The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 17, 1906, Image 2

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School Shoes for Children
School Shoes for Misses
School Shoes for Boys
Slioes Built Especially for School Teachers
Prices Right Work Guaranteed Can be
found at the Wall Paper and Paint Siore
Only One Dollar the Year
A 7000
with the McCook Co operative
Building Savings Association
can be paid off in
monthly payments
1 50
of P 1
If you are paying more you pay too much We can
mature your loan on smaller monthly payments and
less money in the aggregate than any comepting associa
tion Call on the secretary who will explain our
system Office in First National Bank
McCook Building Savings Association
Whereas the resident lot owner butting on
certain streets herein after mdre fully describ
edhave petitioned forsidewalks and the prayer
of their petition has been allowed
Therefore be it resolved By the mayor and
council of the city of McCook that sidewalks
be built and are hereby ordered constructed
within thirty days after the publication of this
resolution at the established gradeto be furn
ished by tilt city engineer upon application to
wit On east side of Main avenue lots 11 and 12
block i First Addition lots 7 8 9 10 11 12
block 13 and lots 7 8 9 block 6 Second Ad
dition Also on south side of Dudly street lots
1 12 block 9 First Addition and lots 123458
block 12 lots 123 450 block 13 lot 1 block 24
Original town all in the city of McCook
Original Lots 1 4 12 block 23
First addition Lot 1 block 22 Lots 07
block 23
Second addition Lots 6 7 block 28 Lots 6
7 block 25 Lots 1 2 3 4 5 6 block 27
The material to be used in the construction
thereof shall be either flag stone vitrified brick
or concrete For flag stone 3 inch thick laid on
solid foundation well tamped and surfaced
Vitrified brick must be of even size laid in 2
inches- of dry sand upon a well tamped and
solid foundation Lay brick diagonally across
space to be level on surface 1 inch lower on the
out side of walk
Concrete must be made 1 part Portland cem
ent to 2 of sand and 4 of crushed stone laid
upon a solid well tamped foundation tamped
well and surfaced with 2 of cement and 2 of
All walks to be of a uniform width of 5 f
all brick walks to be curbed on each side by
brick set on end
Said walks to be built under the supervision
of the committee on streets and alleys andthe
city engineer in accordance with the provisions
of Ordinance No 113 as amended
Passed and approved this 11th day of June
1906 H P Waite Mayor
seal City Clerk
Whereas the committee on streets and alleys
have condemned the sidewalks along certain
streets and lots abutting herein after more
fully described as unsafe for public travel and
advised the building of a sidewalk on a certain
street where there reside no sidewalk pet
Therefore be it resolved By the mayor and
council of the city of McCook that the side
walks are ordered rebuilt and constructed with
in thirty days from the publication of this res
olution to be built at the established grades
established by the city engineer on application
to wit West side of McDowell street lots 7 8 9
10 11 12 block 13 south side Dennisou street
lots 1 2 block 25 south side Dennison street
part lot 12 block 30 north side Dennison street
lot 7 block 19 west side Monroe street lots 456
block 24 west side Madison street lots 3 5 6
block 23 west side Main avenue lots 1234567
89101112 block 4 lots 1 2 block 14 east side
Madison street lots 789101112 block 25 west
Marshall street lots 23456 block 15 lots 123
45 block 22 lot 1 block 10 north side Doug
lass street lot 7 block 12 north side Dearborn
street lot 7 block 1 west side Manchester
street lots 235 block 5 west side McDowell
street lots 8910 block 18 west side Manchester
street lots 3458910 block 5 All in the Orig
inal town of McCook
Alsowest side McFarland street lots 123456
block 7 lots II 2 block 8 lot 1 block 21 west
side Manchester lots 23 block 9 lots 2345
block 5 lots 12 block 19 west side Madison
street lots 123 block 12 lots 1236 block 3
west side Monroe street lots 123456 block 2
lots 123456 block 13 Jot 1 block 16 east side
Marshall street lots 7S9101112 block 12 lots
89101112 block 3 All in the First Addition
Alsowest side McFarland street lot 6block 10
