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Christmas oxorcises were hHd in tho
church lat Saturday evening and as
usual the etructuro whs filled to tho
utmost to witness tho same Below wo
append tiie order which made up a vory
happy and enjoyable program approp
riate to tho day
Orcan and piano duet
Tacii DaLontf Clara Anton
EurthH Tubileo School
Repponsivo ltoadinp School
liecitntiun Kciiueth Carman
RinK tlio riiristmtis In Scliool
Keciuitiou Elizabeth Ebort
Justa Littlo Roy Primary
Grolchun Ebort Dorothy Carman Pearl Shaw
Oh Holy NiKht School
Unci tation Poarl Shaw
Honutifii Angola Aro Singing School
Recitation Ruth Callcn
Tho Star of Christmas Night School
Dialogue Fivo Girls
Recitation Hazel Cunningham
Vocal Solo Mr DN Cobb
llnil King of Glory School
San tn Clans
After the regular program Santa Claus
mado his appearance and many gifts and
good things were distributed
The electrically illuminated Christmas
tree and star evergreen and holly ap
propriate wall mottos and designs made
up the special decorations
It was agladsomo and joyous occasion
for young and adult
Tho Christmas program by tho Con
gregational Sunday school was presented
on Monday evening consisting of a pre
liminary order of songs recitations etc
and a cantata
Soup Christmas Tido Edith Vvnilo
Dora Oyster Helen Burns and Ruth Wielio
Prayer Rev Conrad
Recitation Frank Barnett
Sons Primary class
Recitation Mabel Randel
Recitation Pearl Lawritson
Song Velum Sutton
Recitation Helen Solliday
Recitation Martha Rodgers
Vocal Solo Star or BethIohcmMrsCVBritt
Tho above program was immediately
followed by tho rendering of the Christ
mas cantata Johnny Doubter by the
Tho cast of characters composed a
Sunday- school class with MissMillicent
Slaby as teacher Cecil McMillen as
Johnny Doubter Esther StroutHeIen
Knipple Helen Kunert and Helen By
field as pupils
Old Mother Hubbard Fay Eiken berry
Mother Goose Mabel Hegenborgor
Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe
Wilhelmina Bordino
Little Red Riding Hood Beula Mitchell
Jack Horner Roy Rank
Littlo Miss Mullet Martha Suess
Boy Blue Sarnie Beach
Jack and Jill Harlan Benedict Mary Mitchell
Littlo Bo Peep Margaret Perry
Johuuy Doubter Cecil McMillen
Uncle Sam Roswell Simmons
Johnny Bull Brisbin Hofer
Germany Edward Neubauer
Negro Ed va rd Con rad
Boot Black Alexander Conrad
Street Waif Gertrudo Sues
News Boy Alton Washburn
Santa Claus EJMitchell
After all the evidence was in both
ancientand modern Johnny Doubter
had to confess that he was wrong after
a stout resistence and ho celebrated
tho event by crowning Santa Claus as
the best fellow ever
xuen ensued tne distribution or pros 1
cnts from the Christmas tree in which
act all the children were made thrice
happ3 by gifts and goodies All in all
the affair was very pleasing and enjoy
Tho church was crowded to the limit
and not a few sought admission in vain
Many had tho misfortune to have to
stand during the entire program
For Trade on Cash Basis
210 acres in Audrain county Missouri
near Mexico well improved fine as
ever a crow flew over Price 555 per
acre Has 66000 against it at 6 per cent
to run as long as desired Will trade
for improved farm in either Red Willow
Furnas or Hitchcock connties Nebraska
1 t R V Montague Co
Mexico Missouri
Miss Tillie Phillippi of our city and
Mr John S Miller of Reading Penna
were united in marriage Sunday De
cember 21th 1905 at the home of tho
bride in this city Rev G B Hawkes of
the Congregational church officiating
The young couple will make their home
in our city
A reliable person for McCook and
surrounding country to represent the
National Life Insurance Co of Chicago
Liberal contract to right party 12 22 tf
C E H E Brown General Agents
Holdrege Nebraska
A New County Assessor
At the meeting of the commissioners
yesterday Charles Skalla of Bondville
precinct was elected to succeed F P
Eno of Fruita Colo resigned Charlie
will serve the county honestly and well
House For Sale
Good 5 room house in desirable local
ity with fine fruit and shade trees In
quire of L H Lindemann
The Healthy Fizz
You can tell a fre3h Seidlitz Powder
by its strong effervescence Try ours
L W McConnell Druggist
Some of the best styles of ladies coats
in the Palmer Garment yet to be had
at Thompsons
C II Meeker is in Denver this
John Kkegan entertained bis father
from Fairmont this week
Mrs J G Schohkl and Marjory are
