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S V f nTlr A
ClarkA Stangland
Last Sunday Ivoaing at 530 oclock
at the homo of tho brides parents Mr
and Mrs Knud K Stangland of our city
their eldest daughter Mjsa Hannah Sofia
and Mr Ira Joseph Clark were happily
wedded in tho presence of relatives and
a few nearest friends of the contracting
parties Rev M B Carman officiating
l nd using- a aimploproUy ring ceremony
Tho bride wore a handsome and be
coming turquoi60 blue silk
Miss Korsten StanglancU was brides
maid She was drobsed hnwhito us was
also Miss May Stangland who played
the wedding march as tho bridal party
assumed position in the parlor for the
ceremonv Mr Ray Pool a State Uni
versity boy nnd friend of the groom was
best man
The residence was profusely decorated
with holly with a largo bouquet of dark
red carnations in the parlor and a large
bouquet of pink and white carnations in
the dining room
After tho ceremony was spread an
elaborate four course dinner at two large
tables Mrs A P Welles Mrs J R
Frederickson and Mrs Mary Walker as
Dr and Mrs A P Welles were the
only guests outsie the two families
Mr and Mrs Knud Stangland of
Havelock Miss May Stangland and Mr
Env Pool of Lincoln were out-of-town
guests and they accompanied the young
couple to Lincoln on 2 Monday morning
Tho brides going away gown was a
dark blue silk
Both bride and groom are graduates
of tho McCook high school and the
bride has been a teacher in the system
for about seven years The bride spent
two years in the State University of
which the groom is a medical depart
ment graduate
No more worthtul young fnendB have
ever launched out on seas matrimonial
from this city and The Tribune has a
personal pleasure in wishing them bon
Mr and Mrs Clark go to Ann Arbor
Michigan where he will do post-graduate
work in the famous medical depart
ment of the great university
Report of Committee
To the members of tho McCook Com
mercial club and all others whom it
may concern
We the undersigned committee ap
pointed by the McCook Commercial
lnh tn miriit the accounts of the carni
val committee report as follows
We find that the total amount collect
ed by the treasurer of the carnival com
mittee on account of such carnival is as
Subscriptions 16
250 m
City council appropriation
Commission on Parker Amusement re
ceipts fifteen per cent 51
Kangaroo court 10j
Eentof cots
That there was expended from the
amount received by said committee the
following items
Parker Amusement Co S00 00
MWA 20000
Advertising M9 85
Stock agricultural exhibits 525 90
Stock premiums 119 5
Decorating m 50
Flower parade 5 P
Miscellaneous expenses - 314 23
Ticket takers
band 5G 18
Balance on
2656 18 2656 18
Thn subscribers to the carnival fund
are hereby notified that the balance now
remaining in tho hands of the treasurer
of the carnival committee will be paid
to them pro rata on their subscriptions
by calling at tho office of the treasurer
F A Pennell at any time within thirty
days from this date that in the event
the same is not called for within that
time it has been ordered by vote of the
Commercial club that the balance then
remaining in the hands of the treasurer
bo deposited with the Fourth of July
iunds now held by the First National
Bank of McCook
Dated this 3rd day of January 1906
L W McConnell
G E Thompson
C E Eldred
The Proof of the Pudding
Well you know it is not in chewing
the string This holds good in meats as
well as in puddings The B M meat
market guarantees you the best the
market affords in tho moat line in any
and all kinds of meats Thoy throw in
liberal and courteous treatment and
prompt delivery You will find the
market at the old stand first door south
of the Walsh block We bespeak a liber
al portion of your patronage during the
new year David Magner Prop
Ed Vandervort attended a New Year
party near Cambridge
Chas Dutcher has moved on the Burt
farm ho purchased last fall
Mr J Sedden and sons spent New
Year with her daughter Mrs Korb on
the Beaver
Fred Buhler lost a valuable horse from
cornstalk poison
Several more weddings are booked in
this neighborhood
E S Dutchers family will move into
their new house in Bartley this week
Mr Calvins singing class closed on
Mrs Clark has gone to Kansas to visit
her daughter
Ira Clark and wife went immediately
to Ann Arbor His many friends wish
