a flight from the spot The
visiting sparrows never came empty
billed They would drop tiny morsels
of food near the little sparrow When
it began to eat the crumbs the others
set up a great chirping and then flew
away After watching this for a few
days I went out on the roof and ap
proached the lone bird It did not flut
ter away from me and made no resist
ance when I picked it up The spar
row was blind Its eyes were covered
with a milklike film
Common Cnse
The Scotchmans disposition to re
gard his own judgment as the best that
can be found is well illustrated In a
story once told of the moderator of a
Scotch presbytery This mans opinion
differed widely on a certain question
relating to church discipline from that
of the associates with whom he was
ostensibly consulting At last he said
that he would lay the matter before the
Lord in prayer and then wait for his
guidance O Lord said the mod
erator fervently and with perfect sin
cerity of purpose O Lord grant that
we may be right in this matter for
thou knowest that we are very de
Eauing His Conscience
The Rev Mr Goodman inspecting
himself in mirror Caroline I dont
really believe I ought to wear this wig
It looks like living a lie Mrs Good
manBless your heart Avery dont let
that trouble you That wig will never
fool anybody for one moment Chi
cago Tribune
Geraldine You have been ill havent
Gerald Yes I was threatened with
brain fever
Geraldine What a big joke on the
fever New York Press
The Millionaire Offense
That millionaire yonder has cheated
me out of a fortune
How Wouldnt he let you marry
his daughter
Worse than that He never bad a
The first instance of collaboration In
English literature was that cf the
plays written by Beaumont and
omc of Our
Implement Lines
Mitchell Wagons
We believe these to be the very best and most
serviceable wagon on the market for this clim
ate When we sell a man a Mitchell wagon
we always make a friend For a cheaper
wagon we sell the MILBURN
Gang and Sulky Plows
In this department we shall keep in stock the
best things put out by the Oliver Moline and
Case people Our stock is so large that we feel
sure we can meet your wants
Superior Drills
This line of drills is so well known that we will
say nothing about them except that we sell
These Good Things
are only a few of those that you will find in our
yards and ware houses Come in and see us
when in need of farm machinery
Departments Telegraphy Uookkecpinp Hnnkiup Shorthnid Tjpewrittintr Penmanship
and English The largest the best school vest of Chicago Ci nj etcnt facultj strict disci
pline modern mothods and individual instruction 210 students placed in positions the past
year Positions guaranteed graduates Combined course The only telegraph school in the
west Positious pay 15 to 125 per month Day and evening sessions throughout the year You
can enter at any time Write for illustrated catalouge MU 13ts
A M KEARNS Prin SCO Charles Building Denver Colo
Mr Sallack was here last week look
ing after the crops on his farm
Rev and Mrs Kirby went to the
mountains Friday for a few weeks rest
A nioe little daughter weighing only
five pounds is now receiving the whole
attention of the Hoppe family
Charlie Dietsch returned from Blue
Rapids Kan Tuesday evening
Ed Curlee of Lincoln was in Bartley
this week
A show in town Monday and Tues
day evenings pleased the small boy
The Perry Bee lumber office is be
ing painted and papered
Mrs Dietsch has bought nine lots in
southwest part of town and will begin
building a residence this week
Merl and Glen Gartside of Chester
are here visiting friends
John Williams and family formerly
residents of this place were in town
this week on their way from Kansas to
Dundy county Neb
E E Shoemaker has moved into the
house recently bought of John Jones
Elder J Clark on his way home from
Imperial to Riverton stopped off here
and visited friends in this vicinity and
Freedom Saturday till Monday
Mrs Somerville sister of Mrs Miller
who recently died left for her home
Monday morning taking the train at
Cambridge for Bartlett Neb
Last Saturday evening Miss Sallie
Minnick was pleasantly surprised by a
party of her young friends meeting with
her on the anniversary of her fifteenth
Miss Irene Flint returned to Lincoln
Monday evening to resume her position
with the State Journal force
Old maids would be scarce and hard to
Could they be made to see
How grace and beauty is combined
By using Rocky Mountain Tea
L W McConnell
CURES catarrh of the stomach
Reduced Rates Summer and Fall
Reduced rates will be in effect during
the summer and fall as follows
Grond Army EncampmentMinneapo
lis Tickets on sale Aug 11 12 13
St Paul Minneapolis July 24 23 20
Omaha July 10-11-12-13 81055
Siloam Springs Arkansas Aug 7 10
Milwaukee Aug 11-12-13 82520
Peoria Aug 18 19 82619
Dallas Texas 9 82310
Toronto Sept 12-13-14-15 83540
Rock Island 111 82015
Buffalo Oct 10-11-12 83050
Lincoln July 30 to Aug 9 8740
Rates to numerous other points Call
on the agent for particulars
Important Notice
All porons are herebr notified and warl
that TRESPASS in any form on the following
described lands in Red Willow comity will be
prosecuted to the full extent of tho law
VJ4NW 9 W4SW land
EVtSEH 9 EHSEJi Oliphant land
EiXW Trocar land
D S Faruliam owner Ni wton Centre Ma
W S MoRLAX Attorney Mc k
A Hair
Nearly every one likes a fine
hair dressing Something to
make the hair more manage
able to keep it from being
too rough or from splitting
at the ends Something too
that will feed the hair at the
same time a regular hair food
Well fed hair will bestrongand
will remain where it belongs
on the head not on the comb
The best kind of a testimonial
Sold lor over sixty years
Jde by J C Ayer Co Lowell mil
Alio sanunciurers or
1 SHsgsHHBaBBBaaan
on 1 c