spending the week in Mindon
Mrs G D LeIIkw has been down
from Denver part of tho week
Mr and Mrs 7 L Woodson are with
his parents ii Liiuuin this week
Mrs C E Benedict departed this
week for her new homo in Curtis
Charlie Kellky is with the home
folks during tho gladsome Yuletide
R E Love returned home Wednes
day night from his visit in PenderNeb
Dr A P Welles arrived home close
of last week from Excelsior SpringsMo
Dr W E McDivitt was with his
parents in Lincoln during tho holidays
CWBarnes and family spent Christ
mas with nor liomefolks at Sterling
Raymond Light is spending a week or
so over in Villisca Iowa with the home
Ed S Byfield of the Danbury Nows
spont several das of Christmas tide at
Misses Halligan are guests of their
sister Mrs C J Ryan during the Christ
mas holidays
Miss Ena Gambsy was up from In
dianola part of tho week guest of Mrs
E M Snyder
Floyd Proper is hero from Pittsburg
Kansas spending the Christmas days
with relatives
Mrs S E Callen is with her sister
Mrs Ed Byrer in Pueblo Colorado
during Christmas
Dollie Pennell and Celestino Kend
len are home from the convent Lincoln
for Christmastide
Captain B M Frees of Chicago ar
rived in the city this morning on his
annual auditing trip
WJWalters was here spending some
of his Christmas holidays with his sister
Mrs C W Bronson
J C Moore county judge elect and
family arrived in the city this weokand
are settled for the winter
C D Green of the Bayard Transcript
was a guest of his sister Mrs M B Car
man between trains yesterday
Mrs C T Watson arrived home
close of last week from her -visit to his
relatives in Lafayette Indiana
Mrs T M Phillippi has been a vis
itor to the daughter Winnie at the farm
near York Nebraska this week
Lloyd Hileman came up from St
Joseph Mo close of last week to be
with the family during Christmas
Mr and Mrs Howe Smith are visit
ing during the holiday vacation with Mr
and Mrs Seaman in Ida Grove Iowa
Mrs J H Burns and children de
parted Wednesday morning via Hold
rege for Sterling Colo their new home
Mr and Mrs E W Harris are here
from Pueblo Colorado guests of Mr
and Mrs James Harris of East McCook
Dr Mrs and Jack Gage arrived
from Casper Wyoming Tuesday night
The doctor is in poor health but stood
the journey well
B H Stewart of The Tribune force
spent tho first half cf the week with
friends In eastern Nebraska returning
home Wednesday night
J Walker Andrews has rented the
Duckworth farm east of Indianola and
will according to Jasper move back to
Gods country in March
Misses Bertha and Rosa Jfffries
are down from Hayes count where
they are teaching visiting their father
Oliver Jeffries over tho holidays
Mrs Alice Anderson formerly of
our city late of Fremont Indiana has
just moved to Chapman this state to
en re for a widowed mother Mrs E Van
Mr and F JRoLFEontertainpd their
oldtimo friends Mr and Mrs Tharles
Willis close of this week They were
en route for their home in Twin Falls
City Idaho
Miss Emma Perry Miss Edna Waite
Oscar Green and Bruce Campbell all
McCook representatives in the state uni
versity Lincoln aro home for the holi
day vacation
G H Smith left Wednesday for
Seattle Washington Mrs Smith de
parted on the same day for Cheyenne
Wyoming where a daughter Mrs Peter
Appel resides
Court Clerk and Mrs R W Devoe
were with the homefolks at Lebanon
over the Christmas holidays Deputy
Norman Campbell was in charge of the
office during the chiefs absence
W B Wolfe cashier and Fred
Walker assistant cashier of the Bank of
Benkelman were guests of President
Franklin of the Citizens Bank of Mc
Cook Christmas day between trains
W W Rockwood of Curtis has been
in this vicinity part of the week setting
up monuments for Mrs Short Mrs Dye
and Mrs Green over the graves of their
departed Mr Rockwood represents
the well known firm of Overing Bros of
Red Cloud whose business in this sec
tion is growing as the merit and reason
able prices they quote merit
Enos Rishel spent part of the week
up in Hayes county looking after a
piece of land He finally invested in a
qurter section at S10 an acre and at
once secured a good man to farm the
place next season He reports crops
as fine in that county this year noting
two men who together had 35000 bushels
of wheat He says that corn is going
about forty bushels to the acre in that
One of the Most Notable Weddings In the
History of Red Willow Precinct
Tho home of Mr and Mrs Patrick
McNeill of tfed Willow preciuct was the