them success and happiness
The farmers wish the snow might
have held off two days Then the corn
would all have been gathered
Mrs Wilson Mrs Sexsons daughter
is visiting her She is warmly welcomed
by the many friends she made when on
her previous visit
Mrs J A Fredericks is a guest of
Mr and Mrs W M Hiller
Mr and Mrs Lon Cone were visited
by the busy stork Saturday
Captain and Mrs C II Barrett are
in Topeka Kansas at present
Every N Berry is home for a brief
visit from Long Island Kansas
Mrs II P SorroN is entertaining
Mrs C F Howo of Ainsworth Neb
W C Bollard was out from Omaha
Saturday on his annual business pil
Mas H H Kingsbury was a Denver
visitor lBt week arriving home on Sat
urday night
Mr and Mrs C H Boyle are visit
inn relatives in Kansas City and in
Davenport Nebraska
Sheriff Peterson and County Judge
J C Mooro assumed their respective
offices Thursday morning
Mrs M A Northrup entertained a
number of her lady friends at a lunch
eon Wednesday afternoon
Mitq James Anderson of Colorado
Springs Colorado has been visiting
Mrs Ralph Hagberg this week
Miss Louella Thompson and a Mr
Kellogg of Bertrand wore united in mar
riage in Pueblo Colo Dec 27th
W L Sutherland was in oastern
Nebraska earlv days of the week on a
visit of a sentimental and gentle nature
Mrs George C Hill of Cripple
Creek Colorado is in town a guest of
her parents Mr and Mrs I M Beard
Mrs E E Magee and baby departed
on 12 Wednesday morning for home in
Ashland visiting Fairmont friends en
Ruth Warren and young friend Phyl
lis Burk are down from Fort Morgan
Colo guests of her grandmother Mrs
C B Rowell
Mr and Mrs J L Woodson willde
partclose of this weekfor Lincoln where
they will make their home in the future
many friends regretting
Mr and Mrs Peter Carty were over
from Lebanon Saturday They con
template locating farther up in the
Beaver country in ivansas
County Supt OConnell of Trenton
was in town Tuesday on Borne matters
of business and incidentally extended
the seasous greetings here
Mrs Rose Clark departed Monday
for Kirwin Kansas where she was unit
ed in marriage with an aged gentleman
of that place first of the week
J E Corey and family departed
Tuesday for Lake Uity Iowa
they will spend the
Catholic Order
R n m Mass and
rest of the winter
They will return to McCook in March to
make their home here
Mr and Mrs F J Colling are
down from Cheyenne Wyoming visit
ing relatives and friends here and about
for a few weeks He reports tho Mc
Cook colony doing well at good positions
Mr and Mrs L J Biddlecom were
up from Havelock part of last week
guests of her sister Mrs I D Moore
who accompanied them to Denver Fri
day and Saturday Mr B is connected
with the Burlington
City Supt Thomas has been gratify-
mclv remembered in tne state gainer
incs this season
Btate teachers
rryvAa him n member of tne executive
committee of that organization and the
State Library association elected mm
president of that body
Miss Hazel Merle entertained a com
pany of young fsiends at the Merle
home in honor of Miss Dollie Pennoll at
a dancing party last Friday night at
which about a score of happy girls and
boys participated A three course lunch
was served Japanese lanterns were
tastefully utilized in the dining room
decorations Dancing and games
up a completely joyous evening
Notes on new novels by Mary Moss
The Belted Seas by Arthur Lolton
M rColtonsBelted SeasMs as pleasantly
entertaining as if some of Mr Jacobs
hoino bidiug captains had venturesomely
cone out to sea with a ships company
of services Mass
sermon 1000 i m
Evening service at 8 oclock Sunday
school 230 p m Every Sunday
J J Loughran Pastor
Methodist Sunday school at 10 am
Sermons 11 and 715 Class at 12 Junior
League at 3 Epworth League at 7
Union prayer meeting all next week
Now is the time to resolve to go to
church M B CARMANPastor
nnmiTrnviT Snndav school at
10 a m Preaching services at 11 a m
and 730 p m Christian Endeavor at
630 Praver meeting every Wednesday
at 8 p m Communion ana reception oi
members at morning service
Geo B Hawkes Pastor
Episcopal Services in St Albans
church as follows Every Sunday in the
month Sunday school at 10 oclock am
Moraincr prayer at 11 a m and evening
nm or and sermon at 8 The third Sun
dav in the month Holy Communion
730 a m All are welcome
E R Earle Rector
Paid Costs and Was Released
rnfmitnrl bv Stevenson oonraa