lots 1234 5 6 block 11 west side Madison street
lots 123456 block 14 north side Monmouth
street lot 67 block 25 All in Second Addition
Also Main avenue lots 3456 block 10 lots
1 2 block 19 First Addition
The committee on streets and alleys report
that there is a public need of a sidewalk along
the south side of lot 6 in block 3 Original town
of McCook and there is no resident petitioner
along said route it is ordered that a walk be
built to fill up the gap in the walk three
fourths of the council having voted to that
The material to be used to be flag stone
vitrified brick or cement Flag stone to be 3
inch thick laid on a solid foundation well
tamped and surfaced Vitrified brick must be
of even size laid in 2 inches of dry sand upon a
well tamped and solid foundation laid diagon
ally to a level surface libch lower on out side
of walk curbed on both sides by setting brick
along endwise all well tamped after laying
Concrete to bo made of Portland cement to 2
Advertised Letters
The following letters remained uncall
ed for at the McCook postoflice Aug
14th 1906
Anderson Mrs Vina
Baker Eurnest S
Chandler Mrs Jasper
Dean Archie
Ferris R E
Girardi Chas
Garrison Chas
Gold Ranee
Hughes Luke
Huston Mr
Halstead Claud
Hager Miss Luciie
Koontz Geo
McDonald W E
EdtJXumiiMimibiiik a iv ei jsjAJUhMrmammh m
Never before have we been able to show the trade such a large variety of well made good fitting popular priced
School Shoes
We have them wide we have them narrow we have them light and heavy
High top Shoes for Boys made from the very best of calfskin something that will keep them warm and dry in all
kinds of weather at a trifling cost over the common Shoes
We have paid an extra price this season to have ROCK OAK soles on all of our fall Shoes which will insure the
wearer much better service without adding one cent to the price of the Shoe to you
If you will buy your School Shoes and fall footwear of us we will guarantee you satisfaction on every pair not
only will we guarantee them but we will stand ready to make it good at all times
We have a firstclass Shoemaker constantly in our employ who will always sew and nail all Shoes gratis bought
at our store
Come and inspect our line before buying if you buy the quantity we give you the discount
Brick Mason and Plasterer
Ornamental Cement
of sand and 4 of crushed stone well mixed and
laid on a smooth well tamped surface tamped
well and surfaced with 1 of cement and 2 of
All sidewalks to be of a uniform width of 0
feet except walks on Main avenue block 4 all to
be 8 feet in width W A Middieton
seal City Clerk
August 3rd 1906 2ts
In the county court within and for Red Wil
low county Nebraska July 2Sth 1906 in the
matter of the estate of Charles F Babcock
To the creditors of said estate You are here
by notil e 1 that I will sit at the county court
room in me said county on the 8th day of Feb
ruary A D 1907 to receive and examine all
claims against said estate with a view to their
adjustment and allowance The time limited
for the presentation of claims against said
estate is six months from the 3rd day of Aug
ust A D 190S and the time limited for pay
ment of debts is one year from said 3rd day of
August 1906
Witness my hand and the seal of said county
court this 28th day of July 190J
seal JCMoore County Judge
The State of Nebraska Red Willow Co ss
In the matter of the estate ef James PSmith
I J CMoore County Judge of Red Willow
county Nebraska hereby notify all persons
having claims and demands against the estate
of James P Smith deceased that I have sot
the 15th day ofMarch 1907Jat 2 oclock p in
for the examination and adjustment of said
claims and demands as provided by law at
the county court room in McCook Nebraska in
said county All persons so interested in said
estate will appear at said time and place and
duly present their claims and demands in the
manner required by law or show cause for not
so doing and in case any of the said claims
shall not be presented by the 11th day of March
1907 the same shall be forever barred
It is further ordered that notice hereof shall
be given by publishing this notice for four con
secutive weeks in the McCook Tribune
Given under my hand and the seal of said
court this 14th day of August 1906