scene of a notablo gathering ana wedd
ing Wednesday evening of labt week
December 20th when their daughter
Sadie was joined in marriage with
Charles M Broomiield in the presence
of about one hundred and fifty relatives
neighbors and friends under the most
happy auspices
The ceremony was performed under a
pretty arch decorated in seasonable holly
and evergreen Rev N II Hawkins of
tho Cougregational church of Indianola
officiating Miss May Moore was the
bridesmaid and Mr George Broomfield
brother of the groom was groomsman
Tho bride was gowned in white china
silk trimmed with white lace and white
ribbons tho groom was conventionally
dressed in black
After tho ceremony and congratula
tions a wedding supper was spread
such as would have turned Delmonico
green with envy had he been one of the
150 invited to partake There was an
abundance and overflowing heartiness
of hospitality characteristic of the Mc
Neills There was quantity and quality
edibles in season and out dainties too
and all served with a prodigality exceed
And then the remembrances they
embraced numerous gifts in gold silver
cut glass china linen a gold watch
from the groom and cash from her
parents being among the brides presents
They wero rich and many ornamental
and of utility
The numerous guests wero conveyed
from and to Indianola in an automobile
by tho McNeills Charles B Hoag of In
dianola chaffeur
Tho brido is a charming daughter of
Mr and Mrs Patrick McNeill of Red
Willow precinct the groom the manly
son of those old settlers Mr and Mrs
John Broomfield The families are
among Red Willow countys best and
most sterling and there is ample occa
sion lor neartiesc congracuiaions an
The bride and groom will reside on
their farm south of Indianola until
Harsch Peters Wedding
Dec 26th was a happy day for Mr
Jacob Harsch and Miss Augusta Eliza
beth Peters They were united in mar
riage at 1130 a m in the German Luth
eran church about six miles south of
Bartley RevEPluedemann performed
the ceremony and Max F Grosch Olga
Peters Henry HarschElizabeth Harsch
were appointed witnesses After the
ceremony a delicious and well prepared
dinner was served at the home of the
bride The short afternoon was soon
spent with pleasant games and other en
tertainments for a great number of
friends and relatives had appeared to
celebrate the occasion and also brought
many valuable and useful presents At
the supper table a very sad accident oc
curred A false alarm was given which
created a little excitement During
this time a thief stole a slipper from the
foot of the brido Tho excitement was
soon over and it did not take long to find
both the thief and the slipper The
thief however refused to give up his prey
and claimed it had to be redeemed The
slipper was put up for public auction
Henry Uonrad auctioneer and now a
hot and heavy battle began
F Grosch and Henry Harsch came out
as the lucky victors by securing the
slipper at tho valuable price of seventeen
dollars The slipper was returned to the
bride as a compliment while tho money
was turned over to the groom as a re
ward for his tribulation during the
absence of the slipper May the young
couple live happy Communicated
A Christmas Night Row
S A Divine a machinist and three
young men Charles Johnson II M
Ritter nnd John Casey attended the
Christmas exercises at Box ElderSatur
day evening All became more or less
intoxicated and on the way back to Mc
Cook became involved in a row Divine
was pretty badly used up and was left
on the road by the trio who drove on to
McCook Divine made his way to John
Shows where his injuries received some
attention after which he made his way
to McCook Tuesday he swore out war
rants for the arrest of the trio alleging
assault and theft of money from the
person Sheriff Crabtree has the war
rants They have not as yet been ap
prehended and are not perhaps in
imminent danger
WantedMan and Wife
The Standard Beet Sugar Co wants a
man and wife for their farm near Cul
bertsou Call or write E E Maxon
local manager McCook Neb phone
No 199
Skater Bruises
heal rapidly when treated with McCon
nells No 13 Liniment Sprains too
25 cents
Horses for Sale
One hundred head of draft and driv
ing horses for sale
Frank Stillman McCook Neb
McConnells Balsam cures coughs
Ladies flmnelette and eiderdown
dressing sacques in good variety65 cents
to 185 Thompsons
For rent Three farms near McCook