Louis Becke His stories are with
flvr rf cjninv iwlands which acts
as a
welcome condiment
The Master Word by L IT Ham
mond is not perhaps a better book than
many I am passing without mention
The trouble arising from an unfortu
nate mulatto girl are not met as if she
alone were responsible for her mixed
blood Taken in its place it is full of
significance and should be neglected by
no one who wishes to follow contempora
ry conditions
Turning to English novels of society
The Marriage of William Ashe
strengthens a puroly imaginary theory
suggested by Mrs Wards recent books
She is rigidly bound to characters
already developed Rails are laid upon
which she needs must travel In Wil
liam Ashe Mrs Ward really had a
problem mnde to her hand she goes
little into rights and wrongs of marriage
consequently it does not afford her that
sense oi personal Biiiajrouinuu vt
which the born tendency writer must
ever depend for a supply of heat and
We have all of books mentioned above
The following magazines are wanted
at tho library
1881 All but November and Decem
1S82 February
1R83 June July August and bopt
18S1 Jan March and Nov
1883 February
1886 August
1889 Jan Feb March and May
1890 April Aug Sept Oct and
1891 Jan June Nov and Dec
1893 Febr April and May
TQOl A nril
1896 April May Juno Sept Nov
and December
1897 We have just March April
August and Oct
1S93 Febr marcn Apru ooFl
and Oct
1899 Jan Sept Oct Nov and Dec
Library hours Mornings from 10dU
to 12 oclock afternoons from 130 to 6
oclock evenings from 7 to 9 oclock
Sunday afternoon 2 to 5 oclock
Ida McCarl Librarian
A New Years Resolution
Begin the new year right by going to
church A cordial invitation is extend
ed to all to attend the services at the
Congregational church next Sunday
Morning sermon subject Living for
God in the Present Evening subject
Another Opportunity Attend some
church on this first Sunday of the new
year Geo B Hawkes Pastor
Royal Nelfirnoors See 1905 Out
The Royal Neighbors and their fam
ilies enjoyed a big time at the home of
Mr and Mrs Julius Kunert in North
McCook last Saturday night About
30 persons participated in the refresh
ments served and the sociability reg
nant It was two oclock by the time
the Neighbors dispersed
Hot Water Bottle at Your Feet
Cold feet are more the rule than the
exception now-a-days We have a hot
water bottle that is made of extra thick
close grained rubber which holds heat
for several hours Just the thing these
cold nights L W McConnell
Frank Smith of Oberlin Kansas was
arrested on last Friday night for steal
ing Earl Notleys overcoat in a local
pool roomdecidedlike Davey Crocketts
coon to come down He paid costs
and was released He resigned from
the Burlingtons service and returned
to Oberlin it is stated
Wanted Bright honest young man
from McCook Neb to prepare for pay
ing position in lioverment iviau oervice
Box One Ueaar xiapias
Best apron check ginghams five cents
a yard Thompsons
Corsets and Girdles
American Beauties in the new 190G
spring styles just received 50 cents 8100
and 8200 Money back after four weeks
nnfnnl wear if dissatisfied Sold only
by The Thompson D G Co
A reliable person for McCook and
nnrminnr nnnnfcrv to reDresent the
ATnKnnul Tifft Insurance Co of Chicago
Liberal contract to right party 12 22 tf
C E H E Brown General Agents
Holdrege Nebraska
McMillens Specialties
Laxative Cold Cure
Couch Cure
Headache Cure
Little Liver Pills
Cream Lotion
Thomas French
New Year day at the Palmer hotel
Rev M B Carman officiating Mr Roy
Thomas and Miss Flossie French both
of Danbury were united in marriage
Fountain Syringes
We have those dependable fountain
syringes The kind thatdont spring a
leak every time you use tueui
L W McConnell Druggist
Horses for Sale
One hundred head of draft and driv
ing horses for sale
Frank Stillman McCook Neb
Cough News
Breezy times in the sale of
nells Balsam People know
thing always
The Entire Elevated Track at
r Coal Chute Collapses
a good
McConnells Balsam cures coughs
Boys overcoats 11 years and up 8150
For rent Three farms near McCook
If you want to sell your farms list them
with me I have the buyers
J Fletcher
Immigration Agent Burlington Route
Bartley Nebraska
In his new location just across the
street from his old place in the P
Walsh building Mike Walsh wants to
see you if you have poultry eggs etc
