The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 17, 1906, Image 7

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It has often saved life before
edicine could have been sent for
r a physician summoned
It only costs a quarter Can
Ktou afford to risk so much for so
tmvsfaiVi wwrm wrvjam
re a symptom of tne most serious
trouble -which can attack a woman
fvlz tailing of the womb With this
itTgenerauy comes irregular ana painiui
weaKening anuns Dacm cuc
twpenwis nervousness dizziness
NjIUty tired feeling etc The cure Is
Principal Office Sheldon Iowa
Liquid Koal Used as a Lice Killer
When diluted with water in the proportion of one part
Liquid Koal to fifty parts water it is the best Lice Killer on
the market It is not expensive to use because it forms a
perfect emulsion with water when mixed in this proportion
Worms in Hogs
The hog is more infected with intestinal worms than any
nfhpr rlmnocfiV finiinal Th worms are created bv impure
i accumulations along the intestinal track and generally pro
duced by poorly digested food The nature of the hog and
his manner of eating renders mm more susceptiDie 01 mieini
al worms than any other animal Under the present domestic
ated conditions he is not allowed the use of his natural in
stincts to obtain the necessary element that would destroy
these intestinal parasites Being shut up in a pen he is not
allowed to follow the dictates of his nature The hog that is
wormy can neither grow nor thrive for the reason that the
worms destroy all the effects of the nutrition furnished in the
feed Liquid Koal put in the drinking water in the propor
tion of one quart to a barrel and given them twice a week
will destroy all intestinal worms and keep them free from
their formation and multiplication It strengthens the appe
tite and tones up the system
Something You Ought to Know
A parasite is an organism which during its life lives
animal for the of existence
within or on the surface of an purpose
ence and from which it receives its nutrition and nourish
ment The state or condition in which the animal is kept
either hastens or retards the multiplication of them They
are injurious in at least three ways
i As direct agents of loss from animal economy
2 As carriers of other forms of parasites
3 As carriers of the micro organisms of infectious dis
Liquid Koal
LIQUID KOAL is a black oily liquid Liquid Koal is
a liquid soap and will form a perfect emulsion with water
LIQUID KOAL is endorsed by the leading veterinaries
of the United States and by many of the State Agricultural
Colleges and many of the Experimental Stations which are
conducted by the government
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W - rrrT - T n imn -
rS l
IT t
ie Female Regulator
wonderful curative vegetable ex-
h S exerts such a manfelons
br I
jKtfhenlng influence on an remaw
f as Cardui relieves pain and
the menses It Is a sure
yj permanent cure for all female
kJVUW fia
V all druggists and dealers in si 00
Iny womb and ovaries writes Mrs
irtni Bake 01 Yreosier urovo mo
f - k rm r
v in my ngm auu icn uw
7 5jwerowjr painful and
V -
I W 5InC8taJdw Caniul I feel Hkea
Is the bestmedldne I evertook
McCook Cooperative
Building Su ings Assn
of McCook Nebrask
of June
ou the HOth day
Fir t Mortgage Loans S3630 00
Stock loans 2100 00
Realestate lrSS 30
Cash 18H 9
Delinquent interest and fines 9 75
Expenses and taxes paid 15l50
Total 8929134
Capital stock paid up S06S7 95
Reserve fund 132s 62
Undivided profits -623 50
Unearned premiums 302 21
Other liabilities 4275 00
Advance dues 77 00
Total S 89291 31
Receipts and expenditures for the year ending
June 30 1900
Balance on hand July 1 1905 1809 57
Dues 17257 50
Interest premiums and fines 7046 81
Loans repaid 22349 66
RealEstate 330 00
Tax sale certificates 98 04
Rills narable 5765 00
Total 51656 58
Loans 45915 00
Expenses 535 05
Stock redeemed 2950 10
Cash on hand 1811 79
Realestate 191830
Bills payable 1490 00
Tax sale certificates 36 34
Total 54656 58
State of Nebraska Red Willow County ss
I F A PennelU secretary of the aUbve named
associationdo solemnly swear that the forego
ing statement of the condition of said Associa
tion true and correct to the best of my knowl
edge and belief F A Pennell Secretary
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 17th
day of July 1906 Stella Fuller
seal Notary Public
Approved F M Kimmell
J E Kellet
J A Wilcox
The State of Nebraska Red Willow county
To all persons interested in the estate of James
P Smith deceased
Whereas there is on file in the county court
of said county an instrument purporting to be
the last will and testament of James P Smith
late of said county deceased and Charles
Smith has filed his petition herein praying to
have the same admitted to probate and for the
issuing of letters testamentary which will re
lates to both real and personal estate
I have therefore appointed ths 13th day of
August 1906 at 10 oclock am at tho county
court room in said county as the time and
place for hearing said will at which time and
place you and all concerned may appear and
contest that allowing of the same