If you want to sell your farms list them
with me I have the buyers
x J Fletcher
Immigration Agent Burlington Route
Bartley Nebraska
In his new location just across the
street from his old place in tho P
Walsh building Mike Walsh wants to
see you if you have poultry eggs etc
for sale He will pay you the best cash
market price for them
At Rest After Much Suffering
Robert P Ashcraf t aged 76 years and
25 days died about six p m Decomber
20th at his home eight miles south west
of McCook Nebraska after a vory pain
ful illness of three months which was
borne with patience
Diseased moved to Red Willow county
from Taylor county Iowai October 1900
He was born November 25 1829 in Erie
county New York married to Emelino
Dodge Soptembor 9th 1852 in Wyom
ing county New York To this union
was born five children two sons and
three daughters Charles W and Eva
may preceeded the father to the better
land in infancy Tho wife one son
Aldis I of Redding Cali two daughters
Miss Ida E of McCook and Mrs Emma
J Beal of Conway Iowa are loft to
mourn his loss
Tho funeral services wero conducted
at the home of the deceased Friday
December 22 1905 by Rev J E Tirrill
of the M E church of which tho de
ceased had been a member for about 43
years The remains wore laid to rest in
Riverviow cemetery Com
Wo wish to thank our friends and
neighbors for their kind and loving help
in our late trouble and may heavens
blessings rest on each one of you is the
wish of
MrsRPAshcraft and Children
Changes and Improvements
A number of improvements and
changes have been made about the shops
this week General Foreman Fullers
office has been moved from between tho
round houso and machineshop to just
east of the master mechanics office and
the old bunk house near the water
tank has been moved and placed imme
diately adjoining Mr Fullers office on
tho east The bunk house has been
provided with 118 cupboards for use by
the enginomen Tho cupboards will be
numbered and provided with locks so
that overy engineman will have a bunker
for his effects Six porcelain washstands
will be provided in this room also and
will give the enginemen ample facilities
for washing after coming in from their
runs In one end of the general foreman s
office a space has been railed off and
provision made for writing tablo etc
at which enginemen can make their trip
reports and attend to needed company
correspondence upon getting in from a
run This building will be lighted by
electricity and heated by steam
The upstairs of tho master mechanics
office will undergo some changes as well
to the end that all tho clerks will be
placed down stairs on the same floor A
water closet will be provided upstairs
Inordor to make room for tho additional
clerks on the ground floor the partition
in the master mechanics private room
will be moved east a short distance and
tne additional space added to tne room
provided for the clerical force
Burlington Buys Engines
The Burlington has ordered fifteen
simple Pacific locomotives from tho
Baldwin Locomotive Works These
locomotives will weigh 22000 pounds
with 150000 pounds on the drivers
cylinders 22x28 inches diameter of
drivers 71 inches radial stay boiler
with a working steam pressure of 200
pounds heating surface 3773 square
feet 305 tubes 2 inches in diameter
and twenty feet long firebox nine feet
i inch long and six feet I4 inch wide
grate area 5125 square feet tank
finally Max I ity 8000 gallons of water and coal ea-
pacity thirteen tons It is not known
on what part of the road these machines
will be used
The Anti Spitting Ordinance
There are more than passing evidences
on the sidewalks of the city that the
anti spitting ordinance is not being ob
served by the citizens and strangers
within onr gates Hero an ebouy hued
gob and discloration there an unsani
tary remnant of one lungs blood purify
ing plant yon a disgusting nasal re
mainder Cut it out
Catholic Order
8 a m Mass and
ETening service at
school 230 p m
of servicer Mass
sermon 1000 a m
8 oclock Sunday
Every Sunday
Loughran Pastor
Episcopal Services in St Albans
Practically Destroyed by Fire
The business portion of Herndon
Kansas was practically destroyed bv
fire Tuesday of this week Among the l
3 s brother- j
severe losers was Louis Suesss
in law Mr Schwab whose loss is placed
at 14000 with Lut 7200 insurance
Sanford Dodge and company gave a
satisfactory presentation of Julius
Caesar Wednesday evening before a