for sale He will pay you the best cash
market price for them
Are Precipitated to the Ground Engine
Uninjured Coal Cars and Track
Smashed No One Severe
ly Injured
About eight oclocklast Friday night
the entire elevated track in connection
with the Burlington coal chutes at this
place collapsedjust after six loaded coal
fir had been run upon to the track The
switch engine and six cars were thrown
to the ground The coal cars wore con
siderably damaged but the engine es
caped with small damage maintaining
a perfectly upright position on the rails
notwithstanding its fall of 15 to 20 feet
from the top of the incline
Engineer Clyde Scott escaped injury
Fireman A L Palmer received a dis
located shoulder
Brakeman Earl Kelloy sustained slight
back and face injuries
A force of men under C E Emerson
at once went to work to attempt to clear
up the wreckage and they have been en
gaged in tho work most of the week the
undertaking being a largo one and re
quiring a considerable force of men and
the big wrecker in addition
The damage will run way up into the
hundreds of dollars while tlie incon
venienco and loss caused by having to
coal engines by shoveling has been and
will be considerable No little difficulty
has been experienced in getting men to
shovel An incident this week was the
strike of the entire Italian force engaged
in this work Their places wore filled
by drafts from the steel gang and con
struction gang up west
The structure wrecked was built years
ago when cars of 30 to 40 tons capacity
were in vogue Cars now used are of
the 100 ton sort The fact of the addi
tional load together with tho continued
htincr rf tho bnmner and its conse
quent somewhat weakened condition
will perhaps fully explain the cause of
the collapse
The company is however as well as
the employes to be congratulated upon
tho outcome of the accident as regards
loss of lifo or injury to person Those
slightly injured are all able to be about
as usual
The cause of the accident is thus
to thA Lincoln Journal
The collapse of tho Burlington coal
chute track at McCook Friday evening
as told in yesterdays Journal is ex
plained by the statement that when the
ai r lnnrlprl noal cars were run on the
track thoy were sent too far and that
one 100 ton coal car was shunted violent
ly against tho bumping post with
such force that the elevated structure
was pulled loose from its mooring and
that it did not collapse exactly but fell
to the ground by breaking away from
the track connected ena ana uruppiug
the full length of the timbers under
neath it This accounts for the engine
and cars touching tho ground right side
ud and for the escape of the trainmen
who went down with it
A similar accident is said to have oc
curred on the Sheridan division of the
road last fall while a similar accident
although not serious enough to pull the
elevated track to the ground happened
in the Rock Island yards in this city
three or four years ago
Week of Prayer Services
January 8th Monday Baptist church
Rev M B Carman Subject Believ
ers Purified and Quickened
January 9ih Tuesday Congregational
church Dr II M Ireland Subject
Phnrnh Whnllv Renewed in the Love
and Life of Christ
Januarv 10th Wednesday Christian
church Rev G B Conrad Subject
The Unsaved Aroused to Seek Salva
January 11th Thursday Episcopal
church Mr G E Thompson Subject
Our Duty to the Home
January 12 Friday Methodist church
Rev E R Earle Subject Missions
Reinspired and Reinforcod
Januarv 13th Saturday Christian
church Rev G B Hawkes Subject
Our Dutv to the Church
Let all note carefully the appointments
and attend each night
J A Snyder Died Last Night
After a prolonged illness Joseph A
Snvder passed away at his home north
of the city at 715 last evening surround
ed by the members of his family
The burial will take place on Sunday
afternoon leaving the Dome wiiu liio
body at 130 and holding services in the
Methodist church commencing at 215
Remains will be interred in Longview
cemeterv where the Masonic fraternity
will conduct the impressive burial ser
vice of the order
The bereaved wire and cnnciren nae
the teuderest sympathy of many friends
Fractured His Left Leg
Engineer William Deere suffered the
fracture of his left leg at the thigh Mon
day night about 11 oclock as ne wab
crettin off of a locomotive on the turn
table In stepping off the engine in the