It is therefore ordered that said petitioner
give notice to all persons interested in said
estate of the pendency of this petition and the
time and place set for hearing the same by
causing a copy of this order to be published in
the McCook Tribune a newspaper printed
and published in said county for three suc
cessive weeks previous to the day set for hearing
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my
band and official seal this 16th day of July1906
seal J CMoore County Judge
it f ft t
uiaroenatn s
IjVColfc Cholera Diarrhea Remedy
every family has need
of V7 reliable remedy for colic or
diarrhea at some time during the
This remedy is recommended
Oy dealers wno nave sola it ror
I nany years and know its value
It has received thousands of
jr imomals from grateful people
It has been prescribed by
1 f
sicians wiui tne most satisfactory
Varlon i Traditions Relating to
These Two Fanions Giants
Who were Gog and Magog English
tradition says that they were the last
of a race of giants who infested Eng
land until they were destroyed by
some of the Trojans who went to the
British isles after the destruction of
Troy Gog and Magog it is said were
taken captive to London where they
were chained at the door of the palace
of the king When they died wooden
images of the two giants were put in
their places In the course of time a
great fire destroyed these but now if
you go to London you will see In the
great hail of one of the famous build
ings the Guildhall two immense
wooden effigies of men called Gog and
But there are other traditions of the
two giants One is to the effect that
when Alexander the Great overran
Asia he chased into the mountains of
the north an impure wicked and man
eating people who were twenty two na
tions in number and who were shut up
with a rampart in which were gates of
brass One of these nations was Goth
and another Magoth from which we
readily get the names of the mythical
giants It is suppose however that
the Turks were meant by Gog and tho
Mongols were the children of Magog
We shall find mention made of Gog
and Magog in many books inending
the Bible but there are the gre wall
and the rampart of Gog and Magog
whatever may have been the fact that
gave tne names or tne two giants to
that portion of the structure
Trensnry Has Many Schemes
That Swell Its Income
When a young man determines to
become a barrister and enters his name
at one of the inns of court in London
or Dublin he has to pay to the govern
ment a fee of 25 And when he is a
full fledged English or Irish barrister
or a Scotch advocate he has to fork out
a further sum of 50
Should he desire to become a solicitor
he is fined even more heavily When
he becomes an apprentice his fee to
the government Is S0 and his yearly
duty when he begins to practice is for
the first three years 3 in the country
and 4 10s In London or Dublin and
after the third year 6 and 9 respec
tively So that a solicitor practicing
forty years In London will have paid
the government over 400
A law agent Scotland pays 60 at
commencement of study and 55 or 85
on beginning practice In the sheriffs
court or court of session
If you want to change your surname
ef your own free will the government
charges you only 10 but If you do it
under the direction of some deceased
benefactor it costs you 50
BIshops nf30 for perm Is
teaches that no medicine ever healed a wound that nature
performs the healing process and medicine can only assist
nature in doing her work not only in healing wounds but also
in throwing off diseases
Those versed in medicine are aware that three fourths of
the money spent for medicine is virtually thrown away either
because of the improper use or the purchase of an improper
article But in purchasing Liquid Koal from any of our dealers
If for it does not treat
ers you take no chances any reason
successfully the following list of diseases just go back to the
dealer and get the price you paid there will be no questions
asked We stand the loss and it costs the dealer nothing
Following is a list of the diseases that Liquid Koal cures
Hoer Cholera
Intestinal Worms
Corn Stalk Disease
Foot Rot
Texas Fever
Blind Staggers
Nasal Gleet
Lung Worm Swine Plngue
Cow Cholera Tuberculosis
Black Leg Abortion in Cows
Colic Glanders
Pink Eye Influenza
Tape Worm Lung Fever
Poll Evil Chicken Cholera
Thrush Luck Jaw
Catarrh Farcy
Bots Scours
Inflammation of Bowles Scratches
LIQUID KOAL acts as an appetizer and vitalizes
Two Things to Remember
Use LIQUID KOAL to destroy parasites on the outside
Use LIQUID KOAL to destroy parasites on the inside
deposited in the Union Bank at Sheldon Iowa to be paid
anyone finding any of the testimonials we publish from time
to time are not genuine
V 5o
electetTaniT 30 more ForThe royal as
sent to their election and the fees paid
on receiving letters patent are By a
baronet 100 a baron 150 a viscount
200 an earl 230 a marquis 300
and a duke 350 London Express
The Ashes of the Dead
James Russell Lowell was a great
favorite in the literary circles of Lon
don On one occasion at a large ban
quet the peculiarities of American
speech were discussed with English