well filled opera house He expects to
return soon
wanted ongnt nonest young man
from McCook Neb to prepare for pay
ing position in Goverment Mail Service
Box One Cedar Rapids
They do say that the Christmas din
ner at the Palmer this year was one of
the most elaborate and elegant feasts
ever attempted in McCook
Take advantage of The Tribunes ex
traordinary subscription offer found on
second page of this issue
McConnell for drugs
Bread mixers at W T Colemans
Bibles a largo lino at McMillens
McConnolls Balsam cures coughp
Bissell carpet sweepers at Pado
Dance at tho skating rink Now Year
It will pay you to soo W T Colemans
toy display
Saxony yarns in all
Dolls all sizes
ens drug storo
colors 5c skein at
and prices at
Scotts improved sweateretto mulllors
at Thompsons
McMillen has now
dolls See them
a nice display of
Mens nil leather gloves 19 cents a
pair Thompsons
Whito sewing machines no better
made at Pade Sons
Angora white and giey hoods
children 100 Thompsons
price treatment all guaranteed
ago in the
ton D C
Diamond bought tho entire Stulkcn
stock of Hamilton Brown shoes
Largest lino of toques and stocking
caps for children at Thompsons
Cream in sealed 10c an1 20c bottles
for sale at Marshs meat market
Best black knitting worsted 25 conts
for impound skeins at Thompsons
Ten patterns handsome plaid dress
goods 35 cents a yard Thompsons
Removed Dr Kays office is now
overlJades furniture store Puono 98
Simpsons and American prints the
bost made only fivo cents a yard
Very heavy and warm ulsters for men
for 8500 each young mens overcoats
Si50 Thompsons
We have a habit of carrying the purest
spices that you and all good cooks like
Try them L W McConnell
Remember you will find Mike Walsh
just across tho street from his old loca
tion ready to buy your poultry eggs
old rubber copper brass at tho highest
cash market price
You cant do better anywhere on earth
than at Marshs meat market in any
article usually for sale in an up-to-date
market Just try him Variety quality
You can depend upon it every time
the quality of meat you get at Marshs
market Always tho best and no high
er than tho cheaper kinds No need to
experiment just remember the reliable
Junior Normal Instructors Named
State Supt McBrien has named the
instructors for the five iunior normal
schools which will bo in session from
June 11 to August 17 Tho detail for
McCook is as follows
McCook Superintendent George II
Thomas principal McCookSuperintend
ent S II Martin St Paul Superin
tendent II F Hooper Clarks Miss Eva
OSullivan SouthOmaha Prof C II
Miller Lincoln Superintendent James
OConnell Trenton Miss Nellie May
Schlee Model school Peru
A Reminder of the Civil War
This week J A Wilcox received a
photograph of himself from an army
comrade which he prizes highly The
photo was taken at Fortress Monroe
Virginia in 1SG2 and was given by him
toS C Evans now of Central City
Nebraska and commander of the Platte
Valley District Reunion association
These comrades had no met in 10 years
until they came together a few years
National reunion at Wash-
The Proof of the Pudding
Well you know it is not in chewing
the string This holds good in meats as
well as in puddings The B M meat
church as follows Every Sundav in the market guarantees you tne best the
month Sunday school at 10 oclock a m market affords in the meat line in any
Morning nraver at 11 a m and even ng I u kiuus 01 meais Juey inrow in
nraver and sermon at 3 The third Rim- liberal and courteous treatment and
day in the month Holy Communion at
730 a m All are welcome
E R Earle Rector
Congregational Sunday school at
10 a m Preaching services at 11 a m
and 730 p m Christian Endeavor at
630 Prayer meeting every Thursday
at 8 p m The pulpit will be filled Sun
day by Rev N H Hawkins of Indian
ola in exchange with the pastor
Geo B Hawkes Pastor
prompt delivery You will find the
market at the old stand first door south
of the Walsh block We bespeak a liber
al portion of your patronage during the
new year David Magner Prop
Week of Prayer
The churches of the city have made
arrangements lor union meetings each
night during the week January S 13
The full particulars will bo published
next week Let all plan to attend these
Real Estate Dealer
Call and give me a list of your proper
ty and I will try to dispose of same for
ou at a reasonable charge Office with
J E Kellev
A G Bump
Water Tax Due
Fourth quarters water tax now due