seal J C Moore County Judge
McDonald J
Nightengale Geo
Porter R E
Phillips Miss Leliah L
Queen Mrs
Rickey Miss Reta
Robinson C F
Runnels F P
Swett Lester
Sievert William
Scott D R
Williams Geo
Wilson C T
West Warren
Emmett Mrs Helen Mead Horton
Fees Miss Eraaline A Nightengale Geo
Gupton Leonard
When calling for these please say
they were advertised
F M Kimmell Postmaster
The Finest Ever
The Tribune recently received a ship
ment of the finest type writer paper ever
brought to town We also have the
cheaper grades But if you like some
thing splendid just try a box of Strath
Magner Stokes can supply you
with anything in the line of fresh and
salt meats Also fruits and vegetables
Real Estate Transfers
The following real estate filings have
been made in the county clerks otlice
since last Thursday evening
James Madison to Patrick Gallagher
wdnwqr 27-4-26 3200 00
William TColeman to William EBower
wd lots 12 13 14 block 3 McCook 1100 00
Johanna Fritsch to Wilhelm Jakeb wd
seqr 1-4-29 800 00
Francis M Chase to Josie EPetty qcd
ptlotS block 30 McCook 1 00
C S Quick to R V R R Co rwd pt
sw se qr 7-3-27 3 4 acre 200 00
Frank Cain to Lula L Easton wd lot
4 block 12 Fourth McCook 1 00
Chas F Lehn to Frank E Utter wd
lots 1 2 block 7 Second McCook 600 00
John Broomtield to John T Baughau
3000 00
Harry Barbazettto Norman B Silver
wd lot 3 block 13 McCook 200 00
US to Furman AGoId pat w hf sw qr
15-1-30 w hf nw qr 22-1-30
US to same pate kf sw qr 13-1-30 e hf
nw 22-1-30
Hattie A Conkliu to Abraham Peters
wd sw qr 15-1-30 nw qr 22-1-30 1000 00
Abraham Peters to Roy Albrecht wd
swqr 15-1-30
County Treasuror to Wm Knape tax d
lot 6 block 12 West McCook
Hugh Brown to AugustaAnton wd lots
12 blocks McCook 700 00
B A Crosby to Sarah A Crosby qcd
lots 11 12 block 50 Bartley 1 00
US to Louise Morgan pat se qr 35-1-26
Chas F Lehn to Julius Hinz wd e hf
noqrswneqr 9-2-23 2000 CO
John TBaughan to Fred Halbasch wd
swqr 25-3-28 4000 00
Everett S Moore to Jeff H Stephens
lot 12 block 4 Lebanon 1200 00
Elizabeth Klaen to City of McCook wd
pt nw qr no qr 32-3-29 300 00
Elmer BStephenson to EdGBohanan
Chas D Mullen Burt W Richards
wd und qr int in se qr nw qr 1 w kf
2-4-30 A 5000CO
Edw G Bohanan et al to Almon J
Church wdseqrnwqrl s hf 2-4-30 14500 00
Jacob Klaen to Elizabeth Klaen qcd pt
nwqrneqr 32-3-29 1 00
Jas N Clarke Rec to Frank
chka Rec d sw qr 21-2-27 900 00
John EJones to Ernest EShoemaker
Jr wd lot 4 and pt 3 block 5 Cent
Addn Bartley 675 00
William Sullivan to Thomas PJohnson
wdshf uwqrnhf swqr KM 26 3800 00
Hl Peterson to Zara A Wilson sherd
nw qr nw qr and lots 123 lot 75-3-26
HIPeterson to John E Kelley slier d
w hf swqr 20 whf nw 400 00
Sarah A Crosby ot al to Thomas W
Shortqcdswqr 33-3-26 1 CO
James F Toy to John E Kelley qcd
whf sw qr 20 w kf nw qr 29-2-29 n hf
nw qr 21-1-30 ehfswqr whf seqr
6-2-30 s kf nw qr nw qr nw qr nw qr
200 00
Lizzie Holston to Charles Smitk qcd
ne qr and n kf sw qr 21-3-30 325 00
H I Peterson to Margaret Adams sd
swqr 23-3-26 1 00
James M Prize to Elijah C Hill wd
whf 3-2-30 7200 00
Zara A Wilson to A H Metcalf wd lot
7 5 nw qr nw qr lots 1 2 8-3-26 3450 00
GeoW Jones to John E Jones wd lots
1 2 block I Esther Park Add Bartley 150 00
William R Macy to James L Hill wd
neqr 31-1-29 2650 CO
Jacob HGerrer and Joshua Gerver to
Walter A Dike wd w hf nw qr 30-1-29 950 00
and Surgeon
Office Residence 524 Main Aveuue Otlice and
Residence phone 53 Calls answered night or
Dr Herbert J Pratt
Registered Graduate
Office over McConnells Drug Store
Telephones Office 160 residence 131
Former location Atlanta Georgia
1 ill frlM if iff 60 YEARS
Trade Marks
Copyrights c
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention is probably patentable Communica
tions strictly conndentlal HANDBOOK on Patents
sent free Oldest agency for securing patents
Patents taken through Munn Co receive
special notice without charge In tho
Scientific -American
A handsomely Illustrated weekly Largest cir
culation of any scientific Journal Terms 13 a
year four months L Sold by all newsdealers
MUNN Co36lB New York
Branch Office 625 F SU Washington D C
Is Believing
If you will figure with us and
quality of material is any object
you will be easily convinced that
we out class all competition
jUlilDIjii u
rj y