dark he stepped into the turn table pit
with the above stated result
His fracture is at a serious place and
he will likely be laid up for several weeks
He was about to deadhead to Repub
lican Citv to take his regular run on
that branch when tnis great imaiuiouiic
overtook him
Adams Fitch
Fred Adams and Eurilla Fitch were
united in marriage last night at eight
i l iu l t hot- TMirantq ilr
o CIOCK at iuB uuuioui ia -
and Mrs W S
precinct Rev M
Fitch of Driftwood
B Carman officiating
Very best dress prints five cents a yard
McConnell for drugs
Bread mixers at W T Colemans
Bibles a large line at McMillans
McConnells Balsam cures coughs
McMillens Cough Cure is right Try
Bissell carpet sweepers at Pado
Mens half wool
McMillen has now
dolls Seo them
Very best table
yard Thompsons
sox 13 cents a pair
a nice display of
oil cloth 15 cents a
White sewing machines
made at Pade Sons
-no better
Childrens coats and jackets from
S150 to 750 Thompsons
Cream in sealed 10c an i 20c bottles
for sale at Marshs meat market
Fine stationery school tablets ink
slates etc at McMillens Drug Store
Two milk cows for sale
1 5 2ts R B Archibald
Removed Dr Kays office is now
over Pades furniture store Phone 98
The Stulken shoe store building has
been repaired and is ready for occupancy
Over 200 dress skirts to choose from
at S200 to 8750 Alterations free
Hair brushes with solid backs solid
bristles solid values
L W McConnell Druggist
Tho Commercial hotel office is being
ovtonaivelv remodeled the main stair
way going up out of the enlarged office
by graceful curves
Lost A necklace and cross on which
tho word Marjorie is engraved Lost on
Main avenue Reward Leave at Mc
Kays cigar store It
Nothing makes life more worth living
than music Why bo without it when
new copies are coming all tho time at
The Ideal opposite tho postoffico
Remember you will find Mike Walsh
iiist anrnaa the street from his old loca
tion ready to buy your poultry eggs
old rubber copper brass at tho highest
cash market price
You cant do better anywhere on earth
than at Marshs meat market in any
article usually for sale in an up-to-date
market Just try him Variety quality
price treatment all guaranteed
One of tho Carothers boys and Jim
Woolard and J G Hodges got mixed up
unpleasantly last Saturday night with
Carothers a good second in the scrim
mage Carothers was tho worse for
drink No arrests
A TCurlineton official expresses tho
belief that the road will build a line
from St Francis to Pueblo Col in the
very near future and that the iron ore
tonnage from Hills Minnesota mines
and the mines in tho vicinity of Guern
sey Wyoming will grow as timo goes
on Further he expresses the belief
that tho lino from North Platte will
reach the Cheyenne line of tho road
some place near Eustis bringing in that
traffic by the way of Holdrege Lincoln
Adopt the Casn system
We have determined to adopt
Hash Svstom commencing with
uary 15th 1906
In doing so we recognize tho fact that
this action will not be altogether pleas
ing to those who are perfectly good and
in the habit of paying their accounts
but we propose to make the prices so
low that even these friends and custo
mers will be happy to comply with our
cash system and thus save themselves
good money
Hoping by fair and square treatment
and bv making irresistible prices that
will save you money to merit your con
tinued patronage and good will we re
main Yours truly
J A Wilcox Son
McCook Neb Jan 5th 190G
Mr Stein is Promoted
The following official order has been
issued by the Burlington
McCook Neb Dec 27 1905 Effec
tive January 1 190G H L Stein is ap
pointed trainmaster and roadmaster on
the St Francis branch with headquar
ters at Orleans Nob C L Eaton su
perintendent approved II E Byram
general superintendent
Mr Stein is a son of Dr F S Stein
of Lincoln Lincoln Journal
To Song Lovers
Get a copy of the greatest ballad song
now in print In the Golden Autumn
Time My Sweet Elaine is the latest
song by composers of Sweet Adeline
This song will be sure to please you
Stop in at the Ideal and get a copy
C U LSROWN ueaier in iiudiu
Real Estate Dealer
Call and give me a list of your proper
ty and I will trv to dispose of same for
f n roncnnnhlfi charere Office with
J E Kelley
A G Bump
Water Tax Due
TTircf nuarters water tax
now duo
Delinquent January 17th 1906
nnnn t mm n a ui iu J