Delinquent January 17th 1906 Office
open from S a m to 5 p m
J E Kelley Supt
Easy-to-Take Headache Capsules
It almost cures your head to think
how easy these capsules are to take
L W McConnell Druggist
Dwelling House for Rent
A seven room house and big barn for
rent at 1500 per month Inquire at
this office
land Wanted
At the very best figure that you will
sell for L H Lindemann
Fine Perfumes
Nothing is of more interest
to a lady than tho quality of tho
Perfume hIio uses and wo desiro
to mention tho superior cxcollonco
of tho odors wo handlo In addi
tion to all tho best odors mado by
Palmer tho New York porfumor
wo have those of Roiger tho fa
mous California perfumer and for
purity in preparation fragrance
lasting qualities and tho true odor
of tho flownr nothing equals
Pasadena Hose Royal Cherry
Blossom Mariposa Lily or
Palo Alta Pink You should
try some of tho perfumes mado
where tho flowers grow
Cone Bros Druggists
Everything in drugs McConnell
McConnells Balsam cures coughs
McMillens Cough Curo is right Try
Tuesday night was tho Fortnightlys
Oil heaters of ail kinds at W T Colo
Best tablo
oil cloth 35 cents a yard
Fresh butter of best quality atMarshs
meat market
Largest lino of
at Thompsons
knit scut f fasciuators
Sewing machine needles of all kinds
at W T Colemans
Best apron check ginghams fivo cents
a yard Thompsons
Uso McMillens Cream
chapped faco and hands
Lotion for
Books Juvenile gift and latest nov
els at McMillens drug store
Best quality two bushol seamless grain
bags 18 conts Thompsons
Eighteen colors fine all wool tricot
dress flannel 35 conts Thompsons
Daintiest stationery for invitations
fabrics you will delight to send
L W McConnell Druggist
In ladies fleeced wrappers 100gots a
good warm wrapper at Thomp
Be happy while you live and get one
of those roasters and carving sets at W
T Colemans
Very complete line of fur scarfsmufis
cravats and 4 in bands yet to select from
at Thompsons
Cooking utensil3 something the houso
wife needs every day of her life
Can be bought at W T Colemans
The smoothest skin
Fragrant Lotion
follows the use of
It cures chans
L W McConnell
Boys bring all tho smooth killed
rabbits you can also fur skins to Tho
Gurney Poultry Folks who will pay
you top prices
A merican Beauty corsets in all shaiies
colors and prices Money back after
four weeks actual wear if dissatisfied
Thompsons exclusively
Bis ell sweepers have won a distinct
reputation for strength durability ease
of running and their perfect sweeping
qualities Seo W T Coleman
Our home made Izzer bed comforts
at lS5 are Gftx7ft contain six Izzer
batts and are well tacked and hemmed
Others at 6210 and 250 Thompsons
Drop a card to box 595 and the Mc
Cook Stove and Range Repair Co will
give your repairs prompt and careful at
tention Repairs for every stove made
Examinations free of charge
Good homes are wanted for destitute
and orphan children of all ages bv tho
Child Saving Institute 1806 Ohio St
Omaha From 40 to CO constantly en
hand Over 300 passing through tho
institute during tne year If interested
write for application blanks inclosing
stamp for postage
A Few County Statistics
The total valuation of Red Willow
county is 173S9J301 of which 319
10425 is real estate and G6983S7C per
The total amount of taxes levied is
9394940 of which total the personal
item is 5241593 and tho real estate
Of the above total the distribution
amorg the several county funds is as
follows For state purposes Personal
679676 real 576370 Countv Per
sonal 1435171 1170354 Road
Real estate 645S9 School district
Personal 1S31310 real 1081207
Precinct bond Personal 85963 real
64642 School bond Personal 3055
46 real 199249 Citv Personal 3-
99981 real 331040 Citv bond Per
sonal 54251 real -18116
The heaviest one item be it to our
credit is for school purposes 3515517
The closest second is for countv purposes
There are two school districts in the
county for which no levy was made
they having enough money in treasury
to run the schools this school year No
22 in Fritsch precinct and No73 in
Danbury andBondville precincts
Gerver and Missouri Ridge precincts
have no bonds on any school district in
the precincts
There are only two precincts in the
county that pay on precinct bonds
Willow Grove and North Valley
The total of 1256046 for state pur
poses is divided as follows General
fund S07457 school fund 39717 uni
versity fund 17943G redemption fund