bluntness Lord S called to Mr Lowell
loudly so as to silence all other speak
There is one new expression invent
ed by your countrymen so foolish and
vulgar as to be unpardonable They
talk of the ashes of the dead We
dont burn corpses No Englishman
would use a phrase so absurd
And yet said Mr Lowell gently
your poet Gray says speaking of the
Eep in our ashes live their wonted flres
And in the burial services of the
church of England It is said Dust to
dust and ashes to ashes We sin in
good company A cordial burst of ap
plause greeted this prompt rejoinder
The Severest Test
The severest test of manhood is never
found in good times but only in hard
times It is not the man who has suc
cess when others are doing well but
it is the man who keeps up his courage
and struggles on when everybody else
Is wavering or going down who is the
hero in the sight of God and men It is
an easy matter to make good time
when both wind and tide are In ones
favor or when one Is moving with the
current but It requires character and
skill and daring to make head In spite
of opposing forces or to work success
fully against the current Exchange
Visitor in penitentiary Who Is that
distinguished looking convict Ward
enHe Is known here as No 1147
Visitor He seem3 to hold himself aloof
from his fellows Warden Yes you
can hardly expect him to associate with
the common herd His trial cost the
state 200000
The Only Way
A person of little tact once remarked
to the octogenarian Auber What a
sad thing it Is this old business
Yes agreed the old musician It
Is sad but he added with witty
philosophy up to the present time no
surer way has been discovered to live
a long time
A Cautions Damsel
Dearest with you by my side I
would willingly give up all I possess
wealth position parents everything
I know George but in that case
what would there be left for me
Milwaukee Sentinel
E L Barragar President Capital One Quarter Million
Branches Minneapolis Minnesota Glendive Montana Lewiston Idaho k Nebraska Oklahoma Oklahoma
Hog Cholera
is a free germ disease the germ being first found in the ali
mentary canal and as long as it is kept in that organ it is
comparatively harmless When however it penetrates to
the lings liver and other organs it causes fermentation in
flammation and destruction of live tissues furnishing food upon
which it thrives and multiplies with rapidity in some cases a
generation an hour causing death to the animal before the
owner has discovered that it was diseased
Thus through reasoning two facts stand out clearly
First that hog cholera can not be treated successfully unless
treatment is commenced before the germ has reached the
period of rapid multiplication Second that a germicide must
be administered and therein lies the whole secret As we
pass dovn through the list of various germicides we are com
pelled one after another to reject them either because of
inefficacy or inadaptability until we reach LIQUID KOAL
And why choose LIQUID KOAL Because it is the
only known germicide that will pass through the stomach to
the intestines and from there to the blood permeating the en
tire system and still retain its germicide properties
It is a compound embracing every practical germicide
anticeptic and disinfectant property found in coal treated
chemically with an alkaline base until every objectional fea
ture is eliminated being non poisonous and harmless to ani
mal economy
It contains creosol and quiacol It is these hydro carbon
compounds found in smoke that cure a ham destroying by
their germicidal properties all germ life
The reader may ask if these properties come from coal
why not use coal The answer is because coal yields those
properties only by distillation at about 350 degrees of heat
and it is reasonable to assume that a hogs stomach could not
generate that amount of heat without becoming roast pork
seasoned with fried germs
We would also call the readers attention to the fact that
the gastric juice of the stomach being an acid an alkali is re
quired as a neutralizer when the acid too strongly predom
inates as in the case of hog cholera In addition it would
be expensive as the owner of the animal would be purchas
ing six dollars worth of coal to obtain one dollars worth of
Liquid Koal
LIQUID KOAL is in general use by veterinary surgeons
throughout the whole country embodying a wider range of
use than any other preparation known to science
mjs v avQ
n i xr a i ioo I
Wo yy njLrjLiv
The Uptodate
Painter and Decorator
Wall Paper
Pattons Sun Proof Paints Oil Glass Varnish Turpentine
White Lead Varnish Stains Brushes Room Moulding and
Painting Sundries
Let me figure on your painting I can save 5
you money i
Spearman Block
Fine Stock
Event in Southwestern
Phone 157
The MGook Tribune
Only Si00 per Year
McCook Driving Park Association
and Fine Stock Show
Greatest Speed and
October A
3 minuteTrot SJ00CO
2 Pace -
V mile Dash runninR u00
October 5
2MTrot 520900
Free for All Pace AtiAu
Yz mile aud Repeat running ltW
October 6
3 rainute Pace 20000
Free for All Trot
1 mile Novelty Running 1UUU
Write for particulars
C B GRAY Secretary A BARNETT President