- j - i rTTiM r cw rf
Kk A Xs Sgs t m fmr nt a 6a -to
WtaMi r I mfW IH 3 fcw A 9 4t 4m JLAH Jk A A A A
xMSrT 3 J
u rv
Fine Perfumes
Nothing is of more intorest
to a lady than tho quality of tho
Perfume sho uses and wo desire
to mention the suporior excellence
oi tho odors wo handle In addi
tion to all tho best odors made by
Palmor the Now York porf umor
we have those of Roigor tho fa
mous California perfumer and for
purity in preparation fragrance
lasting qualities and the true odor
of tho flower nothing oqunls
Pasadena Roso Royal Cherry
Blossom Mariposa Lily or
Palo Alta Pink You should
try somo of tho perfumes made
where tho flowers grow
Cone Bros Druggists
Everything in drugs McConnell
McConnells Balsam cures coughs
Good yarn fascinators 25 contsThomp
Oil heaters of all kinds at W T Colo
Mens heavy long cloth ulstors 8500
Fresh buttorof beat quality at Marshs
meat market
Ladies good warm
100 Thompsons
fleeced wrappors
Sowing machine needles of all kinds
at W T Colemans
Childrens sleeping garments 35 and 50
cents Thompsons
Uso McMillens Cream Lotion for
chapped face and hands
Ladies long coats 8500 8750 81000
S1250 S1500 Thompsons
Very best 2 bushel soamless grain
bags 18 cents Thompsons
Wanted Two experienced sewing
girls and two apprentices
Madam Tuttlk Now Walsh building
Daintiest stationery for invitations
fabrics you will delight to send
L W McConnell Druggist
J E Kelley Supt
Dwelling for Sale
A five room dwelling with fine shade
and fruit trees Inquire of
C A Ward
land Wanted
At the very best figure that you
sell for
Boys two piece and three piece suits
8125 8175 8250 83 50 8500 and 8000
Be happy while you live and got one
of those roasters and carving sets at W
T Colemans
The Elite black mercerized jjetti
coats the adjustable band 8150 to 83
Note the new advertisements of J M
Rupp brick contractor and Madam
Tuttlo modiste in this issue
Our Detroit furs are bright and right
Scarfs muffs cravats 4-in-hands setts
from 8100 to 1250 Thompsons
Cooking utensils somothing the house
wife needs every day of her lifo
Can be bought at W T Colemans
Boys bring all the smooth killed
rabbits you can also fur skins to Tho
Gurney Poultry Folks who will pay
you top prices
Sheriff Crabtree failed to apprehend
the three young men wanted for making
an assault on S ADevino and relieving
him of certain valuables
Bissell sweepers have won a distinct
reputation for strength durability ease
of running and their perfect sweeping
qualities Seo W T Coleman
Harry Cronch boomed the school fund
slightly this week for assaulting S A
Devine The fine and costs amounted
8995 Cronch appealed and filed appeal
Drop a card to box 595 and tho Mc
Cook Stove and Range Repair Co will
give your repairs prompt and careful at
tention Repairs for every stove made
Examinations free of charge
You can depend upon it every time
the quality of meat you get at Marshs
market Always the best and no high
er than the cheaper kinds No need to
experiment just remember the reliable
The Palmer house management is ar
ranging to place some billiard tables in
the front end of tbeir largo sample room
imnimr the hntel on the west and a
connecting door will be cut through
This will be appreciated by their many
We put the county to sleep under our
Izzerhome mado bed comforts More
sold bv far this season than ever before
We are absolutely headquarters on a I
bedding readv made sheets and pillow
slips blankets white quilts and bed
comforts Thompsons
Good homes are wanted for destitute
and orphan children of all ages by tho
Child Saving Institute 1S06 Ohio St
Omaha From 10 to GO constantly on
hand Over 300 pasmg througn me
institute during tne year If interested
write for application blanks inclosing
stamp for postage
During 1905 the subscription price of
the Nebraaka Farmer has been cut by
the new management of that paper to
It was the idea of
50 cents per year
the new management that twelve monthB
ouht to be devoted tc pushing the cir
cufation of their paper at a half price
rate The first of next January the old
price of 81 per year will be restored
The Nebraska Farmer has been greatly
changed and improved in all depart
ments during this year and it is tno
kind of a farm paper that Nebraska
ought to have and that our readers ought
to subscribe for Subscriptions at o0
per year will be taken at The McCook